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Its Not Twilight But We Still Sparkle

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So, my first MHA fic. I have a lot of plans for this fic and a lot of people I feel I can trust to light a fire under my rump when I need it. 


I want to first shout out to dancibayo for having a fantastic brain and for letting me pick it when I am stuck.

I, also, want to give a shout out to Dez101, the best Beta a writer could ask for. I never would have figured out a title for this story without your help! Thank You!


Disclaimer: I own nothing, and I am okay with that.


Before I forget, this fic is not going to be all sunshine and rainbows. There will be dark themes and I will post possible warnings at each chapter when they apply. There will also be sex, not for a long time but it will be there. The main ship is an all male triad, if it is not your cup of tea you can move on to another fic. 


So now, on to the fun stuff.


( Side note: Pack tissues…. a lot of them. One does not simply need angst and not fangirl sadly.)


“It will not happen, Kid.” 


The doctor’s words echoed in the head of the green-haired boy. The doctor explained the correlation of a Quirk and the toe joint, but Izuku could not hear him. His whole world was crumbling in on him, all of his plans were falling apart. 


That isn’t your foot Runt. 


Izuku looked at the x-ray curiously. It looked wrong. Sifting through all the knowledge in his head, he looked at it again. 


“T-That can’t be my foot.”, The four-year-old explained. 


“Izuku, Sweetie, don’t be rude.” Inko calmly chastised him. 


Tell them. 


“But it’s not! That one doesn’t show where my foot was broken!”, Izuku argued. His foot had been broken in a minor car accident over a year ago, but there should still be a mark.


“Izu-“ Inko looked at the x-ray. Standing she went over to get a closer look. “I’m sorry Izuku, you are entirely correct.” She looked at the doctor and took a deep cleansing breath. “I think we will seek a second opinion, elsewhere.” She picked up her son and the two walked out without another word.


It took them three weeks to find a specialist. The woman's name was Una Miyake, and when Izuku learned about her Quirk, “Identification”, he was excited. Izuku ha started in his new school and seemed to be settling in well. They took the day off school and worked to travel to her office. She had urged them to come in after hearing the trouble they had last time.


“This must be Izuku.” Una said, walking into the exam room with her tablet. One look at the boy and she could see the problem. “My name is Una Miyake.” She sat down looking at the two. She could tell the mother was skeptical of her skills, but she hoped to ease her concerns. Una did not look the part of a doctor; wearing long black pants and an All Might tank top. When Izuku saw her shirt, his face lit up. “Another All Might fan I see.”


“He’s the best! The strongest Hero in forever!” Izuku stated happily. “He’s my favorite!”


“Mine too. I even meet him once.” Una said with a smile. “I grew up around many Pro-Heroes, my grandparents being Pro-Heroes though they focused more on healing than combat. They brought me to a party to introduce me to Recovery Girl as my Quirk allows me to read a person’s physical state. She was giving him a talking to about getting hurt in a fight with villains. He’s even bigger in person.”


“Izuku wants to be a Pro-Hero, but he has not shown any sign of a Quirk,” Inko explained once her concerns faded. “Most of his classmates have already shown signs. I just don’t want him to fall behind the other kids.”


“I can say without a doubt your son is an interesting case. If it would be okay with you, I would like two minutes to speak to him privately. Nothing bad but children try to hide uncomfortable things from their parents.” Una said looking at Izuku. The boy seemed to know he was busted.


“It’s okay with me, Momma.” Izuku said.


“I’m concerned.” Inko stated calmly.


“And you have every right to be. However, I believe this is a very sensitive subject.” Una continued, “I’m sure Izuku will explain it to you. For me to help fix the problem, I need all the facts.” Inko agreed a few minutes later, leaving the room to wait in the hall. “Izuku, I guess it's not your mother causing all the damage.” Izuku shook his head, trying not to cry.


“No, it’s Kacchan.” He said in a low whisper.


“I see. And is this Kacchan your age?” When he nods, she sighed. “Do the teachers do anything to stop him?”


“No. No one does.” Una monitored him as she made a few notes. “He will be a great Hero someday.” Izuku said, as if it made all the bruises, burns and scrapes worth anything.


“Sounds to me like he is on his way to being a Villain. Bullying other kids is usually how it starts.” Una said honestly as she leaned forward, elbows resting on her knees.


I told you so.


“Shut up.” Izuku said not realizing he said it aloud.


“Excuse me?” Una asked looking up quickly.


“N-Not you Miss,” Izuku said, stumbling over his voice. “I told him to shut up.”


“Told who dear?” Una inquired, a thought crossed her mind. “You hear someone, don’t you?”


I like this one; she’s got some smarts.


“He likes you, he says you're smart,” Izuku said. “Am I a freak?”


“Goodness no, Izuku, I think I know what the problem is now. Why I’m having trouble seeing your Quirk.”


“Seeing my Quirk?” Izuku asked, tilting his head.


“Yes, your quirk is interesting. If I had to guess I would think you can transform. Quirks like that are rare, but I have seen a fair few.” Una explained. Seeing the fear in Izuku’s eyes she moved from the chair kneeling in front of him. “It’s already happened, hasn’t it?”


Tell her.


“Yes, I-I am a monster.” his tears finally fell, and he told her everything.




Five-year-old Izuku stood in fear. A boy from middle school was a bigger bully than Kacchan. The blonde boy in question was on the ground in agony; the older boy’s quirk had done a lot of damage. Izuku was shaking in fear as the older boy turned on him. Izuku bolted forward trying to grab Kacchan only to end up backhanded with an iron hand against the wall. 


“You will get yourself killed.”  He heard a voice in his head.  


“I have to save Kacchan.”  Izuku said trying to force himself to stand.


“Then I will give you a way.” The voice said.


Izuku cried out in pain as every bone in his body bent and broke. His skin stretched and ripped. Black and green fur peeked out from the bloody rips. When it finally stopped Izuku was gone, replaced by a wolf-like beast. The beast was as big as a car. The older boy screamed in fear and ran off. Izuku walked up to Kacchan to check on him. He nudged the blonde yipping in happiness, seeing his bright red eyes open.


Focus on healing him. You have the power. 


Listening to the voice he took a deep breath exhaling a pale blue mist over the explosive blonde healing him. Once healed, Kacchan jumped away. In his eyes showed true fear. It was too much for Izuku and he ran off leaving his best friend alone.


***End Flashback***


When Inko was brought back into the room, Inko found her son sobbing. “He will be okay,” Una said standing. “He has known about his Quirk for a few days, at the very least.” 


“He said nothing about it,” Inko said, pulling her son into her arms. 


“I am not surprised, considering how it manifested, he is likely terrified of it,” Una said, moving back to her seat. “I recommend taking him to do a Quirk Identification Test. It will help identify his Quirk and what it can do.” She saw Izuku cried himself to sleep in her lap. “There is something else. He hides it well, but your son is being bullied.” 


“Bullied? Why would he hide it?” Inko inquired looking at her son. 


“Who is Kacchan?” Inko looked up at Una’s question. 


“Katsuki Bakugo, he is a young boy. A friend of Izuku, they have grown up together.” Inko explained. “His mother is a close friend of mine.” 


“That explains it, why he never told you I mean,” Una said heaving a sigh. “This young boy has been hurting Izuku. Your son uses his clothes to hide the injuries so it would not upset you. Despite that though, Izuku’s Quirk manifested to protect this boy.” 


“I see, I will speak to his mother about this,” Inko said hugging her son to her chest. “I wish he had just told me.” The two spoke for a bit before Izuku woke up. He admitted everything to his mother and retold the events of his first Quirk use. 


“I recommend getting the test done,” Una stated when they were getting ready to leave. “Give me a few days and I will find the right testing location for him. At the very least he will need to have it registered in case he loses control of it at some point.” 


“Right, thank you, for everything. He always seems so happy all the time. I guess I never noticed how bad things had gotten.” Inko said holding her son to her chest. “I will do better.” 


“I hid it from my parents when I was younger. All I can suggest is to be there for him. Let him know he can talk to you about anything.” Una said writing some information on a piece of paper handing it to her. “My home and cell numbers. If you need anything, let me know.” 


“Thank you.” Inko walked out with her son, it was clear the two had a lot of work to do.




Izuku sat beside his mother as they waited for their guests to arrive. He thought back to the last time he saw his Auntie Mitsuki. It was shortly after his father had left here one day and gone the next. Mitsuki Bakugo was a firecracker woman. She was a respectful woman but her temper was not to be messed with. When the two walked into the apartment Izuku tried to flee from the table. Inko laid a hand on his shoulder holding him in place. “It’s going to be okay Izu, this needs to be done.” 


“I know.” Izuku sat there with his All Might toy hoping to be brave enough to face the situation. 


“Inko, it’s been so long,” Mitsuki said sitting down. “Katsuki, why don’t you go play with Izuku?” 


“I need them both. This is a very important meeting. It seems like Izuku is being bullied.” Inko explained. Izuku watched as Kacchan’s eyes widen. 


“That's awful. Do you have any idea who is behind it?” Mitsuki asked. 


“I’m afraid so. It seems Katsuki is the main culprit,” Inko said point blankly. She explained the trip to the doctors and what he had revealed about the times Kacchan had beat him up. She had left out the quirk event. 


“Stupid Deku, you will never be a hero if you run to Auntie Inko every time you get hurt.” Kacchan said laughing at him. 


“That is enough Brat. I don’t know where I went wrong with you.” Mitsuki said hanging her head. “We had been talking about Anger Management for him. I think we should do it sooner rather than later.” 


“I thought it would be best to bring it to your attention before it got any worse,” Inko breathed. “I also wanted to tell you I will be transferring Izuku to another school.” 


“Momma?” Izuku asked looking at his mother. 


“I can’t say I blame you. I think looking at other schools would be a good idea.” Mitsuki said. “We should go. I will take care of this situation. I promise you.” 


“Thank you. He has a promising future as a Hero, but I would hate for power to go to his head.” Inko said looking at Kacchan. “Put yourself in his place, if he was beating up on you, how would you feel about it?” Kacchan went to yell that he would never be so weak, but he stopped to think about it. 


“Not very good Auntie. Not at all.” Kacchan said, his voice barely above a whisper. Unusual for someone infamous for yelling all the time. 


“What do you think it means to be a Hero?” Inko asked curiously. 


“It means being strong enough to win every fight!” Kacchan said, small explosions erupting in his hands. 


“Being strong is important, but there is something even more important.” The two boys looked at her eager to hear her wisdom. “Helping people is more important. Boys, if you were in a position where you had to decide between capturing a villain or saving civilians, what would you do?” 


“Oh, I wasn’t acting like a Hero,” Kacchan said. “I- I was-“ realization dawned on him. “I was being a villain.” 


“That’s right,” Inko said simply. Kacchan got up and ran out of the apartment. A few seconds later, Mitsuki got up and followed him out. Within three days, Kacchan was having almost daily meetings with a therapist and was attending Anger Management classes within a week.




Izuku looked at the huge building. The Research Center For Quirk Evolution and Education was recommended to them by Doctor Una after two weeks of searching. They were the best equipped to handle his transformation, and Quirk Registration offices accepted their reports all over the world. His gaze was locked above the roof to a young man who was flying around while the researchers were taking notes. “Momma! That boy has wings!” Izuku exclaimed in excitement. 


“I see Izu, he is good at flying,” Inko said looking up at him. Apparently, the boy had heard them and started doing tricks in the air to make Izuku laugh. Finally, he landed a few feet from them. “That was entertaining, but some of those tricks of yours are dangerous. Try to be careful.” 


“Yes, Ma’am. I will try.” He knelt down to Izuku. “Hello, my name is Koga Hiroya.” 


“Izuku Midoriya, your wings are pretty! I bet you can fly high. Are they as soft as they look? How far can you fly?” His questions fell into muttered nonsense. 


“Izuku, sweetie, one question at a time.” Inko chastised with a smile. “I don’t think he heard half those questions.” she looked at Koga and sighed seeing Izuku lost in his thoughts. “If I didn’t know better, I would think his quirk was Analysis.” 


“That would be an amazing Quirk Ma’am. Is he here for a Quirk Identification Test?” When she nods, he smiles. “Do you know which Doctor he will see?” 


“Seamus Mackenzie,” Inko replied. 


“He is the best. He did my test when I was little. I come back once a year now to get updates of my flight speeds and such. Dad said it shows schools I am serious about training and understanding my Quirk.” Koga said looking up at the researchers. “Speaking of, I need to get back up there before they throw a fit.” He poked Izuku in the forehead, the little boy blinked a few times looking up at him. 


“S-Sorry,” Izuku said. “I like Quirks.” 


“I can tell. To answer the questions I could hear, I can fly high, but if I go too high, it gets too cold and hard to breathe. Yes, they are soft, if I keep track of taking care of them.” He stretched one of his wings out plucking one of the big ones handing it to Izuku causing his eyes to grow wide and sparkly. “As for distance, if I bring a snack I can fly for three hours straight.” He ruffled Izuku’s hair before flying off to the roof. Resting in Izuku’s hand was a foot long feather. At the root it was white, and it faded down to red at the end. 


“Momma, I think he will be a good friend,” Izuku said. Even the voice in his head liked the winged boy.


The two walked into the research center surprised by how bright and colorful it was. The walls were painted with representations of various quirks. Izuku recognized a few of them from Pro-Heroes from around the world.

“Welcome to the Research Center for Quirk Evolution and Education. How can we help you today?” Izuku looked up at the woman with bright red hair sitting at the desk. “Oh, aren’t you adorable!”

“What do you say, Izu?” Inko asked, nudging him forward.

“T-Thank you Ma’am.” Izuku said with a large smile.

“Such wonderful manners for a little boy. None of that Ma’am stuff though, you can call me Olivia Aoyama,” she said. “Let’s get you checked in, shall we?”

“That would be wonderful. I admit we are nervous about all this.” Inko said honestly.

“You’re not the first to say that. I promise you, this place is- is-“ she grabbed a tissue sneezing a blast of glitter. “Sorry about that.” She takes out a small hand vacuum cleaning up the mess. “My Quirk has been on the fritz since I found out I was pregnant.”

“Baby!” Izuku jumped up and down. “Babies are so cute!”

“Yes, they are. I have three children, two girls and a son. He is about your age.” Olivia said. “Now, who are you here to see?”

“Seamus Mackenzie.” Inko said. “a specialist recommended him.”

“Oh, I see. You’re right on time.” Olivia said printing off a paper. “Take the left elevator to the fifth floor and have a seat in the waiting room. There should be some toys in there to help with someone’s nerves.” Olivia said smiling conspiratorially at Izuku. 

Once they made it up to the waiting room Izuku squealed and went to play with the toys he found. “Don’t forget to clean up when you’re finished Izuku.”

“Yes, Momma.” Izuku said nodding. Once in a while, he looked up at his mother, who seemed to read over the Research Center brochure.

“Are you there?”  Izuku asked inside his mind. He’d spoken to the voice a few times over the week, but nothing more than making sure the whole thing wasn't a dream.

“Always Runt, you know I will never leave you.”  It answered with a chuckle.

“Thank you. I am afraid.”  Izuku admitted.

“I know, but you have no reason to be. This place can help you learn to control what I have given you.”  It answered.

“Kacchan was so afraid when he saw me.”  Izuku stated looking around. Whenever he thought about his mind it was always a huge forest. To him, it felt like home.

“He had just woken up after being beaten by that boy. I expected him to be afraid.”   The voice explained. Outside of his mind, a man with bright red hair stood watching the five-year-old.


“He has never done this before.” Inko said watching him intently. Izuku was still, his eyes were closed like he was asleep.

“Una told me what she could about his Quirk. If I had to guess, I would think he is speaking with his quirk. I have seen many transformation types who carry on full conversations with their other forms. My wife does it all the time.” the man said, looking over at the concerned mother. “My name is Seamus Mackenzie, I’m sorry to keep you waiting. I wanted to take another look at his records before we started the tests.”

“I am worried. I have never seen him do anything related to Quirks. Other than researching them, I mean. He loves trying to analyze them.” Inko announced proudly.

“I completely understand. My own sons tried to hide their quirks for weeks. You are lucky you found out after only a few days.” Seamus said, heaving a sigh. “For now, we should let them talk while we go over some tests.”

“I would like that.” Inko said, turning back to look at her son, he was still in the same state.

“I will be with you for this Little One. I promise you. If it is within my power, I will never leave you.” The voice said.

“I never thought to ask, do you have a name?” Izuku asked curiously.

“I do not. I am part of you.” It said.

“I think you should have a name.” Izuku opened his eyes looking around. “Oh, hello?”

“Pleasant conversation I hope.” Seamus asked.

“Yes, Sir. I think I should give him a name though.” Izuku said standing slowly. His legs hurt from sitting still for so long.

“Most transformation types or those with sentient Quirks feel the need to name them.” Seamus announced.

“I want it to be a special name.” Izuku said stretching. “It has to be a good name.”

“Well, what do you want your Quirk to represent?” Seamus asked. “For my wife, her quirk allows her to transform into a spider. She named her spider form Silk. Using the silk spun from that form, she makes fabric for support companies.” Izuku thought about it for a few minutes as they made their way to a huge room.

“I want to be a hero like All Might. He saves people with a smile, so they know they are safe. No matter how bad things are, it will get better.” Izuku said.

“That is a good goal. Do not forget to set realistic goals along the way so you don’t try doing too much too fast. We can help you with that, but you have to be the one to stick to your goals.” Seamus explained. “Why don’t we have a look at his form? We don’t want to pick a name that doesn’t fit the form.”

“I don’t really know how it happened last time.” Izu admitted.

“You want to shift? Done.”

This time, his transformation was faster. It still hurt, but not nearly as much.

“Beautiful.” Inko said, though it was clear it shocked her.

“I have to agree. I can not say I have ever seen anything like it.” Seamus admitted.

This form terrified him. He wasn’t used to seeing everything from this high up. Not only that, he felt an agonizing emptiness in his heart. He was on four legs like a dog or a cat. He looked down and noticed his large paws with sharp looking claws. His fur was dark, almost black with what seemed to be various shades of green on his most outer layer of fur. He could feel his tail tucked underneath him, wrapped behind one of his hind legs, his ears pressed flat against his head.

“He can fully transform, that is a good sign. It means his body can handle it.” Seamus said making notes on his tablet. “His colors are unusual, but it is a good identifying mark for his records.” An explosion on another floor made his ears perk up. “Ears seem to work well.” Izuku tried taking a few steps, they were wobbly, but he stayed upright. “Good, Izuku, are you able to speak like this?”

“Y-Yes.” His voice was deep and broken, but with practice it might get better. He hoped.

“That is fantastic.” Seamus exclaimed, making a few notes. “How do you feel?”

“E-Empty.” He said flopping down onto the floor.

“I see, your form seems canine in appearance. I suspect you’re looking for a pack.” Seamus explained as he made another note. “Over time you will form this bond with people important to you.”

“Mist?” Izuku questioned. He knew they would need to see the mist he used on Kacchan.

“Yes, I would like to see that. Stay right here. I will see if anyone was injured in that explosion.” Seamus walked out, leaving the two alone.

“Izu, you’re so big. I think we might have to move.” she said, trying not to laugh. “I don’t think you will fit in the living room.” A toothy grin answered her.

“I found someone who would like some help.” Seamus said, he stepped aside, revealing Izuku’s new friend. His arm was badly burned.

“Wings!” Izuku stood and made his way over to him slowly, hoping not to frighten his only friend.

“Wow, you are big.” He said. “I really want to pet you.”

“No mind.” Izuku said trying to smile again. “Hir-“ He took a deep breath trying to form proper words.

“Koga, you can call me Koga.” He said reaching out only to draw back in pain.

“Hold still.” Izuku said sniffing at the burns. Taking another deep breath he released it as the light blue healing mist. Seamus stood off to the side, recording the whole thing on his tablet. Slowly the blackened edges of the burn peeled away and fresh skin formed growing towards the center of the burns. It took two doses of mist to heal him and almost ten minutes.

“That is astounding. An amazing ability.” Seamus announced adding the video to his notes. “I suspect with practice you can heal faster.”

“That was awesome Izuku!” Koga said reaching out to pet him. “You are soft! I knew it.” Izuku suddenly turned away sneezing a burst of smoke rolled out of his nose, causing him to paw at it in annoyance.

“That is interesting.” Koga said. “Hey Izuku, you remember that feeling right?” his answer was a grunt. “Try letting that feeling out as a breath, best aim it away from us though.” Izuku tilted his head but gives it a shot. What comes out scares all of them. A burst of flame shot out of his mouth, like a flamethrower. When Izuku closed his mouth, they all stood there in silence.

“Looks like he got part of his father’s quirk.” Inko said after a few minutes. 

“Hisashi, Izuku’s father, could breathe fire.”

“It will still be recorded.” Seamus said, making another note. “Try to change back Izuku.”

“Clothes?” Izuku asked looking at them. After spending some time in this form, it was not so scary.

“I told you so.”   Izuku could hear the 'I told you so' attitude coming from his mind

“I think we will have to invest in clothes that can handle his transformation.” Inko said looking over at a pile of cloth shreds.

“I will contact a support company my wife works with. They are always willing to help young people with what they need to handle their quirks.” Seamus offered.

“Thank you. I am not sure how we will pay for it, but we will find a way.” Inko said. She opens her bag, taking out a bundle of clothes. “Lucky for us, I came prepared.”

“Perfect.” They all watched as Izuku changed back to his normal child form. All that remained of his clothes were some ruined pants. He dressed quickly and yawned. “With practice, he will spend more time in that form.” Seamus explained when Inko looked at him concerned. “I will make a full report and have it ready in a few days. I can either mail it to you or have you come in and pick it up.”

“I think mailing it would be best. I am not sure I could take another day off to come pick them up.” Inko replied. Koga’s research team took him to finish his testing and after a few more minutes going over the Midoriya’s contact information the two left. Izuku was in his mother’s arms and he was sound asleep before they even made it out to the car. Koga's feather tucked away in his mother's bag, safe and sound.



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Disclaimer: I own nothing, I am fine with that. 



Izuku's quirk file came in after two weeks. The two sat down to discuss it and eventually they agreed to a name for his quirk, Beast. It was not until almost six weeks later when Izuku was reading about pre-quirk myths and legends that he found a name for the voice in his head who was quickly becoming the closest thing the boy had to a best friend.


Izuku closed the book and moved to the bed settling himself into a meditative state. "I think I found it." Izuku said as soon as he located the cave in the forest his mind created. He loved the forest, it felt like home. The sunlight flickering through the trees as the breeze rushed past rustling the leaves. He was proud of the mindscape he had created. He knew the beast he spoke to all the time was the instinctual mind of the form, but that made it all the more important for Izuku to know everything about him.


"Found what Little One?" The beast walks out of the cave looking at him. "It must be important, if you had to meditate ahead of schedule."


"It is, I think I found you a name. Doctor Seamus said the name should mean something. Like the kind of Hero I want to be someday." Izuku said bouncing around, leading to an impromptu game of tag.


"I recall the struggle you have faced trying to figure it out. What have you come up with?" He asked as he attempted to pounce on the little boy as they ran through the mindscape forest.


"Alistir, in Greek it means “defender of mankind." Izuku said sliding to a stop. He turned to look at the beast who had also stopped. "That is the kind of Hero I want to be. To defend the people who can not defend themselves."


"Alistir, hmm, I like it. It is a strong name. One you will need to work hard to live up to." The newly named beast said laying down on the forest floor looking at the small boy. "We, will need to work hard."


"I like the sound of that." The two made their way back to the cave discussing their plans. "I should emerge soon, Momma said she had something to tell me."


"Perhaps you should. Do not forget to have her update your file at the Center." Alistir said as he watched the little boy disappear. "We have a long way to go Little Hero, but together we will get there someday."



Izuku stood with his collection of All Might toys in a box. His excitement about the new house was overshadowed by what he saw behind it. A huge forest with no end in sight. He was looking forward to finding out who owned it. It would be a perfect place to work on his training.


“I quite agree.”


Izuku went inside looking around. Both him and Alistir grumbled smelling the stale air. Izuku set the box on one of the other boxes that were heading for his room. He went around to each window opening them all. "That is a little better."


"I’m sorry Izuku, I did not realize how much it might bother you." Inko said as she pulled a box from the moving truck. After spending an entire weekend as Alistir, Izuku found all of his senses increasing. Sadly, that also included his sense of smell.


"Its okay, I expected it. The realtor said it had been closed up for a while." Going back to his toys he headed up to the second floor. The house was perfect for them. The previous owner's son had a quirk that allowed him to change the weight of anything he touched. When he was a child he had little control over it so the family paid a fortune to build a house that could stand up to the weight of a thousand pounds (453.6 kg) being suddenly dropped on any floor.


Deciding on his room was easy, he wanted the room facing the forest. Alistir agreed with his choice after seeing that the room came with a screened in balcony. They often found themselves wanting to sleep outside under the stars. Izuku was already planning how to arrange the balcony with waterproof pillows to make himself a den.


"I see you picked out a room." Izuku turned to see his mother in the doorway. "I figured this would be the one you wanted."


"It's perfect. Alistir likes it too." Izuku knew the money to buy the 'quirk proof' house was little more than a payoff from the doctor at the first clinic he went to. Inko had considered long and hard if she should simply accept the money, which was a lot, or file charges and take them to court. In the end, accepting the money was the best way to keep Izuku out of the public eye until he went to UA.


None of them realized that the public eye was not the one they should worry about. Legend states the eye of the Dragon can see for miles, and it was locked on the Midoriya household.




Izuku finding out that the Wild Wild Pussycats owned most of the forest had been entirely accidental. During one of his afternoon runs in beast form he tried to jump the river but the ground gave way beneath him and he was pulled down stream. In his panic he lost touch with Alistir's form and shifted back to his usual six year old form.


What happened next was barely a blur to him. He only remembered opening his eyes and seeing them. Ragdoll, Mandalay, Tiger, and Pixie-Bob kneeling over him. Instead of going into fanboy mode he panicked and jumped away from them shifting his form mid-jump.


"Its okay, no one here is going to hurt you. We pulled you out of the river." Mandalay told him using her telepathy.


"I know you." Izuku said after a few minutes to calm down. He let himself shift back to his child form. "Your the Wild, Wild Pussycats!"


"Very good, but I am afraid you have us at a disadvantage, you know our names, but we do not know yours." Pixie-Bob said kneeling down to get a better look at him.


"Midoriya, Izuku Midoriya." He said with a huge smile. When he thought about the river his smile faded. "I can’t believe I fell into the river. I run that path every day." He crossed his arms with a pout causing the Pussycats to laugh.


"So your the one who has been running our forest." Tiger said, Izuku looked up at him quickly.


"You- You're forest? I'm sorry, I live in a big house at the foot of the hill." Izuku said quickly. "We didn't mean to trespass, no one would tell us who owned the forest."


"Us? There are more than one of you?" Pixie-Bob asked.


"Not really, Alistir is my quirk." Izuku said. "The doctor thinks he is the instinct part of my beast form."


"That makes a lot of sense." Mandalay said. "I will make a deal with you. We have no problem with you running around and training in the forest. However, there are some areas that are too dangerous. All we ask is that you stay away from those areas until you are older."


"Give me a minute." he sat down going into meditation. 


"Alistir, what do you think?" Izuku asked when he got to the den.


"It is a good deal. Getting their permission is a big step in your training. It will allow us the chance to expand your range and if you are lucky you can get some help with your special abilities." Alistir answered after some thought.


"I think you are right. Maybe Miss Pixie-Bob can shore up that area by the river so we don't fall again." Izuku pondered. He left the den and opened his eyes. "We agree to your terms. Is there a way to mark unsafe areas?"


"I will work on that today." Pixie-Bob said. "Can I ask why you named him Alistir? It is not a common name."


"Oh, it's a Greek name. It means “defender of mankind”. The doctor said that a name should mean something. So I named him after the kind of Hero I want to be when I grow up." Izuku said blushing.


"That is quite a goal." Tiger said thoughtfully. "It is also a lot to live up to."


"We know, but we made smaller goals to help me get ready for it." Isuku said proudly.


"Do you know which hero school you want to attend." Mandalay asked. "I'm sure you thought about it at least once."


"Yes Ma'am, I plan on going to UA. It will be really hard though. It is the best school in the country." Izuku said deep in thought.


"That it is, and for good reason." Ragdoll said. "You still have a few years to get ready for it."


"I promise to work hard." Izuku said standing. "I should call my- oh." he pulled his phone from his pocket finding it completely waterlogged.


"Why don't we walk you home? You can show us the path you usually take." Pixie-Bob offered. "I would like to see where you fell in, if I can fix it, I will."


"That would be great!" Izuku started bouncing in place happily, but then he stopped. "I still need to finish my run though."


"We enjoy a good run." Ragdoll said with a smile. "I think we can keep up." Izuku couldn't help but hear a challenge in her voice. It caused him to grin and his form shifted


"Play tag?" Izuku asked before running off. The five of them played tag as they ran through the forest. Pixie-Bob tried to trip him up a few times by moving the earth to block his path but he either jumped over it or changed direction in time. Mandalay even tried distracting him by putting stray thoughts in his head but with Alistir's help he was able to push past it.


When Izuku finally stopped at the river he shifted back to normal. "This is where I fell in." He said. "I tried to jump. I think the rain caused the bank to wash out some. Normally I have no problem jumping it."


"It does look like it was washed out." Pixie-Bob said jumping down to get a better look at the river bank. "I can fix this, but when it rains its likely to wash out again."


"I can always find another place to cross." Izuku said conceding defeat in the matter. "It really isn't a big deal."


"I do think finding a safer place is your best option. We’ll find a place for you to cross." Tiger said. "How far are we from your house?"


"Not too far." Izuku said and they headed off at a slower pace. They spoke about Izuku's quirk and the Pussycats made him promise not to use his fire breath in the forest. When they came out to a clearing of wildflowers Izuku knelt down picking some for his mother. A growl from Izuku broke the quiet and he jumped shifting his form. He knocked Mandalay out of the way of something running through the wildflowers. He smelled blood but he could not tell where it was coming from. The Pussycats were frozen in shock seeing Izuku fighting off a boar with shining steel tusks. 


Izuku was well aware that some animals developed quirks. Having never seen one himself, he had no idea how to handle it. He had seen the damage in the forest and knew it had to be stopped. When he turned to lead the boar away from the Pussycats he saw them crowded around Mandalay, her costume was turning red. "I have to do something. Any bright ideas?"


"Fire, at the very least it might frighten the boar and it will flee, or it dies. Either way, you have to decide quickly." Alistir said. Izuku always trusted his input and he turned to face the boar. With his back to the others he hoped to protect them from his flames. Taking a deep breath he focused on his fire. The stream of fire was narrow, focused only on the boar. The wild boar struggled trying to avoid the flames but at the last second Pixie-Bob raised a barrier of earth pinning it in place. Scorched, and smelling faintly of roast supper, the boar ran off squealing in terror.


Izuku made his way over to Mandalay nudging Ragdoll out of the way. The gash across the stomach of the telepath was bad. Ragdoll tried to pull him away, believing it was not a sight for such a young boy. "I can heal!" Ragdoll let him go hearing his claim. When he smelled the wound he did not find any toxins. "No toxins." Izuku stated. "Hold wound the open." taking another deep breath he shifted his focus to healing. Like with his fire, the steam of healing mist was narrow, directed straight into the deepest part of the wound where it had barely scratched her organs.


Tiger, who had been holding Mandalay in his lap, was keeping the wound open. When he saw the scratches were healed he slowly started pushing the wound closed. Watching in morbid awe as the wound healed from the inside out. Izuku finally stepped away when the last of the wound closed. He flopped on the ground panting softly. Mandalay's eyes opened slowly.


"Midoriya, are you alright?" Pixie-Bob asked looking at the wolf beast.


"Just sleepy. Fatal wounds take more energy." Izuku said shifting back to normal. As he shifted the same mist settled over him healing the cuts and scratches he had. "Miss Mandalay will need iron rich food. Taking her to see a proper doctor is important. She will be weak, so she can't walk. When I change back go ahead and put her on my back. Mum's a nurse, she can check her over."

Mandalay was checked over by Inko and she agreed with Izuku's diagnosis of Anemia. With the amount of blood loss it was to be expected. She recovered nicely and the boar was eventually found and captured. It was given to the Research Center in the hopes of learning more about animals with Quirks.



Izuku went back to the Center monthly for updates to his records. It was made easier when Inko was offered a job with them, there were a surprising amount of injuries involved with their research and the doctors were excited to have a certified nurse in the building. Izuku was often seen running errands for the staff once he was given a quirk use license to allow him to help with the research. After Olivia returned to work Izuku was always asking about the baby. When he wasn't running errands for everyone else he was helping her.


When he told the Pussycats about his license they were excited and told him about a summer job. It allowed him to expand the territory he would run. Getting paid by the Pussycats and his work with the Center meant he had money to spend. With his license and the support of the Research Center he was able to get some support items to help him prepare for UA.


His two favorite items were his gear belt and headset. His only weapon was a wax wood staff, though he only used it in the forest with the Pussycats or under supervision at the Research Center. His belt was designed to stretch with him when he changed, it held his capture tape and bandages. He also used it to store energy replenishing snack bars. His headset allowed him to expand his visual and hearing range. It also had a communicator. He had handheld versions of the communicator made so he could give it to the Pussycats. 


He learned to use his fire breath and healing mist in his human form after a child's quirk made him sneeze. His quirk analysis helped the doctors out a lot and his notes were always detailed. When the Center found out he was writing everything in his notebooks they pooled the money together and bought him a laptop and an external drawing pad. The laptop had the same security as UA, so he knew it wasn't going to be hacked anytime soon.


The discovery he could use his abilities outside of his wolf form had him considering his options. After some work he was able to send his healing mist out of his hands, the attempt with fire breath was a total failure, burning his hands in the process, but he was pleased with the attempt.


Then, all too soon, Izuku was ten years old. 



Despite it being just after dawn, Izuku ran in his wolf form through the forest leaping and dodging trees, boulders, and other animals. It was a freedom he enjoyed and he was going to take full advantage of it. He trained in the forest for three hours every day. He would honestly admit that running was his favorite part of his training, so much he had decided to do it twice a day instead of just once. Morning runs were his favorite. He ran and ran until the concept of time seemed to vanish from his mind. He went too far beyond his usual rounds coming out to a clearing with a dozen people practicing their Quirks in various ways. He laid in the shadow of a fallen tree to watch them. Not realizing he was being watched.


"Our Forest Guardian is here." Ragdoll said looking at the others.


"Forest Guardian?" A man asked, his expression was tired but they could tell he was curious.


"About five years ago we noticed him running the forest. Since he wasn't causing any trouble we decided to leave him alone. We modify his path daily so he isn't running the same thing over and over. Over the last couple of years we have expanded the area he is allowed to use. We also enlist his help to keep the students on course when they go over the cliff. He runs behind them to make sure no one gets seriously hurt." Tiger answered. A scream broke their quiet conversation. Before any of them could react a blur of black and green passed them from the trees.


Izuku ran towards the smell of blood before his mind even had a chance to register that he had moved. Skidding to a stop he made his way to a teenage girl. The Pro-Heroes behind him had finally caught up. Across the girl's back was a deep gash going from the top of her shoulder down to her opposite hip. When she saw the wolf beast standing over her, she tried to pull herself up but he pinned her down with one massive paw. "Don't move." He sniffed the wound but found no toxins present.


"We need to get her to a hospital." One of the students said in a panic.


"Too far." Izuku said being perfectly blunt. "Cord near cut." Hearing what he said everyone seemed to fall silent.


"No one here has any healing abilities." Mandalay said. "Can you help her?"


"Will try, no promises." Izuku said. "Need hands." All of the students stepped back in fright. Tiger stepped up pushing gently past the students.


"What do you need?" Tiger asked.


"Hold her, like last time." Izuku took a deep breath exhaling the blue mist directing it first to her spinal cord. He knew there was no guarantee he would be able to heal it all with the limited energy he had, but he was going to try. Tiger watched in awe as the girl's almost severed spinal cord began to merge back together without a scar. When he moved to the muscle of her shoulder Tiger helped push the severed edges together. They merged fairly well and moments later they were working on closing up the skin. It only took about a few minutes, but the girl was dangerously pale.


Vlad King stepped up laying his hand on the ground. Slowly all the spilled blood around her raised off the ground. He spun it around in his hand expelling the dirt, rocks, and other impurities. He directed it back into her system slowly to allow her collapsed veins to adjust to increased blood flow. When he was finished Izuku closed up the last bit. When he was finally finished he looked around.


"It's okay, everyone here is training to be a Pro." Tiger said. Izuku shifted back to normal ten year old boy. His gear belt and headset were hidden by an over-sized hoodie with his wolf form printed on the front. He lowered the hood looking around at everyone.


"H-hello?" Izuku said moving to hide behind Tiger. When he recognized the tired, dark haired, man as the underground Pro-Hero Eraserhead he almost went into fanboy mode, but it was immediately shut down.


"Why did you get involved?" He demanded to know. "What you did was dangerous."


"My body moved before I could even think about it." Izuku admitted. "I had to try."


"I see," He turned to the Pussycats and sighed. "I will take her back to UA and have Recovery Girl check her over. While I am gone, see if you can get these kids to realize that kid was even more of a hero than any of them could hope to be." The tired man stated before walking off to call Recovery Girl and inform her of the situation. 


"You did good Izuku." Ragdoll said. "You look hungry, I think this is a perfect time to break for lunch. You are welcome to join us."


"Lunch sounds perfect. I'm sorry I crossed the boundary line. I was so focused on the run I got distracted by it." Izuku admitted as they made their way to the buildings. “I left at dawn. I think I will put my headset in the office, it needs to be charged.” He headed off into the office taking the headset off. He switched it to Standby and set it on the base locking it in place to charge. He took out his phone telling his mother what happened so it would not frighten her if she got home early and he was not there. Satisfied with his efforts he headed back to the group.


"You didn’t cross the boundary Izuku, we moved it last night." Pixie-Bob said when she sat beside Izuku for lunch. "We have been keeping a close eye on your progress and we figured you can easily handle the area."


"Oh, that’s good I guess." Izuku said. "I will bring the laptop tomorrow so we can draw out the new area for my headset."


"That won’t be needed Izuku. You can run the entire forest. Once in awhile we may put up a challenge for you as well." Tiger said messing up his hair. "You know this forest better than most, so you can help guard it when we are away on missions."


"Don't I do that anyway?" Izuku asked. The adults stopped to think about it before joining him in laughter.



Izuku woke up that morning feeling a pit in his stomach. "Alistir, I have a really bad feeling."


"I agree, something is very wrong. Perhaps now would be a good time to call the Pussycats." Alistir advised. Izuku agreed and called them up. It was one of those times he was happy to be friends with the Hero Team.


"Hi, it's Izuku. I just woke up, but all of my instincts tell me something is wrong. Alistir agrees and he suggested I let you know." Izuku said as soon as someone picked up the phone.


"It's okay Izu." Izuku recognized it at Tiger. "I will let the others know. We have learned to trust your instincts."


"I know it isn't much to go on. I plan on sticking around the house for the day and makeup my workout throughout the week. I know you guys still have the UA students, so I wanted you to be aware." Izuku explained.


"Good idea. Keep your belt on and your radio. If anything happens you let us know." Izuku smiled hearing Mandalay. She must have taken the phone from Tiger.


"I will. Every hour I will patrol our property, but I do not plan on crossing into the forest. If that plan changes I will alert you." Izuku added after a split moment of thought. They made plans to check in later and Izuku went downstairs to see his mother. "Mom, I have a really bad feeling."


"You too?" Inko looked at Izuku and sighed. "I woke up feeling the same way. Last time I felt like this-"


"Dragon." Izuku stated, the venom in his voice made it clear he was not interested in his father's return.


"Right, I already called the office and told them I was not going to be able to come in. They understood and since I do not take much time off, I built up a few days." Inko said looking down at her coffee. Izuku took the headset off the charge base on the counter placing it around his head locking it in place over his ears. He pressed the button activating it and a small screen dropped over his eye. It allowed him to slide through the security cameras they had set up around the house.


"I’ll patrol. I have already alerted the Pussycats about my concerns and they'll be on alert. Hopefully it’s nothing, but I would rather they be aware of any possible situation." Izuku said as he put on his shoes. "All I ask is that you do not leave the house."


"I was not planning on it." Inko said trying to smile. "Be careful."


"I always am." He said as he headed out to walk the grounds. Pressing the comm on his headset he filled in the Pussycats on the current theory. "We believe he may be a Villain. We do not have solid proof to back up our theory. We never see him long enough to put any dates together."


"That sounds bad. If I recall you said he has a fire breath quirk." Ragdoll mentioned.


"Yes, according to mom it is stronger than mine, but she claims his tend to get out of control quickly." Izuku said, he stopped by the willow tree. "Not good." He flipped through the cameras finding the feed on each one cut. "He’s already here. All of my cameras are down."


"We have Eraser on the way to you. Pixie is coming through the forest with golems." Mandalay answered. "Keep your comm on Izu. I have alerted some other pros in the area and they will be making their way to you."


"I thought the new smells on the wind were from the crew working on the road, now I think he brought friends. Best double time that backup." Izuku said running back towards the house. The land they owned was vast. When he got to the house panic set in. 


The house had come to love was up in flames. Hisashi Midoriya stood in the yard, Inko was on the ground at his feet.


Izuku couldn’t hear her breathing.




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Chapter Text

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Green flames churned around his small frame as Izuku screamed at the man standing over his mother’s body. She was the only confirmed member of his pack. Eraserhead came up the driveway in time to witness the ten-year-old lose command of himself as his heart broke, Izuku replaced by a hulking, wolfish form. His body ripped and his bones broke. His anguished scream became an enraged howl as the shift finished. Alistir stood at an imposing 10 feet tall. Bone spikes erupted from his back and down the length of his body, noxious green flames licking their way up wickedly clawed feet. 


The infuriated beast lunged for the man with unnatural speed, only for him to try shooting him with a breath of fire. Alistir was unaffected and continued charging. Aizawa could smell the stench of burning fur, but he realized with a glance he was powerless to stop it. Alistir hit the man, his father, with his massive paw throwing him into the burning house. Alistir jumped in after him refusing to let him escape through the flames. Aizawa took the opportunity to collect Inko’s body. 


“Your death will not be swift!” Alistir growled, biting into the man’s shoulder. He flung his father against one of the steel support pillars, too angered to comprehend the sick, but satisfying, crunch of his father’s spine hitting the post. Alistir kept tearing into the man until the heat and flames were too much to bear. He threw the man out into the yard bolting out after him with hungry eyes, just in time to avoid the house collapsing. 


“Izu, it’s okay.” Pixie-Bob urged struggling to get past Aizawa. “Please, you need to calm down! Killing him will not bring her back! You know that!” 


But we will feel better, he can not kill again.” 


Pixie-Bob barely swallowed a gasp, she had only heard the strange voice twice before. Both times had occurred when Izuku was badly injured during their training sessions.


“Alistir, think about Izuku. Do you want the death of his father on his hands?” She walks up to him cautiously when she finally pushed past him. Raising herself up on a pillar of earth she looked into his eyes. “Think about it. Would you take the risk of tainting his dream of being a hero? A hero knows when there is no other choice but to take a life and when to spare one. Right now you make that choice. Do you kill him? Or do you let him live?”


“He killed her, perhaps hundreds, thousands more!” Alistir roared his frustration as he tried to get past her. She kept moving along with him. 


“Then let their families get justice too. Let him face trial; he will spend the rest of his life in Tartarus. You know about the prison. You know he will not escape.” Pixie-Bob said. When he lowered his head to her, she sighed petting him. “I know it hurts. Trust me, believe me when I say it will never go away. With time, it will get easier to bear. Let this be the first act of Alistir, the Hero who Protects. Prove to the world you are not a Villain. Be the Hero she would want you to be.” 


“Where will we go? We have nothing.” Alistir sobbed. The spikes began to shrink along with his size. 


“If he is a villain, you will need protection from any allies he may have. I took out a few of them in the forest, but I am sure several more escaped.” Pixie-Bob explained. 


“How about living with two Pro-Heroes?” Aizawa asked, stepping up to him cautiously. “You impressed me the other day. It doesn’t happen often Kid.” 


“What about my work?” Izuku’s voice came out this time. Pixie-Bob stepped away, taking a roll of capture tape from her belt to bind the unconscious villain. 


“I have no problem with you doing it on days off. My husband and I both work at UA.” Aizawa explained. “He wants to meet you, anyway. He wants to meet the future hero who impressed me. Even if it is not with us. You will still need to be protected.” Slowly, Izuku shifted back to his ten-year-old form. The healing mist settled over him, closing up a majority of his wounds. He finally looked up at them. Tears were pouring down from golden eyes, sadness, anger, and fear rolling down his face in silent rivers. Turning, he looked back at the still-burning house, then he looked at his father. His eyes rolled back, and he collapsed as if a puppeteer cut his strings.


When Izuku’s eyes finally opened again, he found himself in a room of white. With a deep breath he coughed smelling the disinfectant cleaners and a dozen people. They had come and gone, all but one. He looked over at the man in the chair by the window. Izuku recognized him as Eraserhead. He went to speak but Izuku held up his hand. He could hear every sound around him and it was far too much to handle. He pulled a pair of modified ear plugs from the stand by the bed before plugging his ears. Izuku sighed, feeling the darkness fading from his mind. The noise from the hospital was putting him on edge. 


“I see your finally awake.” The man said standing. “Do not speak, your throat is still raw.” He walked out into the hall coming back a few moments later. “A nurse will be in shortly.”


“How long was I out?” Izuku signed. It was one of the rescue skills he had learned while working with the research center.


“About three days.” Aizawa answered. “How long have you been signing?”


“A few years. I learned to help a girl made deaf by her quirk.” Izuku said as he slowly sat up. “When I use my fire breath too much, I can not speak until my mouth heals. My healing mist is useful, but I don’t use it on myself unless I have no choice.”


“That is a good skill to have. It will serve you well during an emergency.” Aizawa explained moving over to sit beside the bed. “I spoke to a few people about your situation.”


“I see, what did you come up with?” Izuku inquired. “I do not have any other family.”


“My husband and I filed the paperwork for custody. I wanted to ask about your gear.” Aizawa said, holding up the broken headset. Izuku’s heart broke seeing the headset, the one he helped design, held together by two wires.


“We designed the headset and my belt to grow with me when I shift forms. I guess it didn’t survive the enraged form.” Izuku stated. 


“No, but I could send the pieces off to someone I know to see if they can recreate it. He works for UA and has access to specialized material.” Izuku tried to think of who Aizawa had been talking about.


“They wove it with silk from a woman with a spider quirk. Her husband is my doctor at the Research Center for Quirk Evolution and Education.” He signed again looking up at the ceiling. His gear was his comfort. Without it he felt exposed, vulnerable.


“I know very little about the place, I have heard of it. Everything I have heard so far has been good.” Izuku smiled thinking about the place he thought of as a second home.


“They are good people. Do you know if anything from my room survived? I kept my most important things in a safe. With my quirk I required it, when I get sick I sneeze fire.” He signed trying not to laugh as the memory when it happened the first time.


“Yes, your notebooks and laptop survived. It is good to know about your fire. I will have your room fireproofed.” Aizawa said noting to himself to have the Center work with UA to make the changes.


“They bought me the laptop because I help with quirk analysis. They did not approve of me using my notebooks for it all the time. Because of what I learn about quirks, if it fell into the wrong hands it would spell disaster for both civilians and heroes.” Izuku said. When Aizawa handed him the laptop, he hugged it to his chest. 


“That is interesting, I read a few of your notebooks. If I didn’t know about Alistir, I would think-” Aizawa stated, the kid was continuously impressing him. It was becoming a regular occurrence with him.


“I had an analysis quirk?” Izuku signed. “My mom said that all the time. She found it amusing. I am just really good at observation.”


“What can you observe about me? Right now?” Aizawa asked. He would never admit it, but he was curious about the kid. He had a few theories, but he needed proof.


“Are you sure you want me to do that? I get a little carried away.” Izuku asked, his signing slow as his mind started to process what he already knew.


“I asked, didn’t I?” Aizawa asked, he could tell Izuku was not entirely comfortable doing it. He would have to address that soon. Except, even he was not prepared to hear what the boy knew.


“Very well,” Izuku turned to look at him up and down. “Eraserhead, civilian name is unknown, to me. Married to Present Mic for at least four years. Teacher at UA for three years. You have no children, but you consider your students close enough. You expel most of them each year because you do not see potential in them or if they are not taking their lessons seriously. You also have six, no, seven cats. One of them is a long-haired Maine Coon. Your quirk gives you dry eye, you wear the goggles so no one can tell who you are looking at when you are fighting more than one person.” Izuku looked at him one more time. “Your scarf is a capture weapon, though you use it mostly to assist in your hand to hand combat skills. In essence, you fight quirkless bringing your opponents onto an equal playing field.”


“That is-” Aizawa stood.


“I’m sorry, I warned you. Sometimes I do not know where to stop.” Izuku signed quickly.


“I know. You information is highly accurate. I am not sure how you got the information.” Aizawa said simply.


“Mom said she believed I am Autistic. Sometimes I have sensory overload. When that happens, I shift, so it is easier for me to handle. I am very obsessed with quirks. I have been told I am overly observant. Details stick out to me."  Izuku signed. He was not formally diagnosed, but there were times he had to consider it was possible.


“I will have a specialist talk it over with you.” Aizawa mentioned as the door opens. 


“A specialist? Anything I can help with?” Izuku looked up seeing his favorite doctor.


“Doctor Seamus!” Izuku finger signed quickly.


“Yes, it is good to see you too Izuku. They assigned me to your case. I’m so sorry about Inko. I have told everyone at the center what happened.” Seamus said walking over to him. “How are you feeling? And remember, I can read you like an open book, so no lies.”


“My throat hurts, scale is about six. My arms and legs feel heavy, but I suspect that is due to being still for a while. Other than that, I am hungry, I want a bath, and I really want to run.” Izuku explained. His signing was slow, so the doctor could write it all down.


“You have done this before.” Aizawa stated.


“Izuku has lost control once before, that I know of. That is why I was brought in to assist his recovery. The last time he was only out for several hours.” Seamus explained.


“I will take custody of him. I will need a copy of his file for UA.” Aizawa said. “I do not intend on stopping him from any work he does with your center. My husband and I are both Pros, our days off are not very common. On our days off we have no problem bringing him to the center.”


“I wanted to offer him a part-time job once he has recovered. Since you are to be his guardian, I do not see why we can not discuss it now.” He sat down in a chair. “We are opening a smaller office close to UA. We have found that some people have a hard time getting out to the main location. It will specialize in identification and training. A few of our specialists will transfer to the city; they have asked if Izuku wants to be their primary assistant. I will also move into the city for the first year to help them get set up.” Seamus explained. “I know Olivia will transfer to the new office.”


“As long as there is no problem with it, I would be happy to accept. The only problem I think I would have is that my license is prefecture based. Transferring it will be a pain.” Izuku signed.


“License?” Aizawa inquired.


“A quirk use license. Because of his work with us, we could get him one to assist us with our work. He is a gifted healer and also fills a vital role for children afraid of their quirk.” Seamus explained. “His insight into a person’s quirk is unmatched.”


“About that, I want him tested for Autism.” Aizawa demanded.


“I see, Inko and I had been discussing it. I can arrange the testing within our program. It would make sense, considering what we know.” Seamus made a few notes in his tablet. “As for your license, I will look into the situation and see what I can come up with.”


“I will look at things from my end. I know someone who may help. Though he will want to look at all the information you have on Izuku and the work he has done. Which means presenting him a copy of all his quirk notes.” Aizawa said, he was hesitant to introduce the two.


“It may take some time to put everything together.” Seamus looked over at Izuku who seemed to have fallen back to sleep. “Did you tell him about his eyes?”


“No, we had not gotten to that yet.” Aizawa said. “He has enough on his mind right now.”


“She was a wonderful woman. I can't believe something like this happened. I know she was concerned, but we never thought it would turn out like this. I only recommended that house because Izuku needed the space to run.” Seamus pulled the blanket up covering Izuku. “I am glad your friend could talk Alistir out of killing him. I do not think it would have ended well for Izuku. We are just lucky there was one security camera on the property that recorded him losing control. We were able to compare it with what happened last time. With your reports and Miss Pixie-Bob’s statements, he will not be charged with anything.”


“I agree. How long will he need to stay here?” Aizawa asked. “I only ask because I have students who will be worried about him.”


“Ah, he should be able to leave in another day or two. Comfortably I would like him to stay until he can shift between the two forms freely. He has a strong drive to improve, so I doubt he will need long to manage it. His throat will need two weeks to heal fully, his voice will be rough and scratchy until he exercises the cords. They were badly burned between the smoke and his fire breath.” Seamus explained looking over his notes. 


“He mentioned that he can use his fire and healing without having to change forms.” Aizawa said looking at the sleeping boy. “I will need help in fireproofing a bedroom for him.”


“We have a housing team who specializes in making our patients living arrangements suitable for their quirks. Izuku does not get sick often, so you shouldn’t have to worry about any fire sneezing. When he gets sick, there are quirk suppressant medications he can take to minimize the possibility.” Seamus said. “He does not like to take them. So, we mostly use them when he gets too sick to put up much of a struggle.”


“I am not sure I understand.” Aizawa said admittedly confused. “One would think he would take the pills willingly to avoid accidentally blasting flames everywhere.”


“He loves that part of the pills. It is losing Alistir’s presence he has a problem with. Izuku is not like any other ten-year-old I have ever worked with. He has almost no friends outside of those he meets at the office. Even then, most of them he sees only once or twice. Alistir is the closest thing he has to a best friend outside of one other. A young boy he met his first day in my care. I will see if his parents do not mind me passing over their contact information. Sadly, I was working with him when I got the call and my assistant is less than subtle in an emergency, she shouted that Izu had lost control.” Seamus said sighing. “If it were not for her outstanding skills in office work, I would have no issues firing her.”


“I can see how that would be a problem. About that specialist we were talking about.” Aizawa knew he should get it set up as soon as possible. The two discussed it and much more.



They cleared Izuku to leave the hospital after three more days of tests. It turned out that his eyes were permanently gold. It had freaked him out at first, but eventually he got used to it. It helped that everyone who saw them thought they looked good on him.

One of them was Rei; she lived in the hospital in the ward above his. She came down to read to him after hearing his new guardian had been called away for Hero work. His least favorite part about his hospital stay was the food, but it was easily overshadowed by his first meeting with Present Mic. Hizashi Yamada had shown up in his Hero gear, which made Izuku launch into full fanboy mode.




“Hey there Little Listener!” Aizawa pinched the bridge of his nose when his husband walked in. Izuku’s eyes went wide. 


“Here it comes.” Aizawa lamented. As if on cue Izuku launched into a flood of sign language and barely spoken words. Hizashi couldn’t keep up with it.


“Slow down Little Listener. I can only answer one question at a time.” Hizashi said, Izuku watched in shock as he signed as he spoke.


“You sign!” Izuku said, his face showing real excitement.


“I do, I was born with my quirk. When I was born, I made my parents and the doctors deaf. I was taught sign very early. It also helped when I learned my own quirk was making me deaf. I have hearing aids, but sometimes I forget to wear them.” He explained sitting on the edge of the bed by the green-haired boy.


“Did your parents tell you what happened?” Izuku asked.


“They did. I was terrified of my quirk for a long time after that. I went mute in fear of hurting someone else.” Hizashi explained. “It took a long time for me to forgive myself for something I had no control over. I hear you are having the same problem with Alistir.” Hizashi said. He knew it was not good to let the little boy dwell in his fear. “I saw the security footage.” Izuku looked away in shame. “I think I know what the problem is. You are afraid that if you change again, you will hurt someone again.”


“I almost killed him. If it had not been for Recovery Girl, he would have died. If it was not for the fact Alistir likes Pixie-Bob, she might have gotten hurt too.” Izuku finally admitted. Aizawa sat back letting the two talk. He figured that the only way to help the boy was to have him meet someone who went through the stage of fearing their quirk. 



“It is not a large house, but it is close to UA.” Aizawa said as they pulled up to the house. Izuku saw something rather odd standing on the porch, sipping on some tea. He? It? Whatever it was, they were directing some people in uniforms to load boxes into the house. Standing beside him was a woman in a thin mask that did nothing to hide who she was. The skin tight costume and whip at her side had Izuku running out of the car. “Oh, no.”


“Miss Midnight!” Izuku said, his voice was scratchy, but he knew it would take time to work the cords.


“Aww, aren’t you the cutest thing ever!” She commented kneeling down to get a good look at him. He went to go into his thousand question inquisition but Aizawa unleashed his scarf around the boy’s mouth.


“What are you two doing here? Where did all of this come from? Who said you could invade our house?” He demanded to know.


“That would be my fault.” Doctor Seamus said slipping past one of the movers. “I called UA to plan to have Recovery Girl made aware of Izuku’s medical situation.”


“Which caught my attention, considering I had not been made aware of the addition to your family. Naturally I spoke to Miss Kayama about the development.” the creature said. His gaze was locked on Izuku who was trying to identify what was in front of him. The adults halted their conversation, trying to hear his quiet mutterings.


“Splice.” Izuku said finally, it was the only logical conclusion he could come up with.


“I see, that is your conclusion?” Izuku nods once to the creatures question.


“It is. Though this is the first time I have seen you in person, I know of you. Nezu, your quirk is High-Specs. You are considered an animal by most logical analysis, but identifying what you are has been next to impossible. Your quirk makes you smarter than most humans, though the full extent of that is unknown since you constantly refuse to take any formal IQ testing. You are a Pro-Hero, but you spend your time as the Principal of UA.” When he finally stopped talking he looked around at the adults. “Sorry, I did it again, didn’t I?”


“You did, that is not exactly a bad thing though.” Hizashi said finally, it was the first time he had seen Izuku analyse someone.


“I believe this is the first time I have ever seen him unable to speak.” Kayama said looking at Nezu who was indeed frozen in shock. Aizawa urged them all inside to continue their conversation.


“Cat!” Izuku squealed, rushing up to the giant cat tree in the corner where he found a small fluffy grey kitten. He was hiding from all the people who had seemed to invade his home. “Kitty Kitty,” he reached in to pet him not hearing Hizashi trying to stop him. The kitten in question opened his eyes, looking at the boy curiously. Izuku laughed when the kitten climbed out of the hiding hole, down to his shoulder. “Fluffy kitty.”


“That is Kae. He hates everyone.” Hizashi complained. “Well, everyone except you.” Izuku plucked the kitten off his shoulder, cradling him gently. “We found him a few days ago.” Izuku gently rolled the kitten onto its back running a finger over a scratch releasing his healing mist out of his fingertip. Then he repeated the action over the kitten’s ear healing the rip.


“There, all fixed.” Izuku said. He looked over at the others.


“That is an impressive ability.” Nezu said he seemed to have regained thought.


“It is, I saw him use it on one of my students. Her career would have been over if he hadn’t. Her spine had been almost severed,” Aizawa stated.


“I told you, I moved before I could think about it.” Izuku argued as he sat on the floor in front of the cat tree playing with the kitten in his lap.


“I never said what you did was wrong.” Aizawa state ruffling his hair.


“I have yet to hear of this event.” Nezu stated. “I am curious.” Izuku explained it. His tale holding all the gathered adults on the edge of their seats. “I see, can we see this transformation?”


“I don’t know. I do not think there is room in here.” Izuku said looking around. “I would not want to break anything.” Izuku put Kae back up into the hiding hole and went to the backyard. He shifted his form, he ran around a little before laying down observing them. Until now, Alistir had been quiet.


“Alistir, I think I messed up.” Izuku thought.


“No, I think they are just surprised at how big you are.” Alistir said trying to calm the boy. 


“So cute!” Kayama said, walking out to him. “You look fluffy.” Izuku raised his head against her hand. She pet him gently. Soon the others came out to see them. Nezu walked around him curiously.


“You are big.” Nezu stated.


“I was smaller, as I grow so does this form.” Izuku explained.


“He gets bigger too.” Shouta said leaning against the doorway.


“Only when I lose control.” Izuku said. “That has only happened twice.”


“I see, I would like to have you come to UA. I would like to see more of what you can do.” Nezu said.


“G-Go to UA?” Izuku shifted back too fast and he fell to the ground. “Really?”


“Of course. I understand you have been going to the Research Center for updates to your file, but I would like to see these skills for myself.” Izuku thought about what Nezu said and nods.


“I have no problem with it.” Izuku admitted. “I planned on applying for UA eventually anyway.”


“Is that so? I look forward to it.” Nezu said. Once they were all back inside the adults got to talking about why everyone was there, finally.


“Right, I needed access to the house so I could move Izuku’s quirk safe into his room. As well as setting up some of the things my team put together for him.” Seamus explained. He opened one of the boxes taking out a new headset. Izuku jumped up grabbing it. “I thought you would be happy with this, I already put the primary base in your room. There is also a secondary base beside the house phone.”


“Support gear?” Kayama asked.


“Yes, and I have a license for them too.” Izuku put on the headset happily. He was eager to explore the new tech. The first thing he did, settle the plugs in his ears. 


“Izuku is a difficult case. There are times when my team wonders if he is autistic. The testing has been arranged as soon as he feels up to it.” Seamus explained. “The headset serves two functions, it allows us to monitor his mental state as well as his physical one. It also helps with limiting his hearing without having to limit anything else.”


“So hearing aids, in reserve?” Kayama asked. “How could that be helpful?”


“Imagine for a moment you are standing in a room with a dozen people. Izuku’s hearing allows him to hear each breath, each heartbeat, the movement of fabric when someone takes a step. His headset helps to block out some of that sound.” Seamus mentioned looking at everyone. “Sensory overload is a big problem for him sometimes, we use the headset to help limit that.”


“I spent an entire weekend in wolf form to help build stamina, and to see how long I could hold it. When I shifted back I found that all of my senses were heightened. My headset also monitors my heart rate and sends me a visual warning on the visor screen when I am reaching my limit.” Izuku explained. He was sitting against the couch with the kitten napping in his lap. His eyes were closed.


“Well said Izuku.” Seamus praised. “As for the boxes, they mostly contain clothes, bedding, and toiletries, all of them quirk-proof and set for his sensory problems.”


“You seem to have everything taken care of, for that I thank you.” Hizashi said looking at Izuku. “What can we expect when he has an overload?”


“That all depends, Izuku tends to shift forms when it happens. The best thing to do is get him outside if you see him rocking at all. The yard is large enough that he should have no problem running around to settle himself. If it takes him off guard he tends to panic. We think part of his quirk causes him to seek cover. From there he will shut down. If you will, imagine a computer trying to run hundreds of programs simultaneously. The best thing to do is make it as quiet and as dark as possible. He responds well to talking, but keeping a calm steady voice is key. We believe it is the vibrations of speaking that help the most. If not caught in time he will also start scratching at his arms. Which is one of the reasons he wears long sweatshirts.” Seamus explained. He could see the adults taking notes on their phones. “Alistir will prevent him from shifting forms inside, except in the case he is in school when it happens. For those of you who do not know, Alistir is the instinct behind the form. In an emergency he can take over and remove Izuku from a situation. If that were to happen he will need a safe place to go.”


“UA,” Nezu offered. “I have worked with several students over the years with similar meltdown risks. There is a room on the first floor that is soundproof and has no windows. It has not been used in the last few years, I would be willing to work with your team to make it appropriate for Midoriya.”


“I would be honored to work with you.” Seamus stated. “His headset usually shifts with him, though it is hidden under his fur, his headset can be modified to act as an ID so he can get onto the school grounds.”


“I will speak to our Support Department about the modifications. We should also include an alert to our phones in the case of something happening. Even if Midoriya can settle himself, being able to keep track of his meltdowns would be beneficial for his file.” Nezu thought aloud. "The only problem I see with it acting as his ID is that it can be a high security risk."


"Not exactly. I am not surprised he has not mentioned it. He has an implant in his skull. It will not activate until the headset is clicked into place." Seamus explained. "It was Izuku's idea since his headset already acts like an ID for the office. He had the same security concerns."


“He was taking mostly online classes. He tried normal school but the schools closest to their home kept claiming funding problems when we advised them about the changes that needed to be made. I contacted the program and told them a slightly modified version of what happened, they have agreed to put his work on hold until he feels up to trying again. He was well ahead in his studies so I doubt taking another week or two off will be much trouble for him.” Seamus explained. “It also does not help that he can not stand bullies, he terrified a boy into running away more than once. Inko decided online schooling would suit him better.”


“I have no tolerance for bullies either. I have an idea. I will take him as my personal student. That way he can be at UA during school hours if something were to happen.” Nezu decided. Everyone looked down at Izuku who appeared to have fallen asleep.


“It has been a long day for him.” Aizawa stated scooping up the boy. Izuku mumbled twisting in his arms but he did not wake. Aizawa sighed and took him upstairs to his new bedroom. The room was covered in an instant wallpaper depicting a massive forest. Aizawa looked at what appeared to be a nest of blankets, he laid the sleeping boy in the nest covering him with one of the blankets. Easing the headset off he took a look at the implant, which looked like a tiny outlet. He set the headset aside after taking a moment to turn it off.


They all had a long road ahead of them, but Shouta was not ashamed to admit that he was looking forward to seeing the Hero his Problem Child turned out to be.


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Chapter Text

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So, this chapter has a few warnings.

Sensory Overload

Blood, lots of blood.


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Izuku settled into living with the Pro-Heroes fairly well. The house was sound proof for Hizashi’s sake and Izuku enjoyed the peace and quiet. Except for when Hizashi would accidentally use his voice and frighten Izuku into a meltdown.




Izuku was on the floor in front of the sofa watching the news while taking notes on the fight. Kae was settled in his lap with four other felines. It seemed to be their favorite place to take a nap. Unless Izuku was outside in full form. Then they napped on his back.


Hizashi burst through the door.


Strike one. 


“I’m home!!” He yelled, his quirk bouncing off the walls and projecting through the open door. He did not see the sign on the door warning quiet. 


Strike two


Strike three came when the insane blonde jumped over the sofa to hug Izuku. The green-haired boy froze, his mind dropping into sudden darkness, his heartbeat pulsing in his head. The ticking of the clock, the hissing and fluttering heartbeats of five frightened felines, the explosions on the TV and the panicked worry of the blonde were too much for him to handle. He curled up on himself clamping his hands over his ears.


Hizashi, realizing he messed up texted Shouta with a demand to get home. He ran around the room shutting off anything that produced any noise. One kitten, Calico, jumped onto the curtains sparking his memory to make it dark. He then grabbed one of Shouta’s sleeping bags bundling up the little boy. He pulled off his speaker system holding the boy to his chest.


He stayed curled up with Izuku holding him tight. It wasn’t the best option he had, but the two were alone. He had no other choice. When Shouta got home, not ten minutes had passed. The overloaded Izuku was trying to focus himself through meditative breathing. Shouta walked over to the kitchen making a fresh pot of coffee; he had a feeling they would need it. He fought back a chuckle when he realized Hizashi had fallen asleep holding their son.


When he saw Izuku come out of the sleeping bag a little while later he saw Izuku’s arms were littered with thin red lines. It seemed Izuku had been fighting the meltdown for a while.


The two sat in silence sipping on their cups of coffee. “I think starting tomorrow you will come with us to UA. I understand you enjoy being independent, and you have trouble relying on others. I think today shows us that until we get a handle on your overloads, leaving you here alone is not an option. Not that I do not trust you home alone, I just don’t believe you trust us enough to tell us when there is a problem. It has only been a week. We can’t expect this to be a fairy tale transition for you. I suspect you spend most of your time at the research center.” 


Izuku could only nod at Aizawa’s theory. 


“So you always had a team of people around you who could help you handle any potential overload.” 


Again the boy nods. 


“Until Hizashi and I have a better understanding of the situation, I would rather you be somewhere safe. Nezu told me today that your haven room is almost finished. If anything, you can shift forms and run around the grounds until you feel better.”


“That sounds like a perfect idea.” Hizashi said sitting up. “I don’t think he’s had a run since he got out of the hospital. For someone to go from doing it daily,” Izu held up two fingers. “ to twice a day?” Izuku nodded before sipping on his coffee again. “Then to have it drop to nothing, it may be too much for him to handle. At the very least his meltdown needs to be reported.”


“I would like to run. My runs were about two hours, morning and evening.” Izuku signed.


“Do you often use sign after an overload like this?” Aizawa asked. Izuku thought about it and nods slowly. He stuck out his tongue a little showing he had bitten it at some point. “That explains it. Let’s get you to Recovery Girl.” Shouta wrapped him up in a thick heavy blanket carrying him out to the car. By the time they reached UA he was sound asleep.


**End Flashback**


Within three days Izuku had his diagnosis, Autism. High-Functioning on the scale, but it still frightened Izuku. He had no idea if he could be a Pro-Hero with a diagnosis like that.




Izuku was sitting with Recovery Girl studying up on healing and battlefield medicine when the call came in. He could never remember seeing the woman so stressed. Whoever it was, they were hurt badly, perhaps dying. “Let me help!” Izuku pleaded with her. “Please!”


“Izuku, you do not understand-” She tried to calm him down, but she knew she would fall soon.


“I-I just wanted to be useful, to be helpful to you.” Izuku said trudging towards the door. “I guess I will go sit with Nezu-Sensei.”


“You will do as I tell you. You will be of no help to anyone if you overuse your quirk.” Recovery Girl stated. “Eat three of your energy bars and follow me.”


“What about Daddy and Papa?” Recovery Girl looked at him in surprise. Izuku had never called them that in front of anyone. 


“I know those boys, and they know you. They will have realized I took you with me.” She said with a smile. “Hurry now.” Izuku nods and pulls his headset off the spare charging base. Opening his drawer in her desk, he pulled out his gear belt and a spare charge pack for his headset. He ripped into the energy bars with one hand while clipping his belt on with the other.


The two raced in a police car to a special Hero only hospital. Izuku recognized the system as part of UA when his headset connected with the servers. “Izuku, this way.” He followed Recovery Girl and threw on the special quirk use gloves he kept in his belt. They allowed him to use his healing mist, but prevented anything from getting onto his skin. Security tried to stop him from following her, but he was forced to back off when Recovery Girl told him off.


Izuku had never seen so much blood. The man on the table was dangerously close to death. He looked so familiar that it was worrying to him. Before he could run through a list of known Heroes the man started choking on his own blood. Izuku’s mind fell blank before being flooded with all the medical knowledge he had built up over his year of study.


Izuku made use of everyone’s quirks by first getting a look at the internal damage. A quirk called Internal Eye made it a lot easier. It allowed him a real time look at all the details in the man’s chest. “I have to.” He put his hand up into the gaping wound, his eyes not once leaving the image he saw floating above the man. “His lungs are in bad shape.”


“Izuku,” Recovery Girl looked at him in shock. “What are you doing?”


“Rebuilding his lungs. I have to go slow.” Izuku stated while focusing his healing mist.


“Your headset is beeping.” Recovery Girl stated after Izuku moved his hand to the other lung. It was not as bad but it would take time.


“It is a warning. I give it about an hour before I have to leave. We are in a phone free zone, so the alarm has not been sent to your phone. Daddy and Papa got one, so did Nezu-Sensei.” Izuku explained. “Once I finish his lungs, I can use the Mist Bombs. They are not as effective, but it would give me a chance to settle myself.”


“You have taken over Izuku. Was it-”


“Yeah, I will not deny it was out of my hands. Instinct is impossible to ignore when there is this much blood. I am a beast. I accepted that a long time ago.” Izuku looked away from the quirk induced image looking at his mentor, she suppressed a gasp seeing his usually golden eyes were blood red. “I promise, I am okay. Let’s make sure he will be too.” As he pulled his hand out, he released more mist. When his internal supply ran out, he pulled away, removing the gloves to dig into his gear belt. His latest edition of his gear were the compressed mist balls made by the Support Course at UA. The idea had come from ninja style smoke bombs, Powerloader had been quite interested to see how it would turn out and allowed him to work with his students to make them. The work provided him with a critical piece of knowledge about his own quirk; his supply of healing mist was limited. Pulling the pin on the can he sprayed the compressed mist into the wound.


A gloved paw held up an energy bar, he munched on it quickly without sparing a look to Nezu-Sensei. He did not understand when his teacher had arrived but he knew it couldn’t have been better timing. The rest of the work was done in relative silence aside from the medical equipment and Izuku’s headset.


Izuku had used up all of his cans, and his internal supply. There would be a nasty scar, but everyone agreed it was a small price to pay for the work that had been done. One nurse lead Izuku over to a sink helping him to wash up. He was almost a living doll at this point. His mind was almost blank. His eyes had faded back to their usual gold color.


“He will either crash hard, or overload.” Shouta said looking at his son.


“I will not apologize for bringing him with me. Without his help there would have been little we could do. As it is now, he has a much better chance.” Recovery Girl stated. “I only wish I could have spared him seeing it.”


“He would have shifted and followed you. When his instinct to protect and heal take over, there is little you can do but accept his help.” Hizashi replied. They had all accepted it. “There is little you could have done.”


“Without his help, I do not think we could count today as a success.” One doctor stated walking up to them. “While I dislike having children in the Operating Room, I can not deny his skills.”


“He can not stand hospitals on a good day. I think it bothers his instincts. He wants nothing more than to heal and protect.” Recovery Girl explained. “We spoke about it once when we were discussing his plans. He plans on being a Pro-Hero. He got upset when I made a comment about being a Doctor.”


“Whatever path he decides on, I look forward to seeing how he will do.” the doctor said before walking off.


“He will still need to report to the Hero Commission about this. He could lose his license for this.” Shouta said heaving a sigh. “Our Problem Child.”


“I doubt they will go that far. For now, we will-” A nurse walked over interrupting Nezu.


“The young man had run off.” She hands them Izuku’s bloody clothes and his gear belt. “He said something about letting off some stress.”


“Thank you. I will take care of it.” Shouta said. He could think of a few places his son would go.


“No matter what anyone else says, I thank him for what he did today.” She smiled, bowed, and walked off.


“Where would he go?” Recovery Girl asked.


“If I had to guess I would think he went to see the Pussycats. Destroying a few dozen of Pixie-Bob’s golems will help him settle down. Either that, or he went back to UA to run through one of the testing zones.” The group walked out and took out their phones. The UA security system had pinged Izuku’s headset. Seeing what room he was in, the group raced back to UA.


When they found Izuku he was on the floor of Gym Gamma. Cementoss was standing by him. All around them were the smoldering ruins of pillars and walls. “He asked if I would help him blow off some steam.” Cementoss explained when they looked at him concerned. “I could tell he was already exhausted, but he refused to stop. What happened?”


“He met a wall he could not conquer.” Nezu explained while Recovery Girl checked over the passed out boy.


“He did everything he could.” Shouta tried to argue.


“He did, yes, but is that enough for him?” Nezu offered. Everyone stopped to consider it. “Izuku has been learning to handle his fire breath, but I see him working very little with his healing ability. We know so little about its limits and how much he can use it at a time.”


“He will be fine.” Recovery Girl said standing. Hizashi walked over picking up the sleeping boy. “He will need sleep and a full meal.” She looked at the ruins and sighed. “He will not use his mist because it would mean people are hurt. That is why he does not practice with it. I was the same way at his age. He doesn’t enjoy seeing people hurt. It is a reminder that he is not yet a Hero. He can not protect the people who may need him.” The startling revelation of her words stunned them all into silence. It seemed they all had a lot to consider.


"Just a thought, who is going to reveal to Izuku he saved the life of the Number One Hero?" Nezu asked curiously. 



Summary: A loud, crazy, blonde triggers Izuku into an overload. Izuku saves All Might.


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