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1) You are here.

2) Dress up

  • Chubby Aziraphale in lingerie, by request. He's somehow still very chaste while going sans bottoms!
  • Femme Crowley in (and out of) lingerie. The Louboutins stay on.
  • CW: nudity

3)  Halo

  • Ineffable wives! Aziraphale loves to totally unravel her wife because it gets her old halo going.
  • CW: nudity, face-sitting, oral sex

4) Throne

  • No miracling yourself free, darling, or your angel will put an end to the fun.
  • CW: nudity, visible genitalia, bondage

5) Strawberry

  • Aziraphale submits to the mortifying ordeal of being known.
  • CW: nudity, visible genitalia, vaginal fingering, clit play

6) Shibari

  • Crowley in shibari, by request. Collab with thunderheadfred.
  • CW: nudity, bondage

7) Overstimulated

  • Crowley says "one more" and they both know it's never just one more. Lots of praise and smoochy aftercare 💛
  • CW: nudity, visible genitalia, clit play, penetration, oral sex, forced orgasms

8) Gold ring

  • By request, Crowley gets edged until he's ready to discorporate.
  • CW: nudity, visible genitalia, clit play, edging, orgasm denial

9) Look up

  • Aziraphale's going to make Crowley forget his own name.
  • CW: nudity, visible genitalia, clit play, vaginal fingering, oral sex

10) Forced orgasms

  • The more you struggle, Crowley, the longer this is going to take.
  • CW: nudity, clit play, penetration, bondage, forced orgasm

11) Aftercare

  • Aziraphale showers Crowley with some well-deserved aftercare.
  • CW: none, really. It's just cute!

12) Sweater

  • Crowley can't resist her wife's pillow-soft bosom, but if she stretches that sweater, so help her...
  • CW: nudity

13) Sounding

  • Aziraphale introduces Crowley to sounding (carefully, and with explicit consent)
  • CW: nudity, visible genitalia, light bondage, oral sex, sounding (insertion)

14) Wings

  • Angel, your wings are a mess
  • CW: none

15) Pull my hair and tell me I'm pretty

  • Aziraphale get a handful of Crowley's pretty long hair
  • CW: nudity, visible genitalia, anal sex


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