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Behind Every Door, Lies A New Meaning

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  What is fusion?

What does it do?

Fusion, Is the process of two things combining into A New version of Themselves. New Physical Appearances, New Abilities, All of those things listed is what counts as something New. Or "Something Entirely new" as some say. it sounds confusing, yet it sounds so amazing once you think About it. fusion is mostly seen in Cartoons, Movies, Video games, Pretty much everywhere in media. But what would happen if fusion became an actual thing? What would happen if someone had a quirk that involves fusion? It all remains a Mystery and Unsolved. Unless someone makes a discovery about it, then let's hope it's mystery will soon be uncovered. hoping that we find out about it's mysteries and where it all came From.


The day for the Prestigious school, U.A High started simple, but still the same. As it always was. The kids were still being Kids like they always were. despite all the changes and what's happened, Nothing separated them or Changed them. they all were like  family to each other. Especially the most well-known Pro Hero, Aizawa Shouta, formerly known as Eraserhead, acted like a Father figure to Class-A. Sure he was sometimes tired of their Misbehaving, But that didn't mean He doesn't care for them. He still showed his care for all of them. 

The kids had great bonds with each other over the years, And are still great friends. However, there was one Friendship in the class that wasn't the talk of The town, Or class.. Though they are still have a good close bond, Were Fumikage Tokoyami And Mezo Shouji. 

Their friendship started on the day their field trip Started. it was In the middle of summer, the Kids were Trained by the Wild Pussycats so they could Help practice their quirks to simply help them to become stronger them and help them get used to it.

  It also started when a Villain attack ignited that night. Tokoyami lost control over his Shadow quirk because Shouji lost one of his limbs, causing Dark shadow to lose control.

Thankfully, their Classmate Bakugou helped make light with his Quirk, it was probably only Shouji, Midoriya, bakugou, and Todoroki, Knew that toko's quirk was Weak to Light since they were there to Witness that. In the end, Tokoyami was forgiven by shouji, and the two had been Friends ever since, Close friends Actually.

Tokoyami liked that Shouji was very caring and thoughtful, he was glad that he gotten to see that side of shouji instead of thinking he was like the other kids. He really liked how he was kind and cared for him just so he could Protect him from the attack.

 There were probably a lot of things Tokoyami did like about shouji, but for now that will remain in his head. He won't forget the time he did save him though.

Tokoyami just watches the whole class talk and be loud, like they usually are. "So noisy.." he mumbled in annoyance. He liked things quiet and peaceful.  "Heh, I know right?" Said shouji by toko when he finally arrived.

Toko made a small chirp and looked at him quickly. "You scared me there shouji.." Tokoyami said sighing. "My apologies." Shouji said nervously chuckling. Toko made a small pout but fades away back to a normal Expression.  

 Toko made a little blush, hearing his little laugh. For some odd sounded so cute..Not just cute, but rather handsome, like him.

Shouji looked down at toko, seeing his embarrassed shy little face. Being oblivious..

"You okay Tokoyami?" He asked. "H-Hm..? Ah, sorry if I worried you there." Toko said embarrassed, feeling his face turn instant red. He shamed himself for being weird around Him, but it was better than staring an awkward conversation With someone he was almost close with.

'Fuck, his laugh is going to be the death of me...' He said to himself in his Mind. 'But he's kind, and attractive..if only he felt the same way for me..'

Did he like boys? Or did he like girls? That was something he asked to himself since he Laid eyes on him. In reality, Shouji showed no care for Sexuality. But it looked like he had no interests in girls, Possibly boys? Who knows.

It was troubling to know if he Was Gay, or Bi possibly. Then again, No one bothered asking him out, Whether A girl Or boy, no one did. Which Tokoyami felt bad.

 Who wouldn't like him? He was so mysterious and handsome, which was another thing Toko liked about him. But one thing he prayed, Was that someday they will be close and Perhaps be in love.

He was already developing feelings for him and his heart would non-stop Beat everytime he spoke. He felt like physically turning red just seeing how nicely done his bangs look. he Also imagined that they would swing loose by wind. 

He hoped someday that would be true, He really did.

Shouji placed a hand by his shoulder to help stop zoning out, which he thought was pretty funny to watch. "Toko?" He said looking at him. He stopped staring and blushes immediately hearing his calm and deep voice speak to him. 

It was relaxing to his ears, just hearing his soft words, it sounded like music. Pretty cheesy right?

"Y-Yeah..?" He replied. "You were Zoning out, everything okay?" He said. "Yeah.. everything is all good. Really.." he said Making a crooked smile along with a hint of red on his feathery cheeks.

Shouji smiles and pets his head, Making him feel more shy and blushy around him. Then again it felt nice being petted by only him. 

"Well, good to know. I'm glad no used a quirk to make you have a dead Expression." He said chuckled. 

There was that chuckle, that damn chuckle that made Tokoyami weak. Why was he so attractive..?

He definitely wanted to pray that he would form a stronger bond with him, he couldn't stand being friends anymore, He wanted to take this to the next level. 

'God, I love him already..'


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Time was still good for class-1a, Giving them plenty of time to kill before They started getting ready for their school work, though sometimes Aizawa can be forgetful there was work for them, Due to him being sleepy all the time and showing lack of sleep.

There were times that he actually wanted their school work done though. Tokoyami however, still shamed himself for being Embarrassing to his Closest friend. In the end shouji forgave him.

He thought that was pretty funny and cute, which was rare because the rest of the class Thought he wouldn't have the guts to show  no emotion, yet he show his care to everyone. But no one would really have the chance to discover his caring attitude for his friends due to him being shy and quiet.

If only had the chance to show his true feelings, If only..

 He wasn't Always shy, but shy enough to show his friends his true self, despite him Showing care to his friends.

They all were friends and even formed closed bonds, so why was he so shy..?

 No one really knows about him, no one bothered to peep a question about him, which he was glad about, but he knew he couldn't keep this a secret forever.

They are eventually going to ask him about why was he so shy about his face, and why he never seemed to join them, whether it was Swimming, or like what happened during their trip at the camp when the kids were at the Hot springs.

Why wasn't he there? Was he that insecure of himself? Was he afraid they wouldn't want to be friends with him anymore?

  The kids looked friendly and kind, except For bakugou. And that they wouldn't judge each other for whatever cause or reason, but not everyone can be what you think they are. He thought.

 He showed his trust in them, and felt comfortable speaking to them, but he would get Uncomfortable if they asked him why he wore a face mask.


they can't Know yet..


    They just can't..



If only they would understand why he didn't want to show his face to the world and his friends.

He didn't want to be mean to them, but it was they only way he could keep himself from getting judged and receiving labels from society.



While the whole class was relaxing themselves before doing work, Shouji just stared at the window, looking at the blue Clear sky. clouds were still there, it was mostly just sunlight without clouds blocking the sun's view. Shouji thought it looked peaceful which was something he liked dearly. 

Peace and quiet was always things he liked, no Loud sounds, just Peace and quiet. As a minimalist, he enjoyed that. Though some people wouldn't like that, he didn't show a single care. It wouldn't change his mind either.

As he looked at the window, Tokoyami finished doing his Warm-up in his journal. Just so he wouldn't have to do it before class started.

Toko closed his journal, and took a glance at shouji, causing a blush to form at his face seeing how Relaxed and calm he looked. 

The best part too was that Tokoyami saw a Perfect angle of shouji. His bangs showing by his masked Face. And how calm his Expression looked. His onyx eyes. God that looked super attractive..

"He's definitely going to be the death of Me.." Tokoyami thought.

Thank God no one asked him out, at least he hoped No one did. Girls would often crush on Todoroki, Bakugou, and probably the whole boys of the class, Including the girls. But why leave shouji out? He looked mysteriously attractive.

Who wouldn't love him for who he was? Shouji was so kind and thoughtful and caring. That was the main thing toko Loved about him.

His attractive looks, and Especially how he looked in his costume. To him he would make a great hero. A really great Hero.

Tokoyami made a small sigh and looked at him still. 

Shouji stops looking at the window and he looked at toko, soon Blushing. "A-Ah." He said making a small blush and blinking twice.

Toko stops staring and slowly shakes his head, looking at him and Blushing back. "Ah, sorry..I was Zoning out! Sorry I made it awkward.." he said still blushing red as a tomato and looking down in embarrassment.

Shouji still blushed, but made a small chuckle. There goes that chuckle again...that damn Cute chuckle he made at Tokoyami. Making his body feel weak of how adorable his voice sounded.

"No, it's alright. I know you didn't mean it. And that's okay." He said Smiling gently while he blushed beneath his mask. Tokoyami still felt embarrassed and he slightly covered his face. Feeling him pat his feathery head again. 

"We still have plenty of time left before class starts, so do you perhaps want to maybe chill?" Shouji asked. "Only if you want to, it's fine if you don't want to." He said.

"No, i would love that." Tokoyami said smiling." Shouji forms a smile and gets off his desk. Waiting for toko and Saw that Tokoyami finally got off, now leaving the two walking out of the classroom.

Tokoyami hoped he would bring him close to shouji, he was already developing feelings for him and it seemed to still bother him. Toko started getting pictures of him and shouji being a Couple.

There was even an image of him and shouji holding hands. He even imagined the Warmness shouji's hands felt.

 He hoped that this would bring them closer. he really did.



 Bakugou and Midoriya have been friends for about years now. Ever since they earned their quirks, things changed for them. Midoriya didn't know how to respond to all of this. It all seemed to have go very fast yet slowly.

They were slightly becoming a little better, it was more of a bittersweet thing though. Despite bakugou's actions on how he is with midoriya, Midoriya still admired him. Even since he was a little kid. He wasn't sure on what Bakugo thought of him.

He was pretty sure Bakugou saw him as a helpless kid with no quirk. A helpless kid who couldn't do anything. Still didn't change the way he saw bakugou. No matter what trouble the two had gone through, he still admired him regardless of his Actions.

 Midoriya looked at him talking to one his friends, sighing that he wished they still were friends and not enemies. This whole rivalry thing was tiring for him. But as he looked at bakugou, He ended up zoning out. Not realizing he was staring at him.

His classmate, Jirou poked him with her earphone jack. Making him release a little squeak. "A-Ah jirou!" He said soon getting flushed about it.  "Don't play dumb, I know you were staring at him." She said Chuckling at him.

Midoriya fiddled his fingers and stayed quiet, trying to say something in return. "well?" Jirou said. "Okay..yes I was staring at him...B-But not what you think at all!" He said still flushed looking. 

"Mhmm sure sure." She teased. "Jiroou!" He pouted when she teased. "I'm Just messing with you, Anyways what's up?" She said looking at him. 

"Nothing much, but you?" He sighed. "Good. You look little upset, something bothering you?" She asked. "Oh, mines so-so, but eh not bad at least." She said placing her head on her hand.

"Say, why where you staring at bakugou?" She asked, Making Midoriya get embarrassed again. "O-Oh! U-Uh I was only just taking a glance at him! Nothing special! Just a little glare hehe.." he said stuttering like an idiot.

Midori felt super awkward for stuttering like that, but at least it was loud enough for No one to hear.

"Izuku, you know I'm always up to talk despite me being moody Right?" She said getting a little concerned. 

"I Know jirou, it's just i am fine really!" He said. "You sure?" She said asking him once more before letting him be.

"Yeah..Heh...don't worry." He said as he slowly stopped smiling and slightly being a little sad once his eyes caught him with kirishima.

"Mkay then." Jirou replied.

He doesn't mind at all that he's friends with Kiri, but he would sometimes wish that was him being the one to calm him down.

He Sometimes would wish that it was he that was Cool and brave just like kirishima. But it is what it is they say.

Midoriya sighed and placed his head on both palms, hating that he was going through this.


'If only me and Kacchan could get ourselves out of this mess..'  


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I apologise for not updating this fic! I still want to continue writing this! But Motivation can be a bit hard to deal with that sometimes and it's also Because that I am at school as well! but overall I will still continue to write this! 💕

So in the meantime I will still update this fic! 💕