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You Can't Go Home

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“Good to have you back, how did it go?”

Steve holds out his hand, then thinks better of it, and pulls Thor into a one-armed hug, slapping his shoulder.

“I believe we made a difference.”

Tony shakes his head. “I hope so. We’re gonna do this either way, but it will be a hell of a lot easier with the Coalition behind us.”

“And Asgard,” says Thor, quietly. That will be the next trip- one he’s been putting off making. Home .

In London it had seemed like the leaders of Midgard would vote in favor of allowing the Avengers to extend their reach beyond the planet’s boundaries, and even allow them to recruit their own team with minimal interference. The extent of Odin’s good-will towards the Avengers remains to be seen.

Loki. It all comes down to Loki.

The whole peace pact between Midgard and Asgard had teetered when S.H.I.E.L.D. accepted Loki’s surrender in exchange for the Tesseract, and it had taken Thor weeks of cajoling, reasoning and downright pleading to get his Father to see the harm of storming Midgard and dragging Loki back in chains. He’d hoped that the All-Father’s wisdom would outweigh his fury at Loki’s defiance when he’d escaped Asgardian justice, but his grief and humiliation over his son’s behavior has blinded him, and Thor is now left in the difficult position of assuring the Midgardian authorities that Asgard will have their backs in any interplanetary war, while not being quite certain that it’s true. The whole of their agreement hinges not just on Asgard’s nominal good-will, but their active support. 

He’s spent the last week telling politicians and military leaders that they can take Odin’s support for granted, and he knows all too well that without these reassurances everything they’ve worked so hard for will be for nothing. It galls him- they’d been greedy accepting Loki’s bargain, shortsighted, and disrespectful of Asgard. The All-Father has legitimate cause to doubt the intentions of his allies, and yet Thor knows that the two worlds must work together or be torn apart by Thanos.

You’ll have to go back there. There’s nothing else for it....

And he’s beginning to suspect that Loki will need to come too. Odin’s wounded pride will accept nothing less but to wound Loki equally. If he can go there, perform some act of contrition that will cool the flames of Odin’s anger, perhaps things can be mended. He’s known it for months, but hasn’t managed to find the courage to bring it up with Loki.

Can I really ask that of him? And if I do, is there the smallest chance he’ll agree?

If there is, it will be out of love for him-Thor, and isn’t that a sort of betrayal? Blackmail, almost? If you love me, you’ll do this for me . It doesn’t sit well with him, but something will need to be done.

Speaking of love, Thor is a little surprised that Loki isn’t here in the palatial common room to greet him. Even Bruce has dragged himself away from his papers for long enough to share a drink. He shakes his head, smiling to himself. Loki , Loki will you ever feel secure enough in my love that you don’t need me to chase you?

As he walks towards his own quarters, travel-weary and looking forward to a hot shower and his own bed, he cannot help but picture the sight that awaits him. Because what he’s missed most of all on this trip was Loki.

Has his Brother missed him? He suspects he won’t be able to tell even if he has. Maybe he’ll be slumped in a chair pretending to be asleep as though waiting for Thor is far too tedious to stay awake for. Perhaps he’ll be engrossed in a book, barely glancing up as Thor drops his suitcase on the floor.

Oh are you back today? I thought it was tomorrow.

Maybe he won’t be there at all, waiting for Thor to come to his own rooms. He isn’t always the easiest of romantic partners, but Thor supposes he earned this with his rejection of Loki all those years ago. Any insecurity Loki feels is his own fault and he hopes that one day he can atone for it. His fingers move to the pocket of his jacket where the large square box distorts the leather. He’s going to hate this.  

If he does, he does. If Loki doesn’t see the meaning in the gift and accept it, then the gift is worthless anyway. Thor is aware that he’s nervous- far more nervous than he had been during any of the negotiations.

Perhaps it will be better if he isn’t there. My courage will fail and I’ll put the box away in a drawer and forget it a while longer.

In fact, when he opens the door he thinks at first that Loki isn’t there. The couch by the vast picture window where he likes to sprawl with his book is empty, although the lights are on and irritating fiddly violin music of the type Loki favors is playing softly.


He takes a step into the room, which is all he manages before Loki is in his arms, shoving him back into the door, his arms wrapping around Thor’s shoulders, his tongue pushing into his mouth, hot and eager.

So much for pretending disinterest.

Thor is astonished, yet it’s certainly not an unwelcome surprise. He grabs Loki’s ass and yanks him up into his arms. Loki’s long legs wrap around his hips right away, and Thor can feel the hardness of his cock rubbing against his belly.

“You missed me then?”

“Brother, you’ve no idea.” Loki’s voice is breathy, sincere . It troubles Thor a little. He knew that things might change once they’d spoken the words out loud; I love you . And yet the power he has over Loki’s an incredible thing, and perhaps a dangerous thing. Their relationship barely survived his first betrayal of Loki. Hell, Midgard barely survived his first betrayal of Loki, what if he fouls things up again?

“You’re thinking,” says Loki, squirming in his arms. “Stop thinking and fuck me.”

To hear him talk so crudely mashes all of Thor’s buttons as thoroughly as it always does when Loki drops his haughty act. He carries Loki into the bedroom without another word and dumps him onto the bed where he bounces a couple of times before Thor is on top of him.

He rips Loki’s T-shirt up over his head, trapping both of his arms against the bed with one forearm so that he can run the other hand posessively up and down Loki’s bare chest, twisting at his sensitive nipples so that Loki’s eyes squeeze shut and rocks his hips against Thor.


He has no patience to deal with Loki’s belt, and simply snaps it in a single sharp twist. He thinks Loki will protest at the purr of ripping cloth as he yanks his jeans down.

Those are designer, you know.

But Loki only moans, the naked need in his tone making the hair shiver up on Thor’s neck.

He flips him over onto his front.

“Use your magic, get yourself ready for me. I’m in no mood to wait.”

Apparently Loki isn’t either. He squirms himself up against Thor’s cock when he frees it from his jeans and shoves it up against Loki’s hole.

“Do it now,” gasps Loki.

“I don’t want to hurt you,” says Thor.

“I want you to hurt me,” says Loki. “Make me take it. Make me submit.”

The words go straight to Thor’s cock and he doesn’t bother to argue, the heat of Loki’s need frying flimsy concepts like caution to ash.


Loki is tight, and it takes him a couple of thrusts to work the head of his cock into the snug circle of muscle. The slender body writhes deliciously beneath him and he pins Loki’s wrists to the bed roughly, feeling the bones grind in his grip. He can tell from the harshness of Loki’s breathing and his small bitten-back whimpers that this must be hurting him, and yet thanks to his magic, he’s slick and ready and his body’s protests are no match for Thor’s strength, as he shoves himself in through the first tight ring of resistance, feeling it clench and quiver around his length as he pushes on until he’s buried to the hilt, opening Loki up to him by sheer force.

“Is that what you wanted?” he hisses. “Like that?”

“Yes, Norns yes, Thor. Please .”

“Please? You’ll have to do better than that. Beg for it properly.”

Loki whimpers and squirms and Thor sees stars as his cock is squeezed even tighter.

“Thor, please fuck me, I’m begging you. I’ve waited so long for it, I’ve wanted you every minute since you left. I’ve needed you. I’ve needed this .”


Loki is silent, and Thor treats him to an ungentle buck of his hips that makes the God cry out.

“By ‘this’ do you mean being held down and fucked like a whore? Being used and dominated by your Brother’s cock?”

“Y... yes ,” spits Loki. “ Yes , damn you.” There’s a little of the usual vinegar in his reply, and Thor is glad. It would be no fun to bully a pushover into showing his belly in this fashion- but to force it out of Loki, so proud and defiant in every other way is a delight. It drives him wild to reduce him to this, to make him admit what he wants. To make him beg for it. 

He has his Brother repeat his words out loud, and then again, louder still, relishing every bit of the shame and want that trembles in his voice.

I want to be held down and fucked like a whore.

He can hear how much Loki struggles with it, always so eager to cling onto the last scraps of his own pride, and he feels a great wave of love for his complicated, irresistible lover.


“What? What else would you have me say?”

“Nothing more. Just know that I’ve missed you too.”

He’s not gentle. Now that Loki has put the idea in his mind he’s in no mood at all for tender lovemaking. He fucks himself into Loki’s body without a care for the other man’s satisfaction or even comfort, and when he comes it feels like his spend will never stop flowing. The sight of Loki’s ass and thighs painted with his cum when he finally pulls out is almost enough to start him off again, but he’s tired and feels sticky and travel-stained and ready for a shower and some sleep.

He’s still wearing all of his clothes, and he sheds them in an untidy trail from the bedroom to the shower.


Loki still lies face down on the bed.

“Get your ass over here.”

Normally his Brother would chide him for using such base Midgardian slang, but perhaps the aptness of it impresses him.

Either way he sits up gingerly and follows Thor into the bathroom, wincing at each step.

The warm water is a relief, especially when Loki joins him. The way he looks at Thor, abashed and obviously still in the grip of his arousal and so yielding, so unlike the self that he shows to the rest of the world banishes all of Thor’s cares. He thinks again of the square box in the jacket of his coat. Perhaps the gift will be accepted after all. He crooks a finger under Loki’s chin, tilting his face up so he can claim a kiss.

“I love you in this mood. I love you always.”

A flash of discomfort crosses Loki’s face. “I don’t deserve you after everything I’ve done. But I’m glad I have you.”

“Neither of us are blameless,” says Thor. 

Loki laughs. “Your blotter is pure white compared to mine. But let’s not talk about it now.” he shakes his head feigning disgust. “I was going to pretend indifference to your return.”

Now it’s Thor’s turn to laugh, delighted to be proved right. “Why didn’t you?”

Loki sighs. “What’s the point? Lies are only fun if they’re believed.” The look he gives Thor makes him shiver. “I would hope that by now you know how I feel about you.”

Thor’s looks at him, assessing. “I believe that I do. But we’ve never really talked about it, have we?”

“Do we need words?” asks Loki rubbing himself against Thor. The slide of his wet skin is intensely distracting, but Thor mean to have his say.

“I’m not as clever as you, as you’ve often reminded me. I need to know where we are.”

“Together,” says Loki, quickly.

Thor taps him on the nose. “No deflection, Brother. This...the kind of love we have. You like to submit to me.”

Loki’s frowns, the blue eyes darting away from his own. When he answers his voice has lost much of its teasing, combative tone.

“I do. I don’t know why...”

“It doesn’t matter why. I like this too. I like to control you. But you’d tell me if it was too much?”

“Yes,” says Loki. He pauses. “Could I also tell you if it wasn’t enough?”

Now it’s Thor’s turn to frown. “What do you mean?”

Loki colors. “I don’t want you to hold back with me. Norns, to ask for it like this... I don’t know if the depth of your proclivities matches my own. I wouldn’t be telling you this at all, except that it’s been an odd week.” He laughs. “An odd week for showers, especially.”


“I’ll tell you later.” Loki rests his head on Thor’s shoulder. “If you want to rule me, then rule me. I’d do a lot for you. Things I can’t put into words.”

He nuzzles into Thor’s neck his lips tickling Thor’s skin as he speaks. “If there’s something you were wondering about, thinking ‘is it too far?’ the answer is likely no. And I’d like it if you’d ask, tell me what you want of me without holding back. Just trust me, as I trust you.”

He steps back from Thor.

“There. I can hardly make myself any more ridiculous.”

For a minute the only sound is the hissing of the warm water. An incongruously soothing backdrop to the whirring flash of erotic images in Thor’s mind. Does he really mean...? I can ask for anything? Finally Thor says “Do you remember the bathing pools back home?”

Loki nods. His shoulders are hunched inwards and his head bowed. He’s taken a huge chance making himself this vulnerable, and seeing him like this gives Thor the confidence he needs to continue.

“Do you remember the water servants?”

Slowly Loki nods. His eyes flick towards Thor’s and drop.

“Do you want...?”

Thor nods. “Serve me.”

It’s not the most perverse suggestion he can think of by any means, but in a way perhaps the request is more charged because of the mundanity of it. This is a servant’s role and Loki is a Prince. His equal. 

Loki can’t meet Thor’s eye as he picks up the soft sponge and covers it with soap, but when Thor glances down, Loki’s hard prick curving up towards the flat plane of his belly provides all the reassurance that he needs that his Brother spoke true when he said that he wanted this.

Thor turns his back on Loki abruptly, lifting his arms to rest his palms lightly on the shower wall. The first gentle stroke of the sponge across his shoulders makes him growl happily. It’s so warm and so soothing, and so very exciting to know that it’s Loki serving him so tenderly. The sponge moves in firm luxurious circles, seeming to coax the life back into his exhausted muscles. It glides up and down his ribs, the undersides of his arms, the back of his neck, then back down to the base of his spine. Before it can dip lower Thor turns round again, hands on the back of his head. He’s pleased by the hungry, adoring way Loki drinks in his body, as he smooths soap over Thor’s chest and belly with his palms, then applies the soft sponge.

“Good boy.” 

Loki’s eyes widen a little at the words and the faint spot of color deepens on his cheekbones.

“Now the rest of me. On your knees.”

Loki obeys as if in a daze, sinking elegantly to his knees. The warm water streams down his face and Thor smiles to see him blinking against it, shaking back the long black hair that hangs in damp curling strands. A slave’s position, kneeling at his master’s feet, his own comfort of no concern whatsoever. It brings Thor’s cock fully hard again, and he strokes it a couple of times as Loki goes to work on his legs and thighs. He can see by Loki’s desperate little glances that he wants to touch his cock, but he’ll have to wait for that.

Thor lifts a leg and plants a bare foot on Loki’s chest, giving him a little shove. 

“Lie on your back.”

Loki blushes more fiercely, then obeys, the water pattering on his smooth skin. Thor slides his foot up and down Loki’s chest enjoying the way he tenses up and then relaxes, accepts this new degradation. The slight swell of his pectoral muscles are smooth and firm, and the gentle rill of his abdominals is pleasing as Thor runs his foot downwards, to trace the trail of dark hair beneath Loki’s navel with his great toe. He’s gentle when he puts his foot on Loki’s cock, but he can see how the God’s breath quickens. Not from fear if the way he gasps and moves his hips is anything to go by as Thor squashes it back and forth.

“Look at you. Loki of Asgard, beneath my feet at last.”

It’s rhetoric of the highest Asgardian type- the kind Loki particularly despises- and yet it seems to be working for him now. Thor gives his hard prick an affectionate flick with his toes. 

“Where you belong, Brother.” 

Thor steps away and sink down onto one of the warm stone seats enjoying the feeling of the water on his shoulders. The weariness has left him and in its place is a deep feeling of contentedness. Of rightness. We were meant to be together in this way- two like souls grown on the same branch of Yggdrasill, as Loki always said.

“Come over here. No, don’t get up. Turn over and wriggle your way across on your belly like the worm you are.”

Loki makes a desperate little noise in his throat, but he does as Thor says, squirming his way around to face Thor again, his body sliding over the wet soapy floor until he’s lying at Thor’s feet, his breath tickling Thor’s toes.

They’ve played a lot of curious pillow games together in the past, but this one feels different somehow. Perhaps because Loki hasn’t bothered to make any of his usual little shows of defiance. There’s no pretense that he’s being forced into it. He’s obeying Thor because he gets off on it, perhaps needs it in the same way that Thor needs to dominate him.

Thor begins to stroke himself again. He means to spend himself in Loki’s pretty mouth, but he’s too turned on to keep his hands off himself.

“You can continue now,” he says. “Wash my feet.”

Loki’s hand gropes for the sponge, but Thor traps it gently beneath his foot.

“No. With your tongue.”

Too far, he thinks almost at once. And indeed Loki pauses, but apparently only to collect himself, for he lets out a single long shuddery breath, then inches himself forward to apply his warm tongue to Thor’s toes.

Thor closes his eyes, but the sight of Loki on his belly using that clever tongue in such a way is far too good a sight to miss out on. He still can’t quite believe that Loki obeyed him. What more will he do? How far will he go? How far will I go?

The sensation is ticklish, but not unbearably so. Mostly it just feels good , soothing and shivery. Loki takes his time, he’s loving and worshipful and Thor feels it in the Seidr that binds them. A great warm wave of submission rising up to meet the stormfront of his own dominance.

They’ve flirted at the edge of this before, but never embraced it so fully.

“You look good down there.”

Loki hums a pleased noise, and plants a kiss on the sensitive skin of Thor’s arch.

“I never knew you wanted this,” Thor says. “Beyond a game, I mean.”

“I’ve always wanted this. I wasn’t ready to admit it before.”

“I’m glad that you did.”

“As am I.”

Thor reaches down to stroke Loki’s hair affectionately.

“Up, Loki. On your knees again.”

Loki obeys him at once.

Oh Loki, the things I might do to you. The things I will do to you.

He wants to ask why things have shifted between them, what triggered this admission in his Brother, but that will wait. Right now all he wants is to spend himself in Loki’s mouth, but first he makes him finish his task, standing now with Loki kneeling beneath him. It’s a task that Loki seems all too happy to perform. His tongue is artful and insistent as it goes to work, slipping between the Thunder God’s buttocks to pleasure his hole, lathering itself over the tender little strip of flesh between his hole and his sack, lapping at the sack itself. When he pushes himself into Loki’s mouth he’s almost ready to cum and it takes only a few thrusts until he’s emptying himself down Loki’s throat as he swallows obediently.

He can tell that Loki is more than ripe for his own orgasm, but it amuses him to make the God wait...and it might be more appropriate to what he has planned. 

He’s doubted his gift ever since he’d bought it in that discrete little shop in Soho in that dark distant city, but now the rightness he’d felt when the idea had first come over him returns.

He turns off the water and reaches down to stroke Loki’s face. 

“Get a towel. Dry me off, and then yourself. And then come into the bedroom. I have something for you.”