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Solace Rejects

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Izuku was done playing with the thought of being a hero.

Today was the breaking point for him. Kacchan.. No, Bakugo. Bakugo destroyed his notebook, burnt his shoulder through the uniform, and told him to jump off the roof. Izuku thought that everything was still fine until he almost got legitimately killed by a sludge villain who forced the breath right out of him. He thought he was going to die, not being able to say goodbye to his mother..

But then, All Might saved him. And maybe he would be different than the others. Be different from all the people who told him to give up on his dreams. So Izuku reached out after All Might gave him his autograph. Izuku asked his favorite pro hero, his childhood idol, a question. If someone was quirkless, do they have a chance of being a hero? He said no.

Izuku laughed bitterly at himself as his body slid to the floor. Of course! OF FRICKING COURSE! All Might says that someone quirkless could work with the police or be a doctor, but being a hero would be too ‘dangerous’. He knew he was getting his hopes up for too long.

Now here he was crying in his living room.

The unending taunts grew louder in his head that he wouldn’t amount to anything unless he had a quirk. Unless he was somebody.

Izuku took a deep breath in and exhaled, calming himself down. He got up from the ground and made his way to his room.

Izuku didn’t know what he wanted to really do. All he knew was that he had frustrations to get out, both sadness and anger.

He remembered that his father told him that the best way to deal with emotions is with music. Hisashi, his father, had sent over a beautifully crafted guitar when he was 12 years old. It had a painted letter on the back of the guitar that read ‘I’m your number one fan! Love, Dad.’

He took out the guitar from the edge of his closet. The dark brown handle complemented the light green that painted the guitar. Tiny gold metallic stars were placed randomly on the body of the instrument. Izuku turned it over to read the message his father had left for him once upon a time.

Izuku made sure to wipe a tear from his eye before strumming lightly at the strings, tuning it where he wanted it to be. He paused before he played, ‘Mom loves to listen to me sing. Let me record this for her to watch when she comes back from work.’ He thought to himself, getting a camera he got a few years back on Christmas from his mother. She thought it might be easier for him to record hero fights. Now, it was being used for a gift just for her.

Izuku clicks the recording button before hurrying to his spot on his bed. His picked up the light green guitar decorated with shiny yellow stars. He began strumming the strings of his guitar,starting off a little rusty before getting the hang of the melody. After a few moments of music, he started to sing a song that his father used to sing to him.

Breath stopped at 5AM, like a permeating calm,
You bite your nails, standing by the emergency exit—which way is tomorrow? THE DAY HAS COME!

Izuku’s voice starts off strong, but got louder as soon as he belted out the last four words. His movements on the guitar got faster for the next lyrics. His facial movements showing how focused he is by his closed eyes at the last drawn out word. He starts playing his guitar as an instrumental break before taking on the next lyrics.

Nights that never end… endlessly falling rain…
Both exist in this terrible world.
So it’s not odd in the slightest: you’re always tripping up, half-asleep!
Though I’m really not trying to criticize you for it
Playing alone in your fantasy world… will you still feel embarrassed about the things you imagine there?

Izuku sang his heart out.

This maze is tangled, so tangled—are you really still planning to go?
The sound of a bell, played by a tiny adventurer, signals a new beginning!
Even your destination: DON’T KNOW DON’T KNOW! Are you sure you aren’t scared?
But each step you take will change you: THE DAY HAS COME!

The music got even more powerful with each word, Izuku got more expressive. He wasn’t sad anymore, just letting his anger turns into strong chords. His face showing off the intensity he is putting into each word.

This maze is tangled, so tangled—are you really still planning to go?
The sound of a bell, played by a tiny adventurer, signals a new beginning!
Even your destination: DON’T KNOW DON’T KNOW! Are you sure you aren’t scared?
But each step you take will change you: THE DAY HAS COME!

Izuku’s fingers danced on the strings, bringing out the amazing melody before continuing with his voice to the camera. He knew the last part was coming up, he decided to end it bigger than the beginning was. He focused to really bring the best passion into the last of it.

Your horrible predictions are morphing into the truth: so CRY ON, CRY ON!
Real survivors, with undying effort, stab each other in the back.
Those who survive are the winners, and “fairness” is but an illusion!
While the Secret Hunter, creeping your way, tells of worldly affairs;
He sharpens his claws on the emergency exit—which way is tomorrow? THE DAY HAS COME!

Izuku ended the last words with flourish, his hands playing the last tune of the song before resting on the guitar. He smiled at the camera before turning the video off.

After that, he saved the video on the computer and did all the editing and such that it needed. After it was finished, he shrugged and considered putting it on his online channel. He only made it when he was like six to keep on rewatching the All Might fight. From there, he just scoured HeroTube for hero fights, hero rescues, hero interviews, and just about everything he could find out about heroes.

He only had one subscriber in it which was his mom. So she would see it when he posted it. ‘What happens if other people found it?’ He thought for a brief moment. No, that couldn’t happen. Bakugo didn’t make a channel and Izuku’s channel name was MightFan626. There was millions of channels on this website. Nobody would pay attention to him, he was fine. It’s not like anyone would care about his video. It’s not like anyone would watch it anyway.


After dinner, he showed his video to his mother, who said how amazing his voice when he sang.

“You sound better than your father,” Inko complimented, watching her son from the screen. She was so tickled pink to hear her son’s beautiful voice.

“Thanks mom,” Izuku replied before his face turned more serious, “Hey, can I ask you something?”

“Yes? What is it?” Inko asked.

Izuku took a deep breath and responded, “I don’t want to go to UA.”

Inko’s face was surprised, she questioned loudly, “What?! I thought that was your dream?”

“It doesn’t matter to me that much anymore. I was actually planning on checking any high schools that offer an online program for me to do.” Izuku explained to his shocked mother.

“Oh, okay. But.. Are you sure?” Inko asked.

Izuku smiled, “I’m sure of it. Don’t worry.”

“Alright, but let me know if you change your mind.” Inko added before exiting her son’s room

“Yes, mom.” Izuku called out to her.


It was morning, the birds were chirping to the new day, inviting the welcoming sunlight.

Izuku stretched from the sound of his alarm, tiredly slamming his hand on the snooze button. He rubbed his eyes to get rid of the sleepiness. But he noticed a beeping sound like the sound of a default notification. ‘What?’ He thought when he heard the noise. “Wait. I don’t have friends. What is making that noise?” He said to himself, looking around to see anything out of the ordinary.

He landed on the suspect being the computer since the sound was the loudest in that direction. He opened the computer, “50,000?!” He screamed out at the sight of the number of notifications.

“Where are they coming from?” He asked, before noticing the icon on each. “Oh no.”

Izuku opened HeroTube to his channel which now had 50,000 subscribers. His eyes were wide open in astonishment before he opened up his video to see how many view it had...100,000 views?!

What?! When did this happen?!