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Broken boring toy.

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The corners of her mouth curl upwards in a way that had been particularly pleasant, as she sat there lonesome in her chair-save of course for her, and dear sweet Spinel.


The thought bitter on her mind like spoiled candy, her disposition only seemed to turn her ever more sour to the mere concept of her presence as she smiled back at her but Pink, being a kind and diplomatic being smiled back. If only weakly and hiding behind it an annoyance for her court member. Whether or not she even technically had a court or a member to be called of it may be an entirely different argument yet, but Pink had decided her and her pearl were as good a court as any and that would be that.


The more that she thought about it the more in fact that she came to the solid conclusion that yes, she and her pearl were indeed good enough for a full court. Why should she need anything else anyway? This was plenty and she liked her new pearl, she was a pretty little thing and so smart too. She lit Pink's mind on fire and it was intoxicating. She could drink in every drop of Pearl's existence like soma divine. She felt invincible around the Pearl and she did so love that. 


That smile set her on edge, she felt like she could grip her fingers so hard onto her throne it'd crack in submission to her might.  It wasn’t like Spinel had been trying to annoy her, Pink knew that perfectly well and she could see no fault in Spinel to blame her for but…”Oh, really, it’s not necessary Spinel. We could always find something else to do..” she trailed off but an interjection came swift and bubbly with a voice that made Pink want to do nothing more than just bubble her and be done with it already ”Noo my diamond, I'm more than happy to juggle with you it’s my favorite activity oh gosh I can get even more ball this time and maybe something super duper heavy too just to complicate it a little it’ll be great!” the sweet sugar disposition her tone carried a heat over Pink's neck and down to her back. 


Pearl lit her mind on fire and Spinel...Spinel annoyed her, worse yet she made her feel like such a freshly incubated gem. Her voice, her clothes the way she talked walked and everything else disgusted her. How could Yellow, Blue and White expect her to put up with this? She wasn’t newly made  and she wasn’t a commoner she deserved better than something so pitifully , horribly boring. Perhaps that was the worst of it really, that her new toy had lost all of its lustre and become just so dull. She’d outgrown it, and the other diamonds just couldn’t see that. 


Help her oh sweet merciful kindergarten when the gem actually began juggling she was sure she’d poof herself away on the spot, singing in a bouncy cartoonish voice that brought her onto the edge of demanding her shattering and...


That smile made her sick.


Long walks in the garden with her Pearl always held fruitful evenings, and her Pearl always seemed to spark such new interests in her that she never thought of being able to exist in the first place. Her toy-her pearl-had always been so much more fun than Spinel herself had ever really been. A chuckle or two at the most was all she could be gotten to give the worthless, clinging parasite that followed along with her with a love so deep for her diamond it hurt. 


“Aw jeeze silly I dunno I mean it’s not like you COULDN’T spend the rest of your life with someone playing games!” 


“Well, no...I do suppose that in theory it’s not but maybe it wouldn’t be the most practical way to live either Spinel, surely someone has to get bored of playing games at some point don’t they?” 


“They don’t have to Pearl! Besides, what kind of chuckle head would ever get bored of doing that??”


It grated on Pink and she could feel, somewhere inside of her something akin to a a little thread that was tightened and tugged each time Spinel spoke, laughed, or smiled in her presence she felt it twinge and get ever closer to finally snapping right in half.  She wanted to be alone with her new pearl so bad but Spinel followed her wherever she went and the more time she tried to be alone the more she seemed to follow. 


Her Spinel had gotten so overbearing and troublesome and boring it was affecting the rest of her life and her new friend now too and that was hardly fair now was it? No , it hadn’t really been fair at all she’d decided. 


“Spinel could you please just be quiet for once? Every time I try to talk with Pearl you wont stay quiet for more than five seconds, you want to be fun  so badly then why don’t you be useful and  stop talking right now ?” the venom behind her words had surprised Pearl, Spinel and herself, but hardly she could find herself caring at all. “I..uh..yes of..of course my diamond.” 


Relief floods over her soothingly, the smallest ball of guilt forms in her midsection looking over and seeing as Spinel smiled, with eyes slightly watered looking towards ground beneath in response to a glare directed to her. Spinel could get over it, she had been an annoyance hadn’t she? 


When things are good with Spinel they are wonderful, she never talks as much as she used to now, not after the first venomous spittle of words she’d laid against the gem without restraint or care beyond the most minute amount possible. That day alone she had hardly looked back to Pink again until she finally found the gem suitable enough to play with when she was done with Pearl and finding her happiness just a little less grating. 

When things are bad with her Spinel though she can’t hardly find herself yelling at the gem anymore, kicking her down to place seemed to prove easier with time. She didn’t like hurting her feelings, really. But she found everything about her so irritating, it was easier to let her feel bad for a while and easier yet still to simply send her off somewhere else for an hour or more until she was ready for her again. Which as time grew on seemed to be less and less. 


Pearl would find herself staring, wondering on her diamond and Spinel, something would find itself snaking around her mid section when she saw such looks of anger cross her beautiful diamonds divine face. She could feel the ghost like fingers of something less than admiration prickle against her neck sending cold down through her form. She certainly never said anything though, after all as White herself said at times the lowly Gems such as herself did need reprimanding and who could judge someone as perfect as Pink for doing what is right and true. Yes  Pearl did sometimes catch herself staring, but she just as easily looked away.


Time goes on though, with that change rides close on the coat tails and brings with it fierce and brutal upheavals in mental status quo. Pink stamped back and forth in her garden angrily, those ballerina like slippers crashing to the ground and bringing light tremors with each heavy step. 

“Urgh! It’s like they won’t even listen  to me Pearl. Like they think my opinion doesn’t matter and i'm just-just some...thing! Some thing that can’t make it's own decisions and run it’s own colony. I wish they would just listen for once and stop rolling over me like this!”


“My diamond surely they don’t mean it the way that you feel, perhaps you could try talking with them again couldn’t you?”


“I’ve tried that Pearl and it just..nothing ever happens! Everything stays the same and it’s not fair. I have a voice that matters, you have a voice that matters.” 


Words lose their way with Pearl who had felt the stirring of something inside her that scared her deeply, something that gripped her with heat and with a terrible sense of yearning as she looked up to the looming giant who held the sad beautiful face of someone who wanted as much as Pearl did herself. 


Pearl could find herself thankful being at such a loss for words for what to do when Spinel as cheerful as ever comes through eager and holding in her bendy pink arms three uniformly shaped pink balls all roughly the size of an orange in bigness. “ Aw, here I know it’s no fun but I know just what to do to cheer you up, it’ll be just like old times and you’re gonna love it I promise! When we’re done you won’t even think about White diamond anymore!” she says it so gingerly, so sweetly Pearl could feel herself grinning. It was hard not to, Spinel did have a way of at least making Pearl herself smile with her genuinely saccharine nature. Pink however, seemed in no short ready or wanting to deal with this now “Spinel...I really don't think a good game of juggling is going to make anything better right now.” Spinel's brow softens for a moment, looking up at her and clutching in her mind for a resolve before letting that eager grin paint across her face again, she was nothing if not ambitious and loving of her best friend. “Well...Well then I’ll juggle for you! That always made you feel better oh please please PLEASE my diamond!” the sneer that crosses Pinks face made both Spinel and Pearl quiver back, until she’d given her play mate and dismissive approving wave of her hand. 


It seemed to go well enough at first, really she was quite adept at her act and even pink, who had been nothing short of wanting no part in Spinel's japery would watch attentively from time to time and even threaten a smile as she kept on. Herself  having sat square on the ground before her, large legs crossed one under the other.


Spinel felt loved in this moment, all she ever wanted was to feel loved and to be loved by her friend. She wanted to show her how well she could do and that if given a chance she really could still be so much fun. She didn’t need to worry about her making Pink mad because she really could do better and be good. She could be fun! And by the grace of the diamonds she feels like she really is a good friend to Pink, until fate proves fickle and cruel and a ball shoots from her left hand and hits Pink in the face hard and fast. 


Horror gripped her, Spinel's arms freezing  and those little juggling balls dropping out and away (she just couldn’t seem to catch any now could she?) as Pink's hands went in towards her nose with a sharp inhale and her eyes screwed shut. She hadn’t meant to, didn’t want that to happen at all but it did. It did and it had been too late, Pearl rushed to her side with her own interjection of “ Pink!” if there were any room for anything other then shame and guilt and fear in the moment she could be jealous. Pearl had privilege to refer to her in a way much more close than she herself did.


I told you juggling was a stupid idea.” she says it hissing, her  gloves tear from her nose and her pupils show when the lids open to reveal them constricted like a predator ready to seize its prey. “ I told you and you didn’t listen to me.”


“I..I’m so sorry  my diamond please I promise I won’t ever do it again really! I didn’t mean to do that honest-


“But you did it Spinel. You played that stupid boring game . When I said no. You’re no better than White are you? I have a right to my own wants Spinel. What I want matters. What Pearl wants matters.”  Pearl gulped down a hard lump that formed its way into her throat watching as her diamond grew anger hot over herself, Spinel looked up at her tears welling up in her eyes. All she ever wanted is to be fun for her diamond and to be her best friend, and she failed her. If she just listened and hadn’t done something boring she wouldn’t be so mad. She should’ve done better, she only had herself to blame for Pink being so mad at her. Her eyes sting, and tears bless her face streaking down it warmly. “ Please please don’t be upset I didn’t mean to really, I’m sorry is a stupid game, we can do something else and I promise it wont ever happen again.” her voice cracks so much she might swear she were a shattered gem trying to speak, giving her leader a sad hopeful smile as she waited to hear back. They were best friends right? 


That smile does it in for Pink instantly, that stupid tooth rottingly sweet smile set her over. Looking at Spinel all she could see were her fellow diamonds. Her diamonds telling her she wasn’t ready. Her diamonds telling her to stop pestering them and to go play. Her diamonds building her endless gardens to get lost in to stop bothering them. Her diamonds giving her Spinel to keep her quiet and entertained as if she were a defective gem.  She sighs, heavy, and motions for Spinel to come closer.


For a brief, brief second Spinel thinks that she really can make it up to her right now and that things will be ok, her friend loves her and accepts her. All she ever wanted was that, so she does it happily giggling in broken hiccuping parts with Pearl watching cautiously by her diamonds side. 


Pink grabs her once she’s in range, wrapping both her hands easily around the gems body-hands carefully avoiding her gem in of itself and focusing on her physical form only. Anxiety runs deep into the gem as she felt Pink grip her. “I’m sorry but you really did cross my boundaries this time Spinel, that’s not ok to do.” “W-wait I..I…” Pearl is only able to look for so long, the contortion of Spinel’s face as those tears grew in her eyes looking helpless and frightened as her friend-her best friend gripped her tightly and increased squeezing her with all her strength. Pearl looked away when she started saying sorry, she didn’t dare look again until all noise had stopped and looking back all she saw was a heart shaped gem held between Pinks two palms, gingerly gazing back to her Pearl with a gentle and innocent smile on that beautiful face of hers.


“She’ll reform soon enough, why don't we go and sit by the pond for a while now, Pearl?”