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Me, Ourselves, and Levi

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After much deliberation, Mikasa finally decided to give it her shot at this game. Surely, being the longest alter who has been with Eren (now that Ymir's integrated, of course), she should know Eren best, including all his subtle perks and nuances.

And she does, but trying to imitate it is a completely different matter. It's like when you're watching people dancing; you could learn the moves by heart, but you could never quite execute it in the exact same way they could. You think what they're doing is so easy, but you end up looking like a convulsing penguin when you do it yourself.

Nonetheless, there's really nothing to it if she'll give it a try. Even Annie had attempted to do it, so why shouldn't she?
Making up her mind, she assessed their current situation to determine how she's going to execute her act. Levi was currently occupied with his laptop on the couch, his glasses sitting snugly on the bridge of his nose, eyes focused on whatever it was he was working on.

How long had he been like this? If Mikasa only knew, she would've went with the typical nagging Eren act. But that only happens when Levi's clearly burning himself out again. And so far, he seems relatively fine.

Which means... she'll have to go with the typical clingy Eren act. The hardest one, too.

Deep breaths. Here it goes...

"Leeeviiii." She whined, diving on the couch and hugging the raven's middle immediately.

"What?" He didn't even spare her a glance, though his hand instinctively moved to stroke her head, which was rather soothing.

"I'm tired. My head hurts." She mumbled through the fabric of his shirt. Something that isn't completely a lie. Doing this act requires serious mental and physical strain.

"What have you been doing?" The raven continued nonchalantly.

"Work." Mikasa lied easily.

The raven just hummed, but didn't say anything else. Mikasa started to wonder if this is the part where she should whine until she gets his attention. But thinking about it, once she does get his attention, the extremely difficult part begins.

So, she decided to take another approach. Surely Levi wouldn't notice anything unusual if she just stay like that for a few minutes. Of course, she also made sure to squirm every now and then. Details and all.

And that seemed to do the trick. After a while, she heard Levi sigh and closed his laptop. "Brat, what do you want?" He took off his glasses to rub at his eyes.

Mikasa's brain worked double-time to determine what exactly would Eren ask in this situation. The most obvious choice would be to hog all of Levi's time. But she didn't want to give the raven ample time to observe her and raise suspicions. This is an endurance test, after all.

"Ice cream." She blurted out, raising her head to beam up at the raven like how Eren would do.

Again, Levi sighed. "Fine. Double chocolate or whatever, right?" He rolled his eyes before sparing the brunet a quick look of feigned botheration.

And then doing a double-take.

Mikasa scrambled her brain for something, anything, to wipe that look off the raven's face. But before she could come up with even a single letter...

"Or would you prefer Matcha?" He added afterwards.

Mikasa's heart dropped, but fuck it all if she let it show on her face. "Of course, chocolate. Only you and Mikasa like that green thing." She scoffed, sitting up straight and crossing her arms.

"Right." Levi responded after a beat. "Exactly." He added under his breath.

She clearly heard that last part, but decided to pretend she missed it. "I'm sorry?"

Levi seemed to mull over his next words and Mikasa dreaded if he was gonna call her out already. She could deny it all she wants though, and she hasn't even really done anything that could truly expose her. Then again, she just had to wonder what prompted Levi to be suspicious. She could've sworn she had him when Levi listed off Eren's preference for ice creams, but all it took was one look and it's like he knew she wasn't Eren.

"I'm just thinking maybe you should go buy it yourself. After all, you're gonna need the exercise if you're going to consume that much calories. Don't tell me you're gonna let Annie take that burden again?" The raven finally spoke out. "And by the way, you look like shit so might as well fix yourself up before you scare people outside. It's too early for Halloween." He added before turning away and opening his laptop again.

Contrary to popular belief, Mikasa may seem like a generally calm person, but she actually shares Eren's short fuse. Unlike Eren though, she doesn't lash out and is rather passive-agressive. However, in accordance to popular belief, she is very, very protective with Eren. One wrong word about him and you'd successfully tick her off.

Or in this case, congratulations to the one and only Levi Ackerman-Jaeger.

"Excuse me? I'm your fucking husband." She seethed.

"I know that, and I love you. Which is why I can't lie about that."

The effort it takes not to scowl too hard – or better yet, slam that smug face of his on the table – is real.

"If you're such a good husband, you're supposed to be saying I'm always good-looking in your eyes despite my state of appearance." She tried again.

"I didn't marry you because you're the prettiest person in all the planet." He rolled his eyes again. "And I certainly didn't marry you because one of your alters has the tendency to scare all the other bachelors out there. You know, the one who glared too much she could keep even the rodents out of the house for good." He smirked.

Mikasa couldn't help her jaw unhinging at that remark. "How dare you!" She raised her hand, fully intending to at least get a slap in on that mug of his.

But Levi swiftly caught the offending limb and expertly maneuvered her around so she was trapped in his arms. She squirmed and writhed, but whether it was Eren's strength or her own, it wasn't enough to overpower the raven's.

"I was just messing with you." Levi spoke up again after Mikasa finally accepted that fighting back was useless.

"Fuck you." She muttered out.

The raven let out an amused snort before planting a kiss on the top of her head. "So, you want Matcha, right?"

Mikasa kept mum, still restrained by strong arms and thumbs caressing the skin they could reach. By now, it was pretty evident she blew it off, so might as well accept defeat.

"Yes." She mumbled out, yet refused to budge when the raven made a move to stand up.



Later that day, Levi just had to wonder why these brats are even doing this.

There was Mikasa, calmly watching TV on the couch beside him, a bored expression on her face.

Or more accurately, there was painfully subpar Mikasa. 'Coz Eren's doing a shit job at it.

"Why do you keep fidgeting?" Levi decided to ask, already hinting that he's aware of who he's really with. Yet also already knowing the hint would go over the brunet's head.

"This couch is uncomfortable." He answered monotonously.

"And you say that after years of having your ass pressed on the same exact cushions your sitting on."

"I'm kind enough not to bitch about it, okay?" He scoffed and rolled his eyes with a ridiculous amount of sass.

Damn. If Mikasa should be offended, then it should be by Eren's crummy attempt at impersonating her. He even wore a scarf and all, despite it being blindingly obvious he was already feeling hot even without its help.

As for Eren, the reason why he was joining in this game he came up with was so that it was fair for everyone. Well, it was only fair if he also knew just how difficult it is to do this particular job as an alter. And since, technically, he was the host and the owner of the body, he had no need to exert any sort of effort to act like himself.

He hadn't had the need to act like his alters like they do with him. As a result, he only needed to pick which one he'd like to impersonate instead of trying to do them all.

Jean was definitely a no-go. He definitely doesn't have the capability to nicker like he does.

Reiner was okay. Then again, he really can't trust his own mouth not to blurt out things that aren't in the range of being nice. Also, he's not that industrious to volunteer to help out if Levi does decide to do something.

Annie was fine too. But unlike her who could be ambidextrous, Eren definitely have least control with his left hand. He also couldn't be bothered to work out, even as just a charade. And if Levi decides to hurl an apple again, it might end up smashing his face.

Sasha was the better option. They were practically on the same wavelength, and even their mannerisms match up most of the time. But then, the problem would always lie on the food. If Levi forces a carrot on him again, he might probably die.

So it was down to Mikasa. She was generally calm and composed, and only inimical when rubbed the wrong way. But with Levi, her displays of hostility towards him had dwindled throughout the years, though of course, she's not above giving him the cold shoulder if he starts being more of an ass (since he already is the way she sees it).

That shouldn't be too difficult right? If anything, he could also avoid Levi like how Mikasa tended to, and it would just all work in his favor since that'll give Levi lesser chances of noticing anything amiss. Not only that, earlier, Mikasa had also came out before him, so that only made things a lot easier for him and harder for the raven.

He really shouldn't underestimate his own husband.

"You should really take that off now." Levi sighed when the brunet tried to loosen the scarf on his neck again.

Eren just snubbed him, though he really was starting to get dizzy from the heat.

"Eren, I already know you're an idiot. You don't have to prove it anymore. So don't do this." Levi shook his head.

"Did you just call m— Eren an idiot? How dare you? After years of being married, this is how you treat m— him?" He scoffed overdramatically. "And why are you accusing me as being Eren? Can't you see I'm Mikasa? See this glare?" He pointed at his eyes. "See this scarf?" He wiggled the tail end of the fabric. "I'm fucking Mikasa, alright?"

"That's just insulting to her, you know?" Levi responded, unamused.

"What're you talking about? I'm her... I'm Mikasa! You can't prove it otherwise." He huffed.

Levi just continued to stare at him, partly wondering how in the hell did he fall in love with this moron? But putting that thought aside, he can actually prove it otherwise.

"Have you seen this video of Latte yet?" He whipped out his phone and scrolled through his gallery. That successfully perked up the brunet's attention, yet he pretended not to notice it. Tapping on the particular video, he showed it to the already glowing eyes of the brunet.

It was Latte who was chasing the remote controlled mouse toy they bought for her some time ago. Obviously, Levi was the one handling the remote and letting the cat run around in circles until she trips on her feet and start over again. Sometimes, Levi would stop until the cat would hunch down on the floor then wiggle its butt, ready to pounce, before running back again. 

Latte isn't always this hyperactive. But Levi may have used some catnip, more so to entertain himself as well.

"That's soooo cute!" Eren squealed, taking the phone from the raven's hand so he could watch it better.

Levi stopped the mouse at one corner, waiting for Latte to tackle it. And when she did, the mouse instantly started to move and the cat had slipped on the floor until she ran onto the wall headfirst.

"You're mean." Eren chuckled, replaying the clip all over again.

"I am." Levi agreed, and took the opportunity to take off the scarf from the brunet's neck before planting a kiss on the side of his head.



After the multiple failed attempts of multiple alters, Sasha decided to show them how it's done. Granted she may not have really fooled Levi yet, that doesn't mean she's still not the best Eren impersonator in the system. Therefore, she has the best chances of coming out the victor in this little game of theirs.

She started it off with playing with Latte; cuddling, and cooing, and squeezing, and squealing at the poor cat. Of course, purposely done within the raven's peripheral. It's the little touches that completes the picture, after all.

After that, she tried to lightly bother Levi while he was doing the laundry; clinging on to him and refusing to let go when told to. She tried her best to avoid looking directly in his eyes as she did so, knowing Levi had this uncanny ability to tell who it was by scrutinizing their eyes. Or at least that's what it seemed to her.

"Any preference for lunch?" The raven asked when lunchtime was nearing.

Ah, shit. Here comes the most difficult part of this charade. But Sasha had steeled her mind for this particular moment.

"Well... I... uhh... I'm not exactly hungry." She mumbled out hesitantly, avoiding the raven's eyes, having practiced this line to perfection.

"Brat, that's not what I asked." Levi responded with a tinge of warning in his tone.

Sasha groaned and hid behind the throw pillow she picked up from the couch. A perfect touch to the act, and a perfect excuse to temporarily hide from those steel gray eyes.

"I'll have whatever you'll cook." Her voice came out muffled with every trace of unwillingness draping her tone.

She didn't know what expression Levi was currently wearing, and she refuse to take a peek. She was certain she hadn't done anything wrong, but she can't help internally panicking when the raven didn't respond right away.

Levi couldn't be contemplating on calling her out yet.

"Fine." He muttered out and stepped away.

Sasha held her breath for a couple of seconds, and only when she heard the telltale signs of pots and pans clanging did she release it. Damn. She doesn't even know if Levi bought that. But since he hadn't said anything about it, that must mean she's still in the game.

And when Levi ended up serving something within the range of Eren's edibles, Sasha wanted to cry out and just announce her victory. Nevermind the fact that it was still too early to celebrate. She couldn't even mind how the raven seemed to pay a lot of attention to her while they were eating at the table since he tends to do that when he knows Eren, himself, was the one who was actually eating.

But he wasn't. And Sasha wanted to slap her own back repeatedly for that.

When hours passed and Levi still didn't seem to be suspicious of who he's with, Sasha was just itching to go back in and give them the "hah!" dithyramb. If only nighttime would come soon. Then again, since she was on a roll in this game of masquerade, she was confident enough that she could last 'til bedtime.

Until Levi just had to make things even harder for her.

"What's that?" She asked curiously when the raven returned home from a short trip to the store.

"Takoyaki." He idly held up the bag he was carrying. "Sorry, I didn't bring you any. But it's not like you'd want one, anyway. You might just end up wasting it."

"Right." Sasha responded numbly. "Sasha may have wanted some, though." She tried to throw in casually.

"Well, she's not here now, is she?" Levi dismissed, stepping forward to return to his position on the couch.

Sasha didn't immediately follow him, knowing she'll be put in critical condition if she stays within his vicinity. Then again, she can't possibly avoid him now since that'll only make things suspicious.

She doesn't have that much problems during mealtimes since Levi would always insist Eren to eat. She just hadn't considered the possibility that Levi would be buying snacks for himself.

Taking a deep breath, Sasha steeled herself once again. She has to do this.

Retracing her steps back to the living area, she found the raven already lounging on the couch in front of the television, those mouth-watering balls (get your head out the gutter) at hand. She tried to ignore that little detail and proceeded to return to her position on the couch beside the raven's.

It was a good move of hers to feign working on their laptop since that'd make a good reason to avoid being all over the raven in the meantime. Especially since he had Pandora's balls in his hands.

She viciously tried to remind herself never to take a glance in his direction. But the smel wafting through her nose and the fact that she could still see the raven pop those balls in his mouth (again, get your head out the gutter) out of her periphery makes things incredibly difficult to endure.

This is torture. This is worse than torture!

As means to counter the temptation of looking up and instantly drooling, Sasha had to constantly remind herself why she was doing this. That's right, a week-long vacation. An entire week where she could go wherever she wants and splurge their savings on whatever she wants. A few minutes of agony is nothing compared to an entire week of paradise. That's right. She could do this.

She felt her resolve indurating as she repeated that thought over and over, and she couldn't help finding herself silly for thinking the situation was more difficult than how it really is. Surely she could look at Levi and...

Find him intently looking back at her with an amused expression on his face.

Sasha couldn't help staring right back at him, whether it was out of curiosity or shock, she couldn't tell. And when the raven popped in another ball without breaking eye contact, Sasha wanted to wail out in despair then and there.

"You already know, don't you?" She asked numbly instead.

"I don't know what you're talking about." Levi smirked.

"Yes, you do."

"No, Sasha. I don't."

"But HOW?!" She finally howled in distress. "When did you find out?"

"When I noticed you couldn't quite look at me in the eye." He shrugged simply.

Sasha groaned out in misery. If looking at Levi in the eye would give him the opportunity to scrutinize them, and avoiding to look at him in the eye would make him suspicious, then how in the world would it be possible to deceive him?!

"And all this time, you were the one fooling me to believe I had you." She sighed despondently. "My pride as an alter... gone." She added dramatically.

"Don't get me wrong, you are quite excellent in pretending to be Eren. And you do pose quite a challenge for me as opposed to the others." Levi started. "But you seem to forget I've known you for years now. And though it might not be as long as what someone would expect, that doesn't mean I didn't get to spend the past years getting to know everything about you."

As much as Sasha accepts that reasoning, she still couldn't help getting sulky at the fact that she lost in the game she should do best in. If anyone else in the system would be able to pull it off, she's not sure how she'll feel about it.

"I left your share on the counter, by the way." Levi threw in, popping in another mouthful of the treat and redirecting his attention back to the show he was watching.

And just like that, he made the brunette feel that losing the game was still somehow worth it.



As the day (or week) of the anniversary threatens to draw near and none of them had yet to bamboozle the husband, Eren decided to be munificent and cut off the required time from "maybe dinnertime until bedtime". However, only Sasha and Reiner attempted for another time, yet they still couldn't win over the insane observation skills of the raven.

Out of everyone in the system, there was still that one alter who had yet to make an attempt. And that one time Jean was pushed to the front, he didn't even bother with any sort of simulating.

They started to wonder if Jean would ever try his luck, but they also wouldn't be surprised if he decided not to take part in it. Eren could care less about that, though. If he wasn't going to try, then by default, Eren would win in his own game.

Like Jean would let that happen, though.

It seems like everyone forgot that Jean is actually smart. He may not be the best at impersonating Eren, but that's only because he finds it extremely awkward to do so, most especially when he's doing all those disgusting shit he does with his husband. Really, who wouldn't feel embarrassed pretending to be a total dumbass like Eren? Other than that, he really has no desire attaining that particular feat. Let Sasha bask in that achievement. He hardly has a fuck to spare.

Then again, Jean could not just back down from a challenge, especially if it's imposed by the dumbass. He may not have shown any interest towards it, but that's exactly the point of why he was not doing anything. He wanted everyone to believe he wouldn't take part in the game. Notably Levi, since for sure, he probably already figured out what they were trying to do.

Not only that, but he was also taking notes from the others' attempts and failures. He wanted to find out how exactly Levi determines each alter, and what particular signs and subtleties he looks out with regards to Eren.

Problem is, it seems like the raven had an infinite array of observations, and one wrong blink of the eye would instantly make him suspicious. He doesn't even know how that was possible, but he could only imagine how invested Levi must have been ever since he discovered their little condition.

Plainly acting like Eren might not be enough, and once Levi starts feeling hinky about the situation, it would be pretty damn difficult to shake him off.

Good thing he spent enough time to think of a solution.

Summoning all his willpower, Jean joined the raven on the couch and instantly curled up next to him. He willed his (or Eren's) body not to be too rigid and make things pellucid. All those time he spent mentally preparing for such measures should not be put to waste.

As expected, Levi absently started to stroke his hair, but his attention was glued to the screen of his phone. He wasn't even looking at something particularly interesting and was rather just scrolling through whatever was available on social media. So Jean decided to join him on that as well.

"What does 'je t'aime' mean?" He asked when he read the particular phrase in passing.

"'I love you'." Levi responded accordingly.

"Awww. I love you too, kitten." He grinned at him cheekily.

Oh good heavens, can he just keel over and die already?

Jean would never be able to live this moment down, and he could never get rid of that taste in his tongue.

However, seeing that Levi just looked like he wanted to put a front of being indifferent, yet couldn't do anything to conceal the amusement in his eyes, that at least put a huge consolation to his internal turmoil. He started to dwell on the realization that maybe the eyes really are the windows to the soul since it's almost impossible to hide anything behind them.

Was it a wrong move to look directly into the raven's eyes then? He knew Sasha could never get pass him whenever she wouldn't do it. Then again, Levi would also, somehow, be able to determine if Eren really was out if he stares into their eyes.

But... considering he did just that, why didn't he get any sort of reaction from Levi? Is he hiding it? That couldn't be the case since he didn't see any flash of recognition or something in his features.

"Something wrong?" The raven suddenly asked.

Catching himself, Jean realized he must have been frowning from thinking too much, or in Levi's words, he "looked constipated". Right, being Eren means you don't have to think too much since his meager brain wouldn't be able to handle the pressure.

"Nothing. Just feeling out of it."

And that's exactly the excuse he'll be using for this entire game. The solution to shaking off Levi's possible suspicions. If he pretends he was feeling dissociated, Levi would think someone was close and influencing "Eren" to act in a certain way.

After all, Eren never mentioned any particular rule on what methods they could resort to when enduring this game. So surely, that wouldn't be considered cheating.


As the clock continued to tick away, Levi had a nagging feeling at the back of his mind. One that tells him something isn't quite right. The more he tries to ignore it, the more it bothers him. And when his instincts are like this, it usually has something to do with the brunet.

Is the brat hiding something from him? He really couldn't tell. Is it really Eren who was out and with him? Again, he really couldn't tell. As far as he knows, his husband had been feeling out of it for quite a while now, so his sense of identity might currently be hazy.

The brunet wasn't also avoiding to look at him in the eye. And when Levi does look into those ocean green orbs, nothing seems to be amiss. Whenever one of his alters was out, there was always a subtle – sometimes very subtle – change in the way their eyes looked. Somehow, he could easily spot that certain change whenever Mikasa or Annie was out.

But then, Jean was the exception.

He didn't know why, but he couldn't spot any difference whenever Jean was out. He tried to find something, anything, that could make Jean stand out, but other than his refusal to pretend to be Eren as much as possible – along with his subpar acting skills – there really isn't much to go by, appearance-wise.

Jean also has a different vibe, though. Maybe that's where he was getting that unsettling feeling from. But it would be wrong to accuse the brunet of something he really has no solid proof of. After all, maybe Jean was just close instead of out.

Or is he?

"Hey, can you read this for me? I can't seem to find my glasses." The raven asked just after they finished with dinner.

'Shit!' Jean internally panicked, racking his brain for a plausible excuse that Levi would believe. A little more time and they'd be going to bed soon. He was so goddamn close! He can't possibly fail now.

"Oi, brat. Did you hear me?" Levi prompted when the younger failed to respond.

Jean made a show of snapping out of it and rapidly blinking his eyes. "Huh? Sorry, Lee. What were you saying?" He rubbed at his eyes.

Levi stared at him for a moment, trying to determine if a switch had occured, or the brunet was just spacing out again. He was equally torn between those two possibilities.

"Can you read this for me?" He repeated, handing a sheet of paper.

"Of course." The younger beamed up at him. "Why though? Is your age catching up with you?" He added cheekily.

"Shut up." Levi muttered out. "That little shit must have played with my glasses again. It's not where I left it."

"Why don't you borrow Jean's?" 

"Why don't you just read it since you're here?"

"Fine, grumpy pants." Jean rolled his eyes. Here goes nothing.

"Don't tell me your eyes are getting bad, too?" Levi spoke when he noticed the brunet squinting to get a better view at the words.

"Fuck, I hope not." He frowned. "Horse-face might be close, though. I just sincerely hope that was the case."

He couldn't really tell, but perhaps Levi accepted that excuse considering his lack of response. And fucking hell was that a fucking huge relief for him.

When bedtime finally rolled around, Jean felt like hyperventilating from all the pent-up emotions he had to keep holding back until the day was over. Once the raven drifts off to sleep, his victory would finally be secured.

Granted, Levi might not have specifically addressed him as "Eren" and was rather settling with "brat" or "hey" or "oi", but the fact that he hadn't specifically called him out should be enough reason for his win.

The final hurdle was to just snuggle up against the raven until he falls asleep. Levi was still freshening up in the bathroom and would be joining him any minute now. He could use that time to calm himself down and just breeze through this final step.

By the time Levi joined him in bed though, all of his preparations came spiraling down. He had failed to consider Levi would be the one who'll snuggle behind him... peppering kisses all over his shoulder up to his jaw.

He hadn't even closed his eyes yet, and he was already having a nightmare.

"Stop, Lee. We still have work tomorrow." He tried to shake him off, letting out a small (nervous) giggle, and hoping to all fuck his heartbeat isn't as loud as he could hear it.

"And you're complaining now?" The raven shot back before resuming those butterfly kisses on his shoulders.

Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!

So this is why Eren made it "important" that Levi should think he was with him before he goes to sleep. That fucking bastard made it sure they would all get caught in this moment. So much for his fucking "generosity". He was just dangling them for his own entertainment!

How could he have forgotten how the couple shares goodnight kisses every single time before they go to sleep? Or worse... ugh! He doesn't even want to think about it. Fucking hell, he has to find a way out of this Gehenna.

"Really, love. We still have an important report to do tomorrow. I can't go to work looking all fucked-out." He tried again, each word another thorn in his tongue.

"Why not? That doesn't sound so bad." Levi rebutted.

"How about this... if the whole report thing goes well tomorrow, we could do a little celebration at night?" He proposed, praying to the goddamn walls he wouldn't break character.

"And if it doesn't?" The raven arched a brow.

"Then... you'd know how to make me feel better, don't you?" He smirked suggestively.

Levi narrowed his eyes on him, trying to determine if that was a good enough reason, and deciding whatever his doubts are, he really had no choice in the matter.

"Fine." He grumbled out. "But I'm topping since you made me wait."

Jean tried his damnedest not to cringe at that. "Of course." He continued to smile instead.

And this is when the most crucial point happens.

Jean leaned over to kiss the husband.

Unfortunately, it shouldn't just be a quick peck, 'coz their bedtime kisses are never quick pecks. It should be at least a minute long of horrendous spit sharing and tongue dancing. A minute long of pure torture.

He finally found a good use of Eren's motormouth. That dipshit never let any detail pass, especially when he was trying to get on his nerves. But goddamn, none of those sensations he described came any close to how it actually feels: Fucking horrible.

And when they finally broke apart, Levi continued staring at him. Jean couldn't tell what expression he must be wearing with the dim lighting, and he really didn't wanna know. All he wanted was to go back in their inner world and never resurface again.

"Goodnight, Lee." He almost whispered and immediately cuddled up on the older man's chest to avoid further conversations.

Somebody bury him already.

Levi just hummed and took a second to settle back on the bed. Silence ensued afterwards, and though Jean couldn't tell if he was asleep already, he didn't even have the strength left to care. He'll just drift off first then and escape this hell.

The most important thing is he won. He fucking showed that shitface that he was able to do the impossible. This achievement would be something he'll slap on that bastard's face. And he really had to recharge since he has a vacation to plan.



One day, Levi found his husband curled up on the couch with a constipated look on his face. He didn't even waste a breath and just proceeded to sit down beside him.

"What's wrong?" He asked directly.

"They're just pestering me to confirm who really won the game we were playing. You see, these past weeks, they've been trying to make you believe they were me for a day, or a couple of hours. Whoever wins would get to decide where our vacation would be." The brunet sighed.

Of course Levi had noticed the sudden interest of his alters in impersonating their host. But it was still nice to finally learn the reason behind it.

"Then wouldn't that be Jean?" Levi pointed out.

Eren let out a noise of distress at that. He really didn't want to acknowledge that fact. It was already bad that he had to bitch at that horse-face for actually kissing Levi, and Jean pointing out he was the one who left him with no other options in the first place. And what more, it was still, technically, Eren's lips that touched the raven's.

But then something clicked in his head.

"Hold on... how the hell did you know it was Jean?"

Levi lagged for a response, wondering if he should really tell his husband about it. But then, come to think about it, Eren is most probably already aware of the details of the time Jean last came out. And all things considered, he really couldn't lie to his husband.

He already had his suspicions that perhaps Jean might finally be trying his best to impersonate Eren like what his fellow alters had been doing. But there's really that one detail that sealed it for him.

"He kisses like a virgin." He deadpanned.



In the end, Levi took over the decision-making since he was the real winner in this whole game. And like the perfect fucking husband he is, he took them to a cruise he had been keeping an eye on for quite some time now, and satisfied every one of them.