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An inconceivable love (Lincoln x Linka)

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The dimensional portal opened, and the white-haired girl looked at it anxiously. She knew what that meant: her guardian angel, the brave little boy who had saved her from so many weeks of suffering, was about to return his home. And there was no chance of seeing him again.

When she looked in the direction of the portal, anxiety went to despair. Lincoln had to leave. After all, he had nothing in that universe where he didn't even exist. But did she have something there? The family that claimed to love her went to hurt her worse than if she had been a leper. They sold all her things; forced her to sleep outside, and made her wear that awful squirrel suit, that caused allergy and was about to produce a heat stroke. Some of her brothers had dared to hit her with a baseball bat. Linka had scars that still hurt, wounds who hadn't healed; and her confidence in her family and the world were completely destroyed.

At least, until she met Lincoln. The boy so similar to her, who appeared out of nowhere, telling the most incredible story ... And who rescued her from pain and misery.

That portal was the confirmation of all his words, and the certainty that she would never see him again.

That idea was so sad… Linka’s eyes were filled in tears, but sorrow gave her courage to make a final appeal.

“Lincoln... I know you should go, but...

“Linka...“ the boy whispered, feeling his eyes clouded. With his fingers, he dried the tears of that cute face; so similar, and at the same time, so different from him.

“Take me with you, Lincoln! Please!

Those words hit him like a cannonball. He turned to see the portal, and then to the girl.

Poor little girl!

She was his counterpart in that universe. They looked almost equal; but for those who knew how to see, their differences were evident. The female hormones were already starting to do their job on the preteen girl's body. Her silhouette and face were already beginning to round and soft. Her breasts began to sprout. Her lips were thicker, but much more delicate; and the skin much softer; despite so many weeks of abuse and malnutrition.

Linka had a much worse time than him. Lincoln’s family made him wear the suit only a few days, and in the end, he recovered all his personal belongings. Everything stopped when Lisa came to her senses, and helped everyone to understand the terrible injustice that they were committing.

But Linka's family did not stop. And it didn't seem like they were going to stop. The wounds on her arms were very recent. The last beat had almost produced a fissure in her arm.

He could not leave her at the mercy of her family. Even if his own sisters had mistreated him, they had shown him his love and regret since then. Lincoln’s family had taught him to be love and caring with women. Linka was a lovely girl, and he wouldn't leave her alone at the mercy of those assholes.

But what could he do? He had to think very fast. As Lisa explained, the portal would not be open for more than a minute. He had to decide in that instant.

He could stay to take care of her, but both were children. Any police or concerned citizen who saw them could give notice to the authorities. No one would believe that Lincoln belonged to another universe. He and Linka would be separated and admitted to an orphanage, regardless of whether they would punish her family, or not.

And, for obvious reasons, Lincoln could not confront Linka's family to solve things.

The only way was to take her into his universe. They would have more options, even if Lincoln's family did not accept her. He could collect old debts; his friends could help them. And no matter what will happen, Linka never have to face her family again.

So, Lincoln smiled; gently caressing the girl's face. Then, the boy took her hand.

“Come on, Linka. Let's go to my universe. I will be with you, and they will never hurt you again.

He pulled her gently to make her walk. But she hugged him tightly, and kissed his cheek while he cried.

“Thank you, Lincoln! I ... I don't know how to thank you.

"Don't do it" the boy replied, holding her hand again. “Come! We must go, now!

The children crossed the portal, and Linka Loud vanished from that reality, as if she had never existed.