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A Palace Balcony and Other Locations

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 It was the night of the full moon, and you were pleased with your timing. As soon as the moon had begun to peak past the dark clouds of night, your lineup of crystals and tools had come to a neat display. On the top of the balcony railing they lay, where they would be undisturbed for the night.

The plan was to come outside and set everything up, then go back inside and retire for the night. However, the view of Vesuvia from the palace was breathtaking. A chill breeze wrapped around you and pulled your attention to the tranquility of a city at night. You lingered a moment longer, breathing in cool and crisp air, letting the moon’s energy cleanse you as well. You felt your magic swell within you, heightening your senses. Maybe that’s how you became prematurely aware of the presence of Lucio. 

You couldn’t help but wonder what he was doing as you began to relax against the balcony barrier. You closed your eyes and thought of him fondly, of his features, his voice, the way he held you close to him- you started to ache for his touch or even just his presence. 

Your eyes were still closed, and your breathing slowed as you found yourself in almost a trance powered by the light of the moon. You heard his steps walk up the palace stairs, his boots sending quick “clicks” down the hallway. 

Then you saw him, it was foggy and dreamlike, but you saw Lucio. He was headed towards the balcony you were currently on. You reached out for a more solid point of him to focus on, your hands blanketed in a chilled breeze. Then, it was there. You thought of his warmth and your entire body temperature changed. 

You were suddenly warmer as if someone had placed a blanket around you... or a fur cape. You felt him. How his heart beat impatiently with the anticipation of finding you. You felt your heart quicken as a result and goosebumps traveled up your arms. You realized you had begun to feel his emotions on top of your own. His desires, his past thoughts about you. You dug deeper into them, which sent a pang of sexual desire to your core. You could hear him now, as clear as if he were behind you, “ If I climbed all the way to the 4th floor and she’s not here… Fuck, I need her to be there… I need her… If she only knew what I thinking about during dinner with the courtiers… Especially after Valerius’ comment about her… Oh, I’ll be sure to tease her in front of Valerius soon enough… How cute she would be trying not to come undone in front of him… It would finally shut him up...”

You didn’t have much time to wonder what had happened at dinner, as you actually heard him. His quick paced steps were coming closer, and you were then even more excited to see him.  

   As the doors to the balcony opened, you spun around, eyes opening. You hadn’t realized that you had been holding your breath until you tried to speak. You attempted to settle back down, composing yourself well enough. He looked perfect tonight. He was illuminated with candlelight behind him, in front of him with the moonlight. His hair was pushed back, and your fingers longed run through it. His shirt was unbuttoned lower than usual, and you couldn’t help but gaze at him for a moment.

“However can I help you, Count Lucio?” You hummed, letting your eyes drink him in before turning back to face the city. Now that he was here, you could more strongly sense his emotions. 

“Oh, my dear,” he started as he strode towards you, pressing his chest against your back. He moved hair behind your ear, leaning down to continue on, “I could think of several ways you could assist me right now...” 

As he touched you, the connection you had made to him grew, and you became overwhelmingly entranced in the mixture of both of your energies. Your brow furrowed, trying to figure out how to make yourself calm down. His touch felt even more intimate, and his breath on your ear made you physically shiver. 

   Lucio leaned forward to catch your current facial expression, taken slightly aback by how you had reacted to him. You always were glad to see him, of course, but today you seemed overly eager. He had no qualms about this, but he was now extremely interested in how you’d react to him the rest of the night. 

   He spun you around, boxing you in as his hands rested on the balcony, one on either side of you. A rush of color came to your cheeks, and your fists gripped the fabric at his chest in surprise. 

   “Has someone been pent up all day?” Lucio smirked, “Have you been fantasizing about my touch, y/n?” 

  “Lucio...” you began, and what slipped past your lips was practically a whine. You had to ponder whether it was a better idea to try and disconnect from him, or chase the eagerness that was growing inside of you. “I-I can feel you...” you said, quiet enough to where he had to lean in closer, your foreheads almost touching. At a loss for words, you silenced yourself by biting your lip. You weren’t quite sure how you had connected to him in this way, especially so quickly. You made a quick note to run to the library at your earliest convenience, but that had to wait, surely.

   Lucio gave a pout, not quite understanding, “My dear, whatever do you mean? Y/n... I haven’t even gotten the chance to really touch you yet. So eager tonight, aren't you?” He began to lightly pepper your neck with kisses, smiling at the moan you let out immediately as he did so. 

   Your brain was clouded with pleasure already, but you managed to fill him in.  “I connected to you... your thoughts? I-I’m not for sure, I didn’t intend to do so but-“

“My thoughts? Of you? Oh, my, how lucky you are then to see all the things I’ve been thinking of doing to you...” he continued his kisses upon your neck, nipping at the skin every so often as he spoke further. “The meeting with the courtiers was boring indeed, I had great fun taking the time to imagine the ways in which the palace magician may show loyalty to her Count.”

   His words had you pressing against him, wanting more contact. Your hips were now flush with his, your arms wrapping around his neck. You nodded and began to grind against him, and he groaned against your skin. You gave a sharp inhale, “Please... Lucio, please touch me.”

You didn’t need to ask anymore, his lips quickly traveled upwards until they were upon your own. It was a heated and excited, passionate kiss that almost made you come undone right there.  Once you both pulled away for a breath, Lucio took the chance to raise your skirt as he dropped to his knees, his icy eyes locking directly with yours. He wanted complete focus on the pleasure you were experiencing. His fingers traced along the waistline of your panties, relishing in how you squirmed above him. “Is this what you need, y/n?” A finger fell lower, rubbing you through the soft fabric. “You want me to touch you like this? Do you want me to feel how absolutely soaking you are already?” 

   Your back arched, your hands gripping your skirt tightly as you watched Lucio tease you. “Yes, Lucio...” you moaned in response, “P-please.” 

  He grinned up at you, “I love how you beg for me, darling.” As he pulled down your underwear, your legs were already shaking in anticipation, your breath caught in your throat. 

“L-Lucio...” you murmured, taking a quick glance over your shoulder. Although what he was doing was exactly what you needed, you were still outside, on the palace balcony. He looked up at you but did not stop his process of undressing you, nor the slow trail of licks and bites towards your aching core. 

  “Mmmm.... w-what if someone sees?” You asked, quickly turning back towards him, to watch his actions.

His growl in excitement took you by surprise. “Then,” he said, kissing your upper thighs, “they’ll see how lovely you look,” kissing your hips, “when you cum,” kissing either side of your pussy, “when you beg for me,” he followed the kisses with licks, “and scream my name.” He finally ended his teasing as he began to lick and suck at your clit. 

   “Oh...f-fuck Lucio!” You moaned, hands grabbing at his shoulders. He hummed against you, moving up and down at an increasing pace. His golden arm pulled your hips closer, his other arm above his mouth beginning to circle your clit. Your eyes rolled closed as you let yourself melt into his control. Your lips let out a string of swears and shaky breaths. The faster your breathing became, the more Lucio gave, absolutely loving every moment of bringing you closer to orgasm. “L-Lucio, I’m going- oh Gods, Lucio I-“ you couldn’t even speak in complete sentences as an extreme wave of pleasure burst within you and you saw stars. 

   As he came up to kiss you, your vision was still spotted. You sighed into his feverish kiss, your hand going to palm his erection. You both gave a groan, and you pulled away to look at him with blown-out pupils. “Let me taste you, Lucio.” 

   His golden claw grabbed a fistful of your hair, and he nodded as you eased yourself onto your knees. Your fingers quickly unbuttoned his pants, and you bit your lip at the discovery that he wasn’t wearing any underwear, allowing his erection to spring free. Just as your lips came close enough to wrap around him, he pulled your hair back, making you look him in the eyes. “Ask again, y/n. Beg me for it.” 

   You ached to touch him, to lick him, to give him back everything he had given to you. “Please, may I suck your cock?” 

“Oh?” He raised an eyebrow, reminding you that you were missing something from your request. 

“Please, Count Lucio? Please, sir, let me show you how loyal I can be.” You looked up at him through hooded eyes as you licked your lips.

   Lucio gave a low moan in approval, loosening his hold on your hair. You let your tongue lick the bead of precum off of the head, then brought yourself down to suck slow with hollowed cheeks. “Oh y-yes, y/n.” 

  As you sucked him, you felt your core grow needy once again. You brought up a hand to massage his balls and he let out a groan. “Y/n,” Lucio looked down at you, his hand moving the hair from your face, “touch yourself for me. Let me feel you moan on my cock.” 

You obliged, your free hand finding your clit, beginning to rub small circles. Lucio hummed, “Oh... y/n, how perfect you are to behold.” You sucked harder and moaned at his words. Lucio threw his head back at the vibrations you created around him. “F-fuck… do that again, just like that.” You began to touch yourself more, sliding your fingers into yourself. You moaned once again, louder and longer this time. You looked at up at him, and his disheveled hair and rosy cheeks made you ache. He was biting down on his lip, and when he caught your gaze, his tongue ran against where he’d bitten. “Come here,” he commanded. As you stood up, his golden arm wrapped around your waist, the other hooking around your neck to pull you into a hungry and fervent kiss. You kissed back with matching intensity before prying yourself away from him. “Lucio,” you breathed, voice shaky and weak, “Please…” 

His pupils were blown out, making his ice blue eyes much darker than before. He lowered an arm to hook underneath your legs. He kept eye contact, watching your brow furrow as he began to lift you. Lucio smirked, setting you down so you sat on the balcony railing. Your eyes widened, and your hands shot up to grasp at his shoulders in order to balance yourself. “L-Lucio?”

“Shh…” He came closer to you and pressed a soft kiss to your forehead. His golden hand fell between your legs, opening them for him. His flesh arm was still tightly wrapped around your waist, his hand securing itself in fabrics. “Y/n,” Lucio started, rubbing his cock against your entrance, “do you trust me?” 

Your legs were shaking from both excitement and uncertainty. He had you here, at the top of the palace, where he was claiming you as his for all of Vesuvia to see. You knew anybody could see you. Anyone could walk outside onto the balcony, or pass below you and see. But you wanted him, and you wanted him now . “Yes, Lucio. Yes, I trust you.” 

At your okay, he thrusted into you and you both let out a moan at the feeling. He caught your lips once again as he began to move in and out of you. Your grip on him tightened, the feeling of being right on the edge of the balcony was thrilling. Combined with him fucking you, you felt as if something had awoken inside of you. 

Something had seemed to awaken inside of Lucio as well. He groaned, his lips trailing down to your neck. He licked and sucked at the tender skin before biting down hard, causing you to let out a loud moan. Lucio smirked against the newly formed bruise, “Would you like me to do that again, y/n?” He thrusted harder into you, hitting you just right. 

Your brain was so foggy with pleasure, you could barely speak. “Ah! I-mmm… y-yes .” You knew you were close. A hot coil was beginning to twist and tighten, and with the way Lucio was headed, you were about to fall apart for him. Your hips moved to meet his thrusts, your body aching for release. 

Lucio knew it too. He felt the way you were tightening around him, he heard the way your breathing hitched as he moved in the most delicious ways for you. The greatest noise you made was as he bit down once again, harder than the last. His teeth sunk into you, sending a sharp swell of please throughout your entire body. Lucio cursed as you came around him, his orgasm seconds after yours. 

You both rode out your orgasms, kissing as you began to catch your breath. He lifted you down off the railing, pressing another kiss to your forehead. A golden thumb lifted your chin so he was able to examine your neck. You didn’t have to ask if the marks were already bruising as Lucio’s smirk gave you all the information you needed. “Don’t go using a healing spell, y/n. I quite like the idea of these staying on you like this. To have everyone know you’re mine would be just splendid .” 

You pulled him in for a final kiss before sweetly smiling up at him. “Oh? And who do you want to know so badly? Valerius?” 

Lucio scoffed, making a face that was halfway between confused and embarrassed. “Whatever do you mean, y/n?” 

You began to head inside, trying not to let out a laugh at his reaction. “I’m just so curious… ” You flung open the doors, letting the warmth of the palace engulf you. “I wonder what he think of it.” With that, you headed inside, planning to retire for the night.