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Love is a beautiful pain

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Atlas watched through the cameras from his headquarters as he sighed. "Do you ever talk lad? It's like talking to a wall. You know that don't you?" Jack just kept walking as his facial expression turned to something of annoyance. Atlas noticed this annoyance was getting to him "Lad, I saw that sigh that you just gave me." Jack looked around confused as he drifted into his thoughts ignoring Atlas "is he watching me somehow? Where?" Atlas laughed at how agitated he got "Lad, I'm watching you from the camera. Look around, why not say hello." Jack looked at the camera then looked away as he started walking towards his mission again, he had to restore trees in Arcadia. Atlas put his hand on his forehead "Do I really have to say would you kindly to get him to say hello." Atlas began speaking again "Boyo, Would you kind-" he stopped talking when saw Jack return in front of the camera with paper and blood on his fingers. Jack smiled as he wrote "Hi Atlas" on the paper, he held it up to the camera as he smiled. Atlas smiled back forgetting Jack couldn't see him, he had to admit the boy was cute, almost easy to fall for. Atlas tone was clearly happy "Hello lad, where'd ya get blood from" Jack pointed to the splicer that he just killed as he smiled. Atlas had never actually looked at his face before, Atlas blushed upon seeing his brown hair and slim body. Atlas suddenly felt feelings he had never felt before his thoughts taking over as he became quiet "Jack, that lad is something special. Nice body pretty face, it's been so long since I've seen something or someone like that. Hold on lad I'll be coming for ya soon." Jack threw a rock at the camera after he started to become concerned when Atlas didn't say anything recently, Atlas jumped startled by the sudden bang. He looked angrily at the camera however, his feelings of anger melted when he saw Jack holding the paper back up to the camera. Atlas read as he smiled "Atlas, are you okay? You usually give me tips on new ways of killing splicers. Or you tell me lad, be careful when coming near big daddies." Atlas laughed "I'm okay, no need to worry about me yet. Deal with yourself lad, Stop standing still im fine." Jack nodded and began his mission again.

Atlas began talking again what seemed like hours for Jack but it had only been twenty minutes. Atlas smirked "maybe this will get him to talk" he cleared his throat "So Lad, ever think about kids between me and you?" Jack stopped and looked at the camera with confusion clear in his expression, he brought the paper back up to the camera. Atlas felt defeated as he read "I trust you Atlas, I just don't want kids with you. I've never seen your face and I'm thinking you like my looks because you started acting weird after I smiled at the camera." Atlas sighed "Alright boyo, your correct. I do like your looks so how about when I come to get you we talk more about that?" Jack gasped in surprise "I-I" he couldn't find the words which didn't matter considering he never talked. Atlas fell out of his chair in surprise "BOYO, YOU TALKED! YOUR NOT A MUTE, THIS IS AMAZING. YOUR BEST PAL ATLAS WON'T BE TALKING TO A WALL NO MORE. RIGHT BOYO?" Jack shook his head yes as he wrote "Yes, you will be talking to a wall still". Atlas felt annoyance so he faked hurt "Lad, you really put hurt in my heart. You're ignoring me after I'm helping you survive. I see how it is, don't ask me for help no more with ammo when you need it." Jack looked annoyed as he wrote again "I never asked before you did it on your own" Atlas didn't respond, he just got back in his chair and watched the cameras again.

Atlas watched Jack as he felt his heart beat speed up "That boy is going to be mine. I'll come get him soon. If he dies anytime soon I'll meet him at his respawn point. I can't wait to see if he makes any noise when he sees me." Atlas looked at the camera and smiled, he stopped upon realizing that he was falling for Jack. Atlas laughed "It's been awhile since I've felt this way. I'm sorry Lad, but you'll be coming with me even if I have to use the WYK command. I'd like to avoid using it though, I'd hate to make you obey me when we get serious" Jack looked at the Camera and put up a sign "Did you say something? I wasn't paying attention." Atlas laughed with a sadistic grin "No love, I didn't say anything" Jack ignored the love comment, maybe Atlas just got love and lad mixed up. Atlas began thinking of everything that he could do when they met in person "Lad, are you a virgin? I'd love to show you the ropes of sexual performance" Jack shook his head yes as he covered his ears, he for sure didn't want the sex talk from Atlas. Atlas laughed upon seeing Jack cover his ears "Your to die for Lad. Just wait, soon enough." Jack was confused "what was he waiting for and what was soon? Atlas had to have been drunk he never speaks like this. It's best to just ignore him right now." Atlas continued rambling on, he grew enraged when he realized that Jack was ignoring him "BOYO! WERE YOU IGNORING ME? IF NOT REPEAT OR WRITE BACK WHAT I JUST SAID! DO YOU UNDERSTAND? I GAVE YOU AN ORDER DO IT NOW!" Jack flinched, he didn't like that Atlas was yelling. He wasn't used to being yelled at for some reason it made tears prick in his eyes as he began writing. He held his paper up as he looked down, Atlas was growing more angered with each letter on that paper "Atlas, I'm sorry I didn't pay attention. Please don't yell." Atlas made himself calm down "Would you kindly look at the camera" Jack looked at the camera as he wiped his tears, Atlas wanted to lick the tears off his face but he couldn't yet. He sighed "Its okay Lad, I was just saying be careful around that big daddy. I don't want you getting hurt or dying, I didn't mean to yell or make you cry. I'm sorry, I truly am." Jack wiped his tears and smiled, Atlas felt reassured that he felt better because he immediately started walking near the beehives to collect honey for the cure of Arcadia. Atlas began speaking "Why did my yelling make you cry when getting shot and drilled by big daddies didn't have affects other than screams or grunts of pain?" Jack wrote again "Because I trust you, and it hurts to be yelled at by someone who is hard to piss off. You've never yelled before so you caught me off guard". Atlas sighed "Oh, I understand that. I'm sorry love, I'll try harder next time." Jack nodded in agreement with Atlas.