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The First Set Of Adventures Of Leigh, The Doctor, The Cat and Lister

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In Great Britain, in the year of 2016, two figures were watching TV. One of them was a female human around her late teens, the other figure was her dog. The human was called Leigh & she was 17 years old and her dog was called Sasha. Leigh had a mixed life at school but still did well but now was stuck on where should would go in the future. Both of them also have a interest in Doctor Who where it’s about a character called The Doctor who travels around in his box called the TARDIS with his friends. Sasha was barking when she saw a dog appear on screen. Leigh was a brown brunette and was in a numbered T-Shirt. Leigh looked to Sasha and said, “Why do you hate dogs on TV?” Sasha looks at her and does the usual shrug. Suddenly, the two figures heard a noise squeaking and saw a light flashing. They went to the window facing the garden and spotted a man with grey hair in a burgundy long jacket and a grey waistcoat and white shirt. Leigh made Sasha comfy in her bed and went to the front door and locked it as she walked towards to the Blue Box. Leigh asked, “Are you ok, Sir?” The man looked at her with kind eyes. He replied with a Scottish accent,” Yeah, do you know where we are?” “North East Of England in 2017,” Leigh replied, “Is that your vehicle?” Gesturing towards the 1963 police telephone box staring in front of her. “Yeah, my home, she’s called the TARDIS! Time and relative dimensions in space,” he told the young  girl in front of him,”I am called the Doctor, you are?” She introduced herself by saying, “My name is Leigh. Very honoured to meet you!” He smiled at the girl. He did a wink in a gentleman way. Leigh asked, “Can I see inside?” The Doctor was stunned and replied, “Yeah, come along! It’s called the TARDIS which means Time and Relative Dimension In Space” Leigh smiled as she followed the Doctor to the TARDIS. As soon as the Doctor opened the door, Leigh stared at the inside and says, “It’s bigger on the inside!” Leigh was mesmerised by the lights and sounds and explored the control panel and walked towards the older man. The Doctor turned and asked, “Would you like to go on a quick adventure? I will try to get you back home” Leigh thought and imagined the places but they had to choose one for now. Leigh replied, “Yes, I would love to” The Doctor winked at Leigh and pulled the lever and they were off.
Leigh looked around the console and saw her new best friend who is really older than her operate a ship. The Doctor walked over and asked, “Where would you like to visit first?” Leigh thought about it and pictured it in her head. You need to change into some period clothing.” Leigh listened to the directions and headed off not knowing the Doctor was smilingly at her. An hour later,  Leigh returned to the console room in a black short sleeved dress with black boots and a black bag. She heard a familiar voice as it said, “You look great in that dress tonight!” Leigh turned and saw the Doctor in a dinner suit with a grey handkerchief hidden in his right pocket of his dinner jacket with a black ribbon type of tie. He rasped, “Before you ask, this is how wear it!” Leigh smiles at her new friend.  “It doesn’t matter, I prefer you in this actually,” Leigh replied in a flirtatious way. He winked at took the hand of the young girl and kisses it! The Doctor says, “I was thinking Paris in the year 1920 for dinner. Is that OK?” Leigh nodded with a smile. The Doctor set the coordinates and pulled the levers and set off. Minutes later, the TARDIS landed. Leigh was nervous as she dreamt about everything. The girl walked to the door and waited as the Doctor joined her and opened the door. Leigh walked out first and saw her surroundings of Paris! The Doctor joined her and saw a smile on the young girls face. Leigh said in a shocked voice, “Its magical! It’s like a fairytale in my eyes!” The starlight reflected onto the dress. The Doctor asked whilst offering his arm, “Shall we go to the restaurant?” Leigh nodded her head and grabbed his arm and they head off into the city. They saw other people doing stuff like them. Leigh told the Doctor of her previous Paris experience, “I have been once but that was only for an hour to transfer from one train to the other via the Metro.” The Doctor smiled as she continued her story but he was emotional about that.
They arrived at a restaurant near the Eiffel Tower. The Doctor helped Leigh to her seat and sat opposite her, “This is great, a bit romantic,” the young girl said. They talked and ate French food for a few hours.
After dinner, they headed to the Eiffel Tower hand in hand and took the stairs to the highest floor and looked out into the beautiful scenery. “The whole of Paris,” The Doctor said in a magical voice. Leigh had seen this on TV and felt like she was on TV! She asked, “Are you always like this?” The Doctor glanced at her with ease. He replied, “Only with good ones!” The glimmering starlight glistened around them. The Doctor though about having a new friend, he remembered his wife saying, “Don’t Travel Alone” after his friends Amy and Rory were sent by Weeping Angels in Manhattan. He suddenly shed a tear from his eye which Leigh notice as she turned to face him and lift her hand to wipe it off. She asked, “Don’t cry! I appreciate your company. Let’s go back to the TARDIS” He smiled as she led him away downstairs.
Back in the TARDIS, the Doctor. Staring at Leigh who was on the stairs, he saw potential of a new friend travelling with him. He held his fears about potentially losing her in his care and went to sit with her. Leigh realised the Doctor was near her, she turned around to see his questionable face. He asked Leigh, “Would you like to travel with me? I feel like I need someone with me. I have been alone for a while since...” He stopped and started crying again. Leigh knew something was upsetting him, she put her arms around him and gave him a big hug. She said quietly, “I know how you feel. I never had friends I hung out with at school a lot. I understand you are having second thoughts about what you were going to ask me.” The Doctor looked at her with a sad mile. He knew a friend he had forgotten gave her several sad smiles. “I don’t want to lose you. I am fed up with losing people. I just left my wife who would go to her death which I witnessed myself in the Library. I gave her 1 night that lasts 24 years to spend with her and now, she is gone.” Leigh knew he was heartbroken from losing his wife. Leigh asked, “If you are asking if you want me to travel with you then I definitely want you show me the universe.” The Doctor began to smile at Leigh again. He felt his enthusiasm coming back. He replied, “Leigh, I would be honoured by having you as company.” Leigh smiled at him as he got up and gave her his hand to help her get back on her feet. He leads her to the TARDIS controls where he puts his hands on the lever and asks Leigh, “Fancy a visit to a masquerade ball in Versailles in the 18th century?” Leigh places her hand on his and says cheekily, “Is this a date?” The Doctor laughs at her and replies, ‘Want to go on a date?” Leigh laughs back at him and they pull the lever and they head off in the vortex to their next destination.