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Unfinished Business

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Tonight was another night of sifting through candidates – or was it even night at all? It didn’t matter much to him, with only the stark lighting of monitors in an otherwise dark room, the only sounds the clacking of the keys and the creak of his chair as he shifted in it. Tonight… he’s watching you. You were a solid choice for the task, alone in your apartment, no close relatives, an attendance rate so low no one would be shocked if you dropped out of school. Hell, you might even flunk out, at this rate. He wasn’t sure why you bothered to apply, seeing as you spent more time gaming and on social media than even attempting to study.

“Otome games, huh? Maybe we should’ve stuck to that game development ploy, you would’ve fallen right for it. But… you’ll be naïve enough to fall for this, too.”

It didn’t take much for him to get access to… well, just about everything. You should really think about changing some of your passwords, but who has the time for that, right?

Do you have an entire folder dedicated to anime boys? … Lots of them with white hair too, just like his. He’s not sure whether to be intrigued or creeped out, but then he is the one searching through all the folders on your computer. He probably doesn’t have the right to be weirded out by anything he finds.

That being said, you don’t exactly make snooping on you hard. If anything, it’s too easy, doesn’t pose enough of a challenge. Ordinarily, he’d find that dull. Computer illiterate idiots aren’t uncommon, but you weren’t one of those. You’re no match for him, of course, but you know enough that you should know better, should have a decent firewall, more complex passwords… at least know enough to cover up your unsecured webcam. But you don’t. And it makes him wonder why. Don’t you care? Does it just never cross your mind, that some people would exploit your (lack of) security like this? Your online presence is always so positive, so that could be it. The type to believe in the inherent good of others. Someone worthy of paradise, perhaps.

He idly glanced over to the monitor displaying your webcam feed, just in time to see you walk away from the desk, leaving him with nothing to look at but boring wallpaper. A bit unusual, given the time – he didn’t have your schedule down to a science yet, but you shouldn’t be getting ready for bed this early, and it’s too late for you to be going out. So, when you came in looking like that, he nearly fell out of his chair.

It wasn’t the first time he had caught you in a state of undress – and god, had that been awkward. But this, this was on another level. Normally, this is when he’d switch the webcam monitor to something else, anything else. Turn it off entirely, even, and move on to the next person on the list. He should be doing that. But he isn’t.

He knew you weren’t a total goody two shoes; he’d seen enough of your browsing history to figure that part out. Even so, seeing you dressed so provocatively was enough to make the breath catch in his throat. The time before, he had just stumbled upon you undressing. The underwear you had on then was cute, not suggestive of anything more. This time, the sheer lace hugged your hips in just the right way, your hair loose and flowing over your shoulders, but not enough to conceal the way your breasts threatened to spill out of your bra.

You were approaching the desk again, leaning in close. Too close. His mind and pulse raced – what if you noticed your webcam was on? Wait… did you?

Did you notice that your webcam was turned on? The way you were moving, it was like you knew, like you wanted to put on a performance. Like you wanted to be seen.

Shit. The way you rocked your hips against your chair, the way you teased a finger across your bottom lip, barely slipping the tip inside… You caught him off-guard, to say the least. You weren’t even supposed to know he existed, let alone that he was watching you. Let alone try to seduce him.

He willed himself to keep his eyes on your face. Not that your lewd expression was helping matters much, but it was better than the alternatives. Your lips curled into a smile—no, wait, were you saying something? He scrambled to put the audio up.

“—yourself? Last time you turned it off in seconds.” Wait, what? Did you… just how long have you known? This was not supposed to happen. He thought you were naïve. You were supposed to find the phone, go to the apartment, organise the party. You were not supposed to be this clever. You weren’t supposed to make him feel… he hadn’t expected your voice to sound so sultry. Struck by the realisation that he wanted no one else to hear it, he plugged his headset in, drawing it over his ears.

“… Hey.” Your voice caught his attention again, though you spoke softer this time. “You can at least say something, you know. Or type. Kinda feels unfair, otherwise.”

His fingers twitched, fighting the urge to type something straightaway. He was already caught. What was the harm?

     You really have no idea what you’re getting into, princess.

The words sent a shiver through you. Part of you wasn’t expecting that to work at all. A moment’s hesitation, squirming on the seat, one arm moved to loosely cover your chest.

“What… am I getting into then?”

     You’re really asking that now? … Don’t you realise what you’re doing? You don’t even know who I am. But you knew I was watching, didn’t you?

You nodded stiffly.

     I thought you were a good girl, princess. Is this how good girls behave?

“Look, I—I thought you’d just turn the camera off, like the last time.”

     Was that really all you expected?
     You didn’t answer my question.

You looked to see if there was any hint, any indication of who was sending these messages: Unknown. That was all you got.

He was on to something, though; you weren’t expecting him to just stop watching. Knowing someone was watching was… oddly exhilarating. But you had to stay focused. As long as he was talking, there was a chance you could get answers.

“I, uh, I don’t know,” you mumbled, worried he wouldn’t let you off so easily. “Is there… a name I can call you?”


Great. You could guess there wasn’t much use going down that line of questioning.

     You can call me master.

Now was your turn to be caught off-guard.

     Did I surprise you? ^^
     … It shouldn’t come as a shock. Isn’t this what you wanted, princess?
     If you’re good, maybe you’ll even get a reward~

“What sort of reward?”

     I’ll come and take you to paradise.

You felt another chill wash over you, your heart pounding. He’s not serious, right? But if he was… he knew exactly where you lived. That thought should terrify you, but the cold you had felt is quickly replaced by a building heat, a rising anticipation.

“What do you want me to do, Un… master?”

     Good girl~

You could almost see the satisfied smirk on his face just from how quickly he replied.

     What were you planning to do to catch my attention, if I didn’t reply?

… Good question. You shifted on the seat again, thighs rubbing together. Swallowing, you moved your arm away from your chest, leaving yourself exposed. At least you still had your bra on.

     I think you can do better than that, princess.

Your breath hitched in your throat at his words, leaning back in the chair to give him a better view of what you were about to do. Slowly, you edged your hand down, fingers tracing along your stomach, then slipped it beneath the lace panties.

For all his egging you on, he was stunned into silence by this. Was he not expecting you to go through with it, or… was he too busy enjoying himself?

You dared to push yourself even further, rolling your hips against your hand, and, with a breathy sigh, eased a finger inside.

Feeling how wet you are, you should be embarrassed. But, seeing the message that flashes on the screen after the silence, you just feel proud.

     See, that’s better. I didn’t think you had it in you.
     Is this how you normally touch yourself?

No… normally you didn’t have an audience. You suspect that’s not quite what he meant, though.
Shaking your head, your hand stilled as you waited for his next words.

     Show me how a good girl touches herself.

You hesitated, unsure how to follow up on such a request.
“I thought good girls… weren’t supposed to touch themselves?”

     Now, when did I ever say that?
     More importantly… do you want some help?

He seemed to take your silence as answer – or it was never your choice to make, despite his asking.

     Spread your legs.

Sensing there’s no use in disobeying him (and secretly feeling no desire to), you did as you were told, though not before moving your hand away. Your index finger was still slick as you raised it to your lips, parting them to take a lick before slipping the digit inside.

     You really are eager to please, aren’t you?

You gave the camera a satisfied smile, adjusting your hips while keeping your legs spread wide.

“What next?”

     Why don’t you move those panties aside?
     Then… you can get your fingers dirty again.

You obliged, pulling the crotch of your underwear aside, the fingers of your other hand trailing down once more. You hesitated, gaze fixed on the camera, as you used those fingers to spread open your lips. Exposed and still overtly wet, you paused, feeling the thrum of your heartbeat in your chest, beneath your hand.

     Well, what are you waiting for?
     Close your eyes and enjoy it.

You squinted at the camera, puzzled by that command. Did he want you to pretend as if he wasn’t watching? There’s no way that you could forget that he was, even without seeing what he had to say about your performance. Nonetheless, you complied, letting out a drawn-out breath as your eyes fell shut.

You wondered what he was doing, how he was reacting, as you rubbed against your clit, as you teased a finger around your entrance, circling until you finally plunged it in. Was he touching himself, too? Would he be surprised by you again? Would he praise you for doing as he asked?

Absently, you could hear a faint buzz, familiar, but your focus was too far away to place it—until he spoke.

“Mm~, just like that, princess.”

Oh. He had put your speakers on.
Oh. He sounded kinda hot.

You opened your eyes, almost expecting to see him there in front of you, only to be disappointed by the blank monitor. At least now you knew he wasn’t an old creep. Maybe still a creep, but… he sounded close to your age. And, well, you weren’t going to complain about how affected his voice sounded. He was into this, wasn’t he?

Watching the camera, you removed a finger, the pace deliberately, excruciatingly slow, only to slide it back in alongside another.

“At least now it’s almost fair, Unknown.” You spoke up, emboldened by the fact he chose to speak. He fell for your last challenge, so maybe…

“Not addressing me as master anymore, hm?” You could swear he was actually disappointed, not just teasing, but he quickly let it go. “Are you really that eager to see me? Sorry, but good things come to those who wait.”

“Awww~,” you mewled, pouting. “But I’m a good girl, aren’t I? So, you’ll take me to paradise, right?”

“Maybe. If you show me just how good you can be, princess.”

You curled your fingers inside yourself, rubbing, then removed them, raising them up towards the camera. He could see the wetness that coated them, sticky and dripping between them as you spread them in a V-shape, your tongue peeking out to lick your lips. Then, you leaned forward, lapping it all up.

It seemed to impress him before, and this time was no exception. No words, just a gasp from the other end.

You reached back down, savouring the sweetness in your mouth.

“You don’t have to be such a tease, you know… I want to see you enjoy yourself.” His voice sounded breathy, his once playful tone growing more urgent. Well, you suppose it wouldn’t hurt to do as you were told.

Lifting your hips up off of the seat, you tugged your panties down, letting them fall to your ankles before kicking them off. With that sorted, you leaned back and set to work in earnest, stroking against your clit, firm and insistent.

You lost yourself in the moment, letting your awareness drift away, away from the webcam’s blinking light, away from the stranger—or so you thought. You couldn’t shake him off, especially when if you focused just enough you could hear the occasional sharp intake of breath, a low groan, a pant.

And with that, it didn’t take long for thoughts of him to come creeping in… was he really going to reward you? Did you want him to? You should feel embarrassed, scared, but the idea of him sneaking into your apartment, seeing you touch yourself like this, him touching you like this… the shameless moan that escaped your lips didn’t come as a shock. You just didn’t bother to stifle it.

“Ma… master, is this good?” You were surprised by just how strained your voice came out; you were closer than you thought.

You glanced up towards the camera, your speakers suddenly quiet, the webcam’s light turned off.

“… Unknown?” Your hand grew still as you waited with bated breath. He was just teasing you, right? You re-adjusted yourself, wiping your hand clean on a tissue. The seconds turned to minutes, and you could feel the cold air against your wet core, the heat slowly fading. Reluctantly, you bent down to pick up the lacy underwear you had dropped to the floor, slipping it back on.

Did he really just—that fucker. You didn’t even finish.