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Hello and Welcome to- Let’s Watch The Show!  An OK K.O. fan analysis series! I’m your host, Friendly Troll and I. Love. OK K.O. Let’s Be Heroes. It’s a show that’s been on my radar ever since the first couple of shorts dropped! After all, I knew the showrunner from his work on Steven Universe, and it looked fun. But I knew It was something special as soon as I first saw… the intro. 

(intro here)

Holy moley. The energy! The intensity! The gorgeous fluid chaotic motion with simplified designs and pure saturday morning toonami FUN! That slammin disco feelin’ intro song! This is an intro that IMMEDIATELY pumps you up, and sets the tone for the whole show! Not to mention, it’s just plain catchy

And honestly? From the very first episode, OK K.O. lived up to that energy. It’s a big fun fighty punchy celebration! It’s got friendship, and bad guys, and maybe the most over the top fun setting I’ve seen in a kids show. This series’ world has dinosaurs, POW-er levels, future super sentai teams, robots, aliens, halloween monsters, dramatic noir flashbacks, and a maturing sense of emotional empathy and understanding the people around you. ...but I’m getting ahead of myself. 

The fastest way to describe how OK K.O. feels to me has always been the same. 

OK K.O. is a show that somehow feels like being a 12 year old kid daydreaming about anime felt. It’s the feeling of sitting waiting for toonami to come on, and thinking about my super cool OC and how they’d TOTALLY help my heroes save the day. That sincere love and enthralled excitement, that woah did you SEE that, what’s gonna happen NEXT feeling! 

And that’s because OK K.O., above all else, is a sincere show. It doesn’t flinch- or cringe- for even a second. 

So is that why I’m writing that? Or is it because intensely scrutinizing media and stories is my default way of engaging with them? Well, yes. Super yes 64 to all of that. BUT it’s also because… 

Well. Simply put, when I sat down to re-watch the show on my own time, I kept noting plot details that I’d never given a second glance my first watch through that turned out to be INCREDIBLY important later! I found myself appreciating how smoothly the world building was set up, and how you can really watch the characters develop. And I was REALLY impressed at just how… smooth it all was! 

Delivering exposition in a natural way is. Really. REALLY difficult. You ever wonder why so many series set in some fantastical other world then ours have a character experiencing it for the first time? Because having an audience surrogate makes it SO much easier! Need to explain something? BAM! Have someone break down how the M’ageek Wo’odz work to Barry, From Like Nebraska. Done and done. But O.K. KO manages to introduce you to a totally wild world without ever really seeming worried if you’ll ‘get it’. 

So in other words, OK K.O. has some really *great* plot development, and really smoothly written worldbuilding. So I want to write this series because I think there’s MORE than enough substance to really deserve being gone over with a fine toothed comb! 

Annnd then the OTHER reason is because… I’m not sure people know that! I realized that if you haven’t watched the show, or maybe even only kept up with the early episodes, it’s really easy to mistake the series as a gag show! I love that the plot builds up so subtly and the jokes are so goofy that it takes a while to realize it even HAS a canon. But uh. The downside to that is people… not knowing… it has continuity? And a plot? I sure didn’t, at first! 

But from where I am now, I think it’s clear that this show has just as much interesting cannon and character development as it’s cool older cousins, Steven Universe, or Adventure Time. And I want to show that off! 

...But really my hands were tied once I thought of calling it ‘Let’s Watch The Show’. I mean, come on! It’s perfect. How could I not. I mean between that and OK KO having honest to cob queer characters I kind of had to. 

SO enough dilly dallying! How am I doing this? WELL I’m glad I asked!

This series is going to be an episode by episode scruitizing of ‘OK K.O, Let’s Be Heroes!’ starting from the very beginning. 

Each episode will be explored with a set of special categories of discussion, highlights, and things to keep track of! Why? Because it helps me keep track of my thoughts! And oh boy do I have a lot of thoughts? So I don’t want to get off track Just infodumping wildly about the show and my theories isn’t gonna get us too far. That’s a good way to wind up with me just yelling about villians a lot. And… that’s… already going to happen. For absolute sure. The categories are here for your protection

These categories are! 

Episode Summary: While I’m writing with the assumption that you’ve seen the show before, I figure a quick refresher on what happens in each specific episode isn’t a bad idea! That way even if it’s been a while since you watched the show, I can jog your memory.

Character Spotlights: One of the things I love about this series is how much we get to learn about it’s characters and who they are. I’ll use this space to highlight the character(s???) who i think developed the most during the episode, or who we learned more about.

Villain of the Episode Every episode has an antagonist! Sometimes (usually) it’s evil robots, sometimes it’s… emotions. The villians on this show are fun! And I love them so much. So they, or abstract conflict goes here. 

Minor MVP OK K.O. might have some of the most AMAZING background character designs in any show on TV; so here’s where I’m going to pick someone who’s usually in the background and talk a bit about them!

Highlights: Self explanatory! What moments of the episode do I think are the most important, or the most worth taking another look at?

That Was SO Cool! This show is basically Always Incredibly Cool. What was the coolest moment? A rad fight scene? Or was it a cool wicked awesome moment of… emotions??? Come to think of it, Dragon Ball just did not have enough hugs, you know?

I Just Think It’s Neat I’m That Person who wildly over thinks stuff and likes to pay attention to worldbuilding and background details, so THIS is where I get to ramble about something that isn’t really plot relevant but is… well. Neat! 

Good Messages For Da Kidz: It’s important to take a second while in the middle of wildly over-analyzing a cartoon to remember that it’s MEANT for kids- so what’s the takeaway from an episode that might help a lil 6-11 year old out on their own heroic journeys?

We Got The Plot: This show likes to sneak up on you what elements are going to be important or not later, and some are more subtle- and crucial- than others! So I’m going to do my best to use this space to build a road map of what to take notice of for later. If there’s details I feel like would either be too minor to talk about until their context is actually revealed, I’ll leave them for later episodes. 

Final Overall Thoughts: After thinking so hard about the episode, I’ll probably have some closing thoughts! Obviously none of this is going to be perfect objective information, but if you want my pure opinion on the episode, it’ll go here!

And I think that’s enough out of me! It’s time to put my technos where my mouth is, and get this party* (* series of entertaining and informative essays ) on the road! Whether you’re a new viewer, behind few seasons,  all caught up, or in the ‘examining individual frames to try to figure out what K.O.’s last name is (It’s Kincaid!) dungeon with me, I hope this can be a useful and fun series for you.

Let’s Watch The Show!