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It all really started thanks to a global Pro Hero meeting with the top three Pro Heroes from every country met up to discuss world peace and villain threats 16 years ago. Of course, Toshinori was to attend, considering his status as Japan’s ‘Symbol of Peace’, not that he had much of a choice. 


The venue chosen was a ballroom of sorts but the sheer size of the room made Toshinori briefly wonder who was paying for this meeting. It was decorated tastefully and each nation had a table for their representative heroes. Toshinori could recall some heroes by their faces but he couldn’t match any faces to specific hero names. Toshinori saw from the corner of his eye the vague shape of a woman and he turned his body to face her. If he was correct, she was the current No. 1 hero of America, only recently getting the title. He silently mused that the media photos didn’t do her justice. 


Toshinori found her stunning, to say the least. 


“Ah hey there! You’re All Might, right?” The hero spoke with a calm voice, despite the tint of excitement in her tone. 


Toshinori blinked before nodding, “You’re the new No. 1 Hero from America. Congratulations, it’s not an easy thing to achieve,” 


“I’m Alcha, by the way. Any tips you could share on being a pillar of hope?” 


And so began a conversation that would last till the end of the event and lead to a fateful night for the two top heroes. A night that would have lasting consequences for years to come. 




“Dad, I really don’t think going to your Alma Mater is the best idea in the world,” You deadpanned as you looked through the U.A. brochure your father had given you. Going to U.A. would mean leaving the country and going to Japan. The language wouldn’t be a problem, considering how much your father drilled the language into your brain. You watched as your dad simply smiled and reminded you that it was ‘an option’. Your eyes wandered to the mountain of offers from all kinds of prestigious Hero Schools across the country before returning to the brochure in your hands. Going to U.A. would probably mean having to say goodbye to your Aunt Chi, the woman who had mainly raised you since you were eight. You always spent your summers with your dad, but between his job as All Might and your rigorous quirk training it never really resulted in much bonding. The idea of getting closer to your dad was something you’d be willing to do and would probably be easier if you lived with him full-time. You hummed in thought, your eyes meeting your dad’s tired blue ones before nodding. 


“I guess I should pack heavy then,” You spoke with a smile, one that resembled the man sitting on the couch across from you. Your dad stood up and put on his muscle form, giving you an enthusiastic thumbs-up, not unlike the ones he gives to news reporters. 


“Plus Ultra!”


“You’re getting blood on your shirt,” Your joke caused a bloody cough to come out of your father, who balked at his newly stained shirt. 

A year later you’re sitting in front of U.A.’s auditorium, listening to the single most loudest man in history. As he explains the point system with the robot opponents, you look to see who you’re sitting next to. A taller boy with deep violet hair and pale skin is on your left and with a bit of squinting, you notice you’re both assigned the same battle center. You look a bit upwards on the paper, reading his name as Shinsou Hitoshi. You feel content with the amount of information you have and turn to your right, noticing a girl with vines for hair. She’s put her information card face down, so you can’t really glean much information about her. 

You stay seated for a few minutes after the dismissal for the physical exam, a bit daunted by the sheer hordes of people running down the stairs and through the exit doors. You were in the middle of the row anyways, so you wouldn’t be bothering anyone. You take a quick glance at your phone notifications, showing two notifications from your dad. 


All Father: Good luck!

All Father has sent a sticker. 


You playfully rolled your eyes at the sticker he sends, it’s one depicting him in a depressed pose, tears threatening to spill from his big cartoonish eyes. You question if he sent the wrong sticker by mistake but quickly reply with a blurry image of Hawks looking both confused and disgusted. You then turn off your phone and quietly stalk off to your assigned battle station. 


You’re amazed by the battle station in front of you, partly due to its size but mostly because of U.A.’s budget. You were almost certain they just hired someone with a building quirk to save funds. You were slightly aware of the mumblings around you, either about nerves or possibly failing. It was a genuine possibility, the acceptance rate was abysmally low. You notice the purple-haired guy from before and slowly approach him. He notices your presence rather quickly, giving you a questioning look. 

“Hey, I’m [L/N]. You don’t seem very nervous about this,” The boy regards you carefully before responding. 


“Chances are I won’t pass anyways, the physical exam only applies to combative quirks. Which my quirk is not,” You can understand where he’s coming from, people with powerful quirks that weren’t more suited for combat would fail this exam. The boy decides to then introduce himself, “I’m Shinsou Hitoshi, by the way,” 


“The exam does seem to be rather biased towards certain quirk types. What’s your quirk then, Shinsou?” Shinsou looks at you for a few seconds, a contemplating look in his eyes. 


“I’ll tell you in due time I’m sure. If I get into U.A., I’m sure you’ll find out anyway,” Before you could question what he meant by that, the doors to the interior of the battle station open and it’s soon a race to find a robot. The group of applicants scatters and you widen your stance to center your balance. 


You propel yourself upwards with a gust of air, spotting a three-point robot a small distance away. You start to move towards the robot, your hair flying from the gusts of air. You close the distance within seconds, landing on the robot’s shoulder. You flick your wrist in the direction of the robot’s head, forcing a strong wind on its neck. The head flies off due to the pressure as you had hoped. You hop off the robot’s shoulder before it collapses onto the ground and goes off in search of more robots. 

By the end of the exam, you feel the strain of pushing one facet of your quirk only instead of equally using all four. You inherited your mother’s quirk, which allowed you to manipulate the four main elements. It was strong and versatile but hard to master considering it was essentially four quirks mixed into one. Even so, you had a good grip on your quirk thanks to intense training. You still felt like an amateur with your quirk compared to your mother’s use of her quirk when you watched her past fights. 


Still, the question of your acceptance into U.A. looms over your thoughts and makes the written exam go past in a flurry. It isn’t until you get home and collapse on the couch that you realize how exhausted the exam made you. 

A few weeks later, you and your father are staring nervous holes into the official U.A. mail that you received. You grab the envelope and rip it open, taking out a device that starts playing a hologram. It reveals a pale man with long black hair that covers some of his tired face. His sounds about as exhausted as you would expect but you listen to his words with excitement. 


“Hello, I am Eraserhead and I am a teacher at U.A.’s Hero Course. I’m here to formally accept you into class 1-A, welcome to the Hero Course. You scored third out of all the applicants, scoring 73 points in total. Congratulations, I hope to see you in class.” The video abruptly cuts off and you cheer in excitement and your dad changes into his muscle form, cheering as well. “I knew you would make it, I never doubted it for a second,” You feel relief sweep through your body as fall onto the couch, happy you had made it in. You almost close your eyes but they open when your dad’s phone starts ringing. You watch as your dad answers the phone, listening with a smile before congratulating a ‘Young Midoriya’. You were aware he had a student for the last 10 months or so, someone you had never met before. You had never seen your dad so incredibly happy before, you figured from a combination of getting a protege and you moving in with him was the trigger. 


And so you watch your father’s delighted looks as the conversation between the two continues, wondering if this ‘Midoriya’ would be in your class. You feel the excitement mounting until the first day of school. 

The day of U.A. classes beginning was a very hectic day, between running around the house and making sure you had everything a good seven times. Dad had already left and the realization that you might want to keep your connection to All Might a secret at school finally occurred to you. You send a quick text to your dad, making sure he knew what you wanted him to do. 


After locking the front door, you consider if this was the right choice before running off to catch the train to Mustafu. The train ride there is mainly uneventful, and you watch as the scenery changes as you ride into Mustafu. The walk to U.A. does seem a bit more exciting, cementing the concept of being a U.A. student. The school itself is intimidating, the sheer size of the campus alone making the nerves settle in your stomach again. 


Finding the 1-A classroom is thankfully easier done than you expected, thanks to your dad telling you how to find it from the entrance the night before. You don’t even get a step inside before you hear screaming. Very angry screaming from what you can tell and it’s coming from a boy with ash-blond hair. You look around, noting which of your classmates are present, wondering what their quirk could be. 


A tall girl with tied up black hair is the first to catch your eye, without a doubt she was gorgeous. A tall boy was talking to her, his large arms moving in stiff chops, shouting something about class expectations. Next, you notice someone with a raven’s head and a human body. He seems to be quiet and reserved if his reluctance to interact with his new classmates was any indication. The ash-blond from earlier has now let go of the other blond classmate you have. The one in his grip has bright yellow hair, with a black zigzag going through his long bangs. He reminds you of Pikachu, even though the game franchise is considered ancient at this point. Pikachu boy notices your gaze and sends you a wink, one you decide to promptly ignore. There’s a boy with bright red hair talking animatedly to a lanky boy with black hair and a wide smile. You note he has very strange elbows. Before you could observe any more of your classmates, the muscular boy with glasses starts arguing with the ash blond, giving Pikachu the opportunity to scurry away. Before the argument gets too heated, a shorter boy with curly dark green hair enters the classroom, followed shortly by a cheerful brunette girl. You decide to take your seat in the back corner, finding a boy sitting next to you. He has two-tone hair and a burn scar on his face. It looks like the scar is only on one side of his face but you couldn’t be sure unless you saw his whole face. 


Your attention then turns to the teacher that enter the classroom, you recognize him as the teacher from your acceptance letter. He gets out of his yellow sleeping bag on the floor and steps up to the podium, making the students hurry to their seats. The teacher introduces himself as Mr. Aizawa and goes over the overview of the Hero Course. He then goes on to reveal the class won’t be going to orientation like everyone else, instead, the class would be participating in a Quirk Apprehension Test. The chorus of complaints and groans fill the classroom before everyone is filed out of the school. 


A pink-skinned girl with similarly colored hair approaches you, bouncing with anticipation. She puts out her hand as an invitation, one you accept whole-heartedly. She talks in an infectiously happy voice that you can’t help but want to emulate, “Hey! I’m Ashido Mina! What’s your name?”


You smile, replying with a cheerful tone, “I’m [L/N] [Y/N],” Ashido raises a curious eyebrow at your reply and you were about to ask why before she beat you to the punch. 


“You’re not from Japan, are you? You have an accent,” You nodded your head. 


“I’m originally from America, my dad is Japanese though,” Ashido nods and that’s the end of your conversation for the time being. Aizawa explains what you’ll expect to see in the exam and reveals the person who is last will be expelled due to ‘lack of potential’. You feel rather confident you won’t end up dead last but you realize this group is the best of Japan’s youth. 


You feel a bit more nervous.


The exam went rather smoothly for you, scoring pretty well on most of the physical tests. You did especially well with the long jump and fifty-meter dash, scoring second-best on the latter. You beat the ash-blond from earlier by a hair, who’s name was apparently Bakugou. After the dash you noticed Bakugou wouldn’t stop glaring at you, a furious frown decorating his face. 


Once the exams were finished, Aizawa’s initial rankings for the class was revealed. Your eyes immediately went towards the last person on the rankings, slight relief pouring into you when you realize it’s not your name. It’s a boy named ‘Midoriya Izuku’ and you realize he’s your dad’s protege. You wince at the ball toss when he destroyed the tip of one of his fingers, wondering if that happens every time he uses his quirk. Midoriya is close to sobbing at this point, his eyes are glassy with unshed tears and his mouth is quivering. A good part of the class seems to offer silent sympathies to Midoriya and you make a move to approach him when Aizawa speaks up. 


“Also, no one is getting expelled today. What I said was a rational deception so you would give your best performance,” You watch as Midoriya exhales a breath of relief and you inwardly smile. If he got your dad’s attention, he was definitely someone worth getting to know. “Also Todoroki and [L/N], please come see me after class,” You swallow a lump in your throat, a list of things you could have messed up on already running through your mind. 


You and Todoroki stay behind after everyone else gathers their bags and leaves, waiting for Aizawa to speak. Aizawa looks at the two of you, narrowing his eyes. “I hope you know just because you’re children of top heroes, I won’t cut you any slack. Your parental relationships won’t save you from a deranged criminal. You understand that?”


You simply nod, ignoring the questioning gaze your dual-colored haired classmate is giving you. Aizawa’s eyes move a little bit towards Todoroki’s direction as if waiting for his affirmative before dismissing the two of you. Todoroki gives a silent nod and you notice his face had an unforgiving look. You decide to think nothing of it at the moment, choosing to leave the classroom. You feel a wind blowing behind you as you leave the campus, a bad feeling rising from your gut. You decide to ignore the feeling and instead start running to catch the train back home. The sensation of being watched fades away by the time you board the train.