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Flowers of Musutafu

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It was the morning of July 15. The day had finally come, little Izuku’s fourth birthday! The day he was going to get an awesome quirk and begin the path of heroics!

He was so excited! He could already see it, him and Kacchan being the best hero duo ever!

Even better than All Might!

The gears in the boy’s mind kept turning as he speculated all the amazing quirks he might end up having. Maybe he would have a form of pyrokinesis, a mix of his mother and father’s quirk, or maybe he would get a quirk that allowed him to suck in fire! Oooooh, or maybe he could set small objects on fire, or maybe he could even get a completely unrelated quirk! Sure, that was rare but they were normally extremely powerful, so he could hope, right?

His mother promised him that he would get his favourite foods as soon as they got home when she dropped him off at the daycare, where everyone wished him a happy birthday. He had almost tuned them out as the question of what quirk he would be getting kept running around in his head.

Out of nowhere he felt a prickly sensation on his head, and as he reached out to touch the area, he felt something soft, and tried pulling it off.

Keyword, ‘tried’.

He just could not pull it off, and he had tried really hard to do so. He really did.

Eventually, his teacher took notice and was going to help him get rid of the ‘thing’. It was just a flower in his hair, he probably got it when he was walking under a tree or something, except that it had taken root in his scalp. The teacher didn’t notice until a whole minute later, just as she was about to grab some scissors.

The teacher faked excitement as she told Izuku about the flower, saying that it was such a beautiful quirk and that it was special!

Izuku was ecstatic! He had an unrelated quirk! It had to be really powerful, right?!

Maybe the flowers had special properties, like poison! Or maybe it could make people fall asleep, like the quirk of that new Pro Hero Midnight!

He was in such an amazing and happy mood, and he simply could not wait to show the flower off to his mum!

He didn’t notice the dazed look in his teacher’s eyes for the rest of the day, nor did he even notice that he never saw her again after that day. He did, however suddenly have memories of apparently signing a contract for the school.


“Mum! Mum! Look! Look! I got my quirk! I have flowers in my hair! How do they look?”

“They’re beautiful Izuku! You know, I half expected your memory to be your quirk but this is just as amazing! Can I touch them?”

“Of course you can mum!”

She stroked the flower for a few seconds before stopping completely, her forehead pinched in thought.

“It’s really soft right? Mum? Mum? Muuuum what’s wrong?”

“Huh? Oh nothing sweetie, I just have a feeling that I’ve forgotten something important. Well then we better hurry home then, it is your birthday today and I have something special prepared!”

“What is it? What is it? Tell me! Tell me! Tell me!”

“It’s a surprise, I can’t tell you yet honey. Just wait till we get home, okay?”

“Okay mum!”

As they walked home, Izuku suddenly had a distinct feeling that September 22 was a very important date.

Fast forward 3 years

“Fuckin shitty ass Deku! Move outta the way and maybe I’ll spare you from blowing your flower crown ass to hell.”

“Kacchan you can’t just hit Nakamura like that! You’re gonna hurt her!”

“And? What are you gonna do about it? Put your girly ass flowers in my bath? Stab me with a flower? Tch. Time’s up. I’m gonna pummel you till you can’t stand.”

This was just a standard day for Izuku. Get dressed, go to school, learn, fail in trying to protect someone, get beaten up, go home and hide the pain.

He knows that if he wasn’t so vocal about being a hero all the time that this would happen less but he just can’t help it. The dream he had with Kacchan and him being the best hero duo to ever exist? It wasn’t going to go away anytime soon.

He just needed to get his quirk figured out soon then Kacchan will definitely accept him, or at least not be so mean because if Izuku is being honest he does thinks Kacchan is very rude.

When he gets home he’s greeted by his mother and as usual she eyes her son suspiciously. She notices the bruises and the winces he makes and especially that limp of his. She knows he’s going to protect Katsuki again but she has had enough of this.

“Izuku! Come here!”

“Hm? Oh, coming mum!”

She took in a deep breath and finally spoke what she had been wanting to say for the past 3 years.

“Izuku, please be honest with me, the wounds you’ve been getting these past few years, they’re mostly from Katsuki aren’t they? Izuku? Am I correct in assuming this?”

“W-what? N-n-n-no! Kacchan w-would never do this! H-he would n-never hurt m-me!”

She could see the tears starting to form in her son’s eyes as he tried to defend Katsuki’s actions.

“Izuku, please listen to me. If this happens promise me you’ll tell me or your teachers about it alright?”

“B-but if I tell the t-teachers, wouldn’t that ruin Kacchan’s dreams of g-going to UA?”

“Oh so you’re worried about his chances of being a top hero… well how about this, you tell me as soon as he does something like this to you or anyone else, and I’ll tell Mitsuki but if it happens three times in a week I’ll immediately tell the teachers, ok?”

Izuku gave a minuscule nod as tears streamed down his face.

“Now come over here, I need to treat your wounds and I think your flowers need trimming too.”

Izuku sat down, snot dribbling down his chin and whimpering as his wounds were treated. His flowers were starting to get big enough to make him start forgetting things. It was a normal side effect of his useless, good for nothing quirk.

When Izuku got this quirk three years ago he didn’t know what to expect. The flowers were pretty so that was a plus! Then he went to a quirk counsellor. He was bursting with excitement when he got out! He could absorb people’s memories with his flowers!

He told Kacchan the exciting news yet all he got was a sneer in return. He didn’t understand why they were calling his quirk villainous or unsuitable for hero work, sure he had to headbutt people so his flowers could work their magic but if it worked he could make a villain completely forget the reason why they became one in the first place!

Then it started happening. Gaps in his memories. Things he couldn’t recall. Things that just didn’t make sense all of a sudden. This shouldn’t be happening. His memory was near perfect, being diagnosed with hyperthymesia at a young age.

They soon learned that his quirk had to do with it. With nothing to feed on, the flowers turned on their host, gnawing away at the memories in order to grow and survive. It was like a parasite, invading his mind whenever they were hungry, feeding on memories.

His quirk was called ‘Memory Thief’

The next day the same old events happened, the only slightly interesting thing that happened is that Kacchan beat him up even harder than normal, all because of Izuku getting a higher grade for the English test.

He almost considered not telling his mum about the beat down on the way home, before he decided against it, rigorously shaking his head till he was like a tree losing its leaves in autumn, with his mum obviously taking notice.

“Izuku… it happened again didn’t it? Izuku would you be okay with accompanying me to the Bakugou’s?”

“Uh y-yes”

“Well let’s go, I’d say this visit was long overdue honestly. I’m sorry I didn’t intervene sooner, I thought it would get better but it didn’t…but that is going to change as soon as I talk with Mitsuki, I promise.”

So, Izuku followed Inko to the Bakugou’s. A once familiar space that Izuku used to visit regularly, the house seemed as if it had turned inside out since he last visited.

He gave a shy wave to auntie Mitsuki as she ruffled his hair. Though it has been a while since Izuku had seen her without Kacchan at her side, it seemed as if she hadn’t changed much and that was good.

Mitsuki and Inko idly talked as Izuku ‘trained’ by repeatedly slammed his head into a wall so that when Kacchan arrived he could show him that he was training just as hard! Mitsuki gave the boy a concerned glance but Inko waved it off, saying that the boy’s head was as hard as a rock.

Then, Inko mustered up the courage to finally say it.



“I just wanted to l-let you know that your Katsuki has b-been bullying my son for the past 3 years and I s-suppose I should have told you this sooner. I’m really s-sorry for bringing this up so suddenly but I just can’t take seeing my son coming home bruised and broken all the time…”

“What do you mean the brat’s been bullying Izu-kun?! I’ve never had any reports from the teachers except for minor public quirk usage?!”

“Mitsuki… you know Izuku is too kind for his own good… he would never ruin Katsuki’s chances of attending UA even if it meant sacrificing his life, but this really has gone for far too long and I want to put an end to it.”

Mitsuki’s face twisted between multiple emotions, from disbelief to anger to sadness before settling on guilt for almost doubting Inko and not raising Katsuki properly. Inko would never lie to her about something as serious as this. Never.

“I am so sorry Inko... I didn’t notice Katsuki’s behaviour and it’s my job as a mother to know these things. I always thought this was just a simple phase bu-“

The front door slammed open with a loud bang, the object of the mothers’ attention standing there.


He stopped and stared incredulously at a certain green haired individual in the corner before roaring back to life with a yell.