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'Hey guys,

I have some sad news, which may be difficult for a lot of you to hear, so please proceed with caution. Remember that you can talk to me or any of the other Spotlighters at any time if you feel stressed or upset about anything you read in this post.


           Remember that you can talk to me or any of the other Spotlighters at any time if you feel stressed or upset about anything you read in this post


Park Jimin (above) has disappeared.

You guys know I don’t like reporting serious and personal issues on here, but this is too important not to cover. The more people who are aware of it, the more people there are to look for him.

All information that comes from me will be completely reliable and true, unless I specifically state that something is a rumour/not confirmed.
Please remember that a lot of blogs or news articles will report inaccurate information. This will not help us find Jimin.

As for what I know:

1)  Jimin left a note. I know the gist of it, but not what it says word-for-word.
2) The police have determined they cannot take the case. Jimin is old enough to live by himself, and the note clearly indicates that he chose to leave. Furthermore, they cannot find any evidence to suggest that it was forced, and so Jimin’s disappearance cannot be reported as a missing person’s case.
3) People close to Park Jimin, including Jeon Jeongguk, are looking for him, despite this. 

I'm sorry I don't have any other information at this time, but I will keep you updated. I know a lot of you will be worried for Jimin’s safety, but please remember not to spread drastic rumours--Jimin, as far as anybody can tell, chose to leave.

And Jimin, if you're reading this, please remember that we love you, your family and friends love you,  Jeongguk loves you.
You have many people by your side to help you through whatever you're facing. Please come back to us soon.

Stay happy, stay safe


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@jikookisluv: WHAT THE HELL??? V, DO YOU THINK HE'S OKAY????

@Spotlight: @jikookisluv Physically? I think he's fine, probably staying with a friend or relatives in a different city.

@Kook132: He's probably just being attention seeking, he does that loads in interviews, talking about his 'weight issues' when we see him eat food all the time. It's good he left Jungkook - the poor golden boy needs a break.

@jikookiesandcream: @Kook132 fucking fight mE HOW FUCKING DARE YOU

@Kook132: @jikookiesandcream Sorry hun, but it's true. Go back and watch the interviews, you'll see what I mean.

@jikookisluv: @Kook132 sorry babe but V doesn't like dickheads like you who make fun of other people's issues, get off of Spotlight oml


@Jeon_Jeon: Why are you reporting this? If he left a note and chose to leave… isn’t it disrespectful to ask people to find him? He clearly doesn’t want to be found…

@: Park_Jeon_Jikook: @Jeon_Jeon not the point. What if he ran away because something bad happened? People don’t just up and leave for no reason! He could be in danger! That’s why we have to find him.

@hellyeahv: V, are you okay? I know Jimin means a lot to you because he's one of your biggest idols, are you doing alright?

@Spotlight: @hellyeahv I'm alright, thank you. Obviously this was a massive shock to me, as it will be for a lot of other fans, but luckily I have my amazing boyfriend to help me through it. I hope everybody else has somebody they can talk to.

@vlife: OMG new fan who's V's boyfriend?

@spotlighter16: @vlife RM. We don't know his real name, V uses codenames for everybody, including himself.

@Dance_lyf: If anybody wants to join my SEARCH PARTY, then DM me on Twitter, same @ 

@KPOP_12: V, do you know how Jeongguk is?

@Spotlight: @KPOP_12 Obviously, Jeongguk will be very upset and confused right now, and we (as his fans) mustn't hassle him about this. The best we can do is support him through it and help search for Jimin

@Kook132: ^The best we can do is leave Jimin and find Jungkook somebody better


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