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First impressions.

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The sound of an engine grew as you heard the splattered of gravel near your feet. A sleek, black car pulled up next to you, muffled rock music pounding on the windows.
Billy Hargrove, teen heartthrob, school bad boy, swung his door open, stepping out so he could survey the schoolyard like a battleground. His eyes settled on the group of girls walking in front of you that had slowed to a stop. He pulled down his glasses and winked, erupting a fit of giggles and whispers from the girls. He lingered his gaze over to you, giving out another wink. You rolled your eyes and picked up your pace, pushing past the herd of girls. Walking to the school doors you could feel his eyes following you.
Nope. Not this time. You aren’t going to drool over the next hot boy in tight jeans that comes around. That NEVER ends well. Shaking your head you let out a sigh. Time to face another day in the trenches of Hawkins High School.
The clock struck 11:23 as you threw down your pencil in frustration. The teacher was reteaching what we learned yesterday, because apparently no one listened, and your doodles were only so entertaining. Looking around the classroom your eyes landed Billy, chewing his pencil and not so subtlety kicking the chair in front of him. After about three kicks in the girl on the chair got fed up and turned around to give him the finger. So he smiled and blew her a kiss.
God he was a jerk sometimes. Though You have to admit, that girl is kind of a bitch and seeing her face scrunch up after his smug air smooch made my day a bit better.
As soon as the bell rang you sped toward the door, colliding with a junior who didn’t even bother to look my way as he pushed past your falling books.
“Hey! You could help a lady out!” You heard someone yell as you knelt down to collect your loose papers. Suddenly two beat up boots stopped next to my “World History 101” cover and you mentally connected the voice to its owner.
Fuck. You looked up to see the mullet haired heartbreaker of my grade grinning down at you.
“Hey sweet cheeks, need a hand?”
Oh god he was so predictable. You rolled your eyes and looked back down at the mess. “If you’re going to help, Billy, then help.” He got down and placed your pencil case on the pile you had accumulated. As you picked up the last book, you both stood up, your footsteps echoing slightly in the now empty classroom. He looked like he was about to say something stupid, so you mumbled a “thank you” and rushed out before you could hear it.
After lunch, you went to my locker to get your books. A laughing group of boys barreled down the hall, knocking into more than a few people. That wasn’t uncommon in these small halls. As you closed your locker, you saw Billy fixing his hair and walking my way. When he reached you he put his hand on the lockers and looked you up and down.
“So I saw you and I couldn’t help but wonder if you would want to study some time. You know, my house or yours, maybe at the movies or over dinner sometime.” He said as he dragged out his sentence. “What do you say?”

He licked his lips and looked out into the dispersing crowd, waiting for you to answer.
“I’m good. I’m actually passing my classes with flying colors. I assume that makes one of us. Thanks anyways, Hargrove.” You threw back. You don’t want him to think you’re some high school hook up.
He paused a second then forced out a laugh.
“No studying I guess. We’ll have to figure out something else fun to do. Well let me know if you chance your mind, doll.” He turned away and walked a few steps then paused to glance back at you. It made color run to your cheeks, so you spun around and decided to take the long way to get to class.
The next day passed mostly without incident. You fell asleep in my third class, and someone threw a hot pocket at the lunch monitor, but other than that it was boring. Your best friend ran to catch up with you on your way to fourth period. She pulled on your sweaters and did a little skip step to keep up with your pace.
“Hey! Every one has been talking about a party at tommy’s all day. We’re going right? It’s tomorrow. There will be booze and boys~”
You laughed at her idea of incentive.
“Tommy’s? No thanks. If I know anything, you’ll meet someone in the first ten minutes and leave to go make-out with them all night. Then I’ll be left alone with people I don’t know. Ask Jen if she’ll go with you.”
She pouted at your decline but peeled up when you mentioned Jen, your mutual friend.
“Oh yeah!! She’ll totally want to go!”
“I know, what would you do without me?” You joked.
She skipped off darting between the bodies in the hall.
You chuckled to yourself.
She’s a lot; but she’s always been there for you. You too might as well be sisters.
As your mind wandered you realized you had reached your class. Yaaaaaay.
You tapped your foot as the teacher drones on about something you stopped caring about 5 minutes ago. The bell was going to ring any second and you couldn’t wait to go home. School had been so dull today, you just wanted to go home to your stereo.
The bell finally interrupted the lesson and you sprung from your seat.
As you made you way down the hall, you saw Billy waiting by your locker.
You mentally prepared yourself then walked over and started on your combination.
“Well, if it isn’t babydoll”
“It’s my locker Billy, who else did you expect to find here?”
“You, and I’m glad I was right.”
Ugh. Cheesy.
“I’m sure you’ve heard about the party this weekend, sweetie. Will I see you there?”
He leaned against the locker and faced you.
“You dropped your books in your bag with a loud thump.
“I doubt it.”
“Can I change your mind?”
He looked at you for a few seconds and then leaned close to you as his gaze softened.
“Look, y/n,” you looked at him a bit startled. This was the first time he had actually used your name. “I’ll make it worth your while. You’ll like it! And I promise, if you don’t have fun, I’ll never bother you again. I just wanna, you know, hang....please?”
You saw two blue puppy dog eyes staring back at you.
“I don’t know. Maybe. I’ll think about it” you replied.
He cleared his throat and stood up straight trying to regain his unbothered persona. Then he spit in his hand and ran it through his hair, one stubborn strand falling back into his face.
“Yeah okay, whatever. That’s cool” he said as nonchalantly as possible.
His attempts to hide his excitement made you smile to yourself as you closed your locker and walked out the doors. Maybe you would go to the party.