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We’re Not Meant To Fall In Love Just Once

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Bakugo wakes blearily to the sound of crying. It’s a high pitched baby’s cry but weird in it’s trill in a way he doesn’t really understand. A hand falls over his chest and he bolts upright.

“Katsukiiiii get Katsu won’t you babe? Your you...?”

He looks to the owner of the hand but it’s still dark and his heart is beating out of his chest, “Y-Yeah?”

“Sorry I got work in a you so much Kat...suki...”

Bakugo stumbles out of the bed, knocking into a nightstand(?) and managing to turn on the lamp. He stands there, both confused and transfixed by the figure in the bed. Wild red hair spills across the pillow, and the exposed skin of his defined back is criss-crossed and jagged with light scars. The gentle rise and fall of their back indicates this person is asleep.

Bakugo hears the trembling wail of the baby again and makes his way to the open door. He follows the sound until he crosses the small hallway and sees a swaddled baby writhing in its bonds in its crib. He makes his way over, the baby now mouth open in a soundless wail and Bakugo falters. Why the fuck is he even doing this? What the fuck is going on?

He hears the wail peter off into soundlessness and his heart clenches. He scoops up the bundled child and is careful to hold the back of their neck to support their head. He gently sways, unsure of what to do before he remembers from middle school health class.

Either the baby has shit itself, needs to be fed, or needs attention.

He sets the baby down and unwraps it. It’s little limbs clench as it cries and Bakugo quickly checks its diaper. Oh.

It seems like that’s a miss, so he spots a can of formula and figures he’s gotta feed him.

Heart pounding, he gathers the baby in one arm and heads out of the room. He manages to make his way out of the hallway and luckily sees the wooden floor of a kitchen. It’s a modern thing with a touchscreen on he fridge and what he knows to be a food processor among other contraptions on the counter. He makes his way to the cabinets, finding a pan on the first try and manages to heat some water.

He adds in the formula and tests the concoction on his wrist, carefully balancing the baby on his hip before he cradles him in his arms and feeds him. The baby makes snuffling whines and gobbles down the formula.

He’s a noisy eater and Bakugo slumps against the fridge with relief at having figured it out.

But what the fuck.

He wonders if this is a dream.

He had fallen asleep in his dorm?

How is he here? He hopes it’s a dream even though he can feel the soft fabric of the baby’s onesie. Even though the wooden floor of the kitchen is cold and raises goosebumps on his legs and arms. Even though his eyes ache to close.

The baby drinks the whole damn thing and Bakugo takes he bottle from his mouth. The little thing starts making snuffling sounds that Bakugo has interpreted as the beginning of another crying fit and he starts to sway him in his arms. The baby makes another round of soft almost cries before it starts cooing and Bakugo is embarrassed by his own relief.

What does he do now?

Does he put him back?

What the hell?

He doesn’t know how to swaddle a baby, but he sleeps in one spot. He doesn’t move at all so he figures he can put the baby on his chest and try to sleep? Hopefully.

He quietly sways the kid in his arms, rubbing a hand over the bonnet on its head and curious as to why its head is sharp and misshapen beneath the fabric.

It’s like palming a jagged rock covered in cloth but he’s startled when he returns to the room by a grumbly voice, “Katsuki?”

His mouth is dry, “Mm?”

“Come back to bed babe. I’m cold.”

Heart pounding he lays at the edge of the bed, laying the baby carefully over his chest where he makes soft snuffling sounds, only wriggling a little.

A hand brushes over Bakugo’s arm and he stiffens as the man in the bed mumbles, “Love you...”

He lays there until morning, too tense to fall back asleep. He doesn’t know how he’s going to explain himself but when the figure next to him starts moving upright Bakugo hands him the baby who makes a little sound of protest.

The man just hums and tucks him in a practiced motion against his broad chest, “Sorry babe I just needed the Z’s how-W?!”

They stare at one another and Bakugo recognizes him except he doesn’t at all.

The wild, red hair is swept back, revealing those wide, honest, cat-shaped eyes. He sees the scar over the right eye, his left, the sharp teeth between those full lips and the broad shoulders. He sees Kirishima’s handsome face, but wizened and devoid of baby fat, the cheekbones prominent and jaw squared off and blanches.

Weird Kirishima’s eyes widen, “K-Katsuki?”


The older man blinks and nods, “You haven’t called me that in years...what. Why are you little?”

“What the fuck? You tell me! Why are you old?!”

The baby makes an unhappy little grunt and Kirishima props him up onto his shoulder, swaying him before he looks at Bakugo.

“You...Bakugo? What do you last remember?”

“I fucking went to bed in my dorm and I woke up here! What the fuck do you last remember shithead!”

Kirishima frowns, “Language. We talked about-um. Well I guess we didn’t. Ah. Were you...hit by a quirk?”

“Haah?! How the fuck would I be when yesterday was Sunday! Only one I hung around was you!”

The older looking Kirishima frowns, “Katsuki was hit by a quirk yesterday. It didn’t seem to do anything but make him he was dreaming. I made him sleep.’re...what year is it for you?”

Bakugo answers and Kirishima’s mouth trembles, “That’s our second year of UA. The beginning.”

“Yeah?! So?!”

“So, you aren’t my husband.”

Bakugo’s mind draws a long blank, “What?”

The older Kirishima smiles and Bakugo asks him, “ are Kirishima right?”

Kirishima’s smile fades, “You don’t recognize me?”

“Of course I do idiot but-wait. What year is it for you?”

The adult Kirshima bites his lip and Bakugo tries to keep his eyes from fixating on the way sharp, pointed teeth dig into his lower lip. The way his muscles shift beneath his skin, looking powerful even when they’re inactive.

Kirishima tells him and Bakugo curses, “Fuck.”

“Language. Our baby is pretty smart already I don’t need his first words to get him banned from daycare! It’s hard enough to get into the better ones without having a problem child on top of it!”


Kirshima sighs, “I’m going to have to call out of work for you tomorrow Kat-B-Bakugo.”

“ call me Katsuki here?”

Kirishima’s lips purse and he offers the baby to Katsuki, “Hold Katsurou won’t you? I have to make a call.”

Bakugo sees no reason to refuse. He tucks the little brat upright against his neck the way Kirishima had him and he sways in place as the man fumbles for his phone. Finally he dials out a number and then chirps into the line, “I am calling on behalf of Ground Zero, this is his husband, Kirihsima Eijirou. I am calling out on behalf of Kirshima Katsuki!”

Bakugo is reeling.

Kirishima Katsuki?

His stomach won’t stop flipping and he stares at the older Kirishima who is wearing a serious expression, “It’s a quirk-related fever. I have someone accompanying him but I will be there...Of course...Yes. Oh, don’t worry. Yeah. Later then.”

Bakugo watches as Kirishima ends the call and crosses his arms, “Hey can watch a baby right?”

“No shit. But why?”

Kirishima sighs, “I have work and no one will want to baby sit our baby. He’s under a year old.”

“Oh.” Bakugo says, pulling together all the information he has, “No honey, and no milk.”

Kirishima snorts, “Yeah. And?”


“Katsu can stand on his own but he falls. It’s normal. He likes cardboard books and to toss around his toys. He doesn’t really crawl? He sort of worms around on his tummy so you have to watch out for that. We’ve baby-proofed the corners of the coffee table and living room so you should keep him there. I’ll leave detailed instructions for you Katsuki-kun.”

Bakugo jolts again at his given name, trying to fight down the flush that threatens to engulf his face in red.

“Don’t forget. You speak to Katsurou in exclusively English. Well you don’t have to do that but you can? If you want.”

Bakugo’s head spins. He does? Except-

“That makes sense. He’d be light years beyond any other kid if I do that.”

Kirishima beams at him and he can’t look at him properly. Instead he runs his hand over Katsurou(?)’s back and asks, “What’s with the bonnet?”

“Ah. Katsurou has quills for hair. They’re really sharp! Sorry that’s probably my genes shining through ha ha-“

“Don’t apologize for that dumbass! And what do you mean your-s-so So this is your kid?”

Kirishima’s eyes dart about before he seems to settle on an answer, “Ours. He’s our baby.”

Bakugo snorts, slipping a finger under the bonnet to lift it. Black hair. He sees the red of Katsurou’s eyes.

“We’re both guys idiot. So he’s your-“

“There’s all kinds of quirks. We were on a waiting list Bakugo. They were in high demand and-“

“Why the fuck wouldn’t the number one hero be a priority?”

Kirishima laughs, “You really are my Katsuki, huh?”

Bakugo doesn’t know how to answer that but his whole body heats up in embarrassment. He feels like he’s taken a misstep, but Kirishima’s smile is bright, “Well that was...Katsurou is nine months.”


“It’s a combo of our names! Victory! And the end of mine for our son! Victorious Son! It’s pretty manly!” Kirishima grins, showing off his jagged, deadly teeth and Bakugo realizes.

“You got two rows of teeth...”

“Ah yeah Ka-Bakugo! I can lose my teeth and they’ll just grow back!”

“Holy shit.”

“It’s cool right?”

Bakugo stares at the other man, hands twitching when he sees it, “Ah-“

He picks up the shining metal from the bed and-

Kirishima snatches it from him, “O-Oh! Your hands are smaller than my Katsuki’s so I-I’ll hang onto this!”

“Is that-“

He sees the band over Kirishima’s ring finger and finds himself staring.

He and Kirshima are married. With a kid.

That’s his wedding ring.

Reeling he finally answers Kirshima, “Yeah, it’s cool.”

Katsurou babbles over his shoulder, wriggling and Kirishima smiles, “Glad you think so! Welcome to my little family Bakugo! Sorry you’re on baby sitting duty! But...”

“Are you happy?”

Bakugo can’t begin to be embarrassed by his own question. Instead he sets Katsurou in his lap and watches him try and scoot out of his grip when Kirishima answers almost immediately, “Everyday!”

Bakugo bites his lip, and figures if he ever gets back he can deal with it, “With me?”

He feels a hand in his hair and glances up at the kind smile of his best friend, “I’m smiling aren’t I?”

“Guess so...”

“I got to get ready for work! Again, I’m really sorry to leave you here with Katsu but-“

“The fuck-“

“Language! He’s babbling and it’s not too far off from his first words Ka-Bakugo!”

Bakugo swallows hard and tries again, “Why are you apologizing? Why wouldn’t I want to watch my own kid? Do I suck or something? Do I make you do all of it?”

Older Kirishima’s eyes widen and he shakes his head, “Sorry! No, I didn’t mean to give you the wrong idea it’s just-you’re a teenager you know? It must be confusing already to be in this situation without me heaping responsibility onto you-“

“Am I a good dad?”

Kirishima laughs and that shakes loose tension Bakugo didn’t know he was hanging onto, “Besides me? The best!”

“I’d call bullshit but where the hell am I? I mean-older me.”

Kirishima sighs, and Bakugo realizes he has a webbing of scars that radiate out from his chest. There’s a few that mark over his face and hands. Is that from Unbreakable? He’s a mosaic of scars and Bakugo feels his face go warm as he sees how built older Kirishima is. He’s broad and even more jacked than he is right now. His hair is a mess on top but it’s a long, wild mane-

“You have a mullet.”

“It’s not!”

“It’s a damn mullet, Kirishima.”

“Shut up! Also I don’t know where you are? But you took my husband’s spot so-oh. You know what? He got hit by a quirk that made him really tired. Maybe...that was it.”

“The hell? Why do I suck? I have a baby to get home to and I just fuck off to wherever?!”

Kirishima laughs, “He probably took your spot too?”

“That fucker better not bail on school or else I’ll-“

“Katsuki, when have you ever in your life bailed on school?”
Katsuki wakes to an annoying chime and groans, “Ei. Alarm.”

His bed is uncomfortable this morning and smells different. Why?

The alarm continues to blare and he rolls to Eijirou’s side except there’s no more bed to roll to. With a cry he falls to the floor and-

“What the heck?”

Is this a dream? He sees his dorm room from UA around him. There’s the desk, his bed. He grabs up his phone to turn off the alarm and realizes he’s just in his sweats.

His pocket is heavy and he realizes that he does have some luck, he pulls out his own phone and blanches when he sees there is no signal. He picks up the other phone, and sees the date.


He opens the calendar and wants to cry. What the fuck? It’s twenty years into the past? Is this a fucking joke?

His heart seized in his chest. What about Katsurou? And Eijirou? It was his turn to watch the baby! How the fuck does he get-

“Bakugo I heard your last alarm! You ready yet bro?”

He stumbles over to the door and yanks it open, “Eijirou you-“

Eijirou is a fucking kid again. There’s his round face, those big eyes. His spiked hair, much shorter than the Ei he knows now. He’s staring, eyes wide and looking at him from head to toe. Those lips part and Katsuki sees the single row of teeth.

His baby teeth are still there.

Second year(?) of UA?

“Bakugo? You um. What. Did you get hit by a quirk or something?”

Young Eijirou drops his gaze to the floor, face red and Katsuki realizes he’s shirtless. Fuck.

“I’m from the future.”


That’s so fucking stupid! Why did he say that!

Eijirou scrunches up his face, thinking and Katsuki knows it really is him. He didn’t know why he doubted it. Eijirou is always Eijirou.

“From the future?”

“I can prove it.” Katsuki pulls out his phone and he shows him the picture of himself and their son. It’s one Eijirou took. Where Katsuki is asleep and Katsurou is asleep on top of him. Eijirou’s eyes round out and he looks from the phone to Katsuki and swallows hard, “You have a kid?”

“With my husband, yes.”

Eijirou’s mouth drops open to mouth the word “husband”, and he stares, “You’re really older Bakugo? W-where’s real Bakugo!”

He hasn’t gotten called Bakugo in so long, “Probably where I was. Two of the same thing can’t occupy the same place right? This bitch ain’t big enough for both of us.”

Katsuki grins and Eijirou ducks his head, face pink, “I’m going to tell teacher that you’re sick?”

“Fuck no. Young me would have some sort of fucking aneurysm if I skipped. Hell I hardly missed a single day of school.”

Eijirou nods, “Um, well I um am going to go on ahead then Bakugo! I’ll see you in class?”


Eijirou scurries off and Katsuki wonders if he told him too much. Evidently not because the pictures are still there in his phone and he’s still here.

The future hasn’t changed.

All of his clothes when he was younger are baggy as all hell and to his chagrin he hasn’t grown much taller, just his shoulders have gotten a bit broader. His school pants fit him still a bit loose, but the shirt and jacket are tight over his shoulders.

He runs a hand through his hair, and decides to get ready. He doesn’t have a razor. Fuck.

Eijirou must have told his classmates about him because they all swarm him once he gets to the kitchen.


He grimaces. It’s fucking weird seeing all of them so young. Ochaco’s round face, Deku’s baby face, and Denki’s childish grin. All of them.

“What am I like in the future!” Mina shouts and Deku asks him, “Are you really Kacchan?”

“Yeah Izuku. It-“


“That’s right because I’m fucking married and my last name changed!”

They fall quiet at that and he goes on, “It’s Katsuki. Please. No one’s called me Bakugo in fifteen years.”

“How old are you?” Denki asks.

“Thirty six.”

“For real?! But you’re so short!” Shouji says and Katsuki’s jaw creaks, “Not all of us are freakishly tall like you growing a fucking foot for every year like a goddamn tree.”

“Shouji’s over forty feet tall?!”

Katsuki sighs, “Anybody get Eraserhead yet? I want him to cancel this shit so I can go back to where you’re all less annoying and harder to get in contact with.”

Ochaco frowns, “What does that mean?”

“It means you’re so busy having gotten a fucking life that you mind your damn business!”

“Language!” Iida chops a hand through the air and Katsuki laughs, “Shit, I’m sorry.”


“Fuck I’m so-“

“Stop messing with me!” Iida throws his hands into the air with an exasperated, “This is definitely Bakugo! I refuse to call you Katsuki! We aren’t that close!”

“Noted.” Katsuki huffs. He pours himself a bowl of cereal and Denki sits across from him, “Hey so like you’re married! Do I get married?”


“Kacchan you can’t do this to me! Inquiring minds gotta know!”

Katsuki sighs, “No. You’re not.”

“WHY?! Okay so wait who’s married out of us! Guys I’m not married to Bakugo so who is!”

“What makes you think I married any of you chucklefucks and why the hell would I choose you out of everyone here?”

Denki’s eyes go wide before he jabs a finger in his face, “You didn’t have to drag me so hard bro! It’s process of elimination!”

Katsuki is reeling, “And the first person you thought I was married to”

“It’s the future! If YOU got married, anything is possible!”

Katsuki scowls, “You little shit.”


“Yeah Izuku?”

Midoriya’s eyes water with tears and he sighs, “Spit it out Deku.”


“Nevermind? I thought you would be unable to shut up.”

“Do we work together in the future?”

“Course we do sidekick.”

Midoriya scowls, “I am not your sidekick!”

“Oh yeah? Well who’s from the future?”

“You’re such a bad liar Kacchan!”

“Should you really be telling us so much about the future, kero?”

“Don’t sweat the small stuff Tsuyu.”

Tsuyu makes a hiccuping ribbit and he looks up to see her eyes welling with tears, “That’s the first time you’ve said it...the future must be nice.”

“Ugh don’t get sappy; cut it out.”

He washes his bowl and Todoroki steps up to him, “What about me? Am I married?”

“You care?”

“I shouldn’t?”

“Are you just asking because Kaminari did?”

Todoroki goes quiet then, “I don’t know what to ask.”

“Fine. You’re not married. Happy?”

“No. Why not?”

“I dunno half and half! Make it happen if you want it who gives a shit! Any one else?! Line up and I’ll tell you if you’re married or not!”

Momo is practically beaming as she orders them to line up and Katsuki checks his younger self’s phone and sees he has to make this quick.

“Okay so. Deku, Denki, Iida, Hitoshi, Koji, Mina, Ojirou, Toru, and Hanta. Congrats you aren’t married now get your asses to class.”

They all look stricken and Momo has to gently nudge them to get them on their way. Deku looks right at Ochaco and Katsuki winces.

Whoops. Whatever they didn’t even work out and they’re both happy.

It’s whatever.

“Wait so am I married or not?” Todoroki asks and Katsuki sighs, “I just told you so why the hell would I tell you twice!”



They head off to class in a group and Iida keeps making them frantic, telling them they’re late for being early or whatever the fuck. People look at them as they pass and move out of the way as they speedwalk to 2-A.

He’s hit by nostalgia, looking at the clean halls, hearing the chatter of his friends all in one place. Eijirou keeps glancing at him and he can feel that gaze on the side of his head. He catches his eye and smiles, and the kid scurries faster, turning his head away resolutely.

Their shoes squeak and and echo as a crowd and finally they cram themselves through the door way.

He takes the desk in front of Deku, his usual spot even though if it were to go by alphabetical order now, he’d be sitting next to Eijirou.

There’s a tense minute of Iida yelling at them to move faster to not dawdle when Aizawa slumps into the room, “Good morning.”

They do the stand and bow and then Bakugo keeps standing, “Eraserhead! I-“

Aizawa’s eyes go red, his hair a dark halo around his head. Katsuki sinks into his chair, “It didn’t work. What the hell.”

“Step outside.”

Katsuki hops to attention and leaves the room with a curse under his breath.

“What happened to you?”

Aizawa’s tired eyes bore into him and he pulls out his phone, “I got hit by a quirk on my patrol. It’s me, Katsuki, but I’m thirty six.”

He realizes that because of his age and where they are, he’s older than his teacher and it makes his head spin.


Katsuki corrects him as he usually has to,“Kirishima-haah? J-just Katsuki.”

Aizawa raises a brow but doesn’t otherwise comment, “Why should I believe you are who you say you are?”

Bakugo sighs and pulls out his phone. He opens the gallery and flicks through a few pictures before, “This. It’s us.”

It’s Aizawa, Katsuki and Eijirou. Eijirou is grinning, holding Katsurou and Aizawa looks bored, but his eyes give him away.

Then he has to really scroll back and he shoves his phone at his teacher, “Look.”

He sees Aizawa’s eyes blow wide, “You-you shouldn’t show me that kind of thing.”

He sounds like he’s fighting down his emotions, voice too rough.

Katsuki laughs, “Yeah your little teacher’s pet project hit it big. Are you seriously surprised?”

He’s the one who took the picture. Shinsou in his hero costume, grinning and Aizawa grinning his manic smile, hand on his shoulder as they hold Shinsou’s diploma.

His hero course diploma.

“I didn’t doubt it for a moment. What will you do now that you’re here?”

“Take notes as per usual. Hold down the fort so when young Bakugo gets back he doesn’t have a conniption-s-sorry.”

“You’re an adult. Act like it. Also you should be careful what you tell them. Even showing me that-“

“The picture is still here. Some things are inevitable.”

Aizawa stares at him and sighs, “You’re such a pain.”

Katsuki grins, “You shouldn’t say that to a student.”

“You’re not my student anymore.” He opens the door again and Katsuki slouches over to his seat. He feels everyone’s eyes on him and resigns himself to taking notes.
Bakugo has been playing with his son for well over an hour and just hasn’t noticed until he goes to get water, Katsuo babbling on his hip and yanking his shirt collar back and forth. He kisses absentmindedly at his temple before he grabs a glass and sees the stove clock.


He sets down his glass and heads to the bedroom where he left the phone Kirishima have him, “This is my personal. I have my work phone okay? Just make sure to check in so I don’t worry.”

He shoots a text: We’re okay

He shoves the phone into his pocket and Katsurou starts slapping his chubby hands over Bakugo’s mouth, “Dadadadada bababa!”

Bakugo bites at his hands and can’t help but laugh at the shriek of laughter. There is one weird thing about his kid though. Katsurou doesn’t have fingernails. Instead his fingers taper off into hardened little nubs that Kirishima told him “They’re claws. We have to file them down or he’ll hurt himself. It’s probably my fault.”

“Fault.” He had said as if their baby’s physical appearance wasn’t an indicator that he would have a cool quirk. How could he not when he was-


He grins around the fingers trying to push their way past his teeth, grimacing a little at the way they clack against them.

And then the bonnet. He’s curious about that. He studies the way it’s laced around his son’s head, then carefully unties it.


He really does have quills for hair. He brushes a finger over one and winces at the shallow cut. It’s like a paper cut, more annoying than anything. He wonders if it’s made of the same keratin of Katsurou’s claws. He can see the places where he and Kirishima have filed down the points. Katsurou giggles and they sort of splay out before gathering in clusters that-

“You have my hair.” Already his kid has a full head of wild hair and he remembers his mom saying the same thing about him as a baby.

He carefully uses the bonnet to gather and pat down his son’s hair before tying it and of course his kid isn’t having it. He kicks his legs out and clutches his fists and wails.

Well the fun was fun while it lasted. When he figures out that his kid seems to be crying just to cry, he’s not hungry or soiled, he sort of bounces him against his side and wonders if he shouldn’t check his listing on the hero rankings.

He doesn’t have to check. He decides.

He’s number one. He knows it.

He coos at his kid a bit, pressing kisses to his hands and face.

“You have my crying face, that’s rough.”

He grimaces at Katsurou’s scrunchy, red, pruny crying face and can’t help a laugh.

“Why are you so angry baby? You have the best parents in the world. Number one hero dad and Unbreakable Red Riot!”

His son wails instead and he lays him out over his chest, smoothing down his back and petting at his head. He cries himself hoarse and Bakugo checks the time. He feeds him on time and regularly texts Kirishima.

He gets a call when Kirishima is on break, “Katsuki!”

On the phone his voice rumbles low against Bakugo’s ear and Bakugo feels the acid edge of jealousy towards his future self not for the first time. He grunts into the phone.

“How’s baby?”


“I meant-Uh right yeah yes of course!”

The fuck? Why’s he stumbling over his words?

“Sorry, habit.”

“Quit apologizing for shit. It’s irritating.”

Kirishima’s laugh makes his stomach pull taut as it flutters and he curses that red haired idiot and his stupid, attractive face.

“Babababa.” Katsurou insists and Bakugo snorts, “What. You wanna answer the phone now? Bossy brat.”

Katsurou just blows a raspberry and a lot of spit against Bakugo’s cheek and he blows one back against his neck which gets his son giggling and Kirishima’s voice is bright, “I’m glad you’re getting along!”

Bakugo chokes, “He’s my kid why wouldn’t I-whatever. When are you coming back?”

“It’s not hard is it?”

“It’s easy. Fuck you take me for Kirishima?”

Kirishima laughs again.

“I was thinking you could grab lunch with Uraraka, Deku, and Tsu if you wanted. Well I mean we were already supposed to? know. It’s totally fine if you don’t! It’s a lot.”

Bakugo sighs, hearing the hopeful tone in Kirishima’s voice and sighs, “I’ll be ready. What time. And why are we choosing to willingly hang out with shitty Deku? Are we fucking senile now or just that bored?”

“There’s the Katsuki I know! You’re not much shorter than my husband and he wears his clothes baggy as it is so feel free to use your clothes Bakugo! Kiss kiss!”

“What the fuck.”



The line goes dead and Bakugo sighs, pocketing the phone and standing with Katsurou tucked into his arms, “What kind of embarrassing baby clothes do we have for you? I bet Kirishima has you in animal onesies huh? I had an All Might one how about you?”

His baby just claps his hands in response and he brings him to the nursery. It’s done up in dinosaurs, and Whale sharks for some reason. It was a haphazard array of patterns and colors which meant that Kirishima had probably-


Everything is organized neatly on the changing table. There’s a chart on the wall detailing Katsurou’s schedule and as he nears it there’s a big calendar.

There’s a star on just last week that details, “First word “Dada” and “Baba”

Bakugo snorts, “That’s my contribution, huh?”

He didn’t think he would be one of those parents. It’s eerily similar to the way his mother raised him, making benchmarks and hallmarks both of his progress and bragging to other moms at how well Bakugo was doing.

“Bababababa” Katsurou adds seriously, brow furrowed as he pats the seam of Bakugo’s mouth. Bakugo bites at his hand again causing a fit of laughter and he wonders if he’ll ever get tired of it. He searches through the drawers of the dresser, looking one handed through the clothes.

Isn’t it weird?

He’s taking care of his future kid for his future husband. It’s not that he doesn’t like kids, it’s just he hasn’t had to deal with them much. When he started hero school his license exam was the most time he had spent with any kid. He had cared but not like this.

It’s almost overwhelming how natural it feels to hold his kid. That he thinks about every single bit of knowledge he knows from how to handle crying to what’s manageable and what should be left alone.

He thinks of his hero classes and everything he’s worked for up until now and he figures if this is what he has to look forward to?

Bakugo has never minded working his ass off.

He finds a tiger onesie and Katsurou is compliant when he puts him into it which Bakugo decides was a good choice. Katsurou is so small.

He forgets people start out so little. Katsurou sticks out his tongue and when Bakugo does it back his baby is delighted and kicks out his legs and arms to reach him.

His weight has become familiar when he picks him up. He knows he has to go back at some point but dreads it.

Since his future self is coming back, he figures he’s coming back to hold his kid and raise him after all so he shouldn’t feel so attached and antsy and worried.

Even so, he holds him a little tighter. A little more securely.

He changes into a loose T-shirt and a pair of loose track pants.

Kirishima is loud when he gets home and Bakugo startling gets Katsurou crying. With a sigh he starts rocking him as Kirishima calls out “I’m home!”

Bakugo knows his face is probably flushed, “Welcome back.”

“Ah you said it!”

“What the fuck else am I supposed to say!”

Kirishima makes to scoop Katsurou out of his arms but Bakugo turns away indignantly and feels his stomach drop. That’s his reflex? What the hell, what the hell.

He panics, “You’re the one that upset him! You’re so fucking loud!”

Kirishima looks sheepish, “Whoops. Well let me grab you a hat and glasses and a mask and-“


“Paparazzi can’t see me with a teenager that looks like my famous hero husband.”

“You’re a hero too idiot worry about yourself.”

Kirishima just waves him off as he heads into the bedroom and Bakugo sighs.

He doesn’t know if he even wants to see his stupid classmates as adults.

Even so, Bakugo climbs into the shotgun seat of Kirishima’s ridiculous SUV a bit humbled at being unable to figure out the straps and buckles of Katsurou’s car seat harness. The baby had been especially unhelpful, wriggling like a worm about to be hooked and screaming.

He hears Kirishima cooing at him, “Aw be still for dad won’t you? That’s a good boy. Here we go! Car ride!”

Katsuo just wails and Bakugo climbs over the console into the back seat and Kirishima laughs, “He likes to hold your hands but don’t let him put your fingers in his mouth.”

“I know that.” Bakugo snaps and Kirishima just smiles at him before closing the door. He ends up playing peek a boo at Kirishima’s suggestion and something in his heart melts when it works.

“Hey so you still call me Kirishima?”

Bakugo looks up from his hands, “What about it?”

Kirishima just laughs even though Bakugo doesn’t see anything funny about that.

“You stop calling me shitty hair?”

“I just call you Kirishima.”

“Second year then, hm.”

“What’s the significance of that?”

“Just wondering where you’re at is all? Sorry I won’t pry too much.”

“W-when do we happen?”

“It’s a secret! Do you even like me yet?” Kirishima asks curiously and Bakugo splutters.

“Don’t be fucking weird! Shouldn’t you know?”

“You know how you are when it comes to fessing up to feelings.”

“Then how the fuck did I manage to marry you!”

Kirishima laughs again and Bakugo wishes it were irritating to him. This smiley bastard is having way too much fun, “It has to be you.”


“You’re the only one.”

Bakugo notices the ring as Kirishima turns the steering wheel and he says something just to fill the silence that feels too heavy at the implication of what Kirishima has said, “Don’t be gross.”

“Can’t promise that!” Kirishima chirps and Bakugo sighs.

They pull up to a restaurant that Kirishima has to give his name and have them look at his I.D before he can enter.

“These are my kids.”
He gestures at Bakugo, who has been forced to wear a baby sling with Katsurou tucked into it. He supports him by still holding him but he just gives an irritated huff when the waiter person looks at him and nods.

A different server comes out and says “Right this way please.”

As soon as they get spotted Uraraka is yelling “YOU GOT HIM TO WEAR IT!”

Bakugo scowls at her, “Shut the hell up why wouldn’t I carry my own kid are you an idiot?”

She squeals, grabbing Deku’s arm and what the fuck is he the only one that didn’t get taller?!

“Aw he’s embarrassed!”

Kirishima fucking brightens up at seeing them all and, “Kaminari and Jirou! You made it! I thought-“

Bakugo scowls at Kaminari who lifts his sunglasses up with a grin, “Like I’d miss this. Hey baby Kacchan.”

“I’m waiting in the car with the baby. Fuck this noise.”

Jirou loops an ear jack around his wrist and he’s so surprised at the grip strength that he forgets to struggle, “Don’t be like that. Come eat with us.”

Tsuyu croaks, “Some things stay the same huh? Kero.”

He gets a good look at them then.

Uraraka’s hair is the damn same. He guesses her hair sideburns are longer. She’s wearing lip gloss which is weird to see. Tsuyu’s hair is shorter, her hair bow looping big against her neck. She’s got crinkles around her eyes and a smattering of discolored marks that might be burn scars on her arms. Kaminari’s hair is wilder in its styling. It’s full of zagging pieces and his black lightning bolt in his hair has gotten bigger. He’s taller too what the fuck.

“You have a goatee? Disgusting.”

“Wow! Ouch!” Kaminari says with a hand over his heart, “Kacchan you’re so nice to me in the future you’re tearing apart our friendship.”

Bakugo snorts, “I don’t believe that.”

Then there’s Deku. He’s finally got a handle on his curly hair. It’s cropped into an undercut. He’s littered with scars that crisscross his arms and even his neck. His face isn’t as round but his eyes still are. He’s grinning like an idiot and

What the fuck. There’s the scar of a hand print on his arm. His freckles have doubled down and Deku waves at him with his scarred arm, probably because he noticed Bakugo staring fuck.

“Hey Kacchan.”

“Deku.” He scowls, “So what. We get along or something?”

“Or something.” Deku says brightly.

“Persistent shit.”

Tsuyu tuts at him, “Bakugo you really should watch your language around the baby. He’s starting to babble now.”

Kirishima picks up Katsurou from the harness thing and whines, “ It’s just his habit. It’s okay.”

“Sorry.” Bakugo says anyway and Kirishima waves him off as they take their seats. One of the waitresses brings over a high chair and Bakugo moves to sit next to his kid, Kirishima on the other side. It makes him feel warm and weird to know that this is the family his future self has built. He stares at the not-quite-strangers across the table.

Jirou is still short. Her hair even shorter.

“So you and me are the only ones that didn’t grow. Great.”

Jirou laughs, “You’re bitter about that?! Wait really?!”

“His clothes still fit me.” Bakugo grumbles.

“Hey hey so how do you like your future so far?” Uraraka asks.

“S’okay.” Bakugo grumbles.

Kirishima chimes in, “He and Katsurou have been inseparable! It’s so cute!”

Bakugo scowls, “I’ve been watching him all day of course I’d be right next to him!”

Before Kirishima can start apologizing Bakugo adds, “I don’t mind it.”

“I forgot how cute Kacchan is!” Kaminari tries to pinch his cheek but he swats his hand away.

Jirou hums, “This is so weird. He’s so amped up just sitting.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”


“Katsuki is really chilled out-er chiller. I don’t think he could ever actually chill out but he’s still a little hormonal from pushing out little Katsurou I guess! Child birth changes a man!” Uraraka laughs.

“Your figure snapped right back!” Jiro says, mouth wobbling over a laugh.

“You’re lying.”

Kaminari and Deku are fucking howling with laughter and Kirishima growls, “Guys.”

Tsuyu presses a finger to her chin thoughtfully, “Having a kid changes people, Katsuki. On a serious note you are calmer by comparison.”

“Do you all call me by my given name?”

They all nod and Bakugo is reeling.

Deku scratches at the table, “I mean when you almost die with the same people again and again you form a bond.”

They all nod at that too.

Uraraka chimes in, “So how’s school going Katsuki?”

He grits his teeth, “Fine.”

“What year is it for you?” Kaminari asks, “I want to talk to you but be mindful of spoilers!”

Bakugo tells them and Kirishima adds, “Second year.”

“Oh! Hey how is it having Shinsou in your class?”

“He’s a prick.”

“He made you hit yourself already, huh.”

“Fuck off!”

“You shouldn’t call your first boyfriend a prick Kacchan.”

He feels like some part of his brain has shut down at Deku’s words. He looks to Kirishima who scowls, “Stop messing with him!”

Deku is laughing too hard to reply but he gives a shaky thumbs up from where he’s slumped over Uraraka who is wheezing so hard Bakugo doesn’t think she’s breathing.

Kaminari isn’t much better but he is closer and yelps when Bakugo kicks him and Deku’s shins. Kicking Deku is like kicking a brick shithouse.

Jiro is snickering, “His face! You looked so lost!”

Tsuyu folds her hands, “Kirishima, shouldn’t we use this valuable time to encourage him to stop wasting his talent being Deku’s sidekick. By now he could have started his own agency.”

“You’re lying!” He looks to Kirishima who has the gall to laugh.

“Guys seriously!” future Kirishima says over a chuckle and Bakugo scowls.

Uraraka hugs Tsuyu tight, “I love you so much right now oh my goddddddd! His face!”

The waitress has to deal with the idiots giggling through their orders and when she leaves Kaminari asks, “Wait so you’re in second year right? What part.”

Bakugo tells them like he told Kirishima and Kaminari hits his palm, “Do you like Kirishima yet?”

Bakugo pauses in playing with his son to glare at Kaminari, “Is your brain broken or what?”

“So cagey!”

Deku leans forward, “Huh? So you already do?”

“Shut up Deku who asked you!”

Jiro frowns, “Wait. I thought you fell in love with him when-“

“Don’t say it!” Kirishima yelps, “Think of the baby!”

“The baby?”

“I like my life the way it is!” Kirishima huffs, “So don’t ruin it!”

Bakugo fucking blushes. He realizes he’s doing that a lot but Kirishima is happy...they’re happy.

“Hey hey, when did you start liking Kirishima?” Jiro asks.

“Well since he saw how his life turned out wouldn’t he confess faster?” Deku mutters.

Bakugo slams his hand in the table, “No. I have a plan and I’m sticking to it.”

“You have a plan?” Kaminari scoffs.

Kirishima grins wiggling the fingers of his left hand, “Well it did work.”

Uraraka nods, “That’s true.”

“Wait that reminds me. Why the fuck wasn’t other me wearing my ring. You found it didn’t you?”

Kirishima goes as red as his hair, “Um. You don’t usually wear it! Cause of your quirk it must have slipped off and you forgot to put it away!”

“Haah? What are you lying ab-“

“Katsuki drop it.” Tsuyu pats his arm.

“I know I dropped it but-“

“Kacchan stop being so dense it’s a bad look on you.”

Bakugo snaps at Deku, “Is that why you look like that all the time.”

Deku snorts.

“Wait. Round face. Who the hell did you marry?”

“Ah? Tsuyu!”

“Wait how many kids in our class are gay? What the fuck? I thought I was-“

He had thought he was alone for a long time.

Before Kirishima and Sero opened up about it.

“I think it’s better that we don’t out anyone it’s not our business, kero.”

“All right.”

He can admit she has a point. He would hate that if it was him-

“Wait. I got married before you did Deku. Ha!”

Deku nods, “I haven’t had time to date.”


“Well then what are your big plans with Kirishima? And how are you planning to handle him rejecting you for the first time?” Kaminari asks, frowning.

“What.” His voice sounds small and he can’t explain the pit in his stomach, his throat closes and his ears ring. He hardly hears himself:

“I’ll wait until he likes me back.”

“He’s kidding! Katsuki they’re-“

Jiro punches Kaminari in the arm and taps her ear jacks on the table, “Hey. That isn’t like you. He’s single so don’t take his dating advice, kid.”

“That’s fair.” Kaminari says, “You guys are stupidly happy don’t let me fuck it up.”

“You won’t.” Bakugo says still feeling off kilter, “Don’t start giving yourself too much credit.”

“Aaand he’s back.”
Katsuki doesn’t remember half of this shit so he’s surprised when he gets back his quiz and sees the near-perfect score. He waves his paper, “Momo what did you get?”

She startles and he realizes they probably don’t talk enough for him to call her by her given name here but it feels too weird to go back.

“Ah a one hundred.”

“Really? Damn. I can’t even be proud anymore, you’re too good.”

She squeaks going red and shakes her head.

Kyoka fumes, “Cut it out and quit calling her given name!”

“What. Jealous?”

“No!” She says indignantly but her face has gone scarlet.

“Bakugo stop bugging the girls man! It’s creepy!” Denki yells.

Katsuki gets hit with a pencil and he turns to him, and throws it back, “And what’d you get? You figure out how to study yet?”

He throws the pencil back and Denki yelps as it hits him, “Stop making fun of me grandpa!”

“I’m actually serious.”

“What do you mean figure out how to study! I’ve been doing it wrong?! Or what!”

“Shoto help your dumb friend out already.”

“Huh?” Shoto lifts his head. His paper unsticks itself from his cheek and flutters to the desktop, “Me? I’m number five. Why don’t you help him Bakugo?”

“Do I look like I have patience for that shit?”

“Language!” Iida barks out, “This is valuable time to review your quiz! Do not waste it on idle chatter.”

“This is why you aren’t married.”

Iida slices his hand into the air, “And so what! Maybe I am waiting for the right person!”

Hitoshi lifts his head from his desk with a scowl, “Who the hell did you trick into marrying you anyway. They sound like a sucker so it’s probably Deku.”

“Kindly go fuck yourself Hitoshi.” Katsuki flips him off, “Man I forgot how much of a dick you were in high school.”

Deku is spluttering and unable to speak.

Eijirou is staring again and pretending not to, so Katsuki can’t help but tease him, “What’s wrong Ei? I got something on my face?”

“N-no! It’s just weird is all!”


Toru spins around in her seat, “So Bakugo! Why aren’t I married!”

“No one can find your hand in marriage.”

“Oh that’s a good one!”

“Not really. It’s recycled material.”

“What about me?!” Mina whines, “I’m literally so cute! It doesn’t make sense that stinky Bakugo is married and I’m not at thirty six!”

“You’re thirty five.” Katsuki says evenly, “You forget I’m the oldest.”


“Dude you’re so chill it’s freaking me out.” Hanta says and Shouji nods.

“Well I’m a dad now so-“

“Wait yeah yeah! You have pics right?” Toru says, grabbing his sleeve and tugging at him.

“I can show you one. Just one. The rest could fuck up the timeline or some shit.”

“Aaaah! I wanna see the baby!” Ochaco crows.

“You can’t ask questions.”

Iida stands with a clatter of his seat, “You should not tamper with this timeline any more than you already have! Why run the risk!”

“Iida. Some things are inevitable. My happy, married life is one of those things.”

“Th-that’s so manly!” Eijirou says and Katsuki remembers what his husband had told him of his school days. He had said, “I had the biggest crush on you since our first year of school! It was so embarrassing and obvious!”

He didn’t know why he had doubted it before as a kid. It didn’t seem so obvious then, but right now the younger Eijirou is beaming at him, eyes alight. He’s always smiling at him, and it’s weirdly nice knowing how much time Eijirou spends looking at him. How much time he had spent looking at him since their school days.

“All right I’m only gonna show you once! So whoever wants to see my son better get over here!”

He hunches over his phone to check his gallery before he sees a photo that’s good. Katsuo’s hair is free from his bonnet and he has his whole hand in his mouth, grinning around it, eyes scrunched up in way his own do when he laughs. He turns the photo to the girls and Deku who elbowed their way to the front.

“Oh! He looks like you Kacchan!”

Kyoka hums, “He’s got red eyes hair?...How?”

“Red is a common color.” Iida says.

“I told you you can’t ask questions.”

Mina and Hagakure are cooing and Tsuyu’s eyes water.

“Oh he’s so cute!” Ochaco chirps.

“Oh. Somehow I thought he would be a little goblin.” Shouji says and Bakugo flips him off.

Ojirou hums, “Is he adopted or did you surrogate?”

“He’s ours. There’s all kinds of quirks.” Katsuki says with a shrug.

Fumikage uses Dark Shadow to lift him up so he can see, “A splendid minion of darkness.”

Yuuga waves his hands gasping dramatically, “He’s so bright! He might even outshine me!”

Eijirou looks at the photo and Katsuki watches him fall in love with their son all over again. His eyes get teary and he asks Katsuki, “What’s his name?”


“That’s manly! How is it spelled?”

Katsuki scratches out his son’s name on paper and Eijirou hums “You added your victory huh?”

“Yup. Had to.”

Denki tells him, “You’re slipping hard grandpa. That’s two questions you’ve answered.”

“You have a goatee in the future.”

“I DON’T!”

Katsuki shrugs.

Aizawa wakes up to his alarm, “Review time is over. Go to lunch.” and lays back down.

Just like that the bell rings and he heads out with his classmates that bombard him with question after question before he stops in his tracks.

“Holy shit Lunch Rush is here.”

“Ah?” Denki says.

“You don’t get it. His spicy curry is the fucking best I almost cried just for that when I left this place! Denki, eat as much of what you like as you can bro.”

“You-did you? You just call me Denki? And bro?”

“I haven’t started yet? Huh.”

“You say bro, bro!?” Eijirou yells and Hanta is gawking at him open mouthed.

“The fuck? It really isn’t that crucial. Maybe if you guys don’t make a big deal out of stuff it’d be easier.”

Mina hums, “Yeah I guess that’s true. Hey Bakugo! Who’s the number one hero.”

“Me. Obviously.”

He doesn’t point out that he, Todoroki and Deku keep fighting like madmen for that top spot. It’s likely to change in his absence, but it will be easy to take it right back.

“Really?! You beat Todoroki?”


“Well I’ll still beat you Kacchan.”

“So bold!” Toru gasps.

“Try it.” He sneers right back and laughs, “This is nice. It’s literally old times. Though I miss my kid.”

Eijirou is keeping pace next to him as he always does, “How old is he.”

“Nine months. He’s started babbling. He can say ‘dada’ and ‘baba’ already. And the little terror can worm around on his stomach. I think he’ll go straight from army crawlin to walkin pretty soon.”

He realizes when they’re in line getting lunch that Ei is the only one that’s hanging onto his every word.

“You’re taller than me.”

“Uh yeah sorry.”

“Sorry? The hell you gotta be sorry for?”

“You seemed upset about it the other day...I’m glad you got over it.”

Katsuki remembers now and he feels his face burn. Upset was not the right word for how he had felt. He still likes that Eijirou is taller than him. It makes being held feel all encompassing and homey. When it comes to being with Eijirou, feeling small is never a bad thing.

It’s what he loves about him. He can be as vulnerable as he wants and be accepted and treasured and damn he misses his husband.

“Man if I hung onto every little thing I get mad about for sixteen years feel free to kill me.”

Eijirou laughs, “Bro you don’t get that mad. It’s fine. Speaking of, you and Midoriya get along?”

“Like oil and water.”

“Really?! You seemed like-“

“I’m just more mature about it.”

“That makes sense.”

They grab their food without a problem and Eijirou keeps biting at his lip, “Whats on your mind?”

“Uh so...what am I like?”

“You’re a damn good hero. We work well together.”

“We work together?!”

Katsuki does his best not to pout, “You didn’t want to?”

“Together...” Eijirou isn’t even listening to him, grin pulling wide across his mouth, “Dude that’s awesome!”

“I know. I live it every day and wouldn’t have it any other way.”


Eijirou’s eyes are brimming with tears and Katsuki sighs as he pats him on the shoulder.

“Ah. Your ears are pierced.”

“Yep. Got something to say about it?”

“They look good.”

Eijirou looks like he wants the floor to swallow him up but Katsuki throws him a “Thanks.”

They sit at their usual table and Katsuki takes in the feeling of nostalgia that Denki interrupts by asking, “Hey what am I like in the future.”

“I said you were single. What more do you want?”

“I can put two and two together Kacchan! I knew that already I mean, how am I?”

He thinks of Kaminari who had been really carefree once he started Hero work. His hero life was always hectic but his home life was too lackadaisical.

For a whole year he had couch surfed from one friend’s house to another just because he was lonely living by himself. And Katsuki remembers that year when he had “found himself” and single handedly started calling out pyramid schemes and scoping them out to take down.

Shit was wild and Katsuki doesn’t know how to tell Denki that future him is probably certifiably insane but brilliant.

“You’re doing just fine, sparky.”

“What about me?” Satou asks and Katsuki sighs, “You have two jobs and you’re good at both of em.”


Tokoyami looks at him quizzically, “Do I ever master the dark art?”

“Which one?” Katsuki asks.

“I am satisfied by your answer.”

Then, Katsuki doesn’t waste time eating the enormous helping of spicy curry. He ordered as much as he did his third year at UA and it’s better than he remembered. His eyes well up with tears, and Eijirou notices, “Too spicy?”

“You kidding me? This sort of makes being sent here worth it.”

“How long will ya be here, do you think?” Ochaco asks him and he realizes, “I don’t know. Hopefully soon. I never thought I would have to repeat a grade.”

Katsuki goes on more seriously, “It was my turn to watch my kid, so Ei either called into work or has teenage me watching him. I’m not worried, but...”

Shoto snorts, “I doubt it was more difficult than our hero license exam. Plus, he must know your kid is yours.”

“‘Ei’ he said...” Deku mumbles and Katsuki scowls, “Quit mumbling every thing you think Izuku!”

“Er-Sorry Kacchan!”

“Seriously you’re going to give me some kind of conniption one of these days.”

Deku grins, “Is your willpower weakening with age then, Kacchan? Interesting!”

“You smug little shit.”

Iida clears his throat, “If you’re an adult you should act like one! Arguing with children, Bakugo you need to-“

“I don’t need to nuthin’ Iida. Deku and I get along just fine without you butting in!”

“Despicable.” Iida says and Katsuki laughs.

Katsuki supposes he and Iida aren’t that close yet. They still get on one another’s nerves. He leaves a reminder in baby Kacchan’s phone to listen to he and Fumikage’s taste in music around Iida.

The rest of the school day Katsuki excuses himself from hero class with, “You’ll all know what I’m capable of eventually.”

Later, he tells Aizawa from the sidelines, “Deku watches me too closely. I don’t need him attempting some crazy shit and dying.”

“So you’re aware of it.”

“I have eyes on the back of my head Eraser.”

Aizawa just sighs, “So you’re a dad now huh. If you weren’t so level headed now I would be worried.”

Katsuki just hums. He still has a bit of a short fuse but he’s learned how to identify what’s really bugging him. He usually bottles it, but now he’s better at expressing his frustrations thanks in no small part to Aizawa and his classmates.

And Eijirou who never pushed him too far.

It’s crazy seeing the younger Kirishima still working on his power. The raw potential from a more wizened perspective makes him see the potential while his experience fills in the results of years of training and work.

His chest swells with pride watching Kirishima. That’s his best friend.

After the kids dress out and they start heading for the dorms Kirishima runs right at him, “Bakugo are you still gonna study with us?”

He’s brimming with energy even after hero classes, each step an almost bounce and Katsuki nods, “Why not.”

They study with Hanta and Denki. As expected he ends up grinding his teeth a lot to avoid yelling and Hanta asks him, “Hey I’m not married but am I dating anyone?”

“Why are you kids so stuck on your love lives.”

Sero shrugs, “Okay then. Do I still invite you to my birthday parties then?”

“Yeah. Although not all of us can make it every time.”

Sero nods, “I can live with that.”

Kaminari asks him, “Do I have fans?”

“You do.”

He doesn’t mention the fact that a small portion of those fans are known for their conspiracy theories that they want Denki to uncover ever since the pyramid scheme thing.

Eijirou fidgets with his pencil before he asks Katsuki, “Are you happy?”

“Yeah. All the time.”

Eijirou can’t seem to lift his eyes from the table as he asks, “Are we all okay in the future? Everyone is happy?”


“That’s good. I look forward to it then I think.” he finishes quietly and Katsuki grins, “You don’t want to ask anything else?”

“I’m good.”

“Ugh you’re making us look selfish! Stop! Being! So! Nice!” Hanta and Denki shove Eijirou back and forth between them until he lifts his head grinning.

Katsuki can’t wait to go back to his own time. He already missed the dumb lunch date with Deku and his cronies. It’s not often they can meet up, especially with both Kirishimas present.

He feels tired by the time they finish their homework, Katsuki writing out notes for his notes and letting young Katsuki know he has a one day extension on his schoolwork.

He tells them all goodnight and tries to fit a nap in.
“God they’re all the goddamn same!”

“You’re just too prone to provocation, Katsuki.”

“You too! You were no help!”

Kirishima looks up from his place on the couch, Katsurou laying over his chest, asleep, “I didn’t think you wanted me to protect you.”

“I-why do you have to say it like that!” He takes a breath. He tries to calm the erratic beating of his heart and he asks, “Do you really turn me down?”

“I’m not risking this. You wouldn’t want me to either. You’re just going to have to find out you believe me? Do you believe that this really could be your future if you make it?”

He’s startled into honesty, “I don’t know.”

“Well I’ve never known you to give up.” Kirishima says softly, “You’ll find your way.”

It’s quiet for a beat, and Bakugo feels worn thin, too much on his mind, “Get off the couch so I can sleep.”

“No way kiddo. You’re taking the bed.”

“Haah?! It’s not mine!”

“I’m not making you sleep on the couch. You lay on here, I’ll pick you right up and toss you back. That’s final.”

“You wouldn’t dare.”

“I don’t have to dare, I’ve done it before I’ll do it again. Be a dear and grab me a pillow from my side won’t you?”

Bakugo can’t believe the fucking audacity but he can’t fling the pillow at stupid Kirishima’s face because the baby is asleep on his chest. Instead he stomps to grab it, and acts as if he’s going to smother him, crushing it over his head.

“My hair!”

“Is still shitty. Good night.”

Kirishima sighs, “Good night Katsuki.”

He doesn’t mean to, but he falls asleep when he hits the pillow.

He wakes up cold, and on the floor, cheek mashed to the floorboards and groans. He picks himself up and decides to get some water and medicine because his head is pounding. He knows where the kitchen is so he should-

If he’s on the floor to the left of the bed, the door should be on the right, but instead he sees the wall. The wall of his dorm.

He feels cold. He stumbles over to the door, and opens it. He sees the dorms across the hall. Shouji‘s door.

He sees Kirishima’s door to the right.

He turns back around and crawls into bed.

He had wanted to check on the baby too, even if he hadn’t put words to the urge.

Bakugo stares at the wall, chest hollowing out and aching.

He doesn’t know when he falls asleep or how.

His alarm goes off and he hits it on the first ring, feeling like shit. He guesses time travel will do that to you.

Yup. Just time travel.

That’s why his throat feels closed up and his heart hurts.

Already those memories feel smudged over like fresh paint and he panics.

He struggles to remember what his kid looked like, and can’t.

He struggles to remember his friends and their conversation but it’s difficult. All he remembers is Kaminari telling him he would get rejected.

He remembers older Kirishima saying, “It has to be you. You’re the only one.”

He tries to remember his kid’s name.

Were they a boy or a girl?

He just knows he loves them. He has never missed anyone so bad that it hurts, but it feels like something has been ripped from him. Arms feeling as empty as his chest, he wraps them around himself, feeling cold. He doesn’t know what to do with himself.

How could he forget?

He takes a breath and tries to get over it. He sees papers out of place on his desk and goes to organize them before he sees his own handwriting:

Hey Katsuki. It’s Katsuki. Notes from yesterday. Also, I want you to do something for me. Any photos you have, make sure that the people in them always have a copy and that those copies are on a drive online or something. Iida would know about it. Fumikage and Iida have the same taste in music. Don’t tell anyone about who you’re married to. That could ruin everything. Even so, it’s okay to let others take the burden or ease it. Trust me.

So it wasn’t a dream.

His fingers curl over the paper and his palms automatically spark. He has to pat the flame out of the paper but it’s already burnt beyond recognition.

“Fuck. My fucking notes.”

He jolts at a knock on the door, “Bakugo! I heard your last alarm, you up?”

He stomps over to the door and yanks it open, “What do you want?”

Kirishima’s eyes go wide and brim with tears as he surges forward to crush him, “You’re back bro! Oh my god dude I’m so happy to see your grumpy face you have no idea dude!”

“Haah?! Get the hell off of me Kirishima!” They wrestle for the upper hand but Kirishima lifts him off the floor, voice watery, “I was so scared.”

With a sigh, Bakugo pries the other boy off, the tight grip Kirishima has on him grounding him, “For what? As if you don’t already know how well things turn out for me. I’m making it happen.”

Even though he doesn’t know exactly what that is besides being number one hero.

It feels like there’s an undercurrent to that thought, but it’s too murky to be sure.

“Of course dude!”

When he gets to class everyone swarms him.

“What was the future like Kacchan!”

“Were there flying cars yet?”

“Hover boards bro! Were there-“

Bakugo stands and points at Deku, “You were my sidekick. It was pathetic.”

“I was not! You liar!”

“I don’t lie Deku! I saw it!”

“Older you was nicer!” Ojirou says.

“And hotter!” Hagakure adds and Bakugo splutters, “Jump off my dick! That’s gross!”

Hagakure just crosses her arms, “Objectivity is key. You’re still the stinkiest boy in school!”

“You know what-“

“You were incredibly rude!” Iida says.

“Like that’s news,” Shinsou said, “So was Deku your dipshit husband or what.”

“Like I would marry Kacchan!”

Bakugo flips him off, “No.”

“Then who was it?” Uraraka asks.

Bakugo just shakes his head, “Dunno.”

“Teacher.” Shouji warns them.

Aizawa walks in and looks straight at Bakugo, pausing his step.

“Well look who’s joined us.”

They do the stand and bow and it’s like any other day.

They all talk about Future Bakugo, but Bakugo feels like the details are fuzzy. Eventually the only thing anyone can say is that Future Bakugo visited. They don’t know anything else and forget about it.

Except Bakugo knows he’s left something there in the future. He just doesn’t know what. It’s the feeling of forgetting something important and it drives him up the wall at night when there’s nothing else to occupy his thoughts. Falling more and more in love with Kirishima is a good distraction.

He knows it started their first year, but he’s about to start their winter break on a good note. He’s gonna win him over and finally ask him.

He wasn’t sure if he would still like Kirishima, but it had been a full year of him sighing after his dumb, handsome face and wanting to be closer.

It was the last day before they went on winter break. Bakugo saw Kirishima talking with Kaminari and Ashido before he took a big breath, and stomped over there. He grabbed Kirishima’s sleeve and dragged him outside to his indignation.

“W-Wait! Bakugo!”

They rounded the corner and then Bakugo had rounded on him, jabbing him in the chest.

He had practiced this part over and over.

He knew what to do.

“What are you doing Christmas Eve?”

Except instead of letting Kirishima answer, he’s panicking at the way he sounds, voice trembling and the anticipation of rejection at the forefront of his mind.

He’s going to bomb this and he proves to be doing just that when he doesn’t even give Kirishima time to answer, he just demands of him, “Well cancel it and go out with me instead!”


Those doe eyes pull wide and Kirishima’s mouth parts in surprise. Bakugo sees Kirishima frown and retreats. He only gets one step away before Kirishima grabs his wrist, “Why are you so embarrassed? You-Wait. You mean, like a date? A Christmas date?”

“Forget it. You didn’t even know what I meant so it wasn’t even on your mind. Just-“



“Where are you taking me?”

“You’re gonna be so impressed you’ll practically beg me to be your boyfriend! Just you wait!”

“Oh! Is it a surprise? I love that!”

“Oh you’ll love it all right! You’ll love it so much you’re gonna talk about it for years! Fucking years, Kirishima! Mark my words! I’m gonna date you til you’re dead!”
“Wait, he screamed that at you?” Momo says incredulously.

“It was so so cute!” Eijirou coos, laying his head on Katsuki’s shoulder.

Katsuki sighs fondly, “And then what?”

“Well I’m talking about it aren’t I?”

“Not the good parts, you jerk! We ate steak. There were flowers and everything! I wore a suit.”

“He wore a suit,” Kyoka snickers.

“Wow Kacchan. You really pulled out all the stops.”

“No shit. And? We went ice skating. That ice got murdered.”

Yuuga has already heard the story, “So did the Christmas tree you flung poor Eijirou into. It was double homicide.”

Denki snorts, “Homie-cide.”

“God. Shut up!”

“Anyways,” Eijirou says cheerily, “We had to book it. I hardened myself for impact and ripped my shirt off and we got chased out.”

Deku is just grinning, “Man I cant believe you guys have been holding out on this story. Except I can. Media would have a field day. You guys are the iconic high school sweethearts but if they knew-“

“If they knew Katsuki had flung Eijirou into the town square Christmas tree, they’d have to pay damages, kero.”

“I think my damaged ego was payment enough. Whatever. Are you coming to our wedding or not? That’s the agreed upon exchange rate. Glasses. Tell em.”

Iida sighs, “Yes, that was the verbal contract we agreed upon.”

That’s how they make their friends watch them stomp down the aisle. They had practiced before but somehow Katsuki ended up elbowing Eijirou to get ahead and it became a minor scuffle of Ei tripping him so he could get to the alter first.

“Katsuki!” Misuki Bakugo barked at him, “That suit isn’t cheap brat!”

He rolled his eyes and stood across from Eijirou and took his name.

Katsuki Kirishima.

Reading his vows was embarrassing as hell but he managed with, “Eijirou you know I’m not good at this sappy shit, but for you I’m gonna try. So bear with me. You and me aren’t the kind of people to fall in love once.”

He starts sweating at the murmur that goes through their witnesses but goes on, “Instead we just keep falling in love over and over trying to outdo one another in who loves who more. And I like that. I want to keep doing that til we die. You’re the only one for me.”

It wasn’t until they exchanged rings that it hit him. Buried memories coming back.

Eijirou is crying and he fumbles his vows in the beginning before almost shouting, “I love you so much! It just has to be you and I’ll keep choosing you everyday I love you so much!”

It’s embarrassing, but he kisses his husband quiet. And they’re married.

It’s when they’re eating that he accuses him, “You remember that time travel shit?”


“You told me our wedding ring engravings.”

“Did I? So it was me.”

“Course it was dumbo. Who else could be so sappy?”

“It’s what you love about me sugar bear.”


They’re married for twelve years. It’s so crazy how nice the married life has been. He loves coming home to his husband. Villains are less crazy and there are more peaceful days than not.

He’s been staring into space a lot.

It’s not that he isn’t happy. He loves his life.

It’s just been tranquil. He and Eijirou have a house now. It has too many rooms and Katsuki has been filling those rooms with different furniture. Different scenery. There’s a room right across from their master bedroom that serves as an office.

Before he knows it he’s moving things out into the spare room.

“Whatcha up to, beef cake?” Eijirou says in the doorway. Katsuki just scowls at him.

“You gonna help me or what?”

“Oh? Sure.”

They’re eating dinner on the empty floor of the room when Katsuki tells him, “I want a baby.”

“A baby?”


Eijirou catches him around his shoulders, pulling him to his side, “We nesting right now babe? Is this the baby’s room?”


“I’ve thought about it.”


“We make enough. With our schedules we would have time. You especially have a real nice paternity leave clause in your contract, honey bun. So dude we could totally do it.”

Katsuki shoves his arm off, “Dont call me that and dude in the same breath. You kidding me? It’s not about the money Ei, or paternity leave it’s about whether you want to!”

Eijirou grabs his hands, working rough fingers over the knobs of his knuckles and bringing his hands up to his mouth to kiss the palms of them, “I’m trying to show you I’m serious. That I’ve thought about it too. That I want it but that I have a practical plan.”


“So we’re doing this?”

He doesn’t realize he’s crying until Ei swipes away his tears with his Hands, “Hey, you okay?”

“Leave me alone, man. I thought you’d say no.”

Eijirou pulls him to his chest, force so much he feels crushed, but he holds on just as tight, allowing himself to be excited.

They’re going to have a baby!

It’s been four years since then and they’re next on the waiting list. Katsuki’s so antsy during the consultation that Eijirou holds his hand the whole time. They have to show what their schedules are like. They need an account of their love from friends. They have to appear as devoted and unlikely to divorce as they actually are.

Katsuki heard about this person from Miruko. So they have to be good.

They get approved and the consultant talks them through the process. Their blood work needs to come back healthy. There are a lot of things that can go wrong.

For a month they have to get Katsuki’s blood pressure down. He cuts out salt, drinks more water etcetera until finally, finally they can start that final step.

“Child birth is disgusting as fuck.” Katsuki whispers to Eijirou who shushes him.

“So our kid is gonna grow in that?”


It’s a cocoon. Each one is different but the process is the same. The baby takes as long as it would in a womb and they have to continue to let the consultant with the quirk take blood from them.

Blood quirks are creepy so he doesn’t know how he feels about it, but they’re also paying this broad a lot of money to create life so who is he to judge.

When Katsurou is born, his quills are soft and it reminds Katsuki of a porcupine baby’s quills. The way they harden once they dry.

“Huh. You think he’ll have your quirk?”

Eijirou shrugs, unable to take his eyes off their wailing kid, “He’s beautiful.”


They soon find out that Katsurou is a little dangerous if he’s left as is. They have to file down his hair and claws so he doesn’t hurt himself. In three days, they get to take him home, agreeing to a one month check up followed by a six month benchmark check up.

Katsuki can’t seem to put him down for even a minute. His chest feels full fit to bursting and he loves their kid. He loves Eijirou.

Katsurou is a chatty baby. Always talking, usually smiling just like his dad. Even so, as soon as he figures out how to move around he’s nothing but trouble and Katsuki thinks he gets that mean streak from him. He likes to throw his toys and he likes to pull himself up using the coffee table and using it to scratch his nubby little claws back to points.

It’s when he’s reading to Katsurou, Eijirou laying his head on his shoulder that he remembers.

“I’m exactly where I wanted to be.”

“Hm?” Eijirou lifts up his head sleepily and Katsuki snorts, “The book is supposed to bore him to sleep, not you.”

“I’m just setting a good example for our kid.”

“Sure you are. I guess that’s why he drools on me so much.”

“You know what? Probably.”

Katsuki laughs and their baby mimics him, taking the book and throwing it to the ground. Eijirou sighs and retrieves it and they let him throw it to the ground until he’s tuckered out.
Katsuki wakes feeling like he’s hung over. He remembers a weird dream. Where he was at school, and met younger Eijirou.

He turns over to wake up Ei and tell him about it, but his arm hits the mattress.


He sits up, goosebumps breaking out on his skin.

“He probably went to check on the baby.” He tells himself. Instead of calming him, a stab of panic gets his heart.

The baby! He still remembers him! The timeline must be fine! But-

He stumbles out of his room and checks the baby’s room. No.

The crib is empty. Nerves frazzled he runs to the living room and-

“Oh thank fuck.”

“Hm? Katsuki, y’okay?”

“I’m home Eijirou.”

His husband’s eyes snap open but Katsuki is already shoving him over, wrapping an arm over Katsurou who is sleeping soundly on Eijirou’s chest.

“You’re you again!”

“Missed you.” Katsuki kisses him long and slow as he’s longed to. He feels the scar on his lip, he splays a hand over his bicep. Eijirou capitulates as he always does, melting in his hands and sighing, “Missed you too. Although baby Katsuki was cute. You really loved our son.”

“Idiot. I still do.”

He runs a hand over Katsurou’s little head and kisses his temple. It feels like just yesterday and years ago all at once and his chest aches at how full it is of warmth and home.

Eijirou yawns, “Did you have fun at school?”

“Shut up, will you? That reminds me. Our friends are gonna pay for fucking with me.”

“We should go to bed in our bed first.” his husband says, “Sleep first, revenge later. Did I ever tell you that your ability to hold grudges for long periods of time is one of the things I love about you?”

Katsuki snorts.

“I also remember saying you should kill me if I ever held a grudge that long.”

“Does it count if it happened yesterday?”

“You are not putting me on some paradox shit before I have to sleep. C’mon.”

“I’m really glad you came back to me.”

“You kidding? I belong here. You and me are inevitable.”

“I think that’s the most romantic thing you’ve ever said to me.” Eijirou yawns. They amble their way to the bedroom, Katsuki supporting his sleepy husband even though he’s perfectly capable of walking on his own. Eijirou crawls into bed first and Katsuki follows with their son.

“Don’t worry Ei, I’ll outdo myself soon enough.”


Katsuki settles against him, gently placing Katsurou on his husband’s chest, “Promise.”