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We love namjoon chest

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y/n got out of bed really tired from last night when she got fucked so hard by jimin last night. 

she turned around and looked at the boy. he was naked and so was she. she sighed and walked to the bathroom and splashed water on her face. 

"," she heard in her ear, hot breath making her whimper. she saw in the mirror her soon to be brother, mother fucking JIMIN!

"ugh, you damaged my hole you sick bastard,"she whined and hit his chest. Jimin picked y/n up making her yelp in suprise 

after that he threw her on the shower wall making her spine break. "dont ever think im going to be soft on you," he said leaving her there. 

she ran after him, cover his face with her boobs. "GET YOUR HUGE ASS COW TITTIES OFF MY FACE," he yelled as he ripped the boobs off his face making her boobs get on the floor. she fell to the floor to retrive her precious boobs.

while y/n was doing that, Yoongi rolled into the room. he scrunched up his face and looked at his friend. "wtf is this bitch doing?," he asked.

"apprently i tore off her boobs," Jimin said with a straight face.

"sounds legit," yoongi went off and namjoon stormed in the room, making cracks on the floor.

"so i heard someone in this room has bigger BOOBIES then me!," he yelled. jimin rolled his eyes and pointed to y/n who was collecting her boobies.

"YOU FUCKER! HAVE YOU SEEN THESE BEASTS???," namjoon said ripping his shirt showing beautiful glossy precious man boobies.

jimin got a nose bleed and fainted while y/n rolled her eyes. she stepped on jimins body on the floor and looked at namjoon straight in the face.

"my boobies are much more beautiful then yours!!," she yelled as she ripped open her baggy shirt and throwing it at jimins face on the floor. her boobies were big glossyer and bouncy.

namjoon stuttered and look shook. "w-well i can m-make my boobies even bigger and better then yours!," he said. he puffed up his chest making his boobs 2 times bigger then before.

y/n fainted with jimin landing on top of him making do a 'oof' sound.

namjoon giggled and skipped out of the room satisfied. leaving y/n and jimin dead on the floor, jimin with a nose bleed and y/n with her boobies out.