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Four Sisters Soul & Eight Skeletal Sons

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Program Proposal


Alyse paced nervously back and forth in front of the large oak doors. The marble floor reflected her fast moving form like a milk white mirror of her black full length business jumper. Her red waist belt was the only color that hugged her thin frame as she twisted and lightly tugged at the two pearl bracelets she made on her right wrist.

The click-clack of her heeled boots echoed down the hall till she finally stopped by a mirror placed at the other side of the room by the restrooms. She glanced again at her reflection for the 8th time shes made it down this end. Her short bobbed brown hair was parted mostly to her left side cover one of her light blue eyes. Studying her make-up again she just felt out of place. Rarely did she ever put any on, but meeting the Queen of Monsters seemed to be a big enough deal to do so. light foundation covered her fair skin, dark eyeliner and eye-shadow. Her lips felt chapped from biting out of habit so she quickly pulled out her chapstick leaning close to the mirror.

"Miss Sives?" someone called from behind.

Alyse nearly jumped out of her skin as she turned to see a tall lengthy orange cat behind her.

"I'm sorry," she said scrambling to put away the stick in her hands and smooth over her appearance one last time.

Making her way up to the aggravated looking monster, she couldn't help thinking she would enjoy having a cat as a roommate. He was so cute, but also looked so miserable like those grumpy cat type ones. She quickly shock her head trying to shake her own weirdness before meeting this stranger.

Don't be weird. Don't Be Weird. DON'T BE WEIRD.

"Oh gosh you're so fluffy!" she beamed. Fuck...

The orange monster's bored grimace broke into shock and then a full grin as he started to laugh.

"I'm so-so-Sorry," she scrambled, "That was so unprofessional. I'm just a real big cat lover and you're just an adorably large version. N-N-Not that you're an animal or that I'm saying you are exactly like the one's we have here-Gosh I'm just digging a hole here aren't I," she said burying her face in her hands as she blushed furiously from embarrassment.

The cat collected himself still stifling a laugh, "Are you really Alyse? Because you sounded so much more professional on your emails and to be honest I wasn't expecting someone like yourself either. Are you sure you're 27?"

With a quick sigh of relief Alyse smiled, "Yes I am. I've sadly been blessed with youthful looks," she smiled extending her hand, "Lets start over, I'm Alyse Sives. I'm here because I received a letter about a summons for the monster relocation program. I'm here to represent me and my other three sisters."

The cat straightened his black tie and smoothed his own white button down before he clasped her hand, "Now there's the emails I received, the name's BP, I'm a part-time secretary here. I'm here to escort you to the Queen and I will say that I'm not offended by what you said. It's nice to know my appearance can bring such a smile to your face. Not many of us monsters have gotten a welcoming look from others. So it's nice to see someone so enthusiastic about us."

"I find beauty is always in the eyes of the beholder," Alyse smiled letting go of BP's paw.

BP motioned for her to follow through the large oak doors, "Well it's a good thing you might be given the biggest task."

Alyse couldn't help but wonder what he meant. Sadly she didn't get a chance to voice her question as they entered into another room where two large goat monsters sat at a round table with a tan brown hair child that was messing with a cellphone. The child was the first to notice both of you entering and tugged on the female goat's purple dress making her look up from the papers laid out in front.

"Hello my child," she spoke gently. Her voice felt so warm and loving, "You must be Alyse Sives. Please have a seat and we can get started," she turned to BP with a slow nod, "Thank you for showing her in. We will take it from here."

BP gave a half bow and quickly left the room closing the doors behind him.

Alyse almost wished he had stayed for a small portion of support as a new friend, but brushed off the fact that she shouldn't inconvenience him in such a way as they just met. She quickly moved to the nearest chair on the opposite side of the trio. "I'm sorry I couldn't bring my other three sisters along with me," Alyse stated watching the child nonchalantly take a photo of Alyse with their phone. "We were all surprised to get the summons all at once and weren't sure how to proceed. I volunteered as I'm the one with the most flexible schedule to come and learn what this all en-tales. Please don't take my sisters absence as any sign of disrespect." she finished with a small bow.

"Oh my," the female goat chuckle.

"Such manners," the male one chimed in his deep voice, "Please do not worry. We take no offence. In fact we were hoping to meet with just one of you so you may meet one of our own to get a feeling if we can make this work." He then gestured for Alyse to take a seat.

"I'd be more than happy to comply," she softly smiled as she sat.

"Well to begin with," he continued after she sat, "My name is Asgore Drremor. This is my wife Toriel," he gestured toward the female goat as she gave a small nod, "and one of my children Frisk our young ambassador."

Frisk gave a large toothy grin and waved enthusiastically. Guess the rumors the them being mute was true.

Alyse giggled and waved back, "It's very nice to formally meet you all."

"Well, Miss Sives," Asgore began as he picked up a file placed on the table before him, "We have been informed that you and your sisters each put in a separate form to house a monster on your own. Understanding that each of you are young adults with the capability to house one of our people within this program, we sadly will decline that offer but ask you for something else entirely." Alyse couldn't help but tilt her head to the sudden turn of events.

"As we would normally be fine with this, we actually have a bit of an informal request of our own that was brought to our attention from an outside source." Asgore then nodded to his wife as she spoke, "My dear," she soothed as she picked up an old envelope, "do you happen to know what I have here."

Alyse simply shock her head and Toriel continued, "This is a letter we received two months ago by a Mrs. Sives."

As the goat queen gently pulled the letter out of the open envelope Alyse held her breath as tears began to brim. Her mother's letter was written to the Queen of Monsters? And it had been sent the day after the funeral. Their lawyer had mentioned that she had a letter that was to be delivered, but was told to not say a word to the girls. All that they were told about was that in time it would bring them together. Is this what her mom meant? Why here?

Alyse was quickly pulled from her ocean of questions as small hands touched her own that she didn't realize she hand been clenching. It was the child Frisk, their deep brown eyes looking up at her in concern. Alyse turned to face Frisk and gave a small smile. Frisk then dove into her lap wrapping their arms around her. Alyse bent over the child's frame returning the comforting embrace. "You're way to observant for you age," Alyse murmured into the child's soft hair.

Asgore cleared his throat breaking the two from their embrace, "I do apologize if this is a touchy subject," he sounded regretfully honest, "She informed us in the letter that she was no longer... here... But what she had to say about you girls was something that resonated with my wife and I as parents. She had nothing but praise for you all as her daughters."

Alyse had forced back feelings since her own mother's funeral slowly one tear fell from her face.

Frisk ran with great determination to the other side of the room and grabbed the klinex box. Quickly making it back in time to hand Alyse one. She gratefully to it before speaking, "C-Can I ask what the request was from her?"

Toriel got up from her seat bringing over a small stack of folders and the letter, "She had a formal request that, if you girls were willing, she'd prefer a family of monsters be living with you and your sisters as a whole then separate."

Aylse wiped what remained of the tear as she tried to clear her throat, "S-She wanted us to all stay close, that's comforting to hear." She stood talking in a shaky breath, "So I'm guessing you have a family in mind that you'd like for me to meet?"

It was Frisk's turn to jump frantically up and down wildly signing with their hands and pointing to the stack in of papers in Toriel's paws.

"Yes, well, they are a large family of about eight," Toriel spoke nodding over to Frisk, "We'd technically assign each of you girls to two of them for guardianship in which you'd report to us in how they are adjusting. Given the circumstances of this particular family we would request that all of you would be living together." Before Alyse could ask how it'd be possible Toriel continued, "Do not worry about a home or living expenses. They will be provided by the program and the home is already finished with construction. To be honest this is a bit of a favor for us as well."

"Oh," Alyse said wrapping her head around the offer and request the queen had explained. "So how would you like the groups to be split between me and my sisters?"

Frisk had moved over to the other end of the table again and began moving their hands as they signed to Asgore. "You're correct as always Frisk, now might be the right time to bring him in." Asgore said as he stood from his chair and started to pick up a phone from the table and dialing.

"My dear, we would like you to meet the representative of the family you and your sisters would be hosting," Toriel smiled as she awaited Frisk to run back to were you two were now standing. "These are their files that the government made us make up on each monster that came from the underground," she said handing a small stack of folders. "They give a small general description of each set of brothers one of you or your sisters will be interacting with."

"Brothers?" Alyse asked just as the back left door gave a small knock and opened by someone stepped through.

A skeleton in a blue jacket, white t-shirt, and black gym shorts slowly sauntered in with his hands tucked in his pockets. He had a laid back expression with a permanent
smile across his face. Frisk ran over to him as he spoke, "I heard ya ring. sorry I didn't tell-a-phone back, thought it'd be better I just knock in."
Toriel stifled a giggle as Alyse stood there wide eyed.

She'd never seen a skeleton monster in person, though on the news one very tall one was always accompanying the ambassador Frisk.

The skeleton gave Asgore a small nod and a wink to Toriel. The child tugged on his sleeve as he turned his skull to them, they began to sign with their hands. He hummed softly to whatever they had said then replied, "Thanks for the info kid, I think I can handle it from here." His bony hand ruffled the kids brown locks and then he turned his gaze slowly to Alyse.

She watched as white pinpricks in his sockets scanned her from head to toe and back again before settling a minute too long on her chest. Alyse feeling his gaze consciously moved her left arm to grab her right slight covering her chest. She felt like he was looking straight to her very core. Why did she get a feeling he was seeing something more than what she could?

It was Toriel that broke the silence, "Sans, this is Alyse Sives." A paw was gently pressed against Alyse's lower back guiding her forwards toward the skeleton like a mother moving her child to meet a potential playmate. Toriel continued, "She's the eldest of the family of girls we had you review in the application process. We hope you to can get to know each other a bit and see if maybe they can be a right fit for your... family."

Sans, the skeleton, Alyse presumed finally looked back up from her chest and was now looking her silver blue eyes.

Being only two feet apart now, she noticed he was about a few inches taller than her standing of 5' 4" height in her boots. His skull was so smooth and wasn't a pure white but slightly tinted. The clothes he wore were baggy on him but hung well enough so that she couldn't detect how thick his structure was. She felt mesmerized but his body and the artist in her really wanted to see more to explore this unusual beauty.

Breaking from her stare Alyse forced to herself relax and outstretched her hand, "Hello, I'm Alyse I hope I can be a right fit for you and your family."

Sans glanced down at her hand for second and then back to her with his grin widening slightly, "sans the skeleton," he then grabbed her hand and a loud fart noise was heard in-between them.

Alyse's polished professionalism broke as she noticed a familiar piece of pink rubber. A whoppie cushion. She couldn't help but break out giggling as her grip tighten on the bony hand holding hers.

"the old whoppie cushion in the hand trick," he smiled as he let go to show the toy.

"Oh Sans," Asgore sighed as he rubbed his temples, "The young lady just met you and we really need you to chose a participate soon rather than later as the others are getting restless."

"keep your horns on Asey," sans grinned, "felt like tension need to be released before we begin."

Asgore sighed as he turned to Alyse, "I do apologize for this first impression."

"Oh please," Alyse giggled, "I found it quite the breath of fresh air needed after being so formal about this."

Toriel's eyes seemed to light up unassumingly to Alyse as she gave a thumbs up to Sans.

He winked back as Frisk began to try their hardest to push him closer to the human girl. "what's with the rush kid?"

"Seems like Frisk would like you to start your date to get to know Alyse and her sisters," Toriel answered with a smile.

Alyse noticed a light tint of cyan dust the skeletons skull bellow his eye sockets. Was that blush? How? Magic?

Frisk took a blank piece of paper from the table and ran back with the biggest grin as they held it up to Alyse and Sans.

It read in bold letters: DATE START!