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Open your mind and let me in?

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She waits.

Impatiently, she drums her fingers on the table. Checks her phone again. They were late. Well not that late, but later than she would've liked. Last time her boys checked in they were on schedule, to the second. Did the the bastard get to them? No. Her boys had never let her down.

She smiles. Everything will fall into place. It has to.

The phone rings. She stares at the screen for a second, takes a deep breath and holds it before she answers. It's Euan.

"We've got him Miss."

She exhales. "Excellent work, both of you. He's gagged and sedated?"

"Aye Miss, looks like he's been dragged through a bush backwards after our meeting, now he's having a nice nap. Why exactly do you want this dickhead anyway?"

"You don't need to know why. When you get here there's a chair set up for him downstairs. Make sure his face is covered and don't mention my name. I'll see you in a few hours!"

She puts the phone back on the table and starts to pace the room. Just over 4 hours and he'll be here. After 3 months of digging, threatening and paying people off she'd found him. It's a miracle he hadn't caught wind that she was looking for him. Or just a family name and a shitload of money.

"Whisky, I need to settle the nerves."


Euan puts the phone back in his jacket pocket. He turns to Rory, "She actually sounds excited. What the fuck?"

"He had her for 6 months, maybe she wants to chop his balls off or some shit, I don't know" says Rory with a sneer.


He started to stir. He was in the back of a van? It smelled like piss. His head hurt like fuck and his mouth was dry. It felt like a metal rod was in his mouth and something tight round the back of his head, and he couldn't speak. Fantastic. His hands were also tied behind his back. Well fuck. What was it this time? Those fuckers from the casino? Must be, he thought.

Wait. He could hear the voices from the front of the van. He recognised the voices, Scottish accents. That could only mean one thing.

The window banged open from upfront and he squinted up. His vision was blurry and couldn't make out the face, though the voice he knew.

"Due a top up cunto? Still got a while to go yet so back to sleep for you!"

A tranquiliser dart hit him in the neck. Before he drifted off, he could see that fire red hair.


He smiled. This was going to be fun.