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Easier Said Than Done

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Adrien was laying on his stomach, having a staring contest with Ava, identical green eyes not once blinking. It was still strange. Three months since the triplets were born, and he still wasn't used to being able to lay on his stomach. Or have much in the way of motion.

The triplets were very active for their age. None of them knew how to crawl, but it was Felix's fault that Rhysand figured out how to summon wings to fly around, Ava teleported places, and Kyra just rolled from Point A to Point B. One magic baby was enough, three were exhausting. 

And of all the powers his dear babies had, sleeping through the night was not one of them. It's like they slept in shifts; there was always one awake.

Ava smiled at him, and he sighed. He was trying to see if he could do that thing Felix did, staring at them until they fell asleep. He was living off coffee, which he now called the bitter elixir of the gods. He scooped his firstborn into his arms,

"Come on Ava, can you please sleep for Dada, please? I need to be well-rested if I'm going to take you to school tomorrow." Tomorrow was his first day back at school after maternity leave which he homeschooled during. His classmates had begged him to bring the triplets, which he wasn't comfortable with. Alya had started a blog called the BabyBlog, and she was trying to get any info on the Agreste trio she could. Only his classmates knew his babies had powers, and he had no intention of letting a reporter find out. She was probably so desperate since she had portrayed Lila as an icon, and now with Lila revealed to be a villain, that blog was forced to be shut down.

As Chat Noir, the story they had been going with was he had been in rehab for an eating disorder, which was thankfully considered inspiring that he went to get help. It helped that he was still maintaining a healthy weight, even though he had worked out for months to burn off the baby fat.

It was three in the morning right now. Rhysand and Kyra were fast asleep, but Ava straight-up refused. Adrien and Felix had chosen to take turns that night they slept with the triplets, and who would nap during the day. 

Ava started crying and, in a panic, Adrien started rocking her, singing quietly and giving her a bottle. Thank the Lord; she then fell asleep. He smiled, changing her diaper and putting her into her crib. And for a moment, everything was quiet, and he went to get some shut-eye himself.

Then Kyra woke up. 

Adrien almost cried.




Through the miracle knows as an entire liter of coffee, Adrien got to school on time, managing to somehow sneak the triplets into the school without anyone catching him.

He got to class and sat down, or tried to. There was a giant welcome back banner for him. 

"Welcome back, Adrien!" The entire class cheered, and Rose immediately darted to the baby carrier where he was hiding the triplets. Today was the first time anyone in the class other than Marinette, Chloe, and Nino would see the newest additions to Adrien's family.

"They're adorable!" She squealed, earning a weird look from Rhysand as he covered himself with a blanket. Alya shoved Rose out of the way to try getting photos of the infants, only for Felix to karate kick the phone out of her hand.

"No. We already said we wouldn't bring the triplets if there were photos. And they're still leaving during the lunch break." Alya grabbed her phone,

"Come on Adrien; these kids are going to be just as if not more famous than you, I just want to get the scoop first, that way you can ensure it's the truth."

"The truth?" Felix had been the one to call everyone out when Adrien was pregnant, but now that his babies were born, it was Adrien's turn. "Alya, your blogs have been nothing but lies and the occasional truth you manage to guess. There's a reason Ladybug has stopped calling on you for Rena Rouge since you sided with Lila, who was trying to kill my babies! Lila is still out there, and your blogs will either reveal their magic, which I will not allow, or it will lead Lila directly to them! I've already had issues with creatures going for them while sentimonsters attack! So the less the public knows about the triplets, the better. I'm sorry, Alya, but I cannot trust you. Once upon a time, reporters respected when to hide private information.  This  is not how it's done!" 

Yeah, he had been spending some time with Marinette's grandfather, who was quite lovely if you had an open mind towards the old ways. He adored the triplets, even though male pregnancy wasn't how it was done, but abortion also wasn't how it was done. Adrien enjoyed learning about how things were in the old days and got helpful tips about keeping the triplets happy, and it was just the sleeping in shifts issue that left him unable to sleep. He also learned how to bake Dupain family recipes. Rollan knew the babies had magic, but since he had turned into a villain made of bread, that was not the strangest thing, and "as long as they don't turn anything here into that modern trash" he didn't care.

Alya gaped, "How dare you?!"

"How dare I? HOW DARE I?! I AM A FATHER TRYING TO PREVENT MY BABIES FROM BEING KILLED BY A SOCIOPATH YOU PUT ON A PEDASTEL! I HATE THE PRESS AND WOULD RATHER DIE BEFORE I SUBJECT MY CHILDREN TO THAT TOXIC ENVIRONMENT!" He covered them up again, "You know what, maybe this wasn't such a good idea. Alya I know you got a picture, and I will file a restraining order and make your life hell if you post it." Marinette took Alya's phone and deleted the photo. Felix called Gorilla and Adrien gave the hulking man his little treasures. 

"Please take care of them, G." Gorilla nodded and loaded them up. Adrien wanted to go with since this was the first time he would be so far away from them for longer than twenty minutes. Felix dragged him back to the school,

"Adrien, you need to calm down. Lila isn't going to get them, and you'll end up like your father if you worry so much."

"I know...but they're just so little, and I just have a bad feeling..."

"You've been having a 'bad feeling' since you found out Lila wasn't behind bars. But Adrien, if it weren't Lila, it would be someone else trying to get them. I know they are young, but they will always be in danger just for existing." Felix brushed back some of Adrien's hair, which had started to grow out since he hadn't gotten it cut in a while, which made them shoulder-length hair buddies, "They will want to go out into the world, you won't be there to protect them forever, especially since you're a teenager."

"I don't want them to deal with lying reporters that crave attention and could damn them in the process." Felix sighed, knowing the class was listening in, but making sure to distract Adrien from it.

"I know, Adrien. But try to enjoy today. You have a life outside of the triplets, and you love going to school. So until lunch, you are not a father."

Adrien chuckled, "Thanks, Moonbeam." Felix ruffled Adrien's hair,

"Any time, Sunshine. I'll be staying for a while."




Gabriel was sitting in the nursery with his grandchildren. They were up as soon as Adrien was, and were ready to spring into action. It was tiresome. Even more tiresome the number of kidnap attempts against the three that he had kept hidden from Adrien. 

The reason he hid it from Adrien was that his poor son was ready to pass out most of the time and was always afraid, and knowing for a fact someone had tried to kidnap his babies would never get him out of the house, especially since he refused to let his kids around the paparazzi until they could control their powers and could decide for themselves.

He had to admit, while Adrien was a bit paranoid, unlike when Gabriel himself had done it, there was a legit reason to be scared. The circumstances in which he went into labor still gave Adrien nightmares to this day, and Nathalie had brought in a therapist because of it.

Felix was staying because he did not believe Gabriel had had a change of heart and wanted to make sure his family would be safe. That and Gabriel could afford his meds and was willing to buy them, unlike his father.

But Felix had a point. From time to time, Gabriel reminded himself the Miraculouses he needed to save Emilie were  right there ! Emilie could be here right now with her grandchildren. But no, the price could be either Adrien or one of the babies, and especially the latter would cause Adrien to slip away completely. Fatherhood had matured him too much as it was.

Nathalie came in, "Sir, Mrs. Tsuguri is here to discuss with you. She refuses to accept the change in marriage plans." Adrien had initially been in an arranged marriage with Kagami, but with the fact he was in love with Marinette and a father of triplets, Gabriel decided to trade Adrien for Felix, who would be a much better match for Kagami with his usually cold demeanor unless around friends. And if Felix refused, then he refused, and there was nothing anybody could do about it. Nobody could resist a determined Agreste.

Gabriel growled and got up, picking up the phone, and politely explaining that Adrien was not ready for marriage with the three bundles of trouble he had to deal with.

Then he heard crying from the nursery.

Immediately, he hung up the phone and saw one of the men who had come before pushing Kyra out the window from where she was floating in her forcefield.

"NO!" Nathalie dove to grab the baby and Gabriel tackled the attacker to the ground while Gorilla shielded the other two infants from harm. Gabriel pulled a knife from his belt and stabbed the man through the heart, only for him to vanish in a puff of smoke. He missed Nooroo because the saber that came with being Hawk Moth was vastly superior. But he had promised Master Fu he would stop being Hawk Moth if Adrien survived the birth, and he fulfilled that.

"That was close." Nathalie exhaled, bouncing Kyra in her arms. Kyra was shaking for a second, before crying.

Rhysand flew over to Gabriel. It was cute, the bat-like wings he sprouted from his back that dragged on the floor when he was on the ground. The baby boy looked like Gabriel's mother, not that he would ever tell Adrien that.

"I...We need a doctor...." Gabriel panted out, biting down hard on his lip.

"Why?" Nathalie asked, "The babies are fine." 

"N...Not for them..." then Gabriel passed out, and Nathalie saw that his leg had a bone sticking out, breaking the skin.





Lila smirked when she saw Alya walking down the street, pulling the reporter into an abandoned alleyway.

"So Alya, is Adrien getting comfortable away from the babies?" Alya's eyes were glazed over, changing to Duusu's eye color. She had learned that if she messed with the Amok enough, she could full-on control someone. Who better than someone close to Marinette and by extent, Adrien?

"No." Alya replied, "I pushed too hard to put them on a blog to get you information, and he was paranoid all day. It didn't help he got a call saying his father had been attacked." Lila growled a little,

"Fine. Just work to win him over, and take Felix out of the picture, he's too aware for my causes. Remember, bringing Adrien to me will work just fine. Get him to trust you enough to be alone with him." Alya nodded and left.

Duusu emerged, "So you seriously plan to use Adrien to create another Twice Blessed?"

"Yes. This one will be raised under my care. Adrien's current babies are too aware of who their parents are, and will fight back, so I'll use them as a false target while I try to capture the one person I know is strong enough to carry a magical child. Then the world is mine."