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Hope Begins in the Dark

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In the beginning, there was nothing. A swirling abyss, stretching out far and beyond, enveloped by nothing but darkness. No life was evident in this dull, monotonous void, nor light to brighten up this empty expanse. The bustling process of waking up and working all day did not exist in this time. There was no meaning or purpose; nobody you could live for. All that is was obscure; unknown from all.

And then, as if being articulated, the dark void drifted together and took form. A wordless process as the emptiness combined into the centre, creating a large figure. A small light formed within its core, soaking in the dying embers of the atmosphere. The light shone on the small flecks of darkness, illuminating the surrounding area. It stretched across the cosmos for a short second, spreading its warmth around for eons. The ball of light pulsed and rippled outwards across the galaxy as it took its final form. What was once nothing became the form of the creator, Chaos.

She was made from nothing but was suddenly everything. Her hair looked like a beautiful nebula, floating around as if weightless. Each strand of hair glittered with stardust and rippled with colour. Her eyes held the universe within them, full of possibilities shining through, but deep and dark enough so that they gave off a mysterious and unknown vibe. Her skin sparkled lightly with flecks of plasma, and her smile was said to be as warm as supernovas. Time seemed to slow down as she heaved in a small and gentle breath. As she breathed in the nothingness of the world, she exhaled productivity. She did not like the dark expanse or the lack of life. She hated how boring the universe looked. But most of all, she disliked that there was no meaning and that there was a lack of purpose.

Her thoughts sent shockwaves throughout the universe. As if on command, everything that came to mind created a chain reaction bursting from her core. Her hands crafted the cosmos from the sadness that this dull place oozed and formed something beautiful. What was once a black expanse radiated colour and brightness. She created the stars that glimmered in the night sky, enveloped by dazzling nebulae. Supernovas burst from twisted rocks that floated aimlessly, and planets were made that orbited around gently. Some planets contained life, an endless array of creatures and beings that existed on the soil they were birthed from. There was suddenly movement in this world, and Chaos was happy.

From her stomach, a small egg formed as a by-product of her thoughts. And as she smiled, the egg hatched, forming the first batch of primordial beings. She named the first Gaea; a gentle being with long luscious locks full of flowers and vines. Her skin was as brown as freshly dug soil, with small light freckles splattered across her face like sand on the shore. She gazed over towards the second whom she called Eros, who smiled gently back towards her. His hair was silky blonde, and his eyes a light pinkish-red. His cheeks were roses on his pale skin, and his cheeks were gently rounded. She cradled the two closely into her chest for just a moment before letting them go off on their own, spreading the life and purpose of the world that she intended. She watched as Gaea enveloped Chaos’ most loved planet, Earth, spreading life and happiness upon it. She gazed fondly at Eros, who went off and brought love to places. But her gaze lingered on her last primordial child.

She saw many things as she gazed upon him. The being exuded danger and destruction. His hair was dark and unearthly, each strand glimmered like obsidian stone. His skin was tanned and glimmered like the magma coursing through his veins. As he opened his eyes she could not help but gasp. It was like staring into hell; pure evil radiated from these two orbs. She absentmindedly named him Tartarus. In her mind, she saw what the future entailed for the primordial. Many separate timelines flickered through her head, and whilst she saw many things, she was only blinded by the raw power he invoked onto others. His actions in all timelines were so volatile and evil. She knew he could never be redeemable and would only cause suffering for others. She almost stopped glimpsing through the future.

But one thing caught her eye. One small minuscule action that would inevitably create a chain reaction across the universe. A small flicker of hope washed over her. The answer to the evil he would soon cause. Gently grabbing onto his arm, she compelled him to look at her. His burning black eyes were like embers that stared into his soul. She felt movement in her core, a warm bubbly feeling enveloping her as she enacted her plan. She could feel Tartarus moving away from her, trying to avert her gaze. She drew some of his essence out and merged it with hers. He howled in pain, clawing desperately at her hand as it gripped him harshly.

A small light formed in between them, pulsing brightly and with raw power. As it formed, tiny specks of stardust circled it, drawing in the light of nearby supernovas. Chaos watched as the light took form, creating limbs and features out of thin air. Strands of glowing green hair sprung out from the head. Whilst the top glowed and glittered much like Chaos’, the underside was dark and black much like Tartarus’. A constellation of freckles dusting the slightly plump cheeks with a warm blush. The skin glittered with the remnants of stardust, pale yet radiant, and the eyes when opened looked just like Chaos’. Warm and inviting, yet containing the universe, they opened gently and gazed over the now bright expanse before them. A small little boy, forged by the creator and the destroyer. His face shape and body looked horrifyingly similar to the build of Tartarus, but looked so much like Chaos’. A complete mixture of the two had been formed.

Chaos cradled the child to her chest, smiling gently as he nuzzled into her shoulder. He looked up gently and made eye contact with his father. Chaos watched as Tartarus stared at the being in wonder, as if mesmerised that something created from him could look so innocent and loveable. However, the moment ended too soon as his face set itself into a distinct scowl before he teleported away, joining Gaea and Eros.

For now, Chaos vowed she would shield her child from the clutches of Tartarus and watch over the universe as it grew. She would nurture her child and care for him, helping him grow and manage his powers and responsibilities. The time would come for her to hand him over to his fate, but for now, she would spend time with him. She would not interfere, only gaze onwards, thinking of what it could have been if she had helped.

Izuku was not born like normal children. From the early moments of his long and exhausting life he recalled staring into the eyes of his mother and seeing the galaxy shining back. He paused before staring back into the abyss spread out before him, seeing many bright gleaming constellations staring back at him. He could feel them welcoming him with a feeling much like the warm embrace his mother gave him.

He turned again to look at the man before him. He assumed that this was his father. His cold eyes did not hold any warmth for him, only displaying curiosity much like a man looking at his finished product. They were black, like the time before they existed. Empty; soulless; deserted. All Izuku could see was death and he did not like the look of it.

The man stared at him, astonished slightly before wandering away, joining the other world with the other Protogenoi. Izuku knew this would not be the last time he saw them, but did not dwell upon it anyway. Instead, he settled in the loving embrace of his mother, clutching gently onto her long silky robes.

For many eons, his mother hid him up in the stars, away from the problems of Earth. She kept him a secret from his other brothers and sisters, and shielded him from all the bad things in the universe. He grew and learned many things, developing his powers and controlling his emotions. But Izuku wanted to explore. He knew everything about the world but had never experienced it. He wanted to see humans and play in the luscious dirt his sister moulded with her hands. He wanted to touch the clouds and taste the air that Ouranos had protected. He loved the universe and the conversations he had with the stars, but he wanted to see more and feel more. He yearned to escape and to create.

But his mother forbade it, only telling him that his time would come eventually. Izuku knew it was not wise to argue with his mother, so instead he waited and watched the world evolve. They watched the evolution of humans, from their primitive lifestyles to their modern routines. He distinctly remembers crying and weeping as the asteroid hit the Earth, killing the dinosaurs and wiping out majority of the plant and animal life.


(“But mother!” Izuku sobbed loudly, clutching onto her robe from his place on the floor, “The stegosaurus’ and the pterodactyls looked so happy. Why did they have to die?”

Chaos only watched onwards, her chin raised upwards and her eyes gloomy.

“Life is a precious thing, Izuku. They are not like us. Their lives are more fragile and short. Every moment they live and breathe should not be taken for granted, yet this is often the case. They wander about, living aimless lives, wasting away without having meaning, all for it to be taken from them so abruptly.”

Chaos knelt down gently and stared into Izuku’s eyes. Their universes collided as they made eye contact. She placed a caring hand onto his shoulder. He noted how he could feel the warmth radiate through his robes.

“Izuku. I want you to understand that whilst life is delicate, it should not be wasted. You should always yearn for meaning in life. Promise me that you will never take your existence for granted.”

“I promise.”)  


He watched the many wars that took place between different nations, and the conflicts from simple-minded things such as what to watch on television. When huge blockbuster movies came out, he watched them too. When scientific discoveries were revealed, he gasped in fake surprise as well. He loved watching over Gaea’s place. Humans were so weird and petty, but he loved them.

His favourite era was when quirks evolved from humans. At the time of the first baby glowing in the hospital bed, he excitedly talked about it to his poor mother all day. He gave her headaches as he mumbled happily about all the different possibilities that this could bring for mankind. His favourite past time was talking about the different types of quirks to his mother as she ran her warm fingers through his hair. He could go on for eons talking about the different possibilities each quirk contained.


(“…And the guy with the wooden body could do so much with his quirk! Not only could he encase villains within a wooden barrier, but he would also stretch out his limbs and save so many civilians! His wooden body would be pretty durable, so he’d be able to withstand many hits from other quirks. He could lift off debris from inside a wreckage and save people, but I wonder if his wooden capabilities could help in construction or agriculture…”)


And he loved talking about the heroes that came out of it. He could not pick a favourite just yet, as the era was so new in itself, but he loved the whole concept all the same. He remembers sitting there one day, watching a hero fight a villain in animated excitement. His mother watched with a concerned face, unlike Izuku’s joy-filled persona.

“But mother! Look at how he utilises his quirk like that! Propelling himself from the wall and launching that attack! Heroes are the best! I wish I was a hero too!”

He buzzed against her hip excitedly. His mother, however, would sadly smile down and kiss his forehead.

“Possibly, Izuku.”

And he would frown as she patted his forehead, smoothing down his green hair. He longed to escape this place.

He just didn’t realise how soon it would be.

Chaos smiled sadly. She watched as Izuku stared out from his spot in the viewing chamber, watching a horrific event occur. A new hero had just emerged, proclaiming that he would be the Symbol of Peace. Of course, Izuku adored the new hero, yet with an admiration unlike anything she had experienced before. Izuku’s eyes glittered with hope and his smile was blinding. Chaos knew the days were drawing closer than ever. She would have to start the plan shortly, but she needed to talk with her child first before anything happened.

“Mother!” Izuku whipped his head around, glancing at her happily, “Look at this new hero! He’s so strong and cool! He just saved a bunch of people, mother! He’s even carrying them all! I wonder what his quirk is…”

“Izuku, my child,” Chaos started.

Instantly Izuku sobered up. He could tell this would be a serious conversation that required all his attention. He gently walked over and stood in front of his mother politely, hands twiddling in anticipation.

“Izuku, you have grown and matured so much throughout the years of your existence. I have enjoyed and treasured my time with you very much, but you cannot be with me any longer.”

Chaos felt tears spill from her eyes and roll down her cheeks. She cradled Izuku’s head gently in her arms, running her warm hands through his hair for quite possibly one of the last times. Izuku leaned into the touch as he too started crying.

“I am leading you onto the path of your destiny, my child. I cannot tell you much, but you will not remember me, nor the life you have lived. These memories will be locked away until you remember who you are.”

Izuku’s plush bottom lip trembled slightly.

“I won’t remember you?”

“No, Izuku,” Chaos whispered, “You won’t. But you will get to see the universe. You will see it all, I promise you.”

Izuku hugged her tightly, sobbing into her robes. Chaos bent over and hugged him just as tightly, cradling his head gently.

“Why is life so cruel? Why must I forget who I am and who you are in order to explore the universe?”

Chaos simply cupped his face with both her hands. Izuku reached up and held them there, trying to remember ever inch of her face, to remember the feelings he experiences with her. But it would be to no avail (yet).

“I never said life was fair. You will remember one day, I promise you. But not now. It’s time to be a hero, my little angel.”

The last thing Izuku saw was his mother’s beautiful face smiling down at him.

And then there was darkness.