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Along The Way

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Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters from Teen Wolf they belong to their creator. I own Caitlyn Stilinski, Naomi Bryant and anything/anyone else you don't recognise.


Along The Way

Chapter 01: More Than Words

Christmas Eve 1987, Noah Stilinski sat in the waiting room of Beacon Hills Memorial Hospital's maternity ward, his wife Kathleen had been rushed in for an emergency caesarean section (c-section) as something had gone wrong and their unborn baby girl wasn't getting enough oxygen. Noah hadn't known what else to do but to call Talia Hale, who was also pregnant at the time, what he didn't know was that she had gone into labour that same day with her son, Derek. Noah had contacted the Hales because Kathleen was good friends with them, Kathleen was slightly older than Noah's 23 years. Kathleen died when Caitlyn was three months old from a rogue werewolf attack. What Noah didn't know was that his wife had been a werewolf by birth and a part of the Hale Pack.

Talia and her pack helped raise Caitlyn until Noah met Claudia Gajos sometime in the early 1990's. Claudia took Caitlyn in as her own daughter and adopted her before she and Noah had Stiles in 1994. Caitlyn was still friends with the Hales and spent the three days leading up to full moons with the Hales after it was discovered at the age of four that she was a born wolf.

“Talia, would you be able to look after Caitlyn? I've just been called back into action,” Noah explained almost a year after Caitlyn had been born as he held her in his arms her little head resting against his shoulder.

“Of course, you know you're both always welcome here,” Talia smiled at him as she held her infant son Derek on her hip he was almost mimicking the actions of Caitlyn. “How long for?”

“Six months and then I'm leaving,” Noah stated, he couldn't leave his little girl without both of her parents that just wasn't something that he was willing to do. Talia nodded having been listening to his heartbeat as he spoke.

“Noah?” Talia questioned, readjusting Derek on her hip as he started to squirm and reach for Caitlyn who was doing the same thing.

“Leaving the army, not Beacon Hills,” Noah clarified as he set Caitlyn on the ground by his feet. The toddler pulling herself up on his pant leg and reaching for Talia.

“Come here sweetie,” Talia crouched down nodding to Noah who guided his daughter to her watching as the two toddlers reached for each other before Talia scooped her up. “When do you leave?”

“Two days,”

Sixteen months later in September 1991, Noah met Claudia while attending Beacon Hills Community College. Caitlyn was spending more time playing with Derek and his older sister Laura at Hale House. By her fourth birthday Caitlyn was calling Claudia mommy as Noah they had gotten married.

“Mommy,” Caitlyn giggled holding her hands up as she sat on her fathers lap before innocently turning around and throwing her arms around Noah. “Daddy,”

“Baby girl, you're going to go play with the Hales again today,” Noah smiled at her before kissing the top of her head.

“Derek!” Caitlyn giggled again, before she gave Noah a slobbery kiss and jumped off his lap and raced for the front door. “Derek!” she pointed at the door causing Noah and Claudia to look at one another. “Door daddy, mommy, Derek!” a minute later and they heard knocking at the door.

“Mommy, Cait!” Derek's voice was heard on the opposite side of the door.

Noah stood from where he'd been sitting as Claudia went and opened the front door to reveal Talia holding both Derek and Laura's hands. Derek jumping excitedly at the door waiting to say hello to Caitlyn. Caitlyn tugged on Noah's hand and pointed at Derek.

“See daddy. It's Derek,” Caitlyn said looking directly at Noah and then at Derek and smiling at him. Derek gave her a toothy grin and looked up his mother.

“Noah?” Talia questioned, raising her left eyebrow at him as she spoke and they both watched as Caitlyn pushed open the screen door.

“I don't know how. But she knew Derek was coming and we didn't say anything to her,” Noah explained glancing down as Derek and Caitlyn wrapped each other in giant hugs. “For the last few minutes she's been telling us 'Derek' and pointing at the front door,”

“I think it's time we had a little chat about Kathleen,”

That was the day that Noah learned that werewolves existed in Beacon Hills County, that his first wife Kathleen had been a born wolf and a beta in the Hale Pack. Werewolf children didn't general present until just before their fourth birthdays and with Derek and Caitlyn's birthdays just around the corner two were showing signs. For the years that followed Noah ignored the signs of the supernatural creatures, he had to as long as his daughter and her pack were safe.

By April 1994, Noah and Claudia were welcoming a new child into their lives, Mieczyslaw Stilinski better known as Mischief and Stiles. That same year Talia and her family welcomed another child, a daughter Cora. Both Derek and Caitlyn had been excited for the new arrivals in their families. What the two children didn't know was that when they had made the initial contact as babies that they had become soul mates and mates something that was considered rare for werewolves so young.

“Daddy, can I go play with Derek now?” Caitlyn asked bouncing up and down in the lounge room of their house as she watched her baby brother sleeping in Noah's arms.

“Soon, Caitlyn. You know you have to wait until Talia arrives,” Noah answered, his six year old daughter could be very impatient when it came to her best-friend.

“Mommy, can I have a cookie while we wait?” Caitlyn turned to Claudia who had just walked from the kitchen holding a freshly baked plate of cookies.

“Only one,” Claudia smiled at her holding the plate down at Caitlyn's level as the small girl reached for a cookie and grabbed hold of it excitedly.

“Thank you mommy,” Caitlyn grinned, before she shoved the cookie in her mouth and went back to staring at her baby brother.

“She loves you, you know that,” Noah said looking up at Claudia as she sat beside him placing the plate of cookies on the coffee table in front of them. Claudia smiled at him in response before both of them were watching their infant son sleep.

Over the course of the next seventeen years a lot of things changed for both Caitlyn and Derek. Derek's eyes changed from golden to blue when he was forced to make one of his most heartbreaking decisions over girlfriend Paige in 2003. The following year in 2004 Caitlyn, Noah and Stiles faced the loss of Claudia. Stiles was alone with her while Noah was on duty at the Beacon Hills County Sheriff's department and Caitlyn was with Derek. The night of the Hale House fire in January 2005, Caitlyn was again with Derek and his sister Laura at the High School, Stiles was playing with Scott.

Derek and Laura moved to New York soon after their family was killed in the fire, Caitlyn visiting them as often as she could – with them paying for her to visit as she was pack, she was family. Caitlyn stayed in Beacon Hills for a year to see Peter, for Derek though the older wolf tended to creep her our slightly.

“Stiles, let go of me,” Caitlyn sighed crouching down in front of her twelve year old little brother. “I promise I'll come back and visit. It's only a year,”

“But you said...” Stiles trailed off as he started to panic and grasped at his chest before he found himself being wrapped in Caitlyn's arms.

“It's okay. I promise I'm only a phone call away too,” Caitlyn told him as she stood up and picked Stiles up at the same time. “And you know I'll be here for Christmas and my birthday,”

Stiles shook his head before Caitlyn had him start doing an exercise that they had worked out worked only with her. Stiles mumbled into her shoulder as Caitlyn moved them to the couch, sitting down and pulling him into her lap. They were still sitting like that when Noah arrived home from work that afternoon.

“Stiles, it's okay to be scared. You know she'll be home whenever you need her,” Noah said as he set his keys in the bowl beside the door and took off his jacket tossing it on the back of couch.

“He knows pop,” Caitlyn smiled at him as she kissed the side of Stiles head before Noah sat down beside the two of them. “Sti, I promise I'll call you every night,”

“Promise?” Stiles questioned in between ragged breaths as Caitlyn continued to hug him.

“I promise,” Caitlyn replied hugging Stiles again before he started to mumble about things that he could see, hear, taste, smell and touch. “Keep going,”

Four days later, Caitlyn was greeted at the train station by Derek and Laura. Laura and Derek had told her that they'd help with whatever she needed while she was there, they just had to be close to her. The first thing that Derek did was wrap his arms tightly around Caitlyn and hug her much like when they were children. Once Derek had let go of Caitlyn, Laura was wrapping her arms around her in a similar matter.

“Has anything changed with Uncle Peter?” Laura questioned, Caitlyn shook her head nothing had changed in the last twelve months since the two of them had been in New York.

“Haven't seen Cora either, I keep running the preserve at night. Pops thinks that I'm crazy,” Caitlyn said as Derek grabbed her two suitcases, she had her pillow in a duffel bag with her jacket. “Next time I'm flying,”

“No, next time I'm driving,” Derek grinned holding up a set of car keys as Laura rolled her eyes. “What Laura? You said that I could,”

“I don't want either of you getting killed,” Laura muttered under her breath so that only the two of them could hear her.

“Laura,” Both of them growled in response as they made it out to the Camaro that Laura had given Derek for his birthday.

Just as Caitlyn promised every night she called Stiles before he went to sleep and listened to his stories about how his day was and what he did with Scott. She listened to him talk excitedly about Lydia Martin the girl he developed a crush on. She listened when he told her that he was worried about her, about their dad.

“Derek, come home with me?” Caitlyn questioned one night when the two of them were walking through Central Park.

“When? And where would I stay?” Derek questioned, wrapping his arm around her in a protective manner as they stopped under one of the street lamps.

“The holidays, and with me. Always with me,” Caitlyn answered, she'd promised Stiles that she'd spend a week with him in the summer.

“Maybe,” Derek answered pulling her closer to him as they both heard noises that they didn't like the sound of. “Let's get out of here,”

“Good idea,”

July 2010, Caitlyn had become an alpha, after protecting three younger beta's from their alpha who had gone feral after losing his mate. Derek had been there and helped protect them, but it had been Caitlyn who had ended the alpha's life; it was passed off as a wild animal attack in Cheyenne River Reservation, South Dakota.

“Cait, take a deep breath,” Derek stood in front of Caitlyn between her and the body of the feral alpha that the three young beta's had been scared of. “Caitlyn!” Derek growled his eyes momentarily flashing golden at her.

“What?!” Caitlyn growled back as her eyes flashed red at him.

“You did the right thing,” Derek told her, she may have been an alpha now but they were still best-friends. “Laura will tell you the same thing,”

“I didn't know what else to do,” Caitlyn mumbled her eyes fading back to their natural colour of hazel. “If I didn't they'd be dead...we would...”

“Laura said to meet her back at the camp site and bring them with us,” Derek said before wrapping his arms around Caitlyn and kissing the side of her head. “She'll help you, we both will,”

“Would he really have killed us?” one of the beta's Jack asked quietly from where they were sitting beside a tree.

“He would, you've never been told about when a wolf goes feral have you?” Derek questioned as the two of them turned around and looked at the three scared beta's. “When a wolf loses their mate, they lose all sense of humanity all of their instincts,”

“How long ago did his mate die?” Caitlyn questioned, both of them knew it had to be the reason and they didn't want to think what would happen if it happened to them.

“A week...we've been hiding here and somehow he found us,” Louis, another of the beta's answered as he picked up his younger sister Molly.

“You're safe now,” Caitlyn smiled at them, Derek nodded in agreement and the two of them led them away from the scene before them.

When they reached the camp site Laura informed them that she'd found one of the park rangers was a werewolf and that she'd tell them it was a wild animal attack. Jack, Louis and Molly stayed with Caitlyn until they found another pack after hearing that Caitlyn was returning to Beacon Hills. She'd been with Derek and Laura for a month of every year since Stiles was twelve, and now that he was turning seventeen Caitlyn planned on not leaving. By January 2011, Derek was back in Beacon Hills after Laura hadn't returned from news that there was animal killings from Caitlyn that bore the marks that they'd learned as teenagers that meant revenge.

“Derek? Derek what is it?” Caitlyn questioned running into the preserve the day after half of Laura's body had been found.

“Laura's wolf...I felt the bond break...she's gone,” Derek muttered, his voice barely audible to a human but clear as day to another wolf, as he shoved his hands into the pocket of his jacket.

“I felt it too...two days ago, I tried calling you but I couldn't get you,” Caitlyn told him before she quickly wrapped her arms around him, Derek could be a down right grump and pain in the ass but she knew him. “Come stay with me, I don't want you staying here it's not good for you,”

Derek didn't disagree with her, he moved in with Caitlyn but kept returning to the husk of the Hale House every night. Derek did wonder who was in Caitlyn's pack now that Jack, Louis and Molly had been taken in by another. He didn't have to wonder long as he realised that Caitlyn's pack was her dad and younger brother even if they didn't know it. Noah knew about werewolves, he had for the past twenty years but played plausible deny-ability to keep Caitlyn and Derek safe. Scott blamed both Caitlyn and Derek for turning him once he discovered what they both were when they saved him from hunters.

Authors note: I'm using the Australian schooling system for the purpose of this story as it's what I know being Australian. The school year starts at the end of January and finishes mid December. We have 4 terms of approximately 9-10 weeks each with 2 week breaks in between and 6 weeks over Christmas. Term 1 holidays are 2 weeks in April; Term 2 holidays are 2 weeks in July; Term 3 holidays are last week September & first week of October; Term 4 is mid December to end of January. Keep in mind too Australian seasons are different to America (our Summer is your Winter etc).