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Twenty Seconds, or Twenty Years

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Min Yoongi has never liked waking up.

Sleeping was the first thing Yoongi ever knew he was good at. Even back when he was a little toddler, with no skills to his name, sleeping was the one thing he could do well. He never had troubles with falling asleep, or having bad dreams. No, once his head hit the pillow, he was out like a light for a good seven to ten hours.

So yeah, Yoongi has never liked waking up.

However, there are two people in his life who do not give a shit about that fact.


“Appa, he’s still not moving,” a soft, high voice giggles.

“Well, then you just have to do it again, but harder this time,” another voice replies. Deeper, but just as soft. Also giggling.

Yoongi keeps his eyes closed, skipping through all memories of his life in his head, trying to figure out what he had done to deserve this.

There’s a soft pressure on his stomach.

“Harder, Kook. Your father sleeps like the dead, he won’t notice if you’re touch is so light. Press harder,” the deeper voice urges, and the higher one giggles again.

The pressure increases.

“He’s still not moving,” Voice One points out after a few more seconds of pressure.

 “He’s not,” Voice Two agrees, “but look at his face. Do you see the little lines on his forehead?”

“I do.” Voice One finally stops pressing on his stomach, instead crawling up his body to touch his face. “But aren’t those just a sign that he’s old?”

At that, Yoongi has to try really hard not to open his eyes and glare. Voice Two lets out a wheeze. “No, baby, in this case they aren’t. Thank you for that, though. But those lines are a sign that he’s frowning. Do you know what that means?”

There’s no reply, but Yoongi can feel movement close to his face, so he can assume that Voice One is shaking his head.

“That means that your appa is already awake. He doesn’t frown when he sleeps.”

There’s a gasp, then small fingers are pressing more adamantly against his cheeks. “He’s awake?”

“He is,” Voice Two confirms. There’s a dip on the bed next to Yoongi, then a bigger hand strokes lightly over his forehead. “He’s just pretending to be asleep, which is just rude in my opinion, isn’t it?”

“It is!” The small fingers press harder, squishing his cheeks together. “Appa, stop pretending! Pretending is lying and lying is bad!”

“Yeah, appa,” Voice Two chimes in, an amused tilt to his tone, “lying is bad.”

“I’m gonna show you bad,” Yoongi growls, and finally opens his eyes. He is met with Jungkook only a few centimetres away from his face.

“Yah, Yoongi, not in front of the kid,” Seokjin fake-gasps, getting up from where he was lying beside him and grabbing Jungkook in the process. “Anyways, now that you’re awake, get up. Jungkookie wanted to have breakfast together.”

“And I wanted to keep sleeping, but nobody cares what I want,” Yoongi mumbles, trying to close his eyes once more, but a strong kick against the bedframe rattles him awake again.

“You have five minutes, otherwise I’m sending Kook in here again, and this time with colour markers.”

“Yay, markers,” Jungkook cheers as he’s carried outside by Seokjin. Yoongi stares up at the ceiling, littered with glowing stars, and sighs.

Min Yoongi has never liked waking up, but maybe those two menaces make it worth it.


Sometimes Yoongi still wonders how he got to the place he is today. At some point he stopped being a struggling college student, living on crappy food and sleeping on a crappy mattress and turned into a mostly-functioning adult with a nice house, steady job, good income, and most of all a goddamn husband. And a kid. Where did that come from?

(Obviously he knows where it came from. He knows the mother and all, and will forever be eternally grateful that she decided to give her son up for adoption. Anyways. Not the point.)

But still; on some days, like this morning, when he’s holding Jungkook on his arm and squabbling with Seokjin about whose food their three-year-old likes better, he still can’t quite believe the luck he has had.

Even when Seokjin is being stupid and won’t admit that it’s obviously Yoongi’s food Jungkook prefers.

“Listen, I made a career out of analysing what’s coming out of people’s mouths and let me tell you right now, what is coming out of yours is bullsh-,” Seokjin hisses, angrily pointing at Yoongi.

Yoongi just smirks (he can’t let it show that this one had actually been pretty good), bouncing Jungkook on his arm a bit, who seems delighted.

“Babe, you can talk all you want, but just look at how much Kookie ate today, and how much he ate yesterday morning, when I cooked. You must notice a difference, don’t you?”

“That doesn’t show anything, he just woke up with an upset tummy this morning,” Seokjin denies before squinting his eyes. “But you know what, this is ridiculous. We shouldn’t keep fighting over this.”

“Oh?” Yoongi raises an eyebrow. It’s not like Seokjin to just give up, especially not when he’s the one currently winning.

“Yeah, it’s nonsense,” Seokjin says, stepping forward and reaching out to take Jungkook in his own arms. Yoongi gives him over willingly after a pressing a last kiss on his son’s heartbreakingly soft cheek. “Why should we fight about what we think, when we can just ask Jungkookie? He’s over three years old, he’s a bright kid. He certainly has his own opinion.”

Yoongi gapes as Seokjin smiles down at Jungkook hanging onto his neck. “Jungkookie, baby,” he croons in his gentlest voice, “Jungkookie my love, which of your appas cooks better meals for you, what do you think?”

“You evil genius,” Yoongi exclaims as he watches like a hawk how Jungkook starts thinking. “You ask him on a morning where he had your food and you take him away from me and then you use that voice? I want to make it known right now that I will not acknowledge his answer in any way. This is cheating!”

“Oh, calm down, you whiny baby. Cheating is what we do,” Seokjin argues at the same time as Jungkook answers –


Yes!” Yoongi shouts, skipping forward to grab Jungkook and press a dozen kisses to his head. This is truly his son, an actual genius at only three years.

“Okay, I take it back, he’s only three years old! He doesn’t have an opinion yet, he obviously didn’t even understand the question!”

Seokjin keeps complaining loudly, Yoongi starts drowning him out by singing even louder and off-key, and Jungkook claps his hands and laughs the loudest.

All in all, it’s a perfect morning.


But as much as Yoongi loves those kinds of mornings, and his little family, he can’t spend every minute with them.

For some cruel reason (capitalism), he still has to go to work five days a week. Seokjin doesn’t have that kind of problem. He’s doing his speech therapy sessions on the floor below, where he can watch over Jungkook in between sessions, and have his assistant Taehyung watch over him the rest of the time. And besides, the toddler is a great way to get new, nervous patients to open up.

Therefore, during the day, Yoongi is sitting at his desk at the architecture bureau, keeping himself entertained by the text updates he receives from his husband, his husband’s assistant, or his husband’s assistant’s boyfriend, who for some reason always hangs out at their place, and somehow also managed to get Yoongi’s number without ever having met him in person.

It’s not that bad though. Jimin is pretty funny.

And if there is a time where none of them text for once, Yoongi can also count on his colleague, Hoseok, to keep his mood up. The only thing Yoongi has to do in return for Hoseok’s companionship is show him pictures of Jungkook. And honestly, that’s not really a chore.


What is a chore though, are times like these.

“Sir, are you sure there’s absolutely no other way?” Yoongi’s biting his teeth together, trying to remain as polite as possible as he’s looking pleadingly at his boss. “I have a toddler at home, I would really prefer it if I could work this out from here –”

“Sorry, Min-ssi,” his boss interrupts. “This is an important project. You need to be on the scene. But c’mon, it’s only three days. Your family can deal without you for three days, I’m sure.”

“I –”

“This is non-negotiable.”

And that’s that. Yoongi sighs, looking over at Hoseok, who looks apologetic. At least he won’t have to fly over to Japan on his own, he hates business trips where he’s completely alone.


He tells the news to Seokjin that night, once Jungkook is tucked into bed and they have put on a movie that isn’t animated for once, both enjoying a glass of wine.

“I really tried to get out of it, but this building is huge for us. And for me. It’s gonna be three days, I’m sorry,” Yoongi explains in a quiet voice, preferring to look at the TV instead of at Seokjin. At least until he feels Seokjin’s hand on his knee, then he does turn towards his husband.

“Yoongichi, don’t be sorry. You had to go on business trips before, it’s not the end of the world,” Seokjin says softly, smiling.

“Yeah, but Kook was younger back then. He hardly did anything but sleep the entire day, and he didn’t really notice when one of us wasn’t there. Now he does, and you know he doesn’t react well to it.”

“He’ll survive, love,” Seokjin promises, squeezing Yoongi’s knee a little bit harder. “It’s you I’m more worried about, actually. Three days in a different country, away from me and Kook? Oof, that’s gotta be hard for you.” Seokjin’s smile is teasing, and Yoongi pouts.

“Shut up, hyung. I’m a functioning adult, I am very much able to be separated from my family for a few days.”

“Well, then we don’t have a problem, do we?” Seokjin turns back towards the TV, but his hand finds Yoongi’s, intertwining their fingers and squeezing them softly. “I’ll manage to keep Kookie entertained, and you just have to keep yourself entertained.”

“Fine,” Yoongi huffs out, still pouting.

“Fine,” Seokjin repeats, and Yoongi hates that the smile in his husband’s voice makes him want to smile as well.


To the surprise of absolutely no one, it’s Seokjin who keeps both Jungkook and Yoongi entertained in the end.

Yoongi himself probably would have thrown in the towel and flown back to Seoul on the first day if it wasn’t for Seokjin’s texts.

[Jinnie-hyung <3]
I had my session with Joon today

and he managed to give a whole speech without a single stutter!!!

I was so proud I almost started crying

Joon was the one with the upcoming UN speech, right?

The one working for that Tree-NGO?

[Jinnie-hyung <3]
lmao tree-ngo

but yes

he’s that one

Kim Namjoon

and when I think back to how bad his stutter
was when he first came to me ….

ah, so proud :’)

kookie was also there and clapped a lot and that made joon SO happy

I miss Kookie :(

I want him to clap for me :(((((

[Jinnie-hyung <3]
Stop being a baby

you’re already halfway through

only one more day

how’s the project coming along?

Really well!

We managed to push through solar panels on the roof!

It’s going to be a self-sustaining, clean energy building!

And if the session tomorrow is successful,
 all of the wood used will be native as well.

[Jinnie-hyung <3]
That’s sexy

keep saving the environment babe

ah shit


[Jinnie-hyung <3]
Kook just woke up from farting too loud lol

gotta go cuddle him


I want to cuddle him :(

[Jinnie-hyung <3]
Just wait until tomorrow then he’s all yours again

honestly, whos the toddler here?

just go to sleep

I’ll send you a pic of him later

good night <3

Good night :(



Shortly afterwards, Seokjin really does send a picture of a sleeping Jungkook, and it’s so cute that it keeps Yoongi going throughout the night, the entire next day, and even the flight back (which for some reason is delayed by over two hours).

In the end, the plane lands shortly before eleven pm, and Yoongi arrives home a bit after midnight.

He expects everything to be quiet once he enters the apartment, and it is, but there’s a light shining through the half-open door to their bedroom.

Carefully, Yoongi toes off his shoes and sets down his bag before tiptoeing over towards the light.

Once he sticks his head past the door, looking inside the bedroom, he has to bite on his fist to not coo out loud.

In the dim light of the night-stand-lamp, Seokjin’s sleeping face is illuminated, as well as his hands, carefully cradling a just-as-asleep Jungkook. The little one’s cheek is squished were it rests on Seokjin’s chest, and a little bit of drool is running down from his tiny, round mouth.

Yoongi stands still for a bit longer, trying to imprint the scene to his long-term-memory for the rest of his life, before quickly walking over and sinking to his knees at Seokjin’s side of the bed.

He reaches up a hand, softly stroking first over Jungkook’s hair, then over Seokjin’s.

“Hyungie,” he whispers, “hyungie, I’m home.”

It’s only a few seconds before Seokjin’s eyelids start to flutter, the older had always been pretty quick at waking up. Once his eyes are open, he stares at the ceiling unfocused for a little bit before his eyes find Yoongi.

Yoongi watches breathlessly as a smile breaks out on his husband’s face.

“Yoongichi,” Seokjin mumbles, voice still rough with sleep, “there you are. Took you long enough.”

“I’m sorry,” Yoongi says, keeping his hand in Seokjin’s hair, stroking softly. “Flight was delayed for ages.  Why isn’t Kookie in his own bed?”

“He was intent on staying up for you. Made quite a fuss when you didn’t arrive. I had to sing the entirety of the clean-teeth-album to get him to calm down.”

Yoongi chuckles, looking down at where Jungkook is still fast asleep. Looking at him like that, he seems like the sweetest kid on earth. “Why is he so obsessed with these teeth-songs?”

“You’ve asked that a thousand times,” Seokjin points out and stops to yawn before speaking on, “and I still can’t give you the answer. Point is that he loves them, and if he won’t have the best dental hygiene of any kid ever in the future, I’ll be thoroughly disappointed.”

“Thoroughly disappointed? Well, we can’t have that,” Yoongi mock-gasps, taking his eyes off of his son. “Do you think we should wake him up and get him into his own bed?”

“If we wake him up now, he won’t fall back asleep for the rest of the night. And if we put him in his bed without waking him up, he’ll wreak havoc once it’s morning. So I’d say we just keep him for tonight. You sleep like a stone once you’re down, if we put him on your chest he’ll be safe and sound.”

Yoongi smiles. He loves it when Seokjin uses logic, it’s very sexy. “Okay then. Let me quickly wash up and get out of this stupid suit, then I’ll join you.”

He hastily presses a kiss to Seokjin’s forehead, then gets up and leaves for the bathroom, ready to get all of the travel-grime off of him.


Soon enough, he’s in bed, with a still fast asleep Jungkook on his chest. He buries his face in his son’s hair, pressing him close. It’s so good to be home.

“It’s so good to be home,” he voices out his thought once he looks back over to Seokjin, who has rolled on his side, face towards Yoongi.

“Yeah?” Seokjin is smiling, but it’s the lazy sort of smile, the one where he’s already half asleep and can’t be bothered to activate all of his face’s muscles.

“Yeah,” Yoongi confirms. “I’ve missed you two a lot.” In the darkness of their bedroom, he’s not even ashamed to admit it.

“We’ve missed you too,” Seokjin mumbles, reaching out an arm to quickly squeeze Yoongi’s hand where it’s resting on Jungkook’s back. “I missed you, too.”

“I’m back now,” Yoongi whispers, keeping his gaze locked on Seokjin’s beautiful face. “And I won’t leave again any time soon. Thank you for taking care of Jungkookie on your own. You’re a great dad.”

“What made you so mushy tonight?” There’s a slight frown on Seokjin’s face, but Yoongi can also see his dimple, so he knows he’s secretly pleased. Before he has a chance to answer, however, Seokjin keeps talking.

“Anyways, let’s talk about it tomorrow, yeah? ‘M very tired. Kook was very energetic today. We have all the time in the world to talk tomorrow.”

“Okay,” Yoongi whispers, looking at Seokjin once more before closing his eyes as well. “Let’s talk tomorrow. Talking and cuddling, I don’t want to do anything else.”

“Great,” comes the sleepy reply, and Yoongi smiles into the darkness.



Min Yoongi has never liked waking up, but goddammit, he can’t wait to wake up tomorrow and spend another beautiful day with his husband and son.