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(Happiness) We found it by accident

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The first thing that Jimin realized when he woke up was that he had a pounding headache.

The second thing he realized was that he wasn’t in his bed.

The third thing he realized was that he had no idea who was laying next to him.

Carefully, Jimin rubbed at his eyes without making too much movement.

There was a head of brilliantly colored blue hair on the pillow beside him, but the person was facing in the other direction so Jimin wasn’t sure what they looked like.

Without making too much movement, he managed to get off the bed and slip into his clothes from the night before.

When the stranger stirred on the bed Jimin froze in his place, and it felt like the next few moments happened in slow motion.

As the blue haired beauty rolled onto his back and Jimin got a look at his face clearly for the first time.

It felt like he’d just been stabbed in the gut at the sight of the omega he’d spent the night with, who he was almost certain was the guys his best friend was constantly raving about.

He barely remembered what had happened the night before, had he really been drunk enough not to recognize the person that Hoseok had shown him pictures of before?

Or had the newly colored hair thrown him off that much?

Jimin couldn't remember what name the omega had given him, had he lied to him?

There were so many questions swirling around in his head but he knew for sure that he didn't want to be there when Yoongi woke up.

He found himself creeping out of the bedroom and out of the apartment like a guilty person trying not to be caught.

All he could hope was that Yoongi didn’t remember him and never tried to get in touch with him so he could just pretend that this had never happened.




Jimin was so exhausted from not sleeping well that everything felt a little fuzzy around the edges.

The guilt of what he’d done still weighed on him heavily.

He couldn’t help but feel a little paranoid too, like at any moment Hoseok would figure out what he happened.

Now every time his friend brought up his crush Jimin was just reminded that he was an awful friend.

Sometimes he thought it would be better to just come clean and let Hoseok chew him out.

At the same time he knew that was selfish, because it would just make him feel better while Hoseok would be wounded.

He was so distracted by all these thoughts swirling in his head that he was barely paying attention to what was going on around him in the coffee shop he’d stepped into.

There was a line of people and they kept shuffling forward every few minutes.

When someone touched his shoulder, Jimin shook his head and mumbled a quick “sorry” thinking he’d lost track and forgotten to move with the line.

But he hadn’t.

“Jimin?” A raspy voice sounded in his ear.

His stomach plummeted when he turned to see the blue haired omega looking at him with a frown on his face.

Jimin’s mind went a little blank and his mouth dropped open in shock.

“It is you,” Yoongi’s face scrunched up further.

Suddenly, Jimin became aware that something was different about Yoongi’s scent.

At first he thought it was just his over tired brain playing games on him.

But when his eyes flickered down to the omega’s neck he could very clearly see a mark there.

Without thinking he reached out his fingers towards Yoongi’s neck.

He didn’t even know why he did it, but it didn’t matter because the omega swatted his hand away.

“Don’t touch me,” Yoongi hissed out. “You might have fucked up my life forever by leaving that behind but I don’t belong to you.”

Jimin didn’t even have time to process the words before Yoongi had pulled his hand back and landed a sharp slap across his face.

His eyes went wide and he immediately covered the skin that must have been turning red with his hand.

The shop filled with others murmured whispers about the drama while Yoongi turned and swiftly walked out of the shop.

For a minute, Jimin stood there like an idiot.

His mind felt like it was running a million miles a minute but still wasn’t processing everything.

Yoongi had carried Jimin’s scent still.

Yoongi had a mate mark.

Yoongi definitely hated him too.

Now he not only had to deal with the guilt of what he’d done to Hoseok, but also Yoongi.





While Yoongi waited he went into his bathroom to check his reflection.

Then he wanted to chastise himself for doing so, he didn’t want to feel like he needed to look good for Jimin.

He wasn’t trying to impress him.

Yoongi just needed Jimin to show up, fuck him, and leave.

Normally whenever he was stressed out he just hooked up with someone to get some relief.

Right now the thing that was stressing him out was the mark on his neck that prevented him from getting what he wanted.

He hated feeling like part of his future was out of his control right now.

Maybe Jimin was right and this wasn’t a good idea, but he didn’t want to think about that right now.

He just wanted to feel good even if it was just for a little while.

As soon as there was a knock on his door, Yoongi opened it and yanked Jimin inside.

Yoongi was desperate to forget and didn’t even say a word to the alpha before crashing their mouths together.

Jimin made a surprised sound deep in his throat when Yoongi kissed him and pushed him up against the wall next to the door.

But he didn’t pull away, he let Yoongi kiss him.

Soon Jimin’s fingers were digging into his hips and pulling him closer, Yoongi was happy to press closer to the alpha.

It just felt right and he didn’t want to think about why.

The alpha trailed his lips down Yoongi’s jawline and neck until they ran over the mark.

It made Yoongi shiver unconsciously and suck in a sharp breath when Jimin’s teeth nipped at the spot.

A rush of wetness left his body and Yoongi didn’t want to wait anymore.

He slid his hand down Jimin’s front until his fingers were teasing the bulge in the alpha’s jeans.

It made him smile - a reminder that he was still desirable and could work up an alpha without trouble.

The smile was wiped off his face when Jimin wrapped his hands around Yoongi’s wrist to tug and turn them around.

Yoongi was the one pressed against the wall then, Jimin’s lips crashed against his and made the omega whimper.

Reaching under Jimin’s shirt, Yoongi dragged his fingers down the alpha’s chest and stomach - relishing in the hiss that left his mouth.

Jimin retaliated by biting at Yoongi’s bottom lip and then kissing him harder.

The alpha’s tongue was ruthless when it pushed past his lips again, it left Yoongi breathless.

A moment later Jimin was shoving Yoongi’s pants down and then turning him around so that the omega’s front was against the wall.

As much as he was an independent spirit, Yoongi liked the way Jimin manhandled him.

He let out a soft moan at the feeling of Jimin’s fingers gripping his hips roughly and pulling them out where he wanted them.

“Is this what you want Minnie?” Jimin spoke the words against the back of his neck while dragging his cock through the wetness between the omega's cheeks.

“Yes,” Yoongi hissed the word out and pushed back against Jimin. “Give it to me.”

In one thrust, Jimin pushed inside of him.

Yoongi let out a gasp at the sudden intrusion, but he loved the burn and the feeling of being full.

This is what he’d been missing, the way his mind focused solely on the pleasure rushing through his body.

Jimin’s fingers were digging tightly into his hips, “You’re so tight.”

“You forgot that too?” The quip left his lips before he thought about it.

Instead of replying Jimin pulled out and pushed back in roughly, the sound of his hips hitting Yoongi’s ass filled the apartment.

But he didn’t stop there, he repeated the movement over and over again until Yoongi was scratching at the wall trying to get a hold of something.

He could barely keep up with how good it felt at the pace that Jimin kept.

Somehow Jimin had found the perfect angle and each time he pushed back inside of Yoongi it brushed against the sensitive bundle of nerves inside of him.

Yet, Jimin never slowed down and Yoongi couldn’t really handle the quick buildup barreling him towards release.

When one of the alpha’s hands curled around his body to take a hold of his erection, Yoongi let out a loud whimper.

“I like it when you’re a whimpering mess,” Jimin whispered in his ear.

Somehow he kept up the pace of his hips fucking into him while he moved his fist around Yoongi’s cock at the same time.

Just when he thought that he couldn’t take anymore, Jimin brushed his mouth against the mark on his neck.

Instinct took over and Yoongi titled his neck in invitation before Jimin’s teeth were pressing against the skin there again.

It made him cum instantly, moaning while his knees buckled slightly.

As much as he hated that mark, it felt amazing to have Jimin biting against it again.

He was still dealing with his own orgasm pulsing through his body when he felt the overwhelming sensation of getting fuller from Jimin’s knot.

The alpha bit him just a little bit harder as he started to cum too and all Yoongi could do was moan.

Had anyone ever made him feel this good?

With the fade of his orgasm came the reminder that Jimin’s mark was never going to leave.

As good as he felt in the moment, it didn’t take away from the fact that he might never get that again.

The longer they had to stand there stuck together the worse that Yoongi felt.

Jimin wasn’t even doing anything other than breathing loudly, clearly a little winded from how much effort he’d put into making Yoongi feel good.

That didn’t stop Yoongi from feeling awful about it, for liking things he didn’t want to like.

“You can go now,” Yoongi told Jimin as soon as the alpha’s knot had gone down enough for him to pull out.

“Are you sure?” Jimin sounded hesitant.

“Yeah,” Yoongi nodded but he didn’t look at the alpha.

He heard the sounds of Jimin pulling his clothes together and then his door opening and closing.

Only then did Yoongi push away from the wall to take in the sight of empty apartment that had no signs of his late night visitor.




Jimin half expected Yoongi to jump right into things when he got to his apartment, but he didn’t.

The omega was dressed in an oversized hoodie that covered his hands and looked adorable, despite how nervous he made Jimin feel.

“I’m just watching the rest of this,” Yoongi motioned to his television that was playing some drama.

“Oh okay,” Jimin followed him over to the couch.

The omega basically ignored him after that, too engrossed in the actors on the screen.

Occasionally he would comment on what they were doing and Jimin would take the chance to look at him again.

He was cute and Jimin wanted to touch.

Nervously, he experimented with leaning in to brush his lips over the side of Yoongi’s neck.

It was obvious how sensitive the omega was there, which was only proven again when Yoongi shivered lightly.

Yoongi continued to watch the show but Jimin could tell he was distracted.

“Minnie,” Jimin nipped at his skin.

“Hmm?” Yoongi didn’t turn his way.

“Can I touch you?” Jimin asked lowly, hoping Yoongi wouldn’t turn him down.

Yoongi nodded just once and Jimin wasn’t about to ask him again.

Still, Yoongi made a surprised noise when Jimin tugged on his body.

It wasn’t easy to maneuver around without telling Yoongi what he wanted, but he wasn’t feeling quite confident enough to verbalize it.

He managed to lay back and pull Yoongi onto his chest, the omega wiggled and looked confused.

“Keep watching your show,” Jimin told him.

“Uhh okay,” Yoongi looked away and Jimin got busy pushing the omega’s shorts off - happy to discover there wasn’t anything underneath.

It was too easy to lift Yoongi’s lean frame up to lick at him.

The omega wasn’t wet yet but he let out a sound that told Jimin he’d liked it.

He licked again, flattening his tongue and pushing it against Yoongi’s tight hole.

This time Yoongi leaned over, bracing his hands on Jimin’s legs and giving the alpha more access.

Jimin licked at Yoongi until he whimpered and the alpha felt the omega’s wetness hitting his tongue.

Letting out a satisfied growl, Jimin starting to tease the tip of Yoongi’s cock with his fingers and omega jolted at the feeling.

He didn’t really want to get Yoongi off just yet, he wanted to enjoy having the omega whimpering for him.

“Jimin,” Yoongi moaned. “You’re too good at this.”

Jimin hummed but he refused to pull away from Yoongi, lazily tracing his tongue in circles around the omega’s hole.

He could feel Yoongi’s fingers gripping his legs tighter and trying to push back into his face.

Lost in the sounds Yoongi was making and trying to get him to make more, Jimin nearly missed what the omega was doing to him.

Until Yoongi had his fingers wrapped around his dick, sliding them down and back up.

Involuntarily, Jimin bucked his hips into the touch.

Not expecting to feel the omega’s mouth wrap around him next.

He moaned embarrassingly loud into Yoongi’s skin as the omega swallowed him up.

It was harder for him to focus this way, with the feeling of Yoongi’s wet mouth making him crazy.

The drive to flip them over and mount Yoongi filled his blood, instead Jimin used his tongue to push inside of the omega.

It wasn’t nearly enough but it made Yoongi whimper loudly around his cock, the vibrations teasing Jimin.

When he gripped his fingers around Yoongi’s hardness more fully he was elated that the omega seemed to lose his rhythm.

At the start he’d just want to tease Yoongi and hear those sounds he made, but now he was determined to make the omega cum.

He jerked Yoongi faster and licked at him harder until the omega popped his mouth free.

“Fuck fuck,” Yoongi groaned as his body shook with release, wetting Jimin’s tongue and shirt covered chest.

After a few moments Yoongi just melted into his body, still shaking slightly from his orgasm.

“You know I’m kind of useless when I cum,” Yoongi mumbled the words into Jimin’s leg.

“Yeah?” Jimin was able to slide out from under him so that Yoongi laid face down on the couch then.

It was easy to climb on top of the omega who was happy to just lay there complacent.

Yoongi shifted his neck to the side when Jimin nuzzled him lightly like it was a habit.

Jimin wouldn’t say it out loud but it turned him on that Yoongi smelled like him.

He knew that Yoongi wasn’t really his - but he smelled like it and he looked like it with the mate mark clearly visible on his pale skin.

It had to be his instincts that kept drawing him towards the mark, he’d never been this fascinated with an omega’s neck before.

He traced the mark with his tongue before nipping at it, all while starting to rut against the omega.

Yoongi’s fingers gripped the sofa cushion tightly, pushing up in Jimin and tilting his neck more.

It was embarrassing how little it took him to release that way, Yoongi was too tempting when he was offering up everything like that.

He probably should have been a little ashamed that he couldn’t stop himself from biting at the mark again while he came.

But Yoongi just moaned at the feeling and so he tried not to dwell on it.

They were both truly a mess then, most of their clothes were still on and sticky.

“Do you want to stay and fuck me later?”

Jimin had kind of been expecting to be kicked out again and was glad Yoongi wasn’t shocked looking at his face, “Yeah I’ll stay.”

“Okay get off me,” Yoongi chuckled and Jimin scrambled off of him.

They ended up taking turns to shower before ending up back on the sofa.

“I need to rewatch this ending now,” Yoongi pouted at him and Jimin wanted to touch him but he held back.





He waited outside for the omega so Jimin was able to see when Yoongi rolled up in his car.

Without any idea of what his family was like, Jimin had dressed up a little nice but not so much so that it was obvious what he was going for.

Even though it hadn’t been very long at all since he’d seen Yoongi it still felt like the omega was a sight for sore eyes.

He’d thrown on a cute sweater that somehow didn’t clash with his blue hair.

It made Jimin want to run his fingers underneath the fabric to see how warm Yoongi’s skin was.

Instead he offered up a friendly smile as he buckled up.

“Are you ready for this?” Yoongi asked.

“Are you?” Jimin threw back at him.

Yoongi let out a little chuckle that made Jimin relax back into his seat and then the omega started to drive off.

They didn’t really talk much on the way there but it wasn’t an uncomfortable silence.

It didn’t feel forced, they weren’t trying to act a certain way around each other.

When they arrived, Yoongi suddenly seemed to get a little nervous.

“It’ll be okay,” Jimin tried to comfort him by gripping the omega’s thigh and giving it a squeeze.

Yoongi nodded but he didn’t comment.

“Anything I should know before going in?” Jimin asked him, hoping it would distract Yoongi from whatever thoughts were making him nervous.

“My brother goes by Jay,” Yoongi told him. “He’s older than me.”

“So you’re the baby of the family?” Jimin said. “That makes sense.”

The omega turned to look at him, “What does that mean?”

“You act like you’re used to getting what you want,” Jimin shrugged.

“Don’t make me slap you again,” Yoongi narrowed his eyes and reached over to pinch Jimin in the side.

It made him laugh, partly because it felt good to tease Yoongi but also because he was a little ticklish where Yoongi had pinched him.

When his laughter died away Yoongi seemed to go back to worrying, “I should have had you knot me before we came.”

He made the comment so casually so that it made Jimin’s head spin a little.


“Would have calmed me down,” Yoongi shrugged.

“Hmm,” Jimin couldn’t do much now, but he leaned over and pressed his mouth to Yoongi’s neck.

“I didn’t mean now Jimin,” The omega laughed lightly but he titled his neck a little.

“I know,” Jimin assured him. “Just...come here.”

Yoongi looked at him with curiosity in his eyes and Jimin leaned in a little closer to press his lips against the omega’s this time.

His fingers pushed into Yoongi’s hair and angled the omega’s face more so that he could kiss him more fully.

Really, Jimin had only meant for it to be a quick kiss.

But when Yoongi parted his lips it was impossible for him not to kiss the omega deeper.

Jimin always enjoyed kissing Yoongi, but this felt different.

It wasn’t a prelude to something else, they were just kissing with no rush or intention to try and excite one another.

Kissing Yoongi this time made butterflies swoop through Jimin’s stomach in a way that hadn’t happened before.

He was always excited to see Yoongi because he knew that meant some incredible sex was ahead, but this made him feel other things.

Other things he shouldn’t be feeling, which was why he pulled away.

Seeing Yoongi’s lips a little redder than they’d been before made him have other thoughts too.

“Ready to go inside?” Jimin asked, they’d probably better get out before they jumped on each other for real.

“Yeah,” Yoongi nodded, seeming more relaxed.

When they got out of the car, Jimin was surprised that Yoongi reached for his hand but he let him.

The butterflies returned and he gave Yoongi a look that must have been questioning.

“We’re supposed to be together…” Yoongi trailed off.


They didn’t knock, instead Yoongi went right inside and the sound of his family talking could clearly be heard even from the entryway.

“Yoongi is that you?” The sound of a male’s voice came closer.

“I’m here,” Yoongi replied just as his appa came around the corner.

“You -” His appa cut off in surprise when he spotted them.

First the older male’s eyes cut down to where they were holding hands, and then his eyes drifted over to his son, before they trailed down to his neck where Yoongi’s mark was visible.

“Always full of surprises Yoongi,” His appa let out a little sigh.

“Hi,” Jimin decided to introduce himself and take the focus away from Yoongi who’d started to grip his hand a little tighter. “I’m Park Jimin.”

It was a little surprising to see that his family was more focused on the fact that Yoongi had actually found an alpha rather than focusing on the fact that he’d been marked.

Jimin wondered what they would have said if Yoongi had shown up alone and declared that he was still single.

“I thought I would die before you ever found someone,” Yoongi’s omma had joked in a way that made the omega press his lips together.

He found that Yoongi seemed to stay the most relaxed the more than he touched him.

Jimin found himself constantly holding Yoongi’s hand, gripping his thigh, or running his fingers through the omega’s hair during the family dinner.

Each time Yoongi accepted one of these affections or even sought out more it made Jimin’s stomach do a little flip.

“So when will you be marking Jimin?” Jay had casually asked his brother after they’d all finished dinner but it made everyone turn to look at Yoongi.

“Soon,” Yoongi shrugged and his family seemed pleased with the answer.

He knew it wasn’t true, but that didn’t mean the answer didn’t effect Jimin.

It made him think of what it would be like if the omega leaned into his neck and sunk his teeth in until they were proper mates.

The thought made him shiver slightly and Yoongi turned towards him.

“That went better than I expected,” Yoongi told him when they left.

“I’m glad,” Jimin didn’t know what else to say, he was a little confused by the whole situation.

Once again they were quiet during the ride.

This time it was because Jimin had a million thoughts running through his mind.

Maybe this wasn’t just sex anymore, at least not for him.

That was dangerous for so many reasons and not just because Jimin couldn’t let his friends find out about Yoongi.

He hadn’t forgotten that Yoongi was unwilling to settle down, a fact that everyone seemed to be aware of.

Yoongi was quiet too, Jimin had no idea why and he was too worried to find out what he might be thinking of himself.

The omega didn’t even ask him to fool around when they got to his building and Jimin didn’t know what that meant either.

He did lean in to kiss Yoongi’s cheek quickly before exiting, wondering if he’d see him again.



It wasn’t until Yoongi was inside Jimin’s apartment that he started to feel better.

He wanted to chalk it up to the mark and blame his instincts for feeling that way.

Yoongi knew that wasn’t really it though.

There was just something about Jimin’s personality that soothed him.

The fact that Jimin was always there for him didn’t hurt either.

For the first time Yoongi felt like he’d found a partner that he could really rely on.

It was a little scary but at the same time it was amazing.

“I hope you like Bibimbap,” Jimin gave Yoongi an easy smile.

“Doesn’t everyone?” Yoongi was more excited to see the alpha than to eat really.

“That’s why I got it,” Jimin smiled wider as he served some for Yoongi before taking care of his own plate.

They didn’t even sit down to eat, instead they stood right next to Jimin’s countertop and leaned over their plates.

Yoongi didn’t mind, that way it was easier to stay close to Jimin.

Leaning into the alpha’s side when Jimin fed him a piece of meat from his own plate, asking Yoongi to taste.

Even though it was their first time sharing a meal together privately it felt like something they’d done a hundred times before.

Yoongi teased Jimin when he got some sauce on his lips and the alpha retaliated by pressing them to the omega’s cheeks so they got smeared with the sauce too.

They ate like that until their stomachs were full and then they ate a little bit more until they really had to push the food away.

Jimin dragged Yoongi over to his couch were they could lay down and complain about being over full.

For a while they just laid there, Yoongi rested his face on Jimin’s chest while the alpha rubbed at his back idly.

It was the most peaceful Yoongi had felt in a while and right then he knew, he just knew that he was falling for Jimin.

At the same time Jimin was the one person that he should and shouldn’t fall for and Yoongi wished that it wasn’t so complicated.

He wished that they had just met like normal and he wouldn’t have to question everything.

Yet he also knew that if it hadn’t been for the mark he might have met Jimin and never given the alpha time to grow on him.

Yoongi hadn’t been looking to settle down but maybe he was ready now.

Just when he’d opened his mouth to try and express some of these jumbled thoughts out loud, there was a knock on Jimin’s door and he closed his mouth.

“I’m not expecting anyone,” Jimin mumbled in confusion.

It took Jimin a moment to get off the couch in their lazy state, Yoongi refused to get up so he had to slide out from underneath the omega.

Yoongi had pulled out his phone to check twitter while Jimin was busy.

He heard the door unlock and then a muffled, “Hey.”

What made him look up with the sound of a gasp.

“It’s not what it looks like Hobi,” Jimin said quickly to his friend who had his mouth slightly open and his eyes focused on Yoongi.

Realizing what was going on, Yoongi hastened to stand up from the couch.

“You?” Hoseok pointed an accusing finger at Jimin. “The mark?”

“I can explain,” Jimin had put his hands together like he was pleading with the other alpha.

Hoseok pulled his hand back and slammed a fist into Jimin’s face so fast that no one could have stopped it.

Yoongi was by the alpha’s side as quickly as he could get there, watching in horror as a trickle of blood trailed down Jimin’s nose into his lip.

“Don’t touch him,” Yoongi hissed at Hoseok and shielded Jimin with as much as his body as he could.

“I -“ Hoseok started to speak.

“You don’t even know me!” Yoongi shouted at Hoseok and it probably wasn’t the best idea but he was pissed off. “Jimin didn’t do anything wrong so just go.”

He looked away from Hoseok to look back at Jimin who was touching his nose tenderly but Yoongi could also see a slip of a tear down his cheek.

“I’m sorry Hobi,” Jimin managed to get the words out past his lips.

“Jimin,” Yoongi didn’t know what to say but he tried his best to kind of half wrap himself around the alpha and comfort him.

When he looked back over Hoseok was gone and Jimin let out a little sniffle.

“I’ll grab some ice,” Yoongi shut the door before going back into the kitchen for what he needed.

Jimin had wiped away the blood with his sleeve when Yoongi got back and pressed the pack of ice to the alpha’s nose.

“I deserved it,” Jimin mumbled and took a hold of the ice from Yoongi.

“No you didn’t,” Yoongi said. “He just doesn’t understand yet just like I didn’t at the start.”

Jimin shrugged and Yoongi tried to rub his back but he wasn’t used to trying to comfort others and he was sure he did an awful job.

“Do you mind...I just want to be alone now.”

Yoongi felt a pang in his heart but nodded, “Yeah...sure...I’ll just go?”

“Yeah,” Jimin nodded but didn’t look at Yoongi.

It went against all of his instincts to leave Jimin then.

His mind was screaming at him not leave his mate like that, but Yoongi knew that Jimin wasn’t his mate.

Not really.



On the way to meet Hobi Yoongi went over what he’d told the other alpha about their situation.

That way Jimin already knew what Hoseok knew.

That didn’t take away any of the confusion Jimin felt over why Yoongi had done it.

After all it was his mistakes that had caused it all, why was the omega putting in so much effort to help him?

Jimin had started to feel like maybe they were going somewhere but now he wasn’t so sure.

Yoongi had been so sweet to him that night they’d been hanging out before Hobi dropped by.

Now Jimin was wondering if he’d messed up by sending the omega away that night.

He just didn’t know where they stood at the moment and especially with Yoongi brushing off his commenting about missing the omega.

But if Yoongi didn’t care about him, then why go through all this with him?

Jimin just couldn’t put the pieces of the puzzle together in his mind.

“We’re here,” Yoongi told Jimin as he pulled into some parking.

It seemed like he’d been so lost in his thoughts he’d missed the ride.

“You think he’ll really show up?” Jimin asked Yoongi nervously.

“He better,” Yoongi already sounded annoyed.

“Minnie?” Jimin reached over to touch the omega’s leg before he could get out.


He leaned in and kissed him lightly on the lips.

It was more for himself than anything, Jimin was anxious and confused.

Kissing Yoongi somehow relaxed him.

He could focus on the feeling of the omega’s lips and the way Yoongi melted into him.

“Sorry I needed that,” Jimin mumbled when he pulled away a little.

The corner of Yoongi’s lip lifted a little before he kissed Jimin again, only very quickly.

“Don’t apologize for that,” Yoongi said.

Jimin felt a tug on his heart but then Yoongi opened his door and he followed.

It was a little shocking to spot Hobi inside already waiting for them.

He was even more shocked when Yoongi took a hold on his hand to entwine their fingers.

“You’ve got this,” Yoongi said. “Just tell him how you feel.”

Jimin nodded once and then they stepped towards Hobi together.

The alpha spotted them and then his eyes dipped down to the hands.

“Hey,” Jimin said awkwardly.

“Hi,” Hoseok said back but he didn’t sound happy.

“Let’s sit,” Yoongi told Jimin.

Even after they’d sat down Yoongi didn’t let go of his hand and it made Jimin feel better even though his stomach was overridden by nerves.

“So,” Jimin began. “I know Yoongi already gave you a run down of what happened.”

Hoseok nodded.

“I should explain that after that first night my hope was to never see Yoongi again,” Jimin looked at the omega nervously but he nodded. “I felt incredibly guilty even though I didn’t know exactly what had happened at the club - I didn’t remember Yoongi hitting on me or what name he gave me or anything really.”

“So he said,” Hoseok replied.

“I probably should have told you then but I just didn’t want to lose you as a friend. And then after all the stuff happened with Yoongi’s mark you said you didn’t want to know if he mated and I guess I took that as a sign to keep my mouth shut.”

Hoseok shifted a little in his chair, that was new information obviously.

“I wanted to stay away from Yoongi but I just couldn’t. He’s wearing my mark and I wanted to take care of him, but also…” Jimin looked at Yoongi again shly before looking back at Hobi. “Well you know there’s just something about him and somehow we just...we just fit well together.”

“He’s kind of,” Hoseok looked at Yoongi too. “Rude and blunt.”

“He’s just honest,” Jimin defended him before Yoongi could, and he felt the omega squeeze his hand. “You want me to be more honest well Yoongi is. Even if it hurts to hear it he’ll tell you the truth.”

“So you don’t like me anymore?” Yoongi questioned Hoseok.

“No,” Hobi answered quickly. “You’re right, I didn’t know you.”

“This is the only secret I’ve ever kept from you,” Jimin told him. “I was confused and I was trying to do what I thought would be less painful for everyone.”

“I can’t say that I understand but I guess I know that you were dealing with a lot with this one,” Hoseok gestured towards Yoongi. “I’m still hurt but I think I can get over it.”

Jimin let out a sigh of relief, “Thank you.”

“So are you two -“ Hoseok was cut off by the sound of Yoongi’s phone going off.

“Oh my surprise is here,” Yoongi smiled at his phone and typed something out on it.

“What?” Jimin turned towards Yoongi in confusion.

Yoongi twisted in his seat and then was waving toward the door, “Right there.”

“Hey Minnie,” A truly gorgeous omega with sinful eyes came over to them and touched Yoongi’s shoulder.

“This is my friend Taehyung,” Yoongi introduced him and they heard Hoseok make a little choking sound.

“He’s so cute,” Taehyung cooed and then walked over to take a seat next to Hoseok. “You can call me Tae!”

“Are all your friends beautiful?” Hobi was blushing and couldn’t even look at Taehyung who was leaning closer to him.

“Yeah,” Yoongi smiled but he was looking at Jimin who was looking at Hoseok.

“Well I came here just for you,” Taehyung took a hold of the drink in front of Hoseok and sipped it.

“For me?” Hobi echoed.

“Minnie thought we’d make a good match,” Taehyung trailed a finger through Hoseok’s hair. “I think he was right.”

Hoseok’s face got redder, “You do?”

Taehyung laughed happily and Jimin couldn’t believe it.

Somehow Yoongi had managed to salvage his friendship and find someone for Hoseok?

“Minnie,” Jimin wanted to kiss him. “Let’s go.”

“Okay,” Yoongi nodded. “Have fun guys.”

They left Hoseok and Taehyung behind with Jimin wondering if he would hear from his friend later with details.

When they’d gotten back into Yoongi’s car the omega didn’t start it up right away.

“Did you mean what you said?” Yoongi asked. “You think we fit well together?”

“I do,” Jimin nodded. “Do you?”

Yoongi swallowed nervously, “Yeah I do.”

Jimin smiled, he couldn’t help but feel ecstatic to hear the simple admission from Yoongi.

It wasn’t a love confession, but it meant a lot to him.

The omega that should have hated him was here by his side and he was giving him a chance.

When Yoongi brought him back to his apartment he didn’t leave.

Jimin found himself pushing the omega against the wall as soon as they got inside much like Yoongi had done to him the first time they’d hooked up sober.

This time Jimin did it out of desperation to feel closer to Yoongi.

He wanted to feel Yoongi’s body pressed up against his until there was no space between them.

His mouth on the omega’s neck and Yoongi’s sweet whimper in his ear.

“I missed you,” Jimin said again.

Yoongi let out another soft whimper when Jimin pressed his mouth against the mark on his neck.

“I missed you too,” Yoongi finally replied.

For the first time the omega leaned in to rub himself against Jimin’s neck.

Using his mouth and neck to mark Jimin up with his own scent.

A happy sigh slipped from Jimin’s mouth as he tilted his neck to give Yoongi better access.

Really, he wanted to offer to let Yoongi mark him in a more permanent way.

What they had felt so fragile though, like he needed to ease Yoongi into this more so he kept his thoughts to himself.

But when the omega was done leaving his scent all over Jimin’s neck the alpha dragged him into his bedroom and pushed him down.

The only time Yoongi was docile was when they were together like this.

Jimin could do whatever he wanted to the omega.

Tear his clothes off and mark up his neck with more bites.

He loved how needy Yoongi got for him, whimpering and asking for more when Jimin teased his fingers inside the omega.

They were pressed chest to chest when Jimin finally took him with Yoongi trying to pull him as close as possible.

He wondered what the omega was thinking when he put his mouth against Jimin’s neck while he fucked him until he was cumming.

It took longer for Jimin to finish, he enjoyed listening to the whimpers Yoongi made as he became over sensitive.

As his knot expanded and made Yoongi shiver at the fullness, Jimin comforted him with kisses to his mark.

Both their scents filled up Jimin’s room and he loved it.

Yoongi just wanted to lay there afterwards and Jimin had no problem taking care of him.

Using a cloth to clean up the omega as best as possible before laying next to him and tugging Yoongi to lay on his chest.

He never wanted his omega to leave.



It was difficult to muster up the willpower to leave the apartment when Yoongi had been spending the perfect lazy Sunday with Jimin.

After sleeping over the night before, Yoongi had been happy to wake up next to Jimin again.

Even though he wasn’t used to spending so much time with someone like this.

He couldn’t deny how safe and comfortable he felt when his alpha held him all night long.

Instead of getting up right away, he’d kissed the alpha’s face and neck until he’d woken up.

Then Yoongi had enjoyed being pushed into the mattress and fucked slowly by Jimin until they were both a mess and had to get up to shower.

Jimin had stood in his kitchen shirtless as he flipped pancakes and Yoongi ogled him until it was time to eat.

With their stomachs full Yoongi had pulled Jimin onto the couch to catch up on all the TV they'd missed during the week.

Not getting up again until their stomachs had grumbled and Jimin ordered some food for lunch because neither of them felt like cooking.

When it finally came time to get ready to go see Yoongi’s family it had been the omega that complained.

He hadn’t wanted to leave their cozy little bubble.

Yoongi had been enjoying how their scents had started to mix so much in the space and alone he could scent up Jimin whenever he wanted to.

Not that the alpha didn’t reek of him now but sometimes it made Yoongi feel better to just do it.

Maybe it was because he knew the scent could fade from Jimin’s skin unlike Yoongi who permanently smelled like the alpha.

It seemed like he wanted Jimin’s touches now more than ever too.

He couldn’t help but wonder if it was because he’d gone so long wearing Jimin’s mark without marking the alpha back.

Or if it was simply because they’d grown closer.

Either way Yoongi didn’t exactly trust his emotions yet.

He liked Jimin a lot but no matter how much his instincts were bothered by the alpha’s lack of mark he knew it had to be too soon.

Of course he noticed the way Jimin seemed to encourage him anytime he scented the alpha.

Or even when he just put his mouth near Jimin’s neck while they fooled around.

He was sure the alpha’s own instincts were plaguing him too.

Even with so many thoughts buzzing inside Yoongi’s mind they still had a good time his parent’s house.

There had been way less questions for them and more idle chit chat instead.

Perhaps it was because they’d already asked Jimin so many questions the last time or maybe it was because the alpha was thoroughly covered in Yoongi’s scent.

But that didn’t stop his Omma from pointing out the obvious, “No mark yet for your alpha?”

Yoongi shook his head casually, “We’ve had other stuff going on.”

Luckily she dropped it but Yoongi didn’t miss the way Jimin looked at him.

Lips pressed together like there was something on the tip of Jimin’s tongue that wanted to come out.

It really wasn’t a surprise when Jimin brought the topic up again later that night.

They’d stopped by his place so the alpha could pick up clothes for work the next day after they’d both decided neither was ready to sleep alone yet.

Back at Yoongi’s apartment he was hanging the clothes up in the closet so they didn’t wrinkle and then Jimin spoke up.

“Minnie?” Jimin had paused with the shirt in his hand halfway on a hanger.

“Hmm?” Yoongi looked up from his phone.

“I do want you to mark me, you know that?”

Yoongi nodded slowly, “I could tell...yeah.”

Jimin let out a sigh as though he was relieved, “I think I would feel a lot better once you did.”

“I don’t think it’s something we should let our instincts decide,” Yoongi told the alpha who finally hung the shirt up in the closet and used his free hand to rub at his neck.

“It’s not like it’s a bad instinct Minnie,” Jimin said softly.

“Don’t take it personally Jimin,” Yoongi reached for him until the alpha stepped in closer. “We’re courting, right?”

Jimin nodded.

“So we’ll get there,” Yoongi told him. “When I’m ready to mark you I will.”

“Okay,” Jimin didn’t really sound so sure though.

Yoongi did his best to distract the alpha with his kisses and his touch.

It didn’t take long before they were back in bed.

The omega gave the alpha a taste of what he was asking for with his teeth pressed into the skin of Jimin’s neck until it left an indentation.


[Some weeks later!!]

Dinner was a little awkward when Jimin got to Yoongi’s apartment.

He could almost feel the tension in the room as the omega finished cooking and then brought the dishes over to the table.

Perhaps Jimin was making it up in his head because he was already exhausted from work.

Having to haul himself across Seoul to his apartment and then back over to Yoongi’s only added to that.

He still had to hang up the new clothes and he wanted to wash some of his dirty things as well.

It didn’t help that Yoongi seemed in the mood to keep to himself either.

Jimin didn’t know if the omega was too tired as well or if he had his own thoughts running through his mind.

“Are you going to tell me why you’re upset?” Yoongi asked suddenly after he’d pushed his unfinished dinner aside.

Jimin let out a sigh, he should have expected that Yoongi would ask.

“You don’t want me to say so...” At a loss of what else to say Jimin shrugged.

Yoongi frowned, “What does that mean? I just asked you.”

“It means you don’t want to talk about the fact that I want to move our relationship forward and you don’t.”

Yoongi shook his head, “I always want you to be honest with me.”

“You’re side stepping the issues again,” Jimin ran a hand through his hair. “We could at least move in together and make it easier on the both of us.”

“It’s too -“

“Soon,” Jimin cut in. “I know you keep saying that. It’s too soon, you’re not ready. I get that it’s a lot for you but it also feels like you’re purposely sabotaging us.”

Yoongi stood up from his seat, “Why would I purposely sabotage us? I’m the one that’s marked here.”

“Because you won’t mark me!” Jimin threw his hands up in the air, they’d had the conversation multiple times but Yoongi never budged on it.

“I’d like you to leave,” Yoongi crossed his arms over his chest.

“I just got here,” Jimin told him.

“You’re being an ass and this is still my apartment.”

Jimin stood up too, “You know what - fine.”

He left, grabbing the bag of clothes he’d just brought over before making a hasty exit.

But the farther away he got from Yoongi’s building the more his frustration ebbed away.

Instead of taking out his bad mood on the omega he should have shelved the conversation for another time when he wasn’t so tired.

He knew Yoongi’s stance and it wasn’t fair to continue to try and push him when the omega was more comfortable with the pace they were at.

It wasn’t fair to keep bringing up his own issues with being unmarked.

Yoongi hadn’t had any say in his own mark and it was the least he could do to let the omega take his time.

When he got back to his apartment it felt cold and empty.

He missed the sound of Yoongi’s voice and the warmth that spread through Jimin’s body at having him near.

Jimin delayed going to bed as long as he could, not wanting to deal with sleeping alone.

He was just about to get into bed when he heard a knock on his door.

Yoongi was there on the other side, dressed in his pajamas and looking upset.

“Minnie,” Jimin was relieved and reached for the omega immediately.

“I’m sorry,” Yoongi was quick to hug him back, starting to scent Jimin within moments.

“No I’m sorry,” Jimin told him. “It was a long day I shouldn’t have said that stuff.”

“Let’s go lay down,” Yoongi suggested once he’d pulled away from Jimin’s neck, satisfied after having renewed his own scent there.

They slept over at Yoongi’s more often than Jimin’s place so it always felt a little odd to be there.

Less of Jimin’s things were even at his apartment anymore but they still knew which side belonged to each.

Not that it mattered much when Yoongi crawled closer to rest his face on Jimin’s chest.

“I keep thinking you’re going to regret trying to make things work with me,” Yoongi admitted after a while.

“What?” Jimin was surprised to hear what the omega said.

“I don’t know how much of it is your instincts that make you want to be with me,” Yoongi explained. “I can sort out which of my thoughts are real and which are more animalistic but yours…”

“I want you to mark me because I want to be your mate,” Jimin said softly. “Yes - things have gone faster than normal because of your mark but I don’t think that invalidates how I feel.”

“I just keep picturing us like a year down the road and you wishing you’d never seen me again after that first night,” Yoongi added.

“That won’t happen,” Jimin cooed and hugged the omega tighter to his chest. “Minnie - I’m in love with you and nothing will take that away.”

Yoongi mumbled something so quietly that Jimin barely heard it.

He had to poke the omega in the side, “What was that?”

“I love you too,” Yoongi admitted a little louder.

“Oh Minnie,” Jimin managed to push Yoongi back into his mattress and pepper the omega with kisses across his face and neck. “My sweet little omega, my love, my -“

“That is quite enough,” Yoongi laughed and attempted to push Jimin away.

But the alpha wasn’t ready to be pushed away and kissed Yoongi on the mouth instead, enjoying the way the omega’s arms slackened and he could press closer.

He nipped Yoongi lips and then kissed him deeper, running his tongue alongside the omega’s until he let out a soft whimper.

“I want you to mark me - I do,” Jimin said when he pulled away. “But I want you to do it when you’re ready.”

“Not now,” Yoongi said, pushing his fingers into Jimin’s hair. “But soon - I promise.”

Jimin nodded and leaned in to kiss him again.

It was late and they were both feeling worn out from the day and their first real fight so it wasn’t long before they settled in for bed.

Yoongi clutched onto Jimin a little tighter than normal in his sleep.

While the alpha kept his face pressed into the omega’s hair so he could continue to breath him in through the night.


Once he’d let go off all of the negative thoughts that had been plaguing him, Yoongi found that he was only filled with excitement.

He couldn’t get back to his apartment fast enough, imagining all the things Jimin would do to him and what he’d get to do to the alpha.

It wasn’t the first time Yoongi had imagined being able to mark Jimin, whenever they had sex lately it seemed to be all that he could think of.

Usually he just brushed it aside as his instincts out of control.

Now Yoongi realized that he was emotionally ready, he didn’t have any doubts that Jimin really was the one for him.

Outside of all the drama with marks they didn’t have any trouble between them.

Jimin’s sweetness made up for Yoongi’s brashness and they always had each other’s backs.

One day when they were ready, Yoongi knew that Jimin would make an excellent father too.

The thought of his stomach growing rounder with his and Jimin’s child already brought a smile to his face - even if he wasn’t actually ready for it yet.

Whatever happened in the future, Yoongi wanted Jimin there with him.

It was a little disappointing that his apartment was empty when he got there, Jimin did work a little farther away than he did though.

With too much energy inside of him from the excitement, Yoongi pulled his clothes off and tossed them aside.

Sliding down into the covers of his nest and enjoying how strongly Jimin’s scent lingered on the side the alpha usually slept on.

His fingers had a mind of their own as they wandered down his body, stroking himself while he pushed his face into Jimin’s pillow and wishing the alpha was there.

The omega used his other hand to push a few fingers inside of himself, already wet from all the thought he’d had about Jimin.

It wasn’t enough to fill him the way Jimin’s knot did, but he liked to pretend that it was his alpha anyways.

Already whimpering from teasing himself, Yoongi didn’t even hear the front door open or the sound of Jimin’s footsteps.

“Minnie,” Jimin’s voice came out on a low growl. “You couldn’t wait for me?”

Instead of answering Yoongi was quick to present himself, rolling onto his hands and knees to show his alpha exactly where he wanted him.

“Fuck,” Jimin cursed tightly.

Yoongi could hear the sounds of the alpha struggling with his clothes before his fingers came out to grip the omega’s hips.

They dug into Yoongi’s skin in a way that made the omega knew he’d have marks later.

“Jimin,” Yoongi pushed back into the alpha until he could feel how hard he was already.

When he turned his face to give Jimin a questioning look he was stunned as usual by how gorgeous the alpha looked leaning against him.

All tanned skin and toned muscles, but his eyes were filled with nothing but love as he looked at Yoongi.

“Give it to me already so I can mark you,” Yoongi told him because it distracted him from how fast his heart was beating for Jimin.

Another low growl left Jimin’s throat before he was pushing inside of the omega with enough force that it stung a little.

He’d teased himself to make it an easy glide but his fingers were never as thick as Jimin’s cock.

It didn’t matter though because he loved the feeling of being filled by the alpha and the way Jimin managed to put him in his place like this.

The alpha leaned over his body and it forced him to go deeper, making Yoongi whimper at the overwhelming sensations that coursed through his body.

More importantly, it allowed Jimin to dig his teeth into Yoongi’s neck over his mark.

A reminder that Yoongi was already his and also just what they had planned.

Yoongi could practically feel his mouth tingling with anticipation, Jimin got to bite him whenever he wanted and now the omega would have his turn.

He whined when Jimin pulled away, already missing the feeling of having the alpha’s mouth on him.

“How do you want to do this?” Jimin’s voice was lower than normal still, he’d paused his movements to focus on talking to Yoongi.

That didn’t stop the omega from grinding back on Jimin’s dick, making them both moan.

“Focus Minnie,” Jimin nipped at his neck again.

“Flip me over,” Yoongi panted the words out.

The alpha listened and pulled out of the omega just long enough to wrap his arms around Yoongi’s body and get him onto his back.

This way he could lean over the omega once he had pushed inside, placing his neck directly next to Yoongi’s face.

Yoongi felt a renewed rush of excitement as he ran his teeth over Jimin’s neck, it wouldn’t be bare much longer.

He could tell how much Jimin wanted this too, not only in the way the alpha seemed desperate to bring them closer to release but also in sharpness of his scent that was mixed with arousal and euphoria.

It was the feeling of Jimin’s knot growing that sparked Yoongi’s orgasm, which in turn caused the alpha’s release as well.

The feeling was so good that Yoongi almost forgot what he was supposed to do until he felt Jimin’s fingers pushing his face further into his neck.

He bit down, enjoying the sound that Jimin made, and then he bit harder until he tasted the alpha’s blood on his tongue.

They stayed in that position until Jimin’s knot finally went down and Yoongi released his hold on the alpha as well.

The alpha was placing kisses over Yoongi’s mark while the omega gently licked at Jimin’s fresh mark which was still bright red.

He felt complete contentment, Jimin was really his mate now and that was all he cared about.


The End