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The last thing Sejin's expecting at 2 in the morning is for his phone to ring. He's still awake, hit with another wave of insomnia, watching old black and white movies on mute while the smooth jazz playlist his next door neighbor leaves on while he sleeps filters in through the paper thin walls. He stares blankly at his phone for a moment, buzzing face up on his bedside table, before he reaches over to answer it. What the fuck could he possibly want at this hour?



Oh here we fucking go. "What?"

"Why haven't you wished me a happy birthday yet?"

A wave of previously unfelt fatigue hits Sejin all at once. "Your birthday was three days ago," he says. He sinks back into the bed. The mattress is too soft and his pillow sags pitifully in the middle, but he feels the tension in his spine begin to melt away, tightness in his muscles slowly replaced by a bone deep exhaustion.

"My birth... birth week , then," Jungkook slurs.

"How much have you had to drink?"

"I'm an adult ," Jungkook whines, "I can do what I want." Maybe it's the lack of sleep, or Jungkook's distinctive expression is just permanently burned into his brain, but Sejin can practically see him pouting over the phone.

"Go to sleep, Jungkook," he groans. He reaches for the remote to turn the tv off, then decides against it. Someone on screen is riding a horse. He can hear Jungkook making vague noises of protest and he rolls his eyes. "What are you even doing up right now? I would've thought you'd still be hungover from Saturday night."

"Jimin-ssi took me out drinking again," Jungkook says. "At least one of my hyungs knows how to party."

"So then go bother Jimin," Sejin grumbles.

Jungkook scoffs. "He wanted to go home with some guy so he called me a cab. On my birth week ! Can you believe it?"

"You've been called worse."

"Fuck you."

"Go to sleep, Jungkook," Sejin repeats, annoyed. "It's late, and if you're not hungover now, you will be in the morning, and then you'll be glad that I put you to bed." He grabs his glass of half-finished whisky off the table and gulps it down. God, he can't wait to pass the fuck out cold when this tedious conversation is over.

"You can't talk to me like that," Jungkook huffs. "Technically, you work for me , Sejinnie."

"Hyung," Sejin corrects him.

"You like calling younger guys hyung? That's kinky."

"No, kinky would be me driving over there to spank you for being a spoiled little brat," Sejin snaps. A full body cringe shudders its way down his spine. He regrets it as soon as he says it, and he just hopes Jungkook is as drunk as he sounds.

Jungkook is quiet a little longer than Sejin's comfortable with, before he makes a small choking noise. "Y-you can't say things like that!" he shrieks. "That's not— I don't know wh— wow, Sejinnie, wow —"

"Okay calm down, no one's getting spanked," Sejin says. His glasses slide down his nose as he pinches at the bridge between his eyebrows. He's gonna have a headache tomorrow, he can feel it already. "Besides," he adds under his breath, "I don't get paid enough to punish you like a fucking child."

"You put me in time out once," Jungkook points out demurely.

"I'd do a lot worse than put you in time out if I wasn't afraid of you making a mess all over yourself," Sejin mumbles.

Silence. Then, "I don't—"

"I see everyone's internet histories, Jungkook," Sejin says flatly. "I know the kinds of things nasty little boys like you do when you think nobody's watching you."

That's probably crossing some sort of boundary, he thinks. Jungkook can talk a big game, but any time someone attempts to give him a taste of his own medicine, he backpedals in a panic and demands to be babied. Sejin's usually gentle with him, but it's been a long fucking week, and drunk Jungkook has a tendency to be more of an asshole than sober Jungkook, and he's really, really not in the mood for this shit.

The line is horrifically quiet while Sejin wonders how much trouble he's going to be in with the ogre in human resources come Friday morning, when Jungkook suddenly asks in the smallest voice imaginable, "Do you really think I'm nasty, hyung?"


"You called me nasty," Jungkook says, voice little more than a breathy whimper.


Sejin's guilt morphs into something more shameful. He tries not to indulge the idea for too long. "Look, we don't have t—"

"Do you think the things I like are nasty?" Jungkook cuts him off. Sejin can hear the soft but unmistakable rustling of clothing being stripped off. "You think I'm nasty?"

"You're drunk," Sejin says.

"Do you think I've been a bad boy?" Jungkook asks quietly. He chokes off a moan low in his throat, and Sejin doesn't have to guess where this is headed.

"I think you're gonna regret this in the morning."

"Whatever, I wanna know ," Jungkook whines. He isn't even trying to hide his desperate little noises, the queasy slick sounds barely muffled through the line. Sejin imagines him in bed, batting his big doe eyes up at him with his bottom lip caught beneath his front teeth. He still remembers when Jungkook hadn't quite grown into his features yet; a cute kid with a smile fit for a cartoon rabbit. He tries to reconcile that Jungkook with the Jungkook on the phone, and the very thought makes him want to gag. He's definitely crossing a boundary now.

"Tell me I've been a bad boy," he pleads. "Please? Please? "

Sejin sighs. He feels greasy already. "You're disgusting, Jungkook," he says. "You're a sick little pervert, calling your manager in the middle of the night like this. What would the others think if they could see you right now?"

Jungkook replies with a " mmph " and Sejin can hear the clear pop of a plastic bottle being opened.

"You don't even have the gall to be ashamed of yourself, do you?"

"N-no," Jungkook whimpers.

"Are you touching yourself?"

"Uh huh." Feverish wet noises echo in Sejin's ear.

"Did I tell you you could touch yourself?"

Jungkook lets out an exaggerated groan, but the sound stops immediately. Sejin pictures him twisting under the covers to lay on his stomach so he can grind his hard dick against the mattress in search of friction. "But it's my birthday !"

"Birth week ."

"Please, Sejinnie?" he cries. "Please let me touch—"

"Touching is reserved for good boys," Sejin snaps. "And I think we've established that you're not a good boy, are you, Jungkook?"

Jungkook writhes in the sheets. "No," he says, small and compliant.

Sejin knows more about Jungkook's kinks than he probably should. He knows that Jungkook likes hearing the words. He knows that Jungkook wants to say them. And he knows that Jungkook probably needs that one last push in the right direction, to be forced to do the things he thought he kept secret in incognito browsers and cleared caches.

"What are you?"

A sob wracks through the phone line. "I'm a bad boy, Sejinnie."

"Hyung," Sejin corrects. "If you want to cum, you'll call me hyung. Do you understand?"

"Yes, hyung," Jungkook says, an urgent edge to his voice.

Sejin stretches out, flexing the muscles in his shoulders until he feels a satisfying crack. "So you wanna be a good boy now? I thought you wanted me to tell you how nasty you are," he says.

"I can be good!" Jungkook protests. "I-I wanna be good, hyung!"

"Do you want to be good? Or do you just want to be allowed to masturbate into your filthy sheets?"

Jungkook answers him with a pathetic whimper, and against his better judgment, Sejin feels his cock stir with interest. Oh, shit.

"Were you already hard when you called me, Jungkook?" Sejin asks. He's already crossed several boundaries, he might as well sate his curiosity.

"I w— I— yeah," he admits finally. He sounds so small and embarrassed, and if his search history is any indication, Sejin's right on the money.

"Disgusting," Sejin spits, his free hand reaching down to cup his erection. "You really are a spoiled fucking child, aren't you?"

Jungkook makes a noise in a vague shade of agreement.

"I don't get fucking paid enough to listen to some horny brat cum in his pants in the middle of the night," Sejin says, and while he wouldn't mind a raise, he doubts he can mention this during his year-end employee assessment when it comes time to reevaluate his managerial duties.

"'m not wearing pants, hyung," Jungkook says meekly.

"I don't remember telling you to take them off," Sejin says. "I don't remember telling you you could use lotion, either."

"L-lube," Jungkook murmurs. "It's, um. It's lube."

God, he can almost fucking hear him blushing. Sejin squeezes his hard dick through his sweatpants and exhales slowly through his nose. "Where are your hands right now, you filthy little pig?"

"My, um, my phone?" Jungkook sounds unsure as he pauses. "And m-my... my ass," he says, almost inaudibly.

"Oh my god !" Sejin is too caught off guard to keep the cackle that bursts out of him. "Sorry, sorry, that's just. Unexpected. Wow , you're a despicable little dick pig, aren't you?"

"Yes, hyung," Jungkook whines.

"I figured you'd just be touching your pathetic little cock like most guys, I didn't think you'd rather have your fingers in your nasty hole." Sejin doesn't feel in control of the words as they tumble from his mouth, an x-rated stream of consciousness he didn't know he had in him. "How many fingers can you fit in your ass, you disgusting slut?"

"Mm, two?" Jungkook takes a stuttering breath in and Sejin hears what he imagines to be shifting weight on the mattress. Face down, ass up, knees spread apart with his free hand spreading his cheeks apart, dripping fingers circling his asshole. Waiting for permission.

"I think you can do better than that, don't you?" Sejin hooks his thumb in the waistband of his sweatpants and boxers, dragging them down slowly. He runs his palm over his thick patch of pubic hair and watches with vile fascination as his cock bounces free from his clothes.

"Y-yes, hyung," Jungkook groans. He sounds desperate and delirious.

"Well, go ahead," Sejin says. "Chop chop." He's rewarded with the sickening squelch of lube and a loud pornographic moan from Jungkook. "You're appalling," he says, gently rolling his foreskin down with his thumb. "So needy and shameless, you don't even care that you're embarrassing yourself in front of your hyung, your manager ."

"Uh huh" is all Jungkook can really manage to say. The wet sounds of his lubed fingers fucking his own asshole sound ridiculously gross over the phone, and Sejin is mildly horrified at how hot he finds it. He reasons with himself that, somehow, this will all turn out okay as long as he doesn't jerk off to the sounds of his dongsaeng, his employer, this fucking kid he's known for way too long. Phone sex is one thing but mutual masturbation is too weird, even for him.

"How many fingers is that?"

Jungkook groans. "J-just two, hyung."

"Is that all?"

Sejin closes his eyes and listens to Jungkook's sharp little gasps as he works in a third finger. He tries to imagine the way his asshole stretches, working himself open slowly, and he feels a surge of precum gush down his shaft at the same time Jungkook chokes out "th— fuck, hyung, that's th-three." He makes a needy noise. "Tell me I'm nasty, hyung," he begs. "Call me a— mmm, call me— b-bad— ah! " The rest of the thought devolves into sharp gasps and pitiful cries, and Sejin can tell he's close. Somewhere in the back of his brain, he envies his young libido, before the throb of his dick in his hand brings him back to reality.

"You're a nasty little pig," Sejin says. "Are you really gonna cum with your fingers in your sloppy disgusting hole?"

" Hyung ," Jungkook whines. "Hyung, I'm gonna—"

Sejin's hips thrust up a tiny bit before he can stop himself. "Say it," he orders. "Tell me what you're gonna do, you little slime puppy."

Jungkook cums with an overwhelmed cry, gasping for air. The mattress groans as he collapses, probably in his own cooling puddle of cum. Something about the mental image makes Sejin's stomach turn, and he knows he's going to end up revisiting it later. He squeezes his grip around his fat dick as he listens to Jungkook's breathing even out. He almost thinks he's fallen asleep in his own messy sheets when Jungkook's raspy post-fuck voice suddenly asks, "You're not gonna, like, tell on me, are you?"

The ghost of Sejin's future headache suddenly returns with a vengeance. "Go to bed, Jungkook. And take an aspirin tonight, or you're gonna feel like death tomorrow." He pulls his sweatpants back up over his still-hard cock as a tense silence washes over the line. "Uh, Jungkook?"

Jungkook is eerily quiet before mumbling, "You still haven't wished me a happy birthday yet, Sejinnie."

"You still want a 'happy birthday' after all that ?!"

"It's still my birthday."

"Birth week , you little shit."

Jungkook sighs contentedly. "Night-night, Sejinnie." And the line disconnects.