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La Petite Fatalité

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Liu Kang was an endless source of frustration for Kung Lao. Whether it was because of his perfect fighting technique, his flawless hair, his handsome face, his chiselled body, his heartwarming smile, or how the Shaolin praised his patience and humility while decrying Lao’s supposed lack of those same qualities, everything he did seemed to only emphasise how much better he was than Lao.

But what frustrated Lao most of all was just how amazing Liu Kang was in bed.

They’d been each other’s firsts, back when they had still been teenagers, and Liu’s sexual prowess had only improved since then. Lao was more than capable of getting Liu off, of course, but no matter how many times they’d have sex, Lao would always come first. Whether he was giving or receiving, above him or below him, in bed or in the baths, using his mouth or his hands or both – Liu Kang’s stamina won out every single time. So desperate at this stage was Lao for some sort of victory over his closest friend and rival that he would’ve settled for a simultaneous orgasm between the two of them. But it never seemed to happen: even if Liu only lasted a few moments longer than Lao, those scant seconds made all the difference to him.

But he was determined that this time would be different. The moment the two of them had stepped into the bedroom, Lao turned on his friend and practically pounced – lunging for him and pinning him to the back of the door, pushing him up against it and crushing their lips together. Liu Kang grunted in surprise, but eagerly returned the kiss, lifting his legs up when Lao’s hands gripped the bottom of his thighs. Lao picked him up and carried him over to the bed, still joined to him by the lips, before laying him down atop the sheets and setting to work in removing his clothes.

“You’re very eager tonight,” Liu Kang commented, watching as Kung Lao shucked him free of his clothes, leaving him totally naked on the bed. “Long day, was it?”

Lao fiddled with his own clothes and began taking them off as quickly as he could. “Just hungry.”

“So it would appear.” Liu’s eyes zeroed in on the thick bulge in Lao’s pants, a smile tugging his lips as the pants dropped to the floor and Lao’s cock was revealed.

“I’m going to make you scream tonight,” Lao promised. “Sound good to you?”

Liu grinned at him. “I hope so.”

Lao held back an irritated grunt, deciding instead to climb onto the bed, crawling over Liu Kang’s waiting form and rest atop him, their bodies becoming flush together as their lips met yet again. Even when it came to kissing, Liu Kang was perfect – he always knew just when to take the lead, or when to let himself by guided by Lao’s mouth. Kung Lao held back his frustration as he detached himself from Liu’s lips, moving down past his jaw to his neck, kissing the soft flesh there and relishing the way Liu’s Adam’s apple bobbed as he groaned. He knew all of his friend’s most sensitive places – his neck, his nipples, his navel, between his buttocks. Lao made sure he stimulated them all, his mouth and fingers working overtime to ensure Liu was driven wild with need. The minutes ticked steadily by, and Kung Lao grinned with triumph as Liu gradually became more and more desperate with each pleasurable touch.

“L-Lao...” Liu Kang gasped as Lao’s oil-slick fingers pressed firmly against his hole, loosening him up, easing him open. “I...I need you. Please...!”

Lao stuck his tongue out through his teeth as he shifted position on the bed, moving against Liu’s body until their thighs brushed. “Say it. I want to hear you.”

Liu Kang let out a frustrated hiss. “Lao, if you don’t fuck me right now, I swear by all the Elder Gods that- ah!

His words were cut off by Kung Lao slipping inside him, his head squeezing past his entrance and penetrating him deeply. Liu’s jaw dropped as Lao pushed himself in deeper and deeper, oil easing his entry, until their thighs were flush together.

“Yesssss!” Liu Kang’s eyes screwed shut as he savoured the feeling of Lao’s cock inside him, and Lao felt a small surge of pride at being able to make him feel this way. He began to move his hips, thrusting in and out of Liu. “Yes, Lao, yes!”

Lao grit his teeth as he lifted Liu’s legs up onto his shoulders and pounded him harder and faster, rocking their bodies against the bed, driving loud moans out of Liu’s mouth. The sight of his best friend and rival beneath him, taking every inch of him and crying out with rapture, was more gratifying than any Shaolin master’s praise could ever be.

“Yes!” Lao hissed, relishing the sensations racing through his body and the sound of Liu’s screams ringing in his ears. “Yes...!”

But heat was pooling in his gut as his skin began to tingle, and Lao’s eyes widened as he realised his mistake. He’d been enjoying fucking Liu Kang so much – had been so thrilled by the idea of finally getting one over his greatest rival – that he was getting off.

“No!” Lao grunted as he felt himself surging. He felt every muscle in his body begin to tense as he forced himself to hold back, but the ever-so familiar feeling building up inside him told him that his efforts were in vain. “No...! Oh, gods-!”

Lao cried out in a mixture of frustration and ecstasy as he came – hot, thick blasts of seed bursting free of his body – his hips jerking involuntarily as his orgasm ravaged him. Heat flooded through him: shame and relief making his face flush in equal measure. And, just to add salt to the wound, Liu Kang’s cries reached a feverish pitch just as Lao’s orgasm died down, and he watched incredulously as white fluid began to spurt freely from Liu’s cock, his body quivering with the force of his climax.

“Ahhh! Ahhhh! Ahhhh...!”

Liu Kang’s head sank back into the pillow, a relieved grin spreading across his face, only dimming slightly as Kung Lao pulled himself out. “Gods, that was...something else...”

Kung Lao grumbled. “Looks like you win again.”

Liu glanced down at his friend. “Not everything has to be a competition, Lao.”

He pursed his lips. “It’s not that! It’s just...” He sighed. “I was really hoping I could make you finish first this time – just once!”

“Is that the only thing you care about?”

“N-No, but...!”

“If you couple yourself with another person, not out of a desire to see them happy, but merely to gratify your own needs, you may never find satisfaction.”

Lao grumbled. “I didn’t need a lecture. Not now. Not from you.”

Liu raised an eyebrow at him. “I see. Well, there may be some way we can solve this dilemma.”

Lao glanced at him, but said nothing. He merely watched as Liu’s hand slid down the length of his body and took hold of his own cock, still limp, and began to gently stroke it.

“You’ve never managed to make me finish twice in the space of a few minutes,” Liu Kang said, his voice tantalisingly low. “If you could manage that, well...that really would be an accomplishment to feel proud of.”

Lao felt his mouth begin to salivate as he watched Liu’s cock slowly begin to blossom back to life. So, he had yet to be fully satisfied? Well, Lao had never been one to back down from a challenge...

One hand lashed out and grabbed hold of Liu’s thigh, while the other wrapped around the base of his shaft. Liu Kang obediently let go of himself, allowing Lao to take control. His cock was already half-hard again when Lao’s mouth closed around the head, his tongue licking up the remnants of fluid left lingering in the tip. Lao heard his friend sigh contentedly as he began pleasuring him, lips sliding down over the ridge between head and shaft. Lao’s hand twisted as it stroked up and down the length of the shaft, stimulating the flesh that his mouth wasn’t. Liu grunted, then let out a steady groan as Lao’s lips sank down further and further, taking him inch by inch into his mouth. Each delicious sound from Liu Kang only spurred Lao on, his previous bitterness forgotten in lieu of his desire to satisfy Liu, and finally win one over his friend.

Lao had great pride in many things – his oral skills being one of them; the two Shaolin warriors had spent much of their teenage years practising this very sort of thing on one another, refining their technique. As a result, Lao soon had his friend gasping and crying out in rapture once again. Liu’s fingers scrabbled against the soft sheets, searching desperately for something to take hold of. He squeezed the fabric between his fingers as his whole body gave a mighty lurch, and Lao felt the familiar spray of heat in his mouth as Liu’s seed came pumping out. Liu Kang slumped against the bed once again, his head lolling against the pillow, his final cry of ecstasy becoming a gentle groan that gradually died away.

Lao relinquished his grip on Liu’s cock, shooting a grin his way. “Well? How was that?”

Liu’s eyes flickered sleepily shut as he rolled under the sheets. “That was amazing, Lao. You’ve...certainly impressed me.”

“I guess I beat your challenge, then, huh?” Lao folded his arms against his broad chest, smirking proudly down at Liu.

“What challenge...?” Liu Kang mumbled, his head rolling over on the pillow. “Goodnight, Lao...”

Lao’s grin faltered, blinking in confusion, before a furious scowl furrowed his brow as he realised the trick he’d fallen for. Liu had taken advantage of his need for gratification to get him to pleasure him twice, and Lao had been too distracted by his own pride to notice. It was a sneaky ploy and, as Lao realised as he clambered under the sheets, a clever one.

“Damn you, Liu Kang,” Lao grumbled, cuddling up to his closest friend and holding him tightly against him. He was an asshole and a smug bastard, but by all the Elder Gods did Kung Lao love him all the same.