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Penance is the fool's choice

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pain, betrayal and anger, it was all he could feel in that moment, the wounds were so deep he wondered how he was still alive, how someone could feel such intense pain and not succumb to their injuries.

bearly looking at his own mangled body, the only thought he could muster was how was he still alive, how didn't he go into shock from such an ordeal, how can a human being lose that much blood, feel such immense pain that coherent a coherent thought process was extraneous.

being betrayed like that, slaughtered like an animal by his own brother, his body, once one of strong physique and sharp muscles reduced to deep cuts, some showing muscle, and bone, one of his arms (the one which bore the tattoo containing his dragons inside) ripped apart, laying there, just five feet apart from his soon-to-be corpse.

laying in a pool of his own blood, dying by the hand of his own brother in their own home, that was not how he wanted to go ever, he'd rather die performing his clan's duty than this mockery.

being caught off guard was not an easy feat, but somehow it was what befell him, his own blood, his kin committed such a sin as fratricide is abominable.

perhaps it's his anger that's fueling his desire to live, only so he could return what was done to him, so he could get the revenge he much needed, that was all that went through his mind at the time.

but alas, such was not possible, his wounds were extensive, he would sooner rather than later succumb and embrace death, departing from this world.

although, it seemed fate and luck were on his side, from what his unfocused eyes, coated in his own blood could see was an angel, his own angel there to save him.

the only thing he could see clearly was her eyes, beautiful honey whiskey-colored, a mixture of sorrow and fear swirling in her eyes, the repeated mantra of ' help's on tha' way, stay with me you're gonna be okay' leaving her lips.

he believed her, she was an angel, she came to save him, he'd believe her anytime just to forget the predicament he was in, just to forget what his brother had done.

Waking up wasn't something he thought was possible, his wounds were fatal and recovering or merely surviving them would be a miracle, but here he was, alive and breathing, a miracle indeed.

He was able to survive the incident, something previously thought impossible, even though he was wired to machines and could barely move from his position the boy was thankful to whatever power made him live.

"Welcome back mister Shimada" a heavy accented female voice spoke, he couldn't see the woman's face clearly except for the blond hair on her head, so not his angel but a friend perhaps? " we thought we'd lost you there, it was touch and go for a while but you've managed to pull through" she continued, while moving around and checking his vitals.

"W-w-whe-re-e… " he stamared, voice raw and meek.

The doctor?! He assumed she was a doctor gave him a confused look before her eyes widened, "oh" she said, "you're in overwatch, more precisely the main overwatch Base's medical wing"

The Shimada furrowed his eyebrows, squinting at the woman before gasping out a soft "why" question evident in his tone.

"Jesse found you bleeding out from your wounds when blackwatch went after your clan, she brought you to us, it's the main reason you're alive" she said, smiling softly before continuing, "your wounds were extensive so we had to make a call, in order for you to survive with complete mobility and functionality we had to replace various parts of your body"

That, the last thing the doctor said made him pause and take a deeper look at himself, most of his body was gone, his legs and the arm his brother thorn of were replaced with cybernetics.

Luckily his other arm was intact, a small grace, he was more cybernetics then man right now, and that, that was the straw that broke the camel's back.

His brother did this to him, his greed condemned the man to a life of misery, half of his body gone and replaced with metal, he swore death upon his brother, death upon the man that turned him into a machine.

"You'll need to undergo physical therapy in order to regain mobility and get accustomed to your new limbs, we'll be here to help you get through it, later on we'll decide what to do with you after your recovery" she said, placing a gentle hand on his shoulder, "it'll be okay, I'll be there every step of the way, as will Jesse, she's taken a liking to you"

He nodded absentmindedly, not caring much about what happens except his chance to get revenge.

After sometime, when he was alone— the doctor having letting him rest and process the news about his body— the door opened and he finally saw the angel, his angel, the one that saved him when he called.

He could see her better now, short brown hair framing a freckled face and beautiful brown eyes that looked more like amber than brown, and a tanned skin— she was, she was truly angelic, although the cowboy hat looked silly.

"Howdy, glad to see you alive, you gave us a scare there fer a while" she said, smiling at taking a seet in the empty chair by his bed.

He couldn't help but smile at her slightly, "t-t-tha-nk y-y-ou" he stuttered, feeling annoyed at how weak his voice sounded.

"No problem partner jus' glad to see you're still alive an' kickin'" she paused and leaned in as if sharing a secret, "between you an' me, I hope you get back at the bastard that did this to ya"

He straightened up as far as he could with the reduced mobility he had and with a blank face he said "I will" in the surest voice he could muster in the state he was in.

She smiled at that, "I'll help ya hide the body"

He smiled and nodded at her, accepting her help, she did save him after all so he owed her his life, for if she wasn't there then he wouldn't be here.

That night he made a promise to the stars, he promised to get revenge on his brother for what was done to him because of greed, he will correct the wrongs he's done in his life and he will make sure nothing like this ever has the chance to happen again.

And he will do all that with his angel standing besides him, for she was the one that answered his pleading, for she was the one that saved him from certain death.

Hanzo Shimada will get his revenge with Jesse at his side, his brother will regret trying to kill him.

Hanzo Shimada will kill Genji for what he's done and he'll get his revenge on way or another, as long as the woman that saved him will have his back and protect him as he will protect her.