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Jungkook sighed softly, eyes anchored on Kim Taehyung's face - well what he could see of it in the dark, his face resting on his palm as he munched on some popcorn. Taehyung hadn't even noticed his staring, too engrossed in the film on the tv.

It wasn't the first sight that had escaped the younger's lips that night.

And it was always for the same reason - this weird tug of want he felt each time his gaze landed on the man next to him.

Jungkook liked him, he concluded easily, maybe a bit too much, really.

''Junggook, have you seen that ?'' Taehyung whispered, in his thick french accent, gripping tightly on a pillow. The sound barely reached Jungkook's mind, he was elsewhere already--daydreaming. He wondered Taehyung would look in his baby blue hoodie, what it weird ?

Jungkook had never been really good with feelings, how to react to them, mostly. What do you do when you're in love ? Was he even in love ? He's been pinning after Taehyung for months now—What was the first step ? Ask him out ? Tell him about how his eyes reminded him of a puppy's ? How the way he said words with his French accent made Jungkook feel some type of way in the pit of his stomach ?

Maybe ask him out ? He thought. Yeah, he'd do that, he'd ask Taehyung out.

what if he said no ?

But Jungkook was just being silly, and paranoid, and anxious over nothing. They had had already reached a point in their relationship where he knew that they were more than just friends. Did friends even kiss on the cheek when they meet ?

However, he quickly remembered that kisses on the cheek were a way of greeting in France. Kim Taehyung came from France and only moved in Seoul a few years prior.

Jungkook deflated. He didn't know to take those—those signs Taehyung seeemed to send him. Taehyung was bubbly and charismatic and also irresistibly flirty—with everyone.

But those insistent and heavy stares Jungkok caught him send him a few times, was it for everyone too ?! His face heated.

He scooted himself a bit closer to Taehyung on the couch. Not for a particular reason other than the want to smell his scent that he got accustomed to very well.

Taehyung smelled like lavender soap.

He closed his eyes, inhaling his smell. He had always been sensitive to odors and the fact that Taehyung always smelled fresh and good made him incredibly attractive to his eyes. He felt oddly comfortable like that.

He got startled when, as soon as he opened his eyelids, Taehyung's eyes were bored in his with such intensity that Jungkook found himself intimidated, almost wailing.

He could hear own his heart beating as he gulped harshly, Taehyung's quick eyes seemed to quickly follow the movement of his adam apple bopping.

It was in those, sexually charged moments that Jungkook wondered if Taehyung liked him, maybe, a little.

He breathed in.

''Our pupils dilate when we look at someone we like,'' Taehyung suddenly said, and Jungkook's stare went to his lips, nearly automatically. His pink, glossy lips, how would they feel on his ?

Jungkook nodded, but had barely registered the words he uttered. He felt lost, like in a daze. Taehyung spoke with the same accent but he wasn't the cute little librarian Jungkook knew. It was like he was someone else at that moment. He sweated confidence and sex appeal, looking straight into his eyes with such determination Jungkook didn't know what to do of his heart.

Taehyung seemed to hardly mind the man's gaze on his lips, he moved closer, their faces were close, not that close, but close enough for Jungkook to notice the mole on his lips.

''Jungkook,'' he licked his goddamn sexy lips and Jungkook's breath hitched, ''Are my pupils dilated ?''

Jungkook blinked, following Taehyung's unsaid order and bring his gaze back to his eyes. They were so—deep and dark, that Jungkook thought he could get lost in them for a minute. He couldn't even seen Taehyung's pupil.

''Y-yeah'' he choked out, his own voice coming out weak and shuddered.

Taehyung smiled, Jungkook swore his eyes were glowing for a hot second.

''Your pupils are dilated too.''

And with that, he went back to watching the film, taking the bowl of popcorn from Jungkook's hand too, his round glasses sliding off the bridge of his nose slightly.

Jungkook was getting whiplash. He blinked at the confident and hot Taehyung disappeared and the cute librarian was back.

Jungkook met Taehyung had his local library, a few months ago. They were both college students, Taehyung being that cute boy with the french accent that worked part time at a library.

Jungkook had never been slick.

He thought he was, however, he thought he hadn't been obvious in his interest in Taehyung. Taehyung noticed quickly, quite easily. He found it funny, at first, then Jungkook kind of got under his skin. The boy was cute, he'd give him that. Taehyung would pretend to be oblivious and just play along with his lame attempts at flirting.

He didn't think much of Jungkook and he wasn't really interested in a relationship - but seeing him so motivated to try and keep a conversation with him quickly frustrated him.

The boy couldn't even look at him the eyes.

He still didn't know why he agreed to give him his number.

Jungkook warmed up fast to him, and Taehyung had to admit that he was enjoying the younger's presence more than he anticipated. At some point, the way Jungkook genuinely cared for his well-being and his happiness made him some way, a little tingling in the pit of his stomach at first, then hundreds of butterflies in his stomach.

Taehyung decided that maybe he really liked Jungkook's clumsy way of courting him.

He also decided that maybe he should stop playing hard to get.

They concatenated hang outs and everything that went with it, they did everything around the spectrum of 'two bros hanging out'. Jungkook was whipped, he knew it, he was crazy for Taehyung. Though the one who was really to be pitied was Jimin, friend with both Jungkook and Taehyung (he met Taehyung through Jungkook), who had to bear Jungkook's monologue on how insane he felt for Taehyung and also listen to Taehyung's whining when Jungkook wasn't giving him enough attention, because, yes, Taehyung was waiting.

Jimin had always told Jungkook to go for it and get that D. For Jungkook it was going too fast, five months wasn't enough to get with someone if you're planning a long term relationship with them. Actually, he didn't fucking know, he was just being a coward.

Jungkook was trying to pay attention to the horror film as much as Taehyung was.

Taehyung was literally shaking like a leaf. And he was the one that proposed watching a scary film ! Jungkook found it hard to believe this was the same that stared at him like he was going to eat him whole a minute ago. He pushed the thought in the back of his head and internally chuckled at how adorable he looked.

He mustered all the courage he had left, and locked his hand with Taehyung's shyly, in a reassuring way. Taehyung seemed to barely register the weight of his action as he snuggled to Jungkook's chest, inhaling in scent loud enough Jungkook to hear. He smelled like lemons.

Jungkook knew Taehyung could hear his heartbeats. What surprised him, however, was to feel—)more than notice) that Taehyung's heartbeats were as fast as his and that the blush on his cheeks matched his too.

Taehyung was  just  frightened .

Jungkook didn't even mind all of that, it had became harder to concentrate on the movie, sure but it was worth it.

Taehyung wasn't even watching the tv anymore, not really. It was scarier than he thought, and he had found something more interesting.

Teasing Jungkook.

It was nice to see how perfectly his hand fitted in his, it even sent a nice warmth in his chest he couldn't describe as unpleasing. However, he had something else in mind. He untangled their fingers and put Jungkook's hand on his own waist. He didn't even need to see his reaction to know that the boy was probably staring at him, mouth agape. This didn't stop him from making himself comfortable on his lap though, facing him, locking his hand behind Jungkook's neck for stability.

Confusion and hesitation seemed to flicker in Jungkook's pupils and it made Taehyung frustrated and upset.

When would he get the fucking hint ?

Taehyung was horny !

Taehyung crossed his legs behing his back, like a koala, bringing himself closer than he already was.

Jungkook's brain was working a mile a minute. he became way too aware of the hands on his sensitive neck and the fact his crotch was extremely close to Taehyung's—

Jungkook wished he didn't have such a graphic mind - because it did nothing to ignore the dirty thought he'd just had.

They stayed silent, lost in their thoughts. Jungkook stared at Taehyung closely, his beautiful doe eyes, his bright pink lips, his small frame, his thin waist, his perky ass he could feel resting on his thighs--he quickly shook his head what was he even thinking about ? He was going insane, Taehyung was too much for him.

Taehyung tsked at the lack of action from the younger who was just sitting stiff letting Taehyung have his way with him. He was like putty in his hands, Taehyung knew it. He played with the em of Jungkook's shirt unconsciously, slightly anxious as he traced small circles on the his muscled thigh with his other hand, really close to his crotch area—He bit on his lips, he wanted to say it--

''When are you going to finally tell me you're head over heels for me, kiss me, then make love to me ?'' he suddenly blurted out. It seemed that his patience and frustration had reached its limits. He had to take the leads since Jungkook's pace was definitely too slow.

His heart reacted before his mind did hearing 'make love to me' with that adorable French accent that he loved so much.


Since when had he known  that Jungkook was crazy about him ?

He hadn't expected Taehyung to be so—straight-forward - it was—surprising.

His surprised-laugh mixed with his coughs.

Taehyung scoffed and crossed his arms before Jungkook put both of his hands on his waist and stared at him for a few seconds, testing the waters. His eyes were as dark as coal and also a little sparkling as he showed off his bunny smile that Taehyung liked a bit too much.

''Je suis fou de toi.'' he mumbled in a broken French, but the effects were the same, a wave of heath hit Taehyung's lower belly and his heart skipped a beat.

Taehyung leaned in and pressed his lips on his--l-short and sweet. Jungkook's lips tasted like bubblegum chapstick and Taehyung couldn't get enough of it. He kissed him again, deepening the exchange. He bit on Jungkook's lip just to hear him moan slid in his tongue inside. It was messy and Jungkook was out of breath but they couldn't care less.

They both had been waiting for far too long. And it translated in the way they kissed, it was burning with desire but also irrevocably loving. Taehyung's lips were just too sweet and too soft for Jungkook to ever get tired of them. Taehyung felt like his inside were swirling in his stomach. He rutted slightly against Jungkook who groaned lowly at that

They only stopped to catch their breaths, and even so Jungkook's lips were still on Taehyung, just on his neck this time, leaving a few love bites.

''Be mine.'' Jungkook whispered against his neck, and the latter could only nod vigorously as he felt like he continued grinding against him. His own member hardening in his pants.