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Glory Box

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Morning broke into my window like one of the young maids, curtains wide open without asking. Berating my eyes until they burned open, and now here they are, open. I rub my hand over my eyes feeling the breech of sobriety hit me. I needed to fix that. I turned over on my left side to open my night stand drawer. I rummage through to find a 70% used vile of powder white, snow dust, white russian, also known as happiness, cocaine. Turning the vile upside down I take a needle and stick it into the top. Watching the contents flow inside the needle. I strap my arm up holding one side with my teeth. The vein was surprisingly easy to find today, I injected the heavenly drug quick. Licking my lips, already craving more.

I removed the tie and needle putting them back in their respective small case in my drawer, which I locked this time. Getting up I felt a little something, but not much, I needed to see my supplier immediately. It couldn't wait I was fresh out. So, I pulled my long limbs from the king sized cheery wood bed and stretched. My butler came in and I was ready to be dressed. He dressed me divinely, dusty white linen blouse, black vest, black trousers silver pocket watch, and my very lovely second skin, my beautiful, sumptuous wool tweed black coat. It was time to head out, and as I did I turned the collar of my coat up, leaving my families manor going unnoticed. 

My brother Mycroft-or really the British government was just heading into se my father as I brushed passed him. He stopped turning to me as I continued walking.

"Do stay out of trouble Sherlock."

"I always do brother, its just trouble seems to find me."

I got into one of our carriages and instructed our chauffeur to ride me into town and to just stop on the lower eastside as I had business there. He was used to my odd places around town and quickly learned that not telling my brother where I 'd spent my time resulted in extra pocket money. Much like my homeless net work, you look out for people and they tend to return the favor. As we road past the charming hills and lush greenery a yearn in my belly increased. This drug often made me forget to eat so, I'd more than likely get something in town. 


My thoughts were focused, I had a mission. We'd made it into town and he continued till we were in mid-town. This is where he dropped me off and where we'd meet back up when I was done. Out of the carriage I walked into an alleyway with vermin and cats running a muck. My foots remembered the step easy enough. As I passed a few men of the area I was sure to nod to to them, making simple eye contact so that they know I'm not better than them. I saw the door and knocked Morse code backwards, a complicated but functional way for Ham to know who was at the door and for what. He opened it and in I went.

"Out again, you high brow drama queen?"

"Yes, I'd like to actually buy much more this time."

"Why you getting sick of seeing my pretty face." He teased. "How many?"


"Four vials! Your coming out the pound. You really are addicted."

I smiled sliding my jacket off, then rolling up my sleeve. He handed me a strap which I tide taught. I opened a fresh needle and stabbed the new vial, filling it more now than I had been able to earlier. I licked my lips almost there. I thought. He watched me, as he always had. Curious to see a man of my families renown come to this side of the pond all for this. I gasped as the delicious sing ran bits of lighting through my veins. I sat down putting the needle on the table.

"Good huh." He smirked.

"Always. Here." I said handing him his well earned currency.

"Well these are all yours darling."

"Ham, I'm a gentleman, put it in a proper box. Discreet please."

"The pretty ones always want accessories."

"Oh really, then you should stop dating pretty, you'd save more." He stuck his tongue out childishly.


"Enjoy your higher societal drugs."

I winked putting my coat back on, heading out, this time through the opposite door. Which Ham always suggested since men who couldn't afford the drug might rob a man dressed like me carrying them. The only thing with leaving out this way was the sailors. They were sharp tongued men who'd seen too much of the world to be coy about it. I was an upper classman in their territory, they never seemed to enjoy men like me in their area before. I was no different, but I kept straight an avoided eye contact. Which was sometimes hard to do, because of one sailor in particular. His eyes were bluer than an ocean or sky, his build was tone from work and his silvery blonde hair that caught the light of the morning sun fascinated me immensely. He was like them but different. He moved different, so fluid. I could tell he'd been a favorite of many woman from both upper and lower class. The way they gawked and waved at him. If one caught his eye enough he'd speak to them, hoping down off riggings to acquaint some evening company. 

I always stayed close, I would slow up my pace. Just to see him, to hear him, only I wish I'd caught a name. That frustrated me more than anything, not knowing his name. As if knowing his name would invite me into his world. It would not. However, it would be enough to just say his name to myself at night, a comforting thought as I walked past a few sailors who would briefly looked at me. Some looked longer than others and on today he did as well. I tried not to look, but when our eyes met they lingered. A smile grew on his face and I for the first time in my life felt like I couldn't read a facial expression, why. Maybe it was the brightness of the day or some other reason unbeknownst to me.


My steps continued, I didn't want to stop in his viewing sight because I wasn't sure how favorable that would be, that drug was running like flames licking my veins. He some how was intensifying this experience. I walked behind a column to a building and stopped. Letting the drug pass an intense wave of pleasure through my system. 

"Huh" I sighed.

The moment had leveled and passed, so, I was on to continue my steps. Until I saw him. Standing there wiping his forehead with a rag. Body shining, glistening with beads of sweat.

"Hi." He said full of confidence. I swallowed, but my poker face was on.

"Good day." I said evenly.

"What's someone like yourself, doing on this side of town?"


Oh, he just wants to know what I'm doing in their territory. Figures, why would he care to know anything else. I'm probably a walking reminder of social class and privilege's, which I clearly have far too much of. Still, it was disappointing, he like the rest of them, just want me out. Well I'll do them one good.

"I was just leaving-"

"No, that's not what I meant. Trust me, the last thing I'd want is for you to go."

Curious, what could he possibly want for me to stay?

"I had business with a friend."

"You socialize with people on this side of town?"

"Class doesn't matter to me, I find that people on this side of town are much more tolerable than the ones around my courtyard."


He chuckled, beauty becomes him whenever he smiles.

"Might I ask, w-why would you want me to stay?"

"Well you come here every so often, I'd like to get to know you is all. I must go now, but next time your around, visiting friends you might want to visit me as well." He winked


"Aye John, stop your flirting you scaly wag." The man with the heavy red beard said teasingly. He waved at me and I nodded to him. 

"Sorry this brutes bothered you sir."

"Not at all, he was harmless."

"I might not be next time darling."


Bad boy I thought, yet he didn't seem like a bad boy. No, more like a good man with a streak in him of a playboy. He's forward, but he's still careful though, it doesn't seem like it to people, he never stood too close to me, he was respectful of my space. Flirty enough that I and his mates got it, but not enough that anyone could pin a crime on em, he somehow, maid his presence known without ruffling any feathers. Well played sir.

My poker face now had a crack in it, I smirked at his playfulness. Christ-he was flirting with me wasn't he? Why me, and his boldness. Though to others I'm sure it looked like a regular conversation. My insides were inherently screaming, why had he done that? Was he interested, or just toying with me. Nevertheless, he wants me to see him again. I wonder how true those words were?

Night crept up quickly today while I lay in bed reading through Scotland Yards News paper, looking for the juicy and meaty stories of interest. Lieutenant Lestrade hadn't come by in a while. Which meant relative boredom for me. Flipping through the pages nothing stood out to me. The most interesting thing it offered were that the ships taking port would spend a month here until they needed to leave instead of their usual 2 weeks. Hm? Why the extra two weeks though? I'll keep that in my mind palace.

Mycroft also hadn't needed anything from me, so I suppose I'll just spend time being high.



I could go back on that side of town. See if he's there. Maybe if I'm lucky, I could stare at him. Be near him and more than anything, observe him. He was fascinating, most people are dull and lack that which fascinates. Not him, he was like staring into obsidian glass and catching the colors for the first time. Yes, I must see him again. 

Pulling my body from the bed I put on my shoes and changed shirt to a fresher one, then I grabbed my second skin (coat) it was essential. As I left the manor I turned my collar up and was out and on my way again. My chauffer again never questioned my trips into this side of town. As he shouldn't, I pay him and this was a transaction nothing less. We never spoke unless he had a question about someone, he knew I could tell him in detail about his interactions. 



"We're here sir."

"Thank you."

"Would you want me to wait or come back?"

"Come back around 3 am."

He turned around and looked at me.


"Why do I sense a warning?"

"Sir, this area isn't great at night, be careful."

"Of course, but if my body turns up tomorrow, make Mycroft guess how I died."

"It might take em a minute sir, he's been distracted recently."

"So you noticed to." I smirked handing him his usual higher salary for late runs.



I walked down one of the fewer occupied alleyways which led me down liquor soaked floors and rats the size of cats. I continued on though, my steps were quick. I never wanted to give someone the impression that I hadn't known where I was going. People spot that around here and think they can rob you easily. Not me. I knew I was getting closer when the smell of the salt water began to sting my nostrils, my heart grew with exciting. Aiding every step forward. The sound of my footsteps softened as I came to my stop. No one was there. How strange normally the sailors are here, I can't see a single one. But a roaring sound of voices hits the sky and as my eyes scan I see a bar, threw the window I can see sailors and other men of the area laughing and drinking.

I count my loses and decide to leave, if John wasn't here, then why would I be here. Then a thought flies across me, What if he's in the bar? A new reason to pause. I suppose I can look and see, pretend to drink and look around. But people, there's so many of them. I'll stick out like a sore thumb, my fine cloth's might rub the men the wrong way, yet here I was. Desperate to just see him, I've crossed town just to look at him, it be a foolish waste to not look and see. 

My hands wrap around the door and I continued on, as soon as the door opens  its loud, to my luck they didn't stop for me. Some of them scoffed and stared. I headed straight to the bar and took a seat. 

"Welcome sir, what are you having governor?"

"What are you having." I correct him.


"It's what are you having?"

"Oh, why thank you sir." He says with sarcasm, he takes it lightly. leaning over the bar more to me. "What are you having, governor?"

A small smile etches to my lips at his candor, he's a funny man with a bit of cheek to him. 


"Burbon on the rocks for me please."

"Nice choice governor. What are you doing here?"

"Can a man not sit down and have a drink?"

He smiled at me, already seeing through the lie.

"Not looking the way you do." He said handing me the drink.


 I took a sip of the cool liquor, its sting staining my tongue and warming my throat.

"So, what's the real reason, why are you here?"


"Investigation." He said lowly, leaning into me.


"Hm, no I'm here for someone but an investigation, what would I need to be investigating?"

"Nothing governor. Ignore my words." He said trying withdraw

"Cat's out of the bag now, you might as well spill."

"I think its strange that these sailors are staying in town longer than usual, is all."

"I read about that in the paper, I thought it strange to."

He nodded in agreement, "Keep your eyes peeled with these lots. Now who are you here for?"


Suddenly I felt someone's hand, strong and calloused on my shoulder.

"He's here for me hopefully." That voice, its him...

I looked up to see the sailor I had searched for.


"Oh John, you didn't tell me you know him governor." 

"I don't, yet."