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Bare My Heart to the Stars in Paris

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Please be good news…

Please be good news…

Please be good news…


Yuuri stares at the envelope in his hands, addressed to him from the Paris Opera Ballet School. It’s sealed with a wax seal stamp, the school’s crest engraved on it, his name and address written in beautiful calligraphy, a if it were written with a quill and ink.


Sucking in a shaky breath, his pale hands pop open the seal. Yuuri finds himself unable to breathe as he pulls the sheet of paper out of the envelope. It’s soft between his fingers, thick, and a pale magnolia colour, complementary to its envelope. Closing his eyes, he unfolds the sheet of paper.


Dear Yuuri Katsuki,


We are pleased to inform you that your application to the Paris Opera Ballet School has been accepted, and you are cordially invited to join us for your Ballet studies starting 1st September 2020 for three years.


Please see the information booklet included for more details.


Yours Sincerely,

Lilia Baranovskaya

Appointed Director of Ballet


Yuuri’s breath catches in his throat. He’s actually gone and done it. He impulsively applied for one of the world’s most prestigious ballet schools and— actually got accepted. Lilia Baranovskaya. She's phenomenal, known best for her role as Giselle in Giselle and Juliet in Romeo and Juliet back in two thousand and one.


His hands shake as he stares at the letter in disbelief. His mother comes into the front room, just in time, in fact, to see her son staring at the letter.


“Yuuri? Are you okay?” She sits down besides him and glances at the letter. Her face turns instantly from a worrisome frown to a beaming smile. “Yuuri! Yuuri, you did it!” She stands, pulling him up and into her arms. “Yuuri, I’m so proud of you! Let’s go and tell dad!” But Yuuri just stands there. “Yuuri? Are you okay? Do you not want to go?”


“I can’t believe I did it.” Yuuri whispers. “I actually got in.” Hiroko has the proudest smile he’s ever seen.


“Come on, let’s share the good news and plan a celebration.” Yuuri still can’t believe it.


Minako is ecstatic when Yuuri tells her the good news the next day.


“I can’t believe it.” She says. “After fifteen years with me you’re leaving the nest for bigger, better things.” She sniffles as she stares proudly at Yuuri.


“You sound like my mom.” Yuuri nervously chuckles. “She said you should come over for dinner by the way, tonight at seven.”


“Sure! I’ll be there! But for now, we’d better brush up on your technique, especially if you want to impress Madame Baranovskaya. She’s a stern lady, hard to impress.” Minako informs and instantly, Yuuri prickles up— he’s ten times more nervous now than he was before.


“Yuuri? Are you okay?” She asks when Yuuri goes quiet.


“Y-yeah, I’m just… nervous doesn’t even begin to describe it.” He mumbles, sighing heavily. “I have to sort my visa out and pack, book a dorm room, things like that.” Yuuri murmured as finished up his stretches.


“Hey, you can do it.” Minako proudly smiled. “You’ll be okay. Now come on, let’s go back to basics and make sure they’re perfect.”


That evening, when everyone gathers for dinner, Hiroko shares the good news with their family and friends. Their son is moving to the city of love— Paris, to study at one of the world’s most prestigious ballet schools. Hiroko can hardly believe it herself as the words fall from her lips. Yuuri almost cries when they gather for a hug. He’s due to leave in just under a month.


Yuuri’s parents have been saving for him to study abroad since he was a toddler. They just never thought the opportunity would come by in the form of a world class school of ballet. And with a world class school, comes world class fees. Thankfully for Yuuri, he’s earned himself a scholarship.


“Here, it’s one of the last times you’ll be able to have katsudon before you leave for Paris.” Hiroko gave a sad smile as she places a large bowl of katsudon in front of Yuuri. And when he looked at it, tears flooded his eyes.


“I’m gonna miss you.” Hiroko’s heart sank as she came over to her son, wrapping her arms around him.


“We’ll miss you too.” She sighed.


“This is an opportunity of a lifetime, Yuuri.” Toshiya chimed in as he handed over a box of tissues. “You’ll still be coming home for the holidays, we can phone whenever you want.” He reassured, but Yuuri felt no better. Maybe he isn’t ready to leave home yet, but his father is right. It’s an opportunity of a lifetime.


“I know.” Sniffled Yuuri with a teary smile. “I’m just sad to be leaving.” Hiroko dabbed his tears away and kissed his cheek.


“We’re sad to see you go. But you’ve always wanted this.” Toshiya reminded as he ran his hand up and down his back.


“We’re rooting for you, Yuuri.” Mari encouraged, patting his head.


“We are too!” Yuuko brought her arms around her three girls, smiling brightly.


Yuuko. Yuuri’s first friend, childhood dance partner, and their neighbour. She’s never been anything short of supportive, and neither had her husband, Takeshi. And when Yuuri looks around him, at the faces of everyone who supports him, he’s at a loss to do anything but smile back. They’re the reason he’s here, holding this letter in his hands.


Maybe this is a blessing after all.


Four weeks later, Yuuri has his bags packed his bags, and his parents dropped him off at the airport.


“Remember, you can do anything, Yuuri.” Hiroko gave him a hug, Yuuri’s arms coming around to squeeze tightly, almost not wanting to let go.


“You deserve this.” Toshiya smiled softly, giving his son a hug too. “These opportunities don’t come by often.” He reminded, pulling away.


“I’ll be home for Christmas.” Yuuri sighed. “I love you.”


“We love you too, Yuuri. We’re so proud of you.” Hiroko kissed his forehead, before handing him an omamori. “Keep this with you.” Yuuri took it gratefully in his hands and smiled.


“Thank you.”


“Now go, they're waiting for you in Paris.” With one last hug from his parents, Yuuri takes his luggage and heads to the check in desk. When he gets there, he turns his head to see his parents still stood there watching him, and they stay there until Yuuri turns his head once more. He waves, then heads up the stairs to security. When he turns around again, they’re gone.


Security is quiet at this time, and Yuuri quickly finds his gate. He sits down, bag on his lap, and he pulls out his phone.


To: Mom

Just reached my gate :) miss you 💕


Anxiously, Yuuri waited for his flight. He couldn’t even bring himself to eat anything, he was so nervous. Yuuri wondered if others were just as nervous as he was. Would he be able to make friends? Would he get on with his dance teachers? But despite his worries, he’s excited for a new start.


Yuuri finally boards, half an hour later than was expected, and takes his seat. His journey to Paris begins here, and admittedly, he’s kind of looking forward to it. He’d never been to Paris before, but it’s certainly a city with many charms. Yuuri wants to them all— the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, the Palace of Versailles… who knows, maybe Yuuri will find someone to go with.


Maybe he’ll find an alpha.


The thought made Yuuri go bright red as he sat on the plane, shaking away the thoughts. God, thinking about finding an alpha already, how daring. He has to make friends first. With a heavy sigh, Yuuri closed his eyes.


When Yuuri finally landed and crossed through customs, he collected his luggage and left the airport. There was a taxi already waiting for him, much to his surprise, holding a sign that said Yuuri Katsuki - Paris Opera Ballet School. Well, that must be for him, then. He walked over with his luggage and got in.


The taxi drops him off at his dormitory, and the driver is even kind enough to help him lift his luggage from the trunk.


“Thank you.” Yuuri softly smiled before making his way over to reception to collect his keys. He struggles to find his room at first, it’s right in the last block, on the ground floor. With a sigh, he opened the door and turned the light on.


It’s a small space, but still, it feels cosy. Even though he’s tired from flying, he musters up the will to at least make his bed. Anything else can wait until tomorrow. When the sheets are on his bed, Yuuri instantly flops. He doesn’t even bother to shower.


His first class is today. And nervous is an understatement. Yuuri packs his bag with his leotard and pointe shoes; he still needs to break into them though, hopefully he’ll get a chance to do so. Yuuri snagged a breakfast bar from his cupboard, and heads out.


Paris is beautiful at this time of day. The sun is barely coming up, and on his walk to the studio, he just manages to catch the sunrise.


Yuuri was directed to the changing rooms once he had arrived, and hesitantly, he pushed open the door, glancing around the room. He let out a sigh of relief, as only a few people occupied the changing rooms. His nose twitches, as mixed scents fill his nose. Yuuri tucked himself into the corner of the room and quickly changed into his leotard. It’s black, backless, and if Yuuri is honest, he thinks he looks pretty damn good. With a bit of a smile to himself, he grabs his pointes and his water bottle, and then heads out. He hasn’t even said hello to anyone yet.


Anxiously, he waits as the class files in. The class is mainly omegas, Yuuri realises, as the room begins to fill. He’s taken a seat near the front to break into his pointe shoes before he slides them onto his feet. When the professor comes in, Yuuri barely notices, too busy stretching. But he does notice a strong scent that fills his nose. An alpha. Swallowing a lump in his throat, Yuuri looked up.


In front of him there’s a gorgeous man, at least six foot tall, with beautiful platinum locks and a sharp jawline. And when he turns around, the first person he lays those piercing blue eyes on, is Yuuri.


It’s Victor Nikiforov. Yuuri’s breath hitched. The famous danseur whose career was cut short by injury. It’s him, in the flesh, And god, is he handsome.


He gives off this mysterious aura, face stern and serious as he stands at the front of the class. Yuuri’s knees are already weak as he stares at the man in front of him. He’s drooling, and he has to swallow a hard lump in his throat, willing himself not to be— absolutely turned on.


“My name is Victor Nikiforov. I’ll be coaching you through the year.” Yuuri startled as he spoke. His Russian accent melts Yuuri into a pathetic puddle. God. Who gave this man permission to be so sexy?! “Expectations for this class are high. If you cannot meet them, you’ll pack your bags and leave.” That fills Yuuri with nerves. What if he can’t keep up? “You will not be late. Not even a minute late. Classes start at eight thirty and I expect every single one of you here. No exceptions.” Oh god, he’s strict. “There’s no time for chatting in this class. You’ll stay focussed for the whole three hours.” That, Yuuri no doubtedly will have no problem doing.


“Before we start, I want to give you a run through of what will happen this year.” Victor says, and he’s instantly got Yuuri’s attention. “The first few weeks are going back to basics. I’ll instruct and observe to see what level you're at. You’ll have one practical assessment, and whilst rehearsing for the practical assessment, I’ll also be handing out roles for next year’s end of year production, which is The Nutcracker. ” That's it. Yuuri has his eyes on that. “One person will land the role of Clara. Work hard, and it could be yours. Everyone around you is your competition. Study them, learn from them, but at the same time, stay humble. That’s it.” Yuuri needs that role.


Victor expects it to be just another normal school year, like it has been for the last five years he’s been teaching here. And it is. He walked into the studio, pushing the doors open. The diversity of the class is no different too, mostly omegas, both male and female. Honestly, the stereotype is lived up to far too closely.


Everyone around him is stood, chatting, making friends.


Except for one.


He’s already stretching, warming up. He’s sat with his legs apart, arms reached to his toes to stretch. Victor can already tell he’s here to learn. He stands at the front of the class and just as he passes, the student looks up.


And oh, Victor is taken aback by bright honey eyes, they’re nothing like he’s ever seen. They’re deep and golden, and his face is soft. He seems timid, shy, judging by the fact that he’s the only one not talking to anybody. And he smells divine. Victor’s nose almost flares a he tries to draw his attention back to the rest of the class.


There’s something special about this student.


“My name is Victor Nikiforov. I’ll be coaching you through the year.” His eyes scanned the room, watching as everyone stopped what they were doing to turn their attention to him. “Expectations for this class are high. If you cannot meet them, you’ll pack your bags and leave. You will not be late. Not even a minute late. Classes start at eight thirty and I expect every single one of you here. No exceptions.” Oh god, he’s strict. “There’s no time for chatting in this class. You’ll stay focussed for the whole three hours.”


“Before we start, I want to give you a run through of what will happen this year. The first few weeks are going back to basics. I’ll instruct and observe to see what level you're at.” His eyes were sharp, firm as he spoke. “You’ll have one practical assessment, and whilst rehearsing for the practical assessment, I’ll also be handing out roles for the next year’s end of year production, which is The Nutcracker. ” Victor chanced a glance at the endearing student in front of him. “One person will land the role of Clara. Work hard, and it could be yours. Everyone around you is your competition. Study them, learn from them, but at the same time, stay humble. That’s it.” He already has a student in mind. Victor just hopes he’s got what it takes.


Victor is strict. Very strict. His words are short and snappy, he’s determined and critical, but it does nothing to deter Yuuri. In fact, it only turns him on more.


Yuuri can’t help it. As an omega he has his needs.


“Claude!” He barked. “Déplie la jambe!” The way he shouts sends shivers down Yuuri’s spine. Yuuri can’t understand what he’s just said, but he can have a good guess by the way Claude’s posture instantly straightens. It’s actually kind of amazing that on the first day, Victor already knows Claude’s name— it goes to show just how many times he’s had to tell him off.


Yuuri follows instructions to a T. He must do, otherwise Victor would have shouted at him by now. Other students, however, much like Claude, were not lucky enough to avoid Victor’s wrath. He can tell Victor is getting frustrated. Words snap quicker, they’re sharper, and Victor’s eyes narrow more.


“Félicité! Plus haute!” Victor barked across the studio once more. Yuuri sort of wants to turn to see who Félicité actually is, but he doesn’t feel like putting himself into the path of Victor’s wrath anytime soon.


Yuuri can almost feel Victor’s eyes burning into his back as his hands rest on the bar in front of him, back leg out straight. It’s like Victor is staring at him in the mirror and Yuuri can almost feel it. It fills his gut with a warm feeling, stomach knotting and, oh, he can feel his cunt grow wet.


God, why is he like this?


Yuuri swears that Victor picks up on it, judging by the way his eyes narrow at Yuuri’s reflection. Yuuri has to pretend not to see, otherwise he might just flood the crotch of his leotard. It's literally the first hour since he’s even met Victor and already he’s this weak.


He feels like such a slut.


Admittedly, the students in this class are less experienced than the other first year classes he’s taught. But one student stands out. One student can do just about everything perfectly. Maybe Victor’s bias is showing already, but Victor thinks he’s already got his eyes set on someone for the role of Clara.


“Claude! Déplie la jambe!” Claude, again, just can’t seem to get it. Victor shakes his head and sighs as he watches Claude in the mirror. Victor watched legs kick, straight and high above their heads, and he’s satisfied with the results until…


“Félicité! Plus haute!” Until he sees Félicité, with her leg nowhere near as high up and straight as Victor expects it to be.


His eyes flicker back to the student stood closest to him, who has his leg in a perfect split, back arched and beautifully curved, and toes pointed. The student glanced back at him in the mirror and suddenly, and soft, sweet wafts past his nose and—






Judging by the flush on his cheeks, the student in front of him knows exactly what’s up.


He’s wet.


Said student races out of the room as quickly as possible when the class finishes, Victor noticed. He was gone before Victor could even say class dismissed.


But inevitably, he’ll be back in three hours time for their class that starts at three. Victor has this smug grin on his face as the last student leaves the room.


That man— that omega— he’s certainly interesting.


Yuuri doesn’t bother showering. There’s no point - he has to be back at the studio for his next class in three hours anyway. He just races back to his dorm room and flops on the bed. He needs to calm down.


There’s something about Victor that’s especially attractive, aside from his gorgeous face and his mouthwatering body, that is. Maybe it’s the aura he gives of. It’s dominating and powerful, mysterious, tossed together with a bit of sexiness. Yuuri groaned into his pillow, trying to stop the lustful thoughts from flooding his head.


He finds himself unable to stop as his hand slides down into the waistband of his sweatpants and down into his briefs.


“Mmh…” Yuuri moaned as his fingertips touched the growing wetness at his folds. Yuuri twitched, breath hitching as the tips of his fingers gently circled the base of his cock before trailing down further, fingers forming a V around his lips. He shuddered, fingers running up and down.


Yuuri could just imagine Victor’s smug face if he could see Yuuri like this, and it only makes the slick between his legs grow. With a frustrated grumble, Yuuri kicked off his sweatpants and underwear, and spread his legs. A gush of slick flooded his pussy as he imagines Victor’s accent, deep and heavy in his ear, sending shivers down his spine. His cunt quivered, desperate for something to fill it.


Two fingers dove deep into the wetness as Yuuri instantly clamped down on them, back arching as his body stiffens. He mewled, whining as his fingers began to pump in and out of the wet heat.


“Mmh…!” Yuuri heavily breathed as his fingers fucked in and out of his cunt, clear fluid dribbling down onto the sheets, wet, filthy noises filling the air. God, if Victor could see him like this.


He’s only been in Victor’s class for three hours and already, he has two fingers shoved inside of him, that low, Russian accented French replaying over and over. Yuuri’s breath hitched as he pushed a third finger in, pushing deeper as the tips of his fingers just brushed against that spot. Yuuri can’t help but wonder how Victor’s fingers would feel inside of him, caressing his sweet spot as he whispered ‘ come for me, Yuuri,’ in his ear.


“Ahh… ahmm… nngh…” Yuuri’s eyes roll to the back of his head as he worked his fingers deeper, brushing harder and harder against his sweet spot. He wonders how big Victor is. If he’s thick and long and delicious. It makes him wet, wet, wet as his fingers attack the bundle of nerves inside of him, sending bolts of electricity through his body.


Oh. Imagine Victor’s knot.


And when the very thought even so much as crosses his mind, Yuuri instantly comes, Victor’s names on his lips. “Victor… Victor… Victor! Ahh! Ohhhhhh…” His fingers continue to work, fast and hard through his orgasm as he squirts, slick and come splashing between his legs as milky fluid splatters his stomach. His back arches off the bed, body tensing as his vision fills with stars and oh, Yuuri has never felt this good. He painted heavily, sucking in deep breaths as his fingers slowed down to a halt before slipping out with a wet pap.


Dammit, Yuuri thinks as he finally comes down from the high of what was probably the best orgasm he’s ever experienced. Part of him wants to go again, before class, but he’s going to have to hold it - he still needs to eat lunch before his next session. The sheets he’s only changed not long ago are now wet. He’ll have to sort those out and get them to the laundry room before class. But at the moment, he’s completely boneless.


Yuuri can’t even bring himself to feel shameless when he packs a vibrator into his dance bag before leaving again. He’s probably going to need it to let off some steam between the next class, and his personal practice time at the studio, where he has the studio booked from seven p.m.


His stomach feels nervous with butterflies as he leaves his dorm room to head back to the ballet studio. He’s early, again, and he makes haste to get changed. The last thing anyone wants is to be late for Victor Nikiforov’s class.


Victor’s eyes instantly burn into his back when he walks into the studio - he can feel it. Yuuri doesn’t dare turn around.


“You’re all here on time. I’m surprised. Normally at least one person is late.” Victor takes his place at the front of the room, and Yuuri lifted his head to see Victor’s eyes scrutinising everyone in the room, as if silently judging each and every one of them.


“As this morning we’re going back to basics for now. We did stand-still positions and jumps this morning, but now I want to go over something different.” Victor said as he tied his pointe shoes and stood back up. “Partner up.” Yuuri rushes to meet someone new and partner up all in ten seconds before Victor points at him. “Name?” Yuuri’s head whips around and he’s stunned silent for a split second before he realises he should answer.


“Y-Yuuri. Yuuri Katsuki.” His heart beats wildly in his ear as Victor takes him by the hand.


“Still back to basics, we’re going over pas de deux. Essential for any ballet dancer. In order to be a competent dancer, you must learn to dance with a partner, trust this partner fully. The partner you choose now will be your partner for the rest of the year, so don’t fall out.” Yuuri’s breath hitched. He’s going to be Victor’s dance partner for the rest of the year. God, after just three hours he’s already coming to this man's name but now— Yuuri swears he’s doomed.


“Raise your hand if you’re familiar with Swan Lake, and get out if you’re not.” Yuuri raises his hand timidly as he holds his breath. “Good.” Victor smiles. “I’m sure you’ve all seen and analysed this ballet multiple times but for this class one part in particular is important— Odile and Siegfried’s Pas de Deux. Is anyone familiar with their dance?” Yuuri is, but when no one else raises their hand, it puts him off raising his. “No one? Disappointing.” Yuuri’s hand raises slowly, not too high, but just enough for Victor to see.


“Umm… I am…” Yuuri’s voice is timid and shy as he swallows a lump in his throat.


“Oh? Perfect.”


Everyone is on time, just as Victor expects.


“You’re all here on time. I’m surprised. Normally at least one person is late.” It’s a surprise, actually. Even though this class has a less developed technique overall than the other first year classes he’s taught, they’re all on time and clearly, keen to learn.


“As this morning we’re going back to basics for now. We did stand-still positions and jumps this morning, but now I want to go over something different. Partner up.” He watches as students scramble to partner up, and one person in particular stands out. One student who, so far, has shown impeccable skills. Victor wonders how far he can push him. “Name?” He points, and said student whips around and just gawps at Victor.


“Y-Yuuri. Yuuri Katsuki.” Yuuri… what an interesting young omega. Colour Victor intrigued. Victor takes him by the hand.


“Still back to basics, we’re going over pas de deux. Essential for any ballet dancer. In order to be a competent dancer, you must learn to dance with a partner, trust this partner fully. The partner you choose now will be your partner for the rest of the year, so don’t fall out.” Victor is interested to see how Yuuri will keep up with him; if he can keep up with him. And, he’s interested to see how far he can push him, how much he can improve.


“Raise your hand if you’re familiar with Swan Lake, and get out if you’re not.” Everyone in the room, Yuuri included, raises their hand. “Good.” Victor smiles. “I’m sure you’ve all seen and analysed this ballet multiple times but for this class one part in particular is important— Odile and Siegfried’s Pas de Deux. Is anyone familiar with their dance?” Absolutely no one raises their hand. Victor clicks his tongue in disappointment. “No one? Disappointing.” But right next to him, a shy hand comes up.


“Umm… I am…” Victor can see that the way no one else raises their hand fills Yuuri with uncertainty, but he's definitely impressed.


“Oh? Perfect.”


Yuuri does , indeed, know this Pas de Deux. In fact, he’s very familiar with it, Odile’s role, that is, and part of Victor wonders if Yuuri has played this part before. However, he also notices that Yuuri isn’t familiar with this dance with a partner, and essentially, he answered his own question. Yuuri has never played the role of Odile before, but Victor can be sure that he’s practiced it on his own.


The more Victor learns about him, the more intrigued he becomes.


The omega currently in his arms is sweet and shy, lacking the same confidence as everyone else has, yet is on a different level of ballet.


Yuuri Katsuki has most certainly caught Victor’s eye.


As soon as class is over, Yuuri darts out of the doors and to the changing rooms. Being in such close proximity to Victor has him wet again, and this time, he knows for certain that Victor knows it. Nervously, he bounces his leg up and down, waiting for the changing rooms to clear.


Thankfully, he’s the only one booked in to use the studio at seven, and that means, no one else is due in here. With a sigh of relief, Yuuri can finally release the tension that’s been building in his stomach for the last three hours. Yuuri hesitantly reaches for the vibrator in his bag. He knows he could be caught by anyone at anytime, but the chances are slim and honestly, he really, really needs to get off. He’s willing to take his chances.


Stripping out his leotard, he spreads his legs, feet planted on the wooden bench. His folds are already soaked with slick, fluttering and twitching as they eagerly wait for something, anything to fill it. Biting his lip, Yuuri brings the vibrator to just beneath his cock, and it touches his clit. He flicks the vibrator on, hips instantly jerking as he bites back a moan, the faint rumbling of the vibrator quiet, yet powerful against his lips.


Yuuri’s cunt is twitching so badly already as he moves the vibrator up and down his folds, drenching it in slick fluid. He can’t believe he’s jerking off a second time, in public, might he add, today to Victor Nikiforov. This man is doing things to him, and they’ve barely spoken a few sentences.


All cares are thrown out of the window about getting caught as Yuuri knocks the vibrator up a notch. “Nngh!” Yuuri moans as the vibrations become more intense, back arching as his hips thrust to meet the vibrator and his pussy floods with more slick.


“Victor!” He whispered as he pushed the vibrator into his hole, instantly sucking it in. It hits so much deeper inside. Yuuri grips the bench, biting his lip hard as his hips cant uncontrollably with the deep waves of pleasure jolting through his body with each bump against his sweet spot.


Everything feels amazing. With the remote in his hand, he kicks the vibrator up even higher, almost squealing as his legs clamp shut and his pussy squeezed around the vibrator, clenching and pushing. He can feel himself on the brink of orgasm. He just needs a little bit more to come.


He’s about to knock the vibrator up to the highest setting, until the changing room door swings open. Yuuri should be stunned like a deer caught in headlights, but when he sees who it is, instantly, he comes, squirting all over the bench and the floor as he holds back lewd moans, creamy fluid staining his stomach.


He’s panting hard, squirming as the vibrator rages on inside him through his orgasm as he tries to catch his breath.



Chapter Text

Yuuri Katsuki certainly is most delightful, Victor has discovered after dancing with him. He’s impressive. Yet… alluring. Like he’s trying to pull Victor in.


As Victor leaves the studio, he has a gut feeling. He can’t explain it, it’s just a gut feeling. When he walks past the changing rooms, there’s no way he wouldn’t recognise that sweet smell, even if it’s just the faintest waft of it. Yuuri’s in there.


But the last thing Victor expects to see when he pushes open the door, is Yuuri, with his legs spread out on the bench, cunt bare and out in the open, dribbling with slick. Yuuri’s moans are music to his ears - he can hear them now, muffled from Yuuri biting his lip, but no less enticing.


He makes it just in time to see Yuuri come, it seems, as Yuuri catches his gaze a split second before his eyes roll back in pleasure, Victor’s name falling from his lips. Victor closes the door and clicks the lock shut. When he next gazed at Yuuri, his eyes are wide open in shock, yet he’s still riding out his orgasm. By the looks of things, he hasn’t even had the chance to turn his vibrator off yet. Victor stalks forwards, towering over him.


“Wow. Yuuri Katsuki. Who ever would have guessed.” Chuckled Victor darkly as his hand came forward, palm resting flat on Yuuri’s exposed cunt. Yuuri whimpered, pussy growing slick once again as he rutted against Victor’s hand, the vibrator still numb inside of him.


“V-Victor…!” Yuuri bit his lip, eyes squeezed shut. He didn’t even dare to look up at Victor.


“Don’t most people leave this kind of thing for when they get home? You must have been very desperate.” Oh god. Victor’s voice is so sultry and low, Yuuri can’t stop leaking. “You know, I thought you were quite interesting since I first saw you this morning, but I never knew you could be this interesting.” Victor punctuated his words with two fingers, pushing deep into Yuuri’s wet hole.


“Ahh! V-Victor!” Yuuri gasped, toes curling as his pussy clenched. Victor’s fingers pull the bullet out of him and Yuuri finally gets the chance to shut it off. Victor’s fingers begin to pump in and out, reaching so much deeper than Yuuri’s own.


“Were you thinking about me?” Victor started as he fingered Yuuri, slick spurting from Yuuri’s cunt and soaking his hand to his wrist. Yuuri could only whimper. “Answer me.”


“Y-yes!” Yuuri gasped, hands clutching the edge of the bench. “Yes I was.” Yuuri’s breath hitched as Victor’s fingers crooked into just the right spot.


“I could tell by the way you smelt in class.” Victor commented. “You’re quite obvious, you know. Isn’t it a good job there’s no other alpha in your class? You wouldn’t want them knowing either, would you?” Yuuri frantically shook his head as Victor toyed with him, inserting a third finger.


“You know, had you been anyone else, I instantly would have reported this.” And Yuuri’s heart thudded. He hasn’t even considered the consequences of getting caught— by his ballet instructor nonetheless. “But I can forget I saw you here like this.” Victor proposed. “How do you feel about letting me have my way with you?” God, Victor’s accent is music to his ears. It sends shivers down his spine as it rumbles deep in his ears, letters of the words rolling with Victor’s tongue. Yuuri comes with another crook of Victor’s fingers, his back arching as he squirts again.


“Ahh! God! Yes! Yes, Victor! Ohhhhh please!” Yuuri begs as Victor works him through his third orgasm of the day. “God that sounds perfect.” Yuuri finally manages to utter out through deep, heavy breaths as his orgasm tapers away, Victor’s fingers slowing down before halting every movement. Yuuri’s hips rut back against Victor’s fingers again, almost riding them as he mewls.


“Really?” Yuuri frantically nods, coming again, though not as strong as before. Victor’s fingers withdraw with a lewd, wet noise, and Yuuri swears he’s died and gone to heaven when he sees Victor licking his hand from the wrist all the way up to the tips of his fingers, all whilst gazing at Yuuri with the darkest, yet brightest blue eyes.


“Wow, you really are something special.” Behind the dark eyes, there’s a faint smile, one that breaks away from Victor’s mysterious aura and Yuuri can see it crystal clear. “You should get cleaned up and out of here.” Victor said. “Sometimes the second years use this changing room.” He leans away from Yuuri, who can do little but lie boneless against the bench. “I’ll see you outside the building tomorrow at seven.”


And Victor leaves the room.


What just happened?


Yuuri has no idea.


But he’s meeting Victor tomorrow at seven.


And as per usual, he cannot be late.


Victor licks his hand clean as he stalks towards the changing room door. Yuuri’s slick is sweeter than he’d imagined, and oh, how it makes him so hard. His erection is straining in his sweatpants, and calmly, he unlocks the changing room door and leaves. Now it’s Victor’s turn to get off, but unlike Yuuri, he has enough control to wait until he gets home.


Yuuri Katsuki is on his mind the whole drive home. Victor is still trying to process what he walked in on— his heart is still racing, images of Yuuri coming replaying over and over in the back of his mind. This man is gorgeous. Victor has never encountered anyone quite like Yuuri.


Victor parks his car and gets out before making his way into the apartment complex. Part of Victor had hoped the drive home would help his erection simmer down but it does the opposite. The anticipation only makes him harder as he waits impatiently for the elevator to arrive at the penthouse.


Victor speedwalked from the elevator to the apartment door and made haste to unlock the door, slamming it shut behind him. Makkachin is already asleep in bed (thank god) and Victor flashed a soft smile before heading to the master bedroom.


There’s a reason Yuuri was the first student to catch his eye earlier that morning, and maybe this is why. Victor pushes his sweatpants down, along with his boxers, just enough to expose his leaking member. Victor hissed as his hand touched the hot flesh, fingertip massaging just at the ridge of the head. He moaned low in his throat as his finger dipped into the wet slit and withdrew, a thin thread of semen pulling away with his finger before snapping.


Victor began working his hand up and down his girth, squeezing and releasing as groans rumbled from deep in his chest. He bit his lip as more pearly fluid bubbled from the tip, the slit winking with each bead as precome dribbled down his length. Victor’s finger ran up his member, collecting the beading fluid before rubbing at the bulbous tip.


He imagines Yuuri’s soft cunt, how welcoming it would feel around his member, how he could just bury himself in the warm, wet heat, watching as more slick spurts out from Yuuri’s already drenched pussy. God, Victor’s lost in the sound of Yuuri’s high pitched mewls and breathless gasps as he traces his finger along the vein on the underside of his dick before gripping it hard again, rubbing from the base to the tip.


He wants to grip Yuuri’s thick thighs and mark them with his lips, biting and sucking purple marks between his thighs. He wants to pull Yuuri over his face and eat him out until he’s gushing, slick covering his face as Yuuri screams in pleasure. And Victor’s going to get what he wants.


Victor has no idea what he was thinking, offering Yuuri that proposal, but he has no regrets. Yuuri’s full of surprises, and Victor can’t wait to unwrap every single one.


It takes him just a few more strokes to come, hips arching off the bed as pleasure jolts through his body, semen spurting up his chest, almost reaching his chin. “Nngh…! Yuuri…” He panted heavily as his hand continued to absentmindedly palm at his dick. That has to have been the most satisfying orgasm he’s ever had, and they’re only going to get better.


Yuuri’s timetable is blessed with Tuesday and Thursday mornings free, as well as Wednesday for a theory class in the afternoon. That’s two less mornings and one less day he has to avoid Victor and try not to explode. In fact, he’s spent the whole of this morning trying to wrap his head around the fact that he spent all of last night getting off, and that he’s meeting Victor later tonight.


Yuuri doesn’t dare look at Victor the next evening. He doesn’t even so much as glance in his direction. But he can still feel the burning gaze on his back. His face is definitely, definitely covered in a bright red blush. How could it not be - now that he’s out of his lust hazed mind, he realises just how humiliating the previous evening’s events were. Victor’s class goes on as if nothing happened the evening before. It’s kind of worrying, actually, that Victor can be this calm about it when panic just continues to build in Yuuri’s stomach.


Stay calm, Yuuri tells himself as he sucks in a deep, shaky breath. Yuuri should be worried - he got caught masturbating in the changing rooms by his ballet instructor. Isn’t there normally some sort of punishment for that? Like… getting stripped of your scholarship? Or losing your place all together? Yuuri has no idea - he can’t bare to think about the consequences, it’s too late now.


“Claude! Tu dois tenir la jambe plus haute! C’est pas assez haute!” And there’s Claude, being shouted at again by Victor, for what he assumes is probably because of his leg. To be fair to Claude, a penché is very difficult to hold, even Yuuri struggles with it.


“Chloé! C’est pas correct!” Victor shouts across the room. “ On doit utiliser les doigts de pieds, pas la plante! Essaye encore.” God, Yuuri is possibly the only person who doesn’t speak a word of French. But honestly, it’s really really hot when Victor shouts in French, especially with his husky Russian accent.


God shut up!


Yuuri’s brain really needs to shut up before it gets him into trouble again. He literally has no idea how he’s going to survive the rest of this year.


Throughout the class, Victor notices that Yuuri is incredibly calm. A little bit too calm for his liking. Victor decides he’s going to make him squirm a little bit.


“Yuuri!” Yuuri’s head whipped around, and Victor can see that he has this beautiful flush that covers his cheeks. His nervousness shows through those bright hazel eyes, though, Victor can’t really blame him. This is the first time he’s had to correct Yuuri’s position. He steps forward and puts one hand on his waist to arch his back a little, the other grasping his arm to position it higher, bending it slightly at the elbow. He then repositioned Yuuri’s other arm, wrapping it loosely around his waist.


Yuuri almost startled under his touch as Victor grasped his waist. He stiffens under Victor’s touch, but then quickly relaxed. Perfect. Just the reaction Victor wants. Yuuri has been far too calm and collected for his liking, despite the blush that covers his cheeks and the way he’s trying to avoid him. “Keep your arm held like this. Don’t bend it too much, just enough to be elegant. Keep your back leg nice and straight, toes pointed, and hold your head up. Perfect.” Victor released him, and Yuuri holds the position.


Victor keeps his eye on Yuuri through the whole session. Not once does he step out of line, and it’s honestly a bit irritating - Victor’s trying to find any excuse to touch Yuuri and the fact that he can’t is incredibly frustrating. Why does Yuuri have to be so perfect? Oh god, Victor can’t wait to get his hands on Yuuri later this evening.


Yuuri, once again, waited for the changing rooms to clear before showering. His heart is racing, beating up his throat as his hands tremble. He’s going to meet Victor. He can feel his folds grow wet as he thinks about Victor, and it takes all of his willpower not to finger himself again. He’d already spent the morning jerking off, and Yuuri swears he’s masturbated more times in the last two days than he has in his entire life - that can’t be healthy.


With a shaky sigh, Yuuri turned off the water and stepped out of the shower. Yuuri’s deliberately packed something nice to wear to meet Victor - a lace shirt and a pair of nice trousers, but he’s not sure whether he should just wear sweatpants. Yuuri doesn’t think twice; he doesn’t give himself another chance to doubt himself as he grabs his lace shirt and slides it onto his body.


It’s an anxious ten minute wait outside the building as Yuuri stands there, staring into space as he waits for Victor. His heart races, it’s pounding in his ear and he can barely hear himself think. Out of the corner of his eye he catches Victor coming towards him.


“You actually showed up.” Victor chuckled, almost proud as he flashed Yuuri a devious smile. Yuuri doesn’t say anything, he just stands and stares, before his gaze drops to the floor. “And you’re all dressed up.” Commented Victor as his eyes raked up and down Yuuri’s body. “Come on.” Victor gestures for Yuuri to follow him.


“Where are we going?” Yuuri asks as he races to catch up.


“You’ll see.”


“Are you kidnapping me?”


“I don’t need to kidnap you when you come so willingly.” Victor chuckled. “And even if I did, I wouldn’t kidnap you right outside of school.” They leave the premises and head down the street. From Victor’s back pocket, he pulled out his car key to unlock his car door. For some reason, Yuuri has this strange feeling of trust when it comes to Victor, even though they’ve known each other for quite literally two days. With a sigh, he gets into the car.


“You know, out of everyone in your class, I never expected that it would be you of all people I’d catch like that .” There’s a smug half smile on Victor’s face as Yuuri’s gaze shifts away from him to the side mirror, cheeks pink as Victor started the car. A hand comes and touches Yuuri’s thigh, and it startles him before he quickly relaxed under Victor’s hand.


“I also never expected to get caught.” Murmured Yuuri as Victor’s hand caressed his thigh.


“What, you mean, you didn’t want me to see?” Scoffed Victor.


“Well it wasn’t on my agenda if that’s what you mean.” Yuuri mumbled, face beet red at the implication as Victor’s hand moved higher up his thigh, venturing close to Yuuri’s heat.


“Yuuri Katsuki, an insatiable exhibitionist.”

Victor darkly chuckled as his hand squeezed his thigh. Yuuri’s breath hitched as Victor’s hand climbed higher, palming at his clothed cunt.


“Mmh… Ahh… w-what are you doing…?” Yuuri gasped as his legs involuntarily spread wider, Victor’s hand rubbing harder. His folds were becoming wet with slick, inevitably soaking his underwear.


“Open the glove box.” Victor released Yuuri’s crotch, allowing him to take a breath and open the glove box. “Pick one and use it.” Yuuri opened the glove box, and scrambled backwards, almost slamming it shut as he saw the contents. Vibrators. “I deliberately picked a few I thought you’d like.” He smirked.


“S-Seriously?” Squeaked Yuuri, staring at Victor in disbelief.


“Do you want me to report what I saw?” Victor has this shit eating grin on his face, as if to say he’s in control. And to be fair, he is. Yuuri’s heart skipped a beat. He could lose his scholarship, or worse, lose his place - he’d do just about anything to keep it. Yuuri swallowed a lump in his throat. Hesitantly, he reached for a small bullet vibrator. “You like those, don’t you?” Victor mused. “Undo your trousers.” Yuuri acquiesced, fingertips fumbling with the button on his trousers before pulling down the zipper.


Embarrassment floods Yuuri’s body as he glances out of the window at the passing Paris traffic. Anyone could see him. Nervously, he swallowed down his embarrassment.


Should have opted for sweatpants, Yuuri thought as he shuffled the trousers, as well as his boxers, down his hips and thighs. He spread his legs, as far as the trousers would allow. He whimpered as the cold air hit the soaked folds of his pussy, biting his lip as the vibrator ran up and down his slit before turning it on.


“Ahh! Oohhh…” Yuuri moaned out as the vibrator sent shocks of pleasure down his spine. Victor could feel himself grow hard at the sound of Yuuri’s lewd moans echoing through the car as Yuuri continued to toy with himself.


“Nngh… V-Victor…” The way his name falls off of Yuuri’s lips is positively divine— Victor wants to swallow every single moan. He bites his lip, holding back a deep groan as his hips rut up against nothing. The vibrator continued to buzz in the background, and Victor can hear the wet splashing of Yuuri’s pussy, and it does little to help the strain in his pants.


Yuuri squeezes his eyes shut and doesn’t dare open them again. It’s already humiliating enough, getting off right next to Victor, let alone inside a car where anyone could see. Yuuri whimpered as he turned the vibrator up, hips jerking off the seat as his legs trembled violently, clit twitching with every pulse.


“We make it home soon.” Mumbled Victor. “You’ve got five minutes to come else you’ll have to wait until we reach the seventy fifth floor.” Warned Victor as one hand reached to squeeze at the bulge in his pants, gasping as he tried to hold back an orgasm.


Victor’s cautionary tone only makes Yuuri’s cunt gush with more slick. It’s sexy, it’s sultry, and Yuuri wants Victor to whisper in his ear all night. Yuuri gripped the door handle as he turned the vibrator up once more, a loud moan tearing from his throat.


“Ahh, ahh, ahhhhhhhh…!” Yuuri gasped heavily, biting his lip as his sopping cunt twitched, flooding with another gush of slick. “V-Victor, Victor— Daddy! ” Yuuri comes, arching his hips off as he squirts, come spurting all over his stomach, staining his shirt as slick soaked the seat beneath him.


The name takes Victor by surprise. His hips cant up, trying to rut against anything as he grips the steering wheel, coming in his pants. “Blyad!” Victor bit his lips, cursing as a warm, wet feeling engulfed his crotch, dick pulsing as he came, a dark spot forming over the tent in his sweats. He can barely drive in a straight line as he pulls up into the parking lot, stopping his car in what is probably between two spaces. He pants heavily, glancing over at Yuuri, whose chest heaved up and down roughly, head thrown back as he fought for air.


The embarrassment only sets in once his orgasm has subsided.


“Oh god…” Whimpered Yuuri as his eyes remained shut, arm thrown across his face to hide his embarrassment. His cunt is now red and abused, twitching in oversensitivity as he cool air hits it.


Victor could barely register what had just happened as his head fell back against the headrest.


“So…” He panted. “ Daddy…?” Yuuri’s heart skipped a beat. That was not supposed to come out. But it has, and he can’t help but admit that it really, really turns him on. “Is that really how you see me?” Chuckled Victor, but Yuuri can do nothing but squeak in humiliation. With a dirty smirk, Victor leaned over to Yuuri, lips just brushing his ear. “Answer me, baby boy.” Yuuri almost jumps out of his skin, mewling like a bitch in heat as that low, erotic voice sends shivers down his spine.


“Yes…” Yuuri whispered, pulling a satisfied smile from Victor. Victor gives Yuuri a chance to catch his breath and dry himself off before gesturing for him to follow him out of the car and into the apartment complex. They have to make a dash for the elevator before anyone gets a chance to see how ruined they both look, and when the elevator doors finally close, it’s like life has suddenly slowed down, and Yuuri gets a chance to realise that—


Holy shit. He’s masturbated twice in front of Victor Nikiforov. He’s going up to Victor Nikiforov’s apartment. He’s definitely coming again sometime tonight in Victor Nikiforov’s apartment. And they’ve only known each other for two days. He’s stiff, almost uncomfortable, Victor realises, and quickly, he wraps his arms around his waist from behind and ducks his head down, lips brushing the shell of his ear.


Yuuri stiffens up even more, but he leans back, trying to relax against Victor’s body. “What else do you like, baby boy? ” That name makes Yuuri weak at his knees, and he almost moans out loud as he becomes jelly beneath Victor’s touch.


“I… I don’t… I haven’t experimented.” Yuuri mumbles truthfully, and Victor is most certainly taken aback.


“Wait, really?” Yuuri can’t bring himself to look at Victor, whose grip on his waist loosens. His gaze drop to the floor, fists clenching together as he holds his breath. “Never?” Yuuri shook his head. Victor sighed, letting out a breathless chuckle. “You really are full of surprises, Yuuri Katsuki.” Yuuri’s not sure how to take that comment, but he doesn’t have time to think about it as the elevator reaches Victor’s floor and opens. Victor pulled the key out of the elevator keypad and grasps his hand, pulling him out.


It’s only now that Yuuri realises— this entire floor belongs to Victor, no wonder he has a key for the elevator’s top floor.


Nervously, he follows Victor into the penthouse and instantly, he’s greeted by a ball of fur, who knocks him flying. “Uwah!” Yuuri squeaked as Makkachin came pouncing at him, licking his face and smothering him with kisses. Victor was about to scold her, to tell her no, until he realises that Yuuri is laughing.


“Hi.” He chuckled, tickling her fluffy ears. “Umm… what’s his… her… name?” Yuuri asked timidly as he continued to shower her with attention.


“She’s Makkachin. And she seems to have taken quite the liking to you.” Victor softly chuckled, kneeling down to as she towered over Yuuri. “ Allez, laisse le partir .” He cooed, gesturing for Makkachin to get off Yuuri and follow him. Victor’s accented French returns, filling Yuuri’s stomach with a warm, heavy feeling as it rings in his ears. “Sorry about her.” Victor softly sighed as he led her away.


“It’s okay.” Smiled Yuuri as he stood up. “She’s lovely.” He fondly commented. Victor quickly filled Makkachin’s food and water bowl and returned to Yuuri’s side with a bottle of water.


“Umm… you can sit down, by the way.” And Yuuri does just that, plopping himself down on the sofa. Victor’s penthouse is huge, with chandeliers and floor to ceiling windows that look over the Paris skyline. Makkachin scoffs dinner and pads back over to the couple.


“Bonne, assied ici.” And Makkachin sits. “Tu as été sage, ma petite princess?” Victor cooed as he pet her, and Yuuri stiffens at the way the words rumble in his ears— he’s not even talking to you! It seems as though Victor notices. “Do you like it when I speak French?” Victor asked, lifting his hand from Makkachin’s head, who padded off to her little corner. When Yuuri whimpers, Victor has the answer he needs, but not the satisfaction of receiving said answer. “Réponds-moi, Yuuri.” And Yuuri shivers again at the way the French rumbles from deep in Victor’s throat.


“Y-yes…” Victor stands, pulling Yuuri up with him and to the bedroom. He pushes Yuuri up against the door, trapping him as his nose comes to Yuuri’s collarbone, inhaling sharply. “Si seulement tu savais à quel point tu es beau...” Victor purred, accent thick and rumbling as the words come deep from his throat. Yuuri mewls at the praise, even though he barely understands it, and Victor’s lips brush against his neck as his hands fumbled with Yuuri’s pants.


“V-Victor…” Yuuri gasped, hands coming around Victor’s body to dig into his back.


“That’s not how you address me, is it?” Victor smirked. Oh, he really wants me to call him that… Yuuri thinks as hands slid his trousers down his legs, along with his briefs. The very thought already has Yuuri whimpering as he struggled to balance, kicking his trousers off of one leg, cunt beginning to leak once again.


“D-daddy…” Victor can feel himself grow hard again, making haste to rid himself of his clothes. Yuuri gasps at Victor’s naked body, eyes fixated on his dick, standing hard and proud against his stomach. Yuuri keened loudly, slick dribbling down the inside of his thighs as he stared at Victor’s girth.


He’s big, at least nine inches from the thick base to the pink, glistening tip. Yuuri wonders if it could possibly fit inside of him.


Victor gets down on his knees and lifts one of Yuuri’s legs over his shoulder. Yuuri’s heart skips a beat, hand coming to cover his mouth as his eyes fluttered shut. Yuuri’s cunt is raw and red, shiny with slick as Victor gazed in awe as the lips fluttered with a soft, wet noise. Yuuri doesn’t even get to prepare himself before Victor’s hands pull him by the hips, lips kissing at Yuuri’s mound. His hand reaches for Yuuri’s cocklet, his hand covering it as his fingertip toys with the tip of his dick, coaxing beads of semen to dribble from the head.


Yuuri’s hand is fisted in Victor’s hair, tugging and pulling as Victor sucks as Yuuri’s pussy, tongue delving between the folds and into the hot, warm heat. He moans sensually as the taste of slick, sweet, yet slightly bitter coats his tongue, and the vibrations course through Yuuri’s body like a lightning bolt.


“D-Daddy!” Yuuri’s voice is hoarse as his hips rock against Victor’s mouth, his tongue flicking at his folds, sucking lewdly. Victor pulled back for a breath before diving back in, licking one long stripe from Yuuri’s hole, right up to the tip of his cock before engulfing the length all in one go. God, Yuuri has never felt so much pleasure all at once.


A finger slides into his cavern just as Victor licks at his slit and he whimpers, too out of breath to do anything but let Victor have his way, not that he has any complaints. Victor’s finger works in and out, pressing against his tender sweet spot as his lips suck at his clit, spine tingling with desire as juice dribbles down Victor’s chin.


“‘M gonna come… Gonna come… mmgh… aghhhh… D-Daddy… daddy… Alpha !” Yuuri’s breath is knocked out of his lungs with a heavy gasp, vision whiting out as an orgasm washes over him. Yuuri’s hips ride Victor’s tongue as one last press to his sweet spot, combined with one last flick to his clit have him coming, squirting all over Victor’s face.


Alpha… the way Yuuri mewls has Victor coming with a deep groan against Yuuri’s pussy, semen spurting from his cock and onto the floorboards. When Victor pulls back, Yuuri’s cunt is burning red and twitching still, wet and dripping as Yuuri comes down from his high. Fascinated, his fingertips come to stroke Yuuri’s pussy, his hips trembling with the oversensitivity as he bites back a whine.


“Vkusno…” Victor smiled smugly as he licked his lip, finally letting Yuuri’s leg come down off of his shoulder. “How was it?” He asks, and it’s the first time Victor has asked him that.


“G-good…” Panted Yuuri heavily as he tried to keep himself standing. He’s a bit sad that he didn’t get to suck Victor off, make him come as hard as he made Yuuri come. But honestly, he’s just so tired. Victor stood back up, just in time to catch Yuuri as he collapsed against his shoulder, eyes fluttering as he struggled to stay awake.


“Woah, are you alright?” Asked Victor, voice tender as his arms wrapped around Yuuri’s waist, and Yuuri relaxed against his body.


“Mmh…” Yuuri weakly nodded. “Just tired, I guess.” Yuuri was still trying to catch his breath as his arms hesitantly wrapped around Victor’s back, fingers digging into his shoulder blades. His eyelids feel heavy, and he can’t help but feel… warm. Comfortable.


“Come on, let’s get you to bed.” Sighed Victor softly as he cradled a very fatigued Yuuri against his chest. Yuuri’s breath hitched, and as he comes back to his senses, that’s definitely not a good idea. Yuuri hesitates to speak for a second as Victor starts to pull him towards the bed.  


“I think I should go home.” Yuuri murmured, pulling away from Victor. He doesn’t look at Victor, not once as he shamefully redressed himself, pulling up his briefs and trousers, both damp and uncomfortable against his skin. Victor wants to protest - Yuuri should stay the night. He’s tired, and, well, he’s already here. But Victor doesn’t protest.


“Can I drive you home?” Yuuri’s reluctant at first, and he’s about to say no, but he’s exhausted, and his head is cloudy . “It’s getting dark, I don’t think you should get a taxi back.”


The ride home is silent. Yuuri doesn’t say a word, and nor does Victor. Victor’s hand rests on Yuuri’s thigh, thumb absentmindedly stroking in soft circles as they drive through the Paris traffic. Yuuri falls asleep, and Victor can’t help but think that when Yuuri’s relaxed like this, he’s actually very cute.


Victor wonders how on earth they got like this within two days of knowing each other— part of him should be ashamed. First of all, Yuuri’s his student. Second of all, he practically manipulated Yuuri into this meeting, giving him an ultimatum. That leaves Victor feeling unsettled. Victor wonders if he would have agreed if Victor didn’t threaten to expose him, and now he feels awful. Part of him wonders if Yuuri would be willing to meet him again like this. Victor hopes so - it doesn’t even have to be for sex. Yuuri truly is charming. He wonders, beneath all of the seduction, who is Yuuri Katsuki? As a person, and not just… a fling. With a heavy sigh, Victor pulls up outside the student dormitory and debates on waking Yuuri up.


Victor sort of… wants to watch Yuuri sleep a bit longer. He looks so tranquil, so peaceful as he quietly snores, and Victor almost doesn’t have the heart to wake him up. But after staring for just a few moments, Victor wakes him from his slumber.


“Yuuri.” He gently nudged Yuuri’s shoulder. “Yuuri, wake up.” Beautiful, hazel eyes flutter open, a fatigued, and slightly annoyed grumble comes from Yuuri as he blinks to clear his vision.


Yuuri’s eyes sting, probably from his contacts. He takes a moment to adjust his eyes before sitting up properly. He stretches, yawning as he unstraps himself.


“Umm… thanks for the ride.” He murmured, picking up his bag. “I’ll see you on Thursday.” Yuuri opened the car door and clambered out.


“See you on Thursday.”

Chapter Text

Yuuri’s head is still hazy when he gets back to his dorm room. He’s flustered, sweaty, and desperately needs a shower. He can’t stop thinking about just how good Victor is, from the way his fingers reach deeper than Yuuri could ever imagine, to the way his tongue knows exactly which buttons to press to get Yuuri going.


But what really gets him is the way Victor speaks to him. Oh, how it makes his cunt flood with slick, sticky and wet and throbbing. Victor’s sultry voice rumbles from deep in his throat, full of lust as he whispers in Yuuri’s ears and Yuuri swears it renders him breathless, melting him into a puddle.


Victor’s tongue flicks and licks like he’s experienced - as if he reels other omegas in in just the same way he did Yuuri. And for some reason, the thought of Victor doing those things to anyone other than Yuuri makes his stomach bubble with jealousy. Part of Yuuri hopes he hasn’t put Victor off of meeting again.


With a heavy, tired sigh, Yuuri gets into the shower.


The water scolds his skin as he washes, lathering shampoo through his hair. He stands under the water, letting streams of water run down his body as his hands roam, rinsing off the excess soap. Yuuri wonders what Victor is up to now, or more specifically, if Victor’s getting off. The image of Victor, hand on his thick girth, face flushed with pleasure, flashes up behind Yuuri’s eyes.


Yuuri imagines Victor’s cock, long enough to reach just below his navel, thick enough that he can only just wrap his fingers around it. He imagines it’s dribbling at the tip, pearly precome leaking from the winking slit. He imagines teasing the ridge of the bulbous tip delicately with his fingertips, pulling moans and groans from Victor while his hand tugs at Yuuri’s hair.


Yuuri feels his cunt gush with a wave of slick, but when he brings his hand down, fingertips brushing his folds, he hisses, lower lips puffy and twitching in oversensitivity. His touch almost stings. His cunt is rubbed raw, well abused, and Yuuri groans - it’s a sign that clearly, he’s been touched down there far too much over the last two days. But he really, really needs to come.


With a frustrated grumble, Yuuri gets out of the shower and dries off, hoping his impending need to orgasm will eventually subside. Surely, his pussy can’t take much more at the moment.


Victor can’t tear his mind away from Yuuri as he drives back home. Beneath Yuuri’s inner seductress, he’s shy, timid. He shies away from Victor’s touch when he isn’t horny, when his mind isn’t clouded with lust. Yuuri lacks confidence. He can tell by the way he dances. For the most part, Yuuri is textbook perfect with his technique. But he’s hesitant, doubtful of himself when he dances. Victor can see it on his face and he wonders what he can do to help build Yuuri’s confidence.


Of course, there’s an ulterior motive to Victor’s intentions— Victor finds himself wanting more and more of Yuuri’s attention. But he also wants Yuuri to feel confident and enjoy himself too. If he’s even willing to meet with him again, that is. But at the moment, Victor wants to help Yuuri find some confidence.


Yuuri truly is beautiful. The way he moans and mewls with every one of Victor’s touches, the way his body reacts beneath the flame of Victor’s fingertips, the face he makes when he orgasms. Everything about Yuuri is simply stunning.


When Victor gets home, he’s hard, straining in his already ruined sweatpants. God, he’s a sweaty, sticky mess, and Victor’s not sure whether he needs to release some tension or shower first. Why not both at the same time? Victor paces to the master bathroom, fresh clothes in his hands, and he turns on the cold water.


Victor wants to put his hands all over Yuuri’s body, grip his waist, hold him down and pound him hard. The very thought makes him groan as his hand touches his cock, fingertips massaging the base. Victor envisions bursting inside of Yuuri, knotting him, filling him with warm come until it’s leaking back out. Fuck. The image shouldn’t be that hot but already, Victor has to squeeze his base to keep from coming.


Yuuri’s body is truly magnificent. Victor prays to any deity out there that he gets another chance to play with his body— using his fingers, his tongue, his dick… Victor wants to explore everywhere. He wants to push his dick down Yuuri’s throat and in his pussy and even his ass. And when the image of Yuuri, lips tight around his dick as he takes it right down his throat, Victor comes, hard.


“Yuuri!” He gasps, breath straining as his body stiffened, cock spurting all over the tiles of the shower as his knees go weak.




Victor doesn’t know how he’s going to survive the next year.


When Yuuri wakes up, his thighs are splashed with slick and sheets are soaked through. He doesn’t even need to wonder why to know. Victor hasn’t just been invading his life, he’s been invading his dreams too, and while Yuuri has absolutely no qualms about it, he can’t keep waking up to wet sheets. He can only wash and dry the sheets so many times a week before he runs out of sheets.


He grumbled as flashes of his dream come up in his head - images of Victor fucking him silly, spanking him, toying with his ass… god, he swears another gush of slick floods his pussy with just those images. Imagine if one day Victor actually did all of those things. Yuuri can’t jerk off now— his cunt is still rubbed raw and red. It’s still a bit sore, and Yuuri can still feel the slight sting when his fingertips brush his folds and try to push in. It’s a good job he’s not seeing Victor later— he has no idea if his cunt could survive.


Yuuri manages to get his sheets washed and dried again, before he has to go for his theory class. He hopes to god that Victor isn’t teaching it, because if he is, he’s actually going to die. With a heavy sigh, he picks up his laptop and sets off for class.


Much to his great relief, Victor is not teaching this class. He doesn’t mean it’s a great relief because he doesn’t want to see Victor, it’s more because his body just shuts down whenever Victor is near him. He can’t focus on anything but Victor - he knocks Yuuri totally breathless and honestly he just needs space to breathe.


Victor isn’t kidding when he says he can’t stop thinking about Yuuri all day. He’s barely focussed on the second years he’s teaching. Yuuri must be in his theory class by now. It’s a boring class— no doubt Yuuri will be thinking about him. Or at least… Victor hopes he would be. If anything, it would be even more obscure if he weren’t thinking about the teacher that just ate him out and brought him to orgasm twice the evening prior. Victor tries not to think too much about last night, lest he pop a boner.


Victor’s extra frustrated today. He’s much more impatient and snappy with his class than he normally is - his second years are very pleasant to teach, yet he can’t find it in himself to just be in a good mood for the next three hours.


“Alice! Arrête!” The girl freezes dead in her tracks. “Tu es trop crispée! Essaye encore!” His voice is much firmer than usual, more stern, as if it weren’t already. He’s irritable, crabby today, and he just can’t figure out why. Or rather, Victor knows exactly why. But he doesn’t like to admit it.


His irritability is most definitely because he can’t stop thinking about Yuuri, and just how guilty he feels for manipulating him into what they did last night. He’s annoyed because he won’t get the chance to talk to Yuuri about it until tomorrow afternoon. That’s a long time to have something bothering you.


The day passes fast— so fast that Yuuri almost doesn’t wake up in time for his class later in the afternoon. He races to the studio, but much to his surprise, he’s still the first one there. Thank god, he’s not as late as he thought he would be. Letting out a sigh of relief, he went straight to the changing rooms to get changed.


His mind is all worked up about seeing Victor. Yuuri has no idea how he’s going to even look at him. He can’t look at him without thinking about how soft his mouth is against his cunt, how each flick of his tongue makes another gush of slick flood his pussy. God, he’s already getting turned on just thinking about it.


Yuuri has to sit and clear his mind a bit before leaving the changing rooms, and just as he gets up to leave, more members of his class turn up. With a quiet grumble, Yuuri picks up his water bottle and goes down the corridor to the studio. Surprisingly, Victor is already there when Yuuri pushes open the door. Normally, he’s the last one there. Yuuri tries not to acknowledge him as he sits down on the floor in front of the mirror to begin his stretches.


“Yuuri.” Yuuri’s head whips around to see Victor coming towards him.




“Tonight at seven outside the building. I want to talk to you.” There’s goosebumps on Yuuri’s skin at that voice, quiet, low in tone, and perfectly seductive. Yuuri almost groans out loud. He doesn’t even get the chance to answer before Victor walks off again, just in time for everyone else to come in. Now Yuuri’s nervous.


Yuuri can barely breathe when Victor’s gaze is fixated on him like it is now. Yuuri knows Victor is only watching him— he can tell because he’s yet to tell off Claude for his very noticeable bad technique. So Yuuri decides to keep Victor staring in only his direction.


And actually, it’s not that hard to keep Victor staring, Yuuri discovers. All he has to do is jut his hips out a little with each movement, making sure to accentuate his gorgeous ass with each sway of his hips. He can’t help it when that smug smile crossed his face, faint, yet noticeable as pride bubbles in his stomach. He’s kept Victor watching.


“Yuuri.” Victor comes over to where he’s stood at the bar, and grasps him by the waist. “Arch your back more, and bring your arm higher. Don’t bend it too much.” Then Victor leans down to his ear. “You little minx.” He whispers. “Daddy’s little minx.” Yuuri’s breath hitched slightly, and to the ordinary eye, it just looks like Victor is readjusting his position, for he quickly walks away. Yuuri instantly feels his cunt swell with arousal, growing wet as he swallows a lump in his throat, trying to keep himself calm.


Victor really did intend to call Yuuri out to just talk. But when Yuuri is teasing him like that, seducing him in class, he knows that no talking is going to get done this evening. When he dismisses his class, Yuuri, like the last few days, is the first one to dart out of the door and Victor’s guess is— he’s very very desperate. He can’t help the prideful smile that covers his face.


Victor comes out of the building after changing into a pair of sweatpants, and when he gets outside, it’s dark, and the skies are clear. He waits for Yuuri behind a pillar at the doorway of the building, where they met the other day. When Yuuri comes out, he smells like… honey. Oranges. He’s showered.


“You came again.” Victor said as he moved off of the pillar he was leaning on to lead Yuuri to his car. Yuuri doesn’t comment, he just follows Victor to his car, and gets in. “I did intend to just talk with you today,” Victor says as he climbs into the car. “But you seemed to have different ideas.” Yuuri’s breath hitched as Victor started the car, his hand climbing up his thigh.


“Mmph…” Yuuri bites back a moan as Victor’s hand rubs against his clothed cunt, slick slowly seeping through, a dark, wet spot forming on his sweats. “V-Victor…” He whispered hoarsely, rocking against the palm of Victor’s hand.


“Are you enjoying this, Yuuri?” Yuuri almost clicks his tongue in frustration because yes, of course he’s enjoying this. “Answer me, Yuuri.” Yuuri almost melts under the velvety tone.


“Y-yes…” And all too soon, Victor’s hand suddenly pulls away, seating itself back on the steering wheel. Yuuri whines, whimpering at the loss of touch as his hips rut against nothing.


“We’ll be home soon.” Mumbles Victor, eyeing a very turned on, very horny Yuuri.


Yuuri is struggling to stand by the time they make it to Victor’s apartment complex, and his legs barely work as he follows Victor hastily to the lift. It’s another painful seventy five floors before they reach the penthouse. When they get into the lift and the doors close, Victor’s arms are immediately around his waist, hands roaming up his t-shirt as his nose nuzzles at Yuuri’s neck and shoulder.


“A-Ahh… Victor…” Yuuri whimpered as Victor’s nose just brushes the nape of his neck, tongue just flicking out to tease the sensitive skin. Yuuri’s breaths were heavy, one arm reaching back to loop around Victor’s neck, hand tugging at Victor’s hair to hold him in place. Victor’s lips pressed against his neck, tongue teasing as he sucked tiny marks on the side of his neck.


The scent of arousal filled the air, and Victor moaned, smooth in Yuuri’s ear before quickly turning to push him against the mirror. “You’re so pretty.” His voice sent shivers down Yuuri’s spine as his hand snaked down Yuuri’s sweatpants and underwear, feeling the warmth between his legs.


“Mmgh!” Yuuri gasped as Victor’s fingers wrapped around his cocklet, giving it a slow stroke before moving downwards. His folds were twitching, begging for something to fill it. “Ahh… Victor… please…” Yuuri gasped as Victor’s fingertips teased at his folds.


“Tell me what you want, baby boy.” Victor murmured deeply, lips brushing the shell of Yuuri’s ear. His fingers made a V shape around Yuuri’s sopping cunt, massaging and rubbing before the tips of his fingers just teased into Yuuri’s hole. Yuuri jerked, whining at the slight sting. His pussy is still sensitive, rubbed raw from the last few days, but at the moment, he can’t bring himself to care. “Yuuri… tell me.”


“A-ahmmm… D-daddy… inside me, please…” Panted Yuuri heavily as he sucked in deep, shaky breaths. Yuuri could see Victor’s dark expression in the mirror, prideful and smug and god, how it made Yuuri’s pussy flood even more. Victor’s fingers pushed into Yuuri’s cunt, the heel of his hand massaging his cocklet as his fingers pumped in and out. The tips of Victor’s fingers brush Yuuri’s sweet spot and Yuuri clenches, body tightening with the sensations it sends through his body. Determined to tease, Victor’s fingers press against that spot, never massaging more, always keeping him on edge.


Yuuri can still feel the slight tingle of his abused pussy, but when coupled with Victor’s fingers, it does nothing but send pleasure running through his spine. “I’m gonna… gonna come…” He’s so close, he just needs a little more— Victor’s fingers pull away as the elevator reaches his floor. Yuuri whines at the sudden empty feeling, he was so close to coming. Victor withdrew his hand from Yuuri’s pants and licked his fingers.


“So sweet.” He mused, and Yuuri feels another wave of slick flood his cunt as they step out of the elevator.


They tumble into the penthouse and Victor slams the door shut, pushing Yuuri up against the door. Hands grasp at Yuuri’s ass, pulling him up as they grind against each other, and Yuuri’s legs instinctively wrap around Victor’s waist. Victor holds on tight as Yuuri’s head drops to his shoulder, hips unable to stop moving, cunt unable to stop grinding against Victor’s clothed cock.


Victor carries Yuuri to his bedroom, throwing him down onto the mattress where he landed with a thump. Yuuri’s back hit mattress and before he even had time to process it, Victor was already towering over him. Hands come up Yuuri’s t-shirt before tugging it off of his body and tossing it aside. Leaning back a little, Victor drinks in the sight of Yuuri’s half naked body, toned and lean, and absolutely stunning.


Yuuri, however, doesn’t let Victor stare for too long as he sits up, almost tearing Victor’s top off his body before pulling him on top.


“Wow.” Yuuri sighs breathlessly, tracing his finger down the crevices of Victor’s toned body before leaning up, lips just touching his ear. “Sexy.” Victor lets out a low groan, the bulge in his sweats growing impossibly larger.


“Yuuri Katsuki… you’re going to be the death of me.” Victor groaned as his hands ran down Yuuri’s body and to his sweats. His hands grasped at the waistband. “Can I?” Instead of answering, Yuuri lifts his hips, wiggling a little. Victor’s hands immediately pull down his sweats and briefs in one go, throwing them off the bed. It’s the first time he’s seen Yuuri fully naked, and god, is it a sight to see.


Victor’s hands grasp his knees and push them apart. Right there, between Yuuri’s thick, plush thighs, is his cocklet, just a few inches, yet hard and proud and leaking. Right below it, Victor’s eyes fixate on Yuuri’s cunt, already red and wet and ruddy. Victor can’t wait to toy with him.


“You really are beautiful.” There’s a trace of a smile on Victor’s face that coupled with the praise, has Yuuri squirming and keening as Victor’s fingertips trace his folds. Yuuri’s cunt is twitching violently, a wave of slick flooding out.


“Aghh! Mmgh… Ahh…” The soft touch of his fingers against his hot folds sends shivers down Yuuri’s spine, taking him by surprise as he moans out loud. Victor’s fingertips trace his lips before dipping two fingers in. Yuuri’s back tightens, arching as his hips jerk. Victor fingers move, pumping in and out, hooking up and in to try and find Yuuri’s most sensitive spot.


Apparently, it isn’t hard to find, because within a few strokes, Yuuri’s mewling and whining and his hips are riding back against Victor’s fingers. “Ohhh!” Yuuri gasped as Victor’s fingers massaged his sweet spot before sliding in a third finger. “Ahh! D-daddy…” Yuuri’s arms reached up, looping around Victor’s neck to pull him down. Yuuri moaned into Victor’s shoulder, body trembling as Victor’s fingers pumped faster and faster.


Slick is leaking all over the bed, splashing up Victor’s hand and wrist as he fingers Yuuri. “D-daddy… daddy… more…” Yuuri breathlessly moaned in Victor’s ear, and Victor’s fingers withdrew. Yuuri whimpered at the sudden emptiness, the cold air brushing past his folds making them tremble with more slick. When Victor pulls back, Yuuri’s cunt is sopping wet, bright pink and well used. And Victor intends to use it some more. His cocklet dribbles at the tip, leaking into his stomach, and Victor leans down, licking the pearly fluid from his stomach.


Victor pulled down his sweats to expose his member, long enough to touch his navel and so, so thick. Yuuri’s sure Victor has other plans, but he can’t help it when he sits up, both hands grasping the length, and his lips touch the tip.


Yuuri moaned at the bitter, salty taste that touches his tongue as it peaks out to lap at the head. Victor’s tip is flushed pink, leaking with each flick of Yuuri’s talented tongue. “Yuuri!” Gasped Victor, hand grasping his hair and tugging as Yuuri’s tongue teased the ridge. Victor’s moans only spur Yuuri on as he takes in the next few inches, tongue flirting with the pulsing vein on the underside of Victor’s dick.


“Mmghhh…” Yuuri mewled, the vibrations causing Victor’s hips to rock, forcing the next few inches into Yuuri’s mouth. Yuuri whimpers, moaning again as Victor’s hand tug at his hair and force him down harder with a low grunt.


“Ahh… so good, baby boy…” Victor praised, and Yuuri almost melted under his praise. “Perfect…” Victor’s hips began to move, pushing the last few inches down Yuuri’s throat. Yuuri coughed, throat flexing and swallowing to adjust to the girth. He tightened around Victor’s length, pulling more moans from Victor’s lips.


Yuuri’s eyes water with tears, the back of his throat burning with each press of Victor’s dick. But god, it feels so good, Yuuri never wants this to end. His nose is buried in the well kept pubic hairs, and he inhales Victor’s musky scent. It sent his head spinning in spirals as he pulls back a little, only to be pushed back down. It feels amazing.  


One of Yuuri’s hands reached down between his legs, fingers finding his pussy, slick dribbling down between his thighs. Yuuri almost jerked as he touches the lips, sensitive and well abused, and he pushed three fingers in.


“Mmmghhh!” Yuuri moaned as three fingers sank into his cunt. Victor’s breath hitched with the vibrations that course through his dick, and he slams deeper into Yuuri’s throat. Yuuri’s lips burn with the stretch, throat constricting and flexing with the sting as Victor’s hips thrust in and out, the tip abusing the soft flesh of his throat. Spit dribbled down the corners of his mouth as he whimpers, Victor fucking his throat hard and fast.


“Baby… baby… you feel amazing…” Victor breathed heavily between thrusts, and Yuuri isn’t sure if he’ll ever grow tired of Victor’s praise. “Gosh, darling… ahh… I’m gonna come…” Victor groaned lowly, biting his lips as his hips continued to thrust. Yuuri moaned, pulling his fingers from his winking cunt. His wet hand grasped Victor’s hip, squeezing as Victor’s thrusts became more rough.


“Mmff… Ahmmm…” Yuuri whimpered, muffled by Victor’s dick. Suddenly, hands tugged harder at his hair and Victor bit back a low groan as he came, shooting down Yuuri’s throat. Yuuri’s pussy trembled with orgasm, waves of slick soaking the sheets beneath them as he moaned at the feeling of the salty fluid dribbling down his throat. Yuuri swallowed, and Victor pulled out, tip just resting on Yuuri’s plump bottom lip, well fucked and red.


Yuuri’s breaths were deep and heavy, hot air brushing the oversensitive tip of Victor’s cock. Victor growled hungrily as it twitched against Yuuri’s lip, Yuuri’s tongue coming to flick at the slit.


“Yuuri…” Victor husked as Yuuri crawled up his body, flopping down on top of him. Victor’s arms enveloped him, holding him comfortably against his chest. Yuuri’s still panting and his cunt is still shivering with orgasm, but he manages to calm himself down, head clearing as his eyes close against Victor’s chest.


“What did… what did you want to talk to me about?” Yuuri asked between deep breaths. His voice is hoarse, raspy and he’ll definitely have a sore throat tomorrow. From the other side of the bed, Victor tugged the sheets over them. They’re both hot and sweaty, the air is thick and musky, but Yuuri doesn’t care, and by the looks of it, neither does Victor.


“Just that…” Victor started. He’s not even sure what it is he really wants to say - he doesn’t really know where to start. What is he even trying to tell him? Victor’s head is a hot mess as he grumbles, trying to put words together. “This… umm…” Victor tried again. “This… whatever this is… umm… whatever you want to call it…” Victor swallowed a lump in his throat, sucking in a deep, shaky breath as he coughed to hide his nervousness. “If you don’t… if you don’t enjoy it or… or if this isn’t what you want then umm… you don’t have to… you know… you don’t have to meet me like this… if you don’t want to.” Murmured Victor. It took him an embarrassingly long time to string words together as his  arms tightened around Yuuri, as if he wants Yuuri to stay.


“I just thought if you didn’t want to… keep doing this… you know… arrangement, then… I should make it clear that you don’t have to.” He mumbled, fingertips absentmindedly running in circles across Yuuri’s shoulder. Yuuri’s heart skipped a beat, blood running cold as he stiffened in Victor’s arms. Is this Victor’s way of saying they won’t meet anymore?


“Do you not want this?” Yuuri mumbled, throat still rough. He doesn’t even want to know the answer to that. Maybe he was just a fling to Victor. A one night stand but… twice. Then again, Yuuri shouldn’t be surprised. It’s not as if he expected this… affair was to go any further anyway. It doesn’t even cross Yuuri’s mind that Victor might still report what he saw Yuuri doing that fateful evening in the changing rooms, not that it matters now.


“What?” Victor exclaims, as if it’s a shocking thought for Yuuri to think that. “That’s not— that’s not what I meant.” Protested Victor with a sigh. “I umm… I’ve enjoyed the last two nights with you.” Admitted Victor, and Yuuri’s breath hitched, heart pounding as he tensed up again. “But if you didn’t then… all you have to do is say so and we can forget this ever happened.”


Yuuri swallows. He doesn’t want that. Yuuri doesn’t want this affair to stop.


“I’ve enjoyed them… too…” Yuuri’s face burned, heart throbbing as he didn’t dare look up at Victor. “I don’t want… I don’t want it to stop.” He murmured quietly. “But I also don’t want to lose my place at school.” Victor feels himself light up, before his heart sinks. It’s understandable— Yuuri has a bright career ahead, Victor can already tell. Just because Victor’s career was ruined by injury, he doesn’t have to ruin Yuuri’s too. “Let me think about it, please?” Requested Yuuri, and Victor gave him a nod. “I should get going.” Yuuri murmured and he sat up.


“Will you stay the night?” Victor grasped his hand, sitting up, eyes bright and pleading at Yuuri.


“We have class tomorrow.” Yuuri said. “We shouldn’t be seen getting out of the same car together.” And, well, Victor can’t really argue with that.


“Can I take you home then?” But Yuuri shakes his head.


“I think it’s best if I get a taxi.” Yuuri slipped out from the sheets and shamefully redressed. He doesn’t even say goodbye to Victor before he leaves the bedroom. Victor doesn’t follow him out. The door to the penthouse opens, then closes with a click, and Victor doesn’t know how to feel.


Part of it is… heartbreaking. But Victor doesn’t expect Yuuri to stay. He doesn’t expect Yuuri to ever meet him like this again either. Victor supposed he shouldn’t have expected as such— Yuuri deserves a chance at a good, long ballet career, and that doesn’t come by getting kicked out of school for sleeping with the instructor. Besides, Yuuri’s worked hard for a place the Paris Opera Ballet School. It’s not an easy school to get into by any means, and Victor isn’t about to get Yuuri expelled.


Victor sighed heavily. It can’t be helped. He doesn’t expect Yuuri to come back to him with an answer, and he won’t be upset or angry if he doesn’t. They’ll just pretend nothing ever happened.


Yuuri’s head is overcrowding by the time he gets back to his dorm room. He desperately, desperately wants to see Victor again. He doesn’t want what they had to have been nothing more than a fling. But at the same time, perhaps more importantly, he can’t risk his place. Yuuri never thought he’d make it here. He almost didn’t apply. But he did, and he got offered a place. A place with a full scholarship! The odds of getting into this school are slim at best, but getting in and with a scholarship? Virtually impossible.


And Yuuri did it. But now this… this thing he had with Victor looms over his head.


If Yuuri decides he wants this to continue… what if he loses his place? And this relationship goes nowhere? But at the same time… what if it does? What if this affair becomes something… more? Something worth fighting for?


It was so warm and comforting, being wrapped in Victor’s arms, fingertips running up and down the bumps of his spine, drawing soft shapes on the small of his back… Victor’s touch is delicate, and not just those sensual brushes of his fingertips, and the hard strokes to his cunt, Yuuri means the way Victor holds him close. The way the wispy touch brushed his shoulder, his arms, his back, the way his arms wrap around his waist and hold them chest to chest.


Perhaps Yuuri craves non-sexual intimacy as much as he does sex.


Yuuri feels completely lost.


The next day Yuuri comes in as usual. He gets changed, enters the studio, and stretches to warm up. Victor comes in after everyone else arrives, and he doesn’t even look at Yuuri. He doesn’t even spare him a glance. At first, Yuuri just brushes it off. But when Victor refuses to look at him for the whole session, when he doesn’t touch Yuuri for the whole session, Yuuri realises that maybe what they had was a mistake.


Yuuri tried to remain focussed as he balanced on his toes as he span, almost spacing out until Victor called his name. “Yuuri!” It’s loud, it draws attention, and the whole class stares because the most technically perfect student is being called upon. Yuuri doesn’t care - maybe now Victor will acknowledge him. He turns to glance at Victor, expecting him to come over and correct his position— “Your leg needs to come out straighter before it bends back in.” —but he doesn’t. Yuuri’s heart sinks. “Try again.”


Yuuri tries not to let it get to him, he really does. But Victor just acts like nothing happened. Like Yuuri was just another one night stand, another fling.


Yuuri is the first one to leave when the class finishes; not because he needs to get off, not because Victor’s too damn hot , but because he can’t stand to be in the same room as Victor if he’s going to be so cold, because he knows that as soon as the room empties, tears are going to flood his face. Yuuri doesn’t even know why he’s so upset over this. He supposed he just didn’t expect Victor to be so… callous about it, not after he said he’d enjoyed the time they spent together.


Yuuri knows that he was the one who asked for some time to think. But Victor doesn’t have to avoid him all together and act like they don’t know each other.


As Victor walks into the studio, he wonders if Yuuri’s thought about their conversation from the preceding night. Whether he’s thought about what he wants, and whether he has an answer for Victor.


He gives Yuuri space through the session, trying not to be too touchy-feely, trying not to seem too pushy. He doesn’t touch him like he usually does when he corrects Yuuri’s position, and he stands on the other end of the line when his students stand at the bar. He just doesn’t want to invade Yuuri’s space.


When Yuuri makes haste to leave the class, Victor knows Yuuri doesn’t have an answer for him. Or perhaps, he does, and his answer is to forget any of this ever happened. Victor could say he saw it coming, but that doesn’t make it any less deflating. Victor shouldn’t dwell on it; nothing would ever come of any relationship with Yuuri, they’d both just be risking their positions being stupid and reckless just for a few fulfilling hours together.


But still, part of him hopes Yuuri will come back to him in a few days with an answer. Even if it’s a negative one, at least he’d have an answer.

Chapter Text

Yuuri can’t stop thinking about him. In fact, he’s spent the last weekend doing nothing but working a dildo in and out of his sopping wet cunt. Yuuri can’t help but wonder if Victor is still waiting for an answer. He hopes he is. Yuuri is still in two minds about this affair continuing. Of course, he’d love to spend more nights like that again with Victor, if the way the lips of his pussy flutter in dissatisfaction is anything to go by. But at the same time, he’d very much like a long and fulfilling dance career too.


Surely they can make this affair work, right?


They just have to be careful.


Yuuri wants to take his chances with Victor. He enjoys Victor’s company. Okay-- they’ve only had sex twice, and it wasn’t even penetrative (but oh, how the very thought makes Yuuri’s cunt wet) yet still, he craves Victor’s hands on his body, his lips on his pussy, and god. Yuuri can’t fucking believe that Victor has managed to entice him so quickly. In fact, he’s most positively ruined for anyone who isn’t Victor. When Yuuri realises that he could never be fully satisfied without Victor, that’s when he makes his decision.


Class continues as normal on Monday morning, or at least, as normal as it gets between Victor and Yuuri. Victor is still stoic, still refusing to touch Yuuri too much. Yuuri bites his lip anxiously as he holds his leg up, wondering if Victor is going to come over and finally touch him.


Victor does. He comes over to correct Yuuri’s position once, and even though the touches are feather soft, they still burn Yuuri’s skin. Yuuri’s heart leapt. Yuuri longs to be held close to Victor, to feel him pressed up against his back, lips leaving soft butterfly kisses on his shoulder blades and-- when did Yuuri start craving that kind of intimacy? Urgh, he really, really wants this man.


But he has  to build up the courage to ask for him. What if Victor isn’t waiting for an answer anymore? What if Victor has moved on to someone else? The latter makes his heart sting and break in two. Victor could have changed his mind over the weekend. It’s been only three days since they last saw each other intimately, yet to Yuuri, it feels like a lifetime. Yuuri knows it only feels like a lifetime because of how much uncertainty there is around their obscure relationship-- if it can even be called that.


Yuuri spends the whole session trying to convince himself that yes, Victor is still waiting for an answer and yes, this could be worth the risk. Realistically, it isn’t. This relationship with Victor is not worth risking his future over. They aren’t dating, they aren’t (at least, he assumes) exclusive, there’s no romantic feelings. Yuuri could be risking everything just for sex. But when he thinks about Victor, how he can be so rough, yet handle him so softly, his stomach fills with butterflies.


Yuuri… he’s willing to take this chance.


When the class is over, Victor is surprised to see that Yuuri does not seem eager to make a dash for it - in fact, he is the last one to leave. Yuuri tentatively approaches him, after watching everyone file out.


“Are you still waiting for an answer?” Yuuri’s voice is soft, timid, and Victor’s eyes widened a little, shocked. Honestly, he was just expecting Yuuri to forget about the entire ordeal. Yuuri doesn’t dare look up at him, and Victor is, quite frankly, lost for words.


“I--” Victor let out a deep, shaky sigh. “Yes.” He murmurs, hands and fingers squeezing in anticipation as he anxiously waits for an answer from Yuuri. Victor has to brace himself-- it’s very possible that Yuuri will tell him that he never wants this to happen again. That whatever happened between them, they should forget.


“I want to keep seeing you.” Yuuri blurted out, voice a mere squeak as Victor blinked. Really? Victor is completely taken aback for he does not expect such response from Yuuri. “If you’ll still have me?” Yuuri’s voice is shy, uncertain, and Victor can’t believe that Yuuri still wants to see him. He thought Yuuri, understandably, would have put his career first, and Victor can’t help but realise that perhaps, to Yuuri, he is just as important as his career. Why else would Yuuri have agreed? Victor, with two fingers hooked under Yuuri’s chin, lifts his face and smiles at Yuuri.


“Tonight after class meet me at seven behind the building.” Yuuri’s heart is literally pounding in his ears, cheeks red and Victor has this soft smile on his face, one that's endearing rather than sexy, one that's almost romantic rather than alluring. Yuuri, face red, nods, and then quickly leaves.


Victor is ecstatic. He let out a heavy sigh of relief, and honestly, it felt like a weight off his chest. He can’t wait to see Yuuri in the evening.


It feels like Yuuri’s stomach is doing backflips the whole of the second session. He’s noticed that Victor hasn’t stopped staring at him since he walked into the room - he can feel his gaze burning, and every time he turns back to look at Victor, he just has this… dark, yet heavenly gaze that sends sparks through Yuuri’s body.


He can already feel a wet heat building between his legs, and he has to force his arousal down in order to stay focussed.  But when Victor’s gaze on him sharpens, that wet heat gets wetter, warmer, and now Yuuri is sure that he’s leaking. When it’s finally break time, Yuuri can feel the tension seep from his body as he gulps down half a bottle of water. He really needs to relax a little.


“I can smell you.” Victor whispers in his ear as he readjusts Yuuri’s position, bringing his arm down to bend more smoothly. Yuuri’s breath hitches, and the redness that tints his cheeks is no longer from hard work, but from embarrassment. Yuuri doesn’t respond. He lets Victor adjust his position, then, watches him walk off.


“Right, we’re going back to the pas de deux that we were discussing last week. This week, we’re going to start on the pas de deux from The Nutcracker, which, I have said before, will be this years production. On Friday we started work on the Waltz of the Snowflake , and today we’re going to focus on the pas de deux. So, partner up.” Yuuri sheepishly makes his way over to Victor.


“Did you do this on purpose?” He asks, quiet enough that only Victor can hear.


“No idea what you're talking about. Besides, we have to learn it anyway,” he winks, “if you want that role, that is.” He sees Yuuri’s eyes sharpen with determination, and it’s here when Victor decides that yes, Yuuri absolutely has what it takes to play the role of Clara, Victor just needs to train him for it. And consciously, he knows he’s already decided who the role is going to.


He doesn’t tell Yuuri that though, obviously. Watching him dance with such determination is impressive, and Victor wants to see more of Yuuri’s enthusiasm. He wants to see what Yuuri is like when he’s chasing dreams, climbing to the top. Yuuri’s so pretty when he dances. He’s full of grace, brimming with elegance. He’s the most gorgeous specimen Victor has ever laid his eyes on. Victor grasps Yuuri’s hand and brings him to the front of the class.


“A pas de deux is all about being perfectly in sync, understanding your partner. You're supposed to be telling a story together, so make sure it seems like that too.” Victor said. “You’ll find that throughout the year, as you dance with your partner, you will get to understand and work with them better, hence, you will stick with your partner for the whole year.” Victor picked up a stack of papers from the bench at the back, and handed them out.


“Before you dance together, you have to know your part first.” Victor said as he went around with booklets. “In here you’ll find choreography notes. We’ll go through them together, but I’ll also leave some of the interpretations up to you, and see if you can interpret the choreography.” Victor returned to Yuuri’s side.


“This pas de deux, while not danced by Clara, is still important to know. Because the other two roles up for grabs are the Sugar Plum Fairy and her Prince.” Explained Victor.


Yuuri cannot make it through the first bit of the dance with Victor without a face that's bright red, and he’s absolutely sure that Victor is most certainly enjoying it, if the knowing smile on his face has anything to say about it. He’s most definitely wet as Victor’s body presses up against him, holding him close as they dance and Yuuri can hardly stay focussed for the whole session.


After class, Yuuri waits around for Victor, and his stomach twists as he wonders what Victor has in store for him today. His heart thumps, folds already growing slick (again) as he waits patiently for Victor. More toys, perhaps? Sex against the window above the beautiful Paris skyline? Oh, that turns him on. Yuuri wants to be thoroughly used by Victor. Part of him wants Victor to be rougher, to spank and use and control him. But part of Yuuri also craves teasing, soft touches. Yuuri almost jumps out of his skin as a hand touches his shoulder. His head whips up, and he breathes out a sigh of relief as he sees Victor’s face.


“You scared me.”


“What were you thinking about?” Asks Victor with a sly grin as they walk to the car. Yuuri refuses to answer, face burning with humiliation as he gets in. By the look on Yuuri’s face, Victor deduces that Yuuri was most definitely thinking about something absolutely filthy.


Victor leans in close, lips brushing Yuuri’s ear. “Tell me what you were thinking about, baby boy.” A shiver runs down Yuuri’s spine and he whimpers as Victor’s hand cups his clothed mound. “Tell Daddy exactly what you were thinking about…” Yuuri whimpers again as Victor’s hand massages his clothed cunt. His hips rock up, almost humping the palm of his hand.


“You.” Yuuri’s voice is a shy whisper, gasping as Victor’s lips tease the shell of his ear before he leans back to start the car. His hand stays cupped at Yuuri’s crotch, fingertips teasing Yuuri’s wet cunt, where he can feel the wet spot through the fabric of his leggings.


“Oh?” Victor smugly smiled. “What about me?” Yuuri held back a gasp as Victor’s hand squeezed at his mound, cocklet twitching and pussy fluttering. “Answer me, baby. Tell me what you were thinking about.” He repeats, and when his tone is so sultry, Yuuri can’t help but melt into a pathetic puddle.


“You…” Yuuri swallows, biting his lip. “Taking me against the window… showing me off to the whole of Paris.” And when the words fall from his lips, he realises just how filthy that scenario would be. A wave of slick floods his cunt. Out of the corner of his eye Yuuri can see the sly grin on Victor’s face.


“See? That wasn’t difficult, was it?” Victor’s hand trails from his clothed cunt down to his thigh, squeezing softly. “We’re almost home.” Yuuri’s almost trembling in his seat, trying to suppress his desire for the man next to him. They pull up in the car park and Victor practically pulls him out of the car and into the elevator.


“I’ve been waiting all weekend for you.” Victor sighs as he presses Yuuri up against the elevator wall, knee pushed between Yuuri’s legs. Yuuri’s cunt twitches, wet and dripping as he grinds down on Victor’s leg, holding back a harsh gasp.


“S-sorry… to keep you… nghh… waiting…” Yuuri pants heavily between words as he continues to grind against Victor’s knee, cunt leaking and staining his sweats. It feels so good and Yuuri finds himself unable to stop rutting. Victor, however, forces him to stop. “Mmh… V-Victor…?” Victor’s hands grab the waistband of Yuuri’s leggings, and pull them down with his panties, enough to expose his plump ass. Victor’s hands hold the plush cheeks to his hips back, Yuuri’s cunt clenching in pleasure as Victor pulls him back against his knee. One arm moves to hook under his leg, lifting it, and oh, the way Yuuri’s bare cunt brushes roughly against the fabric of Victor’s sweats with the movement does nothing but send shivers of pleasure up his spine.


“Nngh… Ahh… V-Victor…” Yuuri gasps headily as his hips rut on their own accord against Victor’s thigh. He wet, wet, wet, slick staining the thigh of Victor’s sweatpants, dribbling down his thigh and to the floor. The whole elevator smells of an aroused omega getting positively wrecked.


Yuuri is so horny for Victor. It’s been far too long since they last touched each other— god, when did he become so addicted to Victor’s touch? He wants this man to take him forever.


“That’s it, baby boy…” Victor cooes quietly. “Keep going. Take exactly what you need.” Victor’s voice is so smooth in his head, dripping with a sweetness that sends shivers down Yuuri’s spine. Yuuri’s hands grasp at Victor’s shoulders, digging in as he rides Victor’s thigh, almost standing on the tips of his toes. Slick has completely soaked top of Victor’s sweatpants, the fabric now sticking to Victor’s thigh as Yuuri’s folds dribble and leak, clenching as his orgasm approaches. “Five more floors, baby…” Victor murmurs. “Come for me.”


And the command, so low and erotic in his ear, sends Yuuri flying over the edge as he screams out in pleasure, leg clamping around Victor’s waist as he squirts, wetting Victor’s sweatpants even more. Yuuri is still coming when they reach the penthouse. Victor is quick to carry him out of the lift, pulling his key from the control panel to bring Yuuri into the penthouse. Yuuri is still moaning, head still hazy as the cool air brushes the sensitive folds of his cunt, now red and abused and so, so wet.


As soon as they make it to the master bedroom, Victor pushes his back against the cold glass of the floor to ceiling windows. Yuuri shivers. He can feel the cold of the glass through his top, which Victor quickly tears off his body.


“You wanted Daddy to take you against the window, didn’t you?” Yuuri feels another wave of slick flutter through his cunt when he hears that name, low in his ear and he whines, gasping for breath. “Answer me, baby.”


“Yes…” It comes out as more of a squeak than anything, but judging by the way Victor quickly strips Yuuri of his leggings and underwear, Yuuri decides it’s a satisfactory answer.


Victor’s hand reaches down to where he knows Yuuri wants him the most. Nimble fingers brush his cocklet, coaxing precome to dribble out, before they move to Yuuri’s delicate folds, quivering, waiting for something to fill him. Victor’s fingertips swipe through the moisture and Yuuri moans loudly, breath hitching as two fingers push in.


“So wet for me, baby…” Victor whispers lowly in his ear.


Yuuri’s back is cold against the glass, but quickly, Victor flips him over. Yuuri squeals as his nipples almost seize up and his cock instantly hardens as the underside presses up against the glass, eyes squeezed shut. “Oh!” Yuuri moans out as Victor’s lips attack his shoulder. Victor’s weight presses him harder against the glass, palms flat on the surface of the pane as his breath condenses, misting up the window.


Behind him, Victor’s hands fondle his ass, plump and round and fitting perfectly between his hands. “Your ass is gorgeous.” Victor purs low in his ear as he squeezed the well toned flesh. Yuuri moans at the squeeze of Victor’s hand, eyes rolling to the back of his head. Victor has this dirty grin on his face, one that Yuuri can only just make out in the reflection of the window. His hand gently circles Yuuri’s plush ass, caressing and stroking, and then…




Suddenly, there's a hot sting on Yuuri’s ass. “A-Ahh! D-Daddy…” He’s gasping, whining with the sting, body pushed up even harder against the glass.


“Did you enjoy that, baby?” Victor’s tongue flicks the shell of Yuuri’s ear and Yuuri’s legs tremble, almost struggling to stand.


“S-spank me harder… Daddy…” Yuuri manages to demand breathlessly before Victor’s hand swats harshly at his ass again. Yuuri jolts, shouting in pleasure as his fingertips attempt to grip at the glass.


“Like that, baby boy?” Yuuri frantically nods. His face is red, hair matted, and he glances back at Victor with eyes glazed over with lust.


“Just like that, Daddy.” His pussy flutters with a wet, filthy pap at the next successive spank, slick trickling down his thighs as Victor’s hands rub the now bright pink flesh of his plush ass.


“Count them for me, baby.” Yuuri holds his breath as Victor’s hand draws back once more. Smack. Yuuri’s body jerks as he gasps, the breath knocked out of his lungs as his eyes roll back in pleasure with the burn of Victor’s palm.


“O-one!” The way Yuuri cries out has Victor hard and throbbing, desperate to bury himself in what he is absolutely sure is Yuuri’s wet, velvety heat. But he has to hold himself back, in favour of teasing Yuuri until he’s begging for it.


Yuuri bit his lip in anticipation as Victor’s hand kneaded the meat of his ass, moaning lewdly at the feel of Victor’s large hands, and as soon as the warmth of his hand leaves, Yuuri knows another swat to his already stinging ass is coming.


Smack! Yuuri gasps desperately again, tears welling in his eyes as he cries out. “T-two!” Victor can’t help but smirk as he massages Yuuri’s ass, kneeling down to kiss each cheek. Teeth sink into the soft yet firm meat, leaving teeth marks to accompany the handprints as his tongue licks and sucks delicately at the redness. Yuuri is almost sobbing at Victor’s relentless teasing. Victor deals him three more harsh smacks before Yuuri suddenly comes, pearly fluid coating the window and slick squirting out as he shrieks.


“Perfect…” Victor praised as he reached one hand between Yuuri’s legs, slipping three fingers into Yuuri’s soft heat. Yuuri’s pussy is still pulsing with orgasm, body still trembling as Victor fingers him, making sure he’s sufficiently stretched. Victor’s fingers slid out with a slick sound as he brought his fingers to his lips, licking them clean. Yuuri whimpered in anticipation, the sight in the window only making him leak more.


“Are you a virgin, Yuuri?” asks Victor as he slides his sweatpants down just enough to expose his cock, long and thick and red at the tip. Yuuri shudders, head falling against the glass as he shamefully nods in confirmation. Victor smirks. “You just keep on surprising me.” He kissed Yuuri’s ear, tongue just teasing the shell before he lifts Yuuri’s head, forcing him to look out of the window at the skyline, their reflections taunting his eyes. “Beautiful.”


Yuuri mewled lewdly as the bulbous tip of Victor’s cock touched his folds. His legs tremble, his arms shake, and Victor has to hold him around his waist to keep him upright. Yuuri sucks in a deep breath as Victor waits for him to mentally prepare himself.


“I… I’m on birth control… too… so if you want…” Yuuri says quietly, and Victor gasps, before growling.


“Yuuri Katsuki, you will be the death of me…” And with that, Victor pushes in.


He knocks the breath out of Yuuri’s lungs. His cunt is so, so wet. It’s clenching around Victor, pulsing and gripping as Victor pushes into the tight, velvety heat. Victor can feel every ridge, every ripple of his walls rubbing against his dick, squeezing and massaging as he eases his thick member in inch by inch. Victor has to bite back a deep, heady moan as Yuuri’s pussy flutters around him, desperate to pull him in deeper.


“Oh god…” Yuuri cries out, hands almost sliding down the window as his breath mists up the glass in front of him. Victor is stretching him further than he’s ever been stretched. He’s so much thicker than any dildo he’s ever had between his legs, and part of Yuuri isn’t even sure that Victor can fit it all in.


“Mmph… Ahh… oh god… Daddy…” Yuuri moans breathlessly, eyes rolling back as Victor pushes in the last few inches, hips flushed together. Yuuri’s legs are like jelly, yet they feel heavier than lead as Victor settles inside of him, moaning roughly at softness of Yuuri’s heat.


“It’s all in.” Victor mumbles as one arm hooks under Yuuri’s leg, lifting it to pull him apart even further. Yuuri whimpers at the way the movement causes Victor to brush against a sweet spot. “How is it?” Yuuri almost can’t speak, but with a few breathy whines, he manages to answer.


“B-big… nngh…” Yuuri heavily breaths. “Feel full…” His head falls forwards against the glass as his eyes flutter shut. Victor begins to roll his hips, causing Yuuri’s breath to hitch with each minute movement. Victor’s free hand snakes around Yuuri’s hip and to his cocklet, fingertips gently teasing the tip.


Yuuri’s hips begin to push back, and Victor takes it as a sign that he can move. His hand grips Yuuri’s hip again, the hold on his thigh tightening as he pulls out. Victor’s thrusts are torturously slow, but they go so deep, touching every spot that drives Yuuri wild. Yuuri whines and whimpers and moans as Victor’s drive in and out of his cunt. Slick is dripping on the floor with each thrust, filthy, wet noises of their lovemaking filling the air.


“Open your eyes, baby.” Victor demands-- when had he even closed them? Now a moaning mess, Yuuri manages to force his eyes open, vision blurry as his eyes adjust. Right in front of him, he can see the Eiffel Tower, brightly lit up, illuminating the whole of Paris. Must be a perk of living in le premièr arrondissement. “Isn’t the view beautiful?” Asks Victor, as if Yuuri could answer between Victor’s deep strokes. “Answer me, baby boy.” That tone, oh, it sends shivers down Yuuri’s spine as another wave of slick floods his pussy.


“Y-yes, Daddy…” Victor smugly smiles, nose just brushing the shell of his ear. Yuuri notices the grip on his hip and on his leg get tighter, and Victor’s movements pick up in pace, forcing in harder and faster, yet still hitting just as deep, if not deeper. “Ahh! Ahh… Daddy… Oh… Nnghhh…” Yuuri choked out lusciously, voice hoarse as Victor pounds him against the window.


The grip on his hip releases, and Victor’s hand trails down to Yuuri’s abdomen. When Yuuri dares to glance down, he can just about make out a small bump and shifts ever so slightly with each thrust of Victor’s hips. Yuuri gasps as Victor’s hand gently presses right over that bump, working Yuuri’s favourite spot from the outside and he swears he’s on the brink of another orgasm. Quickly, a hand grabs at Victor’s wrist, but he makes no move to pull Victor’s hand away.


“Do you like that, baby? When I press right here…” Yuuri mewls desperately again as Victor’s fingers press down on the little swell of his abdomen. “Does it hit exactly the right spot? Make you shake and shiver with each press? Does it, baby?” God, the way Victor whispers dirty things in his ear just makes his cunt clench around Victor, contracting and relaxing harshly as he milks him.


“Y-yes…” Yuuri manages to whisper, breath instantly hitching as he whines, Victor pressing down again. The sound of wet, sticky slapping fills the space between them, and whenever Victor’s hips touch his ass, it adds to the stinging sensation left behind by Victor’s bare hands.


Yuuri feels used, owned, and he loves it.


“You smell delicious…” Victor growled, hips ploughing into Yuuri harder, faster against the window. “My beautiful baby boy… my pretty omega…” Yuuri all but mewls at the latter, cunt clamping down on Victor’s thick member.


“D-Daddy…” Yuuri keens needily. “‘M gonna come…” He warns as his leg trembles violently, pussy convulsing tightly around Victor.


“Fuck!” Victor groans desperately. “You feel amazing.” He lets out a deep moan against Yuuri’s shoulder as the grip on his leg tightens and his hand moves back to Yuuri’s hip. Yuuri’s fists clench against the window as Victor’s thrusts become more erratic, hips shifting to change the angle of each thrust and when Victor’s thick tip hits just right, Yuuri almost screams.


Yuuri wants to be knotted. He wants to be tied to Victor, held down by Victor until that knot deflates. He wants every single drop of Victor’s come inside him, until his swelling with it.


“Ahh! Daddy! Right there… there… Ohhhh!” Yuuri sees stars behind his eyes as they squeeze shut, and he instantly tightens around Victor as he comes, squirting all over the floor and down the window. Pearly fluid shoots from the tip of his cocklet as Victor muffles a moan into his shoulder, hips stuttering as he fills Yuuri to the brim.


Yuuri can feel the warmth spread through his lower half, each spurt making Yuuri come again. The pleasure is immeasurable as electricity pulses through his nerves with each spurt of semen. Victor doesn’t knot, but still, Yuuri feels so, so full. Next time, Yuuri wants that knot too.


Yuuri is boneless, almost collapsing against the window as he rides out the rest of his orgasm. Victor lets down Yuuri’s leg, slowly dropping it to the floor before wrapping his arms around Yuuri’s waist.


“How do you feel?”


“Good.” Yuuri rasps, glancing a smile at Victor through the reflection of the window. “Really good.” When Victor slips out, Yuuri shudders at the warm slide of come escaping. “It’s dripping.” Victor can feel himself grow hard once again, and with a feral growl, he picks Yuuri up and tosses him onto the bed.


Yuuri’s legs reflexively spread. Semen continues to dribble out, and Yuuri, with a seductive moan, brings his hand between his legs and scoops the liquid back up, pushing it back into his soaked cavern. Victor watches in awe as Yuuri’s fingers pull back, and he licks the fluid clean from his fingers, keening at the delicious taste of salty come, mixed with Yuuri’s sweet juice.


“You know Daddy,” Yuuri purs as his legs spread wider. “You can spank me here, too.” Victor’s brain literally short circuits. Between Yuuri’s legs, his plump cunt is a beautiful shade of pinky-red. It’s shiny, glistening with slick and come, and Victor can see globs of pearly white semen threatening to leak out. It’s swollen, used and abused, twitching eagerly with the need for touch— Victor’s touch, and, well, who is Victor to say no?


With a sinful smile and a husky growl, Victor’s hands push Yuuri’s thighs apart, slotting himself in between his beautiful thighs. They’re pale, slightly plush, and perfectly well toned. God, Victor wants to be crushed by those thighs. His hands squeeze those gorgeous thighs, thumbs rubbing in soft circles on the inside as his hands run up and down.


Yuuri relaxes back against the pillows. He gives Victor one last coy smile, and Victor sits back up on his knees. His palm opens, cupping his swollen pussy, rubbing gently. More juice is flowing from between Yuuri’s folds, soaking the palm of his hand as it draws back. Yuuri sucks in a deep breath, cold air brushing his pussy…




“Ahh!” Yuuri’s hips jerk as Victor’s hand spanks his already tender cunt, and Victor holds it there as Yuuri’s hips ride the palm of his hand. “God, that felt amazing.” Yuuri gasps breathlessly as Victor draws back his hand.




Yuuri’s eyes roll to the back of his head. He’s delirious with pleasure as loud moans pull from his throat. Yuuri’s pussy is stinging already, throbbing and begging more as he breathes harshly, hips rutting against Victor’s palm. Yuuri has to bite his lip in anticipation when Victor lifts his hand again, exposing his cunt to the cold air once more.




“Ohh! Ahh! Ahhhh…” Yuuri pants hungrily, groaning as his cunt trembles with need again. Yuuri’s cunt eagerly pushes out dribbles of semen with each thwart to his sensitive pussy, and he sobs, desperate to keep it all in. Victor is relentless, dealing him six more successive spanks before Yuuri comes again, soaking Victor’s hand right up to his wrist.


Victor honestly thinks he’s gorgeous like this - splayed out on the bed, one arm tossed across his face, well fucked and panting. It’s a beautiful sight. Victor wipes his hand on the bedsheets, and reaches for the bedside cabinet, where he pulls out a packet of wipes.


Yuuri is almost passing out as Victor wipes him down, tossing the wipes in the bin. He gets off the bed and leaves the room, shortly returning with a bottle of water.


“Drink this.” Yuuri musters enough strength to take the bottle, which Victor has kindly already opened for him, and he gulps half of it down. “How do you feel?” Asks Victor as he strips out of very sticky, very sweaty clothes to join Yuuri on the bed.


“Tired.” He murmurs, cuddling up to Victor as he closes his eyes. “I just want to nap to be honest.” Yuuri chuckled tiredly as arms came around his waist.


“Do you want to stay the night?” Victor offers again. Yuuri is about to shake his head and decline, but then he remembers that he has tomorrow morning free. Instead of answering, he tucks himself up against the side of Victor’s body and closes his eyes. “I’ll take that as a yes.”


“I have tomorrow morning off so just wake me up before you head out.” Murmured Yuuri with a quiet sigh.


“Alright.” Chuckled Victor softly. “Good night, baby.” Victor murmured.


“Alright. Good night.”


Chapter Text

Their affair continues. They meet regularly, Victor takes him home, they fuck until Yuuri is satisfied. Normally, Victor is practically dead afterwards. 


“Wow,” He breathlessly chuckles. “Your stamina is impressive.” And Victor means-- really impressive. As in they’ve-gone-four-rounds kind of impressive. Victor is quite literally about to faint - he’s definitely sure he can’t get it back up again for at least another day. Victor swears that the more they sleep together, the more rounds Yuuri can go for too. His stamina just gets more and more impressive-- and so does his confidence. Yuuri’s taken a lot of control lately, being vocal with what he wants, taking the lead when Victor finds himself too tired to keep his hips moving. 


“Mmh. Yours too, for an old man.” Yuuri teases with a sly grin. Victor, however, looks like he’s had a heart attack. 


“Yuuri! Twenty eight is not old!” Victor protests, very, very offended that Yuuri just called him an old man, and Yuuri snorts. 


“I’m kidding… old man.” Yuuri smiles cheekily, and Victor actually dies inside. He grumbles, burying his face in Yuuri’s shoulder blade. “Hey,” Yuuri says after a few quiet moments. 




“I was wondering… can we try something new?” Asks Yuuri. Victor lifts his head as Yuuri turns to face him, and judging by the look on his face, Victor knows he’s asking about sex.


“Oh?” Victor’s eyebrow quirks. “What like?” Yuuri shrugged.


“Surprise me.”


So, Victor does just that.


“Dress nicely tonight,” Victor whispers in Yuuri’s ear as they go through the pas de deux a couple of days later, one hand on Yuuri’s waist as they dance. 


“What’s the special occasion?” Yuuri murmurs. 


“You’ll see. I’ll pick you up from your dorm at seven. Wait for me.” The answer, while mysterious, excites Yuuri as his cunt flutters at Victor’s sultry tone, and at whatever Victor has in mind for him. He bites back a moan as Victor’s breath brushes his ear, trying to just concentrate on class. “Stay focussed, Yuuri.” Victor whispers in his ear as the faintest smell of Yuuri’s slick brushed past Victor’s nose. 


“It’s a bit… hard when you're this close to me.” Yuuri bit back under his breath. 


“Stay on track and I’ll reward you tonight.” Yuuri almost moans. God, this man is seriously dangerous. Victor lets go of him, then turns his attention back to the class. “Thomas, Félicité, venez-ici.” Victor’s tone switches back to that professional, strict teacher tone as two students come forwards, standing in front of Victor. “Vous allez danser devant de la classe tout le pas de deux que nous avons appris. Vous avez compris?” They nod timidly and Victor turns on the stereo before moving off to the side, Yuuri following suite. 


Instantly, Yuuri notices that the two dancers are far from in sync. Not with their movements, but with the way they think. He can just tell that they aren’t quite on the same wavelength. 


“What are you thinking about?” Asks Victor as the serious, yet quizzical look on Yuuri’s face catches his eye. 


“Just… they don’t seem to be dancing together.” Yuuri says. “I mean… they dance corresponding parts but… they don’t treat it as a dance with one another.” He says. 


“Very good observation.” Compliments Victor with a smile. “Notice anything else?” Yuuri’s brow furrows as he tries to see what it is that Victor’s talking about. 


“They’ve got no expression.” Yuuri observes. “Their faces are stoic, with no interpretation of the music.” Yuuri responds, and Victor nods again. 


“Arrêtez!” Victor demands, and instantly, the two dancers freeze. “Vous êtes pas du tout en phase!” He shouts. “Il y a pas d'expressions. Il faut qu’on danse avec la passion, on doit captiver le public.” Yuuri can see the stern look on Victor’s face, eyes narrow as he tells them off. 


Victor goes to stand back at the front of the class, and gestures for Yuuri to follow him. 


“Faites attention.” Victor says as he goes over to the stereo to turn the music back. 


He holds Yuuri’s hand, and as the music starts, they move apart to stand side by side, Yuuri on his toes. They dance, side by side, following each other’s movements, and then, they move into each other’s arms. Victor holds his waist, and Yuuri spins on the pointes of his slippers. His back leg comes out, his arm goes up, and Victor grasps his hand. 


Their movements are perfectly in sync with the music, and then, they part ways. When the music picks up almost instantly, Yuuri leaps straight back into Victor’s arms. There’s a flurry of movements before Yuuri tips forwards, back leg out, Victor carefully holding his waist as they turn on their toes. 


When that segment is over, Victor let’s go of Yuuri’s waist to turn the stereo off. 


“Qu’est-ce que vous avez remarqué? What did you notice?” Victor asks in both English and French, so Yuuri can understand their observations. A hand goes up. “Oui?” 


“Vous êtes en phase l’une avec l’autre.” Victor smiled. 


“Oui, autre choses?” 


“Vous êtes en phase avec la musique aussi.” 


“Parfait. Il faut qu’on fasse attention à la musique et votre partenaire, c’est vraiment important.” Victor says. “Practiquez encore.” Yuuri gives him a quizzical look. 


“We were in sync with each other, as well as the music, which are two essential parts of a Pas de Deux .” Yuuri proudly smiles. 


Yuuri heads back to his dorm room after class to pick out something nice for Victor. It takes him much deliberation-- to the point where he’s almost late to decide what he wants to wear. He settles for a sheer lace shirt and a pair of simple black trousers. And, of course, a pair of wine red lacy panties. Because one could never go wrong with panties. 


Yuuri’s almost tempted to bring a toy too - stuff himself full with a dildo before he leaves, or a small, yet powerful vibrator. But, they were not in Victor’s instructions. Hastily, Yuuri picks up his phone and keys, and heads out to meet Victor. He finds Victor outside, back leaning against the gate, one knee slightly bent as he stood a little slouched. He’s wearing a black two piece suit. The satin lapels stand out, the sheen of the fabric just glistening ever so slightly, framing the crisp white shirt that Yuuri knows is pure silk. To top it off, it’s all tied together with a red bowtie. And oh, Yuuri is seriously horny. Daddy truly is an appropriate pet name.


“Hey.” Yuuri greeted, catching Victor’s attention as he tried to keep himself calm.


“You look divine.” Those words drip from Victor’s lips, smooth and sweet as honey, and Yuuri almost melts. “Come on, let’s head out.” 


“Where are we going?” Asks Yuuri as he follows Victor to his car. 


“You’ll see.” Yuuri’s stiff, and Victor can’t stop noticing the way he stares. “See something you like?” Victor asks with a bit of a smirk. He just knows Yuuri is staring, eyeing him up and down. “Answer me, baby.” Victor demands, tone deep and silky smooth.


“Y-you… you look…” Yuuri swallows a lump in his throat. “Hot…” Victor smirks again.


“Is your cunt wet just looking at me? Dripping that delicious, sweet slick?” Yuuri whimpers as flashes of Victor eating him out suddenly appear behind his eyes. 


“Y-yes… Daddy…” Victor gives another satisfactory grin.


“Open the glove box.” Yuuri’s heart thumps. He knows exactly what’s in here. Tentatively, Yuuri opens the glove box, strangely enough, to just find one box. “Take the box and open it.” Yuuri can already have a good guess at what this is-- it’s definitely a sex toy of some sort, but there must be something special about it, since it is in its box. Yuuri’s hands open the lid and he takes out the toy, audibly gasping.


It’s got a nice curve to it, one that he knows will hit exactly where he wants, at exactly how he wants. It’s a dark red colour, ironically enough, matching to his panties. The base is relatively flat, presumably to hold it in place. Yuuri already can’t wait to play with it. However, upon further observation, oddly enough, there's no power button.


“It’s controlled by my phone.” Victor says. Oh no, Yuuri’s in for a treat. “Put it in, and don’t even think about playing with yourself. Once it’s in, do your trousers back up.” Yuuri gulps.


“Yes, Daddy.” Oh, he’s so excited. A dainty hand undoes the button of his trousers and unzips the fly, exposing those dark red panties. Yuuri is ever so tempted to touch himself, just a little bit, but he mustn’t. Sucking in a deep breath, he shuffles his pants down as best he can, and dips his hand, and the vibrator, under the band of his panties. He’s so wet, the panties are most definitely ruined already.


With a quiet whine, the vibrator easily slips in. 


“How does it feel?”


“So good…” Yuuri sighed heavily. “Are you going to tease me all night, Daddy?” Victor gives him a predatory smile.


“Isn’t my baby boy so clever?” He chuckles. “Fasten your trousers. We’re here now.” Yuuri hastily buttons his trousers and gets out of the car. They’re… in front of the Eiffel Tower? What are they--


Oh, Victor.


Yuuri’s pussy floods with slick as Victor grasps his hand possessively. When he looks up, eyes scanning up and down, he can’t help but notice how damn hot Victor looks in a suit. The way the shirt clings to his body, the way the jacket hangs from his shoulders… fuck, Yuuri’s definitely in for a ride. 


His mind won’t stop wondering, especially with the suit now in question. Is Victor going to fuck him on the Eiffel Tower? Yuuri can’t wait to find out. “We have a dinner reservation at seven thirty.” Victor informs. “Up there.” Victor points up the Eiffel Tower to where Yuuri knows there’s a very fancy, very luxurious, very expensive restaurant. “We’re going on a date.”


“What? Really?” Yuuri’s heart pounds. A date with Victor… “You’ve… you’ve never taken me on a date before…” Yuuri timidly said, hand squeezing Victor’s. 


“Yes, really.” Chuckled Victor. “You wanted me to surprise you, so… surprise.” Victor mused as they walked towards the tower. “And of course, your little gift is also part of the surprise.” He said darkly and Yuuri’s imagination is already running wild with ideas of what Victor wants to do to him. 


When they get into the elevator up, Victor’s arms instantly snakes around Yuuri’s waist, possessively holding on. He presses his nose into Yuuri’s shoulder and inhales Yuuri’s sweet scent. Yuuri almost gasps as he feels just a hint of hardness grinding up against his plush ass. 


Yuuri, just as sneaky as his counterpart, slowly, subtly rocks his hips back, once, twice, three times, before stopping altogether. He feels Victor’s arms tense around him before slowly relaxing. Maybe Yuuri can make Victor come in his pants today… Oh, it’s a dangerously sneaky idea, yet so, so arousing. When they get off the elevator they’re instantly greeted by a waiter. 


“J’ai un réservation pour deux sous le nom Nikiforov?” Victor says in perfectly accented French that makes slick trickle from Yuuri’s cunt. That accent… paired with that suit… god, Yuuri wants to get on his knees and suck him off right there. 


“Ahh, oui, suivez-moi, s’il vous plait.” Victor grasps Yuuri’s hand once more and they take a table right around the corner by the windows, where it’s a little more quiet. “I brought you here because the roast duck is phenomenal.” Victor said as they sat down.


“Well it's a good job I like duck then.” Yuuri chuckled as the waiter set down a wine menu and a dinner menu. 


“Do you want any wine?” Victor asked, opening up the wine menu. Yuuri shook his head.


“I don’t drink. Water will do.”


“Avez-vous une grande bouteille d’eau?” 


“Oui, bien-sur. Un petit moment s’il vous plait.” Yuuri gazes out of the window at the beautiful Paris skyline as the waiter leaves. He can see the Notre Dame, l’Arc de Triomphe, Le Louvre… Everything is just beau--


“Ahm--!” Yuuri all but yelps in surprise, hands instantly covering his mouth as powerful vibrations course through Yuuri’s body. 


“Keep quiet, baby boy.” Victor purs from across the table. “Don’t let anyone hear you.” Yuuri shudders and shivers, legs clamping shut, cunt clenching hard around the vibrator. Fuck, Victor’s staring at him, the jacket falling from his shoulders as he fiddles with his cuff links. He takes them off, tossing them into his suit pocket, and he rolls up his sleeves. That itself already makes Yuuri want to moan out loud. Suddenly, the vibrations stop, and Yuuri can finally breathe. 


“I should have known you were that mischievous.” Yuuri commented breathlessly and Victor held up his phone, threatening to make Yuuri come right then and there. 


“Trust me, baby.” Victor smiled smugly. “You’ve seen nothing yet.” Those words turn Yuuri on so much that he’s sure the waiter returning with their water can smell him. 


Yuuri manages to catch his breath and read the menu-- or at least, get Victor to translate the menu, before the waiter returns to take their order. And as soon as he gets here, Victor pulls this wicked shit eating grin and Yuuri knows what’s coming. With the tap of one button, Yuuri goes rigid, teeth sinking into his bottom lip to smother his moans. 


“Vous allez bien?” The waiter asks, giving Yuuri a bit of an odd glance. 


“Oui, nous allons bien, merci. Nous sommes prêt de commander.” Victor says, passing a sly glance over to Yuuri, who was red in the face, trying his best not to draw attention to himself. The entire situation has Yuuri’s cunt threatening to spill slick - Victor is sat opposite him, phone in his hand to control the vibrator and sleeves rolled up. This is exactly what Yuuri envisioned when the word ‘Daddy’ first fell from his lips. 


Yuuri can’t focus on anything but the vibrations between his legs and the gorgeous, suit-clad man opposite him. Together, they’re a powerful combination, and he’s absolutely sure that he’s flooded his panties already. He’s almost on the verge of coming. Yuuri glances back up, thankful that the waiter has left them alone. Victor just catches his gaze, and oh, he’s so cruel. Instantly, the vibrations increase in intensity, and Yuuri gasps, fists clenching and legs shaking, more slick gushing from his wet cunt. 


“V-Victor…” Yuuri quietly mewls. 


“Are you close?” Victor asks, and Yuuri frantically nods, body beginning to tremble. “Don’t you dare come, Yuuri.” Instantly, the vibrator in him stops. Yuuri almost sobs, but he’s just grateful Victor didn’t make him embarrass himself. 


Yuuri’s face is bright red, a bead of sweat dripping down his temple as he sucks in a deep, shaky breath. 


“How do you feel?” Victor quietly asks after Yuuri’s had a chance to breathe. 


“Just… just peachy…” He pants softly, downing his glass of water to cool off. Victor gives him a coy smile, one full of satisfaction. 


Their meals arrive, and Yuuri is already drooling. Everything looks so good. Roast duck with mashed potato, carrots and French beans, with what smells like the most luscious plum sauce. 


“It smells delicious.” Yuuri smiled softly, picking up his cutlery. 


“The food here is particularly outstanding.” Victor agrees. “I’ve got pan seared pigeon with orange sauce here, if you want a try?” Admittedly, pan seared pigeon doesn’t quite sound as appetising as his duck does, but Yuuri is not one to turn down food. With a sweet smile, Yuuri nods. 


“Please.” And oh, he’s got the most adorable smile, Victor thinks as he cuts Yuuri a piece of pigeon. 


“Here, ahh.” Victor holds his fork up to Yuuri’s lips, and Yuuri, cheeks pink and a little hesitant, gently parts those plump, plush lips, taking the fork. Yuuri is simply stunning. He has possibly the gentlest smile Victor has ever seen, and the softest cheeks that Victor just wants to squeeze. And then there’s that whole other side of Yuuri that Victor just loves. 


The side that's a sexy, lascivious minx, playful, yet cunning, and knows just how to play Victor just right. The side that whines and begs and pleads to be used, knows how to get exactly what he wants. And oh, just the very thought gets Victor so riled up that he almost wants to tease Yuuri right now. But not when he’s eating. 


“Victor?” That sweet voice says, pulling him from sinful thoughts. “You’re staring.” He pouts. 


“It’s just because you’re so pretty.” Victor compliments with a bit of a smile, and normally, Yuuri would pick up on Victor’s subtle advances, the sexual double entendres weaved between compliments, but today, all he sees is a sweet smile. 


“Oh-- umm…” Yuuri isn’t sure how to respond to him. How do you respond when someone as endearing and good looking as Victor compliments you? In a suit too! His brain almost short circuits, and his gaze drops to his food, a radiant glow just brushing the tops of his cheeks. 


“How’s the duck?” Asks Victor, taking notice of Yuuri’s inability to respond.


“Oh, it’s good. Really good.” Yuuri responds. “Did you want to try a piece?” With a coy smile, Victor opens his mouth. Yuuri, with a bit of a pout, cuts him a piece, which Victor gratefully takes from his fork. 


“The skin is nice and crispy.” Victor commented. “The sauce is good too.” There’s a rather charming smile on Victor’s face at the moment, and Yuuri can’t help but stare. He’s just… beautiful. Everything about him is breathtakingly beautiful and endearing and sweet and— Yuuri’s heart flutters just a little. 


Dinner is a quiet affair, one that’s just… comfortable and relaxing. Yuuri almost forgot about that little gift inside of him. Well that is, until their plates get cleared away. And then— 


“Ahmm!” Yuuri clamps one hand over his mouth, shifting in his seat, hips almost riding the toy inside of him as he bites his lip. The vibrations hit him out of nowhere, pleasure coursing through his body like electricity through a live wire. Every nerve is alight, and Yuuri can feel his cunt growing wet and ruddy already. 


“V-Victor… please… I won’t… won’t last…” Yuuri bites through heavy gasps, and Victor’s smile only turns darker. 


“Are you going to come, Yuuri?” His voice drops an octave. “Wet and messy, so everyone will know you came? You know how you get when you come.” Victor leans closer, elbows rested on the table, fingers laced together. “Your hips jerk, your moans get louder, and then you squirt. You soak whatever’s beneath you.” Victor says quietly with a cocky smile. “Your body trembles violently as slick trickles down your legs, and then you collapse, gasping for breath as you hold on to me.” Yuuri can feel himself on the brink of an orgasm. His folds are soaked with slick, sweeping through the crotch of his panties, and he knows that if he comes now, he’s going to squirt everywhere. 


“My Yuuri’s a little squirter, isn’t he?” Victor chuckles sinfully. “I could get you to squirt with just the flick of my wrist and the twist of my fingers.” And Yuuri almost mewls because he’s absolutely right. Victor just has a way with his fingers. “And with just a few licks of my tongue I can get you to come all over my face.” He smiles. “You like that, don’t you, baby boy?” Yuuri whimpers. 


“P-please… please… Daddy…” Yuuri gasps under his breath. “Please don’t make me come…” 


“Answer me then, baby.” Victor demands. 


“Y-yes…” A predatory grin crosses Victor’s face, and Yuuri just about prepares himself for more vibrations, to shake and tremble with orgasm, but much to his relief (and very much frustration), Victor turns off the vibrator. 


“Let’s order dessert.”


Yuuri is flustered and sweating by the time their date comes to an end. Or rather, the dinner part comes to an end. Victor has been edging Yuuri all through dessert, turning the vibrator on for just seconds before turning it back off again. Yuuri’s cunt is pulsing, desperate for an orgasm as they ascend the lift back down the tower. Yuuri holds on tight to Victor’s arm, fingers digging into his arm as the vibrator inside him hums at its’ lowest speed. 


“Daddy…” Yuuri whispers as they walk quietly back to the car. “I c-can’t…” 


“Do you need to come, baby?” Victor asks as he unlocks the car door. “Do you think you’ve earned it?” Victor grasps Yuuri’s hand tightly. He opens the car door to the drivers’ side and climbs in, reclining the seat back. Gently, he tugs Yuuri in, pulling him onto his lap as he closes the car door. Yuuri straddles his lap, knees either side of Victor’s thighs, and his body immediately slumped against Victor, face buried in his shoulder as the vibrator continues to rumble. Victor cranks up the vibrations, hands holding onto Yuuri’s waist as his hips rock. 


Victor has been hard all night - it’s a miracle, how well he’s hidden it. He turns the vibrator up again, and Yuuri whimpers, turning to jelly in his arms. “That’s it, baby…” Victor encourages as his hands run under his shirt, up and down his back. “Take exactly what you need.” He croons in Yuuri’s ear, his voice, low and erotic in Yuuri’s ear sending shivers down his spine as he turns the vibrator up once more. 


“Ahh… Ahh… Daddy… Haaaa… Nngh… P-please… more… Daddy…” Yuuri gasps, a litany of moans and pleads falling from his lips as he grinds on Victor’s lap, riding the toy. Victor has to bite his lip, holding back a groan because he can feel the toy and its’ vibrations against his cock as Yuuri’s hips continue to ride. 


“That’s it, baby, come for Daddy.” And Yuuri, unable to say anything other than ‘Daddy, please, please…’ comes instantly, thighs squeezing around Victor’s lap, squirting and flooding his trousers. 


“Hmm…” Yuuri gasps as Victor’s warm hands hold him by his waist, almost able to wrap both hands around. 


“How do you feel, darling?” 


“More… please?” Yuuri tiredly requests. “I want your mouth… please… Daddy… give it to me…” Victor smirks as Yuuri peels himself off of his body, eyes full of pleading tears. Yuuri can’t help but stare Victor up and down as he fingers the silk of Victor’s shirt. God, he’s so ridiculously seductive in that suit. The pants accentuate his ass and his hips, the shirt hugs his waist and Yuuri wants to be thoroughly, thoroughly railed by Victor in that suit. 


“Oh? Is my baby boy getting bratty?” He teases as his fingertips flirt with the button and zipper on Yuuri’s trousers. “You know I can’t say no to you.” He huffs as Yuuri gives him a prideful smile, lifting his hips so Victor can pull away his trousers. 


Victor almost gasps at the sight of the panties, dark, burgundy lace hugging Yuuri’s hips, decorated with lace flowers and a little bow. There’s a wet spot, a very, very big one, that Victor can’t help but press his fingertips against. 


“Ahh!” Yuuri yelps. “I p-put these on… just for you…” he gasps as Victor’s fingers tease his hole, fluttering and clenching, through the panties. 


“Wow,” Victor breathlessly gasps. “You look stunning in these. Absolutely divine.” He says, admiring the beautiful wet spot that his fingers continue to tease. “Like the perfect snack.” 


“P-please…” Begs Yuuri. “Please… I want you t-to lick me…” 


“My Yuuri sure knows how to get what he wants, huh?” With one hand on his shoulder, Victor pushes Yuuri backwards, back up against the steering wheel. Hands grab at his hips, pulling them up as his head dips down. With both hands holding onto his thighs, strong hands supporting him as his tongue licks at the delicious dark spot on Yuuri’s panties. 


“Ahh! Ohhhh! Daddy!” Yuuri moans, hands fumbling to grasp the door and the dashboard. Victor sucks and licks, fingertips still fingering him through his panties. “Daddy… please take them off… please…” Yuuri begs again as his thighs tense. 


“Shall we get these off then?” Victor fingers the waist band, gently pulling as Yuuri violently nods. Carefully, Victor manoeuvres Yuuri just enough so he can pull the panties off, one leg at a time. 


Yuuri’s cunt is swollen, leaking and red and still sensitive from his orgasm. It twitches, begging for something to fill it, and… Victor knows just the way to fill it. With a sneaky smile, Victor gently fingers Yuuri, just enough to get his juices flowing. And then, while Yuuri is basking in pleasure, he takes the panties, screwing them up into his hand. 


“Ahh!” Yuuri’s hips jerk as he feels the slight scratch of the French lace against his lower lips. “Ohhh… Daddy…” He preens headily as Victor gently fingers the panties into him, working them in slowly. “Ahh… Ahh… Nngh…” Yuuri throws his head back, not even slightly concerned that anyone could walk past their car and see them. He can’t bring himself to care, not when Victor fingers him so carefully, pushing the panties in and soaking them with his juice. 


“Daddy… Daddy… please… t-that feels so… g-good…” Yuuri utters, just as Victor pushes in the last of the fabric. “F-full…” Yuuri pants. 


“Are you ready for my mouth, baby?” Asks Victor as he licks his fingers, revelling in the taste of Yuuri’s sweet slick. Yuuri furiously nods. 


“Give it to me.” Victor’s mouth dives in, lips enveloping Yuuri’s mound as his tongue gets to work. He licks at Yuuri’s labia, gently taking one side between his lips to suck. The noises are nothing short of lewd. Sucks and licks and kisses resonate through the air between them, each filthy noise sending shivers down Yuuri’s spine. 


Victor’s tongue is a thing of magic. Somehow, he knows exactly which buttons to press to get Yuuri riled up. His hand lets go of Yuuri’s thigh to wrap around his cocklet, working up and down in teasing strokes. Yuuri’s thighs clench with each stroke, mewls and moans falling from his lips as Victor’s finger works at the tiny slit in his tip. 


Yuuri is about to go delirious with pleasure as Victor blows softly, the cold air brushing against his sensitive folds. Yuuri’s hips buck, and he moans lewdly as Victor’s tongue dives back in, disturbing the French lace gently nestled inside Yuuri’s cunt. The sounds pulled from Yuuri’s chest make Victor’s blood flow south, erection straining in his suit pants. 


He can feel Victor’s tongue lapping at his sweet folds, licking a stripe up from his perineum all the way to the tip of his cocklet before taking it in his mouth all in one go. Instantly, he pulls away with a kiss to the tip before moving back to the task at hand. Victor’s hands move to hold on to Yuuri’s hips, fingers digging into the flesh of his ass. Gently, he pulls the cheeks apart. 


“A-Ahh! V-Victor? W-what are you—“ Yuuri whined as the pad of Victor’s thumb swipes against Yuuri’s winking ass, pink and sensitive and looking oh so appetising. Victor wants to tease him here too. 


“Have you ever touched yourself here before?” He asks, applying the tiniest bit of pressure. Yuuri shakes his head, and Victor moves his hand back to his thigh, gently running it up and down as Yuuri’s thighs quivered in response. “One day, I’ll teach you how to play there, too.” Victor promises with a teasing look before his tongue dives back into Yuuri’s pussy. 


He can feel Victor’s tongue flirting with the silky fabric inside of him, gently tugging at the fabric. Yuuri whimpers at the way the soft lace brushes against his walls as Victor coaxes it out with his tongue. He lets out a heavy whine as Victor pulls the panties half way out of his cunt with his teeth, before pushing them back in with his fingers. 


God, he’s so horny. Victor’s tongue continues to tease his folds, and then, his lips envelope Yuuri’s whole cunt, and he sucks. Hard. Yuuri’s hips buck up as he sobs in delight, almost riding Victor’s face.


“A-Ahh… Daddy…” Yuuri’s hand lets go of the door in favour of threading through Victor’s silver locks, tugging at the soft strands as he preens. Victor tortures him so, so well, taking him apart piece by piece before putting him back together. “I-I… I want…” 


“What do you want, baby?” Asks Victor, words muffled by Yuuri’s cunt and sending vibrations right through his hot cavern. His tongue continues to flirt, licking inside Yuuri’s walls and nudging at the soft lace and silk. His lips kiss, making out with Yuuri’s plush cunt as he would Yuuri’s mouth. Slick is covering his face as Yuuri’s hips jerk and move, cunt smearing delicious nectar all over Victor’s nose, mouth, and chin. 


“I want… want you to fuck me… rail me in that suit…” Yuuri finally manages to plead through gasps and moans and whines, Victor’s lips still kissing his plump cunt. Victor smirks, pulling away. 


“You like me in a suit, do you baby?” Victor asks against his cunt. “Does it turn you on? Seeing me like this?” Yuuri frantically nods. He’s on the brink of orgasm, just about to tip over the edge. Victor can tell by the filthy mewls and groans and moans that tumble from his lips, a slurry of ‘Daddy, Daddy, please, let me come, I need to come,’ pulling from his throat. When Victor pulls away, Yuuri lets out a frustrated whine. 


Victor proudly smirks at his work. He can see just a hint of the red lace peeking out from Yuuri’s cunt, dark and glistening with Yuuri’s slick. His mound is sopping wet, dribbling with slick as it twitches, fluttering around the panties inside, desperate for more. Victor raises his palm to deal Yuuri a quick spank to his open cunt. 


“Ahh!” Yuuri screams, body trembling with orgasm, but he doesn’t squirt. 


“That’s the first time you’ve ever come dry.” Victor comments with an amused chuckle as his fingertips trace Yuuri’s sensitive slit, drawing soft patterns on the abused flesh. Yuuri whimpers at the ministrations of Victor’s fingertips, gasping for breath as his body continues to tremble with orgasm. 


When he finally calms down, his body can’t hold his position any longer, and he slumps forwards once more into Victor’s body. Immediately, arms wrap around his waist and hands run up and down his back in comforting motions. 


“Fuck…” Yuuri gasps as he finally finds the energy to lift his head. When he does, Victor is looking at him so tenderly, eyes soft and sweet, and the dominating personality has dropped. Victor reaches one hand, wet with sweat and slick, to gently caress Yuuri’s cheek. 


Yuuri looks… beautiful like this. Glowing, radiant, charming, all of those sweet things. His cheeks are still flustered, his body is sweaty and they’re both wet but still, Yuuri is the most incredible being Victor has ever encountered in his life. He’s cute, he’s sexy, and Victor really enjoys his company, outside of sex too. 


“Can I kiss you?” Yuuri’s heart flutters at the question, leaping a million miles an hour. He can feel his heartbeat in his ears, a flush rising from his chest to his cheeks as he held Victor’s gaze. 


Yuuri has a choice to make. 


He can either decline and things will stay as they are, or he can take a plunge. He can dive in head first and kiss Victor, and see what happens. Within a split second, Yuuri has already made his decision. 


A tiny half smile covers his face and he leans forwards, planting his lips on Victor’s. His lips are moist, soft and swollen from eating Yuuri out. A bit of Yuuri’s tangy, sweet taste lingers, but he can’t find it in him to care. Victor moans against his lips as one arm tightens around his waist, pulling him even closer. 


“Let’s get home.” Victor whispers against Yuuri’s lips as they pull away, a chain of saliva connecting their kiss-bitten lips for a split second before it snaps. “I’m going to make good on your request.” 


Oh, Yuuri’s definitely in for a long night. 


Chapter Text

Yuuri falls back against the mattress, arms looping around Victor’s neck, Victor’s lips pressed furiously against his. He gasps as Victor’s tongue teases his bottom lip, licking and coaxing Yuuri’s lips apart. Their tongues meet, tangling together in a hot, wet flurry as Victor’s hands fumble with the buttons on Yuuri’s shirt. Their make out breaks for a split second as Yuuri tosses the remainder of his clothes to the floor before grabbing Victor by the collar, pulling him down for more kisses.


“I think it’s time I make good on your request.” Murmured Victor against Yuuri’s lips before trailing kisses down his jaw, hand running up and down Yuuri’s bare leg. 


“Yes, I think you should.” Yuuri chuckled breathlessly, parting his legs. Victor knelt between them and Yuuri sat up, hands reaching for the gold buckle of Victor’s Gucci belt. Yuuri is almost drooling as the buckle slides open, the catch releasing. His fingers tease the button on Victor’s suit pants, popping it open. With a sly smile, he pitches his head forwards, and between his teeth, he takes the zipper.


“Baby…” Victor’s tone is sharp, warning as Yuuri slides the zipper down with his teeth. Victor’s member is straining in his briefs, a darkened spot right where the head is. Yuuri’s nimble fingers tease Victor’s slit through his briefs, coaxing more precome to soak the silk fabric. 


Hesitantly, Yuuri’s nose brushed the warm length, his lips just sucking at the underside of the clothed erection. Victor’s breath hitches, and his hands instantly move to grab Yuuri’s hair. “Baby, stop.” Victor’s voice is deep, firm, as he tugs firmly at Yuuri’s hair, and Yuuri pulls away with a whine. “Lie back. Let Daddy take care of you.” With a reluctant pout, Yuuri let Victor gently push him backwards onto the bed. 


Yuuri has to swallow a lump in his throat. Victor towers over him, knees between his spread thighs, and he removes his suit jacket and tossing it onto the floor. Then, Yuuri watches as Victor slowly unclips the cuff links from his shirt sleeves, one by one, placing them in a dish on the bedside table. Yuuri’s cunt floods, slick pooling between his spread legs, even seeping past the panties that still sat snugly inside of him. 


Yuuri stared in awe, eyes glazed over with lust as Victor carefully rolled the sleeves of his shirt up to just beneath his elbows. Then, his hands came to his bow tie, removing it, before undoing the top two buttons of his shirt. “Still enough suit for you, baby?” Cooed Victor as he ducked down, lips just brushing Yuuri’s ear. “I wouldn’t be able to pound you into the mattress with too many clothes on.” Yuuri’s whole body shivers as Victor smirks, leaning back up. 


As his hands free his erection, Yuuri’s legs instinctively spread wider. “Fuck me, Daddy…” Yuuri’s breathless already, and they have barely even started. Victor’s fingers brush past the sopping folds of his cunt, already red and ruddy as a result of the earlier abuse. His digits dip in, fingering the french lace, now saturated with Yuuri’s juice. With one swift motion, Victor pulls them out.


“Ahh! Ohh!” Yuuri gasped, body tensing as the delicate lace slid out of him.


“You’ve really made a mess of these.” Victor chuckled, tossing the lace aside. He grasped Yuuri’s thighs, pulling him down the bed. “Ready?” Yuuri frantically nodded, hands grasping the pillows. Victor lined his tip up with Yuuri’s fluttering hole, pushing in just enough for the tip to pop in. 


“Mmngh!” Yuuri’s breath hitches, hips shuddering as Victor pressed the tip in. His cunt twitched, clenching around Victor, as if he were trying to pull him in. As Victor pushed in the next few inches, Yuuri pulled Victor down, arms looping around his neck, fingers clawing at his shirt. “Ahh… Daddy…” Yuuri’s voice is but a mere whisper as Victor pushes in deeper, his pussy well stretched by the endowment. 


“How does it feel, baby?” Victor asked as his hands ran up and down Yuuri’s hips before settling on his lower back to hold him. 


“Full.” Yuuri chuckled breathlessly. “Nice.” Yuuri’s legs hooked around Victor’s hips, holding him in place. Victor leaned down, their noses brushing softly as Yuuri’s arms looped around his neck.


“Just a few more inches.” Yuuri almost moaned. He couldn’t believe there was still more to go, let alone the fact that it actually fit in him too. But damn, if it doesn't feel fucking good. Yuuri could feel Victor move inside of him as one hand released Victor’s neck in favour of going to rest on his lower abdomen. 


“Mmh… V-Victor…” Yuuri mewled as Victor pushed the last couple of inches in. “Ahh… Feels so good… so… big…” Victor almost grinned.


“Fuelling my ego.” Victor teasingly commented with a low laugh. “It is pretty big, isn't it?” He grinned.


“Oh my god shut up.” Yuuri pouted, burying his face in Victor’s shoulder.


“Now baby, watch your mouth. Is that any way to talk to Daddy?” Victor scolded, pulling out almost all of the way. Yuuri weakly whimpered.


“N-no Daddy…” He whined. “S-sorry, Daddy… Please… move? I want more.” Yuuri’s hips cant upwards, encouraging Victor to move. With a delightful smile, Victor’s hips began to rock, pushing back into Yuuri’s warmth. 


“You feel amazing around me, beautiful.” Victor headily sighs as his hips begin to pick up in pace. “So soft and warm and welcoming.” 


“A-ahh… hngg…” Yuuri pants beneath him as the hand on his abdomen moves to grasp one of Victor’s, lacing their fingers together. “I can feel you… move inside me, Daddy…” 


“Yeah? Does it feel nice?” Yuuri frantically nods his head, clenching around Victor’s cock as his hips thrust. “You love this, don’t you? Lying in my bed, letting me spoil you rotten.” Yuuri let out a strained mewl as his hips rocked back against Victor. “So eager, my pretty boy.” Yuuri gasps at the praise, clenching hard around the thick member inside him. 


His girth stretches Yuuri so well, splitting him open and filling him to the brim. Yuuri could swear he could feel Victor in his stomach. Victor released Yuuri’s hand, untangling their fingers as he moved to press his palm down gently on Yuuri’s lower abdomen, massaging exactly where he can feel his tip meet Yuuri’s sweet spot. Yuuri quite literally sobs with pleasure, his plump peach throbbing and juice flooding the sheets as his back arches. His nerves are on fire, everywhere is sensitive as he sobs, tears trickling down his cheeks. 


“Daddy! Ahh… nnghhh… mmm… More… Harder…” Victor practically growls at Yuuri’s relentless begging and can do nothing other than oblige. His lips suck at Yuuri’s neck, pulling more sweet noises from Yuuri before he pulls away, leaving a red mark, soon to turn purple, in its wake. Victor kneels back up onto his knees, Yuuri’s arms release his neck, and he grabs Yuuri’s hips. His fingers dig bruisingly into Yuuri’s hips, he firmly plants his knees into the mattress, and Yuuri knows he’s sparked something inside of Victor. 


“Give me everything, Daddy…” Yuuri manages to whisper between soft tears and harsh pants. Victor gives him a predatory grin.


“My baby boy is so demanding.” Victor draws his hips back, and thrusts in. Hard. Yuuri literally screams his pleasure, hands gripping at the pillows beneath his head as Victor pounds into him, thrusting in and out, hard and fast, per Yuuri’s request. And oh, poor Yuuri has no idea what he’s gotten himself into. 


Victor’s cock hits Yuuri’s most sensitive spot with every outwards drag, and the thick, bulbous tip of his cock hits that lump of nerves with every thrust in. One of Victor’s hands releases his hip and trails up his chest. The touch of his fingertips leaves electrifyingly hot kisses down his chest before snaking back down. Victor smirks as he watches Yuuri’s expressions, mouth fallen open and eyes rolled back with delirious pleasure as he wraps his hand around Yuuri’s cock.


“Ahmm!” Yuuri lets out a squeal as Victor’s hand touched his cock and began working up and down in slow strokes. “D-Daddy…” Yuuri is breathless, burning under Victor’s touch as he squirmed against the silk bed sheets. Victor’s hand feels so hot against Yuuri’s cocklet and he can’t help but crave more of his touch. His hips rut, stuck between riding back onto Victor’s girth or rutting forwards into his hand. 


“You gonna come for me, baby? Yeah? Come with my cock plugging you up, how does that sound?” Yuuri’s mewls are music to Victor’s ears. Yuuri’s pussy flutters around him, desperate to hold him in, keep him from moving. “God, fuck, baby…” Victor heavily pants, their breaths mingling as Victor brings his face down towards Yuuri, pressing sweet kisses to his face. Victor’s hand continues to stroke Yuuri’s cocklet, the stimulation just short of enough. Yuuri’s hand comes up, brushing Victor’s fringe, currently matted to his forehead, out of the way to reveal another beautiful, baby blue eye. “The things you do to me…” He gasps as Yuuri’s warmth squeezes once again, massaging his cock from tip to base. 


Yuuri whimpers at Victor’s praise, body shuddering as he leans up to kiss Victor’s lips. Tears streak his face as he moans against Victor’s mouth, tongue eagerly flirting with Victor’s through a series of heated kisses. “‘M gonna come… Daddy…” Yuuri whines against his mouth as they part, breath hot against Victor's plush, kiss bitten lips.


“Me too… baby… can I knot?” Victor’s voice is strained, hoarse as he bites his lip, holding back feral moans. “Please, baby, please… I need to knot… God, ‘m gonna come so hard… Gonna fill my Yuuri with my come ‘til it takes…” Yuuri squeals as he feels the base of Victor’s cock begin to inflate, rubbing harshly at his sensitive lips. Frantically, he nods.


“Yes… god… yes, please Daddy…” Yuuri’s breaths are raspy, his head is hazy with pleasure as Victor’s hand releases his cock in favour of grabbing his hip. “Breed me, Daddy…” He can just about muster the energy to give a sly smile before Victor growls again. It takes one, two, three thrusts for Victor’s knot to inflate, plugging Yuuri’s cunt. Victor’s moans, loud and low as his knot bursts inside of Yuuri. Yuuri screams, cunt convulsing around the knot as orgasm racks through his body, juice squirting from his pussy as pearly fluid shoots from his cocklet, all over Victor’s shirt. 


“So good… so big… feels… so good…” Yuuri’s chest heaves as he pants, each clench of his pussy milking Victor’s cock of all it has to offer. His knot feels so much better than Yuuri ever imagined. It stretches him wider than he ever thought possible, yet it doesn’t hurt at all. Each gentle tug sends sparks up his spine, cunt sensitive and rubbed raw. 


Once Victor has caught his breath, he gently turns them over, being careful not to disturb the knot. Yuuri collapses on top of him, eyes fluttering shut as he struggled to stay awake. 


“Did you really mean it?” Yuuri murmurs tiredly as Victor pulls the blankets over them. “When you said ‘my Yuuri’ ?” The question takes Victor by surprise, and he lets out a bit of a gasp. Before Victor can even respond, he’s cut off by a court “don’t answer that,” so instead, he resorts to keeping his mouth shut. 


Victor’s arms wrap around Yuuri’s sweaty body, hands running up and down his back as Yuuri relaxes under his touch, and it doesn’t take Yuuri long to fall asleep, Victor’s knot still tucked firmly inside of him. His shirt and suit pants are very, very uncomfortable, but when he sees Yuuri so peaceful like this, he can’t bring himself to even try to move. 


“Good night, my beautiful Yuuri.” 


Saturday morning rolls around fast, and the first thing Victor is greeted with when he wakes up, is a very, very painful erection and a very, very warm cunt wrapped around him. God, the feeling takes him by surprise. It’s so hot Victor could swear he was about to blow another load. He’s sweaty and sticky, silk shirt sticking to his body as the backs of Yuuri’s thighs rub against his suit pants. 


“Mmh…” The moans that pulls from Yuuri’s throat cause Victor’s hips to stutter, hands instantly moving to Yuuri’s hips to hold him still. 


“Y-Yuuri?” But the only response Victor can muster from Yuuri is another soft mewl. Yuuri’s hips roll, and Victor has to bite his lip to hold back a low groan, hips stilling as he tries not to move. 


“Victor…” Yuuri moans headily, his thighs squeezing around Victor’s hips as his cunt massages Victor’s member. 


“Ah! Fuck…” Victor gasps at the tension, hips bucking up at the feel of Yuuri’s pussy enveloping his cock. “Yuuri… You little minx…” He breathlessly smirks. Even in his sleep Yuuri is absolutely insatiable, lascivious. “You like riding Daddy in your sleep? Yeah?” Victor can’t wait to see just how riled up he can get Yuuri while he sleeps. Maybe he’ll even wake up. Maybe an orgasm will force him awake. Victor grins at the idea as he begins to roll his hips, angle changing little by little to find the right spot. 


“God, fuck…!” Victor growls as Yuuri’s cunt rhythmically flutters and instantly, he’s coming, semen spurting and painting Yuuri’s walls, adding to the loads from the previous night. Yuuri mewls, presumably at the wet, warm feeling beneath him. “Yuuri… you filthy boy…” He pants between gritted teeth. “What am I going to do with you…”


“Daddy…” Another faint moan falls from Yuuri’s lips, slurring with fatigue. 


“Baby… if you’re faking being asleep… I’m going to pound you until you can’t walk or sit right without feeling me… until I’ve ruined your pretty cunt for anything else…” His tone is dark, bordering predatory as he musters up the strength in his legs to flip them over, pinning Yuuri underneath him. Victor’s hands run up and down Yuuri’s sides, but Yuuri continues to slumber on, cunt twitching and slick dribbling around Victor’s thick cock. 


But he can’t fuck Yuuri like this, not if he’s half asleep. Despite Victor’s lack of professionalism around Yuuri, he does, as a matter of fact, have some sort of moral standing. Especially when it comes to consent. So, he leans down, forearms resting either side of Yuuri’s head, lips brushing his ear.


“Baby… It’s time to wake up…” He gently nibbles the shell of Yuuri’s ear, and Yuuri stirs, but does not rouse. God, he’s really trying hard not to just rail Yuuri against the bed, but it’s so difficult when Yuuri is so enticing. “Yuuri…” He murmurs, low and sultry in Yuuri’s ear. “Daddy’s waiting for you.” That pulls a strangled whine from Yuuri’s throat.


“Daddy… Yes…” He breathlessly moans, still half asleep. 


“Daddy’s hard and waiting for you. Aren’t you going to be a good boy? Hmm?” Yuuri’s hips buck back against Victor’s, and Victor moans headily, unable to stop his hips from moving in time with Yuuri. “Come on, baby… You know Daddy doesn’t like to be kept waiting…” Yuuri mewls again, his pussy, wrecked and red and sodden, grips Victor’s cock like a vice as his hips cant up, moving up and down on Victor’s cock. Victor knows it’s a telltale sign that Yuuri’s orgasm is approaching. With a sly smile, the dirty talk continues.


“If you wake up now, Daddy will reward you. You like it when Daddy spoils you rotten don’t you, my gorgeous Yuuri.” Victor presses a kiss to his cheek, and keeps talking. “I’ll fill you up, just how you like it. You’ll be dribbling, gaping with my come. You’d love that, wouldn’t you baby?” 


“A-Ahh… Daddy… Victor…” Victor can tell that sleep is beginning to wear away. Yuuri’s on the verge of waking up. 


“Oh, you look so pretty beneath me, red and sweaty and begging for it. You don’t even realise it, do you? Rolling your hips against me, fucking yourself on my cock. Wouldn’t you like it if I did…” Victor sits back up straight, and one hand goes right to Yuuri’s clit, two fingertips rubbing softly. “This?”


“Ahh! V-Victor! Oh! Oooohhhhh!” Yuuri’s eyes fly open and the breath is knocked out of his lungs as his hips rut against Victor’s cock, cunt rapidly convulsing around Victor’s erection. Slick floods the sheets beneath them again, fluid dribbling down Yuuri’s ass and pooling between his thighs. “Victooorrrrr…!” He mewls, finally fully awake. Victor proudly smiles. 


“Finally awake, baby?” Yuuri moans, burying his face in the pillows. “I woke up and you were fucking yourself on me, making the most beautiful sounds.” 


“Oh god…” Yuuri pouts, a flush of embarrassment colouring his cheeks. “I’m so sorry about that I-- ugh! Gosh that’s so embarrassing…” Victor chuckles. 


“I’ll have you know I didn’t mind one bit. But…” Victor rocks his hips and Yuuri jolts, letting out a lewd moan as Victor’s still-hard member brushes against his sensitive lips. “I do still have a bit of a problem if you’d care to help me?” Yuuri wiggles slightly, and Victor pulls out, globs of white, sticky fluid following and trailing down his perineum. 


“Gladly.” Yuuri huffs tiredly, eyes half lidded with lust as he sits up on his knees. “God… It’s so hot…” Pouted Yuuri. “And something warm is dri--” Victor watches as Yuuri puts the pieces together, face shifting from discomfort and confusion, to understanding. “Oh my god did you come inside me again?” He mewls, moaning at the realisation as his eyes roll back in pleasure. “Does it turn you on to come inside me while I sleep?” Yuuri asks, voice sinfully erotic, pushing himself up to sit on his knees. 


“Don’t rile me up again, baby…” Warns Victor. “Lay with your head over the edge of the bed.” The request is strange, but Yuuri obliges, making himself comfortable at the edge of the bed. Victor climbs off the bed, towering over Yuuri. One knee rests on the mattress beside Yuuri’s head, other foot planted on the floor. “You’ve absolutely ruined my suit, you know…” Victor says, referring to the very wet stains on the front of his pants as he lines his tip up with Yuuri’s plush lips. “This is a Versace suit too… how are you going to repay me, baby?” 


“I have a few ideas.” Yuuri shoots back, placing a soft kiss to Victor’s wet tip, tongue flirting with the slit. He drags his tongue along the ridge, licking off remnants of come and slick. Victor realigned the thick tip with Yuuri’s plump lips and gently, he pushes in. 


Yuuri moans around his cock, the vibrations almost making Victor’s hips stutter. His tip touched the soft flesh of the back of Yuuri’s mouth, almost making him choke, and Yuuri has to pull off to suck in a deep breath. 


“Are you okay?” Victor asks, pulling out to let Yuuri breathe. 


“Y-yeah, I’m okay.” Yuuri pants heavily. “Go slow?” 


“Pinch my leg if you need me to stop.” Yuuri nods, licking his lips till they glisten with saliva before parting them again. Victor slowly pushes back into Yuuri’s warm, wet heat. Yuuri moans again, lips straining and stretching to accommodate the thickness in his mouth. 


The flesh is hot against his tongue, soft against his palate, but oh, so hard. Yuuri sucks in another deep breath through his nose and swallowing around Victor’s girth. 


“Mmh… god… that feels good…” Victor heavily breathes as he pushes deeper. Yuuri whimpers around his girth, just managing to hold back his gag reflex. He swallows again as it brushes past his uvula. “Fuck!” Victor gasps, biting his lip as his length pushes down Yuuri’s throat, instantly feeling the way his throat tightens. He’s been holding back an orgasm since Yuuri awoke, but he’s had to hold it back to just… enjoy this. 


“Shit… you’re so tight…” Victor sucks in a deep breath, holding his cock in Yuuri’s throat as Yuuri swallows, throat flexing. His cock draws back from Yuuri’s throat with a lewd moan. “Fuck…” his fingers trickle over Yuuri’s neck, feeling his cock move through the depth of his throat as Yuuri whines around the hefty girth. “That’s so hot… seeing myself move in you…” Victor groans, pulling out most of the way before sinking back in. “Tighter than you pretty pussy…” Victor smugly smiles. 


“Does it feel good?” Asks Yuuri as Victor pulls out again, his tongue flicking over Victor’s sensitive tip. 


“Nngh! Ahh…” Yuuri’s warm breath ghosts over the wet head, sending shivers down Victor’s spine. “Perfect…” Yuuri whimpers at the salty flavour as Victor pushes back into his mouth and down his throat, holding himself there, his hand gently stroking his neck where he can feel his member rest. Yuuri mewls around his erection at the feel of Victor’s hand. 


“Can I move faster?” Yuuri nods, or at least tries, and with a dark smile, Victor’s pace quickly picks up. As his pace picks up, so does the fluttering of Yuuri’s throat, each ridge massaging Victor’s length in the most pleasurable way. “God… fuck! I’m gonna come…” Victor’s hips begin to move at an erratic pace, causing Yuuri to moan and sob around his cock, tears pricking his eyes as his hands reach back and dig into Victor’s ass. “Can I come? On your face, please? Please Yuuri, god, nngh… haaa…” Yuuri frantically nods to the best of his ability before Victor abruptly pulls out, bursting all over his face and down his neck and chest. 


Yuuri manages to catch some of it in his mouth, cunt twitching with orgasm at the salty, delicious flavour as his hips buck against the bed. 


“Beautiful…” Victor praises, heavily panting as he leans down to kiss Yuuri’s lips. “Gorgeous, my stunning Yuuri.” Yuuri shivered under the praise, closing his eyes as he softly grasps Victor’s hands. “Let’s run you a bath.”


Victor tenderly helps Yuuri sit up, giving him a hug and a kiss. “I’ll be back when the tub is full.” Yuuri nods, falling back tiredly against the sheets. He’s sticky, sweaty, and there’s a huge mess between his thighs. His stomach turns. Victor used that phrase again— my Yuuri — and Yuuri has this dire need to know if it means something to Victor. Something… sentimental. Something… romantic. Yuuri desperately wants to know if maybe… maybe this relationship is going somewhere. 


Yuuri’s so lost in his thoughts, he almost misses Victor’s call into the bathtub. Yuuri silently nods and follows Victor to the master bathroom, climbing into the tub. “I’m gonna strip the sheets, I’ll be in in a second.” He presses another sweet kiss to Yuuri’s forehead before leaving again. 


Yuuri sinks into the tub, the last vestiges of hazy pleasure beginning to dissipate. Yuuri really craves Victor’s presence— hugs, kisses, touches… he wants it all. And it riddles him with… guilt. Yuuri wants something more than just sex with Victor. But maybe Victor doesn’t want that. 


Victor’s kisses light sparks on his lips. His hugs ignite a fire in his heart. The flutter of his fingertips on his skin sets off fireworks under his skin. Yuuri yearns for Victor’s touch so much it’s almost addictive. Victor quickly returns, climbing into the tub. Quietly, he pulls Yuuri against his chest. They sit in comfortable silence. 


Victor wants to spend more time with Yuuri, he realises. Not… sex. That’s not what he means. He wants things like date nights and cuddles on the sofa and chaste kisses to Yuuri’s plush lips. Victor really enjoys his company. Like their dinner date yesterday— Victor wants more of those with Yuuri. 


He’s adorable in every way, yet sexy and enticing and simply divine. He’s Victor’s idea of perfect. Victor knows he isn’t allowed to have Yuuri. But they broke that barrier when they first met. They can keep this quiet, they have for over two months. As long as they remain professional on the stage, how they spend their free time… doesn’t concern others, right? Right? 


“You asked me last night…” Victor starts. “If I mean it when I say my Yuuri.” Victor watched as Yuuri sinks into the water, almost covering his whole face. Yuuri doesn’t respond for a few moments. 


“Do you mean it?” He shyly asks. “Does it mean that you see no one else like this?” 


“Do you think I do?” Victor asks. “See others like this.” Yuuri really wants to shake his head but honestly… he can’t say for certain. 


“I don’t know.” He admits. “But I suppose… what you do outside of our time together doesn’t concern me.” Yuuri sighs. “It’s not like we’re… established or anything.” Victor gives a bit of a chuckle, his fingers gently running through Yuuri’s hair, coarse with grease and come and sweat. 


“Then, Yuuri Katsuki, can we establish something?” Yuuri’s head whips around. 




“Will you go out with me? Exclusively?” A charming, yet ever so sweet smile crossed Victor’s face, and his eyes glitter with promise. “I want to take you on dates and cuddle with you and enjoy your company outside of mind blowing sex too…” There’s a hesitant pause, one that drags out when Victor doesn’t get an immediate response. “... if there’s no one else waiting for you.” Yuuri, quite frankly, is stunned silent. 


“W-what?” Yuuri stutters, his brain practically short circuiting as he tries to process what Victor just asked him. Honestly, Yuuri’s speechlessness is adorable. His face is soft, cheeks chubby and eyes wide, shining bright. His mouth hangs open, as if in shock. “R-really?” 




“You’re not… you’re not joking, are you? Because if you are that’s not something you should—“ 


“Seriously.” Yuuri studies Victor’s face. There’s not a hint of mockery in sight, all he sees is sincerity as Victor’s bright eyes hopefully glitter. “I’m asking you to be my boyfriend, Yuuri.” Victor reiterates for the third time. “If you’ll have me, that is.” Yuuri blinks, inhaling deeply to calm his shivering nerves. 


The way Yuuri’s body turns around, water splashing out of the tub, and seats himself in Victor’s lap, arms wrapping around his chest as he buries his face in Victor’s neck is enough of an answer. Victor’s arms come around Yuuri’s waist, pulling him close. 


“Yes.” Yuuri’s voice is timid, and Victor can feel his heart pounding against his chest. But when that affirmation falls from Yuuri’s lips, Victor can’t help but smile. “I’d love to go out with you.” 


Victor is over the moon. In fact, over the moon is an understatement. He holds Yuuri close against his chest, hands running up and down his back. “I really enjoy being with you, Yuuri.” He softly smiles. “And as long as we keep it professional on stage, we’ll be alright.” Yuuri nods against his shoulder, heart racing a million miles a minute. 


“You really like me?” Victor chuckles. 


“Would I have asked you out if I didn’t?” Well, to be fair to Victor, that does make sense. 


“I can’t believe you like me.” 


“What’s not to like? Cute face, sexy body, enticing aura, plump ass, a beautiful heart… you’re the whole package.” Yuuri giggles against his shoulder. 


“This isn’t a dream, is it? I’m not going to wake up and this was all a dream, right?” Yuuri questions, swallowing a lump in his throat. 


“Absolutely not a dream, my Yuuri.” Victor reassures. Yuuri lets out a relieved, yet content sigh, humming softly into Victor’s shoulder. “Come on, we should get you cleaned up.” But Yuuri complains. 


“Not yet… my back kills… it aches all over and so do my legs. Let me soak a bit longer.” Yuuri grumbled as Victor leaned back against the back of the bathtub, pulling Yuuri against his chest. 


“I know what. After a bath, I’ll give you a massage. How does that sound?” Victor suggested. 


“You know how to do that?” 


“Of course. What kind of dance instructor doesn’t know how to do a massage?” Yuuri smiles into his chest. 


“Then I’ll hold you to it.” Victor’s fingers run up and down his back soothingly, and Yuuri hisses as his hands touch the small of his back, applying just a bit of pressure.


“Painful?” Yuuri nods. 


“A little. My muscles feel really tight on my back.” Yuuri explains, shifting slightly. 


“Can I wash your hair?” Asks Victor, picking up the bottle of shampoo off the side of the tub. 


“Please. I don’t think my arms work.” Yuuri breathlessly chuckles. He turned around, back to Victor’s chest and Victor splashed his hair with water, thoroughly soaking the luscious locks before popping the cap of the shampoo open. Yuuri sighed, relaxing against against Victor’s body comfortably as Victor massaged his hair with shampoo, making sure not to miss a single spot. 


“How does that feel?” Victor asked, fingertips gently massaging Yuuri’s scalp as the shampoo foamed up. 


“Mmm… nice…” Yuuri grumbled as Victor brought the shower head over to rinse Yuuri’s hair. Victor takes his time, making sure to rinse out all of the soap, and also being careful not to let the bathtub overflow. 


“Done.” Victor says, turning off the water. “The water’s getting cold. We should get out.” Yuuri reluctantly agreed as Victor climbed out, reaching out a hand to help Yuuri. “Here.” He wrapped Yuuri in a fluffy bathroom, and towelled his hair dry. “The guest room down the hall has clean sheets.” Victor says, pulling the plug and throwing on a bathrobe. “I’ll give you that massage I promised.” 


Yuuri’s cheeks flush pink when Victor grasps his hand, lacing their fingers together as he leads him down the hall and to the guest bedroom. “Make yourself comfortable. I’m just gonna put new sheets on our bed, then I’ll be back.” 


“Our bed…” Yuuri thinks as Victor leaves the room. “Victor referred to it as ‘our bed’...” And now, Yuuri really can’t stop blushing. He’s very, very lucky. 


Victor returns ten minutes to find Yuuri naked and lying on his front. He puts the massage oil on the bedside table and removes his bathrobe. “Where hurts the most?” He asks, gently touching and pressing down on parts of Yuuri’s back. 


“Mostly my lower back and between my shoulders.” Yuuri murmurs into the fluffy pillows. “My thighs ache too.” Victor opened the bottle of massage oil, drizzling a little bit over Yuuri’s back. 


“I’ll start at the top and just work down.” Yuuri nods into the pillows, and with his wrists, Victor begins to press into the space between Yuuri’s shoulders. 


He rubs the knots out of Yuuri’s muscles, Yuuri wincing and flinching every so often as Victor’s hands worked down his back.


“Okay?” Yuuri stiffly nodded, slowly exhaling as Victor’s fingers pressed into the sides of his back, squeezing and kneading the muscles. The contours of Yuuri’s back muscious are just as elegant as the rest of him. They’re not quite as well defined as Yuuri’s arms and legs, or even as his abdomen, but still, they’re the result of years of hard work Yuuri has poured into ballet. He’s truly magnificent, Victor believes. 


Yuuri almost groans when Victor’s hands just brush his ass, skin still a bit sensitive and red. Victor’s hands kneaded the meat of Yuuri’s ass, the firm, yet soft flesh filling his palms. Victor loves Yuuri’s ass. He swears he could worship all day should Yuuri allow him. 


Victor’s hands squeeze his ass, one cheek at a time, massaging the tension out of his muscles. Yuuri grumbles, sighing contently as his body loosened under Victor’s firm hand. “Does that feel nice?” Asks Victor. 


“Yeah…” Yuuri mumbled, burying his face into the pillows and sighing contently. Victor’s hands trail down to the tops of Yuuri’s thighs, and then down to his calves, his muscles slowly loosening. Yuuri can feel the stiffness relieving from his body with Victor’s rubs, up and down his legs and back, occasionally hissing when Victor comes across a slightly sore spot. 


“You need to take better care of yourself.” Victor comments as he picks up Yuuri’s foot, gently working the strain out of the arch of his foot. “Your muscles in your legs and feet will seize up if you don’t look after yourself.” 


“I do…” Protests Yuuri weakly. “I always make sure to stretch and cool down before I finish up.” 


“You should bathe with Epsom salt.” Victor says. “Or at least soak your feet so they recover better.” He scolds. 


“Well… you can always help me soak.” Yuuri say flirtily, voice muffled slightly by the pillow beneath his head. Victor chuckles, picking up his other foot and pushing his thumbs into the ball. 


“Yes, my Yuuri.” Yuuri gives a proud smile. He lets Victor continue to massage his foot before his body twists over, pulling his foot free from Victor’s hands, and sits up. He pulls Victor’s face in, sweetly smiling. 


“Thank you.” There’s a chaste kiss to Victor’s lips before he pulls back. 


“Feeling better?” Yuuri nods. 


“Now I feel like I could probably dance at least.” Yuuri mused with a bit of a groan and a stretch. 


“Shall we go out for breakfast? There’s a nice cafe down in Antony that does the nicest breakfast crepes.” Victor suggests.


“Aren’t we supposed to… try and not be caught?” Yuuri questions, his brows raising curiously.


“First of all, Lilia can’t run a dance school as prestigious as Paris Opera without me. And I refuse to help her run it without you. Second of all, like I said earlier, as long as we remain professional on stage, what we do in our free time doesn’t concern anyone.” Yuuri almost snorts in amusement. 


“So you’re telling me you’d hold one of the worlds most prestigious ballet schools hostage just to be with me?” It’s almost funny, and Yuuri can’t help but laugh lovingly. But, the sentiment is extremely sweet. Maybe Yuuri will see more of this sweet side. 


“Something like that.” This time, Yuuri does snort. 


“You’re sweet.” 


“Is that a yes to breakfast?” 


“You’ll have to take me back to my dorm to get clothes though.” 


“Not a problem.” 


“Then I guess it’s a yes to breakfast.”

Chapter Text

Yuuri has never seen Paris before. Well, obviously except for the Eiffel Tower and whatever he can see from the windows, but he’s never had the chance to explore. 


“You’ll have to take me around Paris one day.” Yuuri says as they get in the car to head to breakfast. “You know, do all the touristy things, see all the touristy things…” Victor smiles, starting the car. 


“Consider it a date.” He chuckles. “I’ll take you to all the best places and eat all the best food too.” His hand easily rests itself on Yuuri’s thigh, relaxing as one hand grips the steering wheel. 


“Oh? Sounds like a series of classy dates. I’ll hold you to it.” Yuuri promises with a bit of a sly smile. 


“Anywhere in particular you want to see?” Asks Victor. “I’ll make sure to help you tick off your list.” Yuuri hums in thought. 


“I’d love to see the famous hall of mirrors.” 


“Funny you should mention that.” Victor muses as the car pulls up at the side of the road. He opens the door and gets out. They meet on the pavement, and Victor grasps his hand, lacing their fingers. Yuuri’s heart throbs. 


This is the first time they’ve held hands out of sex. It feels… nice. His hand is so warm and his palm fits comfortably in Victor’s hand. Yuuri loves this already. His heart is giddy with joy as he squeezes Victor’s hand, indulging in the welcoming softness. “... if you get a part, that is.” 


“Huh?” And Yuuri realises he's just missed whatever Victor was saying. “Sorry I zoned out.” Victor chuckled as they walk into a small cafe and sit down. 


“I said, funny you should mention that, because that’s where the promotional pictures are going to be taken in a few months time for The Nutcracker. So you’d better get a part, and I’ll give you an exclusive tour.” He winks, and Yuuri’s face bursts into flames. Dammit, he’s so damn hot. “Order whatever you want, the breakfast here is way underrated.” Victor hands him a menu before taking his own. 




“There’s breakfast crepes, waffles, muffins, bagels, pastries… choose whatever you want.” Victor flashes him a charming smile, one that makes Yuuri’s heart pound and his face glow red. Slowly, Yuuri picks up the menu, covering his face. “Yuuri?” Victor seems to notice the tension radiating off of Yuuri. “Are you okay?” Yuuri almost jumps out of his skin at the question. 


“Y-yeah… just… just nervous.” He squeaks, and Victor almost chuckles. 


“Yuuri Katsuki? Nervous?” He softly laughs before reaching his hand across the table, pulling the menu away to reveal Yuuri’s face, red as a tomato. “What’s got my Yuuri so nervous?” He rests his hand comfortingly on top of Yuuri’s thumb stroking in soft circles. “You’re never nervous like this.” Yuuri still hasn’t fully comprehended the fact that they’re… they're… dating. Meaning… 


“You’re all mine.” Yuuri blurts out without even thinking twice. Victor’s eyebrows raise, partly in surprise and partly in amusement. Victor struggles to splutter down laughter as Yuuri’s eyes widen and his hands come quickly cover his mouth. “I didn’t… I didn’t mean to say that… out loud…” 


“Wow,” Victor says breathlessly. “You’re cute.” He chuckles. “I didn’t expect to hear that from you, but you are correct.” His soft laughter is music to Yuuri’s ears, yet he’s so embarrassed. 


“Sorry…” Yuuri squeaks again. 


“Don’t be silly. It’s nothing to be embarrassed about. Actually I think it’s quite charming.” Victor manages to pry Yuuri’s hands away from his face, leaning across the table to kiss his nose. “Have you decided what to eat?”


“Oh, erm… this looks nice.” Yuuri said, pointing to one of the only pictures on the menu— a stack of waffles and strawberries. 


“You know there’s English beneath the French?” Yuuri looked up at Victor, then back at the menu, then back at Victor, and back at the menu. Victor laughed sweetly. “You silly goose.” He muses. “They’ve got other flavours too.” 


“Oh my gosh I’ve embarrassed myself so many times and we’ve only been here for ten minutes!” Yuuri whines, hands covering his face again. 


“Don’t hide.” Victor sweetly smiles, pulling Yuuri’s hands away from his face. “You really are cute. Definitely not the femme fatale I’m used to, but I love that about you.” Yuuri’s face is beet read as he splutters for words. He still can’t believe he’s dating Victor Nikiforov. His breath almost catches in his throat as Victor gazes at him, eyes shining. 


“O-oh… umm…” Victor chuckles once more at Yuuri’s loss for words. 


“Let’s pick something to eat.” Hastily, Yuuri picks up his menu, and this time, takes notice of the English beneath the French. “I think I’m going to have crepes with lemon and sugar… have you decided?” 


“Mmm… blueberry and banana waffles, I think.” Yuuri says, flicking back through the menu. “And a hot chocolate.” Victor pulled his wallet from his back pocket and stood up. 


“Be right back.” With a charismatic smile, he turned away, hips swaying as he sauntered to the counter. Oh, Yuuri loves him. Everything about Victor is just… perfect. His body is breathtaking. He’s kind hearted and considerate and Yuuri just loves everything. It’s embarrassing how quickly Yuuri had fallen for him— they hardly know each other outside of ballet and sex, now that Yuuri thinks about it. 


Victor returned minutes later with two drinks. “Breakfast will be here soon.” He says, putting one drink down in front of Yuuri. 


“Thank you.” Yuuri takes a sip of his hot chocolate, and when he puts his mug down, Victor notices a bit of cream on his nose. 




“Hmm?” Learning across the table, Victor kissed the tip of his nose, tongue flicking out to lick away the cream. Yuuri positively blushes, almost shrieking as he startled. 


“You had cream on your nose.” Victor smiled teasingly as he sat back down. Yuuri’s words almost get stuck in his throat. 


“Y-you could have just told me!” He pouts, brows knitting together as Victor laughs. Seriously, Victor is so… embarrassing. His laughter resonates like music to Yuuri’s ears. Victor is so… charming, Yuuri cannot help but wonder what it is about him that attracts someone like Victor. God, he’s so lucky. Yuuri sincerely hopes he’ll see more of Victor like this-- sweet and loving and playful. He smiles softly, the pink dusting his cheeks beginning to fade. 


“Well what fun would that have been?” Victor asked as the waiter comes over, setting two plates in front of them. “Merci.” 


“It would have been less embarrassing at least. You licked my nose!” Yuuri playfully frowns. 


“You’ll have to get used to the embarrassing gestures.” Victor coos. “They won’t be slowing down anytime soon.” 


Yuuri spends most of breakfast with his face flushed, heart pounding as he stared at Victor, admiring his sharp jawline and the way his soft hair falls over one side of his face. He has the brightest blue eyes, the sweetest, yet sexiest smile and— he’s positively gorgeous. The most beautiful being Yuuri has ever encountered, and this beautiful being loves Yuuri. Wow, he’s so lucky. Yuuri wants to know everything about Victor. His family, things he likes, places he wants to visit… Yuuri wants to know everything. 


“Yuuri?” Victor calls out when he notices Yuuri staring. “Yuuriiiiiii?” He calls again when he gets no response. Yuuri snaps from his trance. 


“H-Huh? Yeah?” 


“You’re staring.” Victor smiled in amusement as Yuuri’s cheeks turn bright red again. 


“Sorry, sorry!” Yuuri rushes to apologise. 


“What were you thinking about?” Asks Victor as he sips at his coffee, breakfast now polished off. 


“Oh— umm… j-just…” By the way Yuuri’s blush deepens and he stutters to answer, Victor has already concluded that whatever Yuuri was thinking about was probably about him. “What’s your favourite colour?” Asks Yuuri, gaze now averted to his half-eaten waffles as he cut up another piece. Victor’s brows raise - not quite what he expected, but nevertheless, he answers. 


“Probably burgundy. I also like tones of grey and when it comes to suits, black.” Victor says, and Yuuri supposes it makes sense, what with a grey turtleneck and black skinny jeans. “Why?”


“No reason.” Yuuri says, taking another bite of his breakfast. 


“What’s your favourite type of weather?” Yuuri asks not long later and Victor chuckles. 


“Probably snow and frost. Maybe it’s just the Russian blood though. What’s with twenty questions?” Victor asks. Something is on Yuuri’s mind and he wants to know what it is. He can see it on his face-- Yuuri is thinking about something that seemingly… bothers him. 


“Oh, umm… no reason.” Yuuri hurries to say, finishing off the rest of his breakfast. 


“Is something on your mind, Yuuri?” Asks Victor as he sips at his mocha. 


“No, no! It’s just that… We don’t really know a lot about each other and… I’m scared you won't really like me for me outside know…” Yuuri shrugs, hiding his face behind his mug. Victor softly smiles, hand sliding across the table to grasp Yuuri’s hand. 


“Then let’s spend some real time together and get to know each other.” A soft smile begins to spread across Yuuri’s face, colour painting his cheeks as Victor squeezes his hand. “So I can properly fall in love with all of you.” Yuuri’s heart flutters, his heart pounding in his ears. Victor’s smile is so sincere and genuine. Yuuri’s breath catches in his throat, eyes sparkling as he gazes across the table at Victor. Silently, he nods. Victor smiles.


“You really like me?” Yuuri utters. 


“Sure do.” Chuckles Victor. 




“Is it that hard to believe?” Victor isn’t really sure how to prove to Yuuri that yes, he does love him and no, it isn’t that unbelievable. He knows Yuuri is skeptical. It doesn’t surprise him in the slightest that Yuuri, at first, thought Victor was joking. It doesn’t surprise him that Yuuri has these doubts already. After all, the only real time they’ve spent together is between the sheets. But Victor truly is captivated by him and now he's even more eager to learn everything about Yuuri. Victor makes it his mission to find out something new about Yuuri each day until he knows everything. 


“No! Yes? I don’t really know. I guess I just never came here expecting to find someone who would love me.” Yuuri says with a bit of a scoff and a tiny smile. Victor chuckles.


“Well if it makes you feel any better, I didn’t start this year expecting to fall in love with someone in my class. I thought you were really interesting on that first day.” He says. “You were quiet, but hard working, and almost technically perfect.” Yuuri blushes a little at Victor’s compliment. “I’d never had a first year class with a dancer as well rounded as you until this year.” 


“Really?” Victor nods, and he can see a little flicker of confidence in Yuuri’s eyes. He can’t stop smiling and glowing. 


“Really.” Victor reassures. “And I want to learn all I can about you.” Yuuri has this adorable, soft expression on his face. One that makes Victor’s heart throb and swell because who would’ve guessed that behind the ballet dancer and behind the succubus was a timid, shy, yet positively adorable young man? Victor is truly mesmerised. 


“Come on, let’s head home. I think Makkachin might be missing us.” 


When they get back, Makkachin is asleep on the kitchen floor. Yuuri gazes around at the penthouse, properly this time. He’s never really seen anywhere other than the front room and the master bedroom. He can’t help it when his mind wanders straight to Victor bending him over the kitchen island, pounding into him over and over and— 


“What are you thinking about?” Yuuri almost jumps out of his skin. 


“Nothing! Nothing!” He hurries to say, face instantly flooding red. Victor smirks. 


“Were you thinking about something dirty, Yuuri?” Asks Victor, voice deep and sultry, yet so dulcet as he pulls Yuuri to the sofa and into his lap. Yuuri struggles to deny the accusation as he straddles Victor’s lap. 


“I-I—“ Victor’s hands run under his top, up and down his back before settling at his waist. “Mmh…” Yuuri whimpers. God, just Victor’s hands on his waist is enough to turn him on. His head falls forwards into Victor’s shoulder. 


“Answer me, baby.” Victor’s lips brush the shell of Yuuri’s ear and Yuuri literally jolts in his lap, shivers running down his spine. From Yuuri’s soft whimpers, he already knows what the answer is. But he wants to know exactly what Yuuri was thinking about. After all, he can’t fulfil Yuuri’s fantasies if he isn’t vocal about them. 


“You.” Yuuri breathlessly gasps. “Taking me.” Yuuri swallows heavily, inhaling shakily. “O-over the kitchen c-counter…” Yuuri’s almost embarrassed as his face nuzzles into Victor’s neck, hips beginning to grind against the growing tent in Victor’s jeans. 


“See?” Croons Victor. “That wasn’t difficult, was it?” His fingertips trace soft circles on the small of Yuuri’s back. “Our little puppy is asleep there at the moment, but I’ll make sure to keep it in mind for you.” Chuckles Victor, and Yuuri grumbles, now very, very horny and desperate for friction. 


His hands travel down Victor’s body and to his jeans, popping open the button and sliding down the zip. “Baby… what are you doing?” Victor asks, a dangerous edge to his voice. 


“Please?” Yuuri’s tiny voice whines as his hand cups Victor’s girth, confines in his boxers. “I just… want… mmfh…” Yuuri struggles with his words as Victor’s thumbs rub circles into the dip of his hips. “I just want to feel you.” Yuuri’s face is bright red as his hand gently moves up and down, rubbing Victor’s clothed length. 


“Mmmhh… my sweetling.” Coos Victor as one hand moves to cup Yuuri’s face, lifting his head for a kiss. Yuuri’s hands move from Victor’s clothed girth to the hem of his turtleneck, pulling it up his body and breaking their kiss to remove it. Victor’s hands move to Yuuri’s slacks, undoing the button and the zipper, tugging them down his ass to rest just below plush cheeks. Yuuri hastily gets up, tugging his trousers and underwear off before moving back into Victor’s lap, one hand cupping his face to kiss him. 


Victor freed his length from his boxers and Yuuri grasped it in his dainty hand, delicate fingers feeling the hot flesh in his palm. His knees lift as he guides the warm member to kiss his fluttering lips, still soft and slightly swollen from earlier. Carefully, he brings his hips down, enveloping the thickness in one swift move. The thick girth has Yuuri mewling, stretching his lips and resting in the velvety soft heat of his body.


Yuuri’s breath hitches against Victor’s lip as one hand moves down to his abdomen, feeling the slight firmness that wasn’t there before. Victor groans as Yuuri’s hand presses down, moaning as his hands hold Yuuri’s hips in place. “Tell me what you love about me.” Yuuri requests with a gasp as Victor’s hands squeeze his hips. He makes no effort to move them however, content to just sit in Victor’s lap. “Please…” 


Yuuri’s arms wrap around Victor’s neck, holding on tight as Victor’s arms tangle around Yuuri’s slender waist. At first, to Victor, it’s a bit of an unexpected request. But then it clicks. It seems like Yuuri… lacks some kind of confidence in himself when he isn’t dancing. It’s something he can ignore when he’s alone, but now that Victor has swept him off his feet, become another person in Yuuri’s life, perhaps he finds it hard to hide his insecurity. 


“Can I ask you something, Yuuri?” Yuuri nods. “Do you doubt me?” Yuuri gasps at the question. Hesitantly, Yuuri shakes his head. 


“No but…” Yuuri’s cunt flutters as he lets out a quiet moan. “Mmhh…” Yuuri gasps as Victor’s hips rut up just a little. 


“What is it, darling?” Victor asks, hands squeezing Yuuri’s hips comfortingly as he encourages Yuuri to speak his mind.


“I just… want to make sure you’re here to stay and… you aren’t going to leave me.” Anxiety, perhaps? Victor sighs softly, yet holds Yuuri close. 


“My sweet Yuuri… you’re truly beautiful. I love your soft face, your gorgeous body, and of course, your warm cunt.” Victor chuckles slyly as his hands run down to Yuuri’s ass, cupping the plush globes. It pulls a quiet mewl from Yuuri, his pussy twitching at the squeeze of Victor’s hands. “But as much as I love your body, your kind heart has captivated me. And okay, we’ve only been on two dates, but they’ve been some of the most enjoyable times I’ve ever had since coming to Paris.” Victor says fondly, and honestly, Yuuri’s heart is overflowing. 


“I want to spend as much time with you as I can. I want to be a part of your life for as long as you’ll have me, and if you’ll let me, I’d love to show you how much I love you.” Victor can feel Yuuri smiling against his neck as his hips begin to move against Victor’s softening length. But, it doesn’t take long for it to fill once more with Yuuri’s movement. 


“Show me.” Yuuri pleads, lips pressing against Victor’s neck with a chaste kiss, hips beginning to rock as his cunt squeezes Victor’s cock.


“My pleasure.” Victor stands, hands supporting Yuuri’s ass. Yuuri moans, the movement impaling him further on Victor’s cock as he sauntered to the bedroom, Yuuri in his arms. Yuuri’s lips attack his neck, mewling as the bounce of Victor’s step impales him further on Victor’s cock. 


Victor tosses Yuuri down onto the mattress with a soft thump before hastily rolling them over. Victor’s hands plunge into Yuuri’s hair, pulling him down for a heated, passionate kiss as Yuuri’s hips began to move, riding and rolling against the thickness buried inside of him. 


One of Yuuri’s hands moves to his abdomen, moaning into Victor’s lips as he feels the firmness of the alpha’s cock, sitting heavy inside of him. Victor groans lowly as Yuuri’s palm pushes down, feeling for the head of his cock through skin. 


“You’re so big inside me.” Yuuri preens against his lips, their noses brushing. “So thick and deep… Daddy…” He’s positively sultry, the epitome of Aphrodite. Victor squirms beneath him, hips bucking. “God, I can feel you in my stomach… so full…” Victor smirks, one hand trailing down Yuuri’s back to swipe through slick. 


“Yeah? You like feeling full?” Victor taunts as Yuuri lets out a loud whine, nodding into his shoulder. “You like feeling me inside you? Filling you to the brim?” As dirty, filthy words pulls whimpers from Yuuri, one hand spread his ass, a slick finger brushing Yuuri’s taint, twitching and desperate already. 


“Mmmmmmmhhhhh…” Yuuri lets out a long, drawn out moan as Victor’s fingertip breached his ass. 


“How about I fill you here too? How pretty you’d look, all plugged up for me. How does that sound?” Yuuri gasps for breath as his head viciously nods, Victor slipping into the warmth even further. God, he’s so tight, like nothing Victor has ever felt before. He could feel Yuuri sporadically pulse around his finger, attempting to suck him in yet push him out at the same time. Yuuri’s hips rocked, stuck between rocking forwards onto Victor’s member or backwards onto Victor’s finger. 


Yuuri’s ass would feel amazing around Victor’s dick, just thinking about it makes his hips rut up into his wet pussy, flooding even more with juice as Victor’s finger begins to move in and out slowly. 


“Ohh… It’s so tight… Daddy… Feels so good…” Yuuri breathlessly gasps as Victor’s finger slides out, picking up more of Yuuri’s slick before pushing back in. Yuuri’s mouth falls open in a silent moan as Victor pushes his finger the whole way in, pushing past the rings of muscle as Yuuri throbs fiercely around him. Oh, Yuuri feels so full, stuffed in both holes and the very thought makes his cunt flutter around Victor’s erection. 


Victor moans as his finger feels around, gently tracing down his length through the thin veil of flesh, separating Yuuri’s wet cunt from his burning anus. “God… Darling… you take everything I give you so damn well…” Victor praises through gritted teeth as Yuuri’s hips begin to pick up the pace, lifting up and down to ride the girth inside of him. 


“Ahh… ahh! Ohh… Daddy…” Yuuri moans heavily, gasping as Victor’s finger brushes a sensitive bundle of nerves, in time with the tip of his cock against his sweet spot. “God… want you… Daddy…” Yuuri headily pleads. “More… please Daddy… give me more…” Well, who is Victor to deny such a request? His fingertip slides free with a wet squelch as he picks up more of Yuuri’s juice, pushing two fingers past the puffy, pink rim.


Yuuri shrieks in pleasure, body immediately arching back into a beautiful curve. His body freezes to a standstill as he comes, squirting on Victor’s dick, sweet slick gushing all over his lap. Pearly fluid coats Yuuri’s stomach as his cocklet twitches, coming untouched. The tension was so high, Victor’s fingers filling him so well and brushing exactly where he needs.


“Fuck!” Victor swears loudly. Yuuri’s cunt convulses rhythmically with orgasm, milking his cock and spurting thick ropes of semen inside of him. Yuuri falls forwards on top of him, gasping for breath as he chuckles tiredly against Victor’s chest. Victor’s fingers gently slide out as Yuuri looks up at him. With a sinful smile, Victor licks his fingers with a slick noise, making a show as he moans around his fingers and Yuuri whimpers, pussy shivering around Victor’s softening dick.


“We are so doing that again next time…” Yuuri weakly demands. 


“Didn’t know if you'd like it, honestly.” Victor softly laughs. 


“Yeah, nor did I.” Yuuri chuckles breathlessly. “But god, I might be addicted.” And as soon as those words leave his lips, a dangerous smile crosses Victor’s face. 


“I can’t wait to play with your ass till you're begging, baby…” Victor says, tone dripping with dangerous seduction that makes Yuuri’s cunt twitch and dribble. 


“Your mouth is going to be the death of me…” Yuuri grumbles, face blushing as he tucked his head under Victor’s chin.


“Now,” Victor chuckles, “wouldn’t that be a way to go?”


Victor drives Yuuri home later that evening after taking him for dinner. It’s only Saturday, but Yuuri has a pile of laundry to do and a stack of notes to go over to prepare for the week. They share a sweet kiss, and Victor watches Yuuri go through the gate to his accommodation before pulling away. Already, he misses Yuuri’s presence. Just thinking about him puts the biggest smile on Victor’s face. It’s honestly crazy how hard and fast he’s fallen for Yuuri. 


Lilia has tasked him with assigning roles for The Nutcracker next December. She explicitly instructed that he only rewarded roles to people who deserved them. There’s three major roles up for grabs, and the rest are minor, but there’s one problem. Victor can only think of two people who actually deserve a role. The first one is Félicité— despite having some problems at the beginning of the year, and even now, Victor sees a lot of potential in her. She’s blossoming, and Victor thinks he can draw the rest of that potential out. 


The second one is, of course, Yuuri. From the very beginning Victor already could see how gifted and hard working Yuuri was. Victor cannot fault his work ethic or his technique. So with two candidates in mind, Victor now has to think about who gets which role. Yuuri would suit both. He’s adaptable like that. Félicité, he thinks, would be more comfortable as Clara. Her strengths lie in solo dancing. But Victor wants to push her. The role of the Sugar Plum Fairy requires extensive practice of the Pas de Deux, a dance they have briefly covered for The Nutcracker, but she’d have to learn it all again with a different partner. 


It isn’t a problem, Victor thinks. There’s plenty of time. But this isn’t just a show. It’s their first role in a proper ballet production. It’s one where perhaps, a dancer’s strengths take priority over pushing them. Because not only does he have to assign these roles, but he has to prove to Lilia that they were the right choices. There has to be a perfect balance between pushing their limits as dancers, and bringing forth their greatest abilities. And that balance mustn’t shift.


Victor’s mind wanders. Come next December, come The Nutcracker, Yuuri will be in his second year. This would be his first main role in a proper, professional ballet. They’re normally reserved for third years and professional danseurs— first and second years normally only get supporting roles; swans, woodland animals, banquet guests and the likes. Each year they only select three first years to take a main role in their second year. Normally, the decision is a toss up between a few candidates but this year? It’s even harder to just pick candidates. Victor sighs. There has to be someone else in the class who could take the third role. 


In the end, it takes Victor over an hour to come to a decision.


On Monday morning before class, Victor pitches his choices to Lilia. 


“You’re sure they’re right for these roles?” Lilia questions as Victor explains the reasons for his choice in dancers. 


“Yes, ma’am.” He responds. 


“You truly do not believe anyone else is deserving of the third role?” She asks, and Victor firmly shakes his head.


“Only two students have proven to me that they have got what it takes to take a main role straight out of their first year and into their second, ma’am. it’s just over a year before people will be flooding through our doors to see these dancers, they need to be chosen now.” Victor declares with confidence in his decision. 


“And you will find someone else in third year to take the last role then?” She asks. “You’ll have to see who is without a main role already.” 


“Actually, I’d like to take the role of the Prince myself, this time.” 




“The dancer I’ve chosen for the Sugar Plum Fairy is one who I’ve managed to draw confidence out of by partnering up with him.” Victor explains. “We are compatible to dance the Grand Pas de Deux together, and if I may, I’d like to insist that that is the most anticipated part.” Victor explains. It’s a very valid reason - aside from being able to dance, Victor would say there was nothing more important than trust and compatibility between dancers, especially for something as well anticipated as the Grand Pas de Deux.


“Do you lack confidence that this dancer could learn to dance with someone else?” Lilia’s eyes narrow as she asks, but Victor maintains his confidence in his decision. 


“Not at all. But I believe it keeps the balance between pushing them out of their comfort zone, whilst at the same time showcasing their strengths as dancers.” Lilia gives him a nod of approval. 


“And are you sure dancing for that long won’t aggravate your leg?” Victor shakes his head.


“I can go about an hour straight before it starts to hurt.” Victor says. “It’ll be okay.” He reassures. “Maybe I can’t dance at the level I used to, or as frequently as before, but I’ll be alright for a few shows in the month.” Lilia nods.


“I’ll prepare a rehearsal schedule.”


“Thank you, ma’am.”






“Don’t let me down.” Victor chuckles.


“Have I ever?” With that, Victor leaves her office to prepare for class. 


When he enters the studio, the class is lined up in front of the bar stretching. 


“Écoutez!” Victor calls. “Aujourd’hui je vais annoncer les rôles pour la production de Noël. Malheureusement, il n’y a que deux danseurs qui je sent mériter un rôle.” Victor says, eyes sharpening, almost in disappointment at the class. “I’ll be announcing the roles for the Christmas production. Unfortunately only two of you were able to prove to me that you deserve a main role.” He repeats in English. 


Yuuri’s heart almost explodes. Only two people managed to get a main role. He almost audibly gasps, praying to every god that one of those roles would be his. 


“Félicité van de Bardin, venez ici.” Yuuri could feel how nervous she was from three people away. “Félicitations, tu a gagné le rôle de Clara.” With the huge sigh of relief and smile on her face, Yuuri doesn’t need to understand French to know she got the part for Clara. Yuuri still hopes he has a chance. 


“Yuuri Katsuki, step forwards.” Yuuri almost gasps in surprise, heart pounding as he steps forwards. “Congratulations, you'll be dancing as the Sugar Plum Fairy.” Victor smiles, and Yuuri lets out the biggest sigh of relief, a huge grin on his face. He could swear he was about to cry tears of joy. Finally, his hard work is paying off. He just has to keep going. 


“Tous les autres, travaillez plus forts.” 


Yuuri still can’t believe he managed to get a role. He can’t wait to tell his family. Oh, he’s ecstatic. But then a thought crossed his mind. Did Victor choose him because of their relationship? Then Yuuri’s heart drops. God, Yuuri hopes that isn’t the case at all. 


“For the last few weeks we’ve been working on pas de deux. Today we’re going over the rest of the pas de deux for The Nutcracker. Even though the roles have been filled it’s still important to know this dance. It’s a staple.”


Victor can tell Yuuri’s distracted when they dance together. He seems more distant today, and Victor can’t quite see why. He doesn’t look as focussed as he usually is, and something tells Victor it isn’t nerves from his part. 


“Yuuri?” Yuuri doesn’t respond, he continues to just… dance right into Victor’s arms. “Yuuri?” Yuuri almost startles. 




“Is something on your mind?” Asks Victor as Yuuri spins on his pointes into Victor’s arms. 


“No.” Murmurs Yuuri. Victor sighs. He can tell Yuuri’s lying, but he doesn’t press. He doesn’t want Yuuri to feel pressured into opening up if he isn’t ready. 


“Did you pick me because you believe in me or just because of who I am to you?” Yuuri quietly murmurs a few moments later. Ahh, so that’s what it was. Victor smiles. 


“I picked you because you’re technically perfect. You’re adaptable, you’re strong, you’re elegant.” Victor explains as he holds Yuuri by his waist, lifting him before setting him back down. “You dance with emotion and you tell the best stories with ballet.” Victor says. “At first I thought about assigning you to Clara, but I know you can do better than that.” Victor smiles reassuringly. “Though one of the reasons I assigned you with the Sugar Plum Fairy is admittedly a little selfish.” Victor softly chuckles. “I want to dance with you on stage.” Yuuri’s heart is going crazy, pounding in his ears and threatening to jump out of his chest.




“Really.” Victor smiles. 


“But what about your leg?” Asks Yuuri. “You haven’t danced in a show for a long time.” Yuuri points out as he kicks his leg up. 


“I could never do weekly shows all year round constantly like I used to, that’s true.” Victor says. “But I can do a few over Christmas.” The smile on Victor’s face is contagious as Yuuri grins. 


“If you’re sure, then I look forward to it.” Yuuri has never asked about Victor’s career ending injury. He always thought maybe it was a sensitive topic, one Victor did not like to bring up. But he’ll admit, he’s definitely curious. What toppled Victor Nikiforov from the stage, once a contender for the most desirable danseur in the ballet world?


That evening, Yuuri and Victor don’t meet, for reasons mostly concerning a very busy schedule on Victor’s part. Yuuri, however, is incredibly bored. He’s already finished the work for his theory class on Wednesday, he’s done his laundry and eaten, and now he’s just bored. With a grumble, he rolled over onto his back, grabbing his phone. 


To: Victor 💖💦

I’m boreddddddddd 


Surprisingly, Yuuri gets a reply almost instantly. 


From: Victor 💖💦

Sorry… work calls. Lilia wants me to take care of the rehearsal schedule even though she said she was going to do it!! 😩


Yuuri pouts. 


To: Victor 💖💦

How much longer till I can get on your nerves? 🥺🥺


From: Victor 💖💦

Gimme an hour or two to finish these off and I’ll phone 💕


About ten minutes later, Yuuri tries to bug him again. 


To: Victor 💖💦

Miss you 💝


From: Yuuri 💕💫

Miss you 💝


Victor chuckles at the text. Something Victor has recently learnt about Yuuri is that he’s quite clingy, mostly when he’s bored and alone. He’s so sweet, Victor thinks. Seriously though, Yuuri really doesn’t have anything to do? With a sweet smile, he texts back. 


To: Yuuri 💕💫

Just a bit longer, promise, I’ll phone when I’m done. Miss you too 💕


At first, Victor considers phoning him, but he can’t spoil Yuuri like that now, can he? In fact, Victor thinks he might already have spoilt him. But can you blame him? Yuuri is honestly the most beautiful, enticing man Victor has ever met. 


Putting his phone away, Victor turns his attention back to the rehearsal schedule. He has to consider the first year’s class schedule, as well as the second and third year class schedules. There’s so many clashes, Victor doesn’t even know where to start with them. 


Yuuri has now discovered that getting Victor’s attention while he’s invested in work is very, very difficult. But Yuuri admires that. Victor’s hardworking and determined, and it’s one of the many qualities he has that Yuuri admires. With a defeated sigh, Yuuri patiently waits. 


True to his word, about an hour later, a call from Victor comes in. Yuuri scrambles to pick up the phone. 


“Hey, baby.” Victor coos softly. 


“Hi.” Yuuri says with a smile. 


“Everything alright? Still bored?” Asks Victor. Yuuri chuckles. 


“Very bored. I just wanted to hear your voice.” He sighs. 


“Aww. You’re sweet.” Victor fondly laughs. “I’m still working on the schedules, but I’ll probably leave it where it is for tonight.” Victor says with a soft sigh. “As long as they get done just before Christmas in a few weeks it’ll be okay. Rehearsals for The Nutcracker will be starting in February after this years show.” He informs. “ Have you eaten?” 


“Wow. Whoever is in both this year and next years shows are phenomenal.” Yuuri sighs admirably. “Yeah, I had a very boring chicken salad.” Yuuri says with a frown. “I need to go food shopping on Wednesday. Kind of running out of food.” 


“They’re all hard workers. They do get a break between the end of the shows and the start of rehearsals for the next, though.” Explains Victor. “Do you have enough for tomorrow?” Victor asks.


“Yeah, I think so. I’ll be okay till Wednesday.” 


“I’ll take you to dinner tomorrow after class.” Yuuri almost squeals in protest. 


“What? No, you can’t, you took me out yesterday.” He mumbles with a pout that he knows Victor can’t see, but he can hear. 


“Don’t pout.” Laughs Victor. “Fine, come over and I’ll cook for you instead.” A home cooked dinner from Victor? How domestic. It makes Yuuri’s heart throb and his face heat up. 


“O-okay.” Yuuri smiles, heart beating up his throat as his breath catches in his throat. 


“Great. You can come home with me after class and I’ll cook. Anything in particular you want? I can go shopping between classes.” Victor asks, and Yuuri shakes his head, before realising Victor can’t actually see. 


“No, anything you’ll make I’ll eat.” Yuuri promises. Then he pauses. “Umm… are you free over the Christmas holiday?” He asks shyly. 


“I am after this year’s Christmas show. I have to supervise the dress rehearsals from mid November to the first week of December.” Victor explains. “ This Christmas is Swan Lake, but I’ll tell you now I’m more looking forward to you in next Christmas’ show.” Chuckles Victor, and Yuuri’s breath hitches. 


“I love Swan Lake.” Yuuri squeaks. 


“You do? I always get tickets free for the Christmas production but never anyone to go with.” Yuuri feels his heart pounding in his chest, blood throbbing in his ears as air gets stuck in his throat. “This year is no exception. Would you like to come with me?” Yuuri stutters. 


“I— erm… can… is that… are you sure that’s allowed?” Yuuri questions. 


“Lilia would probably frown if she saw us.” Victor chuckles. “But she can’t get rid of her favourite dancer. I’d make life hell for her.” He jokes. “Don’t worry about it.” Victor says. “ I’ve known her all my life, I assure you, it’ll be okay. ” Yuuri almost chokes on spit. Victor has known the former prima ballerina his whole life?! Woah. He makes a note to ask about it later.


“Then… I’d love to come with you.” Yuuri is absolutely giddy with joy. 


“Mark your calendar then, twentieth of December at seven p.m.”