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FFXIV Write 2019

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Table of Contents - FINAL FANTASY XIV Write 2019

The following is a table of contents including the prompt number, a disclaimer with possible spoiler and content warnings, summaries and the acting characters listed. 

Attention:  Even character names can be spoilers! Please be aware, that this might be a spoiler hazard until you are caught up till the end of 5.0!!!

  1. Prompt #1: Voracious
    Disclaimer: Spoilers for Shadowbringers! And bad table manners..
    The Scions are enjoying themselves at the End of the Expansion. // Scions of the Seventh Dawn & the Warrior of Light - continued in Prompt #7
  2. Prompt #2: Bargain
    Disclaimer: Spoilers for Heavensward & Stormblood! Blood and Gore!
    The Warrior of Light meets Ser Zephirin in battle, but it does not go as planned. // Warrior of Light, Ser Zephirin, Zenos yae Galvus & Alisaie Leveilleur
  3. Prompt #3: Lost
    Disclaimer: Spoilers for the Crystal Tower raid! And stupid memes...
    A certain Miqo'te is exploring his new forever home. // G'Raha Tia
  4. Prompt #4: Shifting Blame
    Disclaimer: Spoilers for Shadowbringers! And fluff.
    As Thancred tries to figure out where his charge has run, the Warrior of Light and Alisaie seem determined to stop his efforts. // Thancred Waters, Alisaie Leveilleur, Warrior of Light & Ryne
  5. Prompt #5: Vault
    Disclaimer: Spoilers for Heavensward! And a lot of angst.
    A long day has finally come to a close, but having lost the thing most dear to her, the Warrior of Light suffers in silence. // Warrior of Light
  6. Prompt #6: First Steps
    Disclaimer: Just cute.
    "Sometimes it’s important to remind ourselves, why we fight." // Warrior of Light & Arenvald Lentinus
  7. Prompt #7: Forgiven
    Disclaimer: Spoilers for Shadowbringers! A continuation of Prompt #1: Voracious.
    Alisaie has something she would like to talk about. // Warrior of Light & Alisaie Leveilleur
  8. Prompt #8: Extra Credit Day - "Paladin"
    Disclaimer: None to give!
    The plate armour dirty with blood, mud, grass. Her sword held high. The shield ready before her body. // Warrior of Light
  9. Prompt #9: Hesitate
    Disclaimer: Spoilers for Shadowbringers! Otherwise: Fluff!
    The Crystal Exarch wished to speak to her. He needed to. But now that he finally stood in front of her door, he wasn't sure what he should say. // Crystal Exarch & Shia Tamriel (my Warrior of Light)
  10. Prompt #10: Foster
    Disclaimer: Just fluff ... and Thancred has to be a parent
    The Warrior of Light does what they do best: delight people! // Thancred Waters & Warrior of Light
  11. Prompt #11: Snuff
    Disclaimer: Estinien and Dragon <3 nothing else.
    All he wanted was to go on a quick trip to the Churning Mists. Now he has an unwanted companion... // Estinien Wyrmblood
  12. Prompt #21: Fingers Crossed
    Disclaimer: ...
    Godbert the Goldsmith's a Manderville man, Smithing as only a Manderville can, Oil him up and give him a tan, Fit for a Mander-Manderville man! // Manderville Family & Warrior of Light
  13. Prompt #13: Wax
    Disclaimer: Spoilers for Shadowbringers! Also: sweet kissing.
    Shia Tamriel returns from a trip to Il Mheg with lots and lots of bees wax and honey. And mischief on her mind. // Crystal Exarch & Shia Tamriel
  14. Prompt #14: Scour
    Disclaimer: Spoilers for Heavensward! Otherwise it's just a bit melancholic.
    Count Edmont de Fortemps has the staff working long hours to prepare for his dear friends arrival. // Edmont de Fortemps
  15. Prompt #15: Extra Credit - "A Day with the Fae"
    Disclaimer: Spoilers for Shadowbringers! Also: Feo Ul. Awesome.
    It has been a rough time for Shia Tamriel and she asks her beloved branch to help her get her mind off of it. // Shia Tamriel & Feo Ul
  16. Prompt #16: Voracious
    Disclaimer: I wasn't really inspired today so... this is a short one. :)
    The twins seem to be even more different than they had anticipated. // Leveilleur Twins
  17. Prompt #17: Obeisant
    Disclaimer: No spoilers, nothing to report here. Only, that this is something I wanted to write for quite a while! :D
    My dear mistress of magic, I shall always obey. I shall be yours, shall watch, when you twist and turn and sway. // Unnamed Dancer & Fan
  18. Prompt #18: Wilt
    Disclaimer: Spoilers for Shadowbringers! I was so uninspired with this one. Which is one of the reasons why it's late.
    Shia Tamriel has an important talk with the leader of the Facet of Gathering. // Shia Tamriel & Queshi-Rae
  19. Prompt #19: Radiant
    Disclaimer: It's melancholic. Otherwise: none to give.
    Oh how he dreaded going on campaign these days. When his child could be born any day.
  20. Prompt #20: Bisect
    Disclaimer: Wholesome fluff, with a mention of brutal gore.
    He had won all his battles, lived his days and what more is there to do, then watch the sun set. // Warrior of Light
  21. Prompt #21: Crunch
    Disclaimer: Spoilers for Stormblood! And a bit of blood.
    “They call me the Warrior of Light and I should stand tall! But I was cut down!" // Raubahn Aldynn & Shia Tamriel
  22. Prompt #22: Extra Credit – “Nald’s Fest”
    Disclaimer: This one includes characters drinking alcohol, drunk people having fun and bad music. Drink responsibly! Also :This is super self indulgend and you should not read this expecting something in-deep XD
    It has been years since the last Nald's Fest and nobody is going to miss it - especially not the Scion's of the Seventh Dawn! // Tataru Taru, Krile Baldesion, Lyse Hext, Yugiri Mistwalker, Shia Tamriel, Biggs, Wedge & Cid

  23. Prompt #23: Parched
    Disclaimer: Spoilers for the ending of A Realm Reborn!
    They have a moment of rest after fleeing Uld'ah, but Alphinaud just cannot sit still. // Alphinaud Leveilleur, Tataru Taru, Haurchefant Greysonte & Warrior of Light
  24. Prompt #24: Unctuous
    Disclaimer: Spoilers for Stormblood! This might contain themes that some readers might be uncomfortable with! Including an implied toxic relationship and miscarriage.
    “Had I stayed, would you have become this? This monster hungering for challenges? Could I have healed you? You never were a gentle person. You were never kind or good, but you were not … this.” // Zenos yae Galvus & Warrior of Light
  25. Prompt #25: Trust
    Disclaimer: Spoiler for Stormblood!
    On their voyage to Kugane, the Warrior of Light tries to cope with her wounds on her own. Thankfully, she got some good friends on the boat. // Shia Tamriel & Alisaie Leveilleur
  26. Prompt #26: Slosh
    Disclaimer: Spoilers for Stormblood
    The battle is won, the trenches dug. And the leaders of the Eorzean Alliance share a quick nightcap before heading to their respective sleeping quaters.
  27. Prompt 27: Palaver
    Disclaimer: None!
    When you have to escort a member of the Syndicate across the sea and they think they are a better captain than you.
  28. Prompt #28: Attuned
    Disclaimer: None!
    Honestly, no person in the world would willingly go to a political banquett with potential adversarys. No one but Alphinaud. // Shia Tamriel & Alphinaud Leveilleur
  29. Prompt #29: Extra Credit - "Once upon a Dream"
    Disclaimer: Shadowbringers spoilers! Also: FLUFF!!!!
    "I know you, I walked with you once upon a dream, I know you, That look in your eyes is so familiar, a gleam" // G'Raha Tia & Shia Tamriel
  30. Prompt #30: Darkness
    Disclaimer: Shadowbringers spoilers! // Scions & the Warrior of Light
    But for now, for this one moment, they allowed themselves to enjoy.