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Four Sisters Soul & Eight Skeletal Sons

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Program Proposal


Alyse paced nervously back and forth in front of the large oak doors. The marble floor reflected her fast moving form like a milk white mirror of her black full length business jumper. Her red waist belt was the only color that hugged her thin frame as she twisted and lightly tugged at the two pearl bracelets she made on her right wrist.

The click-clack of her heeled boots echoed down the hall till she finally stopped by a mirror placed at the other side of the room by the restrooms. She glanced again at her reflection for the 8th time shes made it down this end. Her short bobbed brown hair was parted mostly to her left side cover one of her light blue eyes. Studying her make-up again she just felt out of place. Rarely did she ever put any on, but meeting the Queen of Monsters seemed to be a big enough deal to do so. light foundation covered her fair skin, dark eyeliner and eye-shadow. Her lips felt chapped from biting out of habit so she quickly pulled out her chapstick leaning close to the mirror.

"Miss Sives?" someone called from behind.

Alyse nearly jumped out of her skin as she turned to see a tall lengthy orange cat behind her.

"I'm sorry," she said scrambling to put away the stick in her hands and smooth over her appearance one last time.

Making her way up to the aggravated looking monster, she couldn't help thinking she would enjoy having a cat as a roommate. He was so cute, but also looked so miserable like those grumpy cat type ones. She quickly shock her head trying to shake her own weirdness before meeting this stranger.

Don't be weird. Don't Be Weird. DON'T BE WEIRD.

"Oh gosh you're so fluffy!" she beamed. Fuck...

The orange monster's bored grimace broke into shock and then a full grin as he started to laugh.

"I'm so-so-Sorry," she scrambled, "That was so unprofessional. I'm just a real big cat lover and you're just an adorably large version. N-N-Not that you're an animal or that I'm saying you are exactly like the one's we have here-Gosh I'm just digging a hole here aren't I," she said burying her face in her hands as she blushed furiously from embarrassment.

The cat collected himself still stifling a laugh, "Are you really Alyse? Because you sounded so much more professional on your emails and to be honest I wasn't expecting someone like yourself either. Are you sure you're 27?"

With a quick sigh of relief Alyse smiled, "Yes I am. I've sadly been blessed with youthful looks," she smiled extending her hand, "Lets start over, I'm Alyse Sives. I'm here because I received a letter about a summons for the monster relocation program. I'm here to represent me and my other three sisters."

The cat straightened his black tie and smoothed his own white button down before he clasped her hand, "Now there's the emails I received, the name's BP, I'm a part-time secretary here. I'm here to escort you to the Queen and I will say that I'm not offended by what you said. It's nice to know my appearance can bring such a smile to your face. Not many of us monsters have gotten a welcoming look from others. So it's nice to see someone so enthusiastic about us."

"I find beauty is always in the eyes of the beholder," Alyse smiled letting go of BP's paw.

BP motioned for her to follow through the large oak doors, "Well it's a good thing you might be given the biggest task."

Alyse couldn't help but wonder what he meant. Sadly she didn't get a chance to voice her question as they entered into another room where two large goat monsters sat at a round table with a tan brown hair child that was messing with a cellphone. The child was the first to notice both of you entering and tugged on the female goat's purple dress making her look up from the papers laid out in front.

"Hello my child," she spoke gently. Her voice felt so warm and loving, "You must be Alyse Sives. Please have a seat and we can get started," she turned to BP with a slow nod, "Thank you for showing her in. We will take it from here."

BP gave a half bow and quickly left the room closing the doors behind him.

Alyse almost wished he had stayed for a small portion of support as a new friend, but brushed off the fact that she shouldn't inconvenience him in such a way as they just met. She quickly moved to the nearest chair on the opposite side of the trio. "I'm sorry I couldn't bring my other three sisters along with me," Alyse stated watching the child nonchalantly take a photo of Alyse with their phone. "We were all surprised to get the summons all at once and weren't sure how to proceed. I volunteered as I'm the one with the most flexible schedule to come and learn what this all en-tales. Please don't take my sisters absence as any sign of disrespect." she finished with a small bow.

"Oh my," the female goat chuckle.

"Such manners," the male one chimed in his deep voice, "Please do not worry. We take no offence. In fact we were hoping to meet with just one of you so you may meet one of our own to get a feeling if we can make this work." He then gestured for Alyse to take a seat.

"I'd be more than happy to comply," she softly smiled as she sat.

"Well to begin with," he continued after she sat, "My name is Asgore Drremor. This is my wife Toriel," he gestured toward the female goat as she gave a small nod, "and one of my children Frisk our young ambassador."

Frisk gave a large toothy grin and waved enthusiastically. Guess the rumors the them being mute was true.

Alyse giggled and waved back, "It's very nice to formally meet you all."

"Well, Miss Sives," Asgore began as he picked up a file placed on the table before him, "We have been informed that you and your sisters each put in a separate form to house a monster on your own. Understanding that each of you are young adults with the capability to house one of our people within this program, we sadly will decline that offer but ask you for something else entirely." Alyse couldn't help but tilt her head to the sudden turn of events.

"As we would normally be fine with this, we actually have a bit of an informal request of our own that was brought to our attention from an outside source." Asgore then nodded to his wife as she spoke, "My dear," she soothed as she picked up an old envelope, "do you happen to know what I have here."

Alyse simply shock her head and Toriel continued, "This is a letter we received two months ago by a Mrs. Sives."

As the goat queen gently pulled the letter out of the open envelope Alyse held her breath as tears began to brim. Her mother's letter was written to the Queen of Monsters? And it had been sent the day after the funeral. Their lawyer had mentioned that she had a letter that was to be delivered, but was told to not say a word to the girls. All that they were told about was that in time it would bring them together. Is this what her mom meant? Why here?

Alyse was quickly pulled from her ocean of questions as small hands touched her own that she didn't realize she hand been clenching. It was the child Frisk, their deep brown eyes looking up at her in concern. Alyse turned to face Frisk and gave a small smile. Frisk then dove into her lap wrapping their arms around her. Alyse bent over the child's frame returning the comforting embrace. "You're way to observant for you age," Alyse murmured into the child's soft hair.

Asgore cleared his throat breaking the two from their embrace, "I do apologize if this is a touchy subject," he sounded regretfully honest, "She informed us in the letter that she was no longer... here... But what she had to say about you girls was something that resonated with my wife and I as parents. She had nothing but praise for you all as her daughters."

Alyse had forced back feelings since her own mother's funeral slowly one tear fell from her face.

Frisk ran with great determination to the other side of the room and grabbed the klinex box. Quickly making it back in time to hand Alyse one. She gratefully to it before speaking, "C-Can I ask what the request was from her?"

Toriel got up from her seat bringing over a small stack of folders and the letter, "She had a formal request that, if you girls were willing, she'd prefer a family of monsters be living with you and your sisters as a whole then separate."

Aylse wiped what remained of the tear as she tried to clear her throat, "S-She wanted us to all stay close, that's comforting to hear." She stood talking in a shaky breath, "So I'm guessing you have a family in mind that you'd like for me to meet?"

It was Frisk's turn to jump frantically up and down wildly signing with their hands and pointing to the stack in of papers in Toriel's paws.

"Yes, well, they are a large family of about eight," Toriel spoke nodding over to Frisk, "We'd technically assign each of you girls to two of them for guardianship in which you'd report to us in how they are adjusting. Given the circumstances of this particular family we would request that all of you would be living together." Before Alyse could ask how it'd be possible Toriel continued, "Do not worry about a home or living expenses. They will be provided by the program and the home is already finished with construction. To be honest this is a bit of a favor for us as well."

"Oh," Alyse said wrapping her head around the offer and request the queen had explained. "So how would you like the groups to be split between me and my sisters?"

Frisk had moved over to the other end of the table again and began moving their hands as they signed to Asgore. "You're correct as always Frisk, now might be the right time to bring him in." Asgore said as he stood from his chair and started to pick up a phone from the table and dialing.

"My dear, we would like you to meet the representative of the family you and your sisters would be hosting," Toriel smiled as she awaited Frisk to run back to were you two were now standing. "These are their files that the government made us make up on each monster that came from the underground," she said handing a small stack of folders. "They give a small general description of each set of brothers one of you or your sisters will be interacting with."

"Brothers?" Alyse asked just as the back left door gave a small knock and opened by someone stepped through.

A skeleton in a blue jacket, white t-shirt, and black gym shorts slowly sauntered in with his hands tucked in his pockets. He had a laid back expression with a permanent
smile across his face. Frisk ran over to him as he spoke, "I heard ya ring. sorry I didn't tell-a-phone back, thought it'd be better I just knock in."
Toriel stifled a giggle as Alyse stood there wide eyed.

She'd never seen a skeleton monster in person, though on the news one very tall one was always accompanying the ambassador Frisk.

The skeleton gave Asgore a small nod and a wink to Toriel. The child tugged on his sleeve as he turned his skull to them, they began to sign with their hands. He hummed softly to whatever they had said then replied, "Thanks for the info kid, I think I can handle it from here." His bony hand ruffled the kids brown locks and then he turned his gaze slowly to Alyse.

She watched as white pinpricks in his sockets scanned her from head to toe and back again before settling a minute too long on her chest. Alyse feeling his gaze consciously moved her left arm to grab her right slight covering her chest. She felt like he was looking straight to her very core. Why did she get a feeling he was seeing something more than what she could?

It was Toriel that broke the silence, "Sans, this is Alyse Sives." A paw was gently pressed against Alyse's lower back guiding her forwards toward the skeleton like a mother moving her child to meet a potential playmate. Toriel continued, "She's the eldest of the family of girls we had you review in the application process. We hope you to can get to know each other a bit and see if maybe they can be a right fit for your... family."

Sans, the skeleton, Alyse presumed finally looked back up from her chest and was now looking her silver blue eyes.

Being only two feet apart now, she noticed he was about a few inches taller than her standing of 5' 4" height in her boots. His skull was so smooth and wasn't a pure white but slightly tinted. The clothes he wore were baggy on him but hung well enough so that she couldn't detect how thick his structure was. She felt mesmerized but his body and the artist in her really wanted to see more to explore this unusual beauty.

Breaking from her stare Alyse forced to herself relax and outstretched her hand, "Hello, I'm Alyse I hope I can be a right fit for you and your family."

Sans glanced down at her hand for second and then back to her with his grin widening slightly, "sans the skeleton," he then grabbed her hand and a loud fart noise was heard in-between them.

Alyse's polished professionalism broke as she noticed a familiar piece of pink rubber. A whoppie cushion. She couldn't help but break out giggling as her grip tighten on the bony hand holding hers.

"the old whoppie cushion in the hand trick," he smiled as he let go to show the toy.

"Oh Sans," Asgore sighed as he rubbed his temples, "The young lady just met you and we really need you to chose a participate soon rather than later as the others are getting restless."

"keep your horns on Asey," sans grinned, "felt like tension need to be released before we begin."

Asgore sighed as he turned to Alyse, "I do apologize for this first impression."

"Oh please," Alyse giggled, "I found it quite the breath of fresh air needed after being so formal about this."

Toriel's eyes seemed to light up unassumingly to Alyse as she gave a thumbs up to Sans.

He winked back as Frisk began to try their hardest to push him closer to the human girl. "what's with the rush kid?"

"Seems like Frisk would like you to start your date to get to know Alyse and her sisters," Toriel answered with a smile.

Alyse noticed a light tint of cyan dust the skeletons skull bellow his eye sockets. Was that blush? How? Magic?

Frisk took a blank piece of paper from the table and ran back with the biggest grin as they held it up to Alyse and Sans.

It read in bold letters: DATE START!

Chapter Text

Sans stared down at the papers that lay before him on the coffee table as he contemplated what he had just signed up for. This was the seventh family in the stack that Toriel had given him to review for him and his Family. He needed a big enough family to handle the others but also they needed to be either trusting or scared enough not to define him. The last two he was present to interview he had shut down immediately after seeing their souls.

Placing his skull in his hands he groaned as the vibration of his phone signaling a text broke his thoughts.

It was the kid, Frisk.

Kid: Sans are you sure you want to wait till the end to meet the last one?

Sans glanced back down at the mess before him. 

The last family was a group of four daughters that Toriel had put together. Apparently they had entered in to the single group participation to house one monster within their own separate places, but then that all changed. Sans clearly remembered the queen running to Alphys in tears begging to make a major change for the girls. It really touched the queen in the only way one mother to another could.

Funny-Bone: ya sorry kid. i'll be in when you knock a good joke.

He picked up the copy of the letter from his stack and reading it over one last time.

To the Queen of Monsters


My name is Mrs. Sives, and I sadly will inform you right away that I am no longer alive. I know this sounds quite alarming, but understanding my time in this world has reached its end. I am writing to you in concern for my daughters. Currently as I write you my eldest child is asleep at my bed side and earlier she had informed me of something that she'd hope would ease my mind. She had announced that her and her sisters each signed up for you Monster Exchange Program. I wish you could have been at my side to watch the way she lit up talking about the different kinds of monsters she had seen on the news and would be more than willing to have one as a friend. Speaking of one of my daughters, let me just brag about them all to you like the mother I really am.

Alyse is my  most creative and protective daughter. She is a bit of a loner doing her own thing, but loves to share her passions with others. She's my daughter that wears her freak flag high when she wants and yet can be the professional woman in the blink of an eye. It's a wonder why I could trust her to walk around the city at night on her own and know she'd come back safe. You should see the gaggle of people she use to bring home that seemed so terrifying but around her were the kinds of people. She brings out a lot of good in others that hide it well. She's also the one that got her sisters involved into the program. She doesn't say it, but I know she misses having someone around, even just to bug or annoy her.

My second daughter is Lynn. She's is my most stubborn but caring child. I can see a lot of my motherly traits the way she talks to her other sisters. If you watched them all in a room you would swear she was the eldest and not my first daughter. She's bright and welcoming as the sun, but sadly she hides much behind her smile. She's always left my room smiling saying she knows I'll be better soon. But even with make-up I can see where she's shed her fears for losing me. She doesn't want her sisters to morn long for me when I'm gone and I know it's because she wants them to heal and move on. She's a strong girl, but needs a rock of her own and someone to smile for her.

Lorlain is my third daughter, but I might as well tell you right away she probably put her name as Lola. She's my mischievous girl. She loves to play tricks and argue with her sisters. Even though she looks as if she has no emotion please don't let that discourage you. She a sensitive soul with an eye for seeing right through others. She's dropped many toxic people from her life right before that get a chance to hurt her. She's been the most aggressive about my state so far. She's looking to blame a doctor or medicine on what's happening, but sadly it won't stick and she knows it. I fear she may stray away the most after my passing. Please don't let her hide when she needs her sisters.

Nicole is my youngest and most quiet girl. She's got quite the head on her shoulders for grace and knowledge. She's a bit of a worrywart. She fears a lot from this world and like to be sure everyone is mental and physically healthy. Her heart has the most justice which is why she's going for the career that she is. Sadly though she's also too trusting. My youngest daughter wants to see the good in everyone, but not everyone is good to her. I don't want her to feel unsafe and alone when I'm gone. I know she'll be the only one messaging her sisters in fear of their/her own mental states. She needs a calm hand and bright person to show her life is worth living without fears.

I do apologize if my letter ends up going all over the place, cancer isn't fun, but  I've fought well long enough to stay with my girls.

Going back to why I am writing you in the first place. I must ask that I have sort of a dying wish as a mother. I wish for my girls to be entered together as a family with another family of monsters. I want them to be together and reconnect. I know my girls are currently living separately and sadly growing farther apart with my illness causing each of them to react differently. My girls haven't had, lets just say a childhood they'd be proud of. I must ask that you never ask, contact or mention their father. If you truly need a reason why before upholding my request the I ask that you speak to my lawyer Mary. Her contact is (XXX-XXX-XXXX). This information is to be kept confidential.

Please help my daughters.

I know they'll be the best they can be for which ever monsters chose them.


The letter ended with her signature and a picture of all four girls together. The picture itself made Sans burst out laughing when he first saw it, but now it just seemed wholesome. The girls, all adult women he guessed, where squeezed into a tub laughing. They looked like they were trying to fit together but could. One laid across the others as two had their feet dangling out and the last practically sitting on the back edge trying to hold the one laying down from falling out.

Sans was pulled one again from his trace as his phone buzzed again.

Kid: Hey, this girl's a catch!

Funny-Bone: who said u could play match maker again?

Funny-Bone: I thought ur mom banned u from playin with fire :p

Kid: See for urself. I think she might be good 4 u.

There was an attachment sent with the last text and Sans opened it to reveal a young woman with short brown hair parted to one side. He couldn't see much else but her frame and obvious professional stance. She looked thin, but lean enough to have a bit of sex appeal. The red belt across her waist instantly attracted his eye to her chest where he began to pondered about what kind of soul this one had.

Kid: Dont feel pressured but remember that mom said this is your last chance finding a place for you and the group.

Sans let out a deep sigh. Frisk was right as always. He needed a diverse group to handle his 'kin'

A ring from his left broke him from his own cell to the office phone on the side. 

"pizza slut, how can we help you," sans snarked as he answered.

There was a deep exasperated sigh from the other end, "Sans, please don't start with this now," Asgore voice sounded through the phone. "We've got the eldest of the the four girls here to meet you and discuss if this arrangement will work," he then paused, "And understand this better work. I don't think I can handle your family in my home much longer."

"whats the matter Assy? Too many skeletons in you closet?" Sans joked.

There was no answer as sans just ended up hearing the dial tone through the phone.

Guess he really was on thin ice. Great.

Sans knocked on the the door next to his lounge area before just waltzing through.

"I heard ya ring. sorry I didn't tell-a-phone back, thought it'd be better I just knock in."
He saw Toriel stifled a giggle.

Sans gave Asgore a small nod and a wink to Toriel. Frisk ran up to him tugging on his sleeve as he turned his skull to them, they began to sign with their hands.

'She seems really nice and cares a lot about her sisters. I think she might be the best match yet for everyone.' Frisk spoke with their hands.

"hmm, thanks for the info kid, I think I can handle it from here." His bony hand ruffled the kids brown locks.

So the outfit was a one piece black and white pants-suit. It was a nice choice for her figure, but that wasn't what he was here to focus on. Sans used his magic as casually as he could to see this woman's soul. Adults's souls were always harder to read and would either have more dull or mixed colors, but what he noticed was not dull.

The soul had an outer glow of silver meaning she had a secret knack for talking to certain people, most likely other souls that she could resonate with perhaps. The two colors swimming brightly with the silver outline were blue (integrity) and purple (perseverance). No wonder she was so proper and polite through her body language. But there was something else to the soul that looked like a colored crack. Sadly sans couldn't focus on it long as the young gal moved her left arm to grab her right slight covering her chest. Her soul had noticed his intrusion and was now hiding from his view. 

Damn if only he could just bring it out and examine it. He might be able to give the Drremors a proper answer.

There was no doubt in Sans mind there was damage to her as he thought back to the warning in the letter by the mother. But what was the connection?

Toriel that broke his thoughts, "Sans, this is Alyse Sives." she said while guiding the lady forwards toward where he stood. "She's the eldest of the family of girls we had you review in the application process. We hope you to can get to know each other a bit and see if maybe they can be a right fit for your... family."

Gosh this girl looked so nervous. It was almost cute the way she stared at him before taking a deep breath in and changing her demeanor. With the outtake of breath came her professional body language again with an outstretched hand, "Hello, I'm Alyse I hope I can be a right fit for you and your family."

Sans glanced down at her hand for second and then back to her with his grin widening slightly, "sans the skeleton," he then grabbed her hand as the whoopie cushion he has prepared sounded between them.

That polished professionalism broke and sans reveled as she did a double take from him to their hands before letting out a giggle.

"the old whoppie cushion in the hand trick," he smiled as he showed the toy.

"Oh Sans," Asgore sighed as he rubbed his temples, "The young lady just met you and we really need you to chose a participate soon rather than later as the others are getting restless."

"keep your horns on Asey," sans grinned, "felt like tension need to be released before we begin."

Asgore sighed as he turned to the young lady, "I do apologize for this first impression."

"Oh please," she giggled, "I found it quite the breath of fresh air needed after being so formal about this."

Sans met Toriel's eyes as they lit up and gave a thumbs up to Sans.

Ya-Ya, he got it. She's a keeper.

He winked back as Frisk began to try their hardest to push him closer to the human girl. "what's with the rush kid?" he questioned raising a bone brow

"Seems like Frisk would like you to start your date to get to know Alyse and her sisters," Toriel answered with a smile.

Did they really have to say that. Sure the girl was cute and maybe he wouldn't mind, but this certainly wasn't the place. He already held his magic giving his embarrassment away. 

Frisk took a piece of paper from the table and ran back with the biggest grin as they held it up to Alyse and Sans.

It read in bold letters: DATE START!

"alright kid," sans sighed taking the damned paper from the kids hands, "we'll talk, but i ain't doin' it in this place."

Sans saw Asgore role his eyes, "And where would you deem appropriate, Sans?"

Sans smiled, "Grillbies of course." He than took his chance and slung his arm around the young lady's shoulder, "that cool with you, hun?"

Her bright light blue eyes met his as she turned beat red. Mission accomplished.

"Ah-Uhm-ya I guess," she stammered.

It was becoming way to much fun messing with this girl.

Sans began guiding the young lady, gosh what was her name....Alyse! Ya guiding Alyse to the large oak doors.

"you guys don't mind us having a bind date do ya?" 

Frisk immediately squealed in excitement as they jumped up and down.

Toriel patted the kid's head as she smiled to sans, "You two get well acquainted. Alyse," she continued getting her attention, "You're with one of our best monsters. I hope you two can come to an arrangement for both families to live together."

Alyse moved out of Sans grip and walked up to Toriel taking her paws in her hands. "Thank you for this amazing opportunity for me and my sisters," she smiled sweetly before giving a small bow of her head.

Toriel looked at the girl fondly as she let go and watched them hug Frisk as she said goodbye.

She then walked back Sans, "I'm ready when you are."

Still so polite...lets fix that.

"mind if we take a shortcut," he asked with a smirk.

In the corner of his eye-socket he saw the kid face-palm just as the girl answered, "I don't mind."

Sans then pulled her delicate form against his ribcage. "I'd keep your eyes closed for this."

He didn't wait for her answer/question as he saluted to the Drremor family and warped to Grilby's.

The enriching smell of greasy food and campfire filled Sans' senses. Finally somewhere he could relax. Taking a quick glance he saw in was one of Grilby's dead hours. Only two of the dog centuries were here and they seemed more occupied with each other to notice their pressence. The fire monster, Griilby, had taken notice as he had paused from cleaning a glass in his hands to nod to Sans.

A grip had tightened on Sans jacket as he remembered he had added a passenger to his trip. The poor girls face had changed to pure confusion as she was trying to get her breath back. Her body was pressed even closer to his body then when he had pulled her in. His hands could feel the outline of her spine through the thin piece of fabric. Sans could feel his magic begin to stir. Maybe this hadn't been his best idea.

He placed his hands on her shoulders gently pulling her out a bit to face him. 

....and the next idea got him in more trouble!

Sans took great notice in the fact that her collar bone was sexually visible and led to the opening V neck of her suit where he was getting quite the view of her small breasts heaving up and down with her breath. "y-you okay there," he stammered.

Her eyes met his instantly as her hair flopped over one. "uh-umm," she cleared her throat, "W-Was that magic?"

Sans let go of her shoulders as he stuffed one hand into his pockets and scratched his skull with the other. "yaa, sorry. i forgot you humans haven't really been in much contact with it or seen much from us yet."

Alyse's demeanor changed from confusion to joy? "Oh-MY-Gosh!" she squealed giving Sans quite the 180. "That was so amazing! You can just pop wherever you want whenever? That is WAY to COOL! Not only do you guys look fantastic but you have tricks like this." she praised gesturing her hands to him.

Sans couldn't help but blush. He'd never been praised like this except from the kid. It was a bit much.

"Hey does the blue on your face have to do with your magic too?" she asked now inches from his face on her tiptoes.

"Ah-Uhm-N-Nooo," he stammered feeling sweat drops start to form.

'damn those soul colors really aren't just for fuckin' show." he thought.

Thankfully her attention turned to her surroundings as she stepped about the room. A smile was playing across her face as her fingers swept across the tables and chairs she passed by till she made it to the bar where Grilby was. Sans watcher her tilt her head to the side as she stared at Grilby. He stopped cleaning his glass again and mimicked the young lady. Sans watched as they silently placed mirror till she finally spoke.

"You're made completely out of fire, right?" she asked.

Grilby nodded.

Her body language changed as Sans noticed her become a bit shy, "Is it okay if I touch you?" she asked.

Grilby set down his glass flinging the rag he used over his shoulder. After adjusting his glasses he help out his hand to her across the bar.

She reached over hand hovering an inch above his.

"I won't be...umm, burned, right?" she asked hesitate.

Grilby lightly grasped her hand in his giving her time to revel in the feeling of his warmth that wasn't scorching her skin. Gently he brought it up and placed a flamed kiss on the top of her hand.

Sans took this opportunity to take another look at her soul. The colors were swirling, but still hiding the trace of the crack that he only caught a glimpse of last time. Grilby was always great at charming others. 

He slowly joined the two as Grilby released her hand and turned to Sans.

"we'll just be at the end Grilbs," sans smiled as he jabbed his thumb to the end of the bar by the jut box.

"Will you be needing anything?" Grilby whispered deeply with a sound of small crackling sparks.

Alyse's eyes seemed to sparkle from the corner of Sans sockets. "drinks an' a batch of fries will be relishing." 

Sans listened to her soft giggle as she turned back to Grilby, "Ice tea for me, if you don't mind."

Grilby's flames flicked as he gave a short nod and went to the back.

Sans turned to Alyse and silently gestured to the stools at the end of the bar.

He sighed as he relaxed on the the familiar situation as he turned to the young lady next to him.

"so come here often?" he joked.

"Only to hear the lamest of pick up lines," she smiled.

"well," he said waggling his bone brows, "have i got a trunk full for ya."

Sans noticed as she giggled at his pun how much of a genuine smile she had. Soft with it even reaching to her eyes.

Grilby then came by with his ketchup and her ice tea, placing a small napkin under her glass before setting it down.

"Thank you, uhm, Grilby? I presume?" 

Grilby gave a soft nod and then turned to give them space.

The young lady to a small drink of her tea, but almost spit it back as she noticed sans screwing off the cap of the bottle.

"You're not gonna-" she stopped mid sentence as he tipped the bottle to his teeth. His grin widened as he tipped it back and enjoyed his condiment as she squeezed her eyes shut. "Yep," she signed slowly opening her eyes, "I now know how my sisters feel."

It was now Sans' turn to choke on his drink. "what?"

A blush creeped against that smooth skin as her gaze shifted from him. 

She inhaled loudly with a soft groan placing her head in her hand as the other picked up the lemon wedge garnish from her drink. Sans watched with great curiosity as she brought it to her mouth and ate it whole without scrunching her face.

If his jaw wasn't attached with his physical magic, he was sure it would have fallen to the floor. 

"So," she said straightening her posture once again, "now that I've completely embarrassed myself to you with my weirdest trait, shall we get to the real reason we're here for?"

Grilby then came by once again with a basket of fries, stopping to notice Sans stunned expression before clearing his throat and placing the warm snack down.

Sans snapped out of his shock thanking Grilby as he turned again to disappear in the kitchen. "uh-ya-umm," Sans stammered.

Alyse reached down to her purse and pulled out the folders that Toriel had given her placing them on the bar.

"I sadly haven't had a chance to look through what the queen gave me," she said spreading them out, "but I think it's best if you explain your family and I explain mine to see the best match ups. Correct me if I'm wrong, but the agreement, if you want to proceed, is to pair two of your family members with each of me and my sisters."

Sans gave his skull a quick shake, "ya to be honest," he said knowing this conversation would have to come up eventually. Might as well get it over now. "i don't know how to put this without you maybe wanting to back out of the deal."

He searched her face for any doubt or fear as she waited patiently for his response. ...None. Proceed then.

"some of the members of my family arrrre....tough to deal with. they can even be violent at times."

He waited as her gaze moved to the fries and stare became thoughtful.

"Then whom ever you deem is the most trouble I can confidently tell you that me and one other sister would be the best to handle them." she then gestured to the folders in front of them. "Show me your concerns and why."




Alyse watched as the skeleton before her flipped through each folder and then opened two. He pointed at a picture of pair of two other skeletons with the words Black & Slim written at the bottom. The skeleton above the word Black, looked like a meaner battle version of Sans. His face was set in a sharp toothed grimace with his arms crossed as she noticed he was wearing black armor and a purple scarf and knee high boot. She couldn't helping thinking he looked like an angry moody preteen. To the right of the small skeleton was a taller more relaxed looking one in a darker purple sweat shirt, grey cargo shorts, and black skater shoes with purple laces. He had a cigarette in between his own sharp teeth which had one gold fang.  

These guys might have looked really mean, but she couldn't be sure without meeting them first hand. The small written profile below the picture described the two. Black was described as being very aggressive and demanding with anyone he deemed beneath him, while his bother Slim was to be known for his sneaky and intimidating demeanor and loyalty to his brother. 

Alyse relaxed as she almost laughed at the idea of who she had suited for these guys. They sounded like they needed an equally stubborn force that wouldn't be intimidated by threats or tantrums. 

She noticed Sans confused look to her smile. "These guys won't be a problem after being around Lola," she giggled. She watched his face keep the same disbelieving stare as she pulled up a picture of her own from her phone. It was the most recent of her sister with her black shoulder length straight hair. She was posed in a mocking karate stance in her usual style of black and bright neon colors.

"My second sister is a very stubborn girl. She backs down to no one, but don't worry she's not threatening. If anything she's all bark with no bite." Alyse paused as she thought for a quick second, "But if you're concerned don't worry she's taken several self defense classes. She knows her own mouth can get her into trouble, but thankfully can keep herself safe if she goes to far."

She watched Sans scratch the top of his skull, the sounding making her suppress a shiver down her spine. 

"if your' sure hun," he strained, "i can't see many people dealin' well with em."

"Trust me," she winked.

"kay, then it's set," he said snapping his fingers as a pair of folders appeared out thin air.

Alyse face-palmed as she wrapped her head around the concept of magic, "I may never fully understand magic, but I sure can appreciate it."

"ta' be honest," sans said pulling out a folder from his stack, "imma hopin' you and your sisters can work magic on them."

He then set a folder with Lola's name on it with the brothers that they just discussed.

"Okay," she said picking up one of the other files, "Let's see the next pair of magic."

This file wasn't one of the two that sans had opened up and set aside, but closer towards herself. It opened up to a duo that looked almost identically to the last pair, but much more friendly. Blue and Stretch was written at the bottom with the smaller skeleton in light blue and white armor and short flat boots. Alyse new right away with the bright stars in his sockets and large grin who's be the perfect match for him. His bother was like Slim but much more chill in his orange sweat shirt, khaki shorts, and high top sneakers. They were posing with their skeletal hands in peace signs and charming smiles.

Their description was the exact opposite of the previous brothers. Blue, the short skeleton, was described as a ball of energy and very friendly with everyone while his brother was opposite in being laid back and sarcastic. She could see a loving bond with these two.

"If I don't let Lynn pair with these two I think I'm gonna have hell to pay," she giggled. "She's my first little sister," she said scrolling to a photo of Lynn doing what she does best which was playing with children. Her blonde hair was in the middle of being braided by some young girls as she was tickling a little boy in her lap. Her pastel t-shirt, jeans and sneakers was her normal outfit of that day. 

"Lynn is amazing with anyone that has energy for days," she bragged. "She got the most easy going personality out of all of us and is very motherly."

Sans pulled out her folder with ease, "then we got two down," he said placing it down and then setting it aside with the previous paired. "but now we've come to a hard discisson." he sighed.

"Great," she exclaimed, "That only leaves me and my youngest sister left to pair."

There was a long pause as Sans looked at Alyse almost in shock and then grimaced...


No, he wasn't staring defensively at her, but past her.

Before she could turn to see who or what had caught his eye, she felt something trail up from waist following her spine to her neck. Shivering she noticed what had touched her as it forcefully gripped her shoulder. A skeletal hand that began to dig into her bare skin quickly caught her attention as the owner spoke with a deep growling voice, "now classic, who said you could hide fine things like this from us?"

 She was then forced to turn in her seat to face the accomplice, who was another skeleton. With a quick side glace she noticed that he was an exact match to the last opened folder sans had set out. He was the shorter of the two, but was definitely more intimidating than his picture showed. His sockets had one bright red pinprick as the other white one was almost faded into the darkness of his socket. A glint from a single golden fang in the row of his sharp menacing smile almost pining her in her spot. His attire was the same open black jacket that had white fur lining the collar of the hood displayed a red turtleneck beneath and black and yellow gym shorts. His red sneakers squeaked a little as he leaned in close to her frame.

"red," sans growled, "it'd be best if ya stepped away." 

Red, as he was called, hadn't broken eye contact with Alyse. "heard you'd left the place for a meetin, but didn't expect to see ya out on the prowl." he said looking her up and down very slowly, "gotta say i new we were close though didn't expect ta have the same taste in women." A  ghostly glowing red tongue swiped over his grin.

Alyse let out a gasp of surprise. Didn't know magic could do that.

Red chuckled deeply as the hand on her shoulder traced down her arm and gripped her hand in his like Grilby had, but more forcefully. "so what's your name, toots?"

Alyse closed her eyes adjusting her surprised posture to straighten herself. "You must be Red one of the pair that is part of the Monster Exchange, I presume."

Red finally broke eye contact to turn to Sans, "proper little thing ain't she," he then turned his smirk back to her, "yea, sweetie, imma the one and only, but ya didn't answer my question." Alyse could feel his grip loosen, but just as she was about to pull away he grabbed her wrist pulling her forward in her set, "whats yours?"

With her now almost nose to nasal whole she could practically smell of spicy and something sour yet familiar. His skull seemed much more rougher than Sans.

There was no way she was gonna let this monster anywhere near her youngest sister. She was too pure and sweet for him. She remebered the look of the brother standing next to him. He seemed just as menacing and dangerous. Red seemed to be a lot like the tough bikers she new. She'd take on the challenge of watching over these two. She figured she try and switch his demeanor exactly like she had with rough bikers.

She used her other hand to caress his jaw bone softly. He flinched giving her all the proof she needed to throw him off his game. She took her chance to lean forward to the side of his skull opposite of Sans as she whispered, "Slow down there tough guy," his grip faulted as her hand ghosted down his chin to his sternum, "Can't have you trippin' over me yet." and with that she ripped her wrist from his grip just as she gave his a quick shove.

Red stumbled into a near by table in shock.

Alyse took this chance to turn back to Sans who had the same shocked look on his face. "I'm sorry Sans, but I'm gonna have to ask you and your brother to watch over my youngest sister."

"now wait just-" Red tried to interject as he was trying to right himself.

Alyse ignored him as she took her phone from the bar flipping to her last sister's picture. It was of the photo shoot she had done with her at the beach. She was in a floral blue sundress twirling as her light brow hair spun with her dress. Her smile was shy and sweet as her tan flats kicked up some sand. "She's a shy but sweet gal. Nicole will listen to anyone and is always there when you're feeling blue. I want you to know that I trust you completely with her."

"hey," red shouted getting closer to the two of them, "don't ignore me, sweet-tart!"

Sans stared at the photo. Looked at Red, and then back again to Alyse.

"ya know who that leaves right," his smile straining.

"I'm well aware of that," she sighed.

"okay, what the fucks goin' on here?" Red growled.

Sans pinched the bridge of his nasal cavity. "ya sure got guts, hun."

Alyse turned to the remaining folders and grouped them with the respected brothers as Red watched intently seeing the image of him and his brother's folder being placed with Alyse's. Hoping off the stool and was heading to the door then she turned back around to Sans, "If you could pass along one message to each group before we all meet I have only one request."

"ya-uh what is it," Sans said.

"what the fucks that?" Red grumbled in unison to sans' response.

Alyse stiffened her posture as her face became stern, "Anyone, who hurts my sisters will answer to me and will not like the consequences, I assure you."

With that she walked out the door into the street barely catching Red's response as he turned to Sans, "does she even know where the hell she is?"

Chapter Text

Sans POV


Sans sat there shocked as he let Alyse's words sink in.

If there was any doubt in his mind about her soul it was proven through that statement. He almost saw himself in her statement about his own feelings towards Papyrus. It was a fearful comfort to know they were alike when it came to the thoughts about family. Sans felt like he could work well with her on this.

"so ya gonna tell me what da fuck dat was all about?" Red grumbled.

Shit he was still here. "ya, that was the representative for the new family willing to take us in for the Monster Exchange Toriel set us in."

"huh," Red turned back to him, "dats one hot mama then. she don't look old enough to have had kids."

"she's not," sans deadpanned as he picked up the phone she had left in his hands while walking away with the folders, "look i'm gonna make sure she gets back okay. i need you to get the others to meet here for a discussion on the new living situation we're gonna be in."

Just as Sans had made it to the door Red called out, "wait, what was da talk about you and her younger sister an' crap about her gettin' who's left?"

Sans felt his eyes roll as he sighed, "congrats' red ya just met your watcher?"

He watched as Red stood there confused as he called to Grilby, "sorry about the waste of fries Grilbs, I'll be back with the group to take the table in the back."

Grilby gave a sharp nod as he watched Red make his way to the bar, "Grilbs get meh a fuckin' mustard."


Alyse POV


Alyse pressed the folders against her chest as she had only made it to the dark corner of the street before realizing that she not only left her phone in Sans' hands but that she had no idea where she was. With the dramatic way she had left it felt way to degrading for her to waltz right back in and ask to be taken back to the Monster Exchange building. Just as she was trying to find someone to ask for direction a familiar voice came up behind her.

"so is this your way of getting guys to come running after ya?"

Sans stood behind her casually with one hand in his pocket as the other held out her phone.

"I swear it's just my nature to always forget something," she winced reaching for the phone, but Sans swiped it out of her way.

"hows this for a trade then," he smirked, "i give back the phone in exchange for your phone number?"

"And I thought you'd run out of pick-up lines," she laughed.

"nah," he shrugged, "didn't i tell ya i'm a pick-up dealer. i got a freight full of bad lines."

"Okay okay," she giggled, "as long as you don't tell anymore."

Sans handed her the phone back for real this time, "no promises."

They quickly exchanged numbers as Alyse decided to use her graphic design humor placing his name as Comic Sans.

"if you don't mind," he said rubbing the back of his skull, "i feel bad about droppin' ya in an area you don't know. I could take ya back to the Exchange if you want."

"Sure," she smiled, "you mind if we do that 'shortcut' again?" Her face flushing, "I found it really cool."

A cyan blush crept across the skeletons skull as his eyes didn't meet hers, "if you like it that much, i don't mind."

Sans opened his hand out to her and she took it gently. She felt his other hand sneak across her waist pulling her closer.

"don't want ta loose you when we take the shortcut," he said his smile looking a little strained.

"I-I don't mind," she blushed as she could feel his rib cage through his white shirt.

For a monster he was very charming and bashful. As he held her she could almost swear he's make an amazing person to cuddle with, even as a skeleton.

She hear him clear his throat, "well i'd close your eyes so ya don't get dizzy."

As she squeezed her eyes shut anticipation got the better of her as she pressed her body even closer. She thought she felt his body stiffen before the sensation of falling came again like the first display of magic. When she opened them she was back in the waiting hall she first entered. The soft click of her heels as she stepped back from Sans to get her bearings.

"Thank you for the 'date'," she giggled softly. "I really do hope we can make this work."

"balls in your court," he grinned placing his hand back in his pocket.

Alyse paused as she contemplated her next words carefully, "I did mean what I said about my sisters," she said searching his sockets as her face turned serious but soft, "They are my world and I know they need this opportunity to reconnect, but I'm not just doing this for me and my sisters. You've all been through a lot these last few years that I can't begin to understand. Know that we're not gonna be there to stop you all from experiencing this world or being yourself. I just entered to make new friends and my sisters seem to have the same reason. If things don't work out or you guys don't like us, just know I'll still give you guys a pass to be able to live where you want."

"don't make a promise before ya meet us all," he sighed, "i've been promised before."

Alyse quickly moved over to the marble counter by the oak doors setting the folders down. She heard Sans follow to her side as she pulled out her own folder with her bio sheet and turned it over. Good, it was blank. Grabbing a pin from her purse she scribbled down her thoughts and handed it to Sans.

He looked at it questioningly as he read it aloud, "i, Alyse May Sives, promise to San the skeleton that under any and all circumstances ending or at he end of the stay of the Monster Exchange program, that him and his family will be granted full citizenship permission to be anywhere they wish here on the planet earth."

He paused staring at the paper hard, "i can't take this," he said holding it out.

"Yes you can. Hell," she pulled out her safety pin for emergencies and pricked her pointer finger and then placing it next to her name on the sheet, "now it has my blood signature too so it's binding."

They both just stared as the spot below her finger reddened and one of the words on her bio highlighted backwards. tsenoh (honest)

Sans broken the silence with a force chuckled. "guess i got no choice."

Alyse watched him take the paper and grab the pen from the table and started to scribble on the paper as well. Sans then took his own finger and bite into it with his canine that Alyse had overlooked. A light blue substance bubbled before transitioning to red and he placed a dot on the paper handing it back to her.

"I, Sans the Skeleton," she began to read aloud, "solemnly swear that I will keep Alyse May Sives and her sisters safe under any circumstances of their stay with me and my family."

"now were even on promises," he grinned.

Aylse sighed, "True, but I didn't have to," she then folded the slip of paper handing it back to Sans.

The large oak doors opened suddenly as Toriel poke her head out, "Oh my, I thought I heard voices. How did everything go?"

Sans stuffed the paper into his jacket. "i think we can make this work," he said

Toriel burst through the rest of the doors picking Sans up and spinning him about as he grunted in surprise, "This is wonderful news Sans! Asgore bring the house hold agreement immediately Sans has chosen a family."

"About time!" was heard from the other side of the door. Asgore then came through with a stack of papers with Frisk the kid in tow as Toriel set Sans down.

"Understand Sans," Asgorse said placing the stack of papers down, "That these girls are going to be you're assigned watchers."

Sans gave a quick nod with a hard smile.

Asgore then turned to Alyse, "I advise that you and your sisters read over the guidelines that we have set for the duties you all will be assigned to us for this program," Alyse gently took hold of the papers as Asgore continued, "We will have you report to us on any activities or mishaps that happen in the house with your assigned group. The government will not give them full citizenship without a detailed conformation that they can reason and adapt well with humans. I also ask as the King that you try and protect my people from dangerous situations that may put them in this bad light."

"Don't worry your highness," Alyse said giving a small bow, "I promise my sisters and I will make their stay with us as safe and welcoming as possible. If I have any questions about taking them outside the area or questionable events we wish to share with them I'll be sure to ask before hand."

Asgore's posture seemed to relax as he gave a gentle smile, "I can't thank you enough for taking on such a large group. Know that we will have any extra funds needed to make your stay with them as comfortable as possible."

"No need to go overboard," she waved.

Ayse noticed that Frisk had been hugging Sans and signing at him. She'd have to learn some sign language to try and speak with the kid. 

Toriel's soft paws on her shoulders broke her from the cute sight before her, "You have no idea how much this means to us. I do hope we can arrange some visits to make sure everything is going alright."

"I'd even enjoy sharing some human holidays with you all if you'd be happy to join," Alyse smiled as she turned to face the queen.

"We'd be delight!"

"Now lets make this official," Asgore smiled holding out a pen and contract.




The table was too loud for Red with all the different copies of himself and his brother. Taking another swig of his mustard as he recalled his encounter with Sans' mystery human. He had popped into Grilby's after noticing his over-bearing counter part had left, deciding to take a well needed break from confinement they had been placed in after arriving from a freak accident.

After seeing Sans in Grilby's he almost turned tail to find somewhere else to be free, but then he noticed a little human woman sitting next to him. Sans was never one to go out on dates which meant there was a reason for her being there. He also noticed how at ease Sans had seemed chatting with her as they moved folders of papers around. Red had taken the small chance to look into her soul, perseverance and integrity a strong and interesting mix with an outlining of charisma. If there was a soul to win over that uptight paranoid asshole it would be that. But the soul wasn't what made him approach her.

He could feel himself drooling over the sight of her in that tight summer business attire. A tiny little frame with that fare skin hugging her body. Just dragging his fingers along her spine got him fired up. When he had come up behind her he was sure he'd terrified her into something he could play with later, but something switched in her as she fucking had his spellbound. She was a goddamn tease. Oh, he'd get her back the next time he saw her.


A growl could be heard on the other side of the table, "OH PLEASE," said the shorter menacing version of himself. Black pounded his fist on the table almost knocking over Red's newest mustard bottle as his brother Slim just crossed his feet on the table as he exhaled a puff of smoke from his teeth. "WHAT IMPORTANT THINGS COULD YOU BE DOING WHILE CONFINED IN THE ROYAL'S ESTATE? JUST ADMIT THAT YOU'RE JUST AS CONFINED AS THE REST OF US."

Red had to agree with the little shit, as much as he hated to. They had all been getting a little stir crazy having to be under lock down till they had been assigned to leave the King and Queen's estate. Most of them had to share spaces with another set of brothers which had been making tensions very high. Especially with the constant promises from both the kid and Sans about arranging a place for them to live away from the government's watchful eye. Most of them had been deemed too dangerous to even walk the streets which impressed but pissed Red off. He just wanted his own space with the freedom to roam where he wanted.


Black jumped upon the table almost launching himself on Edge, "HOW ABOUT WE SETTLE THIS TALK ABOUT WHO'D BE DUSTING WHO RIGHT NOW!"

They would have collided if it hadn't been for the too puffballs grabbing their mirrored counterparts.




Everyone grew silent as they turned to Sans who had appeared by the doorway.

"i get that tensions are high from being cooped up for so long," sans sighed, "but if you don't settle down, you're gonna have a bad time."

Edge and Black grumbled in response as Papyrus and Blue let go of them settling back into their seats.

Sans walked up to the table with a small stack of papers in hand. He then gave a few to his brother Papyrus telling him that each pair of skeletons was to receive one.

Red and his brother were the closest to the two and as Papyrus placed down the sheet in front of them he read the title, "Exchange Living Agreement?"

They all were in stunned silence as Blue broke it, "REALLY?! A GROUP OF HUMANS IS WILLING TO TAKE US IN!"

"WELL IT'S ABOUT TIME," Edge shouted, but Red could here the relief in his tone.

"before any of ya jump to conclusions i've got to set a few guidelines down and explain the arrangement," sans cut in as Papyrus had made it back around.


Blue's brother leaned over the table catching Sans eye, "exactly who are we living with anyway and where?" Stretch question catching everyone to ponder.

"Toriel has finish construction of the building me and Papyrus had requested a year ago to accommodate everyone."


Everyone seemed pleased with the home thus far as Sans continued, "we have a mansion in a forested area outside the major city the girls we will being living with are from."

"wait-what?" stretch interrupted as his skull fell from its resting place on his knuckle almost hitting the table.

"WE'RE LIVING WITH HUMAN GIRLS?!?!" Blue commented after his brother. The stars in his eyes twinkled and a soft blue blush dusting his cheekbones.


"understand they are the only candidates that not only the kid approved but i did as well," Sans paused eyeing each of them before he continued, "look, you all need to understand that we're on thin ice. if we're not given the privacy we need from the government then we won't be able to get some of you back where you came from."

There was a long silence as no one looked at each other.

Red didn't know about the others, but he didn't want to return. It was peaceful here. Ya it was a bit constraining with them not being able to leave Mount Ebott's city, but they were on the fucking surface. No one was being dusted for looking at each other wrong. He wanted to make this work. He had to for him and his brother.

"so," he spoke grabbing everyone's attention, "what was the talk about the dame and the others being our watchers?"

Sans pulled out the photo of the girls in the tub from the file he had received turning it for the skeletons to see.

"these are the girls we will be living with, a set of four sisters. i sat down with the oldest of the four," he said pointing to the the woman Red had encountered earlier. She looked happy and playful to the professional tease she was when he had met her. "her name is Alyse, and we agreed to have a set of brothers assigned to each sister. she helped pick out which sister would be suited for each pair."

Before anyone could say anything Sans put up his hand to keep them silent as he set the photo back down. "understand that Asgore has set them up as our watchers. they are to report to the Toriel and the kid about us getting along in the new home we're given. any step out of the guidelines will result in possible removal of the program."

Blue stood on his chair as he began waving his hand in the air.

"yes, Blue."


Sans picked up one of papers from the stack before him and handed one to Blue, "you guys were paired with Alyse's first younger sister Lynn. this is her bio entered into the system for you to get to know her."

Red noticed the headshot of a dirty blonde girl with a bright smile and blue-green eyes.

"SHE LOOKS REALLY FRIENDLY," Blue exclaimed happily as he shared the paper with his brother.

Stretch leaned in scanning the paper, "it says she's a student teacher. hope we don't get homework if we get in trouble," he joked.


"actually that's another thing," Sans interjected as he handed Slim and Black a paper with a headshot of a bright green eyed girl with shoulder length black hair bright make-up and a bored smirk. "Alyse asked for us each to meet later before we move in so if anyone is unhappy with their matches there can be a last minute change."

"GOOD BECAUSE MY HUMAN SHOULD ONLY BE UP TO MY STANDARDS," Black grumbled as his pinprinks never left the bio.

Slim was leaning slightly in view of the paper. Raising a bone brow as he mumbled, "Lola?...a death councilor"

"so, we get ta meet the little things before they geta chance ta reconsider," Red smirked

Sans stopped short in his attempt to hand him the paper. His sockets went black as he stared at Red making him sweat, "there will be no shenanigans from you two or so help me."

Red snatched the paper from Sans grip. "i get it, asshole. we ain't gonna hurt these fuckin' lady, but don't mean i won't have some fun."

Red almost chuckled gleefully as he saw the little fox's headshot. So classic wasn't kidding when he said she was his watcher. Oh this was just perfect.

Before he got a chance to read more about his new toy, his brother snatched the paper from his hands. "AND WHY MAY I ASK IS SHE OUR WATCHER?"

"trust me boss," Red whispered as Sans took his seat back at the table handing Papyrus the last sheet. "we're gonna have fun with this one. she's feisty."

"WE'LL SEE ABOUT THAT," Edge grumbled but as a smirk creeped along his face memorizing the girl's bio.

"OH MY, SANS" Papyrus smiled turning to Sans softening the pricks expression, "DO WE REALLY GET TO BE FRIENDS WITH THE YOUNGEST OF THE SISTERS?"

"ya, we do bro," he smiled, "Alyse says she's really nice."


"i'm glad to hear that," Sans then turned back to the rest of the group. "now we will meet back again with the girls in a week. get to know your watcher, don't scare them off," he glared at Red as he rolled his eyes, "after the agreement is made between you and your watcher the contract will be fully signed by everyone and then we can be able to move into the mansion, any questions?"

Papyrus was the only one to raise his gloved hand, "ARE WE ALLOWED TO GO ON DATES?"

Red just burst out laughing as Sans stammered for an answer and the others began discussing amongst themselves. 

This was definitely going to be interesting.

Chapter Text

It had been a week since Alyse had met up at the Monster Exchange and made the arrangement for her sister and her to be living with a group of skeleton monsters. Today was the date that she had agreed upon with Sans to have each pair meet their assigned sister. She had sent and talked on the phone to each sister about their forms and contracts to sign if they were confident in joining the set up. They had all talked within their group chat about what to expect, even sharing bio information on their pairs as the time went by.

Taping up the last few boxes of her stuff to be sent over to the mansion, Alyse checked her phone as it had been buzzing from the messages of the sisters all talking.

Lit-Lolo: Yo, anyone else as stoked about our new digs or is it just me?

Nic-Nac: Got my stuff packed and ready. I'm just happy that we have one side all to ourselves! :)

Love-Ly: Slumber party on the best side of the mansion!!!

Lit-Lolo: MANSION!!! We're in a freakin MANSION!!

Love-Ly: Can our first report just be how awesome our new home is? #humblebrag

Nic-Nac: We can't just be unprofessional about this.

Nic-Nac: Aly said these guys' freedom was on the line.

Aly: Nicole's right. These guys are counting on us. so lets make a good impression.

Lit-Lolo: Fine

Love-Ly: so respectful hulligans, right?

Alyse couldn't help but smile at the nostalgic phrase that they grew up hearing from their mother had spoken to them at every event they'd gone to. Weddings, Family holidays, shopping, restaurant outings, and even funerals then had to be RESPECTFUL hulligans. It felt good that they could share her memory together without as many tears now, even if it still hurt.

Aly: Exactly.

Aly: Also please don't be afraid to tell me if you don't like your matches.

Nic-Nac: Don't worry we trust your judgment.

Lit-Lolo: Speak for urself. I'll see if they are worthy of my wit and charm.

Love-Ly: you mean your arrogance and stubbornness?

Aly: Hey I think the two i picked are the only ones Lolo can handle.

Lit-Lolo: See, I was chosen for a very special purpose.

Nic-Nac: Not to get off topic, but where are we going again?

Nic-Nac: I want to look my best but appropriately for he situation as well.

Aly: We're taking them to the Adventure Park to be able to stay in one area but still split up for rides and attractions.

Aly: It's one of the areas that's monster friendly.

Love-Ly: I say we share outfit pics!

Love-Ly: I'll go 1st!!

Lynn's picture popped up on the app as Alyse tapped to make it larger. It was one of her usual mirror selfies of her popping her hip to the side and peace sign tilted by her blue-green eyes. Her attire was of a low cut frilly orange and blue floral off the shoulder blouse with light washed out jean shorts that come down mid thigh and white high top sneakers. Her multicolored woven bracelets dawned her left hand and right ankle as her large brown sunglasses draped her recently straightened blonde hair down past either side of her shoulders. Her face had a more natural selection of make-up. Lynn was more like their mother in looks. C-cups and a large hips that complimented her body. She wasn't thin like Alyse but she had much more assets that she could only dream for. But they where all built differently to fit for the ones that were to love them, or at least that's what their mother would always say whenever they started to feel insecure about themselves.

Nic-Nac: Super cute!

Aly: You look great!

Lit-Lolo: Alright I will admit ur cute, but I think I can one up ya

Lola was sporting her usual punk style as she had pulled her front strands of smooth black hair into small braids that met at the back with neon colored clips. Her dark eye shadow made her green eyes pop as she made a rocker sign with her left hand. Her wrist was filled with bright neon colored slap bracelets and hair ties. A neon green crop top was over a black tank-top and layered black skirt with neon colors lining the ends of each as her knee high converse were laced with random charms attached to her neon yellow laces. Lola had the same chest size as Lynn but was the tallest of the girls with four inches on her. Her body frame was closer to the same thin as Alyse had.

Aly: Sporting a rocking look there.

Love-Ly: Hope you dont get too hot in that.;p

Nic-Nac: Usual spunky Lolo, guess its my turn to share since I finally got my outfit set.

Nicole had a sweet smile as her picture had her mocking a hair toss of her light brown hair and simple charm bracelet on her wrist. A cute blue headband with a white daisy was in her hair keeping her mid length bangs in place off to the right. Her top was a cream colored blue lace trimmed tank top and white short shorts and black flats. A stylish old jeans jacket was set on the bed by her purse. She was as short as Alyse but had the same hips as Lynn with a slightly smaller chest and mid ranged frame.

Lit-Lolo: Get it gurl!

Love-ly: Looking like the cutest little sister EVER!

Aly: Absolutely adorable!

Aly: Well guess I'm next

Alyse posed in front of the mirror as she had done a last comb over of her part to the left hiding her eye as she leaned forward with a smirk. Her high waist black short shorts just barely hiding her belly button as the maroon crop tank-top. Her grey jacket was wrapped around her waist dangling close to knee high black combat boots. The black and red beaded choker Lola had brought back for her from her time in Ghana Africa in her abroad studies was around Alyse's neck and small silver rings were on a few fingers the were formed in a hushing pose.

Nic-Nac: Looking way to hot, stop! hehehe

Love-Ly: You trying to out do me? Love the shorts!

Lit-Lolo: Rockin the mystery look and my amazing gift i gotcha

Aly: Well if you girls are ready I say it's about time we meet up to see the guys.

Love-Ly: I'm good to go!

Nic-Nac: We still meeting up by the cafe to car pool?

Lit-Lolo: Ya I'm down for that.

Aly: Ya, the guys will be at the amusement park soon so we better meet.

Nic-Nac: See ya soon

Love-Ly: Cya

Lit-Lolo: See you chumps soon!

Alyse quickly put her phone and wallet in her pockets pausing at the door to her apartment as she grabbed her chapstick and keys to lock-up. Butterflies grew in her stomach as she she climbed down the stair to meet with her sisters and the guys.

'I just hope everything goes well,' she thought.


Stretch POV


Stretch let out a yawn as he smoked just outside the park gates where the rest of the skeletons were to wait for the girls. They had arrived an hour early to his dismay because his brother and Papyrus wanted to be there before the girls to show how ‘punctual’ they were. It was about five minutes till the meet up and they hadn’t shown.

“I’M SO EXCITED TO MEET OUR NEW HUMAN COMPANION,” Blue exclaimed as he bounced up and down.

His brother and personality like counter parts had left their armor at home for t-shirts and jeans as to not damage or get in the way of any ride. Blue had substituted for a light blue t-shirt, jeans, and his combat boots. The others where similar with both Black and Edge wearing black t-shirts, but Edge opting for black leather pants verses Black’s camouflage shorts. Papyrus even changed to an orange t-shirt that read: ‘Hugs Welcome’ in black lettering and long khaki pants.

“i know bro,” Stretch sighed letting out a puff of smoke. “i’m sure they’ll be here soon, right Sans?”

He watched as the lazy blue clad leader looked up from his phone, “yeppers, just got a text from Alyse saying they finally found a parking space and are on their way here.”

“WELL IT’S ABOUT TIME,” Edge growled. He hadn’t stopped tapping his foot since the waiting began.

“I DO HOPE THEY CAN FIND US,” Papyrus said sounding concerned.

“dude, ya see any other large group of skeletons here?” Red chuckled deeply from the wall he’d been leaning again, “trust meh, dey can’t miss da group of undead.”

“don’t worry paps,” sans reassured, “they’ll find us.”

SANS!” a female voice shouted brightly.

Stretch dropped his cigarette from his mouth as he saw a chick that looked like an older female version of his Chara. Fair light skin with a short bob cut, but it was parted to her left. He noticed he wasn’t the only one doing a double take as Slim had stood from his spot by his feet. She was in black shorts and with the way her hands were up in the air waving to them he got a good glimpse of her midriff.

“Hey I found them,” she called back as she did a turn mid sprint to them.

Stretch had to give his skull a good shake almost forgetting that there were more. He watched as three other girls with similar yet diverse enough features followed behind her.

Hey,” a blonde with nice tits and ass raced behind, “you can’t take off without saying GO! “ She shouted giving Alyse a light shove as they raced towards them.

“Wait!” a long light brown haired girl with the youngest face out of the four yelled, “we were suppose to stick together before we met up. Lolaaaa come oooon we can’t be left behind,” she said tugging on the arm of the tallest girl with black hair.

“Nah,” she said shrugging her shoulders as she kept a steady walk, “besides I can clearly see the mass of skeletons.

Alyse and the blonde were the first to make it to them hair slightly messed and breathing heavy.

“Hey… Guys...” Alyse said in between breaths, “It’s nice to finally meet everyone face to face.”

“hehe, didn’t mean to take your breaths away,” Sans joked.

OMG,” the blonde wheezed, “You said nothing about them being punny.”

Alyse and Sans chuckled as the blonde smiled brightly as the last two joined the rest of them.

“Okay,” Alyse said clasping her hands together getting everyone’s attention. “I guess introductions are in order.”

It was Blue to be the first as he run up to the blonde giving her his signature hug, “HI! MY NAME IS BLUE AND YOU MUST BE MISS LYNN, RIGHT?”

The blonde pulled him back from his tight embrace to smiled down him, “Oh gosh aren’t you so cute! Yes, my name is Lynn and it’s an absolute pleasure to meet such an adorable monster like you.”

Blue came just right above the blonde’s chest and Stretch instantly noticed the blush creeping it’s way up his brother’s cheek bone. Better come in to save him from any further embarrassment.

Stretch slipped up to the two girls extending his hand, “nice to meet you Lynn, names Stretch. I’m Blue’s brother.”

Blue stepped aside as Lynn looked down at his hand then back at him with a straight face, “I don’t do handshakes.”

Now it was time for Stretch to feel awkward as he just didn’t know what to do with his hand now.

“oh-umm” he stammered.

I do HUGS!” she smiled as she quickly snaked her arms under his in a tight embrace.

He could smell sweet strawberries and vanilla from her smooth blonde hair that was just under his chin.

‘oh boy...’ he thought, ‘she’s gonna be very dangerous for my self control.’

Stretch had to hold back a whine as she stepped away with a smile as she turned back to the Chara look alike, Alyse. “These guys are the one’s I’m assigned to, correct?”

Alyse and Sans nodded in unison as she answered, “Yes, they are so play nice.”

“Always do,” she giggle grabbing Blue’s hand and Stretch’s sleeve, “We’ll wait for everyone to get together before checking out the park.”

Stretch let her drag him off to the side as he watched in silence to the other girls being paired while Blue chatted with Lynn about the rides and foods he wanted to try at the amusement park.

Alyse had then waved over the tallest girl in the group in all black with neon colors. “This is Lola,” she said.

Sans then motioned for Slim and Black to approach. When they had met up the rest the introductions continued. “Lola this is Black,” Alyse said gesturing to the smaller mean skeleton in black as he placed his purple gloved hands on his hip bone. “And this is Slim.” She pointed to Stretch’s dark purple clad counterpart.

“No shit,” the girl with black hair chuckled, “he’s a skeleton so he’d be the slimmest.”

Stretch, Slim and Sans covered their mouths as they held back laughter.

“GREAT,” Black grumbled, “A HUMAN WITH PUNS.”

“Sarcasm actually and the guts, unlike yourself,  to challenge you to any ride in this park,” she smirked.

Blacks face twisted to a malicious smile. “YOU'RE ON,” he laughed, “BUT I SAY WE RAISE THE STAKES TO DARES IF ONE REFUSES OR CAN’T HANDLE THE RIDE.”

Lola stuck out her hand, “Deal,” as Black took it and they grabbed one of the park maps discussing which ride to hit first as Slim followed behind with one last questionable glance to Alyse. She had noticed and had tilted her head in his direction as the last sister tapped her shoulder.

“My I introduce myself,” she said shyly averting her gaze.

Stretch saw Alyse’s smile soften as she stepped back from Sans and merely watched.

The girl was about the exact same height as Alyse but had a slightly stouter body that she carried with such sweet grace. Her wrist jingled as her hand gently came forward as she smiled at Sans and Papyrus, “You guys must be Sans and Papyrus. My name is Nicole and I’m Alyse’s last sister. I hope we can all get along together in the next year to help you earn your citizenship.”

Sans gently took Nicole’s hand giving a small shake as Papyrus swooped in to hug the little thing. Stretch almost burst out laughing at the sight of both Alyse’s and Sans’ faces as they both looked worried. But what followed was a giggle from the little girl as Papyrus spun her around and the other two breathing a sigh of relief.

‘oh shit,’ Stretch thought as he realized, ‘she decided to take on those two. If there was any doubt she’s a big sister, taking on watching those two proves it.’

Stretch then felt a tug on his sleeve turning his attention back to his own trouble.

“Hey,” Lynn smiled as she locked arms with him, “Your bother and I got things picked out. Are you ready to have some fun.”

The feeling of his arm pressed against those large breast had Stretch averting his eyes real quick. He took one last look at Alyse where she had moved to talk with the Fell brothers. She noticed his stare out of the corner of her eye and gave a quick smile, nodding for them to go on ahead.

“ya,” he said putting on a smirk, “ready when you are honey.”

Lynn’s face had turned a slight shade of pink as she pulled him along without another word.


Alyse POV


Watching the orange sweatshirt skeleton named Stretch, she thought he looked unsure. So she gave him a reassuring nod hoping to ease his mind about the situation. She knew her sister Lynn would take good care of both of them and give them each the attention they deserved. Out of all the pairs she had picked she was more than confident in the outcome of her sister of 26 years to make their dream of freedom come true.

“so doll,” a deep gruff voice pulled her from her stare. “ya’re the one leadin’ this shit show.”

Turning back to the same skeleton that had interrupted her during her first visit with Sans she forced a small smile. Looking at him now from when they first met he still had the black furry jacket, but this time with a red shirt and not the turtle neck. She still couldn’t wrap around how he could stand the summer heat with it, but then again she wasn’t a skeleton. Maybe they didn’t feel temperature.

“Yes,” she said taking a deep breath in, “I do apologize for being the last to introduce myself to you guys but-”

“WELL I WOULD HOPE SO,” the larger scared skeleton yelled causing her to turn her attention to him.

So this one was Edge.

Oh damn...He was hot.

Alyse remembered the photo of a tall dark armored skeleton with a terrifying look, but seeing him here in front of her now in different clothes made a big difference. He still wore deep red boots from his previous outfit, but this time they were mostly covered by black leather pants that were keeping on snug by a blood red belt as a bit of his hipbone peaked out from the top. His v-neck black t-shirt fit tight around his frame as his collarbone showed through not too far from where his arms crossed.

She could feel her sins crawling up her back.

Wait NO!

That was that asshole's hand again.

Breaking from the tall red eyed hotty, she spun back to Red.

“I’d appreciate it if you’d stop that,” she snapped as politely as she could.

“an' i can't help but appreciate,” he whispered as he leaned in merely inches from her face, “how red ya seem ta be.”

She tried to step away from Red, but felt warm leather behind her instead. Looking up to see Edge smirking down at her. If she wasn’t blushing before she was now.

“MY BROTHER AND I HAVE READ THROUGH YOUR BIO,” he said as he leaned over her, “VERY THOROUGHLY.” And now she was fucked.

“THERE’S NOTHING YOU CAN HIDE OR PULL ON US. NEXT TIME YOU SHOULD BE MORE AWARE OF WHAT YOU PUT ON A SIMPLE SHEET OF PAPER.” He continued as Alyse turned her back to Red as she faced Edge. She quickly realized this was equally as much of a bad idea as her first as Red placed to bony hands on her shoulders keeping her from running.


Alyse could feel her knees get weak, but before she could fall Edge swooped her up by her waist electing a squeak from her as he then threw her over his shoulder walking off in the direction of the park.

“PREPARE YOUR BODY FOR THE MOST INTENSE TIME OF YOUR MISERABLE LIFE!” and with that last statement he laughed maniacally with Red following behind with a wink to her.

Her head was swimming from everything that had just happened in the last thirty seconds. She needed to get back control like she had with Red in the bar, but Edge was a whole other story. Had she expected to be slung around like a sack of potatoes after being sandwiched by to very intense skeletons she might have had a plan to defuse the situation.

What was she kidding?!?!

She had a long day ahead of her.

Alyse sighed in defeat while Edge lead the charge to who knows where. A glance off to her right she noticed Sans, Papyrus and Nicole on the carousel near the beginning of the park. Sans looked mortified as Papyrus merely waved them off without Nicole’s knowledge.


Nicole POV


“I’M SO SORRY YOU MISSED YOUR SISTER LEAVING WITH RED AND EDGE,” Papyrus apologized as they had just gotten off the carousel with no sign of her sister in site.

Nicole had hoped to see when they should all meet up again. It’d been so long since she’d spent time with the four of them together, but she had to put her loneliness aside. Besides they were gonna be living in a mansion together. There would be more than enough time to reconnect with her older siblings.

“Oh, please don’t worry Papyrus,” she said as they walked down the side walk passing by other rides, “I’ve got plenty of time to see my sister later. I just thought it might be nice if we all met up again before the end of the day.”

“well,” Sans smiled lazily as he pulled out his phone, “why didn’t you say so? I got your sister’s number along with all the guys. I’ll just shoot a quick text for everyone to meet up at the vendor area for lunch.”



Nicole giggled as the stopped for a second, “Okay then lets all trade numbers. Oh! And since you guys have the other guys’ number please feel free to give them mine so if they need to get a hold of one of my sisters I can be of assistance.”

“WHY THAT IS A MOST INGENIOUS IDEA MISS NICOLE,” he said after typing in her contact info and sending it to the others, “YOU ARE VERY FORWARD THINKING, AS I THINK THE PHRASE GOES?”

“Yes, it’s definitely the right phrase.”

Nicole smiled up at the tall skeleton beside her as he gleefully continued there walk swinging his arms back and forth with such vigor. He then stopped and stared with almost stars in his eyes as he pointed before him.


Nicole turned her gave to the ride labeled GRAVITRON. A massive deep blue ride with patrons strapped into chairs along a rows on either side. As the ride started of slow merely rocking back and forth, it then picked up speed, height, and rotation all at once causing the people to be flipped 360 degrees and back as it turned. She felt her heart race in panic and knees shake as she stared.

“Uh-uh-I-I I don’t really t-think I-I-I’m up for s-something like t-that,” she stammered.

A hand rested on her shoulder bringing her focus to the monster it belonged to.

“hey,” sans said calmly, “you can relax. We ain’t gonna make you do anything you’re uncomfortable with.”

She nodded softly as Papyrus came back over with a genuine smile.


“Thank you Papyrus,” she smiled, “I will cheer you on from here.”

With a tight squeeze Papyrus ran over to the que where he’d be able to board the ride in it’s next round of people. Nicole found a bench in view of the ride and went to sit down as Sans followed suit. She couldn’t help but giggle at the way Papyrus talked to the others in line about who knows what. The people around him seemed just as happy and thrilled to chat with him, giving high fives and fist pumps as they were guided to get on the ride.

“you seem to miss them,” Sans said from beside her on the bench.


“your sisters,” he paused, “it seems like you miss them. I thought you were close.”

“Were,” Nicole sighed turning to meet Sans pinprick gaze, “We did a lot together. I thought we were the perfect family growing up, but… I was blissfully ignorant. I don’t know how much you know and sadly with how little I know of you I can’t say without my other sisters’ approval.” She took in a breath slowly to find the right words, “You feel easy to talk to Sans.”

“i’m surprised you girls openly met with us,” he let out a short chuckle, “not everyone is as willing to chill with the walking dead.”

“Alyse taught me at a young age to never judge a book by its color.”

“i think that’s a good thing to be taught.”

Nicole stared at her blue flats letting the silence build a bit between them before she spoke. “Ever since our mother died it’s been harder to let our past die and stay close. She’s the one that kept us strong and together.”

Her gaze moved to Papyrus as he waved to them. She gave a gentle smile hoping to mask her grief, but Sans must have been a master at sensing pain. She could feel his hand rubbing her lower back comfortingly.

“kid, don’t worry I ain’t here to pry,” He said slowly as he waved back to his brother as if nothing was wrong. It reminded her of how both Lynn and Alyse would come back from that dark room smiling as if everything was fine, but she knew better. Those smiles never reached their eyes.

“if it helps I can tell ya that me and my brother have had our rough patches together. you could say I’d die over and over to keep him alive and happy.”

As Nicole’s eyes swept back to Sans she noticed a traumatic horror of sadness. It was like looking at some of the crime victims she’d spoken to at college. There was so much uncertainty and hurt. She had no understanding of what life was like in the Underground, but that glance gave her a dark feeling that she may never understand.

Nicole paused watching Papyrus shout in excitement as the ride continued. “Ask Alyse,” she said not taking her eyes off the cheerful display, “When she’s willing to share the past, I know the rest of me and my sisters will follow suit.”

Nicole then quickly got off the bench and spun around to see Sans sitting there confused, “We should go wait for your brother to tell us what we missed out on.”

As she turned and walk to the exit of the GRAVITON, something she could feel Sans gaze. But it wasn’t like watching her leave. She felt like he was looking right through her. She relaxed her breathing. She didn’t feel like she had anything to really hide. Besides if they were living together what was the point of building walls.

She relaxed her posture turning slightly to a now blank faced Sans that was still by the bench,.

“Come on lazy bones,” she waved, “I’m picking the next ride for all three of us.”

Chapter Text

Lola POV

“Hey Black! You better watch your back!” Lola shouted as she rammed her bummer car into the back of Black’s sending him lurching forward.

“YOU’LL PAY FOR THAT HUMAN,” he shouted back as she whipped her cart around to hide in the sea of other cars.

“Hit 12, I’m on top now! Good luck catching me,” she called back but then jerked to the side as another car hit her.

She looked to Slim who had simply shrugged his shoulders. Then she realized that he had her pinned to to the edge of the arena. Sneaky bastard. With her focus on him she almost didn’t see Black headed straight for her till he laughed manically merely feet from her with an evil grin.


The timer went of cutting the power to the cars as Black’s stopped inches from the front of her cart.

“NOOOO!!” HE screeched as Lola began laughing hysterically over the situation.

“Well out of 5 rounds of bumper cars, that leaves me winning this last round bringing our total to you with two wins, me with two and Slim with one.” She said as they excited the ride, “So Slim looks like you get either a dare from each of us or a large combined dare that we pick together.”

“whichever m’lord feels is best I’ll do,” he said shrugging.

Lola had learned right off the bat that the bio was certainly not wrong when it said these two had a weird relationship. Black was very demanding and rude to Slim, calling him mutt at times. She didn’t get it but Slim didn’t seem too bothered or hurt by it. As long as it was all for good fun, she’d let it slide. But if things got out of hand she’d put her foot down.

Family should never be hurt by one another. She could be rude and down right mean to her own sisters as she protected her feelings, but she always found a way to make it up to them or show them she didn’t mean to hurt them in the first place. Heck she had stopped poking a lot of fun towards Alyse’s body after she caught her crying over not having anything that reminded them of their mother’s body.

She remembered having to swallow her pride in the situation to tell her she was just jealous of how thin she was, and the one thing she did have of their mother was her strong smile and gentle touch. Sadly Alyse and herself had the most features of their father. She could feel her face twist from its neutral expression to a disgruntled as she tried to suppress those memories. No, thinking of that shit head now. You’re suppose to be having fun.

“I SEE YOU’RE ALSO IN THOUGHTS ABOUT WHAT TO DO FOR A DARE,” Black loud voice breaking her from her thoughts.

“Nah,” she said turning with a relaxed smirk, “I’ve got the perfect one. It ain’t intense, but it is humiliating.”

“A DARE OF HUMILIATION!” Black clasped his hands together as he rubbed them together slowly, “I LIKE THE WAY YOU THINK HUMAN. SO WHAT TRAIL OF HUMILIATION DO YOU WISH TO PUT MY MUTT THROUGH.”

She took a quick glance at Slim as he rolled his eyes.

“That,” she said while pointing to a small ride.

The ride was a stationary small attraction for young children. It was called LADY BUG. The ride went around in a circle as the kids rode on red and yellow lady bugs. Right now there was a little girl and two boys getting off the ride with no one else in line.

Blacks face was first confused and then he burst out laughing, “MUTT YOUR DARE HAS BEEN SET AND TO TOP IT OFF,” he said stopping to run over to a cart of cheap park toys and hats, then returning with a headband with two springy antennas. “YOU SHALL WHERE THIS WHILE RIDING IT!”

“but of course m’lord,” he signed in defeat as he snatched the headband and walked over to the ride.

Lola found her and Black a bench to sit on and watch. Black even pulled out his phone to record the display.

Lola leaned back in the bench crossing her ankles and throwing her arms across the back as she closed her eyes to take in the warmth of the mid morning sun. It was gonna be lunch time soon for them all to meet up and they were currently about a two minute walk to the food vendors.

The smell of funnel cakes had her mind recalling a memory with Lynn where her blonde of a sister had licked the plate clean of powdered sugar. But in the process had also coated her nose in the white substance causing the lemonade she’d been enjoying to shoot out her nose. The group of girls had then burst out laughing. It was a pleasant memory.

“Hey Human,” Blacks voice changed to a bit of a whisper if you could call it that.

She peeked an eye out to him on the bench next to her, phone now back in his pocket.

“Why Did You Agree To The Exchange,” he said as his face was pressed into a hard stare.

“Why do you care?”


“Why?… Well,” She said with a large exhale, “to be honest, I’m not one who enjoys drama. Let alone fuckers who think that they can restrict others from doing what they want.”

Lola then sat up giving her arms a big stretch over her head. As she dropped them back down she continued, “Look, I’m usually a shut in, if you’re asking me specially, its cuz my mom asked me to. She wanted me to get out and meet people instead of lockin’ myself away, and I wanted friends that weren’t...human.”

She watched Black’s face scrunch up in confusion so she explained, “I’ve enough ‘human friends’ in my life that are nothing but shits who like to bring others down. I’d rather have a friend that can challenge who I am, my thoughts, beliefs, and even what I consider to be normal. If you want it put simply then here it is; I like change and you guys are the biggest change that might actually be good for this world.”

Blacks face did a roller coaster of emotions on her. He seemed to switch from confusion, shock, pride, and then just settling with a blushing pout. Or at least she could only guess that the deep bluish-purple was a blush on his cheek bones.

“WELL-OF C-COURSE,” he stammered at first as Slim was making his way back to them. “THIS WORLD WOULD SUFFER GREATLY WITHOUT MY MALEFICENT SELF.”

“of course it would, m’lord,” Slim said as the antennas wiggled a top his head.

Black then threw himself off the bench posing in the direction of the nearest ride.

“NOW OFF MY PEASANTS! WE MUST RIDE ONE MORE ATTRACTION BEFORE WE BREAK FOR FOOD.” Then he started walking in the direction of the nearest ride that had a short que.

Slim looked down at her with what she could only describe as What the hell happened?’

Lola got up with a sigh as she adjusted her skirt, “He wanted to know why I’m here,” she said as she followed after Black but stopped to turn her head where Slim stood still, “My answer was cause you guys were changing the world for the better. And I might as well be apart of a good thing.”

She then held out her hand to the tall skeleton as he raised his bone brow, “You comin’?” she asked.

Lola kept eye contact with him as her face stayed relaxed in her normal nonchalant form. His hand pulled from his pocket and reached for her open one, but stopped just an inch above. He was staring at her back hard with a look of confusion and uncertainty. It was like he wasn’t sure what to do next. So she took the next step for him, grasping his hand in hers.

Giving him a small tug she turned back forward with their hands intertwined behind her leading them in the direction Black was going. She couldn’t face him with a blush that was giving away how much she liked how his hand fitting in hers.

Another memory surfacing of her mom’s reassuring words.

You know you found someone good to love, when their hands fit well with your heart.’

But can monster’s hands count towards that?

Lynn’s POV




“Oh my gosh!” Lynn cheered, “You’re amazing at these games Blue!”


She giggled as he began flexing his bones which never really moved but she still cooed an ooh and ahh to the gesture.

She remembered reading on the files that Alyse had for each of them, that the skeletons were each over 100 years old. But the way Blue bounced around she could have sworn he was one of the fifth graders she practiced teaching on.

This year actually was the last for practice and she was moving to teach Home Economics at a high school that would be near the city. She felt a sense of ease knowing that if the teenagers would be mean or give her trouble at least she’d have a positive attitude to come home to. Blue seemed to be the type to cheer anyone up.

“Alright,” sighed a cat monster with orange fur and green eyes, “you want to exchange the prizes you won for the jumbo prize or just get another one.”

As Blue pondered the idea, Lynn couldn’t help but feel sorry for the cat monster. He looked like he really hated his job and was forcing the smiles today. At least this was the last week of the park being open before school started so traffic should slow down during the fall.

“WHAT DO YOU THINK WE SHOULD DO MISS LYNN?” Blue said breaking her thoughts.

She looked to the enormous bag of cheap stuffed animals that Stretch was currently napping on. “Well...,” she said hesitantly turning back to Blue, “Maybe it would be best to have only one thing to lug around on the rides instead of a bag full.”

“Then the bigger question is,” Stretch said startling Lynn, “which jumbo prize to choose?”

Lynn smiled at Blue, “You won all the prizes Blue so the choice is yours.”

The stars in his eye sockets twinkled as he look over the large animals on display as Stretch handed to employee the bag full. After a minute Blue seemed to give up, “I’M SORRY MISS LYNN,” he whined with tears brimming at the edge, “I DON’T KNOW WHICH ONE TO PICK.”

“Oh hun,” she cooed giving him a gentle hug, “It’s okay, how about me and Stretch help you pick?”

He nodded with his head still buried against her chest. As she patted his head she noticed from the corner of her eye that Stretch was turning a bit orange in the face and looking anywhere but them. Taking a good long look at the animals and then back at Stretch she almost giggled. She pulled Blue gently away.

“I think I’ve got the perfect choice,” she said with a large grin.

She then pointed to a large orange frog with a tired smile and lazy eyes.

Blue looked confused but then watched as she pointed to Stretch holding back a giggle. He seemed to beam at the idea and pointed for the employee to get that one. The cat monster then grabbed for the large creature, nearly tripping over on the long hind legs as he did so. Blue took hold of it and presented it to his brother.

“NOW WE HAVE AN EXTRA BUDDY TO TRADE OFF ON RIDES WITH!” he proclaimed as he handed the lazy frog to Stretch.

“i’m just hoppin’ to have him along for the ride,” he said electing a groan from Blue as he snatched the frog back.

“NOPE! YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO INFLUENCE HIM. I SHALL SIT WITH HIM ON THE NEXT RIDE.” He then trotted of to the nearest ride which was named, SWIRL A WHIRL.

Lynn gestured for Stretch to follow which he did nonchalantly.

As they stood in line Stretch finally started to speak, “you’re good at what you do.”


“listening and entertaining others,” he said pausing to look at Blue as he was ahead in the que and was already seated in the ride waving to them with the frog on the outer edge. “my bro’s been really happy today.”

“If I’m honest,” she smiled back at Blue with an enthusiastic wave, “it’s cuz he’s an amazing person already. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve worked a ton of jobs where even a smile or an apology couldn’t make someone happy. But Blue has got something about him that just draws others in. It’s nice to have someone so positive to be around.”

“that’s my amazing bro, alright,” he said still watching Blue as the ride began.

Lynn saw a look on Stretch’s skull that she noticed Alyse make a lot of times after talking about how great each of the sisters were to her friends. It’s was always a look of worthlessness. Her eldest sister was a big critic to her own actions to the point that it was hard to argue how great she was. Heck, she knew if it hadn’t been for her she’d never have fought to be more like the eldest sibling.

Maybe he wasn’t too far gone.

“You know,” she said smiling now at him, “you give your brother so much credit without understanding how well he plays off you.”

Stretch turned a confused gaze to her.

“Every Yin needs a Yan,” pointing to a Chinese vendor sign with the black and white symbol. “Someone, like your brother, with so much energy, fast thinking and a go get em attitude, also needs another relaxed, collected and cautious attitude to balance.”

Stretch’s face turned a bit panicked as his gaze shifted from her to his brother and back.

“Yes, I saw right away how you were watching everyone else as they got matched up.” she continued as the look of guilty coated his face and his hand went to scratch the back of his vertebrae. “Whether it was over curiosity or worry for your other family, that’s all on you.” she shrugged. “Caution is something that’s needed against a free spirit. Without it they get hurt or find themselves in situations that endanger them.”

Lynn recalled her 21st birthday clearly. She had a large group of friends and had asked her sister, Alyse, to drive. Her other friends weren’t too thrilled with Alyse coming because she was usually very quiet around them. She had convinced them they needed someone to drive them home after a night of fun. Alyse had only one drink at the beginning of the night but stopped half way through to tell her it was time to move to the next bar on the list. It wasn’t till later through texts from her friends that Alyse had them moving to different places every time her ex had shown up to ruin the night. If she hadn’t been so vigilante with looking out for her Lynn might have had a night full of tears and a regretful morning.

“seems like you got me figured out,” Stretch’s voice said pulling her from memories.

“Naah,” she smiled as Blue’s cart came near where they were standing in line. He was waving frantically now with an even larger grin. “If anything I’m just hoping to get to know you both more. Maybe we can both take turns being carefree and cautious. Besides,” she said giving a small stretch of her lower back while her hands stayed firm on the fence, “it’s too tiring always looking over your shoulder.”

“ya speak from experience?” he said eyeing her.

The ride stopped and Blue was shouting to them about waiting till they got off. Lynn then started walking backwards into the arena. Her hands intertwined behind her back as she watched Stretch slowly follow, “Ever since I was seven,” she said softly as her darkest memory seemed to surface.

She watched his eye move down slightly towards her chest. Panic hit her hard as his eyes slowly came back to meet hers. A feeling of wanting to run and hid hit her hard. Now stumbling backwards the warm metal of the ride broke their eye contact as she quickly climbed into the seat leaving the lock open. She felt exposed for some reason, but why? He just looked at her so why did she feel like he saw something she didn’t want anyone to see.

Ground yourself girl,’ she thought, ‘just close the walls in your heart and find your comfort.’

The noise of the operator closing the lock on her and Stretch in the ride drew her back to stare at him. His face was tinted with that orange glow again. It wasn’t till she felt something move in her hand that she realized why. She was gripping his hand in hers tightly.

“I-I-I’m sorry,” she said pulling her hand away quickly.

“n-no its okay,” he stammered scotching to the other side of the cart.

Sadly this was to no avail.

As the ride started and began picking up speed, Stretch was thrown by the force into Lynn. Their faces inches from each other as the ride spun around and lurched them from side to side. Stretch tried to get a grip on the lock. Holding himself in place trying to pull his body off her. His panicked face broke the tension she had felt and she began to laugh as his grip kept slipping.

His face switched from shock, confusion, to laughing with her. This broke his grip and he went flying back into her. They stopped with a big ‘OMFF’. Even from a bit of pain from his hip bone slamming into her she couldn’t help but laugh at the situation. He began laughing again. She then grabbed his hands throwing them up in the air with hers as she let out a ‘WAHOO!’

Stretch joined her and every time they got close to where Blue was waiting by the exit they waved and smiled at him. Blue in return would hold up the frog smiling triumphantly. When the ride was over Lynn took a few moments to brush out her hair as they exited the ride. Blue was smiling and fist bumping Stretch as they laughed about the fun ride. Through the noise of the park she thought she heard a familiar scream come from the roller coaster not to far from them.


“Not till we know the food will stay in our stomachs or at least mine,” she said wondering even if they could puke if they didn’t have stomachs?

“OH GOD YEEEESSSS!!!” was a now very clear voice Lynn recognized coming from the roller coaster.

Lynn facepalmed as she sighed.

The two brothers looked at her with colored tints and then saying in unison, “WHAT WAS THAT?” “what was that?”

Lynn rolled her eyes as she turned to the coaster that read THE TOXIC DEVIL.

“I told her there was a typo on her bio sheet, but noooo,” she mocked waving her hands in the air, “Never listen to the one that checks papers for a living.”

She then started in the direct of the food vending area, “Come on guys,” she called with a wave, “We will hear all about it at lunch I guarantee it.”

Alyse POV

Alyse’s waist and stomach were killing her. She was still stuck atop Edge’s shoulders and try as she might she hadn’t been able to get off. Oh, she tried her usual polite words and questions to reason with him. Nope. Tried kicking and screaming at him. Never doing that again, because his grip then just got tighter and only loosened after she stopped. Pleading for him to let her down only seemed to bring him joy. Sadistic hot fuck. She tried getting other patrons involved to help her out. All that did was make an open path for Edge to take her wherever his destination was. They even terrified their way to the front of a que to a ride that she still had no idea about.

Slumped in defeat she let out a whiny moan.

Okaaay,” she whined, “Can you PLEASE put me down now? My mid section is sure to be bruising now.”

“TAKE HER,” Edge demanded and quickly tossed her before she could register what was happening.

Red caught her as she had let out a small yelp. He was currently holding her bridal style, but she felt more like a captured victim of war with how he was looking at her. The movement of his hand made her realize what he was up to, but before she could scramble free his fingers had already given her ass a good squeeze making her squeak.

“oh kitten,” he smirked leaning down to her face, “you’re so much more fun now. I can’t wait ta play with ya all day.”

“Now see her-” she was suddenly cut off by load screams and the sounds of rushing wind.

Red chuckled as she finally took in her surroundings.

Gated fence with a very long lined que. Mostly teenagers and adults in line with excited faces. Signs of warnings to keep all lose item in baskets provided by ride were hung along the fence and walls of the area. Then she noticed the sign above Red’s head on the wall behind him. THE TOXIC DEVIL.

A rush of wind whipped by her as she heard other patrons laughing as they were getting off.

She new her face and body were giving her away.

“care kitten,” he whispered still very close, “you’re shaken like a leaf. Ta be honest, I was hopin ta feel ya like this underneath meh some night.”

She didn’t get a chance to respond as Edge dragged her out of Red’s arms and into the empty coaster. He slammed her into a seat and quickly pulled the shoulder harness down locking her in place. Edge let out a “NYEH HE HEE!” as she dropped her head. The hair from her bob was covering her face as the other two skeletons each to the seats next to her.

“Alright riders,” the operator spoke, “the devil awaits your screams.”

There was a loud buzz and the coaster jerked forward slowly up a hill as her heart pounded in her chest.

“T-This was y-your p-p-plan all a-a-along?” she stammered trying to get her heart relaxed.


There was silence as they were feet from the top.

“aww kitten,” Red chuckled, “didn’t my bro tell ya that he read your bio. We know how ta get unda your skin.”

Suddenly there was a maniacal laugh from between the two skeletons and Alyse realize she’d accidentally let it out.

Her hands gripped the harness tightly as she opened her eyes with a large smile, “I guess I should have fixed that typo, but I didn’t think anyone would really take it seriously.”

“WHAT?” both Red and Edge yelled.

The coaster stopped at the top as the sounds of air pressure released and new gears started to turn.

“Thrill rides are my weakness,” she moaned as the coaster dipped down to a large drop, “I LOVE THEM TOO MUCH!!”

The other two skeletons let out screams as the coaster dropped straight down and curled back up making a 360 degree twirl as it went up and then dropped straight down and into a loop Alyse screamed, “OH GOD YEEEESSSSSS!!!!!” The wind rushed through her hair and clothes as a couple more loops, twists, turns, and it then jerked to its stop and then slowly moved back to the starting point. This hiss of the harnesses being unlocked and the operator thanking everyone for their sacrificial screams,.

Alyse jumped from her seat skipping down to the exit. Her body felt so wired!

She was still jittery from the thrill ride and giggling out of control as she realized she was still with skeletons. Stopping quickly she took several breaths to calm her ever racing heart as she smoothed her hair back to its proper part.

Turning to the skeletons she noticed an ever present look of shock as they stared at her.


“WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU?” Edge finally exclaimed.

Alyse felt the blood rush to her cheeks as she realized how sexual she must have sounded on that ride. Biting her lip she whispered, “A closet thrill seeker,” she kept trying to look at anything other than the guys.

Photo booth of the ride that’ll do.


“hey-where the hell ya going?” Red called

Alyse was already racing over to the booth looking at the displayed screens of the last five rides. 2939 had her and the skeletons on the screen with the other riders that were in the cart behind them. Both skeletons were frozen in the picture with faces of terror as she had a big grin. Edge’s shirt was even blown up from the wind showing off his lower spine, while Red’s hands were cover his eye sockets. She quickly went to the young lady at the booth and purchased a digital copy of the picture to be sent to her email.

The guys finally caught up to her. Edge was taking in the surroundings as Red had his hands on his knees breathing heavily.

“YOU DIDN’T,” Edge growled.

Alyse brought her hand up to her mouth with a giggle, “I did.”

“did...what...” Red breathed as he straighten up in time to see the picture before it switched to another set of riders. “oh fuck.”

“I DEMAND THAT YOU DELETE THE PICTURE IMMEDIATELY!” Edge stomped as his fists balled up by his side and he started to shake.

“I may consider deleting it,” she said slowly backing out of the photo booth, “but...only….” she paused as she quickly spun around dashing through the crowd.

“IF YOU CAN CATCH ME!” She shouted back ducking in and out of crowds of people.

The sound of Edge’s screech could probably be heard from the other side of the park.


Little did they know she merely rushed around crowds to hide in some decorative hedges that was hiding some mechanics of an enclosed ride called the UNDERGROUND MINE. Watching carefully from the brush as they stomped by.

Breathing a small sigh of relief, she pulled out her phone. It had buzzed while she was a bag of potatoes and couldn’t reach to check it considering her ass was near Edge’s face. Not only was that extremely embarrassing but she couldn’t help how much it made her heart beat. The pain in her sides kept her low key complaining to hide her rush of butterflies.

Looking through her phone she saw she had gotten a text from Sans saying they would all to meet up again for lunch to see how things were going. After reading about lunch she could feel her stomach growl. Ya after so much excitement she need food to help her collect herself.

She hadn’t gotten the evil duos numbers so there was no way to tell them about lunch without getting dragged into another rough handling situation. Letting out a deep sigh she peered through the hedge. No sign of them. Before she crawled out she heard a familiar giggle.

“Okay if you really put honey on everything then I gotta see you put it on a corn dog,” Lynn giggled, “Oh but I have to get a funnel cake with powdered sugar to share with my sisters. It’s a family tradition.”

Alyse then heard Blue shout, “WHAT ARE FUNNEL CAKES?”

Lynn begins to describe as they continued walking past her her hiding spot. As the rustling of leaves sounded beside her. She looked down the edge on both sides but saw nothing.

“spying back here?” A relaxed voice said from behind her.

Alyse covered her mouth to stop from screaming. Turning around saw the orange hooded Stretch.

She sighed in relief, “Oh thank god it’s just you.”

“hey now don’t brush the question,” he lazily smiled, “why are ya hedgin out here.”

“Just had to get away from the Hot Topic crew,” she chuckled.

“oh you mean Edge and Red,” he said taking a seat next to her. “ya they can be a lot to handle sometimes.”

“Ya they just seem to be...” she paused thinking of the right word, “...aggressive at times.”

Stretch just rolled his eyes and then paused for a second turning slightly serious, “hey, there’s somethin’ I gotta ask about your sister and-,” he was cut off quick.

“Stretch?” Alyse heard her sister call, “Stretch where are you? We need to meet everyone for lunch.”

And with that her stomach growled.

“heh looks like someone else is just as ready for food,” Stretch jokes as her face became red.

“Just go and I’ll follow behind in a minute or two,” she shushed while play hitting him.

Stretch winked and then disappeared.

What the?!?

Okay he’s got teleportation too. Great...

She heard her sister squeak as Stretch greeted her with a pun, probably from behind. As she looked through the hedge she caught her blonde sister smiling brightly as she pulled Stretch along the sidewalk. They looked cute together.

Not that she was trying to play match maker with her sister, but he seemed relaxed and easy going. Definitely someone she needed to be her self around. Then again did she even really still know her sister? They’d always meet for holidays and a few get together but hadn’t talked much since mom died. There was so much she regretted and wished should could talk to her about. Sadly fear would always overwhelm her when timing seemed right to talk.

Alyse sighed. Time to gather her wits and be the older sister again.

Just as she was about to crawl out of the brush something grabbed her left ankle and pull her back.

She felt someone hovering over top her and when she saw skeletal hands on either side of her head and a deep voice she knew confirmed that she was fucked.

“found ya kitten,” the deep voice chuckled.

“Hey Red,” she sigh blowing her hair out of her face to look up at the culprit that was now atop her.

“boss has been searchin’ for ya,” he whispered getting close to her face.

“I don’t suppose him taking the high ground had anything to do with you finding me down here, right?”

Red seemed to ignore her comment, “ya know imma kinda likin’ ya in this position,” he then took a deep inhale by the crook of her neck.

Nope nope nope nope!

“I gotta better one for you,” she said as she then quickly turned around and throwing him underneath her. With her now straddling him she leaned down whispering, “You’re much easier to handle alone.”

That deep red fell over those cheekbones as she took her chance leaping out of the hedge and back onto the path. A few moments later she could hear Red scrambling behind her.

“damn kitten,” he chuckled nervously beside her cheeks still tinted, “gotta warn a guy when your gonna turn the tables like that.”

“As you should warn a girl when you’re coming up from behind,” she playfully glared, “Some of us have claws.”

Red let out a shudder as he hungrily smiled at her, “I wouldn’t mind feelin’ your’s kitten.”

Red was very close to her and she swore she could feel sexual tension from him just oozing towards her. She didn’t know exactly if the roommate agreement would even allow sexual relations, let alone if it was possible with a skeleton, but he was really pushing her buttons to find out. Maybe she should talk about switching with one of the other sisters to keep herself out of trouble.

“THERE YOU ARE,” a scratchy deep growl came from behind her.

She was pretty sure if she was in an old cartoon she would have hung from the ceiling if there was one.

Sexual tension was now gone and worry fully set in as she slowly turned. Edge had his phone in his hand as his arms were crossed across his chest.

“YOU’RE LUCKY WE HAVE TO HURRY AND MEET FOR LUNCH,” he said grabbing her wrist and dragging her along. As she struggled to keep pace with his long strides he continued, “AFTER THIS RIDICULOUS LUNCH MEET IS OVER I SWEAR WE’RE GOING ON EVERY TERRIFYING RIDE IN THIS AREA SO I CAN FINALLY HERE YOU SCREAM IN TERROR!”

Alyse felt her eyes sparkle as she gazed back at him, “You really mean it?” she smiled, “EVERY THRILL RIDE!?”

Edge stopped in his tracks looking back at her. She knew her excitement was showing through way to easily, but she couldn’t help it. Not very many people she hung out with or even her sisters would go on every thrill ride and coaster. She felt like a kid again being told she could get anything in a candy store of a million different candies.

Edge’s face seemed to have a mini seizure as he was taking in her excitement.

“Y-YES,” he stammered as he let go of her wrist not making eye contact with her. “SO YOU BETTER PICK A LUNCH THAT WILL END UP STAYING IN THAT WEAK HUMAN STOMACH OF YOURS.” He then continued down the path.

Finding vigor to keep up with Edge she skipped next to him with the biggest grin doing a few twirls.

Little did she know that in her display of joy, Red was looking at her soul as it glowed. What he caught a glimpse of nearly made him stop in his tracks. There was more to this flip switching vixen that he was unsure he should find out about. How could this girl still have such bright colors in her soul with such a nasty thing like that on her soul.

On her latest twirl her soul spun around revealing to him two deep scares colored as a gray lavender.

Undying Suffering from Betrayal

Lunch Sans POV

Sans was sitting at a large picnic table by a small river that ran around through the park. He waved over Stretch’s gang as they came around the bend. Slim’s group came back from ordering their food with Papyrus and Nicole. Nicole quickly set her tray on the table by Sans as Papyrus sat on his other side. When Nicole spotted Lynn she went running over to her sister, who was holding a large orange frog that was dangling from her shoulders. The girls giggled and chatted as Sans acknowledged Stretch.

“You guys go ahead and grab food,” he said gesturing to the food stations lined up down the side as if they were building restaurants.

“waitin’ on anyone else?” Stretch asked as Blue ran over to a taco stand.

“only Alyse and the other two,” Sans sighed.

“They should be back soon,” the blonde, Lynn, said as her and Nicole had rejoined everyone. “She should be close. They were on THE TOXIC DEVIL roller coaster.”

“wait?” Stretch interrupted. “that was-”

Lynn put a finger to her lips with a giggle as Nicole seemed to put two and two together joining her sister in laughing.

“What’s so funny?” Lola asked as she sat down with a pizza slice and pop.

“Oh Edge and Red took Alyse on THE TOXIC DEVIL,” Lynn giggle with a thin lined smile.

The sounds of Lola choking on her pop was evidence enough to Sans that this needed an answer.

“alright girls,” he said as Nicole was helping Lola clean up, “don’t leave a skeleton in the dark here. What’s goin on?”

Nicole came back around to sit back next to Sans,” Well...” she paused clasping her hands together, “Alyse is a...” her hands then fanned out as she rolled her eyes,”thrill-.”

“Hey guys whatcha talking about,” Alyse sounded from behind Sans.

Everyone jumped as Edge and Red started to laugh.

Sans was sure if he had skin, he would have nearly lepted back out of it.


ezz,” he breathed, “if I wasn’t already a skeleton I’d say you gave me a heart attack.”

Alyse giggled as she took a seat next to Nicole, “Sorry Sans, I didn’t mean to rattle your bones.”

“Please no,” Lola grumbled. “I’ve already choked on my pop and I ain’t about to choke my pizza from you.”

Sans noted Alyse’s confused when Black shouted, “SO WHY WERE WE ALL TOLD TO GATHER BACK UP?”

Sans needed to talk to the others about what he’d discovered with Nicole. There were many questions involving the letter and Alyse’s over protective nature over her sisters. He scratched the back of his skull trying to find the right words to split the groups, “let’s just say I’d like to pick the bones of the boys to make sure everyone’s still in one piece.”

To Sans’ surprise Alyse joins in, “I was actually about to ask if during lunch me and the sisters could discuss how things are going as well.”

“Let’s chat over a shared funnel cake,” Lynn cheered as her chest bounced and then took off to a vendor stand to probably grab one.

“Then it’s settled,” Alyse said standing, “Me and the girls will get a table over by the dessert vendors. See you guys in 30 minutes?”

“Sure,” Sans shrugged as she gestured to the other sisters and walked off.

Nicole handed Sans his plate of two hot dogs and a ketchup bottle per his request, “Hope to see both of you again real soon.” she said and then got up to follow Alyse.

“After I just got comfortable,” Lola grunted but then followed with her tray.

After Sans was clear they were settled elsewhere he started, “Go ahead and grab food guys. We need to talk about how everybody is doing with the girls and also,” he paused looking at Stretch, Slim, and Red, “if anyone has spotted anything... unique they’d like to share.”

The three nodded as the others just mumbled in agreement.

Once everyone had returned and most lunches were finished Blue was the first to speak up.


Stretch patted his brother on the head, “don’t worry bro, i’m sure Sans is just making sure we like her.”


“that’s good to hear Blue,” Sans said giving a relaxed smile then turned his gaze to Stretch, “you feel the same.”

“can’t complain with a smile that bright,” Stretch shrugged but gave sans a long stare confirming that there was something but wouldn’t share with Blue right there.


Sans grin widened for his brother, “don’t worry bro,” he said giving him a thumbs up, “she’s a keeper for us. You’re right about her being soft spoken but she’s easy to talk to and kind.”

“YOU COMPLIMENTED SOMEONE WITHOUT THE USE OF A PUN THIS TIME!” Papyrus exclaimed picking sans up suddenly and squeezing him, “OH I’M SO PROUD OF YOU BROTHER!”

“don’t cramp my style bro,” he joked with a wheeze, “I might just choke on those words.”

Papyrus instantly dropped his brother with a heavy sigh and long face. “I KNEW THIS MOMENT WAS TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE.”

Slim then raised a finger, “not ta squeeze in,” both Black and Papyrus groaned as Slim did a side smirk, “but Lola’s not too bad.”



“blue is right,” Sans interjected, “although we each have our own watcher we will be interacting with all the other girls as well in the house. So far it seems that everyone is happy with who their paired with,” he paused looking to the fell brothers, “...actually you too seem to be oddly quiet.”

Sans stared hard at Red as he began to sweat. Alyse had returned with a smile and fine, but he couldn’t say for sure if she was hiding anything. She was entirely hard to read.

“SURPRISINGLY EXCEPTIONAL,” Edge said breaking the tension.

Everyone just stared at Edge in shock.


“no offense Edgy,” Stretch said from the other side of the table, “but how...did!”

It was to Sans’ shock as he saw a small glow of red hit the terrifying version of his brother’s face.


Last Sans had seen of Alyse she was slung over Edge’s shoulders grabbing the nearest lap post to stop him from taking her. What had she done to not only come back smiling but have Edge complimenting her and Red to completely shut up? Red NEVER stops running his filthy mouth!

“look,” Red finally spoke up. “the dame is just quite da character ta be around… she really knows how to turn things around.”

“okaaay?” Sans replied confused. Thinking over what Red said brought him back to when she switched personalities in an instant when Red was in her face and when she had threatened them about hurting her sisters. There was more he needed to figure out, but guessed there was time now. As long as she could handle the others then it should be fine.

“well,” Sans said getting up, “I’m gonna see about getting one last ketchup. Red. Stretch. Slim,” he said nodding to the three, “want to grab what you want too?”

“anything for a sweet treat,” stretch said standing and taking Blue’s trash and tray, “I’ll take this out on the way.”

“ya I need something hard,” Red groaned as he got up.

Slim just stood with a nod to his brother and followed Sans.

When they were a far enough distance he spoke seriously, “soul reports.”

“you first ass.” Red growled.

Sans rolled his eyes letting out a sigh, “Green and Yellow...Kindness with Justice and she’s got an outline of Determination. It’s not thick but it’s there.”

“anythin’ else,” Stretch asked.

“Imma gonna wait on that till I here the rest of you.”

“fine,” Stretch said, “Pink and Cyan, so she’s got Euphoria with Patience. Her outline is a rose color for her Caring nature.”

“makes sense,” Sans complimented, “her soul’s in harmony.”

“Auburn with Orange,” Slim spoke.

“really?” Stretch asked, “she’s a Self-Control with Bravery? That’s pretty uncommon.”

“her outline makes sense thought,” Slim chuckled, “Maroon for confidence.”

“well Sans already knows but I guess I gotta share with ya two knuckle heads,” Red grumbled, “blue and purple with an outline of silver. The sweetart is full of damn integrity and perseverance with a sprinkle of charisma.” Red paused, “But that’s not what were really here to discuss, is it?”

Red had stopped causing Sans to halt and turn to him. The other two stopping in between them on either side.

“we’re here ta talk bout the damn scars,” Red said deeply not taking his eyes off Sans’ return stare.

“did the rest of you notice scars on the others?” sans questions looking from Slim to Stretch.

Stretch rubbed the back of his vertebrae as Slim nodded.

“was it a Gray Lavender?” Red whispered as they huddled around.

Stretch looked to Red shocked, “Alyse has the same cut as Lynn?”

“Lola too,” Slim mumbled as he kicked a near by pebble.

They all looked to Sans as he sighed, “ya Nicole too.”

“what could have happened to these girls that would cause a Suffering of Betrayal scar?” Stretch asked looking very concerned. He seemed to be very fond of Lynn. It was nice but sad to see with such circumstances.

“it’s nothing to do with past lovers or boyfriends, thankfully” sans said as he went over what he’d learned through his soul studies. He’d seen how souls had really evolved from back before they had been trapped underground. They were more complicated, but there were some fundamentals that were still true.

“only a constant infliction can be attached to the soul for it to be scarred,” he continued, “therefore the girls had to be going through this for most of their lives to not only gain a scar but one with color...and they have two. Also according to what I can compare from seeing Alyse verse Nicole. Alyse seemed to be hiding it, while Nicole was willing to share even if just a bit. I need your help to compare,” Sans then glanced back at Red, “how’d you see the scar?”

Red turned a little nervous, “I stole a look when she was excited about ridin’ some rides,” he strained. Sans knew it was an invasion of privacy taking advantage of another mood. “I didn’t mean to see it, but it was spinnin’ an’ I caught a glimpse.”

Stretch let out a defeated sigh, “I’m gonna have to join ya on that Red. I looked while her soul seemed to be recalling past emotions... I didn’t see the scar at first, but the colors glowed during then and...well you know the rest.”

“opened up like a fly trap,” Slim spoke softly gazing down at his shoes, “she just let me see her pain as if it wasn’t a big deal. I’m still confused.”

“Nicole was also open about her as well,” sans sighed.

They all just stood there in thought.

There were too many factors at play. He couldn’t pry it out unless the girls were willing to share. It also wasn’t his place to try and fix souls.

“imma make an executive decision here,” Sans finally said grabbing their attention once again, “we are to act as if the scars are not there. No one is to go digging into why or how. we’re just gonna live together without any interference. Is everyone clear on this?”

The others firmly nodded.

“good,” sans sighed whipping sweat he didn’t notice had formed, “now I need a ketchup.”

Chapter Text

Nicole POV

This was what she desperately needed and wanted. The nostalgia of having her sisters gathered together joking and laughing brought back some of that childhood that they shared. Lynn was currently in the process of taking some of the leftover powdered sugar and trying to bop some on Lola’s nose as Lola kept doing some mock karate moves against her attempts. Alyse was making snide comments to edge both sisters against each other as she sipped on some iced tea.

“You’re attempts are in vain older sister,” Lola smirked as she moved from sitting to kneeling on the picnic bench, “As you can see I have the high ground.”

“Inconceivable!” Lynn exclaimed with a giggle, “For the high ground shall be your…,” as her hand slipped under Lola’s arms and poked her nose with a powdery finger leaving a white dot, “downfall!”

The girls all laughed together till Alyse got everyone’s attention.

“Okay girls,” Alyse said clasping her hands together, “How’s everyone doing? Match ups doing okay and do you want to still continue with the program? I need to make sure you’re all in this one hundred percent before the official move next Monday.”

“I’ll go first then,” Lynn smiled as she wiped her hands of the sugary powder. “Blue and Stretch are great to be with. Blue’s full of fun energy and a bright smile. His brother seems very cautious but I’m sure it won’t be a problem.”

“That’s fantastic to hear,” Alyse smiled, “What about you Lola? I need to know you can handle the two you were assigned.”

Lola rolled her eyes as she wiped the powder from her nose, “Ya know, you worry waaay too much. These guys are pretty chill. Not gonna lie Slim is a bit too quiet at times that I gotta figure out what he’s thinkin’ but at the same time he seems to be on a short leash around his brother.”

“So you can handle Black alright,” she questioned.

“He’s just got an ego the size of Mars, but I got this,” she smirked.

“Because yours is the size of Jupiter,” Lynn mumbled.

“What was that?” Lola growled.

“Nothing!” Lynn sung.

Alyse then turned to Nicole, “How’s Sans and Papyrus treating you?”

“I swear you gave me the easy group cuz I’m the youngest,” she teased.

“No it’s because I love you,” Alyse said giving her a playful poke on the cheek.

“Well, they are both very nice a polite,” she said wiping of the powder she had placed there with the poke, “I’m just wondering if you’ll be okay?”

Nicole could tell from the groups as they were being split that Alyse had taken the more tougher looking ones on purpose. Why did she always feel like she had to take on such challenges by herself? She worried her sister was still trying to be the lone heroin, to make up for the past. Was now even a good time to talk to her about it?

“I’ll be fine,” Alyse smiled gently giving her a peck on the forehead, “They aren’t as bad as they seem. I just gotta show them I won’t be intimidated by them and that I can be someone to understand them as well.”

Nicole decided to take a different chance and talk about something more recent on her mind.

“How’s everyone been since mom’s passing?”

The table was silent as the bustle of the rest of the people around them laughed and smiled with not a clue of the tension Nicole had created. Their faces were set into hard frowns making her regret her words almost instantly. Her sisters had been so distant after the funeral that she wondered if she had done something wrong to warren such isolation. All she wanted was a sibling to lean on during tough days.

Lola was the one to break the silence with a deep sigh, “Hard,...but gotta move on, right?” she said looking at Nicole with a solemn stare, “We all knew it was coming.”

“She still fought for us,” Alyse said sadly, “It’s just hard to even understand why she had to go,” her voice became nearly as whisper as she continued, “and not...h-him….” Alyse trailed off her face changing to anger.

“We still have each other,” Lynn smiled. Though a smile that didn’t reach her eyes.

“I’m sorry,” Nicole whimpered as her eyes brimmed with fresh tears, “I didn’t mean to ruin our time together, but I-I just felt so d-distant from all of you since m-mom’s passing.” She felt her cheeks getting wet as warm tears poured down, “I j-just couldn’t have asked for a better s-situation for us to be t-together again. I’ve really been missing you all.”

Arms embraced her like a comforting shield, she noticed it was Alyse as she spoke, “We didn’t mean to shut you out,” she told her softly, “I-It was just hard to move forward, but we’re here now thanks to mom’s last wish we can be together again.”

“What last wish?” Lola asked.

Nicole looked to Alyse as she slowly released her grip, “Mom wrote a letter to the queen of monsters. It basically requested for us to all be together with a group of monsters and not alone.”

“That’s what that letter was for...” Lynn paused as if taking in what she just said.

Nicole felt the last few tears turn more hopeful as she smiled at the rest of her sister, “She knew.”

Alyse placed a hand on her leg with a comforting squeeze, “Ya… she seemed to know we’d need that shove back together.”

Lynn quickly stood this time with a hopeful smile, “Then what are you losers waiting for?”

Nicole smiled as she wiped away her tears, “Ya, lets not waste this opportunity.”

Looking to her sisters as they all stood to gather in a large embrace, she felt a strong feeling of determination. She was going to get to know her older sisters once again in this new situation. Hopefully with these skeletons help she could even work up the courage to cure them of their past.

Alyse’s dark regret and over protective nature because of the damage brought on by the past.

Lynn’s inability to share her pain behind a smile masking as if the past never happened.

Lola bearing the weight of pain and loss as if it were nothing thanks to being confined by the past.

And her own inability to fully give her heart without fearing of being beat down again.

They were all damaged, but she refused to have that damage hold them back from a loving future.

We will get our happy endings mom,’ she thought, ‘I’ll make sure of that.’


Before everyone knew it the thirty minute lunch break was over and they were to split back up to finish getting to know one another. Nicole had noticed that some of the guys seemed slightly tense when they had come back from lunch, but they seemed to just brush it off. The rest of the day flew by with more rides, junk food, and laughs. They had even split the groups in half meeting for activities and rides to all ride together.

She had gotten to witness the dare challenge that Lola had been doing with Black and Slim. Both Black and Lola had lost to Slim on the Spin Master not being able to walk straight after the ride. He had them both by snow cones and dump them on each other. Nicole nearly lost it as they both screamed for two different reasons; Lola because it was so cold and Black for feeling sticky. Thankfully Lola picked the Ragging Rapids water ride to help clean them both off and get back at Slim.

“THAT WAS INDEED THE RAGGING-EST OF RAPIDS I HAVE EVER EXPERIENCED,” Papyrus cheered as he started to ring out his orange shit exposing his spine and a bit of his bottom ribs.

Nicole had a huge urge to feel if there really was nothing but bones there, but instead occupied her own hands with a small hair brush she packed in her purse after squeezing some of the water from her own Blue tank top. Thankfully she had her jacket around her waist so her white shorts were safe from the water.

“didn’t think you’d get us soaked to the bone girls,” sans joked.

Papyrus and Black groaned.

“Can’t help that we sat in the safest seats,” Lola winked to Nicole as only her tops and hair had gotten wet as well.

“GREAT NOW WE’RE GONNA BE WALKING AROUND ALL WET,” Black growled shaking water from his boots.

“We should go to that guessing vendor to see if he can guess out weight soaking wet now,” Lola laughed as Slim started down the path.

“SLIM WHERE ARE YOU OFF TO,” Papyrus shouted after him.

“well,” he shrugged as he turned still walking but now backward, “we gonna do this or not?”

“FINALLY I SHALL ONE UP THAT STREET PEDDLER ONCE MORE,” Black laughed as he ran after Slim.

Lola grabbed Nicole by the hand giggling, “Then we can get them to guess the guys’ ages!”

Nicole broke out laughing knowing that poor vendor was gonna lose several prizes because of them.

Well thirty minutes later, Papyrus and Black were play fighting with inflatable bats they won as Sans and Slim tossed a sick emoji softball back and forth as they kept joking about the poor vendor scrambling over their answers. Nicole won a blue sunhat with a fake daisy on it when the poor vendor guessed she was fifteen as Lola was sporting her LED lime green sunglasses because the vendor guessed her weight wrong. Turns out she weighed more with Slim’s soaking hoodie tied around her waist.

Nicole then suggested that to dry off they all go on one of her favorites which was the Sky Swings. A ride with two rows of swings going around in the air where they could see the entire park. They all agreed and after the ride Lola had tied up her hair saying they were off to meet Alyse, Edge, and Red at the Tornado to have some more thrill rides before it got too dark and night riders would hold up the lines. Saying goodbye she noticed that Lola seemed more alive.

Their meet up with Lynn, Blue, and Stretch was next at the open door arcade. Apparently Lynn’s meet up had just ended as they saw Alyse was leaving with Edge and Red after destroying Lynn in Dance Step Revolution. Nicole giggled over Lynn even challenging her because they all knew her secret past time alone was dancing. Lynn had relaid about seeing Edge gleefully cheering Alyse on during the game. This made her a bit happy that Alyse wasn’t with two completely mean guys.

“Hey, could we stay here in the arcade?” Lynn asked, “I’m kinda ‘rided’ out from running around with the thrill ride crew. I finally got them to do something besides rides before you came all. So you mind if we all stay here where its cool and just play some games?”

“I’m all for it,” Nicole said turning to Sans and Papyrus, “You guys mind if we just play some games?”

“ARE THERE PUZZLE GAMES HERE,” Papyrus asked as he rolled up the deflated bat and put it in his pocket.

“The best puzzle games are the ones you could win prizes from,” Lynn smiled pointing to seven off to the right, “Rarely does anyone win those. I heard you and Blue are great puzzle masters. So if you can win something from there you got my greatest respect.”

Papyrus then turned to Blue with a twinkle in his sockets, “BLUE WE MUST WIN THE GREATEST OF PRIZES IN THIS BUILDING TO IMPRESS OUR HUMAN FRIENDS!”


“Sans,” Nicole said turning her attention to the relax skeleton, “They’ve got relaxing games as well here too. The shooting and racing games all come with seats to just lay back in,” she said with a wink.

“you’re aiming for the right things,” he smiled as he slowly walked over to a set of four car games, “you ladies wish to go for a drive?”

Lynn started to giggle as she turned to Stretch, “Rematch mister and you can’t let me win.”

Stretch gave a side smirk as he mocked a bow, “as you wish, I shall drive you wild.”

Nicole caught a small blush form on Lynn’s face as she ran to one of the seats.

Five minutes later Lynn had been run off the rode so many times by Stretch’s car that she got last place out of twenty cars. Nicole had at least gotten ninth place, but Stretch and Sans got a tie for first. They then decided to settle the tie with other games as the girls went to go check up on Papyrus and Blue’s progress with the prize puzzle games.

Nicole got to witness how amazing Sans and Stretch were at shooting games, while Blue and Papyrus were excellent at the puzzle prize games. Papyrus had won an Xbox and ipod from the machines, while Blue was asking Lynn about what the ipad and Beat headphone’s he’d won were for. Nicole finally got to drag everyone in for photo booth opportunities and came out with several fun strips of pictures.

Not too long after the photo booths were done, she’d gotten a text from Alyse asking if they’d meet her at the Antique Photo Saloon near the front of the park where the other shops and carousel was located. Nicole recalled that Alyse use to work there four a similar studio in a theme park for two years. She’d come back with so many fun photos of her favorite clients and talked about the photo she entered in winning the girls a free entry for a day. As they approached the old time shop town area, Nicole got a bit worried when she saw them waiting outside the shop. Edge didn’t look very happy and Red looked a bit panicked, but before she could ask Alyse had coming running out of the store with a mischievous grin.

She explained that the guys had lost almost all of the thrill ride challenges that they had done with Lola, Slim and Black. And at the beginning Alyse had thrown in her own dare for Edge and Red if they couldn’t make it through the challenges. What was the dare? Well Alyse had a collection of pictures in her email of every ride with a camera and had accumulated several of them riding. Her challenge was that they had to be able to do a pose at the camera, if they couldn’t she not only got to keep the photo, but that she got to have them do whatever she requested at the end.

Here mind then clicked why they were at the Antique Photo Saloon!

She was having them take an old time photo with her and she got to pick the theme. Alyse said she even had a spot for Nicole to do her own with Sans and Papyrus if they wanted. Nicole jumped at the opportunity and signed up for the western theme as she explained to papyrus about the process of the photos Alyse and the others went back to get changed. Papyrus seemed very enthusiastic about dressing like a cowboy till sans started on an almost endless string of western puns.

When the two terrible skeletons came out Nicole felt her jaw hit the floor. The two dark skeletons where dawning black and red pinstripe suits and black fedoras. Alyse had chosen the 1920s theme for her photo session with the guys and damn did they look like they belonged in that era with those suits on.

“I feel ridiculous,” Red grumbled.


“You guys look snazzy,” Nicole smiled giving them a thumbs up.

“I think they look dangerously good,” Alyse said from behind the two skeletons.

They turned to the side revealing her older sister in a black corseted flap dress with red flappers dangling dangerously across her mid thigh and sparkling matching costume jewelry. The dress had pushed her small breasts together creating nice cleavage that was highlighted but the low hanging necklace. All that could be hear was the click clack of the bright red thin heels as her smooth bare legs were on display. A red feathered scarf was dangling from her arms as she walked forward gracefully.

Nicole had to admit her sister was looking way to hot and she could tell she wasn’t the only one who thought so.

“Goddamn sweetart,” Red gawked as his skull was laced with red.

Edge was speechless and stiff as only his eyes slowly looked her up and down as she gave a small twirl with the flappers wiggling back around. It could have been her imagination but she was sure his eyes were fixed on her sister’s legs as he whispered, “Very Dangerous.”


“I-I’ll wear em more often if k-kitten wears more s-shit like that,” Red stammered as some red drool seemed to seep from the side of his grin.

“get a grip you animal,” Sans spoke under his breath.

Nicole whispered to Sans who’d opted to just look at the ceiling, “Better get to buying a whole new wardrobe then.”

“what?!” both red and sans shouted starring at her.

“My sister has a very unique style,” she looked to Sans, “I’m guessing you saw her business suit?”

Sans nodded.

“Well that’s tame compared to her other stuff,” she said rolling her eyes, “She covers up mostly in the winter because she hates the cold.”

“fuck yes,” Red purred as he rubbed his skeletal hands together as sans facepalmed.

“Red! Edge! Catch!” Alyse shouted tossing something to the guys.

They glanced down noticing they held in their hands black prop tommy guns.

This finally seemed to snap Edge out of his trance as he looked down at the weapon with a dark smirk, “I’M STARTING TO LIKE THIS DARE.” Posing with the weapon prop definitely started to put Nicole a bit more back on edge for Edge so to speak.

“Good to hear,” Alyse smile motioning to the two of them, “Come on it’s our turn! Nicole, you, Sans and Papyrus can get dressed for your shoot now.”

After fifteen minutes Nicole, Sans and Papyrus had changed and watched as the others came back smiling and chatting about their how their pictures would turn out. The photographer then motioned them for their shoot. Nicole had chosen a blue and white saloon girl dress with a slit in the side wear she had a blue garter that she was secretly going to reveal on their last photo. Papyrus and Sans were in full cowboy attire. Papyrus had requested to have the sheriff badge as Sans requested a fake mustache.

During the photos they had posed serious for one as Nicole sat atop the bar and the guys were sitting in the stool by it. They did a few smiling and Papyrus even held her in his arm while looking like he was pointing the fake gun at the camera as sans pretended (she thought) to be asleep at the bar. As a funny picture she’d requested to make it look like she had the guys up at gun point. And lastly was the quick shot wear she’d revealed her garter that both skeletons had a look of shock to as the flash went off.

When they had gotten changed Alyse was still waiting for them with the other two no where to be seen. When Sans asked where they went she pointed to the near by ice cream parlor shop where apparently everyone else was and that she was just waiting for them as they guys got ice cream. They ended up purchasing all the photos and sending them to her email as Alyse showed off the four shots she’d purchased.

Alyse’s favorite photo apparently was the funny shot of her pulling on both the guys ties with a dominating smirk. They were posed by a 1920’s mob car. Alyse was straddling the hood of the vehicle as the guys were standing on the front sides. Because of the way she had pulled on their ties the tommy guns were pointing right at her making the image a last stand of defiance. Nicole giggled at the shocked faces of the Edge and Red as she explained the same had happened when she revealed the garter.

They all met up in the parlor where it was filled with skeletons and the other sisters eating ice cream and chatting. The day was almost up and she was feeling exhausted from the excitement and all the activities. Papyrus and her went to get their order of ice cream as Sans turned to them saying he was going to step out with Alyse for a quick chat. Nicole nodded as she watched the two walk out taking a bench near the view of the carousel.

“MISS NICOLE,” Papyrus exclaimed dragging her gaze from the two, “IT’S YOUR TURN TO ORDER YOUR FROZEN SUGARY DELIGHT!”


Sans POV


It was near the end of the day and Sans could feel the exhaustion of the activities, tension, and fun of everything. All he wanted to do was sleep for days, but not before he got to talk with Alyse about everyone. He needed to be sure that they were sure of this. He needed to know his brother and the others would be safe with them. Trusting humans wouldn’t come to him instantly just because of some good day of fun where everyone (including the fell brothers) seemed happy.

Turning his gaze to Alyse as the sun was setting and the lights of the park were decorating everything in a rainbow of colors. Lights danced from her face as she gazed longingly at the carousel. A small glance to her soul showed those colors of lavender gray. He knew he shouldn’t get involved with her problems. She was just a human that was going to be an end goal for him and his family towards total freedom. But….

Those light blue silver eyes even pained by something he couldn’t begin to understand seemed to still sparkle with life. She was a fighter for something, but was it for the right reasons or was it something selfish?

“This is magic,” Alyse said softly as her eyes stayed glued to the carousel.


“I’ve grown up with magic being nothing but a fairy tale told by the media,” she explained with a soft sigh as a small breeze of the evening air blew, “But even told that it wasn’t real I always found my own magic in things like these lights.” She turned her head to him as the walk way lights flicked on a warm hue, “You guys are made of magic to exist, but I think it’s more than just that. You guys have a way of really bring things out in people.”

Her gaze had turned to the parlor where everyone was smiling and chatting.

“Call me over zealous, but in just one day you brought me and my sisters together,” she said turning back to Sans slowly taking hold of his hand, “I know it’s wrong of me to ask this, but please don’t be afraid to tell me if things aren’t going well. I can’t promise that personalities won’t clash or that we will be the perfect house mates, but I’ve hurt my sisters with my distance and your my chance to repair that.”

Sans was speechless as he saw such persistence pool from her as a tear slowly traveled down her cheek.

“From one older sibling to the next,” she desperately said as she gripped his hand tightly, “Please let me make this right.”

Her soul was almost over baring with it’s pleading.

“why must you alone go so far,” he whispered.

He didn’t mean for his thoughts to be spoken aloud, but she’d heard them and Sans almost regretted starring at her soul as he saw a display that almost hurt him. Her soul was almost splitting itself apart. No wonder Red couldn’t help but see the scar, she was punishing herself over something that had happened. The scar was so prominent because it was her own soul that was attacking itself.

She spoke slowly, “I created the distance and silence,” she said as he watched her soul slowly stop splitting and become stable, “I need to be the one to speak up and bring us back.”

Sans could feel he was already in to deep with this girl. She’d touched him as an older sibling trying to make the right choices and repair the problems caused by doing nothing. He needed to know how the mystery pain they shared that still kept them close. Knowing Alyse’s was so prominent from damage that she was still punished for, felt unnecessary for her to hold. The girls souls sung together as if they soothed the scars from each other. They would play a part in him understanding humans strengths and weaknesses within their souls more.

Sans gave a deep sigh, “you’re really pulling at my soul here,” he said as he wiped the tear from her cheek, “you’ve got my vote, but under one condition.”

He paused hating to scare her after she such weakness, but he needed her to understand, “If anything happens to my family,” he let his eyes go black as he set his face in a hard grin, “you’re gonna have a bad time.”

. . .

Sans nearly lost his composure as she smiled with another tear spilling over where his hand still lay against her cheek, “I will except any and all consequences for any actions taken against your family.”


Self Sacrifice was not what he’d expected from a human, yet she seemed too willing. Why?


Alyse then got up taking a few deep breaths. Sans watched her souls integrity color take over seeming to repair the scar’s damage it had just created but still it remained if not now just stained. As it settled and the persistence gained back its mixing hue she swirled around with a small smile, “I look forward to us living together.”

“ya want to go tell everyone it’s official,” he grinned trying to keep his own relaxed composure and settle on some ground of normal.

“No,” she said turning back to the carousel, “I want one last magical moment to myself, if that’s okay?”

Sans threw up his hands in defeat as he got up, “i ain’t the boss of ya young lady. do what you want.”

She smiled softly walking off to the carousel.

Sans stayed for a moment watching her get on before he turned back to the parlor almost jumping back as he nearly walked into Red.

“i thought ya said we weren’t gettin’ involved,” he stared hard at him.

Sans let out a groan, “ya felt it too?”

“felt? Nah I could see the damn light show,” Red grumbled as he looked to the carousel. “Almost mistook it for the actual lights out here.”

Sans watched Red in silence. He didn’t know how to really understand his more unruly self. Then again he’d also come from a more violent version of his underground. Would this version still even have any form of compassion? He couldn’t let this version of himself just hurt this human that just spoke to his own soul.

“if ya lay one-,” he started feeling his magic bristle.

“i don’t care what yer bout to say, but she’s mine,” Red said getting in face his voice growling with his magic, “I understand that kind of damage more than you could marshmallow. Besides, I saw for myself,” he turned back to the carousel, “she needs somethin’ ta fight an’ win against.”

“didn’t know you could care,” Sans said disbelieving.

“hah, not sure if ya could call it that,” he chuckled with a smirk, “but let’s just say I see a fire that I want to feed?”

Sans looked past Red towards the carousel where he caught sight of Alyse. She was dancing with such passion on the ride, but quickly hoping to a horse before going back around to where the attendee was standing. She looked aggressively alive in that brief minute. Her words ringing in his head, ‘...I always found my own magic in things...’

Sans turned back to the parlor with a chuckle.

“what’s so funny,” red grumbled.

“didn’t know she had magic of her own,” he chuckled as he continued walking.

Red had taken a glance back at the carousel just as Alyse had hoped onto another horse, missing that fire he’d just talked about.

Chapter Text

Alyse POV


It was still dark out at 5:30am when the soft music box alarm went played from her phone. Shutting it off quickly and getting up from the pillow nest the girls made in the living room of her apartment. She silently crept to the bathroom to start getting ready for the long day of moving.

As the hot water cascaded down her slim frame she thought back to the last few days. Since she had the longest lease out of all the girls (Lola and Nicole actually just moving out of the college dorms), she had suggested once the monster movers had grabbed the last of the girls' boxes then they just pack a duffel bag to stay the next two days at her place. Those last days were filled with the girls reminiscing in old pictures Alyse had scanned from her mother’s collection to her computer. When they weren’t laughing and crying about the past, they were watching old movies and talking about new changes each had under gone.

Lynn was finishing her teaching degree and would be teaching at a nearby school of the mansion as a student teacher. She was excited but terrified. The course was to be only a semester long and then she could go on to being hired, but only if she passed otherwise she’d have to repeat the semester again. Since it was the beginning of the school year it’d mean the only thing she could apply for after her semester was a substitute teaching till the next year, but it would still be good experience.

Lola had a roller coaster of problems that finally got solved after she just took a step back and reassess things. Basically she was almost having to take another year of classes because she was missing one class that none of her professors told her she needed to continue moving ahead with the rest of her classmates. Thankfully after a lot of back and forth with her favorite professor and administrator she was told one class she was taking could opt that last class out so she could start her internship. She was gonna start at a nursing home with a councilor and care giver there next semester as she kept up the last classes.

Nicole had lost a long time boyfriend because he’d been clinging to her a bit excessively to the point of stocking her every move when they weren’t together. She was more than willing for the move to the mansion and had taken extra precautions to keep him from finding her. Thankfully she moved colleges to start her masters in her victims crime counseling soon to keep her busy. She was applying for her internship for next year and had already applied and won a grant to cover her last years for her degree.

Alyse felt so proud of her sisters making such strides in their lives that it made her wonder if her Associates in Graphic Design and Photography were just bare minimal of what she could do. She had a lot of clients not only online for her graphics, but most of the locals around the area called her for photo sessions. She was doing well in life, but she felt like the odd one out amongst her sisters who worked with individuals in more appealing ways.

Alyse let out a deep sigh as she turned off the water and began her morning process.

She dressed in black and gray shorts that came to her mid thighs and a black sports bra as well. Towel drying her hair she kept looking back to the army green tank-top she had on the counter. As much as she’d like to wear as little as possible when moving she felt she had to throw this on to keep Red somewhat at bay. After getting the tank-top on and parting her hair to the side she quietly stepped out of the bathroom.

As she crept past the living room to the kitchen she couldn’t help but giggle at the sight of her sisters in the pillow and blanket mesh nest. Lynn was currently drooling on one of the body pillows that she was grasping in-between her full body. Her left leg was peaking from the SuperNautral blanket she’d brought with her revealing her coral lace bikini underwear and left butt cheek. Nicole was laying on her stomach facing where Lynn’s stomach would be if not for the body pillow. Nicole was currently head-locking two separate pillows as Alyse’s gray comforter was across her body. Lola was the mysterious one who had started sleeping on the couch, but was not lying on her back at the foot of the couch with her feet still atop the sofa. The D&D dice blanket she had brought had fallen to reveal her lime green sleep shorts and black slipper socks that were still somehow still on.

Tiptoeing as best as she could she filled to coffee machine and put on the kettle for tea. As she waited for the water to boil and coffee to filter through she pulled out the secret stash of donuts she’d bought yesterday while the girls were out finishing last moving details and work changes. She’d gotten them from there childhood bakery that was still open picking each of their favorites.

With the whistle of the kettle she quickly took it off pouring a cup of hot water into her mug as she went with a peppermint tea to keep her relaxed for the long day ahead. Her phone vibrated with a message as she was taking her first few sips. It was from Papyrus almost forgetting that they all had exchanged numbers at the end of the evening before everyone went home during that trip to the amusement park.


Alyse looked to the coffee table in the living room where Nicole’s phone was lighting up silently on a pillow. No wonder she didn’t hear it.

Alyse: Sorry Papyrus Nicole’s still asleep at the moment. We are just fine, but is there anything I could assist with?

Papyrus always seemed so polite and sweet. She couldn’t help but feel proud and relieved that her youngest sister was in charge of such a sweet tall cinnamon bun as her phone vibrated again.




Alyse: I really appreciate that Papyrus. I let Sans know that we will be up and ready at 8am this morning.


Alyse: Don’t worry about a party right away. We can all do something later tonight to celebrate.

Alyse: How about I give you my current address so you guys can show us the way to the new place. Just show up at 8am so my sisters have a chance to wake up.


Alyse: Can’t wait! :)

As she sent her last text a Nicole stumbled her way into the kitchen rubbing her eyes.

“Morning,” Alyse whispered as her sister grabbed for one of the mugs she’d set on the counter.

“Morning,” she smiled sleepily, “Who were you messaging? The guys?”

Aylse watched her pour water from the kettle into the mug as she chose a raspberry tea bag, “Ya, Papyrus was wondering how soon he should come over to show us how to get to the mansion.”

Mid sip Nicole suddenly became wide wake, “They aren’t coming now are they?!”

“No not till 8,” Alyse smiled, “You got time to shower and...” she paused as she revealed the donuts, “have a delicious breakfast!”

Nicole’s eyes lit up light Christmas lights.

“I knew you were my favorite,“ Lynn’s groggily voice came from behind Nicole as she wiped some drool from her face, “Donuts and coffee!”

One by one each of the sisters woke up and got dressed packing up the pillow nest they had built just as the door to her apartment gave a few precise knocks. Just as Alyse got to the door two more aggressive knocks followed as she swung open to reveal Edge stopping in mid pound as Papyrus was trying to hold him back.



Alyse took notice that both skeletons were in the attire they originally dawned in their photos, which was their battle armor from what she could describe it as.

Before Alyse could reform a retort a cute skeleton slide under the legs of the taller two and wrapped his arms around her her rib cage. Looking down she noticed it was Blue as he grinned wide up at her.


Alyse gently pulled away noticing now that Blue came up to her nose. His starry eyes started to dart back behind her as she noticed what he was really here for. She couldn’t help but feed into his giddy self.

“We’re pretty excited too,” she smiled softly rubbing his cheek bone with her thumb as a soft blue dusted across, “in fact Lynn is currently in the back room packing my last box. Why don’t you go give her a surprise hand?”

Those stars in his eyes sparkled as she stepped aside to let him run inside with a Myheheheheh!

Looking back at Papyrus and Edge she motioned them inside almost not noticing Black as he just stood outside her door.

“You coming?”

Black simply crossed his arms as he tapped his foot, “I DON’T KNOW WHY WE’RE HERE TO ASSIST YOU FEEBLE HUMANS, BUT SINCE-”

Black was interrupted mid rant as Lola stepped out in her lime green sports bra, jean shorts, and black high tops. A tooth brush dangling from the side of her mouth as she spoke, “Was wondering where you were pipsqueak,” she smirked while finishing her side ponytail with an orange scrunchy (one of Lynn’s, Alyse noted).

Black’s pinpricks seemed to shrink as his arms dropped to his side, “W-W-WHAT IN T-TORIEL’S NAME ARE Y-YOU WEARING?!” Alyse noticed a purple glow across his cheekbones as Lola placed the tooth brush in her pocket and her hands on her hips

“Move-in clothes,” she grunted as she rolled her eyes. Lola then grabbed Black by the back of his armor piece and dragged him inside, “Now get your ass in here and help me carry the last of these boxes.”

Alyse held back a giggle as Black shock his heard and began throwing insults at Lola for dragging him and how he’d never help.

It only took about thirty minutes for the skeletons to help them pack the last few boxes. Edge and Papyrus even helped take her leftover couch to a neighbors place on the second floor that had promised Alyse cash for it once she moved. The young twenty year old guy almost shit his pants before Alyse informed him the skeletons were with her and just helping. The guy handed her a ten dollar bill first. As she confronted him on the agreed price of $35 as long as the couch could be delivered. He tried to argued but stopped instantly turning white as he seemed to look behind her. Before she knew it he disappeared back into the apartment and came back handing her $50 for the couch and thanked them shakily for delivering it. Edge just grumbled as Papyrus shock the guy’s hand with a pleasant, HAPPY TO HELP!

While walking down the stairs Alyse noticed Edge had been very quiet.

“Thanks for the assistance,” she said giving Edge a small smile, “You really didn’t have to help.”


Alyse gently touched his forearm stopping him in his tracks down the staircase as Papyrus obliviously continued his decent, “Did you…?” she trailed off knowing Papyrus couldn’t have been the cause of the guy looking so terrified and giving her more than what they’d agreed upon.

Edge just rolled his eyes with an exasperated sigh, “AND NOW YOU’RE SEEMING TO WASTE TIME WITH POINTLESS QUESTIONS,” he grumbled as he picked her up by the waist.

Not again!!!


As they descended she couldn’t help but feel safe with Edge, but still this treating her like a sack of potatoes thing better not be a regular occurrence.


Blue POV


The feeling of Lynn’s breasts against the back of my skull almost had me lose focus on the road, but someone as magnificent as I easily corrected myself on my motor bike so she never noticed! Pap-Stretch never told me that humans could be so soft and squishy. Lynn’s arms were wrapped around my rib cage as we drove to the mansion and I could feel her heart beat faster whenever I did fast turns or tricks that’d make her scream.

After getting parked the absence of her presence was almost sad. Lynn was twirling around as she wooted about the fun ride.

“That was so much fun Blue,” she giggle as she came up giving me another one of those amazing hugs. “It’s been so long since I’ve been on a motorcycle.”


Lynn’s hug seemed to get a little stiff as she pulled away. It kinda hurt seeing her smile at me. That wasn’t the same smile that she had before that made her eyes sparkle. Did I say something wrong?

“It’s been… a long time Blue,” she said softly while rubbing my skull, “the last person I trusted use to give me rides a lot when I was a kid.”

I gotta stop that sad smile!

“WELL ANYTIME YOU WANT A RIDE I CAN TAKE YOU,” I say giving her my BEST determined smile as the others start to pull up, “WE CAN GO AS FAR AND AS LONG AS YOU WANT!”

“Oh,” she said. Her cheeks are turning that soft pick color again! I love that color on her. “That’s very sweet of you Blue. I’ll have to take you up on that.”

I give her my biggest smile with a thumbs up!

“Whoa,” Lola said as she climbed out of the old green pathfinder, “This place is better than I thought.”


“SPEAKING OF WHICH,” Edge screeched as he stocked to the back of car where the oldest sister Alyse was putting two duffel bags on her shoulders, “I NEED TO KNOW WHICH ROOM YOU WILL BE STAYING IN SO I CAN KEEP AN EYE ON YOU.”

Alyse is so small next to Edge. Even if she’s not as squishy as Lynn I kinda like how small she is for an older sister, just like me, Black, Red, and Sans.

“If there’s an emergency you can always give me a call,” Alyse said rolling her eyes as she walked towards the mansion.

“OH NO YOU DON’T,” Edge growled picking her up and tossing her and the two duffel bags over his shoulder as she screamed ‘Not again!’ “YOU MAY BE OUR WATCHER BUT UNDERSTAND ONE THING CLEAR! I. WILL. BE. WATCHING. YOU!

A soft hand pressed against my shoulder pulling me from the scene of those two.

Lynn was giving me a real smile this time. It made my soul stir.

“Hey you want to help me unpack and decorate?”

A chance to see Miss Lynn’s room and see the things she likes? OH BOY!!!



Sans POV


Papyrus and the others had left a while ago and last text he got said they were almost here. Passing by the front entry from the kitchen to the living room Sans had to stop as he heard a loud ruckus outside the front oak doors. He fell back on his butt as the door was kicked open. Edge was striding past him with Alyse over his shoulder screaming at him to put her down. As soon as she had spotted him on the ground he knew she’d seen his confused and concerned expression because she instantly stop and waved a strained smile at him.

“Morning Sans,” she strained while pushing some hair from her face.

“Hey ki-Alyse,” he waved back. He really couldn’t call her a kid, but seeing her like that gave him a bit of a flashback to the kid when Papyrus first captured them. “you doin’ okay?”

“Just hangin’ around,” she said as her eyes seemed to glare at the back of Edge's skull, who was in the process of making his way to the grand staircase.

“NO INFERNAL PUNS FROM YOU,” he screeched turning his skull to her, “OR I WILL DROP YOU!”

The look Sans saw on Alyse’s face made him get his magic ready as she had a shit-eating-grin.

“I’m sorry,” she cooed patting her eyes, “I’d hate to fall for you already, but I’m just at the end of my rope. Guess I’ll have to hang my heart for another to tie the note with.”

Thank Asgore he was ready.

Edge let out a frustrated screech as he tossed her off of his shoulder, but before she hit the ground Sans had used his magic to stop her. She looked shocked as Sans brought her right side up and let her stand while Edge had continued to stomp up the stairs. A loud thud followed a few moments after he'd disappeared up stairs.

“Did you just-” she questioned staring at him.

“Holy cow! This place is awesome!” a female voice from the open doors exclaimed.

Thankfully the rest of the crew walked in before he had to answer. He could feel sweat already forming from the entire situation. He quickly collected himself as he stood to see the other girls as the rest of the guys walked in with boxes and bags.

“mornin’ ladies,” he grinned turning to Alyse’s sisters as he tried to avoid her questioning gaze. “hope the drive was alright.”

“It was fantastic,” Nicole smiled as she walked in with a backpack and small box. Papyrus was next to her with three other boxes. “You’re brother’s convertible was very refreshing to ride in,” she giggled, “He looked really cool.”


‘nice one bro,’ Sans thought.

Nicole turned back to Sans as she paused where Alyse was still giving him a suspicious look, “Where are our rooms?”

“Everyone lives on the second floor, but you girls will have the entire right side by the study,” he continued as he tried to look at Nicole only as the other two girls and skeletons walked in. “There should be four rooms with most of your stuff in the rooms as you each requested. I believe we’ve got two extra spare bedrooms past the ones you'll be in, if needed.”

“Cool,” Lola said walking past him with a duffel bag over her shoulder and two boxes. “We’ll be getting stuff set up then.”

“don’t worry,” he said putting up a hand, “take all the time ya need. We’re already settled in.”


Sans just rolled his eyes as he watched Black lead the group of girls up the stairs. Alyse being tugged from her burning gaze of his skull. Jezz, she was already becoming quite the handful. Then again she was taking on the ones that were his biggest handful.

He let out a sigh as he continued his original stroll over to the living room where a perfectly comfy couch was calling his name. His favorite room in this large place had two large living room couch pieces making an open boxed area in front of a large plasma tv. Throwing himself into one of the corners he sunk into the soft light gray sofa. He’d just close his sockets for a bit.


Two Hours Later

“...ans….sans...Sans!” a soft female voice said as he was being rocked back and forth.

Slowly opening his eye sockets it took him a minute to register that Nicole was lightly shaking his shoulder.

“hmm...hey kid didn’t you know it’s not good to wake the dead?” he yawned.

“Jezz,” she said straightening up, “You sleep as much as Lynn and Lola. Anyway, Alyse is in the kitchen making lunch for everyone. She should be done here soon I came to get you since I’ve already gathered everyone else.”

“You girls done unpacking already,” he asked slowly sitting back up.

“Oh no,” she giggled heading towards the kitchen, “I had an alarm set for lunch since as soon as Alyse gets into a task she doesn’t leave it till completion.” She turned back with a nervous look as she rubbed the back of her neck, “She’ll be working a lot from here at the mansion with her line of work so I may ask you to steal her phone for me so I can program lunch in for her so she doesn’t get too...focused.”

Sans hoped off the couch thinking of Alyse’s thin frame. It did make sense with her perseverance to override basic needs. He gave out a heavy sigh catching up to Nicole as she had changed into jeans and pastel pink t-shirt.

“Alright I’ll be your secret lunch agent,” he smirked with a wink.

Nicole seemed to relax as they both continued into the dinning room.

The long dinning room table was already set with plates and freshly cut fruit on two platters. Each of the brothers were sitting close to their perspective watchers either in the middle of them or off to one side. Just as Sans was making his way to where Papyrus was standing by his chair the door to the kitchen swung open.

“Hey,” Alyse announced as she balanced two large round trays on her hands hands, “I hope everyone’s okay with homemade pizza.”

Sans noticed the girls smiles of delight as he watched in amazement how she could carry such trays in the first place.

“What toppings?!” Lola asked as Alyse made her way to the center of the table setting each tray down.

“Well I didn’t know exactly what the guys liked so I did half and half,” she said as she started to point to the first one she set down, “I built our favorite; pepperoni, mushroom, and black olives on one half with another half being just cheese". She then pointed to the other pizza, “And this one has half pepperoni and half meat lovers. I’m sorry there aren’t more options guys, but as I’ll be the one here more often to make lunches and such I’m hoping to learn your food preferences as well.”

Lola was instantly grabbing herself a slice as Stretch asked, “Wait you said homemade… You made this pizza?”

Lynn piped up beside him as she grabbed a slice of cheese and put it on Blue’s plate, “Ya Alyse is the best cook outta all of us girls….just don’t ask her to bake.”

Lola began barking laughter, “Oh God! I remember the last time she tried making brownies!”

Alyse’s face had gone bright red, “Shut it you two! A-at least I never set the stove on fire.”

Lynn and Lola’s smiles became strained as they looked to their food.

“Mine was a mishap with oil in a frying pan, but I never set a piece of kitchenware on fire,” Lola mischievously grinned towards Nicole.

Nope! You do not get to bring up my mishap ever! I was twelve when that happened and you can’t blame me….our microwave was weird...” Nicole pouted as she tried hiding her face with her plate.

So cute.

“now I gotta know,” Sans grinned.

“Maybe for another time,” Alyse interjected saving Nicole from further embarrassment. “Lets just say, I’m great with cooking dinners, Lynn is an amazing baker, Lola’s great with sweets and snacks, and Nicole is our fresh foods expert.”

“I’m better at cold meals like salads, dips, and sandwiches,” Nicole giggled passing Papyrus the platter of fruit.


“I love making cucumber sandwiches and scones for tea parties I have with friends,” she smiled clasping her hands together.


“I’d love too,” Nicole grinned as she reached for a slice of pizza.

Lunch seemed to pass smoothly as Sans watched his other peers chat about what the other sisters could make. Apparently Lynn’s baking skills even got Stretch drooling over her talking about a honey carrot cake she made. Lola seemed to be showing Black and Slim the Halloween snacks she made last year as Black began asking if the glitter was actually editable. Alyse had caught his attention for awhile when she’d gasped over Edge explaining how he created his master piece lasagna. Apparently she was now scolding him for possibly killing anyone who’d eat it and swore he wasn’t allowed to cook unless he was under her supervision the entire time.

Sans thought about maybe asking her to also have the same rule applied to Papyrus, Blue and Black. But he figured he’d tell her later once things had cooled down and the girls had settled in. Speaking of Papyrus, he seemed very adamant that since Alyse had worked so hard on making them lunch that he’d do the dishes as the other girls got back to unpacking.

‘my bro’s way too cool,’ he thought as he watched him shoo both Alyse and Nicole out of the dinning room when they protested.

Sans decided to head to the study for the peaceful time given to do some more research and keep a bit of an eye on the girls. The rest of the afternoon seemed to breeze by as the girls were up in their rooms finishing up. Their doors were slightly closed but he would hear them each walk over to each others rooms to ask about something or visit. Finally his sockets began to feel strained from looking at the eighth book he’d pulled for research. Feeling like he’d hit an impasse in his thoughts he decided to check how each of the girls were doing.

The first door to the right of the study was slightly ajar as a song was playing loudly. The lyrics had something to do with a shampoo press? As he gave the door a loud enough tap to hopefully be heard over the music, the volume turned down as he heard a bored “ya come on in.”

Opening the door he noticed right away the bright neon colors mixed with black. Lola was currently putting a few baskets with various items on the shelf of her closet which was lined with several punk style clothes.

“Hey hun,” he said as he took a step on a round black rug with neon blue and pink letters that read ‘No Drama Llamas Allowed’.

“Sup Sans,” she lazily waved as she started to place boots and shoes in a blue hanging rack on the closet door, “What brings you to my den of development?”

Sans plopped in a green bean bag chair next to a heavily sticker-ed full length mirror and black end table that had several signatures on it, “just came to see how the Lola cave is coming along.”

“Lola cave?....hmmm,” she mumbled sticking her head out the closet, “I like that.” Then she disappeared for another few seconds before tossing a black board at him.

The board had in big bold letters of neon green and pink, ‘Lola’s Cave Enter for Fun.’

“You mind hanging that on the door for me,” she asked as she started pulling out boxes that said NO BOYS ALLOWED written in sharpie everywhere.

Sans took the hint as she must be getting out more delicate items to put away, “sure I gotta go hang around elsewhere.” he said as he hung the board on the front of the door.

Lola brushed some of her black hair from her face as her green eyes smirked at him, “Sorry for the kick out but Nicole will have my butt if I ain’t finished before the surprise she’s got planned tonight.”


“No worries,” he shrugged walking out the door.

“Oh! Wait Sans,” she called as he got past the frame.

He turned to see her lazy expression now a mixture of embarrassment and shyness. “This is technically just your guys’ home,” she started while holding her left arm, “but if we c-could... umm-c-can we paint our rooms?”

With Lola now only standing a few feet away from him, he could easily see how she was the tallest of the sisters. She was a good six inches over his own head but even with her height the way she sheepishly asked for something gave him a distinct impression of his brother. Though strong, tall and confident, they always felt the need to ask before just doing.

Color me surprised,” he winked, “I didn’t think such a notion could be brushed by. Go ahead and splatter whatever comes to mind.”

He noticed her eyes brighten as she tried to put on another lazy smile, “Thanks I’ll let you know ahead of time when I’m painting the room.”

Sans gave a soft nod as he continued into the hall to the next room to the right.

As he got closer to the next door he saw that it was already halfway open and a soft humming was coming from the inside. Glancing in, Sans was hit with pastel colors and patterns lining the room. Nicole was currently sitting on her knees on a cream color rectangular rug unwrapping newspaper from small Knick-knacks of two boxes. She had headphones on as her humming became more pronounced as she softly started singing what she was listening too.

(Owl City – Vanilla Twilight is what Nicole’s singing)


I'll watch the night turn light blue
But it's not the same without you
Because it takes two to whisper quietly
The silence isn't so bad
'Til I look at my hands and feel sad
'Cause the spaces between my fingers
Are right where yours fit perfectly

Sans stared hard at her as she sang while pulling newspaper off a heart shaped silver frame with a photo in it. He couldn’t quite see what it was, but the way her soul glowed as she stared he could only guess that it might have been of their mother.

I'll find repose in new ways
Though I haven't slept in two days
'Cause cold nostalgia chills me to the bone
But drenched in vanilla twilight
I'll sit on the front porch all night
Waist deep in thought because when
I think of you I don't feel so alone

As she continued to sing she picked up a frame from her white night stand by her pastel blue bed. That frame had what looked like the same bathtub photo of the girls he’d had in the file.

I don't feel so alone
I don't feel so alone

As many times as I blink
I'll think of you tonight

Sans finally snapped from his trance of watching Nicole and loudly knocked on the door. He heard her stop humming, but his eyes were preoccupied with the gold door knob as he tried to hide the blush on his face.

“Oh! Sans,” her voice sounding grabbing his attention again, “Is there something you need?”

Nicole was still sitting on the floor but this time it seems she had placed both frames back on her night stand. Finally really looking into her room he was noticing a lot of potted plants. Some seemed to be just ferns, cactus, and flowering blossoms. The two that really caught is eye was a small white pot on the window sill that had bluebells blooming.

“Hehe, nah,” he said rubbing the back of his neck, “Just checking to see if you’ve planted yourself well in your room.”

That sweet soft giggle came from her as she got up from her position on the floor.

“I’m doing well,” she said as she moved to one of her hanging plants that was on a stand suspending it, “I see you’ve taken notice to my green thumbs.”

“Couldn’t help but be drawn to the peach that bloomed such a jungle in one room,” he grinned.

A soft pink glow dusted her cheeks as her blue eyes sparkled over to him, “I hope it's all right for me to have these in my room,” she asked as she softly touched one of the ferns leaves that was hanging low.

“This place needs a fern touch to it. No leafin’ but I’m rootin’ for you to make this place blossom.”

Nicole broke out in a fit of laughter, “I’m afraid I’ve planted the seed of endless garden puns in you.”

If his grin could reach any higher it felt like it did at that moment, “hun, you’ve just sewn your fate by fertilizing these weedy puns.”

They both broke into a fit of laughter as he grabbed his ribs.

A couple minutes later as the giggles turned to soft intakes of breath he wiped a small tear from his socket, “Nah hun, I’m just checkin up on you girls. Good to know that you’re settling in pretty good.”

“Thanks for popping in Sans,” She said with a smile then quickly ran to her closet bringing something out, “Since you’re going around to the others could you give this to Lynn? She accidentally left it at my place and I finally got the chance to return it with the move.”

“Sure thing,” he said taking the object which was a small handheld light blue game with the words BattleShip written on it.

Before he got out the door Nicole was tapping on his shoulder, “Lynn’s room is the door is the left on the other side,” she said pointing.

She was so close. Smelling of lilacs and herbs Sans had to wonder how Justice could even be featured in this sweet girl’s soul. So delicate and soft to the touch that he wondered why such a deep scar hadn’t damaged this human more. Crap he was really getting himself a bit too deep into this. He knew he had to walk away now.

“Thanks hun,” he said with a wink and walked in the direction of Lynn’s door not pausing even after hearing her stop mid closing of her door as if to call him back, but then softly shutting it.

too close Sans,’ he thought, ‘now’s not the time to be diggin’ into their past.’

As he got to the door he nearly jumped back as it was swung open by Blue as he ran out with a Myhehehe!

Sans just peaked his head over the open door to see Lynn sitting on a coral floral bed with a glass jar. As he caught the attention of the blonde she gave a sheepish grin as she waved a hand that was currently stuck in a glass jar.

“Hiya Sans,” she giggled sadly.

“ahh, hey,” Sans said cautiously as he stood in front of her room fully, “need a hand?”

Lynn rolled her eyes as she let out a sharp chuckle falling back on her bed, “Nah Blue just went to get some butter.”

Sans could hear the little guy running around frantically downstairs.

“don’t mean to put a lid on the conversation,” he said stepping into the room as Lynn sat up, “but I was told to give this back to you.”

He pulled out the game and handed it to Lynn’s free hand. As she examined what he gave her, he glanced around her room. She had bookshelves up against both walls pilled with books and what looked like board/card games. A small kneeing table was in the center of the room with a box of stuffed animals and small glass figures halfway unpacked. Lynn had a rocking chair in the corner close to the bed and closet with the large orange frog Blue had won at the park. The colors of her room were a lot like Nicole’s but brighter and vivid.

“I was wondering where this had run off to!” she exclaimed pulling him from his examination.

Getting up she placed the small hand held game on a shelf with a few other board games as the sound of pounding feet came crashing back up to the room.

“I HAVE RETURNED WITH THE SPECIAL ITEM,” he loudly exclaimed rushing to where Lynn was now standing.

“Thanks Blue,” she smiled warmly, “Now lets get this off me carefully.”

Sans just stood back watching as the two slowly rubbed the butter around her wrists and began to pull on the jar. It only took a short moment as the sound of a pop came and Lynn’s hand came free from the jar, but the jar itself went flying in the air. Before anyone could do anything blue magic glowed around the jar just before it hit the ground.

“Nice catch Blue,” Lynn cheered.

Sans gave Blue a quizzical look. Sans had activated his magic by instinct, but what got him was Lynn’s statement. Seems like Blue’s already given away a bit of their magic.

“MYEH HE HE...” Blue laughed nervously staring back at Sans as a drop of sweat was starting to form. “I’LL JUST NOW BRING IT BACK TO MY HANDS.”

Sans rolled his eyes as he willed his magic to bring Blue the jar dropping it just above the guy’s gloved hands for him to quickly catch.

“Oh,” Lynn said as she took the jar from Blue looking at Sans, “I guess I forgot, but was there something you needed Sans?”

“I was just making sure each of you girls were doing alright.”

“I’m fine now,” Lynn giggled as she held up the jar for the guys to see, “Blue’s been a tremendous help with my unpack and even organized my shelves. Sadly I was going through some crafted gifts Alyse made me and got my hand stuck after trying to fix one.”

Sans finally got a good look of the jar. On the outside glass it was speckled with white paint that resembled snow cascading down from the top of the jar till about the middle. The bottom of the jar had a frosted painted mirror glued to the bottom and two skating figures on the mirror as if they were skating on ice. Around the skaters where fake mounds of snow, pine trees, and frosted bushes. Sans noticed the tallest pine tree with lights and a small star was what had fallen over.

“if ya don’t mind,” Sans said holding out his hand, “i’m kinda an expert on delicate items.”

“Sure,” Lynn said cautiously handing over the jar.

Sans gave Blue a look hoping he’d get the hint.

After a second or two Blue exclaimed, “MISS LYNN YOU NEVER TOLD ME THAT MISS ALYSE MADE THAT FOR YOU,” grabbing Lynn’s attention from Sans. He carefully held the jar so he could use his magic to place the tree upright and secure it.

“Yeah,” Lynn smiled at Blue, “Alyse is great with art. I’d always request her to make me something rather than a store bought gift. Oh! See the paintings we hung up earlier,” she announced now grabbing Sans’ attention.

She pointed to a close up cat eye with a rainbow of colors on a canvas that drew in your eyes the more you looked at it. Then a mixed media painting of a silhouetted girl walking out of a clock with paint, fabric, and clock cogs that it was made from. It was like an art piece begging to be touched with the fabric of the silhouette looking soft against the bold brush strokes and smooth clock cogs sew in.

“She made me these along with the jar,” she praised as Sans handed her the jar back.


“She is, but she’ll never believe it,” Lynn said sadly, “She always felt like it was just something for her to express her emotions with. Not something she had a talent for.”

Sans paused looking at her soul. Thankfully the scar wasn’t glowing, but for some odd reason the cyan of patience was. What was she being patient about? Did it have to do with Alyse? If so why? Sans decided to test his luck.

“Seems like you want her to express again,” he stated watching Lynn closely as he kept his lazy composure.

“When Alyse expresses herself it’s kind of inspiring, you know,” she stated and then checked her phone on the light oak night stand by her bed. A gentle smile played on her lips as she turned her head back to him, “Actually why don’t you go check on her now. I’m done unpacking and will be checking up on my younger sisters real quick.” She then turned to Blue, “I’m sorry but this will have to be some sister time if you don’t mind.”


“Of course,” she grinned pulling him into her chest for a hug, “I’m living here now! We’ve got tons of time to hang and play.”


Blue finished his hug with Lynn taking off down the hall to his room as Sans walked out of Lynn’s room. As he stood in front of Alyse’s door he watched Lynn shut her door giving him a small wave and walk over to Lola’s room directly across from her own then disappearing inside. Her soul’s patience had dampened and now the pink euphoria was taking over. What was on her phone that made her so happy? Did it have to do with what she’d been waiting for? Or did it have anything to do with this situation?

‘Very suspicious,’ he thought, ‘The oldest two seem to always dodge away from straight answers.’

Sans turned to Alyse’s door shaking his head from his thoughts quickly giving it a few knocks.

No answer.

Sans knocked again but a little louder.

No answer.

He knocked again but this time called her name and that he was just making sure she was okay.

No answer.

Now he was getting a bad feeling.

Looking from side to side making sure the other girls' doors were closed he gave a soft sigh. He really didn’t want to have to do this, but something didn’t feel right. Sans teleported into the room.

Sans looked around confused. He was standing on a fuzzy gray round rug which had what looked like photo albums scattered across the floor. Alyse’s room though sunlight was still coming in threw the window felt odd. A neat pile of disassembled cardboard boxes were propped against a black framed bed with a solid grey comforter and darker grey pillows to the left of the room. A red nightstand with painted black flowers and vines wrapping down the legs was holding a simple alarm clock, charging stand, and lamp. Two light oak bookshelves were to the right of the window with a small table that had a sewing machine and two eight cubed shelves that had red and gray baskets.

He wondered if the baskets contained her art supplies. Taking a cautious step forward he called Alyse one more time with no response. It was as his shoe hit a tattered old black album that he stopped. The album was worn and dented, but that wasn’t what was strange about it that caught his attention. It was a torn photo peeking out over the top. 

Sans bent down to pick up the album when a loud shuffle of feet caught him off guard stopping mid reach as he looked to the closed door. Excited hushing was coming from outside the door and Sans presses his skull up against the wood to get a better listen.

“ really there?” A female voice asked partially.

“Ya if we hurry in time we can watch,” answered what Sans assumed was Lynn.

Hearing the girls run down the stairs he opened the door a crack to catch them leaving.


He followed quietly behind all three sisters as they giggled and snuck out of the back door of the mansion. Looking through the window he noticed them making their way to the rec center where all the more physical activities were for his brother and others to work out at. Still not fully understanding what they were looking for he followed them inside. Hearing them make fun remarks about how cool the place was and maybe taking a dip in the pool later during the weekend he almost went to turn around and let the girls just explore till he heard Lola pipe up.

“Hey she’s over in that room,” she whispered slowing the girls mad dash inside the place to a tiptoe.

Lynn pressed a finger to her lips as she whispered, “Okay we all remember the deal. Never let her see you. Stay silent and leave quietly before she notices.”

okay?! what the fuck were these little shits up to?’ he thought royally confused now, but then it all made sense as Lynn silently motioned to the only lit room in the facility as they crept forward silently hiding behind other workout equipment or walls.

Alyse was in the lit room with a light wooden floor and mirrors that lined one wall. She was currently doing something with her phone that was next to a stereo. Taking the other girls advise, he saw a stack of chairs and boxes with a space just big enough for him to fit in-between right inside the room ALyse was currently in. With a sharp intake of unneeded air and a slow controlled release he pictured himself there and teleport.

The click clack of walking seemed to have masked the sound of him hitting up against the wall as he silenced himself and quietly adjusted to see through the stacked chairs at her. He almost had to do a double take as he saw she had ditched the green tank-top over by the stereo. Her pale thin frame almost glowed from the dark black sports bra and shorts that hugged her ass while the echoing noise of a pair of black heels wrapped around her ankles. She was standing before the mirrored wall with what looked like a sultry smile.

Red would lose his mind,’ he chuckled to himself as he seemed to get tranced at her frame slowly moving side to side as she slowly breathed in and out.

When she spoke he almost thought he was caught, “Siri,” she said as a beep followed, “Play.”

Another beeped followed as she turned to her left as the mirror reflected her ever move. The sound of a saxophone played with some other music as the lyrics started and so did she. With a thrusting sweep of her arms making her turn to face the mirror as she danced.


(Liar by Camila Cabello link to dance at the bottom)


I don't care if you're here
Or if you're not alone
I don't care, it's been too long
It's kinda like we didn't happen
The way that your lips move
The way you whisper slow
I don't care, it's good as gone (uh)


Sans watched mesmerized as she slowly bent over and did the splits down to the floor continuing her dance sexually moving her body.

Nope! Red should not be seeing this!’ he thought finding his magic creeping up his face.

I said I won't lose control, I don't want it (ooh)
I said I won't get too close, but I can't stop it

Alyse then rose slowly back up still keeping time with her dance. Her arms, legs, hips and head thrusting and swirling to the beats.

Oh no, there you go, making me a liar
Got me begging you for more
Oh no, there I go, startin' up a fire
Oh no, no (oh no)
Oh no, there you go, you're making me a liar
I kinda like it though
Oh no, there I go, startin' up a fire
Oh no, no (ooh)

As the song continued he had to pull himself to look away as he contemplated what was going on. Alyse was coming here to dance, right? But why were her sisters here then and being so sneaky? As the thought crossed his mind he noticed Lynn had gotten very close to the clear glass walls hiding behind a large exercise ball that he guessed she rolled closer to the room. When she had pooped her head up he saw how excited and entranced she was watching Alyse dance. Then what she said hit him life a train.

When Alyse expresses herself it’s kind of inspiring, you know.”

His hand came up to his skull thanking the music for being loud enough to drown out the soft chuckle that escaped his teeth. Now he understood. These sisters were watching their older sister dance the way he would watch Papyrus set up his traps and practice his magic. They were just looking up to an older sister who never liked to boost her talents. No wonder Alyse praised her sisters so and yet never mentioned anything about herself. She can’t see herself through their eyes.

Looking back at Alyse dancing he stopped noticing the sexual way she moved but saw a confident sister defending her very being with her body through the music. As the song transitioned to another he glanced at her soul. That scar was almost impossible to see with how bright the other two colors danced around it’s enclosure. It was as if when she got to do what she loved nothing else mattered. No pain. No past. No stress. Nothing.

Just her and the music.

Marveling at how this soul just glowed the next song played with the sound of a gong and he couldn’t help but be pulled back to how sexual she was dancing.


(Buttons by Pussycat Dolls without snoop dog – dance link at bottom of page)


As the sound of the music played he watched her sultry walk up to the mirror crossing one foot in front of the other deliberately as her hands raised above her head and slowly came down as she continued. Her hips and body thrusting as a clap kept beat in the song before the lyrics chimed in.


I'm telling you to loosen up my buttons, babe (Uh-huh!)
But you keep fronting, uh
Sayin' what you gon' to do to me (Uh-huh!)
But I ain't seen nothing


Holy shit! She’d grabbed for each breast to each half of the word Buttons. Currently she was walking back to where he was, making him think he was caught again, but she turned swiftly swaying her hips and moving that body way too right.

I'm telling you to loosen up my buttons, babe (Uh-huh!)
But you keep fronting, uh
Sayin' what you gon' to do to me (Uh-huh!)
But I ain't seen nothing

Typical and hardly the type I fall for
I like when the physical
Don't leave me asking for more
I'm a sexy mama (Mama)
Who knows just how to get what I wanna (Wanna)


And now she was back to dancing on the floor and holy shit it was taking ever bone in his body not drool the way Red did. She was moving so deliberately, being both fluid and direct with each limb. Could Nicole move like this too?

Wait what?’

What I wanna do is spring this on ya (On ya)
Back up all of the things that I told ya (Told ya, told ya, told ya)
You been sayin' all the right things all night long
But I can't seem to get you over here to help take this off

Baby, can't you see (See)
How these clothes are fitting on me (Me)
And the heat coming from this beat? (Beat)
I'm about to blow, I don't think you know

Yep. Now was the time to leave. In his mad rush to teleport away he hit his skull on the wall behind him causing Alyse to be spooked stopping her dance.

“Hello?” she asked shakily as that sexual confidence he saw early disappeared.

He took his chance and magically dropped himself back in his room. In his haste however he had landed half on his bed and ended up completely falling off with a thud. The sound of his brother knocking on his bedroom door followed not too long after.

“BROTHER IS THAT YOU,” Papyrus asked from the other side of the door, “DID YOU FALL OUT OF BED AGAIN FROM YOUR NAP?”

“uhh-umm-y-ya sorry paps,” he stammered scrambling from the fallen sheets, “seems the sandman was whisking me away for a bed time.”

A frustrated grown was heard as his brother just walked off.

The images of Alyse’s body moving in such sexual manners still dancing in his mind made him groan as he rubbed his nasal. Looking down he noticed a very prominent bulge standing in his pants.

fuck,’ he thought, ‘might have to stay hidden in here a little longer.’

Sans moved to the bathroom attached to his room. He needed a cold shower.

Chapter Text



“where da hell have ya girls been?” Red questioned after seeing the sisters running inside giggling and whispering to each other.

The black haired chick, Lola, stepped forward from the other two crossing her arms over her chest. Her green eyes smirking at him with thick black mascara and eyeliner making them piercing, “Wouldn’t you like to know bone boy.”

He raised a bone brow at her as the sisters walked past him as he counted them. Wait where’s his watcher?

“hey,” he called making the girls turn as they were part way up the stairs, “where’s da first of ya foxes?”

The youngest answered him with a smile, “Oh don’t worry she should be back in about 5 minutes, but she’ll probably want to shower before she starts supper.”


The girls only giggled before turning and running back up the stairs. He wanted to chase them down to give him a damn straight answer but he knew that Classic Ass would fuck him over for touching the others. Instead in turned back into the kitchen to get some mustard.

It took him awhile search through the newly stocked fridge. Apparently the oldest had requested certain food to be in the place before they moved in. Considering that homemade pizza was pretty good he shouldn’t fully complain. He’d scarfed a good three slices of that meat lovers and even Boss have snuck a piece of the girls particular one and called it quite edible. Which was an amazement just to hear him compliment the cooking.

Sadly it didn’t last with her basically telling Boss he had to be babysat when in the kitchen. Red had only slightly defended his brother because in all truth he was the victim to such a meal and if he’d had a stomach he was sure he’d be dead. At least the girl had a sense to still let his brother cook. Heck maybe he might even improve.

The sound of the back kitchen door opening as he grabbed his mustard distracted him from his thoughts as he turned to see Alyse walking in.

holy shit!”

Red nearly dropped his mustard as he saw Alyse in nothing but shorts, sports bra, and heels. GOD DAMN HEELS?!? Her pale skin was glistening with sweat and her hair was ruffled as if thrown into a storm. Alyse had taken notice of his outburst and stopped to give an embarrassed glance before she continued a faster pace out into the hall to the stairs.

“oh no you don’t,” he smirked going after her.

Alyse was rushing up the stairs in black sexy heels and boy could she run in them. Just makes the chase more interesting. Red teleported to the top of the stairs just as she made it up in time to look back down. The look of shear surprise from her made him smile and as she started to fall back he swooped in for the chance he was waiting for.

With one hand on her bare lower back and the other catching her right thigh he pulled her body close as she gripped onto his jack for support from possibly falling down the stairs. Her skin felt so hot and smooth. He could practically taste the salt of her sweat as she breathed heavily in his arms.

“what’s the hurry kitten,” he smirked giving her thigh a squeeze electing a little squeak, “fallen for me already?”

He felt her muscles seem to shake in his grasp as her wide eyed stare locked into his gaze.

“ya seem rattled,” he whispered deeply as he pushed her body flush against his own, “don’t tell me you’ve gotta bone ta pick with meh? Cuz if ya let me chose I can pick da perfect bone for ya.”

That shocked stare quickly changed to a scowl which made his spine tingle.

“I’d like to ask you to take your grimmy hands off me,” she growled, “I’d like to get cleaned up.”

He let out a deep chuckle, “why don’t we go together? Imma sure these hands ill get clean if I help ya scrub that precious attitude of yours.”

There was that beautiful color of red casting those cheeks. She seems so flustered now, right where I wantcha!


Red felt his smirk break as panic settled in over his brother calling him. Sadly seemed the bitch caught on as well.

Before Red could realize what her shit-eating grin was leading to she called out, “EDGE!!! HE’S HERE BY THE STAIR CASE!!”

“you little shit,” he growled as she glared back at him.

Both of their glares were cut short as a bone erupted from in between them and he had to let her go. Red felt himself stumble back on the top of the second floor as he saw Edge grab Alyse’s wrist pulling her swiftly up the stairs. He watched her crash into Edge's body-armor with a hmph. His brother then tossed her back to where he was, standing over the both of them menacingly.

“AND WHAT MIGHT I ASK WERE YOU TWO UP TOO?” Edge growled deeply.

Red could feel the sweat start to bead on his skull as he was stammering for an answer when Alyse spoke up.

“I was on my way to shower after a...walk,” she said while picking herself up and combing brown hair from her face, “Red told me not to run up the stairs but I did anyway and nearly fell. I owe him for catching me.”

Absolutely confused and still sitting on the floor he watched her promptly turn to him and give a gentle smile as if nothing before had happened.

“Thank you for the assist Red. I promise to return the favor soon,” she continued turning back to his brother who was now crossing his arms, “If you don’t mind I need to get cleaned up. I’ll see you both at dinner.”

And with that his little toy just walked off. But boy did that walk really do something to her ass as he was watching.

“RED,” Edge commanded turning his attention back to the trouble he was most likely in.

“y-ya boss,” he winced.


what now?’ he thought.

“Uhh sorry boss,” he said carefully as he stood up, “I don’t quite follow.”


Red just sighed, ‘here we go...’


Red actually starred at his brother quite impressed. The plan seemed solid for getting her to be so submissive as well. He started to rub his hands together gleefully.

“great idea as always boss,” he smirked, “so when do we start?”

After twenty minutes of planning in Edge’s room Red waited quietly in the hall for their little watcher to emerge from her room. In less then a few minutes she was walking out of the second door on the left side of the hall.

Even better,’ he thought, ‘now I know which room she’s in.’

She’d traded the black revealing outfit for dark blue form fitting jeans and a gray plaid tank-top. Sadly those sexy heels were gone as well but he still heard the slight clicking of a heel as she walked. Boots maybe? Put her in a leather skirt another one of those sensual cropped tops and he’d have a lovely little dominatrix. The thought gave him chills.

Breaking from his thoughts he texted his brother that she was walking to the stairs now. Waiting for a few more minutes he hide carefully as she got to the top of stair case. He started to hear footsteps coming up the stairs as she paused with an acknowledge to whoever was coming with a nod. Watching her start to make the descent he used his magic to have bone slight emerge underneath where her left foot was about to make contact with the first step. The plan was to have Edge sweep in during her fall as he climbed the stairs, making her in their debt. However to his dismay it wasn’t Edge making his way up.

She gave a small gasp as a moment later he heard a thud and a groan.

“Oh My gosh! Sans are you okay?” Alyse voice sounding panicked.

Oh fuck...

He peered around the corner to see the brunette laying atop that classic bastard as his pinpricks shrinked and a cyan blush colored his skull.

The idiot was just stammering till the deep gravely voice of my brother screamed from the bottom of the stairs, “GOD DAMNIT THE PLAN FAILED! IT WASN’T SUPPOSED TO BE YOU!”

“What?!” Both sans and Alyse asked as they got up.

As Alyse turned to Edge trying to get him to spill their plan, Red caught Sans’ glare. Before he knew it the bastard was already next to him with empty sockets nearly making him jump back till he realize he was already up against the wall.

hey pal,” Sans glared as he slammed his hand against the wall next to Red’s head, “so what was this about a plan?”

“n-n-nothin’ no plan,” he stammered caught off guard.

Sans’ intense gaze was really getting to him as Alyse called back from the stairs, “Sans I’m fine. Besides I think I get the reason why.”


Both Red and Sans turned to her confused as he noticed his brother now blushing a slight red with his arms crossed and gaze to the wall.

“Look it’s the first day for all of us living together and there’s a lot of new things to get use to,” she explained running a hand through her short hair, “I expected these two to try to pull pranks to deter me-”

“wait you what?” “no fuckin’ way!” both Sans and Red said at the same time.

Alyse cleared her throat, “That being said everyone in this house has to understand that me and my sisters aren’t here to make your lives difficult. We want each of you to be able to roam freely on the surface.” Turning to Edge she continued, “So till then we all need to get along, but don’t feel you have to put on a front for me. I want you to be yourself.”

“HMPH,” his brother grumbled turning his skull back to Alyse, “FINE, BUT IF YOU CAN’T HANDLE MY TRUE NATURE THEN DON’T SAY I DIDN’T WARN YOU.” With that boss stomped down the rest of the stairs towards the kitchen.

“Edge!” Sans called after him.

“Let him go Sans,” Alyse said with a smile, “There’s no harm done. Now if you two don’t mind this has put me a bit behind on making supper. So as a compromiseble punishment for your actions I’m going to ask that you help me in the kitchen Red.”

“what?” Red and Sans asked.

god damnit this is gettin’ fuckin’ annoying’ he grumbled in his skull as he glared at the classic ass.

Alyse just swirled around to walk down the rest of the stairs, “Chip chop chip, Red! I don’t have time to think of another punishment and we need to get to know each other anyway.”

Red exchanged a look with Sans before shrugging Sans’ hand off his shoulder and using his magic to blink on over to the bottom. He could still feel Sans watching him as he shoved his hands in his jacket pockets while waiting for the little lady and following her to the kitchen. He wasn’t sure if he should thank her for saving his ass or not. As they got to the kitchen door she halted abruptly almost making him smack right into her.

“Okay,” she said facing him, “Let’s make something very clear. Stunts like that towards my sisters will not be tolerated. Under any circumstance if you have a problem you speak with me directly about it. None of that sexual indirect shit. Especially considering you guys are skeletons so there should be no way you could-” she quickly paused as a soft blush started to dust her cheeks as he smirked. Was she really trying to think of how he could? Did he really get under her skin that much while he was teasing her. Oh she would definitely be much more fun later.

She quickly shock her head continuing, “Look I want to help you guys, but I can’t if you’re pulling stunts like this. I have to tell the truth.”

Red felt his mood go sour at that last statement.

“the truth huh? Well if ya haven’t already noticed toots me an’ da boss aren’t what ya humans want around,” he grumbled giving her a hard stare.

That’s when he saw something he wasn’t sure he wanted to see on this girl’s face. She looked sad, as if she pitied him. But just as soon as he saw it, it was shakin’ off and changed to one of aggression. Though he felt that aggression wasn’t towards him, but to something he didn’t quite know yet. Why fight for them? Let alone him with all he’s already done to her.

Her face softened as she instantly grabbed his hand startling him. “I’m not giving up on your freedom Red,” she stated turning back to the door and opening it as she pulled him along, “So you’re not aloud to give up either.”

Feeling the lose of her hand as she sauntered in towards his brother started to mess with his head. He watched them as they were going over what was going to be made for dinner. Arguing back and forth about who was in charge of the kitchen he couldn’t help seeing that persistence glow. It’s as if it thrived on being able to move forward despite all odds. He wasn’t sure if she was really in this to help them or just to make it through another challenge. He felt something sick turn in him as he thought of just being another hurdle to climb, but then why was she so honest?

Damnit his skull was just aching the more he thought about it.

“Edge!” Alyse yelled bring him back, “when a recipe asks for oil you don’t just throw the entire bottle in there. That’s how you get people killed!”

Red gave a deep sigh as he hopped on one of the bar stools by the island table in the center of the kitchen. Propping his skull in his hands he just chuckled watching the boss dangle the entire bottle of oil above the little lady as she hoped up to grab it. She growled in protest placing her hands on her hips and promptly turning away as if to do something else. But just as she got a few steps away she whipped right back around, surprising them both as she lept up onto Edge grabbing the bottle of oil.

Still with an arm around Edge’s neck she grinned devilishly, “Ha! Didn’t count on me being a climber, huh?”

Red nearly fell out of the chair as he laughed so hard at the action.

“oh my god! you’ve got guts kitten,” he laughed as he grabbed his ribs. The boss’ face was still in shock till he snapped out of it with grimace.

“DON’T THINK YOU’VE WON YET, HUMAN,” he growled as his gloved hands grabbed her waist placing her atop the island.

Red watched as her back was to him. Edge’s hands swiftly grabbed her wrists pushing her down across the table towards him. Seeing the surprise on her face as Red took in the position she was now in. Her legs were spread open as the boss had placed himself in between to fold her back over the table as he noticed her spine slightly curving up. He almost had a nice view down her top if it wasn’t for that damn bottle of oil.


Red snatched the glass from her hands as he grinned down at her taking in her own situation. That lovely flush taking over her cheeks once again as she stammered, “N-Not fair t-t-tag teaming.”

“sorry toots,” he grinned giving her nose a swift pinch, “we’re a two package deal.”

If her face could get any redder he’d say he’d achieved it as her eyes kept flicking from him to his brother who was giving a deep NYEH HE HE HE.

“Hey Alyse did you want help making din-,” a bored female voice stopped mid sentence.

All three turned to see Lola still in her bright green shorts and a dark gray jacket midway zipped still showing off the lime green sports bra underneath. Her phone was in her hand as she slowly raised it and the sound of a click went off. She gave a little smirk, “Nevermind looks like something else is cooking in here,” she started to walk back out as she chuckled, “I assume dinner may be a little later. I’ll tell the others.”

“It’s not what you think,” Alyse yelled back, “and please delete that photo.”

Lola’s head peered around in the doorway with a Cheshire smile, “Nah, I think I’ll need this later for getting my way.”

Alyse groaned as she scowled at Lola’s still present head, “Alright, what do you want?”

Edge released Alyse’s wrist as he watched Lola inquisitively. Alyse took the opportunity to sit up and swing herself off the side of the island as Lola placed her hands in her jacket pockets as she confidently strolled into the room.

“The Master Piece sub,” Lola grinned with her eyes half lidded.

Alyse gave a deep sigh as she brought out her own phone from her back pocket as her hands swiftly went to texting, “Jezz when you demand you demand a lot.”

“Always do,” she smiled with a shrug.


“does this mean more work?” Red groaned as he realized this may take more effort then he was ever willing to spend.

“It’s a massive sub with everything,” Alyse answered, “and yes it’ll take actually more than just us.”

Before Red could ask he saw the blonde skipping into the kitchen with a huge grin, “Yay!!” she cheered, “I get to show off my skills!” Followed by the light brunette peeking into the doorway, “You called for assistance,” she softly spoke.

With all four sisters pilled into the kitchen Red watched with curiosity as Alyse began delegating tasks. Lynn was tasked with making the bread fresh with Nicole adding the right seasoning to top each loaf. Edge was to work with Lola on slicing veggies and toppings as he was suppose to help Alyse with sauteing meats and cooking the bacon. Red couldn’t help but shovel out every meat pun he had as Alyse kept telling him to keep an eye socket on the bacon so it wouldn’t burn. With everyone working the process went under forty minutes and before Red new it the entire kitchen’s smell had attracted the others in the mansion.

“hey,” Stretch said as he strolled in, “somethin’ smells great.”

Lynn was finishing slicing the twenty four round buns of bread she’d created, “Even better timing Stretch! Papyrus is setting the table with Edge and Lola. Can you take out these buns for me?”

“I don’t think you’re aloud to sit on the table though,” Stretch smirked taking the tray as Red chuckle giving him a passing high-five as he carried the condiments.

The blonde’s face light up as she stammered, “C-Can it bony ass!” Lynn then chased after Stretch with the two butter seasoning Nicole had made earlier to coat some of the buns.

The classic ass himself walked in after the exchange pushing past Red with a watchful eye as he made his way over to Alyse who was finishing plating the meat tray. They were gonna be the only two left in the kitchen as just as thing were finishing up Nicole had volunteered to fetch everyone else.

Red walked outside the kitchen waiting at the doorway listening close.

“heya how’d things go?” Sans asked.

“Everything went perfectly fine,” she said calmly, “Just as I knew it would. To be honest I don’t see how those two are difficult. They just have a different mind set on things which is perfectly fine.”

“so you’re saying you can correct their behavior?”

Red felt his magic sizzle at this. No fuckin’ way was he gonna be treated as somethin’ that needed fixin’. If he had anything to say about it this would be nothin’ but a living hell for everyone. Fuck everyone els-

“Sans their not animals,” Alyse cut in sounding defensive, “Their just different. The only thing I want to correct is their view on this world, but I’m not gonna give them a sense of false security. I feel you already understand that not all humans will give them any chance like my sisters and I.”

There was a pause giving Red a moment to let her words sink in.

A deep sigh hung through the silence. Red guessed it was from Sans.

“ya give ‘em too much credit, kid,” Sans said softly, “their all yours, but call me if they get outta hand with you.”

The sound of boots walking towards the doorway caught Red off guard and before he teleported to the dinning room he caught Alyse’s response.

“Thank you.”


Lola POV

“Hell ya!” Lola exclaimed patting her now satisfyingly full stomach, “now that was a fantastic meal.”

Looking around the room as she got up from the table shoving her hands in her pockets she noticed the small tension still between Alyse and Sans since they’d walked into the dinning room. It wasn’t her place to say, but Lola could tell her older sister was still hiding something. It pissed her off how her sister could just bare things alone as if it was her duty in life. Didn’t she fucking understand that this is them coming back together since mom’s death.

Taking her phone out she pulled up the photo she’d taken from earlier with the two edgy skeletons and her sister. The way her sister looked with those two was quite amusing. Heck watching her order them around with her demand of the master piece subs was even thrilling to see again. That deliberate older sibling vibe she gave off sent her a sense of long lost nostalgia.

But can we stay happy together without the past coming back ?

Would her sisters even really stick around after the program? Would they still be close or lose everything all over again?

I don’t need to get caught up thinking about a happy family again,’ she thought, ‘I’ll be fine even after this ends and we grow apart again.

Turning back from where she was standing outside the dinning room the hallway seemed so much darker from the bright noisy room behind her. It was a bussel of smiles, laughter and talking. An all too familiar seen that played with their younger years, yet held such a sickening and twisted secret that inevitably shattered such a dream. As she guessed no one noticed her leave. Not like she cared. She moved to go up to her room, but ended up bumping right into a soft brick wall that smelled of smoke and pine.

“goin’ somewhere dove?” the deep bored voice of Slim came before her.

“Nowhere I won’t be missed,” she scoffed moving to the side to walk past him, but only being met with him moving in front of her, “Gonna let me pass?”

Lola watched Slim slowly pull his hand from his pocket a brush her bangs. The gesture was strange. She didn’t get Slim, he was really hard to read.

“can’t let ya fly off yet dove,” he said now placing his hand on her shoulder making her freeze, “m’lord would like to spend more time with ya.”

“And if I refuse,” she glared.

His pinprinks never left her eyes, but she saw his left eye flash purple for a second till he sighed, “too bad, but I don’t come back empty handed.”

Sadly self defense classes did nothing when facing magic. Just as she had grabbed his arm to throw him up over her she’d felt a falling sensation finding herself landing into Slim’s lap in a whole new room she’d never been in yet. Looking around she found it hard to get her bearings with the colors in the room really off and Slim was glowing? Wait…

The lights in this room were all black lights! Glancing down at her shorts she saw them and the tips of her nails glowing bright luminescent green. The room she was in had a bed in the far back with what she guessed was a black comforter and white sheets since she could see a small glow of white peeking throw the corners. A computer desk and long table with papers and tools organized along it’s surface. Posters of various metal punk bands and horror movies were along the wall and she felt a bit impressed by some of the more classic ones.

“hehe,” Slim’s small chuckle bringing her back him, “didn’t expect ya to throw me for a loop.”

I can’t look away! He’s so fucking bright,’ she thought as she realized she was probably giving him quite the wide eyed stare, but jezz were those black lights really making him shine.

“what? Is there something on my face?” Slim smirked.

Good thing its dark or he might see the small blush.

Shaking her head she moved to get up but was pulled backwards into Slim’s lap on a bean bag chair.

“oh no you don’t,” he said holding her up against his chest and wrapping his arms around her.

With a groan she tried throwing her elbows out and up to create a whole to escape but he just locked his elbows with hers as he stuffed his hands in his pocket. Resulting in her hands now behind her back pressed into his hoodie feeling the bottom of his rib cage in the process. She then went to kick her legs but was met with the same results. Only this time he’d spread her legs wide open as he locked under her knees and proceed to spread out comfortably for himself.

Shit,’ she thought as she tried to wiggle free, ‘I make fun of my sister for getting herself in a sexual predicament and yet here I am with my legs spread.’

Feeling defeated she gave a deep sigh trying her best to glare at him, but to no such luck considering his last joke was to rest his chin on her head.

“Fuck you,” she mumbled.

“not without m’lord’s permission,” he simply said electing a stammering, “W-WhaT?!” from her.

A burst of light came in the oddly lit room electing a small jump from Lola, if you could call still being held down a jump. Before her was Black with a mischievous grin as he quickly kick the door shut.

“MYAH HAHAHAHA,” he laughed as he hoped onto the desk chair. It swirled him around twice before ending not quite in front of where she was. He gave a small grumble scotching the chair till it was fully facing her and Slim. Lola couldn’t help put raise her eyebrows with a strained smile by the display.


“Actually wondering why your brother did, but I think I get the gist,” she sniped.

She felt Slim just shrug as Black glared from Slim to her.


‘That’s where that think disappeared to!’ she thought, ‘fucker messed with my collection box.’

Not wanting to give off how much it meant to her she shrugged her shoulders relaxing back into Slim as he kept a lose hold of her.

“It’s a book I own,” she said giving it a small glance sadly noticing it was the 5th special addition that her sisters put in money to buy her, “Nothing too special,” she lied.

Instantly she felt Slim’s skull turn slightly and then slowly shake back and forth.

You fucker…


Lola felt her dignity fading as she realized how fucked she was. Trapped in the arms of one skeleton as the other held onto one of her most prized possessions. She rarely ever let anyone know that she was a dungeon master and that she enjoyed the thrill of creating a game for her players. Having skeletons make fun of her nerdy habit made her just want to hide.

With a heavy sigh she starred at the book one last time before casting her eyes to the floor.

“It’s my Dungeon and Dragons book,” she grumbled, “I’m a dungeon master and I use that to help create scenarios that my players and friends to go through. Now if you don’t mind I want to go back to working on my campaign.”


As she brought her head back up she saw Black almost look like Blue with how excited and intrigued he look.

“Uhh-Ya,” she said slowly, “That’s kinda what it is. I set the scene for my player to arrive in and they are tasked to go through scenarios within the area.”

“BUT HOW DO THEY GET THROUGH THESE TASKS,” Black asked scotching his chair forward as Lola began to realize that Slim had completely let her go.

The first thing she did was shut her legs as she leaned forward to explain, “Well, for one every player has their strengths and weakness’. Playing off the given information known to me and the person playing the character, I create obstacles for them to overcome. But the way they can overcome these obstacles are decided by a choice or multiple dice rolls. Basically it’s a game on knowledge and percentage of chance.”

Black’s purple pinpricks seem to grow larger with each sentence she spoke before she knew it she’d explained several parts about how to play, the different types of characters, worlds to adventure, good and bad things that happen during a dice roll, and even some of the old campaigns she’d made for friends. Time just seemed to pass by as she talked and Black kept a keen eye on listening to her every world.


“Well, I’m a dungeon master, someone who creates the games,” she said with a shrug, “so basically anyone with interest in playing and being a character within the game can join if they ask and then I create a campaign.”

Before Lola knew it Black had shoved her book into her hands, “I DEMAND TO BE A PLAYER IN ONE OF THESE CAMPAIGNS!” he loudly commanded as he lept off the chair, “I ALSO COMMAND THAT YOU MAKE THE MUTT PART OF THE GAME AS WELL.”

“You don’t find this weird?” she asked.


Lola could feel her heart beat loudly in her chest. Someone actually was really wanting to play with her and wasn’t doing it out of obligation. She rose from where she’d been sitting with Slim with a wild grin on her face.

“Stay right here then,” she said racing to the door, “I’ve got to get my other books so we can choose what your characters will be.”

Running into her room she started to gather two notebooks, dice, two more other D&D book, and pencils. She felt so excited to have someone so intrigued to play with her. Nearly screaming as she turned around to see a very worried Nicole standing right behind her.

“Jezz,” she breathed trying to hold all her gear, “Why do you always sneak up on people like a child from children of the corn?”

“Why do you have to reference horror movies you know I’ll never watch,” she said rolling her eyes as she faked a smile.

“Because it’s a beautiful classic,” she protested walking around Nicole, “Did ya need something?”

“Actually we were all worried where you went,” Nicole said casting her gaze to the floor as she fidgeted with the bracelet on her wrist. “You didn’t answer your phone when we texted and called. Alyse got really worried and even went outside to search for you.”

They really were worried?

Lola paused as she shifted the items in her hands to pull out her phone. Shit, she’d left it on silent and there were several missed calls and texts. Nicole had racked up to about twenty-four calls. Lola let out a sigh and gave a quick group message chat to the other two older siblings that she was okay.

Turning her head back up to Nicole she placed her phone back in her pocket and wrapped her free arm around her little sister. Nicole returned the gesture gripping her tightly around the waist.

“Thanks for worrying about me,” she smiled while gentle nuzzling her head atop her sister’s light brown locks.

Pulling back out of the embrace Nicole looked a little more relaxed as she asked, “So where have you been?”

“Oh-uuhhh,” Lola said scratching the back of her neck, “I was kidnapped by Slim and Black to tell them about Dungeons and Dragons and now we’re gonna get things set up for a game.”

THEY WHAT?!?” Nicole screamed.

“Hey-Hey, easy now,” she strained as the panic was back on Nicole’s sweet freckled face, “I’m fine. Black just found my book and wanted to know what it was. I told him and now their just interested to play. I wasn’t harmed. Technically forced against my will, but not entirely after I got to explain the game.”

She could see the mixture of emotions on Nicole’s face as panic and confusion melded. “We have to tell Alyse about this right away,” she stated making her way to the door, “They can’t get away with kidnapping you against your will.”

Lola dropped her books and game items on the beanbag chair by the door as she blocked Nicole from leaving.

“There’s no need for that,” she sighed as Nicole placed her hands on her hips, “Please I have this under control and they were just curious. I want to spend more time with them. Especially if it involves doing something I love.”

Lola watched her sister’s eyes move from the stack of her D&D collection she’d set down back to her. Her face was a twisted grimace before she let out a raspberry in her face, “Fine,” she said frustratingly pointing a finger at her, “but if I find out that they’ve hurt you I’ll be reporting this to Alyse and on the messages were suppose to send to the queen.”

“Deal!” she smiled moving out of the way to grab her D&D supplies.

“Oh by the way,” Nicole said pulling Lola’s gaze back to her as the walked down the hall, “We were thinking of having a movie night tonight since it’s still Saturday. Papyrus suggested us girls to bring our choice of movie down around 9:00pm so you have about an hour and a half. See you later?”

Lola gave smirk as she left Nicole to walk down the stairs, “Ya I’ll see ya then. I’ll bring the other two and maybe my favorite horror film as a nomination as soon as we’re done.”

Nicole rolled her eyes, “Alright!”

With that the two sisters split. Lola enjoyed creating characters with Black and Slim. Oddly enough Black had choose a Paladin Knight of Chaotic Evil as his brother Slim chose to be a Dwarf Bard of Lawful Evil. Black got great stats for attack and defense but not so much on other skills as Slim got the opposite with great speech, charisma and dodging. Before she knew it it was time for them to head downstairs for the movie night.

She’d run to her room in time to see the other sisters in their pjs and grabbing some pillows and blankets for the event. Lynn was sporting her bright pink fuzzy shorts and a white tank-top as Nicole was wearing light blue matching set of pjs with a black paw-print on it that read Paw-Ever Love! Alyse on the other hand was wearing a loose thin gray t-shirt and black leggings. Lola shook her head knowing that it was probably all she could find that was appropriate considering she usually wore slips or just her underwear to bed.

Alyse stayed behind to help her carry some comfy material and they discussed which movie they’d chosen as Lola got her choice of an old gray marvel t-shirt and long green fuzzy pajama pants on. Apparently Lynn had chosen Princess Bride as an old classic to the girls while Nicole had chosen to bring a Disney class that they all sung along to as kids, Oliver and Company. Alyse revealed her chosen movie to be Deadpool as Lola laughed about pulling out the newest version of IT. They giggled about Nicole’s reaction to their choices as they gathered in the living room.

Lynn was already tossing more blankets and pillows at the foot of the enclosed box of couches as she faced most of the skeletons.

“And that is why a pillow mess nest is the best,” she said throwing one last pillow into the massive pile as Blue, Black and Papyrus exchanged confused looks.

“I STILL DON’T UNDERSTAND WHY IT HAS TO BE SO MESSY?” Papyrus said as he rubbed his skull with his bony hand.

Papyrus was in silk orange button up pajamas as his other arm was holding onto a white pillow. Black was sitting at the end of the couch not too far from where Papyrus stood next to Blue. Black was wearing almost identical shorts to what Red wore daily and a black t-shirt with red letters written on it that said Nightmare Beware. While Blue was sporting a matching set of blue and white plaid flannel pajamas with his scarf still on.

“I AGREE THE RATIO OF COMFYNESS COULD BE MUCH MORE WELL DISTRIBUTED IF WE-,” Lola decided to cut Blue off as she got the edge of the pile and said, “Yeat!” as she tossed herself into the nest of bed-ware with her own contribution.

“I like your style,” Sans, who had merely just ditched his jacket and was now in pink slippers, chuckled as he too stood from his spot on the couch, turned around and fell backwards into the sheets.

“BUT IT’S NOT WELL DISTRIBUTED,” Blue declared as Lynn picked him up and jumped into the pile.

Stretch, dawning a gray t-shirt and orange shorts, just shrugged his shoulders, “If you can’t beat ‘em,” he said turning towards where Lynn and blue had landed making a T pose and falling, “join ‘em.”

Lola watched as Nicole and Alyse joined in as they giggled. Lola took notice that somehow Slim had snuck in and was now pulling his pouting brother by the ankle into the mess of blankets like a sick form of The Living Dead. She laughed at the sight as Papyrus had delicately made his way in and to nestle in next to Nicole and Sans.

Edge, dressed in black silken pjs, had refused to move from his perfect spot on the couch that was directly centered towards the giant tv. So Lola watched as Alyse grabbed a few of the strayed pillows and her gray comforter to lay next to him on the couch. The look on Edge's face was priceless as he tried to shove her off a few times to have her older sister just get back up and lay back down. Eventually Red finally showed up in a plain black beater and red sport shorts. He crawled over to the couch and slung Alyse’s legs over wear he sat on the couch. Alyse didn’t seem to mind until he tried touching her legs. Lola nearly lost it over him almost getting her foot in his face.

Lola took all the movies the sisters brought and mixed them behind her back telling each sister to pick a number. It was a game of elimination they played when there were too many choices. Sadly to her dismay Lynn’s choice won, but as she glanced over to Blue and Papyrus she was pretty sure she’d feel terrible if their first night with them was filled with fright.

After popping in the movie she watched as Blue ran over to kill the lights and join back with Lynn laying on her stomach closest to the tv with Stretch on her right as Blue took the left. Lola crawled over to where Slim was sitting at the foot of a corner of the couch. He’d propped several pillows and blankets around him as he laid his skull back seeming to have fallen asleep.

He looks too comfy…

Making her way over to him she plopped in between his legs throwing a pillow at his chest and laying back. She felt him shift to look at her but then just relax back as Lola noticed something in the blankets moving their way. Lifting the nearest sheet she nearly jumped as she saw a sharp tooth grimace from Black.

“Can I help you?” she asked.

“I HAVE BEEN IN SEARCH FOR THE PERFECT SPOT TO WATCH THIS OUTRAGEOUS FILM,” Black grumble as Blue let out a “SHUSH” from the front as Princess Bride started.

Lola smiled at the little version of Jaws before her, “Well, I ain’t no expert buuuut,” she whispered pulling a pillow into her lap, “this could be the best spot right here. So I’ll let you be the judge of this one.”

A purple soft glow admitted from those cheek bones as he suddenly headbutted his skull into the pillow in her lap electing a umph from her. She watched him turn around in her lap getting comfortable. Once he settled she pulled the blanket she had brought up and around them both as well as Slims legs.

As the movie started she thought she heard Black mumble, “THIS SPOT MAY MAKE THIS FILM WORTH IT.”

The night went on with them finishing Lynn’s movie, moving next to Alyse’s movie in which she had fallen asleep cuddled up on Edge’s lap halfway through. At the end of Deadpool Edge grumbled that he would not stand for another movie as he swiftly scooped Alyse’s sleeping body in his arms and taking her to her bedroom to sleep leaving Red passed out drooling on the couch. Lynn had turned Stretch into a body pillow and he was currently having a hard time leaving with Blue falling asleep on his other side.

Lola felt herself falling asleep against Slim as Sans put in Nicole’s movie. Turning her head to the last sister she saw her leaning her head against Papyrus’ shoulders looking very tired but determined to see one more movie. As Lola’s own eyes became heavy she felt Black’s arms around her waist as he nuzzled closer into her. Slim had shifted his legs to enclose them both as his skeletal hands combing through her hair relaxed the last ounce of energy she had left to fight sleep. It was time to sleep as the song of the New York City sounded.

Chapter Text

Lynn POV


Lynn’s body ached from sleeping on the floor all last night again. She couldn’t quite understand why but she dreamed that her body pillow had been trying to squirm about to get free. That morning most of everyone except Papyrus, Blue, Black and Edge had woken up late. From what she later found out this was actually quite common as they were early risers. She was willing to let them early rise with Nicole and Alyse. Lynn, when given the chance, would always sleep in.

Gathering for breakfast was met with some talking about the movies from last night, snide comments about who fell asleep first, or what everyone would be up to later. Lynn also caught on to every time Stretch would blush around her, or at least that’s what she called the orange glow across his cheeks. Inthe middle of breakfast, Alyse had asked for everyone to stay after to discuss daily routines and chores for the mansion. Several individuals grumbled over this, but Sans seemed to have silenced many of the skeletons with a single look. Lynn couldn’t help but giggle thinking that he gave off the same look as a parent would to straighten out children.

The meeting took about two hours to her dismay. They discussed that none of the skeletons could really travel out past the city unless they were headed straight to Monster Embassy. If they wanted to travel anywhere past the city or around to new places one of the girls had to be with them. Thankfully Alyse raised their spirits over the fact that her job was always at home or would be a traveling location shoot so she was more than willing to be a stand in for the rest of the sisters while they were at classes if they wanted to travel farther out on a week day verses waiting for the weekend.

They then discussed everyone’s work/school schedules so Sans and Alyse would have a good understanding when to expect everyone home or elsewhere. Lynn, herself, enjoyed lifting Blue’s spirits when she told him her student teaching was only for Tuesdays and Thursdays since the school had only certain days for the class to be taught. So she’d also be around more often. Lola joined in about her classes being only in the morning till eleven and would be free once she got back after an hour of studying. However she did say she’d be later coming home on Tuesdays and Thursdays because of her internship. Nicole sadly was the busiest of the three but said she didn’t have classes or an internship on Fridays giving a longer weekend to be around.

Most of the guys worked at home with either science projects to work with the government or software jobs that they could do at home (Sans, Stretch, Slim, and Red). Stretch and Sans were the only ones out of the other four that would go out to locations if needed, but otherwise like to work from home. The other four had guard jobs with the Embassy to either be out on locations helping monsters with protection (Black and Edge) or diplomatic opportunities (Papyrus and Blue). Papyrus also noted that him and Edge have been sending in puzzles they create to a large puzzle community as fun extra income. Edge gave a creepy smile at this and Lynn was sure his puzzles were for much darker purposes.

Moving from that Nicole had suggested that there be a rotation of chores divided by each group as to split and share the work load for each task between the four groups as to be a team building exercise. Everyone seemed to like this idea as it would benefit each task being handled. The rotations were split as kitchen duties (grocery shopping, cleaning and dishes), laundry, cleaning upstairs (minus personal rooms but including the staircase), and cleaning downstairs (minus the kitchen). Sans mentioned that no one had to worry about cleaning the rec center because Toriel had a crew that was scheduled every two weeks for a special clean. Each group was then tasked with their assigned chore and would rotate every two weeks.

Before anyone got up to leave Sans had also chimed in about some shared rules he’d like to implement for everyone. Lynn felt compelled to hear him out after seeing Alyse give a strict nod to Lola who was almost racing out the dinning room, but then turned back to her chair.

“Sans and I have been messaging back and forth about rules we’d like everyone to follow so that we can get along and everyone is comfortable,” Alyse said pausing to look to Sans beside her at the head of the table.

“first rule is that no one is to enter each others rooms without permission,” Sans commanded as Lynn watched him starring very hard at four very edgy skeletons.

“Please be sure to knock before entering and if there is no answer then ask one of the others to enter with you in case of an emergency,” Alyse contributed sounding a lot like a safety videos they had to watch in school.

Lynn raised her hand.


“Sooo, who grabs who?” Lynn asked, “Are you saying one of the guys has to ask one of us sisters before entering or one of the other skeletons?”

Alyse seemed a bit confused by her question, but Sans gave her a nudge as he answered for her, “I’m gonna say the guys have to grab either me or Papyrus if one of you girls is not available to enter one of you sisters’ rooms. Otherwise I’d say grab one of us skeletons to enter each other’s rooms.”

“BUT WHAT IF I’M ALREADY INVITED TO WALK IN?” Blue asked waving his hand as he stood on his chair next to her.

Sans seemed to just groan at this as Lynn just answered, “Blue if I’ve already said you can come in just come in after you knock okay?”

“ALRIGHT,” Blue smiled at her.

“On to our second rule,” Alyse interrogated, “Sans and I would like communication on when people will not be home for the evening. This lets us know if someone is off somewhere or may be in need of being picked up.”

“I DON’T I LIKE HAVING TABS ON US,” Black grumbled.

“It’s not exactly tabs as more as knowing if someone is in trouble. For example,” she explained pointing to Lola sitting next to Black, “Lets say Lola was doing some studying at the library late at night. With people finding out that she’s a watcher for you, they may want to stop you from getting your citizenship by hurting her. So if it’s an hour past when she should have been home. What would you do Black?”


“careful Black,” sans interjected, “remember we aren’t allowed to harm humans in any way as we are under our contract with our watchers.”

Black grumbled as he folded his arms while Slim stepped in, “ya seem to have misinterpreted what m’lord is saying.” Slim paused drawing everyone’s attention, “he meant she’d be with him, so the threat wouldn’t even be a threat because m’lord has already intercepted such a plan to even exists.”
Lynn along with several others looked at the group with confused looks as Black stood upon his chair with a boastful pose. With his chin high in the air he laughed, “EXACTLY! NONE OF YOU HALFWITS CAN BE AS PREPARED AS I AM TO DETOUR SUCH EXISTING THREATS!!”

Lynn giggle as Lola seemed to smirk up at Black with pride.

“OH PLEASE,” Edge groaned as he rolled his eyes.

Alyse gave a small smile, “Thank you for being so prepared for my sister Black.”

Black’s pose seemed to stammer from the compliment as he fumbled himself back down into his chair, “IT’S NOTHING...”

“With that being said,” Alyse continued looking around the room to each of them, “We are all in a position to protect each other by knowing the where abouts of one another. I’ve kept up with news on both monsters and humans within the program getting hurt. I’d like us not to be one of those victims.”

Sans nodded as the group took everything in.

Lynn turned to gaze at Blue. The adorable skeleton smiled up at her as she imagined him being attacked in her mind. Her heart hurt to even think someone could ever do such a thing to him. Instantly her arms were around him in a hug as he looked at her surprised but then returned the hug. No one was ever gonna hurt this wonderful piece of joy.

Sans cleared his non-existing throat.

Lynn looked up as he had a small blush on his face as Alyse gave an expectant look.

“now-uhh….as for the...the last rule,” he slowly spoke through avoiding several eyes seeming to be very interested in the ceiling above, “it’s ummm-uh...ya...this one just applies to the guys….uuhh...urg...I don’t know exactly how to say this..”

Alyse groaned covering her eyes giving Sans a nudge. He let out a sigh, “fine okay,...there will be no dating the watchers.”

Lynn’s face went bright red as Blue shouted, “BUT I REALLY LIKE MISS LYNN AND WANTED TO TAKE HER OUT ON SEVERAL DATES!!”

“da pipe squeak has a point,” Red said, “can’t deny us a chance ta make some magic,” he finished as he waggled his bone brows at Alyse.

Her older sisters face was a mixture of embarrassment and annoyance. Someone needed to burn off that sexual frustration with dancing again soon. “That’s not the point,” she growled, “We are here professionally.”

“oh I got a great profession for ya,” Red smiles as a red ghostly tongue swept across his teeth.

Lynn wasn’t the only one making a face like a goldfish as she noticed Lola pull her hood over her head and Nicole giving a small gasp as her face went pink.

enough,” Sans growled his skull still tinted blue, “look I am not budging from this unless the girls talk to me about it first.”

Lynn couldn’t help asking, “So if we were okay dating one of long as we ask it’s okay?”

Sans pinpricks seemed to disappear as his entire skull went blue.

Papyrus was trying to shake his brother back to reality as Alyse answered face still blushing but seeming more stiff in her answer, “As long as you are sure that your j-judgment on their citizenship will not be wavered over d-d-dating, then I can allow it.”

This seems to have broken Sans as he looked to Alyse still in Papyrus’ grip, “wait are sure you’ll allow it?”

Lynn watched cautiously as her older sister took in a deep breath straightening herself as she stared upon the group, “Yes, but under one circumstance.”

She paused staring at each group, lingering on each sister hard as if to read them each. Lynn felt her sister’s concern as she knew that strict resolve of hers was breaking slightly for their happiness. She didn’t want to give her such a hard decision, but they weren’t kids. They could make their own choices and deal with the consequences. So she met her sisters stare with with a strong smile and nod, knowing exactly what she would put herself through.

Alyse sighed, “Nothing is to done without full conscious permission. If I hear anything about unwanted advances, I will take action against the individual. Do I make myself clear?”

The room fell deadly silent for a few minutes even shutting Red up.

Lola gave a simple chuckle, “You guys have nothing to worry about. Alyse only threw Lynn’s last boyfriend into the dump where he belonged.”

Alyse’s face broke from stern to horrified as Lynn recalled that night he stumbled over to them in a bar trying to make a scene, “Derek was already wasted so it was more that then her. She just scared him to falling back into a trashcan,” she giggled remember his stunned face as her 100 lb sister had intimidated his 220 lb 6 ft ass.

“Is she really that scary?” Stretch whispered from her left.

She gave him a small wink, “Nah she’s all bark with no bite, but that bark definitely was worth it.”

Stretch seemed to give a knowing smirk as he turned towards Alyse, “don’t worry,” he said leaning back, “we don’t plan on doing anything unruly to this honey-bun.”

Sans was now standing back beside Alyse giving a reassuring nod, “i’ll be sure to insist that nothing happens without approval.”

Blue started waving his hand frantically once again in the air.

“ya Blue?”


“uhh-umm,” Alyse stammered looking to Lynn, “If Lynn wants to go, I have no problem with it.”

Lynn felt her face catch fire as Blue hoped from his chair getting down on one knee as he took her hand, “MISS LYNN WILL YOU DO ME THE HONOR OF GOING OUT ON A DATE WITH ME?” he asked with those stars in his eyes twinkling.

Out of the corner of her eye she saw Stretch had facepalmed his skull as an orange glow started to admit from underneath where his hand now covered his face.

Was it hot in here or was it just her? Lynn had never had a boy, let alone a skeleton, get down on one knee for her. She felt so many eyes on her as the situation sunk in. He was just asking her on a date. It wasn’t like he was proposing to her right then and there. And anyway they only just met a week ago. They hardly know each other and would need time for such a thing to grow into love. OMG! WHY LIKE THIS?!?!

“uhhh-ahhh-ummm, o-o-of course B-Blue,” she stammered still feeling her brain going into overdrive, “I’d be happy t-to go out on a d-date with you.”

“HURRAH!!” he smiled bouncing up and down with her hand still in his, “THIS WILL BE THE BEST DATE EVER!!”

While trying to recover from her brain melting Black scoffed from the other side of the table, “I DEMAND THAT I WALK YOU TO AND FROM FROM CLASSES HUMAN,” he said looking towards Lola, “AFTER THAT WE SHALL GO ON OUR DATE!”

“Say what now?!” Lola said leaning more towards Slim.


Lynn’s focus was moved from the two as she heard Papyrus stammer, “M_MISS NICOLE IS IT ALRIGHT IF I ASK YOU OUT ON A DATE TO A NEAR BY CAFE FOR TEA?” he asked while messing with his scarf.

“Oh! Papyrus,” the youngest sister blushed, “I’d really appreciate it if we could wait till Friday that way we could enjoy the entire day together if you don’t mind.”

“OH BUT OF COURSE! THE MORE TIME FOR OUR DATE THE BETTER!” Papyrus smiled as he clasped his hands together.

Lynn noticed while looking at the two discussing which tea shop to visit that Alyse had walked out of the room. She felt her heart sting at her own happiness. Alyse hadn’t dated for four years since her last selfish boyfriend. She was sure her older sister wasn’t too keen on dating when her idles were set for a life partner and not just messing around. It made her sad seeing her sister leave as everyone bustled about dates. She always dreamed of her older sister being the first of them to marry, but with their tragic past it seemed her sister was set on living in punishment rather then being loved.

As she smiled back at Blue to talk about their date she watched Sans disappear out of the room.


Alyse POV


The late summer sun left good on her skin as she sat outside in her jeans, black crop tank-top and a black and white open flannel. She rested her head in her hands as she contemplated what she had just allowed. Having her sisters date guys that they live with. What was she thinking? They just met them. Should she have even allowed such a thing? It wasn’t like she would have disapproved because they were monsters, but it was that they were suppose to help them be free. Not create sexual tension in an environment in which it should be professional.

She gave a long groan. The front door opening and shutting behind her in the middle of her vocal dilemma.

“mind if I join ya,” she heard Sans say as he stepped down straining a groan of his own as he sat

down next to her.

“Sure,” she sighed looking out to the long driveway with a stretch of weeping willows on each of the sides of the drive. The leaves swayed just slightly as a small breeze passed in the coming afternoon day.

“well,” Sans said breaking her from her trance, “it’s good to hear your sisters aren’t anti-monster.”

Alyse smiled still looking ahead, “Ya,… I’m proud of them for being so open.”

There was a pause, “are you not so open to dating a monster?”

Alyse couldn’t help but burst out laughing.

These guys weren’t monsters! Of course they were different and not human, but definitively not her definition of monster. She’d been attacked and been a prisoner of a true monster for seven years of her life. These skeletons and even the entire monster race weren’t monsters. No… The real monster was...HIM...

When she turned to see Sans’ confused face she felt a bit ashamed for her out burst.

“I’m sorry,” she apologized, “I don’t mean to sound rude but you guys aren’t monsters.”

Sans raised a bone brow as his hands gestured to all of him with a smirk, “I believe others would say different.”

Alyse shock her head, “A true monster isn’t defined by their appearance,” she explained smiling at him, “It’s in the actions they take to another.”

There was a pause as she watched Sans face turn concerned, “ya talk as if from experience...”

She relaxed her elbows on the top step leaning back with a sigh, “You could say I lived with one, but I’m not sure I want to bore you with the details.”

She watched as Sans leaned forward resting his elbows on his knees looking forward towards the path as she did, “but what if these details were vital to us living well together?”

Alyse bit the inside of her cheek as she contemplated what to say next, “Sans...We barely know each other,” she started slowly, “If I were to ask you about the most tragic thing in your past, would you be so open to tell me?”

She watched Sans body grow stiff and then slowly relax as he spoke, “hehe, guess ya got me there, hun. I’m no good at talkin’ bout myself either.”

She let out a force laugh, “Looks like we got something in common.”

They sat in silence for a moment taking in the sun and quiet.

Alyse decided to break it giving him a ‘bone’ so to speak, “Just seeing my sisters happy is all I care about. With a skeleton, human, or other entity it doesn’t matter as much as their happiness,” she chuckled giving a pause as she turned a bit more serious tone, “I can’t have them suffer anymore. So Sans may I ask you for one more request?”

Sans sat up turning to face her waiting in patient silence as his face was unreadable.

“Understand that I will never refer to you guys as monsters,” she said with another short pause, “So if I ever mention a monster… I want you to understand that it’s human… and it can’t be trusted. My sisters are to be as far from this monster as possible. Do you understand?”

Sans skull was a mixture of confusion and concern at first but then understanding as he stared at her stern face.

He answered her in a silent nod.

“Thanks Sans,” she smiled softly, “I seem to be more of a problem for you guys than anticipated.”

Sans chuckled, “never even considered this program to be easy anyways. As long as my family is safe,” he said leaning back like her and looking back towards the path, “that’s all I care about. Like ya said. As long as they are happy that’s all that matters.”

They sat there for a good few minutes in quiet as the sounds of birds and other small insects sung. Sans this time was the first to break the silence.

“ya thinkin’ bout goin’ on any dates,” he asked softly.

Alyse blushed slight as she smile, “Maybe, if I’m asked properly.”

“then hows about a date toots,” a gruff voice sounded from behind them.

Alyse and Sans both turned to see Red standing behind them.

“Do I want to know how long you’ve been standing there?” she asked feeling very done with his forceful intrusion of her personal space.

“why?” he asked leaning in close with a smirk, “fraid I mighta heard somethin’ I wasn’t suppose ta?”

Don’t feed into his behavior Alyse, that’s what he wants. You’ve dealt with his type hundreds of times before. Just walk away. Standing up she walked down the rest of the front stairs onto the driveway path.

Making a small turn to face back to the two skeletons she gave Sans a small smile, “I need some time to clear my head. Thanks for the talk Sans. If my sisters ask I’ll be back in about an hour.”

The look on Red’s face as she didn’t even acknowledge him was refreshing as she turned back around not waiting for Sans to respond. Alyse could hear the two skeletons argue for a minute as Red called after her but she ignored him. With the sound of the front door opening and closing she was sure she’d finally have some time to think, but just as that thought hit her so did a wall of fluffy jacket fur.

She’d found out yesterday that Red had the same magic as Sans, which is why she had insisted on the knocking rule fearing Red would just pop inside while she was changing. Speaking of yesterday she’d just finished releasing several sexual frustrations with Edge carrying her. After unpacking and dancing in the studio alone she felt more in control over herself. But low and behold the other brother had to spot her coming down from her session to stir her back up again. The way he pulled her close and grabbed at her was so rough and exciting. Heck the way Red looked at her after she’d suggested he had nothing to really pleasure her with made her rethink if he could. She had spent all her time in the shower thinking if the way he produced that tongue might be the same for ...other appendages.

“I’d appreciate it if you’d stop appearing before me like this,” she glared as she took a step back from Red.

“an I’d appreciate ya not walkin’ away when Imma talkin’ ,” he countered as he stared down at her, “besides ya didn’t answer my question.”

“And what pray-tell was that,” she asked crossing her arms as she jutted out her hip to the left.

“you an me on a date,” he said with a dark smirk as he had pointed from her to himself while talking.

“That’s sounds more like a demand then a question.”

He shrugged his shoulders as he took a step forward, “an’ what if it is? Whatcha gonna do then kitten?”

Alyse didn’t want to humor him with a response so she turned in the direction back to the mansion, She would not take his demands. She was gonna survive her time with these two edgy deviants. Not two steps in her journey and Red was in front of her again.

Glaring at his smug face she just turned back around but he was there. Turning back to the mansion led to the same results. She gave a groans as she darted off to the left in a mad dash to the nearest willow tree.

“how’d ya know I like the chase,” he whispered directly behind her.

But just as she whipped around he was nowhere in sight.

“here kitty kitty,” his voice sounded from behind.

Swirling around to nothing again she felt a tap on her shoulder and there he was inches from her. She fell back against the trunk of the willow tree completely caught off guard. The rough surface of the bark softly scraped through the thin flannel as Red stocked closer as one of his eyes glowed brightly red.

She tried to dart around the tree but found her body stiff and unable to move.

Why couldn’t she move?

“what’s da matter kitten,” he asked as he placed his leg between hers coming mere inches from her face, “done runnin? Or just can’t?”

It clicked as her blue eyes connected with his bright red one. Seeing his eye up this close it was admitting some sort of colored smoke up from his socket.

“You’re doing this?” she growled.

“just one of my many magic tricks,” he chuckled deeply leaning close to her ear as his hands grabbed her wrists bringing them over her head, “let meh show ya a few others.”

That’s when she felt her body drag up the tree as her chest was now level to his skull. Alyse noticed she could only move a bit but felt most of the restraint on her wrists. Her gaze was quickly pulled from the red magic glowing around her wrists to the feeling of skeletal cold hands on her exposed sides slowly dragged down to her hip bone. She let out a gasp as he chuckled.

“sensitive huh,” he smirked up at her as he moved his skull closer to her stomach, “I like that, but let’s see how sensitive.”

His hot breath gave her goosebumps as he kept eye contact with her. As she watched his teeth open and that red tongue creep out. She tried frantically to wiggle out of his magical grip fearing what he was gonna do.

It was no use as his grip tightened on her waist digging into her tightly as his tongue slowly moved out towards her stomach. She lurched her gaze away as she felt the hot moist appendage slide up around her skin leaving a wet trail that quickly turned cold as he continued up to the top of where her crop tank-top stopped and then back down to where her jeans locked onto her hips. Her body instinctively arching as he trailed down while she bit back a soft moan.

“well don’t ya taste sweet, kitten,” he smirked still watching her, “ya won’t mind if I take a bite, right?”

“D-Don’t you-”

Before she had a chance to even fully protest he opened his teeth scrapping them across her skin till he got to her left side where he proceeded to bite down. Thankfully he didn’t break skin, but the action had mentally broken her. She let out a throaty moan as she felt heat rise throughout her body.

She tried to squeeze her thighs together to stop from quivering from that delightful attack. As she was coming down from her high she realized that she was being lowered as well. With her feet back on the ground she was almost grateful for the magic on her wrists still holding her up. Her legs felt like jelly as he pressed his body frame up against hers scanning her face.

“well, well, well,” he chuckled deeply while licking his canine, “little miss proper is a little miss freak. Or did I just imagine that mewl from my kitten.”

“F-For one,” she quivered against him as she tried to get a hold of herself again, “I’m not yours.”

Red grin turned mischievous as she continued, “And second, you couldn’t handle me.”

He gave a hearty laugh as his hands snaked around to her lower back and right thigh. Pulling her lower half closer to his, she felt something that seemed to confirm all her mystery thoughts from before. A hard thick budge was pressed against her as he whispered ino her ear, “oh I don’t mind learnin’ kitten, besides I like to play with fire. but will you be able to handle what I’ve got for ya?”

She felt her chest beating out of control as he gave a small thrust to her slightly spread legs. A clear demonstration of his hardness for her right now. Part of her wanted to just jump his bones and see what he was packing, but she knew she was past her sleeping around days. She wasn’t looking for a fuck buddy. Especially one she was trying to get citizenship for.

She took a couple deep breaths as she collected herself trying to ignore her heat.

“You do understand you have to take me on a proper date before taking such actions,” she stated as he quickly pulled back from her studying her flushed cheeks but serious face.

“ya serious toots,” he asked raising a bone brow. She felt the magic around her wrists losing.

“I don’t date to fuck around,” she stated staring straight into his eyes, “I’m looking for a life partner. If all you want is sex then you can get your kicks elsewhere. But if you want to consider me as someone to spend the rest of your life with, then I would gladly and more than willingly go out on dates with you.”

The hold on her wrists dropped instantly as he stepped back from her. Her body falling against the willow trunk for support till she righted herself to stand. He looked her up and down with an unreadable expression as she buttoned a few buttons of the flannel to hide the bite mark on her side.

“let me get this straight, kitten,” he gruffly said taking a step forward with the same red now tinting his cheek bones, “if I was ta say that I’d want ya as my soul mate, you’d go out on a date with me?”

Rubbing her wrists from the hold of the magic she let her eyes look him up and down. For a monster he wasn’t bad looking at all. There was no denying from their several encounters he’d be able to please her sexually. But she didn’t know how well their personalities would click. She remembered last night as she was falling asleep how gentle and soothing his touches were on her legs. She’d even caught him getting really into the hero of the story during the first film. Getting to know him more what the first step at least.

“I’d go out on several dates actually,” she said electing a surprised gape from him, “till we were both comfortable with either moving forward in the relationship or going back to our professional relationship with me as your watcher.”

Before she knew it he was pacing around grumbling and mumbling to himself in front of her. He would stop in the middle looking as if to say something but then turn back to pacing. The display was quite comical from his usual smug attitude. It was starting to be a good ten minutes before she let out a loud sigh.

“Look you don’t have to decide right now,” she smiled as she turned back to the mansion, “Just give me an answer when you’re ready.”

She watched him give a loud groan dragging his skeletal fingers down his skull.

“y-ya...sure thing kitten,” he grumbled as she continued towards the mansion.

Once she’d gotten up the stairs she turned to see Red smacking his skull against the trunk of the tree. She felt a small blush cross her cheeks at the cute display. Yeah, she was definitely consider him if he could be this cute at times. Walking into the entryway she was greeted with an exhausted looking Lola as she was turning from the dinning room to the stairs.

“There you are!” She exclaimed giving her a desperate look.

“Everything okay?”

Lola raced over to her grabbing her shoulders and shaking her, “That edgy mother fucker wouldn’t stop demanding to know where you went off to. Deal with him. I want to get to my campaign.”

And with that she turned Alyse towards the dinning area with a shove and stomped up the stairs. As she approached the doors she could hear some commotion with Edge being the loudest, of course.


“JUST CUZ YOU DON’T WANT TO DATE A HUMAN DOESN’T MEAN WE CAN’T,” Blue sounded from the other side of the door.

“HE’S JUST MAD BECAUSE ALYSE RAN OFF BEFORE HE COULD ASK HER ON A DATE LIKE THE HYPOCRITE HE IS.” Black teased as she opened the door stepping inside.

She noticed that everyone had left the room except Black, Edge and Blue. Blue was currently standing on the table level with Edge trying to hold him back from smacking Black who was merely grinning from his seat.

Alyse let out a loud, “Hey!” grabbing their attention.

“Break it up you guys. Black you’ve got no room to talk with how rudely you asked my sister out.” she said giving him a hard stare, “If I don’t hear about a proper way you asked her out you’re not gonna be allowed to go out on a date with her.”

WHAT?!” He growled jumping out of his chair, “YOU’VE GOT NO AUTHORITY OVER SUCH A THING!”

“You sure about that,” she stated standing firm.

Black let out a frustrated groan and he folded his arms, “FINE I’LL FUCKING ASK HER PROPERLY. SO YOU BETTER BE READY TO SAY YES!” With that Black stomped out of the dinning room slamming the door behind him leaving her with Edge and Blue.

“YOU CAN’T BE SERIOUS ABOUT ALLOWING THIS!” Edge exclaimed as Blue jumped down to the table making his way over to where she stood.

Alyse watched him fiddle with his blue scarf as his gaze shifted from her to the floor and back.

“CAN I STILL GO OUT ON A DATE WITH MISS LYNN?” He asked giving her the biggest puppy dog eyes she’d ever been subjected to.

She laid her hand on his shoulder as she was passing him, “Of course Blue. Go plan out that awesome date for my sister.”

She heard him leap for joy then run out the door with a “Mwehehehe!” as she made her way to stand in front of Edge. He had a deep scowl on his face with his arms crossed looking down at her.

“Edge can you tell me what this is really about,” she asked trying to be civil.


“And what makes me an enemy?” She asked catching him off guard.


“Then I’ll just have to do my best to earn that trust,” she smiled as she continued, “In the mean time, I’d like you to understand that everyone is allowed to date whomever they want. Monster, human or otherwise. It shouldn’t effect you that one or more of your family members wishes to try a date with a human.”


“Even your brother?” She asked surprised that he didn’t notice Red’s many advances towards her.

WHAT?!” Edge’s scream could probably have been heard within the entire house as he rushed out of the dinning room.


The front door opened with a creak as Red poked his head from outside, “y-ya boss?”

Edge quickly grabbed Red by the front of his shirt bringing his face mere inches from his skull as his left eye gave off the same smokey look as Red’s had when he used his magic.

Alyse ran quickly to the both of them fearing an all out brawl as Edge spoke in a soft malicious tone, “What Is This I Hear About You Wanting To Date A Human?

“ya told him I asked ya out?” He asked looking towards Alyse.

YOU ASKED OUT OUR WATCHER?!” He growled as the ruckus started to grab the attention of the others who were watching from the second floor.

“ what if I like humans,” Red growled back, “don’t kink shame me. besides ya got no room ta talk when your last crush was a robot.”


“y-ya b-boss...” Red said as Red’s drops formed on his skull.

I TRUSTED YOU!!!” He shouted with his skull covered in red as he shock Red back and forth.

“ta be fair, I-I-I didn’t s-say who you use to like,” he pleaded.


Red shrugged as he started to talk with his hands frantically, “l-l-look b-boss Alphys is always doing weird shit in that lab. she’s already made another robot so by the time we’re having this conversation she could have popped out half a dozen more.”

Edge just growled at Red with his eye smoking wildly.

Alyse tried to pull on Edge’s arm to get their attention before things got violent, “Can you please put Red down. He just asked me out-o-okay he more so demanded a date but I said not till-“

Edge quickly dropped his brother cutting her off, “YOU SAID NO TO MY BROTHER?”

What was this skeleton’s deal?! First he’s mad about the others dating humans, then he’s outraged his brother asked her out and now he’s even more pissed that she said no. Yep these two were officially going to try MY patience.

“Okay hold up!” She hissed back putting her hands on her hips as he towered menacingly over her, “I was giving Red more time to think the date over.”

“WHY, IS HE NOT GOOD ENOUGH FOR YOUR TASTES? OR DOES HIM BEING A MONSTER HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH IT?” He hissed leaning forward as Red stared at them in shock.

It’s nothing like that! I just wanted him to understand I don’t go out just to date around. I’m looking for a life partner,” she declared starting to blush as her eyes started to really like the look of the marble grey and white floor, “I-I’m looking for someone to be with for the rest of my life. I’m only going to date someone who’d consider marrying me.”

Marriage?!” Both Red and Edge shouted in surprise.

“Is it really that hard to believe,” she mumbled under her breath.

“BUT YOU’RE STILL SO YOUNG.” Edge stars loudly.

She felt her cheeks flush, “Thank you for saying so...but twenty seven isn’t pretty young for marriage now a days.” She said while averting her gaze from Edge to the wall, “Most of the women I know are already having kids and have a settled home. N-not that t-that having kids right away is w-what I want out of anyone, b-but I am looking for someone to spend the rest of my life with.”

There was a long pause as Alyse felt the instinct to just run and hide from what she’d just confessed. They both were giving her unreadable expressions. She couldn’t take the silence so she quickly shock her head hoping to drain the embarrassment from her face.

“Look I told Red to think about it. So let’s just leave it at that,” she sighed turning to leave. She really wanted to crawl under a rock right now.

“DOES THIS DATING NOTION OF YOURS APPLY TO EVERYONE YOU POTENTIALLY DATE?” Edge asked stopping her just as she was about to walk up the stairs.

“Uhh ya,” she said a little confused by why he asked.


Stunned silence.

“Didn’t you just say humans and monsters shouldn’t date? “ She asked throwing her arms in the air as she was trying wrap her head around the irony of his words.


Alyse craned her neck as she leaned off to the side to get Red’s help. Sadly he was just standing there just as astonished and confused as she was.

“Umm, you do understand that I’d be treating you as if I were thinking of marrying you, right?” She explained trying to figure out where Edge was going with all this.

“PROSAICALLY,” he proclaimed leaning in close for only her to hear, You Do Understand My Brother And I Are A Package Deal, Correct?

Oh my gosh! He just quoted his brother from last night while they were making dinner. The image of Edge laying atop her in the kitchen from last night surfaced to her mind. She felt her face rush with heat as what Red had already done to her elevated her dirty thoughts of both of them... pleasuring her.

Nope! No no no! Abort now!

“I-I-I’m just gonna let us all t-t-think on this a bit more,” she stuttered as she ran up the stairs to her room.

In the process of getting to her room she’d run into her sisters and a few of the skeletons that had been watching the entire ordeal from the second floor. Her sisters each had either blushing surprised or admiring faces while the skeletons tried not to make eye contact. She just ran to her room. This day just went from zero to one hundred with those two.

She collapsed on her bed holding her pillow against her ever fast beating chest.

Maybe she should only allow her sisters just to date. Her labeto and heart couldn’t take anymore of those two.