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want to give you much more

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"please stop," jimin begged quietly into his mate's ear. jungkook didn't even care while he was trying to hug him like a koala.

there were many wolves all around but this was what the pack alpha was completely aloof to. ever since jimin learned about him being pregnant with little pups, jungkook was hovering himself all over him, it was almost looking like they were glued to each other.

he couldn't stop touching his omega even if it's for one second, hands always covering his small baby bump which was about 4 months of pregnancy. jimin was shy with his now showing belly, jeon pack was content with their new leader who's already giving them pups.

"you're so soft," jungkook touched his cheeks this time, they were burning as jimin felt jeons' curious eyes on him. "you've gain weight looking super healthy, can't wait for your belly to get bigger," he scented his mate possessively. "it's just feel like a wet dream, you know,"

jimin hit his arm weakly. his small back was leaning to alpha's front, strong body holding him close.

"you need to praise me," said jungkook with a knowing grin after being satisfied with his scenting process. small omega was reeking of his scent just like he wanted to.

"for what?" jimin asked softly. his blonde hair was a beautiful mess after getting his morning sex.

"i knocked you up when you're not in heat, that's the nearest thing to impossible, honey."

jimin was sure his ears got red from the words he'd been hearing from his cocky alpha. "jungkoo," he whined while holding onto the stronger hands that was just on his slightly-grown belly. "pack already praised you all over, you don't need mine."

jungkook checked the others before leaning into his neck with a deep growl. "i need to hear yours, want you to say i'm the best, giving you babies you desire with no trouble. i didn't even need your heat to get things faster, i can always keep you full."

once he started giving off his warning pheromones wolves around them gone somewhere different to do their work without irritating their leader. jimin was out of breath as if he had been running for hours before finding himself in strong arms.


he couldn't say any of those things that his mate wanted to hear from him, he was already dying from embarrassment.

"tell me," his alpha insisted anyway, eyes looking dark with lust. "i got you all wet and begging even without your silly heat, baby, knocked you up so good that you cried after i pulled my cock out of you, hm?"

he slowly grabbed round ass in one hand. "wanted it to stay there? filling your wet ass?" he could almost taste the slick leaking from the sweet hole. "i want to give you more pups,"


"see you always full of my cum like you deserve."


"do you want me to give you more?" he asked softly, giving his shy mate the chance to answer properly. jimin was leaking so bad, entrance getting wet in every second passing with his alpha squeezing his asscheeks to get a better taste.

"i-i want," he gasped. weiny hand slipped under his clothes, teasing his wetness. "want to be full of your babies all the time, giving you heirs, many," fingers pushed his underwear aside. "many pups."

he cried out when long fingers were pushed inside his waiting hole. his head was resting on alpha's chest now, his moans were loud for his alpha to hear.

fingers started to fuck him with wet sounds, his nervous self decided to take a look at sorroundings in the fear of any audience. alpha's growl was right next to his ear.

"so hot, so wet," kissed his soft neck, fingers brushed the swollen prostate and had omega crying. "you already have my babies in you," continued to torture his omega. "yet you want more?"

jimin felt fat tears on his face. "want your k-knot," cried helplessly. the pleasure was taking over his body with his alpha hitting all the right places.

"i've already gave you, love," jungkook teased him a little more, he wasn't sure how long he could last on the other hand, his erection was trying to get rid of his clothes. he knew he wouldn't last long when his omega was begging for his knot.

his fingers were drenched in slick, "so you're enjoying this?" pushed them harder as listening to his euphoric moans. his omega was so soft, so pure and had the perfect body for him to ruin.

"jungkook, p-please," jimin tried to turn over, "wanna see your face," he demanded. "kiss me,"

jungkook did as he was told, turned his omega so that they could be face to face. his hand was still under the silk panties, scissoring the tight hole for his cock to slide in easily. he leaned down to kiss his crying mate.

jimin was such a mess everytime they do something sexual. it was just too much for him to bear, he was always in the very edge, crying till his eyes became all puffy and red.

"kook, f-fuck me," begged sweetly. "my alpha," tried to touch taller man's cock with a desperate moan, "want your cum,"

jungkook slowly took his hands to himself, freeing the poor omega before licking his wet fingers. "come, my baby," there was no one around to see what they're doing but he wanted to take care of his man properly.

he picked him up in bridal style without giving him chance to whine about his now empty hole. "let me take you to our bed," kissed his temple. "gonna make you feel so good,"

their scents mixed in the best way. curious looks was given them on their way of going home, jimin's pregnant arousal was giving off the sweetest scent, getting his tiny body ready for his alpha.

"i'm gonna give you babies 'till you can't have them in your full belly."

so he did as he'd told.