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Curse of Eden

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Real Name: Marie Kinzie

Avatar Name: Blaze Watergem

Title: Queen-Mother of the guild Ainz Ool Gown, one of the 42 Supreme Beings.

YGGDRASIL Guild: Ainz Ool Gown

Avatar Appearance: Blaze is heavily based on the Gorgons from Greek Mythology, having parts of her hair be serpents and other parts natural hair. The other feature being golden wings, which can double as shields due to them literally being made of gold. Due to this, however, she cannot fly. Green scales cover her body in random patches, and her eyes are deep purple. She chose to go deeper into the magic route than melee route, so she does not have the eye ability Gorgons are known for. Her main outfit is an armor lined dress, which is heavily enchanted in the defensive department. Her main weapon being a bow and arrow set that, when in close combat, can be used like a double edged blade. She’s got a bad habit of wearing more jewelry than she probably should, having a love for shiny things.

Strengths: Blaze’s main strengths are in stealth and in magic. She mains as an offensive spellcaster, but can act as a minor healer or an assassin class if need be.

Weaknesses: Blaze is far too protective. She’ll put herself in the line of fire even if she doesn’t have to do so. It doesn’t matter if the attack wouldn’t even take off a single HP point, she’ll put herself between the threat and those she cares about without hesitation. Even if the attack that would not hurt her ally at all, might hurt her greatly.


Personality: Blaze is the creative type, loving to design anything she can get her hands on. She designed her weapons, she designed her outfits, her room, all down to the last detail. It got to the point where she started putting money into the game just to design some monsters for the Great Tomb of Nazarick, which is why her floor is jokingly called The Rookery. When it comes to anything non creative, Blaze is careful to comment. She’s the quiet sort, preferring to listen and pay close attention to those she cares about than offer her own opinion. She’s rather sensitive emotional wise, and guards her heart carefully when letting others in. Once she does, however, that person is staying whether they like it or not.
When it comes to fighting, Blaze has a bad habit of getting showy or dramatic as a way to hide her nerves. After all, if she puts on a show the enemy is more focused on her than her guild mates.


Status Effects:
As a Nonhuman character Blaze has two main status effects, and one minor.

First Major - Mark of Eden: The one who has the Mark of Eden can create monsters or plants without the cost of MP. This effects drawback is that it must be used at least once per day or the marked becomes ill. The illness will continue until the power is used, and gets worse ever day.

Second Major - Child of Gaia: The holder of this ability gains experience quicker in potion making, botany, animal taming and raising. The drawback is that they are not only weaker against fire and undead attacks, but they gain less experience in smithing, melee combat, and PvP combat.

Minor Effect - Dragon Eyes: The holder notices objects faster if they are rare or expensive. This also means they can be momentarily distracted with shiny jewelry, or rare spell books.