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So here’s something about Captain America I figured out recently. So as most of you know, I’m in college and I am in a course on psychology. Recently we started learning about suicide. Why people do it, signs of someone wanting to, ect. One other thing we learned about was passive suicide. Apparently if someone wants to die, a lot of them won’t directly kill them selves, often they will just do stupid things until they die. For example some will pick fights with police, not eat for a long time, won’t bandage wounds etc. This is especially common in soldiers, partially because there are many high risk opportunities to be reckless in, and partially because of the mental health issues and high stress levels that often result from being a soldier. 

So you may be wondering what this has to do with Captain America, and what I’m pretty sure I figured out is that he may have used the crashing of the Valkyrie as a way of passive suicide. Now I know this is a pretty out of the way theory, but I’ll show you the thought process that led to this theory. So as I told you, in my psych course we were talking about suicide and as I had just finished studying I went to dinner with my sister, (who is also a Captain America fan, and a history scholar to boot) she started talking about the research she was doing on World War Two. She talked about the end of the war, and the Howling Commandos. Then she mentioned how James “Bucky” Barnes died on February the first, and Captain Steve Rogers died on the fifth of February, only three days apart. That started the gears grinding, because everyone knows that they had been best friends since long before the super soldier serum. I looked it up, and nobody knows the year they met, but after Steve’s mother Sarah died in 1936 they lived together. Then they were a part of the Howling Commandos together. They were obviously very close friends, and had known each other for a very long time. It is possible that the sudden loss of his friend caused Steve to seek death, and found a ‘honourable death’ in crashing the Valkyrie in the ocean.  

From what I know of the day Steve died, the Howling Commandos did a raid on a HYDRA base, which led to a plane called the Valkyrie launched that had several bombs aimed at several important cities. Steve went aboard and fought Johann Schmidt (the Red Skull), destroying the controls, and forcing him to crash the plane. The thing that convinced me of this theory is that number one, wouldn’t there have been at least one parachute in the plane for Steve to float down unharmed with? Number two, even if he had crashed, he had super healing, so he probably would have survived pretty easily. In conclusion I’m pretty sure that Steve Rogers, consciously or unconsciously, committed passive suicide at least partially because his best friend Bucky Barnes died five days before.

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