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In the infinite density before time and space we touch
entangling ourselves forever
Unfathomable gravity binds everything that was
everything that will be
We mix in a brilliant heavy whole before exploding
faster than light
Forces that drew us together now pull us apart

We do not let go

In the fragile hope of a new world we come together
rejoin forces
Improbable chance and circumstance hold us close
in this time and place
We entangle ourselves in new ways before sacrifice
demands we change
Energies that held us together tear us away again

We do not let go

In the infinite and infinitesimal spaces between we meet
never having parted
An irrevocable connection binds us with devotion and vows
stronger than nuclear force
Each of us the constant center of the other’s universe
wherever we are
Joined by a power as inevitable as entropy

We do not let go