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Jimin wakes up in a pool of sweat and slick. His whole body is on fire, radiating outwards from his core, branching out in every direction shooting sparks of fire to his fingertips and toes. He smiles for a moment. Finally , he thinks. His hands snake across his body, rubbing lightly over his nipples - a moan softly falling from his lips - before moving down to his stomach. He presses his fingers down, feeling the flat muscle give only a little. He’s spent so much time working towards the perfect physique, but lately. . . For the last year he’s longed for something more, and he’s talked about it with his packmates extensively. Once they were all on board, they discussed it with the company, who agreed to support Jimin and the rest of the BTS pack. He squeezes his stomach again, hoping that after this heat he’ll grow softer as he grows new life. 

Jimin rolls out of bed and goes to the bonus room. The last few days before his or Yoongi’s heats start are always busy, getting ready for time off from their packed schedules, making sure everything is in place for them to be able to jump right back in after it’s over and continue like they hadn’t just had to take a week off. He knows everyone is still dead to the world, having worked themselves to the bone the day before - not only to prepare, but also taking care of Jimin, who grew progressively more and more agitated as the day marched towards its end. He doesn’t want to wake them quite yet, even though he needs them more than anything. He knows that the next two days are always intense, and they’re not afforded much time to rest. 

The bonus room, a kind of de facto “heat room”, is stocked with everything Jimin wants right now. Blankets and pillows are stacked high and precariously in the closet, and Jimin locates the one he wants first, a fuzzy yellow blanket they’d had for quite a while now sits towards the bottom of the stack. Jimin takes hold of it and yanks, pulling the whole stack down around him. The blankets smell like his packmates, and Jimin presses his whole face into the yellow one, inhaling deeply.

The heat is beginning to become unbearable, and as he takes another deep breath he feels a gush of slick let down, wetting his boxers and making them stick uncomfortably. He steps about building his nest, making the king sized mattress in the corner absolutely reek of his packmates as he arranges the blankets and pillows to his liking. 

There’s a large window in this room, overlooking Seoul from the great height of their penthouse apartment. Part of Jimin wants to open it to let in some of the cold February air, but the other, much stronger part screams at him to leave it closed, lest the scent of his mates escape. It’s dark outside, still the middle of the night, but the city is brightly lit. From up here the lights of the cars driving around, and the neon covering building after building looks like stars lighting up the ground. Perhaps it’s to make up for the fact that they can’t see the stars in the sky. 

Jimin longs for his mates as he sits on the windowsill, burning up from the inside. One hand goes to the bite mark on his neck, the one Namjoon gave him when he agreed to join the BTS pack, and not just the band itself. It had been by design that BTS only had one alpha - to lower the possibility of fighting within the pack - but they had made a calculated risk when they asked Jeongguk to join, as he had yet to present. One year after they debuted, he woke up in a cold sweat, a knot swelling at the base of his dick, and that was that. Bangtan had two alphas, two omegas, and three betas. It works, though. Jeongguk has always idolized Namjoon, and that didn’t change just because he was suddenly an alpha. He would raise hell if another alpha tried to make him submit. But when Namjoon does - usually only during his ruts - Jeongguk rolls over and presents himself without hesitation. It’s something they all find particularly arousing. Jimin’s small cock is hard thinking about it, wondering if Namjoon will make Jeongguk submit in the coming days.

There’s a sound from the hallway, and Jimin almost misses it, lost in thought as he is, when the door opens. He turns, excitement shooting down his spine. The light coming in from the city outside lights up Yoongi’s face just enough for Jimin to see the same hungry expression on his hyung’s face that he’s sure he has on his own face. Heats in their household are always intense, and the reason for that is that Yoongi and Jimin’s cycles had synced up years ago. They became like clockwork, beginning almost at the same moment usually. Yoongi must have just been able to sleep through the start of his, while Jimin was wide away immediately - most likely due to the excitement of it all. 

For Jimin this heat is special, because this is the heat where his mates are all going to try to put a baby in him. Yoongi, however? Carrying a child is the last thing he wants. He’d taken the special contraceptive pills that are meant for right before a heat the day before. They’re both on normal birth control - well, Jimin was - but during a heat their bodies become so desperate for sperm that any normal birth control is rendered absolutely useless. Jimin will leave after this heat with a child growing inside him, there is almost zero chance of it not happening. 

“Come here, hyung,” Jimin says, standing from the windowsill. Yoongi moves quickly, stepping into Jimin’s arms, wrapping his own around his waist as he rubs his face into Jimin’s neck, gasping at how thick and cloying his scent is already. Jimin does the same, happy to have one of his mates with him at last. “Shall we wake up the others?” he asks, his voice mischievous. He nips at Yoongi’s ear lobe, and starts moving towards the bed, pushing Yoongi with him until Yoongi’s legs hit the edge and he sits down. Jimin wastes no time in climbing on top of his hyung and capturing his mouth in a kiss that is sensual and deep, his tongue exploring deep into Yoongi’s mouth. He reaches down and presses his palm to Yoongi’s hard cock. Yoongi whines, his normally deep voice gone high pitched in his pleasure. His hands grip tightly on Jimin’s shoulders, one shoving up to hold onto the hair at the nape of his neck. His grip is so tight that Jimin worries he’ll pull his hair right out. He starts kissing along Yoongi’s jaw and down his neck. Yoongi’s wearing a loose, thin cotton sleep shirt, and Jimin rucks it up, bunching it under his armpits so he can move down to kiss his chest, latching onto one pink nipple to lick and suck while his hand plays with the other. 

Yoongi is normally a quiet person, rarely raising his voice. However, in the bedroom, and particularly when he’s in heat, he is unabashedly loud . A groan tears from his throat as Jimin works his nipples rock hard. There’s no doubt at least one of their mates didn’t hear that. Jimin rewards him by moving down, leaving his nipples for now and kissing down his flat stomach. He reaches the waistband of his pajama bottoms, whose thin material, along with Yoongi’s lack of boxers, does nothing to hide just how hard he is. Jimin nuzzles Yoongi’s crotch, inhaling deeply, relishing Yoongi’s sweet omega scent. Yoongi presses up, whining through his nose. “Jiminie, please .”

“Shh, baby, I’ve got you.” Jimin tugs on them, pulling them all the way down when Yoongi lifts his lips to help. The back half of his pants are as soaked as Jimin’s own bottoms, and when he sits up a little to survey the sight before him, he admires how the insides ofYoongi’s thighs positively glisten in the light that streams in through the window. A growl bubbles up his throat, and when Yoongi whines and presents his neck Jimin lets it out, growling low. It’s not unusual for omegas to submit to each other. Jimin usually finds himself dominating Yoongi, who happens to be a particularly submissive omega. Though, typically only when he’s in heat. 

Jimin takes Yoongi’s hard and leaking cock in his hand, giving it a few languid tugs to tease him. “Hyung, what do you want?” 

“Your mouth, please ,” Yoongi gasps out. Figuring there’s plenty of time to tease him later, Jimin wastes no more time. He licks up Yoongi’s cock before opening wide and engulfing him all the way down. Yoongi’s about average for an omega, which is relatively small compared to betas, and certainly compared to alphas. Jimin is able to swallow his whole cock without worrying about his gag reflex, and he does so enthusiastically, pulling out all the stops. Yoongi doesn’t hold back his moans, letting them fill the room, and out through the open door. Neither of them notice the new scent permeating the room.

A pair of large hands touch Jimin’s back, rubbing up and down. The contact is extremely welcome, and Jimin gives a needy whine. “Took you long enough,” he says before going back to sucking Yoongi’s soul out through his dick.

“You should have woken us up.” Taehyung’s deep voice is soft, and Jimin can hear his smile. He continues to rub Jimin’s back, pushing his shirt up so he can feel Jimin’s soft skin under his palms. Jimin moans as he starts to knead his muscles. “Keep going, omega, make hyung feel good so he wakes everyone else up. I opened all of their doors. He’ll be the mating call bring everyone to you. And you know what that means, omega?”

“What?” Jimin groans as Taehyung’s hands move down to knead his ass. He pulls down his boxers, finally ridding him of the sticky fabric, and the air hitting Jimin’s absolutely soaked skin is cold, and he hisses. 

“It means we’re that much closer to putting a baby in you,” Taehyung says, his voice low, sultry, before spreading Jimin’s cheeks and diving in to taste his hole, more slick pouring out. Jimin shouts , the sensation combined with Taehyung’s words almost too much. All he can think is yes, please, put a baby in me . He tries to keep blowing Yoongi, but his loses his rhythm when Taehyung starts to fuck him with his tongue. He rests his forehead on Yoongi’s thigh, slowly jerking him off. The room is loud with the sounds of pleasure as the two omegas start to lose themselves.

Yoongi sits up a little, resting on his elbows, reaching out to run his fingers through Jimin’s hair. “Does that sound good, omega? Want our mates to put a baby in you?” His voice is breathy as Jimin reaches down and runs his hand over Yoongi’s ass, using his slick to make the slide along Yoongi’s cock smooth and so good , nodding against Yoongi’s thigh. 

“Uh huh, want a baby, please .”

Yoongi looks towards the door in time to see Hoseok, Namjoon, and Seokjin stumble in, obviously having been roused from sleep scant seconds ago if the sleepy looks in their eyes are any indication. He lets his head fall back, baring his neck to the room. “Good morning my loves, sorry to wake you.”

Jimin squeezes his cock particularly hard on the upstroke and Yoongi groans loudly. Hoseok rubs his eyes one last time before crawling onto the bed, looming over Yoongi and growling low in his throat, appreciating his mate in heat below him. By now the combined smell of him and Jimin is sure to have permeated the entire apartment. Hoseok leans down and claims Yoongi’s mouth in a hungry kiss.

Now that Hoseok has decided to take care of Yoongi first, Jimin allows the other three to maneuver him onto his back beside Yoongi. Taehyung pushes his legs up so he can go back to eating him out as his alpha and beta take care of his top half, taking turns kissing his lips and licking at his scent gland. At this point he and Yoongi are both deep into the throes of their heat, and he’s about to demand that one of them get in him immediately when Yoongi stops kissing Hoseok, whimpering as the beta thrusts two fingers in and out of him. “Wait,” he gasps, looking around, eyes glassy. “Where’s Jeongguk?”

“That kid sleeps like a rock,” Hoseok says as he kisses Yoongi’s neck. Yoongi’s tempted to allow himself to give in and surrender to his instincts, letting his mates ravage him, but the idea of starting without their youngest member is almost unbearable.

“I need him,” he gasps out. “I need all of my mates.”

“While you wait for Kookie, will one of you please get in me already ,” Jimin says, his eyes flashing, sweat falling from his temples. “I need to be filled, please .”

“Okay, love,” Namjoon says, laughing softly, kissing his forehead. “Tae, would you like to go first? Since you were the first to take up?” Taehyung nods, and wastes no time before pushing Jimin onto his stomach, ass in the air, and then smoothly, though slowly, presses into his hot heat. Jimin’s moan is so loud, so satisfied that they all feel a thrill run down their backs. Even Yoongi, though he’s got his own heat to dominate his senses, feels the primal satisfaction of an omega who’s finally filled. This is special for him, after all. He’s been off birth control for a few months now, and this heat is going to all but guarantee him the baby he’s desperately wanted for a year now. For Yoongi, it’s just like any other heat, so he doesn’t mind taking a backseat to Jimin this time.

Namjoon stands, moving off the bed, and both omegas immediately whine when they realize he’s leaving. “Don’t worry,” he laughs. “I’ll be right back, I just need to go get Kook. The kid was probably up late playing video games.”

“His fault if he was, he knew they were going to start today,” Seokjin says, petting Jimin’s and Yoongi’s hair as they’re taken care of by Taehyung and Hoseok respectively.

Namjoon leaves the room, the sound of moans and Taehyung’s pounding into Jimin following him out of the room. He walks down the short hallway, each door open to reveal the few bedrooms they share between the seven of them. Jeongguk’s room is the last on the left, and Namjoon quickly closes the distance to the open door, where he can already smell Jeongguk’s own arousal. Namjoon enters the room, not bothering to knock. He’s eager to return to the omegas, and though Jimin may be alright with starting without the young alpha, he knows Yoongi will force himself to wait until every member of their pack is present. He’s always been like that, ever since they formed the pack and Namjoon gave him his bite. 

Jeongguk’s on his stomach, still asleep, though definitely affected by the scent of his two omegas in heat. His hips are moving under his blanket, grinding down into the mattress, and Namjoon sighs, shaking his head. He sits on the edge of Jeongguk’s bed, gently putting his hand on his back. He rubs up and down, and Jeongguk’s groans quiet down. There’s a particularly loud moan from down the hall, and that combined with Namjoon rubbing his sweaty back finally pulls Jeongguk from his slumber. He groans, rolling over. He blinks up at Namjoon, confusion marring his beautiful features. “Hyung, what?” he whines. “What’s going on?”

“Our omegas are in heat, they need you. Why did you go to sleep so late last night?” Namjoon asks, half teasing, running his fingers through the young alpha’s hair. “Come on little one, Yoongi won’t let anyone fuck him until you join us, let’s not make him suffer any more than he’s forcing himself to.” Jeongguk sits up quickly, and together the two alphas make their way to the heat room. Jeongguk all but launches himself onto the bed, shoving his face into Yoongi’s neck. “Sorry I made you wait, hyung,” he mumbles. 

Now that everyone is present, Yoongi feels the last of his inhibitions fall away, and he joins Jimin in an omega’s most primal and vulnerable state. He rolls his head to the side, presenting his neck as Hoseok pulls his absolutely drenched fingers out of him and replaces them with his cock. He lets out a deep groan, finally full, as Jeongguk continues to bite and suck at his neck. He feels at peace with all of his mates around him, so he lets go and sinks down into his feelings, the sensations his body is experiencing. The feeling of Jeongguk at his neck, Hoseok inside him, and then Namjoon’s mouth around his cock. It’s wonderful, and then it’s pushing him over the edge and he comes - the first of many times over the next few days. 

Beside Yoongi, Jimin is holding onto Seokjin’s leg for dear life as Taehyung pounds into him from behind. His eyes are closed, mouth open in a constant stream of sounds pouring from him. “You take my cock so well, omega,” Taehyung grinds out, punctuating each word with a sharp thrust.

“Is our beta taking care of you, baby?” Seokjin asks, his hand combing through Jimin’s sweaty hair. Jimin can only nod, still moaning, debauched and wanton in his pleasure. “We’re going to put a baby in you, omega,” he whispers then, smiling wickedly at the reaction that pulls from the young omega. “Is that what you want? Want to grow fat with our pups?”

“Yes,” Jimin cries, the word ripping from him in a way that sounds almost painful.

“Go ahead, Tae,” Seokjin encourages. “Give it to him, let’s see how stuffed we can get him.” That’s all the two in front of him need, and soon enough Jimin screams and comes onto the bed while Taehyung lets out a satisfied growl, and comes inside him, pressing his hips in as deep as he can as he shoots his cum as deep into Jimin as he can. 

“Hyung,” Taehyung groans. “Come here.” He reaches around and wraps a hand around Jimin’s still-hard cock. “Jiminie needs you.” Jimin smiles, eyes half-lidded as Seokjin moves behind him. Taehyung pulls out, and before any of Taehyung’s cum can leak out, Seokjin is pushing in. Jimin blinks slowly as Seokjin starts up a slow, grinding pace. He stares at Yoongi. The older omega’s eyes are closed, mouth open as Hoseok pounds into him. Jeongguk is all but curled around him, caressing his face as he presses open mouthed kisses to his jaw and his neck. He smiles, feeling so happy . He’s got him whole pack around him, he’s in heat - finally - and everything’s right for them to start the family they’ve been wanting for a while. It’s the perfect time in their careers - their atmospheric rise to fame in 2019 means that they can afford to take a short break, and their fans will always be there when they come back. Armys have been speculating, and asking about a “Bangtan Baby” as they’ve dubbed it for years now, especially after Jimin mentioned in an interview that he wanted a baby. From behind him, Seokjin starts thrusting faster, and Jimin stops thinking, loses himself in the pleasure of it all. 

A while later, after Jimin’s had all of his mates, he’s lying on his side, Namjoon’s knot inside of him. He swaps lazy kisses with Hoseok, and Namjoon adjusts slightly, causing Jimin to moan low from his chest - he can almost feel the obscene amount of cum that Namjoon’s cock is holding inside of him, and he feels like purring, not having felt this satisfied in a long time. Everyone’s curled up together, taking advantage of the break they’re given after both omegas have been knotted, sating them for the time being. Yoongi is laying on top of Jeongguk, the young alpha’s impressive knot locking them together. His face is pressed to Jeongguk’s chest, teetering on the edge of falling asleep as Jeongguk runs his fingers through his hyung’s blond hair.

“Get some sleep, everyone. You worked hard,” Namjoon says into the quiet room. His knot doesn’t take as long to go down as Jeongguk’s, and it’s already shrinking to its normal size after about twenty minutes. He reaches behind him to the bedside table, where Jimin’s favorite plug sits waiting. He knows Jimin would kill him if any more of his mates’ cum leaks out than is absolutely necessary, so the moment he pulls out he’s ready to press the plug in. Jimin lets out a contented groan, and he smells absolutely content . He curls up, pressing into Hoseok’s chest and falls asleep almost instantly. Namjoon presses close behind him, closing his own eyes to get some much needed rest before both omegas wake up, burning hot and leaking slick once again. 

Two days later, it’s done. They’re all curled together on the king sized bed, dozing, still naked and covered in sweat and cum but not ready to get up and wash the pack scent off of themselves yet.

Yoongi wakes slowly, the room calm and still around him. He’s still utterly exhausted - it always takes him several days to recover after a heat - but for now he’s content with just laying between Seokjin and Taehyung. The bed shifts a little, and Yoongi looks up to see Jimin up at the head of the bed, laying with his legs up on the wall, a pillow under his hips.

“Jiminie,” he whispers, not wanting to wake the others. Jimin turns his head, eyes locking with Yoongi’s. “You know that doesn’t actually help, right?”

“I don’t care. I don’t want to take any chances. Any help I can give all those little guys to get to the finish line I’m going to give it.”

“You made everyone come in you so many times in two days, there is literally no chance you’re not pregnant. Don’t worry.” Jimin doesn’t respond, but a moment later he pulls his legs down, and shifts so he’s curled on his side, his head right next to Yoongi’s. “Jiminie,” Yoongi whispers a few minutes later. Jimin, who had closed his eyes, hums in response. “Why do you want a baby so badly?” His voice is still a whisper. 

“Because I love you all, and I want to start a family with you. We’ve been together as Bangtan for ten years now, and I’m ready to start the next phase. Of course I want to keep performing, and making music - we can’t let the armys who love us down, but I’m getting older, and I just want a baby.”