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Hello and WELCOME to Let’s Watch The Show, an episode by episode fan analysis of the cartoon network show O.K. KO, Let’s Be Heroes, a hotblooded sports manga coming SOON from Boykid Hop Saturdays magazine! I’m your host, the overwhelmingly evil looking flamboyant rival from the first arc who winds up becoming an ally after you unlock my tragic backstory, Friendly Troll! 

And Oh, oh I am so excited for this one, y’all. There’s a lot of episodes in this show I’m excited to get to, no question. But THIS? This is something special. This, to just go ahead and lay my already incredibly transparent villain bias on the table, is actually the introduction of one of my favorite characters. So strap in, get out your oversized novelty foam sports cheering hands, and Let’s Watch The Show

Ya Ha Ha HOOEY! 

Episode Summary!

K.O., Rad and Enid are right in the heat of it as we kick off this episode- finishing off a mighty battle with Shannon and Darrel with a super Triple Team Combo that sends the bots Team Rocketing off into the sunset. Unfortunately, instead of celebrating their victory, Enid and Rad immediately begin to squabble over who deserves the most credit for the win! And to make matters worse, over at Boxmore Lord Boxman is officially fed up with Shannon and Darrel’s lack of results. But instead of just sending them to the boilers, or trying to upgrade them, Boxman’s trying something…. new. Or rather, someone new. And this ain’t no Jethro, either- it’s

RAYMOND! ... coughs . Sorry, sorry. Got a little excited there, too early for bold text. Introducing Raymond! A mean, green sports machine with a sense of flare and a PLAN. He’s going to strike the greatest blow to the plaza yet seen, by STEALING A LETTER FROM THE BODEGA’S SIGN. And worst of all, the Bodega gang is in no state to put together the teamwork they’d need to block his wild charge! For the first time in the shows history, instead of a boxmore taking an L… Raymond’s got the R

What’s K.O. to DO?! Besides maybe show us the TRUE power of teamwork by- teaming up with the boxmore bots?! It’s a bold play, but it seems to pay off… right up until Shannon and Darrel remind K.O. that they’re. Well. Evil. Still, K.O. uses his experiences with bickering to turn the bots back against each other, and manages to get the errant R back home to Ga  ‘s Bodega, where. Surprisingly, Rad and Enid actually have calmed down on their own. One might even say, unrustled

Character Spotlights

So this is… Actually kind of a tricky one! There’s a lot OF personality in this episode, but it’s both mostly an ensemble cast situation, with no big insight on any one character. So consider this less of my usual Character Spotlight main course and more like a Character Spotlight trailmix! Just a lil’ of everything~ 

For instance, we probably could have guessed that K.O. is a big fan of Teamwork! So much so he’s willing to actually try to team up with the evil robots of boxmore- which just kind of goes to show how many chances he’s willing to give even someone who’s a capital B bad guy. And, honestly, the sheer fed up desperation he shows when he’s trying to get just literally anyone - even his worst enemies- to dang well TEAM is really endearing. But we ALSO get to see him pulling off a sneaky move or two! Tricking Shannon and Darrell into letting him escape with the stolen Bodega sign is honestly pretty impressive, and shows just how much K.O.’s fledgling people skills are paying off! 

I think it’s not any real surprise that Shannon and Darrell bicker and argue; after all, they’re not only siblings, but also evil henchmen. But it MIGHT be surprising that Enid and Rad seem to bicker just as much as the bots do! Which… I guess makes sense! I mean, they get along ok, but. At the end of the day, right now they’re coworkers. They have fun, sure! But there’s still a lot of friction between them at this point that’s going to take a while to really settle into a more comfortable groove. 

Villain of the Episode

You could almost feel bad for Lord Boxman. After all, every day he deals with failure after failure. All he wants is to wipe a local minimall off the map so he can run his evil robot factory without being TORMENTED by the vague proximity of people being friends ! I mean. In theory you could feel bad for him, If it wasn’t for the fact that he’s more than willing to pit his robotic ‘children’ against each other! A parent should never play favorites. 

...But I’m not their parent, so I can play favorites all I want! My good gentle audience, allow me to introduce the real star of the hour, the paragon of power, the blooming rose of Boxmore- 


 Right out of the gate, Raymond is. Just so MUCH, and it’s all magnificent. While his siblings are no slouches, Raymond has STYLE. He has AESTHETIC! He has a unified theme . He has- an oversized glamor shot of himself?! Clearly this is a robot who not only knows how to plan an attack, but also how to prepare for an entrance . He’s  a genuine pompadour powerhouse in every possible way. He has an intense mix of themes- he’s a terrifyingly skilled sports jock and a romantic egotist with just a soupçon of ‘evil rooster’. And he backs up his showmanship with a genuinely terrifying level of raw combat skills, using his sports theme- and spiffy megaman style transforming arm blaster- to their full potential. 

Along with just being glamorous, he also brings a lot to the established Boxmore chemistry! And I mean more than even his raw Team Rocket, sailor moon monster of the week energy. Compared to his siblings, Raymond has all the same drive and determination to please their Dad, but has enough focus and planning to be a bit more of a threat.

And that’s important, especially now that the Bodega kids can reliably handle the other bots as a team. Sure, they can handle a Darrel (well, Enid and Rad can). But you never know when things might get… sportier

Minor MVP

There’s actually no real minor characters this time- which I guess makes sense! Not only is this an ensemble cast episode WITH the introduction of a new ~star player~, but the plot also moves along at a pretty fast pace! 

So I’ll just use this space to bring up how much I like Potato the rabbit. I just think she’s neat! 


This episode has a TON of incredibly hilarious little moments in it. I love how Rad and Enid’s fighting is abstracted to them cartoonishly just making vague fighting noises at each other. And I mentioned it earlier but K.O.’s frantic frustration trying to get the idea of teamwork across when the ‘bots are trying to kidnap him with his outburst of “You win, I win, WE ALL WIN!!!!” is just so endearing. He’s trying so hard.

But maybe MOST of all I have to highlight the sequence where Shannon and Darrel FINALLY get the love and pride from Boxman that they deserve. I always crack up at Boxman bouncing them like babies while making goofy soothing noises just to snap “AND I’VE ALWAYS HATED YOU!”. Add to that Raymond (metaphorically???) throwing himself off a cliff in despair and you wind up with what might be one of my personal favorite comedic sequences in the show. The sheer Smug Sibling Malice Shannon and Darrel radiate just never gets old.

That Was SO Cool!

The sheer love that goes into Raymond’s whole introduction is. Genuinely a gift . This episode goes HARD, absolutely taking it to the paint to sell us on his personality- and threat- with both showmanship and just a dang killer fight scene! I think his face off against Enid might win out as the slickest in terms of choreography and cleverness, even if his beatdown on Rad might be my favorite for how goofy it is. 

Music wise this episode introduces another fantastic Boxmore Bot Theme- Raymonds Theme is a triumphant swelling anthem that swoops with passionate romance even as it asks, nay, DEMANDS to know! ARE you READY for some sportsball???

And on a minor note, the animation where Raymond steps not just past but literally OVER poor KO is such a smooth moment that it really sells the bit. 

I Just Think It’s Neat

Lord Boxdad??
I might be wrong, but I think that this is actually one of the last times that we see the Boxmore bots juggling the title ‘Lord Boxman’ around at all instead of just sticking to ‘Dad’! Lord Boxman preferring they call him by his full title is more or less a bit we only really see in the beginning of the show, and one or two of the shorts made before the series proper started! Pretty much after this point, I think they don’t really have him fighting it anymore. 

Personally, I’m on the opinion that you can see this as either character development orrr… just a straight up change in writing! Either is valid. But either way, Raymond habit of trying to toss the word ‘Coach in there is pretty endearing.

Raymond is, as I said, a Lot in general. SO much that I hope you don’t mind me taking a moment to break down some of his design traits. Because I’m doing it anyways! 

-Him and shannon are the only bots to have visible eye color! Possibly some of the only characters on the show, come to think of it. And what’s especially fascinating to me is it’s not JUST because they’re evil robots… but it’s a match for Boxman’s eyes! Yes I said eyes. You only see it once or twice in a few exxagerated faces, but his human eye is ALSO red! His robot eye matches his natural eye color. 

-I mentioned earlier that there’s a trace of evil rooster to Ray-Ray’s whole steeze, and I think it’s particularly noticeable just after he batters Shannon and Darrel with a delightfully on theme dodgeball. He scuffs his feet back towards them like a chicken kicking up dust! Which is usually behavior you see while they hunt for bugs. Truly an extreme burn… from an Extremely Rude Chicken Man. 

-The giant glamor shot he drops when he makes his entrance is still visible in the parking lot later on in the episode. You suppose they have to clean that up later? You just KNOW it doesn’t fit in the dumpster. Truely, Raymond is just that evil .

-Sometimes he has five fingers! Okay, okay, this is technically just an animation variance- something about a character design that gets nudged off model from shot to shot depending on what looks better. You can actually see the same thing happen with Boxman sometimes- his chicken hand usually has three fingers like an actual bird talon, but every now and then it gets rendered with four to sell a pose or gag. And I love seeing it! It’s fluid, and fun, and has a lot more character then, well, sticking too tightly to a character model does, ironically/

(And, realtalk, staying super on model doesn’t. Actually matter? Most people won’t even notice this kind of thing. I notice this kind of thing, on like my sixth viewing. I am an outlier and should not be counted.)

So why do I point it out here? Because Raymond gets this treatment a LOT more then other characters for one simple reason; his posing! Those Evil Anime Upper Class gestures (or the ojou-sama laugh, if you wanna get all TV tropes) probably just look a lot better with a more filled out set of fingies. And honestly I can relate- do you know how much time I’ve spent trying to write a description of ‘loosely holding your hand in front of your mouth, sideways, with one pinky sorta up’ so it sounds natural??? This is why I don’t have Raymond fics up yet

...Despite all this I actually kind of like the idea that he has extra fingers. I mean why not! He’s a robot. Maybe it helps with the sports. Maybe he keeps spares around. 

Good Messages For Da Kidz:

“The enemy of my enemy is still my enemy.”, as K.O. puts it. Just cause you share a common enemy doesn’t mean it’s a good idea to team up, kids. That’s how you get betrayed during a game of four-square. 

Also we have a pretty great secondary moral in “Hey, if you’re fighting with your friends, maybe chill out a bit. Watch a sunset. See how you feel then”. 

We Got The Plot?

This episode is pretty much a pure  character focus episode! So while there’s not really a lot tying back to any major underlying plot arcs, there’s definitely some things that’ll come up again, like- 

Raymond and Radicles' Rivalry!
Ahhh, rivalry. Isn’t it beautiful? There’s nothing quite as distinctly hot blooded as when two foes of roughly equal strength and contrasting personalities take one look at each other and decide- oh, to absolute heck with THAT . And while it hasn’t quite kicked over into a boil yet, I think it’s pretty clear that Rad and Raymond are already starting to act as foils to one another! Not only does Raymond go after Rad first (right after conceding that he has great ‘form’), but he literally charges past Enid and K.O. to try and deliver the finishing blow. I think it’s safe to say that… hate is in the air, if I can be a romantic for a moment. 

But speaking of walking right past someone, I also think it’s worth highlighting that Raymond won’t fight K.O. yet .Unlike his siblings, who are all too happy to go mano el mano with a 6-11 year old, Raymond takes one look at K.O. and keeps on a’ walking. Mind, whether that’s out of chivalry, kindness, or just because he thinks it’s a waste of his time is up for the viewer to decide. But it is actually pretty consistent! It’s never really called to any sort of attention, but Raymond continues to not directly fight K.O. until a lot later on, when K.O. can actually handle himself. It’s cute! I kinda get the feeling he inherited his dad’s sense of a Villainous Code.

Final Overall Thoughts

Oh, man oh man. So One of my personal rules writing this series is that I don’t want to hold back- I want to be just as sincere and honest with my enthusiasm as the show is! Even if that means every now and then things might be a lil ‘soda bottle in a paint shaker’. So writing this was a little bit of a challenge to try and balance expressing myself honestly with keeping a little organized. Slowly twisting over the top, as it were.  But now. Now my friends we’re in Final Thoughts, and I’m tossing some mentos in this sonnova beach. And now… now I can ask the important questions. 

Namely, how exactly am I supposed to cope with having a favorite character who has, with complete and TOTAL sincerity and menace , said the phrase “Boom Boom, shake the room”? That’s a THING HE SAID. As like a cool parting shot! How am I supposed to live like this . ..I mean, besides magnificently, of course. 

...which actually brings me to something I’d like to take a moment to talk about. It’s a little unusual, but I suspect something that’ll happen more as Let’s Watch The Show goes on! I’d like to talk a little bit about a character as a whole… and what they mean to me. 

I love Raymond. But it’s more than just that he’s a type that I take super effective damage from. I think what I love most of all is that… nothing about him is really a joke . Sure, he’s flamboyant- but never in a way that feels like the flamboyance is supposed to be what’s threatening. He’s threatening because he’s a threat . And if anything at all about him is used for goofy humor it’s the sporty side of his identity.  I honestly always crack up at him just randomly shouting the word SPORTS in combat. 

Raymond works because he’s not isolated. He’s not Wildly Dramatic when no one else is; EVERYONE in this show is goofy and dramatic, especially at Boxmore. He’s no more egotistical then Rad is. Nobody Else on this show is a big paragon of Straight Cis Masculine Ideals; even Mr. Gar wears a pink tie. 

But Raymonds meant to be cool. He’s meant to be flashy! But he’s very clearly not meant to be… well. Icky. And I’m honestly so glad. 

Because I get to see myself in him. Without being the joke, or the gross out. 

Basically as I’ve alluded to a few times before, I’m a pretty flamboyant guy! And I’m not only queer as heck, but also a trans man. Which means among other things, my gender had to be more or less hand carved out of freakin’ granite. When I was a kid, I didn’t notice  how often the big femmy male villains were supposed to be bad BECAUSE they were like that. I just saw something that spoke to me the way other masculine portrayals never did. I idolized that glamorous masculine beauty. Without. Reaaaallly being able to parse why on a few levels. Later when I started transitioning, well. Trying to stick to the straight, cis standard of “masculinity” actually made me miserable. I only really became happy with how I looked and presented myself when I let myself be more… the kind of man I am, not the kind of man you’re supposed to be.

For me, embracing a sense of vanity and showiness is my armor. It makes me happy, and it’s even a reason to take better care of myself. It’s a genuine source of strength; being as beautiful and showy and Goofy Punk Vaporwave Villain as I can is important to me. I love bright colors- my whole wardrobe is nothing but aloha shirts and neons. I love glitter, and pink, and the way I look. And most of all, I love letting myself have a big personality, and never apologizing for it! 

I’m exactly me. I’m not humble, I’m not overlookable, and I’m probably nobody’s model minority on literally any axis. And if anyone doesn’t like it I honestly ~could not care less~, dear.

And OK K.O. actually does me right. Raymond is a fantastic tribute to the great Evil Aristocrat Laugh bad guys of my youth, but made with such genuine love and care that it really blows me away. As an extremely queer person, this kind of writing where you can tell people people like you were making it just. Makes me so happy. 

And that is why I am informing you all now that Raymond is definitely a trans man. Sources: I Do What I Want.

And what I want to do now is, until next time- (Let’s ) Watch The Show!