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Cherry Emeralds dont belong here

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“Oi, Josuke, I don’t think I’ve seen Jotaro today, Have you heard from him at all?” Okuyasu Ran out from his Old house to Josuke across the street. Josuke stopped in his tracks and tipped his head back, To think. He Shook his head shortly after and Almost Mumbled his response to Okuyasu who had since then crossed the street to meet with him.

“Nah, but I wouldn’t Worry ‘bout it. Jotaro is more than capable of taking care of himself. Plus, it’s still only Lunchtime.” Josuke Explained. Okuyasu nodded, content with Josuke’s Answer,

“Okay! Makes sense to me!” He smiled, Patting Josuke’s Back. Josuke Smiled back and they continued Walking back to School. They Met with Koichi Halfway there, and Continued their walk. On their way To school Yukako too joined them, Swooning over Koichi as usual. They took their usual route, walking through the Market area and Past the train station to Soon arrive at the high school. When Yukako Pointed our Jotaro To Koichi, however, the Four Paused their walk to peek in on the older man.


Great. Just great. He hoped he wouldn’t have to Call in Kakyoin, But with Aya Dead and Kira on the Loose, Jotaro found It was time to Introduce The Others to His boyfriend. So there he was, Waiting at the Train station for Kakyoin’s train To arrive. He hadn’t told the Others yet, for There was a chance An enemy Stand user was listening to him.


The four watched as Jotaro Casual Pulled back his Coat Sleeve to look at his watch. Josuke pointed To Jotaro and Turned to His three friends, “Look, he must be waiting for someone,” He whispered. Koichi and Yukako Nodded while Okuyasu simply stared blankly at the Man,

“But Josuke, what if he’s Waiting for a train and he’s leaving?” Okuyasu Questioned,

“No, If he was leaving he’d have his luggage with him. He doesn’t, so he must be Waiting for someone,” Okuyasu face went Blank for a split second then Lit up,

“Oh yeah! Good point Josuke! You’re right!” He agreed. Josuke Sighed and Turned his attention back to Jotaro who was looking at his watch once again. Yukako Huffed and Turned away, Grabbing Koichi’s wrist,

“C’mon, Lunchtime is going to end in Twenty minutes, we have to get to school,” She Dragged Koichi With her, ignoring Koichi’s Comments about wanting to stay, “Your Grades are getting Terrible with all this stand Stuff happening recently, Koichi-kun, you cant afford to Stay back and watch Jotaro!” She snapped, Now growing angry. Koichi Instantly Quieted and Nervously Nodded, Keeping his mouth shut, waving to Josuke and Okuyasu. The two waved back and went back to watching Jotaro from Around the Corner.


The Next train pulled in only a few minutes later, And off stepped a Small crowd of what appeared to be business Men and Women. When all the Salarymen and women had Stepped off, Jotaro raised his head and scanned the crowd. A literal Redhead Quickly caught his eyes, and Jotaro Pushed off the wall he was leaning against and Tilted his hat towards the other. The redhead Waved to Jotaro and ran over to him, Throwing himself into the larger’s Arms and Smiled wide. Jotaro managed to Slightly Smile, and wrapped his Arms around him, Hugging the Redhead back.


Meanwhile, just around the corner, Josuke and Okuyasu were watching in amazement. Jotaro? Showing even the slightest Positive Emotion? Not in my Morioh, “J-Josuke? You saw that right?” Josuke Nodded, not taking his eyes of Jotaro. He watched as Jotaro rested his head on the other’s Head, and slightly Swayed in each other’s hold. Okuyasu Frantically Switched his gaze between The redhead and Jotaro and Josuke, Trying To process what exactly was happening. Not being able to deal with not knowing what was happening, Okuyasu ran out from behind the wall much to Josuke’s disagreement,

“JOTARO! What are Doing?!” He shouted, Pointing to the Redhead. Josuke came running out from behind the wall, chasing Okuyasu and calling for him. He stopped in his tracks and Sighed, Placing a hand on Okuyasu’s shoulder. Jotaro quickly rose his head and Scoffed, Lightly pushing the other man away,

“Calm down Okuyasu. This Is...” he paused and Looked to the Redhead. The Redhead Nodded, and Jotaro continued, “This is My...Uh, friend, Kakyoin,” He Spoke, His Calm voice Flat as normal. Okuyasu’s eyes went blank and he Started to stutter, Confused,

“I-I-I... Really? But that doesn’t make any sense,” The Redhead -Apparently Kakyoin- Chuckled, and Stretched his arm out, Silently asking to Shake Okuyasu’s Hand,

“You must be Okuyasu then, Right? Its nice to meet you!” Okuyasu Quietly Shook Kakyoin’s Hand, Still Processing The situation. Kakyoin Then Turned To Josuke, smiling, “And that would make you Josuke, Correct? Jojo sure was correct when he said you had Unique Hair, it’s nice to meet you as well!” He Greeted, Trying To Be as friendly as he could, not wanting to scare the two young High schoolers away. Josuke simply nodded, keeping his Eyes trainer on Kakyoin. Upon closer Inspection of Kakyoin, Josuke noticed he had two, somewhat faint Scars Vertically Across his Eyes and Walked with a slight limp. He decided he’d not Question it, at least not right away. This didn’t stop him from taking guesses as to what happened. Perhaps He got in a knife fight? unlikely, Kakyoin seemed like a cheerful kind of Guy. Maybe It was some sort of Vehicle Accident like a car crash? The sounded plausible. Josuke’s thoughts however, were interrupted by Jotaro Speaking up,

“I called for Kakyoin to help us on the Kira Case after what happened yesterday. He’s a very Skilled stand User, And I trust he’ll Help us greatly with his Stand,”  Josuke Nodded, And Pointed To the clock hanging on the wall On the other side of the station, taking Glances in Every direction,

“W-Well If you trust him, then I trust him, but Lunchtime is ending in about ten minutes, we really need to go now!” He commented, Grabbing Okuyasu and Pulling him with Him. The two ran off to the school, leaving Kakyoin and Jotaro on their own. Kakyoin chuckled, and stepped back into Jotaro’s arms,

“Aaah, Remember when our biggest worries were whether we’d get to school on time?” Jotaro Tipped his hat’s brim slightly, Covering his eyes,

Yare Yare Daze... That was a long time ago wasn’t, eh?” Kakyoin smiled, and looked up at Jotaro, Planting a small Kiss on Jotaro’s Cheek. Jotaro Barely Smiled And Turned To look at the time on his watch, “Let’s get you to the Hotel now, Yeah? ” Kakyoin Nodded and picked up his Suitcase he had placed on the ground next him,

“First, I want you to show me around Morioh though! You know how much I enjoy being in new places!” Jotaro Nodded,

“Of course. The car’s just down there in the parking lot, throw it in and I’ll show you the landmarks and such,”



-“This is the Angelo Rock, Otherwise known as just Angelo. I’ve told you his story over the Phone before,”

-“oh, is this him? Hello Angelo, you sick bastard,”

-“Down there is what the locals call the Boing-Boing rock -It was- Again, the result of a stand Incident,”

-“Boing-Boing rock? You haven’t mentioned anything about the Boing-Boing Rock. Tell me more,”

-“This here is the Town’s most recent pride and joy, Trattoria Trussardi. The owner, Tonio is a stand user and he puts his Stand into his foods to cure people of stuff like Back pain or Dry eyes and the such. His foods really good too, We’ve got to find the time to go out while we’re here,”

-“I, uh... Ofcourse, Jojo, I’d love to!”



“So, now that I’m all set, Wanna explain why you told them I was a friend?” Kakyoin sat on their bed, Arms crossed and Glasses In between His Fingers as he stared Jotaro down. Jotaro sighed and Sat next to Kakyoin, Eyes closed,

“You know the Reason,Kakyoin,” He spoke,

“But I wanna hear it come from you, Jojo,” Kakyoin pushed,

“They’re Kids, they don’t need to hear about Two Guys dating,” Jotaro Mumbled. Kakyoin breathed out and Leaned on Jotaro’s shoulder, Resting his eyes.

“They’re almost the same age we were when we first met,” Jotaro let out a quick Grunt and leaned back, disturbing Kakyoin’s Peace against the larger man,

“Yeah, Which is even worse! they’re Suffering as we did, nobody needs to go through that Torment, especially not Children!” Jotaro tried reasoning. Kakyoin sighed, and fell back on the bed with a quiet grunt, Letting his hands grab Jotaro and pull him down with him. Kakyoin laughed at Jotaro’s Emotionless face as he was pulled down and Gave Jotaro a Short kiss. They laid there for a few seconds, staring into each other’s eyes. Jotaro sat up and took off his hat, Placing it on the bedside table. He Shrugged off his newly tailored white coat, and Threw it to the side, Not caring for where it landed. Kakyoin sat up too, Changing into a pair of Purple striped pyjamas quickly and getting into bed. Jotaro Soon crawled in with Kakyoin and the two 28-year-olds Fell asleep together, getting a Decent enough Six Hour Sleep.



Waking up at Six in the morning was pretty regular for Jotaro, as his Job required high attention for a long amount of time so it was a given his Sleep schedule was about more Short than what it should be. He envied Kakyoin for Having two Jobs that Necessary Run on a schedule. Kakyoin had chosen to stay with   SWF(SpeedWagon Foundation) and help with any More stand related cases. They paid Well, for how often he was called in, which wasn’t too often, So when Kakyoin was running on Weeks -if not months- between missions with nothing to do, he was a freelance Artist. He found out -after some experimenting with styles- that Painting His Memories of Egypt in an Abstract sense Sold well. people enjoyed when Emotion is put into Art pieces and is shown, and god knows Kakyoin puts his heart and soul into each painting he makes.

Jotaro Quietly sat up, As to not Disturb the Sleeping Kakyoin next to him and Got dressed, picking up the coat he had thrown on the floor yesterday and put it back on. It was clean enough to wear again. He grabbed his Hat from the Bedside table, Put it on and walked Into the Kitchen, Starting The coffee maker and Grabbing a handful of Berries to snack on  while he waited for the Coffee to be done. He heard a Somewhat Pained Groan coming from The bed across the room and instantly Went to the Bed to Check on Kakyoin. The Redhead Tried to Push himself up into a sitting position, but Was unable to stabilize himself and so he Slipped back onto the Pillow he was testing on,

“It would seem today’s not gonna be a good day,Jojo,” Kakyoin Grunted, Eyes half shut and Holding his Abdomen with his Arms. Jotaro Nodded,

“Shall I grab Your Crutches then?” He Asked, Pointing to the closet next to the bed. Kakyoin Shook his head,

“No, It’s an Intense pain today. I need my Wheelchair,” Jotaro Simply Nodded And tipped his hat down, Walking to the Closet and grabbing a folded up Wheelchair. Jotaro unfolded the Wheelchair and Placed the chair next to the bed,

“Do you want to get out now?” Kakyoin nodded and Lifted his Arms, Letting Jotaro raise him out of bed and into the Wheelchair. Hierophant Green manifested behind Kakyoin and pushed him into the kitchen where he slid in next the table and waited for Jotaro To start breakfast,

“Are we having a meeting with the boys today?” Jotaro Nodded, pulling out a sliced piece of Bread and pushing it down in a Toaster. He then Grabbed two eggs from the fridge and a pan, set the stove and started to Cook two Easy-Over eggs for him and Kakyoin. By the time the two had finished eating, it was Nine in the morning. They were to meet up with Josuke, Okuyasu, Koichi and Hopefully Rohan at Eleven for a lunch meeting to discuss the events that went down only two days ago. At 10:30, the Two Made their way out to the Town and Took a seat at the Casual restaurant they had agreed on, at an Outside Table. Kakyoin Sat on the end facing the street, With Jotaro sitting next to him. There they awaiting the Three friends and maybe Rohan.

The first to arrive was Koichi, who was polite enough not the question Kakyoin being in the Wheelchair when he took his seat. Josuke and Okuyasu arrived ten minutes late, as they always did. Okuyasu sat opposite of Kakyoin, Josuke next to him facing Jotaro. Koichi waved over Rohan from across the Street and He sat next to Kakyoin, Opposite of Koichi. They ordered their food, And Okuyasu broke the Silence with a rather Blunt question,

“Say, Kakyoin, What’s with your eyes? How’d you get the scars and why are you in a wheelchair? You were walking fine yesterday when we saw you,” Kakyoin Looked down to his plate, and sighed. Josuke Smacked Okuyasu on the back of the head, Disappointed,

“Read the Room, Okuyasu!” Okuyasu rubbed the back of his head, and looked at Josuke, Slight fear in his eyes,

“Owww- Wait, Room? But we’re outside on the Patio,” Josuke Sighed And Put his head in his hands, pulling his hands down to the table, groaning,

“Okuyasu...” Okuyasu Then Looked down in confusion and Snapped his head back on realization,

“OH!! I’m Sorry, Kakyoin! You don’t have to say!” Kakyoin Covered his mouth with a napkin and Giggled. His Laughing Turned into Wheezing and soon Coughing. Jotaro Turned his full attention to Kakyoin now with an indecipherable Gaze set on his Boyfriend. To most people, They’d think Jotaro was unmoved but What Kakyoin could see out of his corner of his eyes, he could What Jotaro was feeling. Fear. Worry. Disgust. Trauma. Resentment. All five could be used to describe his face but none else was able to tell, except Kakyoin. Kakyoin managed to Smile at Jotaro before he began coughing into his Napkin again. Rohan, who was seated next to Koichi, watched in Horror as Kakyoin began to cough up Droplets of Blood, and the napkin began to dye into a deep red colour. Josuke, upon seeing the blood Kakyoin was coughing up, Kicked back his chair and ran to His side, Bringing Crazy Diamond our and Turning to Jotaro,

“Please, Jotaro, you have to Let me Help him!” Josuke begged as Jotaro tried shoving him back. Jotaro Shook his head and grabbed Josuke by the shoulder and Lightly Tossed him to the Side,

“No, This isn’t something Your Crazy Diamond can just FIX so go back to your Seat,” Jotaro maintained a Calm outer appearance yet his insides were Burning with Fear and Anger at the same time. Josuke Ran back to the coughing Kakyoin, and brought out Crazy Diamond once again, pressing it’s Hands to Kakyoin’s back in an attempt to help. Jotaro Scoffed,

“Try it then. It won’t work, he cant be Helped any further,” He mumbled. Rohan Had tilted his seat back, trying to slowly shuffle away from the situation, not wanting to be caught up in what didn’t involve him. Koichi gave him a Glare that Stopped Rohan in his tracks and he stayed still. Josuke Kept A comforting Hand on Kakyoin’s back as Crazy Diamond slowly Worked, But As Jotaro had Stated, the coughing continued and so bid the Blood. For a minute there was nothing anyone could do to help Kakyoin. It did However stop after another minute passed and Kakyoin Stared at The Bloodied Napkin, Distraught and Tired,

“Fuck, I haven’t had a coughing fit like that in a year, God damn,” Kakyoin Muttered to himself, Folding The now red Napkin into a small square. Jotaro Nodded,

“That’s why I was worried. I thought you no longer had coughing fits like this,” Kakyoin attempt a chuckled,

“Y-Yeah So Did I, J-Jojo,” Kakyoin Whispered, “I really thought I finally Got over Even just one Symptom of The surgeries, But-But...” He sighed, “But it was just another false hope,” He barely spoke. Jotaro stood up and grabbed hold of Kakyoin’s Wheelchair and wheeled Kakyoin and himself away,

“Bill’s on you,Rohan. We’re gonna continue continue this in the Hotel. with Kakyoin in this state, it would be unsafe to be in the public. Rohan was about to Argue with Jotaro but a Sharp Glare from the older man Shut him up before he even spoke. Okuyasu, Josuke and Koichi quickly got up and Followed Jotaro and Kakyoin back to the Hotel, where they Gathered around a small coffee table and Continued their conversation. Kakyoin Summoned in Hierophant Green upon a question from Koichi asking about his stand and then Okuyasu asked the question again,

“You still haven’t answered my questions about the scars and why you’re in a Wheelchair,” Josuke gave Okuyasu a second smack to the head and a ‘I’m not mad, Just Disappointed’ face. Kakyoin Shook his head, trying to reassure them,

“I-It’s Fine, It’s been nearly Eleven Years, I think I can t-talk about it now,” He Stuttered a bit, Turning to Jotaro who was next to him, “You’re fine if I Talk about it? At least the bits I remember, You can fill in the parts when I was Dead,” Jotaro Grabbed His hat’s brim and Pulled it down,

“Nori, You don’t have to Tell them,” Kakyoin Shook his head,

“Oh, Serious are we? That means you’re ready to speak of Egypt, I know you better than anyone. I’ll begin at N’Doul”