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Dekuyama Oneshot Book

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Aoyama jolted awake with a gasp, his entire body trembling, his hands clutching the blankets on Izuku's bed tightly.

He'd just had a horrific nightmare. Absolutely horrifying. 


"Whoa, whoa, Aoyama, angel, what happened...? It's okay, it's alright... Another nightmare?"

Aoyama turned his head to see Izuku beside him, placing a hand on his shoulder and gently rubbing circles into the skin. Aoyama took a deep breath, still shaking. 

"Oui... Y-You... We w-were out and a villain a-attacked us and I couldn't... I-I couldn't...-" He burst into tears, sobbing into his hands.

Izuku flinched in surprise, scooting closer to Aoyama and wrapping a blanket around his shoulders before wrapping his arm around his waist, bringing him close until he was resting against his chest.

"I couldn't... I couldn't s-save you. He g-got you... You were b-bleeding so much, oh mon dieu, I..." Aoyama mumbled into Izuku's shirt, which was now wet with tears. Izuku sighed, rubbing comforting circles into Aoyama's back. 

"Angel, it's okay, I promise you. It was just a nightmare, I'm here, I'm okay. And so are you. I'd never let anyone hurt you and I know you'd never let anyone hurt me. Okay? We're completely safe." Izuku spoke softly, calmly, into Aoyama's ear. He lifted one of his hands to play with Aoyama's hair, before he began to hum a quiet tune.

Aoyama shakily inhaled, slowly calming down in Izuku's embrace. His lover was right. They were safe.

"Merci, mon amour. Je t'aime." Aoyama sniffled, pulling away from Izuku's embrace slightly to look him in the eyes.

Izuku smiled, reaching his hands up to cup Aoyama's cheeks. He wiped away some of his tears with his thumbs, gazing into his tear-filled violet eyes.

"I love you too, my angel." Izuku then leaned in and kissed Aoyama softly, satisfied to hear the french boy sigh contently into the kiss. The only sounds in the room were the two's sighs of contentment and the noises of their lips connecting repeatedly in a shared love.

After a few minutes Izuku pulled away, brushing some of Aoyama's hair out of his face, pressing a kiss to his forehead. 

"Everything's okay. You're okay, I'm okay, we're okay." He said, lying back down and bringing Aoyama down with him, letting him cuddle up close to his chest. 

"Oui... Merci. Goodnight, mon cher." Aoyama mumbled as he drifted off to sleep, relaxed and content in Izuku's warm and loving embrace. He felt like nothing could ever harm him if he had Izuku by his side. Izuku would protect him and he would protect Izuku, for as long as they lived.


"Goodnight, Aoyama. My love... Sleep well." Izuku kissed the top of his lover's head before drifting off to sleep as well, the room becoming quiet once again aside from their breathing and the occasional mumble whilst they dreamed.