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Rainy Days

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You sigh at the gloomy weather, looking outside your parents house, the sight outside just as depressing as it was inside to you. The rain wasn't whipping up a storm, in fact the way it was raining you usually would see as beautiful on those sleepy, lazy, happy days where you want to curl up with your favorite blanket and book, reading on your window nook.

But today you simply felt sad, probably because your family animal, the pet you had grown up with, had passed away a month ago. And this time of season was her favorite season, your loveable cat Sushi. You named her when you were a kid, and though you tried to give her a different name, years later cause of embarrassment, she seemed to love her name and responded only when you said her full name (which actually was 'Sushi Roll' but she did respond to just Sushi as you didn't call her her full name too often.) and your parents thought the bond you two shared was cute.

So they were worried, and encouraged you to get another pet, a couple even if that would help fill the void that Sushi left behind. But it was hard to even think of going to buy a pet, or even rescue one, when the whole house held memories of your beloved cat. You barely are paying attention to the TV, it playing the news and showing the weather forecast, which you look away from boredly, eyes straying to your window once more. Outside was beginning to darken, as the day was beginning to end. Water was dripping from the roof of the house, and a tree planted in front of your house as well, your eyes watching as water droplets bead up and roll down the leaves of the tree.

So because of your attention being outside, you notice when you see what looks like a dark lump moving closer to your front yard, closer to the little bit of cover the tree provides. Your eyes widen at seeing a soaked furball, not even sure what animal it is, all you can think about is how cold the rain is, and how much colder it will be once the temperature drops. You're already yanking the front door open, and taking off your sweater, moving quickly and quietly towards the wet mass near the tree. It doesn't seem to have noticed you, and upon closer inspection it is obviously shivering as it gets closer to the tree. You heart clenches at the state it is in, and so with your mind made up you take a deep breath. Your muscles tense up in preparation of fighting the possibly scared and flighty creature, yet when you toss your sweater over it, and bundle it up and pick it up, your surprised at how light it feels, and how it barely puts up a fight.

"Oh no you don't." You grumble, brows furrowed in determination, easily able to ignore how your soaked now, as you turn and run back into your house, making sure to close the door with your foot behind you, before you jog past the living room, the TV showing breaking news as you head towards the bathroom.

"A local hybrid facility recently had seven of its hybrids escape, if anyone sees any sight of these creatures, please avoid them at all costs as they are dangerous, please call the number on your screen if you catch any sight of them." On the screen is a picture of seven animals, though the pictures weren't the best of quality, one could make out what exactly each species was.


Once you are in your bathroom, you set the bundle of wet shivering fur down, quickly grabbing a towel you had on your counter, and turning to turn your tub on, adjusting the temperature to be the perfect amount of warmth, quickly opening the cupboard you have in your bathroom with brows furrowed.

"Where's the fucking soap? I know I got some for Sushi a couple months ago…" You grumble, moving cleaning products aside before letting out a noise of victory, pulling out the animal soap you bought special made for Sushi. It was meant for all animals, the ingredients organic, but if you weren't so attached to her you would have probably got standard soap for her (it also helped you only bathed her around the summertime due to fleas, and she was quite calm when it came to water thankfully.)

Closing the cupboard, you begin to take your clothes off until your in your undergarments, putting a towel aside for you as well, you quickly peel away your sweater from the shivering bundle, your heart stopping and clenching at the sad yet adorable sight before you.

A lop-eared bunny is staring at you, its fur seeming to be a dark brown and black, as you can see a slight pattern in its fur. Its nose twitches as you reach your hand down, making soothing noises at it.

"I know your probably scared sweet thing, but just bare with me a bit longer okay, we can't let you freeze to death." You murmur, moving your hand to go grab it when it stops sniffing you, seeming to accept your smell as it simply shifts and tries to curl up to stay warm. You hold it to your chest, gasping lightly at feeling cold water drip off its fur onto you, the water sliding down your chest and beginning to further dampen your bra, though you quickly ignore your slight discomfort as you get into the tub of warm bath water, letting out a hum of approval as you begin to sit down.

As soon as the water touches the bunny, its eyes widen, beginning to scramble up your skin, making you chortle and giggle, barely flinching at its claws scratching at your chest and arms, having gotten worse injuries from Sushi. "It's okay little one, I don't intend to drown you, just clean you then warm you up with a towel and some cuddles, it's okay." You coo out, a hand scooping up water and pouring it on the panicking bunny, it seeming to slowly relax as you talk, its head looking at you, your eyes concentrating on scooping up water and cleaning it. You let out a small gasp when a cold nose and whiskers tickle your cheek, then something soft begins to touch your cheek, your eyes moving to look at the bunny.

You feel your heart squeeze in your chest as you realize the bunny is licking you, the equivalent of kisses from bunnies. "Why did you have to be a lop-eared bunny, so damn cute." You cry out in a whine, pouting slightly as you pull the bunny away, it's body stiffening a bit as you pull it from your body, but otherwise it doesn't struggle. You put it on your lap, giggling at the way its hair floats in the water as you continue to scoop up water and pour it on the bunny, cooing when it reaches up to pull your hand to it, giving your thumb soft little licks and nibbles.

Wanting to finish it up, you grab the soap and lather it up, begin to put it in the bunny's fur, cooing softly at it when it begins to fidget, it seeming to squeak when you rub at its belly and near its genitals. "Ah, so you're a boy bun-bun, still so cute." You muse to yourself, beginning to wash the soap off then picking up the bunny and holding it close as you squeeze out the excess water in its fur. As soon as you hold it to your chest, it clambers closer, nuzzling its head into the crook of your neck, making you fight back breaking into a fit of laughter at the ticklish feeling of its whiskers on the sensitive apex of your neck.

You grab the towel meant for it, quickly bundling it up, then holding it like a baby with one hand, while you wrap yourself up with the other towel, reaching down to drain the tub, then turning to turn the fan on for your bathroom and leaving it with the lights set to dim. You set the bunny on your bed, quickly ruffling it up a bit, then covering its face slightly, hoping to buy yourself enough time to change into your pajamas before it got out of the bundle of the towel and try to run around and get water everywhere.

So you're surprised when you get yourself changed, and when you look over at your bed in fear, but see the bunny is simply staring at you, its little nose twitching, before it looks away and it begins to groom itself. "What a strange little bunny you are..." You murmur, your mind recalling the few bunnies you had seen at an old childhood friends house. They had one bunny that was calm, but that calmness was nothing compared to this bunny. You stride over to the bunny, scooping it up with the towel, before sitting on your bed and setting it in your lap as you begin to massage and gently rub at the bunny, it no longer grooming and now simply sitting there, its eyes looking around before landing on you, its nose twitching as soon as it looks at you. With a small smile you lightly boop its nose, giggling when it flinched like you expect at the sudden movement and touch.

You're simply sitting there for a few minutes, the towel getting damp before you decide it can no longer dry the bunny further. With that decision made, you pull the towel off of him, tossing it into your bathroom, as your bedroom had carpet and you didn't want to get a damp spot on your carpet. Your eyes look around, before landing on the corner of your room, your heart clenching on seeing Sushi's empty bed, along with a blanket you had recently gotten her as her old one had been to ratty to clean any longer, but she never got to use as she had passed away a few weeks before her birthday, when you were planning on giving her the blanket. With a small sad smile you walk over and lean down, picking up the small soft blanket, it being a blanket you had made just for her, before you turn and leave your bedroom, turning the light off as you go.

You are back in the living room in a few moments, having wrapped the bunny in the blanket, cooing as he began to sniff and nibble lightly at the blanket, making a small noise as if chirping. You grab the blanket you had discarded at the window nook, before turning and plopping onto the couch, feeling around the cushions for your phone you know you tossed over at the couch earlier when you couldn't find anything on it to distract you or entertain you. You sit in your preferred corner, fixing your blanket, something you had also had made (and made I mean you knitted it). After fixing it around your legs, you fix the bunny in your arms, until he is nested perfectly in your lap, watching as he seems content with licking his paws and rubbing them over his face and ears, looking up at you when you giggle, before going back to cleaning.

Opening your phone, you find yourself opening the app you used to buy toys and treats for Sushi, looking over the selection of food, treats, toys, caging and bedding they have for bunnies, quickly purchasing everything you would need before you can think too much about it.

"Guess I'm going to need to think of a name for you huh bunny boy?" You murmur, the bunny pausing in its grooming to look up at you as you speak, before it goes back to grooming once more. The rest of your night you find yourself looking at toys and treats for bunnies, even cooing over cute clothes that you can put on bunnies, wondering how to make them and figuring it would be easier to make them yourself. But the end of the night you probably spent way too much for one bunny, but you fall asleep with a smile on your face.

You miss the way the bunny stares up at the TV, it once again announcing about the hybrid facility, a familiar lop-eared bunny on the screen, before the bunny moves and presses a paw on the remote control for the TV, changing the channel.

When your parents get home in the early hours from work, they find you fast asleep on the couch, a giant brown/black bundle curled up at the crook of your neck, your head turned away and mouth open as you lightly snore, seeming to stop as soon as a paw stretches out and touches your mouth, your mouth closing and you turn your head to nuzzle into the mass of fur. Your parents share a warm look, hope beginning to fill them up once more. You seemed to have come out of your depressive state, if you having a animal nuzzling into your neck while you sleep is any indication.

If only they knew what that little bunny would bring with it for you.