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This place seemed to be familiar except its current condition was ruins of once stately, gothic buildings and covered with a cloak of darkness. That used to be a more colorful, lively and cleaner area – once acting as if it was truly alive. But at that moment its current image only reminded of a corpse of what it was like on its prime - damaged itself altogether and so its formerly beautiful streets, roads and buildings, which were also additionally dislocated, what distorted the whole landscape of it. Without its characteristic spots of certain statues it would be unrecognizeable for its inhabitant. Despite this fact it still triggered many, vivid memories – the ones worth smiling but also the ones, which put you down when recalled. Yet, that known area brought up mostly bitter, gray feelings just like in the way it was preseting itself. That was the old home – Redgrave City.

„Are ya really sure about this, V?” the cocky sounding but concerned voice broke that dead silence. It belonged to Griffon – a majestic, demonic bird. He was sitting on the man’s tattoed arm, who he mentioned.

„I have run away too many times. I have to see this through. I have enough of strength to do it finally.” V’s voice expressed strong determination what his face reflected as well. He was not even looking at the bird when he spoke that because of how his mind was consumed by his goal instead. Almost as if these words were directed to him not his winged companion.

„Just remember you can always go back and wait until you feel strong enough.” Griffon added.

„Yes, but the more time passes the stronger Urizen gets and the weaker I become. I must finally stop him.” through V’s voice exhaustion could be heard because of the way he heavily sighed while saying that. „To weaken him I have to face what he always tried to hide from me. I was too scared so I created him and then I lost control over him. That let him grow stronger… This is my fault and this is me who have to fix it.”

V’s face gazed at the distant view of the ruined house, which was placed farther away from the ruins of the town. That was his family house – the place in which his carefree life had started and then had been brutally ended by that one unfortunate demon massacre. This mentioned residency was placed on the high cliff, which seemed to be hard to reach from the first glance. It was how Urizen had purposely shaped it to make it almost unreachable for V. Was the physical difficulty a real issue for V? It was rather his own mental barrier stopping him to face the truth hidden there for decades.

„Before we ended up split I couldn’t even recognize and even see this place. My memories were almost wiped out by Urizen. ” V commented on the view he was watching.

He took a confident step towards his place of destination. Even if he still felt almost paralyzing fear manifesting as stomach cramps and muscles trembling the closer he approached it but he knew he could feel safe. He knew he had a support. Of who? Of what? Somebody, who he used to find ridiculous, weak and a hurdle for him but at that moment he realized how much an important person he was and regretted that he underappreciated him for most of his life. Perhaps his fate would have turned out entirely different if he had not been so blinded by his own pride.

The path he had to cross was not as welcoming as it seemed from the distance. The danger awaiting for him there included mostly demonic-like, primitive enemies attacking him in groups. The risk of harm and death could not be disregarded, while beating these creatures. V was a young but physically weak man, what manifested as his hunched posture and the need to use a cane. One demon did not have to execute much movement and damage to kill such a fragile human. Although that was not what made V fearful. He could easily defend himself and defeat them with a help of his own friendly demons – Griffon, Shadow and Nightmare. Definitely clearing the path from the demons was slowing him down but that would not be a reason for V to complain about – he actually found it a way to buy more time for preparation. What he was about to see was scaring him more than these creepy, deformed, stinky creatures.

Getting on the cliff was not as difficult as the impression it made from the distance. All he needed was to summon his demonic, flying pet – Griffon and use his strength to convey himself on his marvelous, wide wings. The man rose his arm to catch demonic bird’s leg and let Griffon carry him away, where he wanted. When V finally landed on the cliff his anxiety started to really catching up with him. It was noticeable to the point when the visible concern for him arose around his own familiars. That was why before he continued his journey Griffon interrupted V with a small talk he began himself.

„If you’re not ready to see what’s inside the house, just tell me.” through Griffon’s voice care and worry could be heard for his owner. Even if this young man tried to mask his anxiety as best as he could but some of it was already slipping through his facial expressions and the unusually pale color of his face. That silence after Griffon’s comment was also a great sign of that.

After a very short pause broken by the loud sigh V made he finally replied with the following: „Even if I’m not, I’m not ready to be casted away for good by Urizen either.”
V leaned against his cane and kept starring at the house he was about to enter. His face began to unfold even more of anxiety what could be seen through bitting his lips and breath speeding up. The anticipation was unnerving.

„I must face the truth I always avoided. I must face something what Urizen twisted and replaced with something convenient I believed to be true for so long.” V said under his breath, hoping the speech would help him to regain some confidence in himself.

The house in front of him was in a bad condition. An evidence of this fact could be already seen from the distance. Some parts of walls and a roof were broken and missing. The construction seemed close to collapsing. Backyard and a garden appeared to be lifeless with that dead, gray grass and flowers laying around the ground. Even the trees lacked the leaves on them.

From a certain point of view the whole view was peaceful – in a way how battlefields look after the war ends. Even if that place was surrounded by a dead silence, which was being occassionally broken by the gust of wind, V could still hear the scared, dying voices of the past. That was hard to tell for him if they were real or a creation inside his head.

He approached the front door very slowly. When he reached his hand to open the handle, it was shaking. His hand withdrew suddenly. His mind was flooded with thousands of anxious thoughts regarding what he was about to behold. V was very close to giving up but the idea of being casted into darkness and emptiness by Urizen again scared him even more. At the same time he did not want to know the truth. He did not want to go through this ever again. Yet he had a strong will to live. He did not want go back into nothingness, into that paradoxically scary place of nonexistence. If he wants to defeat Urizen he has to break free from his illusions. He has to stop giving him more totalitarian power. He has to stop giving him reasons for his reign. He has to confront what he had not had strength to face before. There was no different choice. This had to be done.

The door opened slowly while making this squeaky, unpleasant noise. It felt like it was opening in slow motion, which lasted at least an hour from V’s perspective. A movement made to take the first step into the house could have taken hours. The leg felt so heavy and weak. In the moment he entered the house with his both limbs he saw the scene he always wanted to forget and pretend it had never happened. He always wished it was just a bad dream he had never woken up from.

The conflagration ate the house with its powerful, shiny, hot arms, burning the paintings on the walls and fulling the place with a thick, dark, choking smoke to the point things could not be seen as clearly as normally. But V could see one scene very distinctly – with all details necessary, the details he wanted to erase from his memory since always and at that moment he was rewatching them again.

The female figure ran, while holding a hand of a white-haired boy, who followed her. She suddenly stopped in front of a wooden, painted white wardrobe and pushed a boy into it. That boy hiding in a wardrobe was Dante.

The lucky one, the one who earned his dearest mother’s love – she made sure to tell him everything she wanted before she was gone forever. She told him to be brave, to be a big boy, to start a new life. That mother – Eva, had another son – Vergil. He did not earn her love. He was left alone to survive and that moment taught him to count on and trust only himself.

Dante was always the priority – because he was the more emotional one, the more expressive one, the funnier one, the cuter one, the one who showed his love more openly and the younger one, which was why he needed even more attention and care than him.

While Vergil was always treated like the second priority – because he was less expressive, because his subtle reactions felt less rewarding, felt as less real than cute, intense and straightforwad expressions of Dante, because he showed love differently – through the actions not through the words and because he was the older one - big boys do not need as much attention as the little boys. He had to set an example for Dante because he was a big brother.
Was that really true or that was what little Vergil believed to be true?

After Eva closed the wardrobe with Dante in it, she ran and screamed „Vergil? Where are you, Vergil?” hoping to spot a small figure of a little boy running to hug her. But she did not see him. The last sight her eyes registered was a horrible creature coming to her with the impressive, supernatural speed. Such a simple human woman did not even notice when a demon sliced her neck and bleeded out to death. The last noise she made was a painful scream and afterwards nothing came through but silence. One could hope that at least she never felt that pain.

The scene seemed to gradually change from this image to the different one, which presented a house after the fire was extinguished. There was no boy in the wardrobe anymore. He had clearly left to start a completely new life. But another white-haired boy approached that place. The soft steps made by little feet could be heard and the high-pitched voice calling his mother’s name. His voice was changing by degrees from a quiet, confused voice to the one getting closer and closer to sobs. When he found his mother laying on the burnt floor he tried to wake her up. He kept telling her that the monsters were gone so she could get up. The boy tried to move her, shake her believing she was just asleep but with no success. While making these pathetic attempts he could feel she was cold and already stiff. The boy refused to accept that the mother in front of him, was truly dead and he could never tell her the last goodbye. This poor little boy was Vergil.

When all the scenes played around V, he was sitting there on a floor while hunched over. During the last scene happening, he was curled up, hiding his face in his knees. He stayed in such a position a bit of time after the scene ended.

This place surrounded dead silence similar to the one remaining outside. The building inside was in ruins and slightly burnt. Each furniture, which was there during the attack stayed there unchanged to that moment. Nothing had changed since that attack – with exception of a body, which was buried long time ago.

As V stayed in a curled up position the tears from his eyes could not stop leaking. Even if he remained completely silent, the emotions did not. He decided to reach his cane and attempted to stand up. He used it to push himself against the floor but he still struggled. That was not because he was physically weak at that moment. When he finally got up and looked around the place once again, he saw the flashbacks of the last scene he had just seen. He broke up into silent sobs, which he tried to hold back by covering his face with a hand. V took a few deep breaths to regain his composure and when he did it he finally left the building.

V made no comments to Griffon even if that demonic bird was flying just next to him. He was silent even when his winged familiar decided to break it just before they were about to leave the cliff. Despite this fact V did not respond to anything the demonic bird tried to say, suggest or comment on and he just kept going to reach another goal. Even when they faced new enemies on the same path they had cleared while reaching the house before V did not say a word.

As they finally arrived to the place, which they started from at the beginning, Griffon could not deal with V’s silence anymore and began to say „Okay, okay, we don’t have to talk about that moment. But quit acting like a tough guy for a minute and listen to me!” demonic bird tried to tug V’s clothes with his claws „Are you sure this will make you stronger against Urizen? You are… you are a mental mess! Give it a break, V.”

After a while V finally responded to Griffon’s remarks „I know it didn’t look well. But it did give me what I wanted…”

If Griffon had a human face his would definitely express annoyance at V’s enigmatic response. And then he spotted something he had not noticed before. At least he believed that what he just spotted, was not like this as he remembered it to be earlier.

„I wonder… why did your hair turn white? I haven’t seen you summoning Nightmare. I can’t even sense him anymore.” Griffon’s voice expressed confusion.

„That’s what I mean.” V smirked mysteriously „Urizen wants us to be tied up together but separated so I stay without any demonic power. What happened was I absorbed Nightmare and all of his strength.” the young man reached the sword, which was conveniently laying on a road near them „Now I can help you a little.”

„I think I’m starting to grasp what’s in your mind but I still don’t see how you should have any chances against Urizen without us.” Griffon expressed his concern.

„When I finally reach Urizen, where he is, I will find Yamato. This is the only weapon, which can harm him.” V responded ceasing his familiar’s worry with the explanation he provided.

The plan of this young man seemed simple at first but it turned out to be a real challenge. The first memory wrenched him painfully – at least at the very beginning. If this young man wants to stop the dictatorship of a demon king, he has to break free from his control, which he gained over V when this young boy had consciously accepted his lies and rejected the truth. Then he would have the strength he needed to stop this havoc and lurking destruction of his own existence.

Where he stood at that moment, he could spot the town at the far distance. It was floating like an island but instead of being surrounded by the ocean or the sea, there was nothing but emptiness downhill. There were more broken pieces of the ground floating, which could work as a path conveniently. Some of them looked like parts taken from buildings and the other ones seemed to belong to a park long time ago.

V moved towards the town confidently as before but this time he was not as scared as earlier before facing the first nightmare. Instead he just felt very unpleasant about what he anticipated to see next.

Of course the demons tried to stop V from reaching that Island. It was obvious Urizen did not want him to find even more strength. As V’s creation he was supposed to stop and hide his nightmares – that was his primar duty but the more needed he was, his task deviated more and more to the point when his purpose had become to destroy V and replace his place. Especially when that disgusting, deformed creature, which was Urizen, started to form a will to live and did not want to be reduced to a servant anymore. Urizen could sense what V was doing, what he felt like and he did not like it. That was why the enemies became even more brutal and aggressive than before. Fortunately, V did not have to rely on his familiars only and he could slice a few of the weaker demons himself. Absorbing Nightmare gave V more resistance against damage from the demons’ attacks and actual physical strength he lacked for so long.

Urizen thought of himself as the absolute king of that place, which is the physical manifestation and translation of a complex incorporeal structure. He believed to take care of this world better than anyone else would ever do. That creature used to have almost absolute power all over that place – he could have shaped it with no limits until the splitting and reemerging happened. Since then Urizen noticed that he did not have so much control anymore and he found it very concerning. That was why he tried to do everything to get all of his power back and believed that V was still too weak against him. When the demon king noticed V’s determination to face the truth he made sure to show it as real as possible – hoping that would break V’s will to fight in the process.

The young man had to get through this path with a lot of effort: fight the big cohorts of demons attacking him at once and navigating himself on the smaller, floating islands lining up in direction of the town but when he finally arrived to his place of destination, V immediately recognized the place he was just seeing.

At the very beginning he watched the town being attacked by the swarms of flying demons and ramming, enormous beasts. This vision included people, who attempted to escape the town helplessly and blindly, while hoping to luckily avoid being spotted by some of these scary, merciless devils. At this point there was a little stack of dead bodies laying around the streets and their blood was running down like a river. Knowing that the human blood is a source of demons’ strength some of the beasts stood there and consumed the corpses or the blood to gain even more power to spread even a bigger havoc.

That was a real massacre, which no one could help about with exception of one person. There was a man wearing a turquoise, long coat and standing in a position telling he was prepared for an attack. Besides his very stylish coat the second most characteristic thing he had was katana he wielded. The attacks he leaded with this weapon were inhuman and despite his form resembling visually a human, the demonic powers he manifested showed the man fighting there, had to be a demon at least. He could slice up to ten demons at once with an incredible speed and insane precision. The dodges, which he made during that fight, looked as if the man could turn into a dark blue mist for a few seconds and pop out several meters farther from the place he disappeared in. The warrior made sure to warn people, who were running away, and tell them where was the safe place they should have sought, while slaying all the demons following them.

At a certain point there could be a dramatic shout heard, what attracted that man’s attention forthwith. That was a distinct cry for help different from the other human noises – the woman, who was in danger, was his loved one. A fear built up on his face – could be that because he was horribly scared of her being hurt but maybe there was one more reason for that. The woman wore a red dress, which was torn down in the proces of fighting off the demons surrounding her in a circle. She would definitely not win and survive against them without any assistance nor actual demonic arm to attack with.

The man wielding katana suddenly transformed into something, what confirmed his demonic herritage – he still possessed a humanoid form but also had actual horns, claws and sharpy-looking wings, which he immediately spreaded to fly and arrive fast enough to save the said woman. He caught her while still on air and despite her terrified scream at him, which he expected from her, realizing she did not know he was not actually the same demon like the ones massacring the town, he took her where he thought she would be safe. He tried to calm her down by saying „It’s me. Don’t you recognize me?” to her, while his voice clearly sounded distorted due to the demonic form he was in. Apparently she found it familiar despite the fact it was coming from a mouth of that horrific, demonic, unrecognizable creature and only responded all shocked „Vergil?” to him.

As he laid her down on the flat roof, which seemed uninteresting for the demons, he returned to his actual human form and kept asking questions reassuring his loved one did not need even more help with her potential injuires. The man examined her condition himself to be certain the woman could be left alone for the time he was fighting. A confirmation of lack of serious injures and wounds, made him quickly leave to fight again.

Afterwards this scene faded - the whole setting of that town changed to the more peaceful one but the city was still in ruins. The corpses were gone but the dried out blood settled on the stone bricks making up the road. At that moment V was watching a moment he found immediately familiar and unpleasant. There was a couple standing outside of the building. They were arguing. V could hear very well what was the argument about. He bit his lips and only waited for this scene to be over as quickly as possible.

In this scene there was a woman wearing, victorian red dress. Her black hair was bunched up in a bun. She stood closer to the front door of the tenant house. V had seen her before. The man in front of her wore turquoise, long coat and he had a very characteristic, distinct hair color – silver white, very shiny and bright on the sunlight hitting it in that scenery. The same one as earlier. The lady expressed so much anger through her facial expressions only – her mouth was wide open as she spoke and eyebrows frowned, while the man tried not to lose his composure but sometimes even his anger slipped through and when he noticed that he pretended he needed to clear his throat whenever his voice started to tremble and get closer to a yell.

„I would have never guessed you’re a demon! Why would you- Why were you lying?!” the lady yelled at the man.

„Listen to me. I had my-„ the man tried to reach his hand to calm the woman down but she pushed him and cried „I know what demons are! I have seen them what they do to people. I’m not sure what I was even thinking! Somehow I knew something was off from the very beginning!”

„Demons are very diverse, like humans do. I have never thought of hurting you. Ever!” at first the silver-haired man kept his voice steady but it became loud and guttural at the very end. As quickly as he noticed that he cleared his throat to control himself and quiet his voice.

„No. I know exactly what they are like, especially after I saw them killing off my family in front of my very eyes! I knew I couldn’t be this lucky and I’d face their fate as well! And here you are!”

„Have I ever hurt you?!” the man lost his composure over what his lover tried to imply. His response was shouted loudly.

„No… Not yet. Do you even know why I really worship Sparda? Because he realized the disgusting truth about his own kind and brought justice to this world. He punished the demons like these ones, who brutally murdered my family and… made my life hell.” the lady avoided his eye contact but he noticed tears streaming down her red cheeks. That was a very painful view for him.

„Sparda killed only the ones who threatened and hurt the humanity. He didn’t do it alone. He had a legion of different demons helping him in the same case. Not all demons are the same. I am not against humans, I am with humans. Just like Sparda did.” the man reached his hand and touched the lady’s back to calm her down.

„I loved you, Vergil but I wish I never met you. Go away and never come back. Please.” the woman walked towards the front door of the building. Her voice was trembling and the lump on her throat made her almost unable to speak. The tears blurred her vision so much she could not even see the man’s expression.

The man could feel tension in his throat building up to the point he was unable to say „I loved you too” back. That did upset him even more she did not get to hear it after the woman entered the building and closed the door. A lover stood there for a while, biting his lips and probably wondering what to even do with a heart broken like that and then finally left. This is when that scene came to an end to V’s relief. He was tense through the whole argument and when it was over he sighed loudly and deeply. Griffon flying over V’s head decided to break that silence, which surrounded them when this drama ended.

„And we all know what happened next, right V?” the jazzy voice of the bird sounded.

„I’ve never even came back to her…” V’s voice expressed sadness, he did not even look at Griffon.

„You proved her right demons are heartless bastards that way… Even if you didn’t mean it.” demonic bird responded.

„I don’t know anymore… With Temen Ni Gru, my younger, angrier self wanted to probably prove she was right. But I don’t even remember what I was thinking. I killed so many innocent lives just to stroke my ego to forget I was rejected… again. And that was the moment when Urizen took the absolute control over this place. But there wouldn’t be Urizen without me.” V’s voice remained low and slow expressing his remorse.

„And when Nero was born… Do you think she took him to the orphanage because of you?” Griffon asked.

„Maybe… Or maybe demons got her after he was born.”

„Be honest V, do you still love her?” Griffon’s question was followed by a short pause before V finally responded to it. He needed time to construct the best answer for such an actual complex question – regarding something what is so hard to define.

„I… This is the only person I have ever had such passionate, intense feelings for. Even if they are now just a shadow of my former and currently distant feelings for her, I still think of her sometimes.” even if V’s voice was kept low a little of passion and happiness could be heard from it. In the end he even smiled to himself, while not focusing his sight on anything, just on that pleasant memory.

„Alright, romantic boy. You’re about to face the last nightmare… But where?” Griffon decided to break that emotional mood to speak about a bit more practical things. It took a while for V to snap out of his chain of sad and happy memories regarding his past love life.

„This is going to be simplier than before. You see, we are on a floating piece of a ground. We only have to jump from it down to hell.” and then V smirked „I’ll need a little of your help, while falling there.”

Griffon only nodded with his small head and followed V, who turned in direction of an edge of that flying island. The town V had seen from the distance turned out to be only a small fragment of it from what was it like really. That was why it did not take him that long to reach the edge of this floating piece of ground. Before he jumped he looked down into that deep, outstretched abyss. Its actual end could not be seen and instead all it shown was that merciless, scary darkness. The young man hesitated at first upon seeing this view. He realized he was about to see his worst horror of his life after the death of his closest one. V could feel his heart hammering as if it had jumped into his throat. But he took a deep breath and rose his arm to reach Griffon’s legs to hold them. Then he jumped off and began to fall into that scary, inscrutable abyss while using Griffon’s ability to fly to amortize his fall. At some point he reached a level, in which he was surrounded by quite dark mist – or the light was not reaching that level anymore. There was almost nothing he could see, only if he looked up he was able to see the weak light coming from the surface he jumped off and fell from. Below him there was only pure, thick, black darkness.

After a long time of falling V finally reached the very bottom of the abyss. The moment that happened was difficult to tell because that place had no source of light - only his feet touching the ground surprised him as he did not expect that. The only noticeable thing was Griffon because of his glowy, blue wings. V looked around in hopes that he would notice even the weakest source of light. With the time passing certain figures started to emerge from the deep darkness from the distance. One of them was majestic and enormous while the other one was tiny in comparison. He approached that vision closer and started to see even more details. V recognized that giant figure was actually Mundus himself and this tiny human, enchained with certain, demonic substance was… the same man wearing turqoise, long coat as in the previous vision. The warrior was defeated and covered in his own blood. His body was pierced with several blades. They went through his throat, chest and stomach limiting his movement that way. The only motion coming from him was through his facial expressions and mouth moving as he tried to speak.

„That’s laughable a creature with no demonic power dared to challenge me believing in its victory. Did your pride limited your mind to the point you underestimated my power and strength? Is that all you can do?” the enormous statue of a god-like looking human spoke with a powerful sounding voice. It echoed loudly in that dark space.

This mighty demon did not get any reponse back but he did not even waited for that and continued his bombastic speech „I will tell you the secret and a truth of your pathetic, sad defeat, human. It is the human heart, you have, make you lose any fight you go through. It is what keeps you down. That is your curse given by your mortal mother.”

„Absolutely ridiculous!” the man coughed blood. Such accusations seemingly provoked him.

„I do not want you to understand that. Now I will make you an actual great warrior, who won’t be disoriented with anything coming from what’s not my will and command. You will be the best of the best ones in my army, son of Sparda.”

Afterwards it seemed like the warrior ended up buried and consumed completely by this weird, dark, gummy demonic substance he had been partially covered in. He was gone but so was Mundus. The scenery gradually changed and showed the same man again but this time wearing a heavy but somehow majestic armour and painfully kneeling. His hands and legs were chained up. His head remained uncovered and his face could be seen. It was hard to tell what was really happening during that moment from a perspective of an observant – but V knew exactly what was that. That was his trail before he could serve as a soldier. A trail or maybe a torture. V could not really tell.

Mundus tested his subject's endurance to pain caused by several kinds of stimuli – from the basic, physical objects common on the surface to the darkest and worst types of demonic powers. What the warrior was actually experimented on was his durability to horrific mental and spiritual manipulations, which certain spieces of demons were capable of. Sometimes that kind of illusions could be very simple – like making an object to recall its worst traumas and insecurities but the most drastic ones could achieve that kind of mental pain in a target without bringing up those. They could even manipulate the strength of that mental torture and extend that to specific, unpleasant body sensations. And that was something what interested Mundus the most – especially when none of his soldiers was capable to withstand this type of attacks. He believed that a hybrid would be finally resistant to it with a little help and training.

V observed the moment when the man was began to be mercilessly tested on. The scary, painful howl surrounded that dark place. The noise made by strongly pulled chains – because the man wanted desperately to free himself but he could not – made V’s skin crawl. The fierce pain could be seen on the defeated warrior’s face – through the way his face exhibited facial expressions rarely seen on anyone. The pain was inducted for long, horrible thirty minutes and this whole time the majestic figure of Mundus stood there with crossed arms. There was no expression on his face as expected for a stone statue form he possessed and it seemed like he only sighed with disappointment upon seeing the results. The tortured man had the moments of breaks when he stopped moaning and breathed heavily but not for longer than a minute. It was not the first time he went through this „test” and he had already learnt some techniques to survive these experiments as best as he could. That was why he tried to make these strategic breaks. He used moments when the pain was so staggering and stunning to the point when his body was confused itself how to react to it and then he took advantage of that to catch a break.

Afterwards that horrible half of an hour of the trail finally ended at least for a while. As soon as the man stopped to have pain inducted, his body dropped as if the man lost consciousness. The chains around his hands were too short to let him fall off completely on the ground so he remained in that kneeling position, slightly crounched and a hair falling on his face. At that point that man realized his helpless situation – that was one of the twenty experiments he had undergone already and that one finally broke him down.
The realization that was his fate for the rest of his life horrified him and wished that could end in any ways. But he knew Mundus wanted him alive as his greatest soldier.

A sudden sound of a loud sob filled that place – it was coming from that imprisoned man. He could not stand all of that anymore and the only thing giving him relief was just that. He tried to stop that by biting his lips and squeezing his eyes but it felt like it was out of his control. The more he tried to hold it back the more he cried.

„What a pathetic weeping.” Mundus voice resounded and approached closer to his prisoner. „That’s a pitiful cry of something without strength. But I will make sure it won’t prevent us from making you the most efficient soldier in my legion. Tears – that’s what only humans have when they realize their pitiable frailty and mortality. That was what make us superior to your primitive, fragile kind – we do not weep – we are an unstoppable force.”

Mundus’ voice echoed for a while and then the whole scenery faded for good. V’s knees felt so weak at that moment to the point he had to sit down to avoid falling. His breathing was quick and heavy and his eyes were wide open. He always saw that scene in his dreams – sometimes exactly how it really was, sometimes distorted and twisted. V could not forget that moment because of how helpless he was and and how fragile he felt when tortured. He always feared this coming back when he was finally set free. Anything reminding him of this would drive him insane.

But… all of his nightmares were gone one day – soothened and not so scary anymore. Someone, who was a friend and a brother for him made sure to get rid of them in a very honorable fight against their physical manifestations. Deep down he was endlessly grateful for this even if it was hard for him to crack his stoic shell and admit that directly. There were moments he wished he could open up and say that aloud but he lacked strength to do so.

The scenery surrounding V changed and shifted to something resembling a throne room. Behind his back there was a large and outstanding throne, in which an enormous demon was sitting on and watching this small man in comparison to his size. V’s little, bird friend was gone but instead the man hold a certain sword in his hand – that was Yamato. He stood up and turned around in direction of the demon sitting. As he was getting closer to the „king” the demon already knew why V came there and appropiately spoke „Do you dare to fight a real demon? A human against a powerful devil?”.

V smirked at the demon’s words „Your rulling days are over. I will have to force you to cooperate, Urizen.”

The enormous demon laughed very loudly „You have no strength, which could defeat me. Even with Yamato in your hands you’re still just a mortal – a weak human.”

V found Urizen’s speech amusing and he expressed that through that little smirk he made and then this young man proceeded to speak.
„There is one thing humans have and demons don’t. It’s a will. You don’t have it. You are just a primitive force. Nothing more, nothing less.”

„What a will can do against this strength?” Urizen pretended to be curious about this topic but he was only interested in hearing what pathetic explanation V would give, according to him and then scoff that.

„A will could withstand a body’s physical weakness and keep me going. A will killed you the last time despite of the man who was a source of that was dying and you possessed the greatest power you would ever get. A will managed to face the scariest of nightmares and a will is challenging you right now.” V kept smiling as he was saying that. He could see Urizen’s slight insecurity showing especially when he decided to stand up slowly from his throne.

„You can try to prove what your will can do against this power. But you will only help me with cleaning up your own mess.” Urizen took slow steps towards V and he was preparing himself for a fight.

V removed Yamato from the sheath and adapted a posture indicating he was done speaking and began to focus on a battle instead. The enormous demon, which stood in front of the young man, did not possess any weapons but that did not pose an issue for him. Urizen relied on demonic magic more and made sure to use it as best as he could. V had absorbed the powers of his familiars what let him use the strength and endurance of Nightmare, the speed of Shadow and limited distance based attacks of Grifffon.

The final battle began with impressive attacks leaded by both V and Urizen. The young man used incredible, almost inhuman speed to approach the terrifying demon 5 times taller than him and sliced him with excellent precision. While the demon king tried to keep the distance and used his magic based shots instead, trying to summon lighting-like energy to hurt V and mess around the strikes the man tried to launch.

This fight lasted a long time with pretty, gentle and elegant pirouettes of V as he was striking with firm blows of Yamato and rough, strong and clumsy attacks of Urizen with varied distant demonic tricks and powers. It ended with a victory of this young, wobbly man, whose last blow was a stab into Urizen’s chest, just like his brother had done it. The expression the man made was full of anger and fierceness, so were his feelings. The giant he stabbed through the chest, fell down, waiting for V to do the last thing. But Urizen’s speech interrupted V from jumping on his body to launch the deadly attack.

„Do you really think I am the one to blame?” the deep voice of exhausted, weakened voice of a powerful demon sounded. V’s posture quickly shifted from the one prepared for the last strike to the more relaxed one. It took him a while to snap out of his fighting mode and the sudden speech astounded him. He approached the defeated demon king closer, while still wielding Yamato in his hand.

„No matter how many times you will blame me for your crimes and mistakes, it will never change the truth.” through Urizen’s voice difficulty with speaking could be heard „That sibling rivarly. That is not me. Don’t you remember how you begged me to help you to win against him? I did what you asked for. Thousands of lives sacrificed for power? You begged me to make you stop feeling any sympathy for the living creatures you would feel so sorry for. You wanted me to destroy this ‘barrier’ stopping you from reaching your goals. That’s a wish I granted you. ”

„Yes. I was denying that for so much long. And today is when I will face the truth as it truly is. I am to blame. I realize that.” V’s responded to that remorsefully.

„You have not seen the whole truth yet. Do you know what it is?” Urizen calmly asked.

V was certain he already knew everything but this reveal surprised him and rose his both curiosity and concern regarding another truth he did not realized. So many years hiding from the truth leaves an effect in a form of memory loss and replacing that with a false perception.

„What it is, Urizen?” V tried to keep his expression, a posture and his voice relaxed and calm in front of the enormous, weakened demon but deep down the anxiety started to eat him. That was unecessary since Urizen could sense anything he felt but in this dim state V hoped he could not do that anymore.

„Put as much distance between you and the truth as you want, it changes nothing.” Urizen was getting weaker and weaker as he was dying, what affected his speech to sound breathy, exhausted and quiet but he continued what he wanted to deliver „Pretend from now to be everything you are not: a son, a brother, a father. But there is one unavoidable truth you will never escape: you cannot change. If your dearest mother was alive, you proved with your own actions you never deserved the love and care she gave you to rise someone, who went against everything she taught you. Your brother will never see you as a brother, but as a man, who abandons and destroys everything for power including your brotherhood, family bonds. Your son, Nero, will never see you as a father figure but as a man who mercilessly ripped off his arm even if done without your awareness of your family connection. You will always be a monster, Vergil.”

The man who stood before the dying body of Urizen turned out to be Vergil himself. A human/demon hybrid having a straight, prideful posture indicated by his chest and chin raised at the very beginning of demon king’s last speech. The gentleman wearing the black coat, whose length ended slightly below his knees. The words of truth delivered by Urizen made Vergil to clench the Yamato, which he held, even stronger than before. His figure exposed his unconfidency and remorse through adopting a bit more hunched posture. His icy eyes suddenly moved its focus from the defeated devil to the ground. That overall expression and sudden change of his posture made Urizen burst into a loud laugh.

„Do you still believe you do not need me? It’s clear you do.”

Vergil quickly regained his composure and his face went back to its serious, stoic expression. He calmly responded: „I’ve never said I was going to kill you. I will only make you submit and do what I actually want you to do. You never needed me but I needed you. I have to put an end to this sick inbalance of power.”

To Urizen’s surprise he saw Vergil suddenly turning around and leaving. What the demon expected was the last strike from Yamato. But that did not happen. He asked confused: „Where are you going?!”

„I’m done with you. You’re already dead… I wouldn’t regain my true self without it. Thank you for your service but I think I’m ready to work as myself here.” the speech Vergil made was not heard by the demon king anymore as he had already desintegrated and disappeared before the man finished his prideful-sounding words. The condition, in which Urizen left the world he once ruled in, remained the same like before his death. Once impressive buildings stayed in ruins like dead corpses. Beautiful, majestic cities broken and twisted to the point when they were almost impossible to recognize. The sun and weather so gray and dark, while it used to be so warm and colorful. Vergil realized that there was a lot of work ahead of him to bring that world back to its past prime.

The man put his katana back to its sheath carefully and slowly. He gazed around the spacious room he was in and then he turned his sight on the giant door before him on the distance. The steps made echoed through the tall walls of such a rangy place. Then finally reached the door with foreign text engraved on it.

But isn’t it time to wake up finally?