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jimin sucks at pranks

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Jimin is hiding behind the door waiting for Jungkook to return home.

He makes eye contact with the camera lens he has hidden behind the bowl that sits on their entry room table and realizes how truly dumb this entire idea is.

Jungkook left this morning to go help some friends with some filming leaving Jimin all alone to work on his own youtube video by himself.

Jungkook is never gone for long periods of time like this so whenever he is, Jimin always ends up letting his chaotic side win. Today he decided that he wants to prank his boyfriend.

Jimin has never been good at pranks.

For the past three hours, he’s been moving the future out of the living room, hanging streamers off the ceiling, and getting bubbles and confetti all over the floor.

Yes, Jimin decided to prank his boyfriend of three years by making a surprise prom for him to return home to.

It’s the worst looking prom Jimin has ever seen too, he feels like laughing everytime he sees how sad the entire setup looks. It definitely looks like he set this up within three hours

He thinks Jungkook is going to be mad when he sees the mess that Jimin made. How all the living room furniture is currently in their kitchen and how you can’t even walk on the floor since it’s covered in slippery bubbles.

He prays he’s not too mad, even though that would make a hilarious video.

His thoughts are brought back to the present when he hears Jungkook finally walking up to the door, his heavy camera equipment banging against the railings to their stairs.

Jimin feels a rush of anticipation go through him and straightens out his god awful piano tie that he found at party city and gets ready to pounce.

The door swings open and Jimin jumps up.

“WILL YOU GO TO PROM WITH ME?” Jimin yells, thrusting a bouquet of flowers into Jungkook’s surprised face.

Jungkook stumbles back, the weight of his camera equipment almost toppling him over. He stares at Jimin with wide doe eyes until he bursts into laughter.

“What the...what is this?” Me manages to get out between laughs.

“We’re going to prom.” Jimin says simply.

His boyfriend looks confused at his words but starts smiling once he sees him pick up the hidden camera.

Jimin wraps his hand around Jungkook’s bicep and starts leading him into the next room, the younger setting down all of his bags in the process.

Jungkook starts laughing harder once he sees the living room in all of it’s cheap prom-like glory.

“Be careful,” Jimin says, slowly stepping into the room “It’s very slippery.”

“Slippery?” Jungkook asks right as he slips on the floor.

“What the fuck did you do?” Jungkook laughs at he finally manages to right himself up.

“I got a bubble machine and they got all over the floor.” Jimin pouts “The fog machine didn’t work.”

Jungkook doesn't even question the fact that Jimin had tried and failed at using a fog machine.

“Anyway,” Jimin says, shuffling over to the small table where he had placed the punch “Let’s have something to drink.”

Jungkook takes a plastic red solo cup and dips it into the huge punch bowl Jimin had filled and takes a sip. His face immediately contorts.

“Oh my god, what the fuck is in this?” Jungkook exclaims, looking down into the cup like it killed his entire family.

“Vodka and lemonade ...I haven’t tasted it yet…...I might have put too much vodka in there though.” Jimin admits.

Jungkook holds the cup out to him, offering him a drink of the cursed liquid.

The drink barely tastes like lemonade. Oops.

“Okay, now we have to dance!” Jimin exclaims, despertly wanting to get as far away from the quote un-quote “punch” he made. He sets the camera down on the table so it faces the middle of the room and presses play on his phone that’s connected to the small bluetooth speaker he’s set in the corner of the room.

The sound of Jimin’s voice echoes through the room. Since copyright claim is a thing, he decided to record his own song. It’s basically a mashup of all the 80s songs he could remember while he was recording.

Jungkook starts laughing again but this time he’s staring at Jimin with terribly fond eyes. Jimin has to look away.

“Okay, let’s dance.” Jungkook says softly, pulling the elder into his arms.

They begin to rock slowly back and forth, not really able to do anything more involved thanks to the bubble covered floor. Not that Jimin minded being in Jungkook’s arms like this anyway.

“Are you mad?” He asks, making a weak gesture to the mess he’s created.

“What? Of course not!” Jungkook says softly “I know neither of us went to prom in high school and even though this is very chaotic, it’s still thoughtful.”

Jimin smiles and buries his head into his boyfriend’s neck. Of course he would turn this into such a sweet and sentimental moment. Even with this entire mess around them.

“You’re so cheesy” Jimin whines, not bothering to lift his head.

Jungkook giggles and starts petting the top of Jimin’s head. “I love you so much, I can’t help being cheesy.”

The two sway in silence for a while, the moment romantic even with Jimin’s horrific homemade song playing in the background.

“I’m glad you came to prom with me.” Jimin finally says as the song comes to an end.

“I’m glad you asked me.” Jungkook responds, eyes sparkling.

Jimin detaches himself from his boyfriend to turn the camera off and immediately turns back around to jump into his arms and press their lips together.

As Jungkook is carrying him up the stairs bridal style joking that he can’t let his prom date’s feet touch the floor Jimin thinks that he’s so lucky he’s found someone like him.

And it’s in these weird moments they share that Jimin thinks he could really spend the rest of his life with this man.