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Just Shup Up and Let Me Kiss You

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The blonde sailor was expecting total blackness, but when he opens his soggy eyes, all he sees is a pretty face tilted in curiosity above his, singing beautifully mere inches apart. So close Katsuki could smell the salt and algae on him.

“Who… the fuck─?” He groans, bones aching as he pushes himself to a sitting position, “What happened? Where the hell am I─?” Then he yells when he really sees the company at his side, “WHAT THE FUCK!?”

It’s a mermaid. A real mermaid─or mer man (mer boy , to be even more precise); young and male, with a round face and cut, fluffy hair. His eyes are striking sea-green and there’s freckles sifted on his pink cheeks. He’s short and thewy, with an array of toned muscles dribbling down from his clean chest and abdomen, pooling around his hips in sharp edges and a chiseled v-line. The lower half of his body is an extended finnage with green and black patterns of long, deformed stripes, reminding Katsuki of a Discus.

The merboy yelps and scurries back close to the water, startled by the sailor’s outburst.

“This gotta be a fuckin’ dream,” Katsuki slaps and pinches himself, but nothing happens, “There’s a fuckin’ merdude right in front of me. This can’t be real.”

The merboy stays still, watching the human monologuing angrily until he concludes that the situation is in fact real.

“Do you even understand me?”

The merboy nods.

“Good,” He makes to stand up but a sharp pain on his flank forces him down. He lifts his sodden shirt to expose a deep bruise covered in algae and a sticky substance. Katsuki looks at the boy, “Was this you?”

The merboy blushes and nods.

“Thank you,” Katsuki tries and succeeds to stand up, hand on his wound, “Do you have a name? Or whatever I can call you.”

The merboy writes on the sand.


“Izuku,” Katsuki repeats, “What? You can’t speak?”

Izuku shakes his head.


Can’t speak to humans, he writes again.

“What? Why the fuck not?”

Our King doesn’t permit it.

“That’s bullshit and you’re just gonna follow it? He won’t even know,” Katsuki feels warmth creeping into his skin, “I heard you singing. You have… a really beautiful voice.”

Izuku’s expressions brightens, smile and eyes gleaming, blush canvassed on his adorable cheeks. He bites his lips, pondering, until: “You… really think so?”

Katsuki smiles in return, “Yeah. I do.”

They stare at each other for a while in silence; Izuku’s eyes sparkling more each passing second and Katsuki couldn’t stop gawking, running his intense reds over his body and tail. Izuku looks like he really wants to ask something until he hears a splash nearby. He gasps and pushes himself into the water.

“I… have to go, but─”

“Yeah, I’ll be here.”

Izuku leaves with a graceful wave of his hand and jumps into the water, kicking off with his fin. The sailor pinches himself one last time before leaving the beach.



Katsuki returns next morning in shorts and a white shirt, looking around for the merboy. He doesn’t see him right away until he hears a sharp cry followed by a splash and immediately dives into the shore. Under the water, he sees Izuku clutching his bleeding arm, fin failing in pain as it bleeds too, blood flowing to the surface. Katsuki swims towards him and grabs him from under his shoulder to drag him back to the surface, resting his body on the sand. Katsuki sits by his side, sodden shirt sticking to his ripped muscles, completely see-through, distracting the merboy from the pain.

“You alright? What happened?”

But Izuku doesn’t reply right away, too busy drooling as he looks over Katsuki’s hardy body. He could see his nipples!

“You know, you’re not subtle at all. Just letting you know.” Katsuki smirks.

Izuku gasps and hides his burning face in his hands. The blood from his arm flows south, dripping on his fin.

“You’re bleeding. Stay here, I’ll be back.”

Izuku waits eagerly, thinking about the blonde jogging back to the city, chest bouncing, and everyone being witness. An unpleasant feeling settles in the pit of his stomach at that idea, but before he could mull it over, Katsuki returns with bandages and clean water.

“Let me see.”

Izuku offers his arm, gasping softly when Katsuki wraps his fingers around it to inspect it. 

“Shit, pretty deep cuts. What the hell happened?” He asks, snatching the bottle of water and pouring it carefully over the wound. He presses his finger on it gently to properly clean it. As he runs his hand over Izuku’s arm, he notices several scars.

“I… um, I fell from that rock.”

“Huh. And what were you doing up there?” There’s a conglomerate of scars on his hands too. Izuku was too distracted stammering to notice him looking.

The merboy’s face dips into a deep shade of red, “I… wanted to surprise you. I wanted to sing for you.”

Katsuki chuckles, eyes finally veering from the gnarled skin as he reaches for the gauzes and ties it around the merboy’s arm, pressed firmly on the wound, “Cute. You can sing to me anytime from anywhere, you know?”

Izuku beams, “Really?”

“Really.” Katsuki moves over, taking a step over Izuku’s fin to sit at the other side and observe the cuts there, repeating the process.


While he works, Izuku sings for him and Katsuki was entranced by his melody, his sweet honey voice. Times flies and before he knows it, the sun is setting by the horizon. They sit side by side, watching it scintillating a splash of red and orange into the sky.

“Thank, um,” Izuku fidgets with a short, nervous laugh, “I just realized I don’t know your name.”


“Katsuki,” Izuku repeats with a hum, “Thank you…”

“It’s nothing. You rescued me from the storm days ago so.”

“I’m─” Izuku slides closer until he’s leaning against Katsuki’s flank, head resting on his broad shoulder, “I’m sorry… about your ship and crew. You were the only survivor and you were so, so cold. You almost didn’t make it.”

Katsuki sighs, tilting his head to the side, shifting a little closer as he looks into those beautiful, captivating eyes, “Yeah. If it wasn’t for you, there’d be no one. I… owe you.”

Izuku shifts a little closer too, head tilting up until their noses touch, “You don’t owe me anything, Katsuki…”

They lean into each other’s spaces, looking into each other’s eyes as they close the small distance between them until their lips meet for an impromptu, crisp kiss. They close their eyes as they explore each other’s lips, overlapping to feel the shape, the softness, the texture. Katsuki’s lips are a little chipped and dry from sun exposure while Izuku’s lips are cold and plush. Izuku gasps, tail coiling around the blonde’s legs when he feels Katsuki’s palm slide to the back of his neck to deepen the kiss until they detach for air, chests heaving.

Izuku touches his lips, red faced and heart hammering against his chest, “Oh God, I never kissed… that was…”

“Fast,” Katsuki exhales, leaning for another one, “But really nice. Let’s do it again.”

Izuku kisses back and hums, “I don’t want to go back.”

“Then stay.” Another kiss.

“But the King… my family…,” Izuku sighs as he preens, hands on Katsuki’s chest, “Will you─?”

Katszuki smiles before he kisses Izuku again, “Yeah. I’ll be here.”



“So you’re telling me… not only did you speak to this human, but also kissed him?”

Izuku squeals and spins, “Yes!”

“I can’t believe it. You never kissed me and we were dating.”

“Oh, you’re just jealous, Shouto,” Izuku giggles, “If you see him, you’d understand.”

“Then take me.”

Izuku blanches and sputters.

“What? Is it not true then?” Shouto tilts his head, “Is he not handsome, perfect, breathtaking, and sexy like you said? Wasn’t the kiss magical?”

Izuku pouts, crossing his arms as he ponders.

“Okay, fine. But don’t get too close.”

It might have been the worst decision in his life.



As per usual, the sailor goes for a jog around the beach during the morning and then sits down at the shore to wait for Izuku. He takes his shirt off and swims to cool down, floating and floating. Waiting and waiting. He’s taking a seat in the water when he hears a splash and notices something approaching, but the merboy that appears between his legs isn’t the one he’s expecting. Instead of sea-green, there’s mismatches eyes staring at him, charcoal and turquoise. No freckles, only the shiniest porcelain skin he’s ever seen, a pretty nose, glossy lips, smooth jaw, and a burnt scar at the left side of his face. His neck-length hair was divided in red and white. Minus the scars, his body mass was similar to Izuku’s and the finnage of the lower half of his body is that of a flame angelfish.




The blonde isn’t quite sure what’s happening, and the angelfish picking himself up and stepping into Katsuki’s space like nothing to kiss his lips dazzles him further. He can hear Izuku gasping loudly over the wet sounds of Shouto’s lips moving slowly over his, testing, exploring. He’s a little more daring, in fact, going all out to lick Katsuki’s lips and into his mouth. Katsuki moans softly, dazed and spaced-out, “Not bad.” The merboy hums, licking his lips and diving in for another steamy kiss.


Izuku grabs his arm and hauls him back, “What?” Shouto asks.

And Izuku visibly snaps, “WHAT DO YOU MEAN ‘WHAT’? I TOLD YOU─”

Shouto just shrugs, “I wanted to test your words out myself,” He looks back at the sailor, swaying on the spot, and smiles fondly, “And you were right.”

“You─I can’t believe─GOD!”

“I didn’t see your name anywhere. Why are you so mad?”

“Shouto, for the love of─”

“He is very handsome and attractive and his lips feel really nice,” Shouto sighs dreamily, “How did you find him?”

“I rescued him,” Izuku puffs, “And then he healed me. We have a special connection.”

“Oh? Were you injured?”

Izuku nods happily.

“What happened?”

“I’m not telling.”

Shouto squints and swims towards Katsuki again, hugging his right arm, “What’s your name?”

“Katsuki…” The blonde drones, running a hand across his face.

“Katsuki,” Shouto repeats with a hum, dragging his hand over the bumps of the blonde’s arm to feel all the strength underneath his skin, “You must be pretty strong. I wonder what happened with Izuku yesterday...”

Katsuki’s hand stop just over his burning cheeks, “We─”

Izuku shoves himself against Katsuki’s left side and hugs his arm too, stroking his warm skin until he reaches his hand to lace their fingers, “We kissed a lot, didn’t we?” He bats his eyelashes.

Shouto snorts as his hands reach over to grope Katsuki’s naked chest, “You’re not too good at kissing, Izuku. Did you see how my kiss left him?”

Izuku pouts and pulls, “Our kiss was perfect, thank you. You can go now.”

Shouto pulls too, “But I just got here.”

“This is our place. I got here first. I kissed him first!” Izuku purses his lips and kisses Katsuki's mouth.

Shouto shrugs, “I don’t care.” And takes Katsuki's head by the jaw to pull him and steal a kiss.

They continue to argue, stealing kisses while groping Katsuki's body; his arms, his chest, his abdomen, his legs─

It’s all a bit too much and he snaps, pushing them both away.

“Alright, stop! Both of you!” Katsuki runs a sweaty hand across his hair, “I don’t even know what’s going on. Who are you? Are you fuckin’ related or what?” He nods at Shouto.

“I’m Shouto and he’s my ex─”

“We’re just friends.”

Katsuki rubs his eyes, “Jesus, you’re fuckin’ blunt.”

Shouto tilts his head, “Is that bad?”

“Not… really,” Katsuki scratches his neck, “And I thought your type had a rule your species couldn’t speak to mine? Or you just don’t give a shit?”

Shouto shrugs, “The King is not here, is he?”

Katsuki chuckles, “Guess not.”

“Tell him he’s obnoxious and too terse, Katsuki.”

“And you’re too jealous and possessive─”

“I said stop! Don’t start again, for fucks sake,” Katsuki sighs tiredly and looks at Shouto, reaching out to lodge a thumb on his pristine lips, “You’re beautiful and your kissing is mindblowing,” Then he looks at Izuku, fingers caressing his starry cheeks, “And you’re adorable as fuck, Izuku, and I’ll never get tired of hearing your voice. You have nothing to be jealous of,” He pulls back a little to bring them closer, “You both have your own beauties and flaws and I love every single one of them. So there. Stop fuckin’ arguing and let me kiss you both, you’re driving me nuts─”

The merboys jump at him, making him fall back on the sand to pepper his handsome face with kisses, tails coiling around his body, which they touched and fondled shamelessly. Katsuki tries to kiss them both in return, but with so much affection and intimacy, his mind turns to goop again and he’s at their mercy.

But they treat him justttt right.