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"Listen! Listen!"

You urged your friend who was laughing on the other side of the phone.


The white little dot began to glow blue around the edges.

"Who is Katsuki Bakugou?"

After a second of buffering, Alexa spoke up.

"Kat-sue-key Ba-coo-go is-"

The automated voice was cut off at the sound of your friend and your cackling. 

Your stomach was starting to hurt, you had asked her the same question over and over only to experience the same mispronunciation of your hot-headed classmates name. Currently on the phone with Ochaco, you both died from laughter at Alexa's terrible pronunciation.

"What if he found out Alexa actually pronounced his name like that?"

The brunette questioned, the sound of her composing herself was heard through the phone.

You shrugged, mindlessly tossing your h/c locks over your shoulder to readjust the phone balancing on your shoulder. 

"I'm guessing he'd just blow something up or yell at the person who showed him it in the first place."

You hummed, looking at your wrist.

Golden words were etched into your skin, "Move it loser, I don't have time for your bullshit."

Ah, the first words Katsuki had ever spoken to you, at least yours were better, you mused, huffing lightly through your nose.

"Y/n-chan! You're thinking about Bakugou again aren't you?'

"Duh, we were just making fun of his sorry ass, of course I would be thinking about him."

You snorted, brushing your bangs from your eyes.

"Mhm~ Sure."

Ochaco fussed, you could just see her cheesy grin over the phone.

"What? Am I not allowed to think about my husband Ochaco?"

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Ah, the big day. 

You hummed to yourself, walking up to the gigantic gates of UA, the hero academy you'd be attending for the next three years of your life.

Upon further inspection, you concluded it looked a lot like a little city behind the open gates.

Bright, big, beautiful buildings gleamed in the morning sun and she couldn't have been happier to see a certain brunette just a few feet in front of her.


You exclaimed, waving your hand wildly to get her attention, ignoring the odd stares you received from passing students. Finally, the zero-gravity girl, turned towards you, a smile lighting up her round face.

"Y/n! I thought I would be late this morning, sorry I didn't wait for you, I'm just so nervous."

She gushed, wrapping her arm around yours and walking in pace beside you.

"I just hope that plain looking boy got in! He was so nice and all he managed to do was defeat the giant zero-pointer because I had been too nauseous to stand."

Ochaco whined, making you chuckle and snuggle up to her.

"Don't worry, everything will be fine and dandy in no time, you'll see."

Some how she didn't quite believe you, raising a brow as you walked up the stairs to your shared classroom.

"What if you meet your soulmate today?"

Ochaco hummed mindlessly, knowing full and well you still hadn't found yours.

"God I hope so, I'm tired of these stupid words staring back up at me when I flip over my hand. My soulmates gotta be some egotistical mani-"

As you slid the door open, you were greeted by green, blonde and blue hair.

"Ah! Its the plain looking boy!"

Ochaco beamed, happy that he had made it to the school.

"O-oh hi!"

The freckled boy waved nervously.

"You seem like you have a stick up your ass, what middle school did you go to?"

The obnoxious blonde asked the bumbling blue haired male with glasses.

"Somuei Private Academy!"

Oh great, you thought, you already wanted to stay as far as possible from this boy who seemed to just be lashing out at random. Now you were a kind person, but also stubborn and thick-headed, enough anger could really set you off on a full blown tangent, but thankfully its only happened a few times and for the most part you were a calm, loving person.

The blonde seemed anything but, calm and loving. 

"K-kacchan please calm down."

The green haired boy muttered.

"Shut it Deku!"

'Kacchan' shouted, his thick hands balled into fists that were bursting with explosion.

"I've only been here two minutes and I already need an Advil." 

You whined to Ochaco, who just smirked at your discomfort.

"What if he's your soulmate? Could you deal with that all the time?"

She teased and you sunk into the nearest seat, glaring at her.

"Why can't I just have a nice soulmate who doesn't curse in his first sentence to me."

You grumbled, playing with the edge of your navy skirt, it suddenly looked very interesting.

"Cuz, N/n-chan isn't always nice, besides he might not even be your soulmate."

Ochaco pointed out, plopping into the desk beside you, dropping her bag onto the desk and sticking her tongue out.

The door slid open again to reveal a bi-colored male to which you lightened up at and waved to.

"Sho-Sho! Is that you?"

Of course it was, you could recognize your cousin anywhere. The topics of soulmates forgotten, you sat up taller, a happy gleam in your eye.

Although maybe he couldn't.

His eyes squinted for a moment, wondering why a h/c girl who looked so much like his mother in the face was calling him Sho-Sho, until he didn't.

"Ah, Y/n."

Shouto said blandly, getting pushed in the shoulder by a red head entering the class, to which the boy apologized and scurried off to an alien looking girl.

Seriously? Thats all you got? Not a 'Whoa you got into UA? Congrats!' or a 'Hows Auntie?'. Honestly, you didn't even know what to think of the boy you had once played with daily to not at all, now.

"You know him?"

Ochaco asked, surprised that you knew someone she didn't, as you grew up together after all.

"Mhm, this is my cousin, Shouto Todoroki!"

You grinned, beckoning him to come closer to which he begrudgingly ablidged to.

Before you could open your mouth again, he cut you off.

"Y/n, it is good to see you again, and while I don't mind speaking to you, I do not wish to make friends, I hope I have made it clear."

His tone was harsh and to the point, and before you could utter a word, he walked away, leaving you shell-shocked.

"Guess he's not one for social-interaction."

Ochaco offered, hoping her best friend would snap out of her shocked state.

"I miss him."

Was the only thing you said until class started, not even bothering to converse with your overly bubbly classmates. Missing the red eyes that couldn't help but be drawn to you.

On the field, you seemed back to your old self, learning some of your classmates names. Ashido Mina, Kirishima Eijirou, Sero Hanta, and last but not least, Kaminari Denki (the dimwitted blonde was quickly becoming one of your favorite people.)

"Oi, Bakugou, how far could you throw in middle school?"

Aizawa asked, breaking you out of your train of thought, looking around for this 'Bakugou' person.

You were surprised to hear an answer coming from the blonde boy beside you, guess that really shows how much you paid attention.

"67 meters, why?"

67 meters? This blonde hot-cheeto could throw farther than your life span.

You sulked, allowing your head to fall forward, only to bring it back up when the scruffy looking man you were supposed to call a teacher, spoke again.

"Try throwing it again, this time, use your quirk and don't step out of the circle. I don't care what you do."

Bakugou shrugged, before taking the ball and stepping into the circle, weilding his arm back before letting off a blast and screaming 'DIE' at the top of his lungs.

If he was your soulmate, you'd have a lot to get used to, but of course you can't be thinking that yet, you hadn't even talked to him.

Tenderly, you rubbed the words etched into your skin like a fine sharpie had written them in, in beautiful calligraphy, which did not match the words spoken. You chuckled smiling warmly at the tinted skin.

"Whoa! L/n-chan! You have a soulmate mark?" 

Mina asked as you both waited in line to do something you didn't remember.

"Oh, yeah. The first words aren't the best but oh well."

You had an optimistic view of this, one way or another, he'd warm up to you and you'd come to understand him, you were soulmates for a reason, weren't you? At least, you hoped he would.

Mina's inverted eyes read over the markings on your skin. 

"That sounds like something Bakugou would say!"

She, obviously, pointed out, and you both missed said blonde's head perking up at the mention of his name.

He had his suspicions too.

"Oh, so that is sparky boom boom man's name, I thought it was."

Mina blinked at you, as did the other boys around you.

This Kaminari fell to the ground, laughing.

"Sparky Boom Boom Man? God Y/n, you're great!"

You smiled sheepishly only to have your floaty friend come over to see what all the fuss was about.

"Y/n called Bakugou sparky boom boom man!"

What a fit of hysteria these idiots were in.

You couldn't help but let out a chuckle, then rolled your eyes. 

"Am I wrong? Some one look me in the eye and tell me I'm wrong."

Sero was the first to actually breathe and respond.

"No you're not-"

"Not wrong about what?"

You froze, and he stared back at you, crimson orbs digging into your own, egging you to say what you so desperately wanted to.

Oh god if this was it you were sure you'd die.

After a moment of you gwaking at him, he scanned your figure before letting out a 'tch' and beginning to walk away, brushing against your body.

"Move it loser, I don't have time for your bullshit."

Without missing a beat, words tumbled out of your mouth all by themselves, stumbling slightly from making contact with the blonde.

"Holy shit the sparky boom boom man is my soulmate."

Both your eyes snapped together and he stared at you, his crimson eyes staring into your own e/c ones. 

"The hell you just say?"

His voice was actually gentle, despite the words being so rough.

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In the middle of Katsuki's fit of rage, he noticed the door sliding open. No big deal, future heroes had to keep on their feet you know.

That was until he saw you, and his stupid heart went a mile a minute, unsure of why he was so flustered, he looked away and began yelling at the tall male in front of him.

Unaware, his eyes flickered over to the cuff of his uniform, black words graced his wrist, and he scowled, pulling it down. Who needed a stupid soulmate? Not him, not one who would be as stupid as to call him 'sparky boom boom man'. 

He faintly heard the round-faced girl poke fun at you, something about a soulmate and his own eyes darted to her wrist, he could see the inky writing of words, but he couldn't make out what they were, they looked like someone had smudged a piece of paper that had drying paint on it. 

Maybe thats what it was, or he was blind, that was always an option.

Once four-eyes left him alone, a two toned boy entered the room, you ushering him over to yourself and the brunette.

You spoke in cheery tones which was returned with coldness and being shunned.

He had expected you to bounce back, but you didn't, instead smiling sadly at your lap and saying something he couldn't hear.

He was about to think up an excuse to come and talk to you, wanting to get it out of his system, but before he could, a tired looking man slid into class and told them they weren't here to make friends, then demanding they change and go outside for some quirk quiz.

Outside, he stood beside you, wanting to have an excuse to say something but couldn't find anything that jumped out at him or didn't seem completely stupid.

He was about to open his mouth, when once again, their teacher interrupted him. 

"oi, Bakugou, how far could you throw in middle school?"

He asked, looking like he wanted nothing more than to nod off to sleep.

"67 meters, why?"

He could see you sulk out of the corner of his eye, and smirked, feeling his chest puff a bit at the sight.

"Come up here and throw the ball, you can use your quirk, just make sure you don't leave the circle."

After that was said and done, Katsuki noticed the h/c wasn't where he left her and went on a search, finally going to say something.

"Am I wrong? Look me in the eye and tell me I'm wrong!"

He heard you exclaim.

"No you're not"

"Not wrong about what?"

He butted in, and you froze like a deer in headlights, he then took the opportunity to give you a once over.

When you, and no one else answered, he let out a noise before walking in between you and Kaminari, and said.

"Move it loser, I don't have time for your bullshit."

He mentally cursed himself, that would be terrible words to have on your-

"Holy shit, sparky boom boom man is my soulmate."

His shoulder made contact with yours and he whipped his head around so fast he swore he got whiplash.

"What the hell did you just say?"

His voice came out weaker then it meant to, but seriously this chick was his-

"Y/n, can I speak with you for a moment?"

The dual haired male interrupted, glaring at the blonde.

"Sho-Sho, I'm kinda in the middle of something-"

You tried to explain, having a sudden urge to get your newly found soulmate, but Shouto's heterocromic eyes narrowed.

"You're about to go up for a test."

You looked between the two boys and bit your bottom lip, brows furrowed, wanting nothing more than to go to Katsuki but let your head fall.

"I'll be right back."

He watched your back sink into the distance as you walked to go preform your test, and scowled at Shouto for interrupting, also wanting you to stay, but, it's not like he liked you.

Yet, at least.

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You had never been one to like silence, especially if you were sitting on a bench with your loud classmate who shouted every five seconds, not that, made you uncomfortable.

He eyed you like a vulture, eyes taking in every strand of your (hair length) h/c hair, every blemish on your face, practically burning your face into his brain. 

You had just gotten done with your quirk assessment, bits of frost on your finger tips and cheeks red from wind burn, and if you were being honest with your self, you were using the hot headed blonde as a space heater.

"So we're soulmates, huh?"

Breaking the silence, you gave him an awkward smile, rubbing your hands together.

"I guess we are."

He shrugged, nonchalantly, seemingly not caring.

You twiddled your frozen thumbs, biting the inside of your cheek, eyes scanning over his form.

You really wanted him to react, anything, something to happen, even for him to yell at you, but he just had a blank expression.

It was like trying to have a conversation with a brick wall, you shuddered, rubbing your hands along your arms, trying to warm them up despite being in direct sunlight.

"Why are you shivering? It's hot as hell outside."

He raised an eyebrow and you sighed.

You answered, standing up and turning towards him.

"Well it was nice meeting you but I, uh, I have to go talk to Ochaco, yeah.."


You nodded, nodding your head in your best friends direction.

"She wanted to know how...this went, but since were not talking, I should just go to her thank you for your time-"

You turned to walk over to her when his hand shot out and grabbed your wrist.

"Hold on a second dumbass."

You rolled your eyes, your sarcasm seeping through your words.

"Oh what lovely nicknames you give out, isn't that right, sparky boom boom man?"

You teased him, earning his grip tightening around your wrist and yelling.

"You know how it felt to walk around with that dumb nickname on my wrist?!"

He irked, back to normal.

"You called me a loser. And told me you didn't have time for me."
You pouted, sticking your bottom lip out.

"So? How was I supposed to know you were my stupid soulmate?"

He snapped at your teasing.

"I dunno, but you could've been a little nicer, Kacchan!~"

You sing-songed, grinning as you dashed away and behind Kaminari who was watching the whole ordeal.

"Save me Kami!"

Katsuki stormed over, snatching your hand and pulling you in front of him, to which you stared at your joined hands before chuckling.

"You're holding my hand, you sly dog~."

He groaned in frustration, the soon to be Baku-squad, doubling over in laughter along with your bubbly brunette, as you beamed proudly at his anger.

He wasn't angry though, fighting to keep down a blush and the flustered look that tried to surface his face.

You hummed, hands in your skirt pockets as Katsuki trailed behind you after school, his usual grumpy scowl on face.

"You're tacky."

He told you.

"Thanks, Katsu."

You beamed, running a hand through your long hair, and grinning at the grumpy gremlin.

"And you're a hobgoblin."

He jolted and took you by your collar, shaking you.


You cackled, squishing his cheeks between your cold, tiny hands, giving him fishlips.

"Fish Man."

You arrived back after walking Katsuki to the train station, hanging up your blazer and plopping onto the couch.

"Hi honey! How was the first day of school?"

Your mom asked, walking into the room. Her pretty white hair easily passing her stomach, smiling at you.

"It was nice."
You answered, examining your wrist, the words had turned golden, you grinned, sighing happily and hugging your wrist to your chest, not caring if you looked like a complete idiot.

"Did you meet your soulmate?"
Kyosuke questioned, observing your actions.

Nodding, you held up your wrist for her to see the same words, but in gold.

"With someone with that foul of a mouth, I hope they aren't as bad as I thought they'd be."

She told you, smiling at your expression.

"Well, he's a bit of a hot head, but he's just a big sweet heart underneath, at least I think so."

You chuckled nervously, feeling your phone buzz.

Fishing it out of your pocket, you read:

Unknown: Oi dumbass, it's me.

You smiled, quickly changing the unknown numbers name to Katsu-chan.

Me: Hi Katsuki! Is that my name in your phone now?

Katsu-chan: It is now.

Me: How cute.~

You could see him rolling his eyes at his phone, and Kyosuke leaned over to read the conversation.


"Katsuki Bakugou, he's blonde, and has really pretty red eyes. Never tell him I said that."

Your mother made a zipping motion over her lips.

"My lips are sealed."

Katsu-chan: My mom won't stop bothering me about why my words are gold now.

Me: My mom is asking about you like some over excited teenager.

Your mother cackled beside you, waving her hands to get your attention.

"Tell him his future mother-in-law says hi."

Katsu-chan: The old hags yelling and squealing like a school girl

Me: She says "Tell him his future mother-in-law says hi." 


Oops, maybe she shouldn't have sent the future mother in law part.

Katsu-chan: Hi! I'm Mitsuki! Katsuki's mom, I stole the brats phone ^^ whats your name?

Me: Y/n L/n

Katsu-kun: How cute! Can you send me a picture of you so I can embarrass him in public if I see you?

Me: Hell yeah. [IMG.086]

Katsu-chan: Thanks~ Let me give the shitty brat his phone back before he blows up the couch. ^^

You and Kyosuke were in hysterics, loving how Mitsuki just accepted you as part of her sons life and stole his phone.

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The next day, you sat at your desk, Denki sitting on top of your desk along with Eijirou, with Mina and Sero sitting on Ochaco's desk.

They were chatting about soulmates and you noticed something, Eijirou and Denki both had golden words on their wrist. 

"Wait a minute...are you two soulmates?"

You grabbed their wrists, examining them.

"Yep! Now you and Bakubro aren't the only power couple in the class."

You flushed a light shade of pink.

"W-were not a couple."


Eijirou added on with a chuckle, wiggling his eyebrows as Mina cackled.

Your eyes drifted around the room, looking for the said blonde, only to see he wasn't there yet and frowned.

"Hey guys, have you seen Kat-"

A hand slammed down on the back of your chair and you squeaked nearly falling off but an arm wrapped around your waist and pulled you upright.

"Jesus dumbass, are you always this jumpy?"

A gruff voice asked, and you felt a familiar flip-flop in your stomach.

"Well if it isn't my prince charming."

You retorted, standing up and looking him in the eye, smiling.

The two of you had stayed up until three in the morning texting and getting to know each other, and let's be honest, he looked tired as hell.

Bags were under his eyes but he still had the same scowl on his face, meanwhile you were fine and living your life, not even tired.

"You look tired."

Hanta snorted, leaning back on the desk.

"Well the dumbass kept talking to me until three in the morning so of course I'm tired."

Katsuki grumbled, shoving his hands into his pockets.

You cleared your throat before swooning dramatically.

"Roses are red, violets are blue, 

Katsu goes to bed, at eight-thirty-two."

The group was silent for a minute before the four idiots broke out into hysterics, wheezing and calling him a kindergartener.

"I need a good sleep you morons! And dumbass what the f*ck?!"

You giggled loudly at your loud mouthed soulmate, doubling over and accidentally stumbling back into Shouto.

"Whoops, sorry Sho-Sho."

Apologizing, you went back over to the blonde and swung an arm around his tall shoulders,

"Oh Katsu,~ Ya know you love me~"

"Do not you dumb shit!"

You admired yourself in the mirror, giving your self a once over and twirling.

A skin tight baby blue and white suit graced your limbs, grey fingerless gloves along with a hole on the palm graced your hands along with a helmet similar to Ochaco's, you had designed them together after all.

Ochaco whined, wringing her hands nervously.

"They made everything too curvy and puffy."

You looked up to see said girl, needless to say, she was adorable.

"Ochaco-Taco! You look like a strawberry marshmallow!"

You gushed, wrapping your arms around her and rubbing her cheek against yours.

"Y/nnnnnnnn, nooooooooo, I didn't need to hear that."

Giggling, you grabbed her hand and lead her out of the locker rooms, only to see a tiny grape man staring at your form, when a hand shoved him out of the way.

"Oi stop looking at her ya perv."

Your soulmate's gruff voice hissed, as your eyes scanned over him, you were happy with your decision of first words to him.

"Whoa Katsu! You really are Sparky Boom Boom Man! I'm so glad you have that forever on your wrist-"

As you spoke, your eyes trailed to her gloved hand, along with his gauntlets and frowned, the golden words couldn't be seen, but why were you so upset by it? Yours were covered up as well.

He had noticed your change in demeanor and raised an eyebrow.

"Hah? Whats gotten your dumbass so upset?"

You plastered a grin onto your face, making up a half-truth.

"I'm just sad people won't get to see your beautiful nickname since your chunky grenades cover them, but alas the universe wants to see me suffer."

You chuckled and put an arm on his shoulder, he didn't yell at you are make you remove it and you both stood like that as All Might explained the exercise, they would be split up into teams, fighting each other as one team were the heroes and the others were the villain's.

When All Might drew the ball, you ended up with Mineta as the villains up against your precious blonde bestie and Kyoka, you didn't know her that well but she seemed pretty cool.

When Katsuki saw who you were paired up with, he stormed over and growled under his breath,

"If he touches you, tell me so I can beat his ass."

You nodded, chuckling internally at your soulmates possessiveness.  

The first teams to go up were A and D, Ochaco and Izuku on team A as the heroes and Katsuki and Tenya on team D as the villains, you just hoped this didn't end badly.

From what you saw , Katsuki didn't like Izuku at all, (not that you knew why), and knowing your hot head, he'd probably do something stupid.


As Katsuki left, you worked up your courage and gave him a hug, flustering him a bit before saying 'Good luck!' and retreating back to your favorite group of idiots.

You then proceeded to give Ochaco a hug as well, resulting in giving Izuku a thumbs up as they made their way inside the building.


As you watched on, you got a bad gut feeling, your soulmate was rampaging like Izuku had killed his family, but in reality, the green haired boy had probably just hurt his pride.

She felt worried, All Might told Katsuki not to do something and the next thing she knew, a huge explosion went off and left a gaping hole in the building.

Her mouth dropped open, biting her bottom lip, he was pissed, but a sadistic smile graced his lips.

God, was he a psycho path?!

You shuddered at the thought, and suddenly, the hero team won, Ochaco had secured the weapon, albeit after she puked up her guts and Izuku laid on the floor, Katsuki looked absolutely defeated.


After Izuku was carried away by the Medi-Bots, the remaining three came back in, Ochaco looking queasy, Tenya unbothered, and Katsuki looking like he was on death row.

Momo graded them harshly, saying Tenya had been the best, Katsuki was too overbearing with his emotions, and Ochaco had been careless.

When that was said and done, two of the remaining three walked over to you, well, in Ochaco's case, swayed.

Katsuki, clearly disgruntled and Ochaco disoriented, both laid their heads on one of your shoulders.

"I feel sick."
Ochaco grumbled, wrapping her arms around your arm. 

Katsuki said nothing, the sound of his breathing resonating in your ear and you decided to comfort them both, reaching your free arm up to pat Katsuki's head, who stiffened then relaxed under your touch.

"There, there, you both did well."

The three of you stayed like that for a while, you stroking Katsuki's spiky hair while humming a tune mindlessly, Ochaco getting over her nausea, as other teams went on.

All Might exclaimed, reaching his hands into the boxes and pulling out ball 'C' from the villain box and team 'G' from the hero one. 

Great, you were a villain.

"Ochaco, Katsu, I've gotta go."

Ochaco reluctantly pulled away but Katsuki pulled you into a split second hug, returning the favor from earlier.

"Remember what I said, dumbass."

You smiled at him, glad he was reverting back to his old self.

"Of course, Katsu."

Inside the building you devised a plan, telling it to Mineta.

"I think you should be offense while I'm defense, your, er, balls can be used as land minds and if they step in one, they will become incapacitated, I on the other hand, know a bit of chemistry, if Kaminari uses his electricity, I can use my ice,"

You paused to breathe but the grape-man actually finished for you.

"Ice and electricity make an explosion upon meeting each other, with your wind manipulation you can use the brunt of the attack and deflect it to them."

You stared at him for a moment, eyes wide in shock, his face turned smug.

"Did I impress you enough to leave that Bakugou dude-"

"Not a chance."

You snapped back, you were beginning to have hope that the purple midget wasn't a complete lost cause, but unfortunately he proved you wrong.

You ran a hand through your hair, staring at the entrance to the weapon room, before putting on your helmet when you noticed a hand covered in yellow gloves, moving towards you at a rapid speed, and you glared at Mineta, it was unholy how menacing it was.

"Touch me and Denki and Jirou will only be dealing with one villain and a corpse."

You heard All Might let out a snort through your ear piece and smiled internally, happy you made the number one hero laugh.

"Later pipsqueak, remember our plan."
You told him as you left the room, after All Might announced the heroes would begin to enter the building.\

Creating a tunnel of wind as you walked through the halls, you knew it would make hearing where you were hard on Kyoka's part.

When you came upon the unsuspecting heroes, you decided to have a bit of fun, acting out your villain role as Tenya did.

"Fufufufufu~! You heroes have come to the wrong place."

You smiled in an eerily creepy way, a dark shadow casting over your face as you smiled.

You saw Denki visibly shiver, attempting to charge himself up, and smirked to yourself.

As he began to launch it at you, you giggled.

"Doesn't the Pikachu know what happens when ice meets electricity?"

He raised an eyebrow before shooting it at you just as you released a wall of ice, a split second before he let his electricity charge towards you.

Upon impact, it exploded, you releasing a gust of wind and aiming between the two shocked teens.

"You get an explosion."

As you let it go, the impact caused the two to fall unconscious, to which you dropped your act and sprinted over, making sure they were out for the count, and All Might announced your win.

With a strong gust of cold wind, you woke them both up, smiling sheepishly.

"Sorry you guys, you both did well though!"


Katsuki stared at the monitor in shock, you had single handedly defeated them both at once, even coming up with your own back up strategy with the damn grape if you didn't succeed. 

You wore a big smile on your face as you walked back in with the others.

Your fellow classmates surrounding all of you and praising you, Denki and Kyoka, Mineta basically did nothing.

He felt a swell of pride in his chest, that was his god damn soulmate, and she was strong as f*ck.

Chapter Text

What a dumb idea, a four year old Katsuki thought, scowling down at his wrist.

Who wants a soulmate? Not him, he didn't need one nor did he need to protect someone just because they were too weak to catch up with him.

The words, "Holy shit, Sparky Boom Boom Man is my soulmate." seemed to smile back up at him menacingly, still vibrant amongst the red, irritated skin.


Katsuki's smirked down at the words.

"If I can't rub them off, guess I can just burn them off."



Not too far away a little you cried, running around, desperately searching for your aunt, your cousin Shouto trailing not too far behind.

"Auntie Rei!"

You screeched once you found her, your beautiful aunt was tending to the garden outside, and whenever she heard you, she dropped what she was doing and ran over.

"Y/n, whats wrong sweetie?"

She asked you, looking over you.

"It burns! It burns and hurts so bad!"

You showed her, your wrist, the words etched into the skin an inky black against burned, red skin.

"Goodness Y/n what happened?"

You shook your head, sobs echoing throughout the foyer, eventually causing the other Todoroki children to come out and see what was wrong.

"Mom? What's wrong with Y/n?"

Touya asked, the oldest of the Todoroki kids at age thirteen.

"I think her soulmate is trying to get rid of her bond."
Rei explained, running a cold thumb over her wrist, there were no bumps nor were their any ridges to indicate she had been burned, but you could see it.

"Auntie, why do they hate me?"

You sniffled, the pain beginning to subside.

"I bet they don't hate you, they were probably being stupid."
Natsuo butt in, wrapping your tiny three-year old frame in a hug, soon enough all the Todoroki's (minus Enji) were hugging you.

Truth be told, they all thought your soul mate was a maniac, and this seemed to confirm it for them.

Shouto and Touya hated him, without even knowing him, for he, made them think of their father.

You frowned at your memory, mid bite into your food  before putting your chopsticks back and pushing your tray away.

Eyes darting over to Katsuki, you sighed, standing up and dumping your gourmet food into the garbage, walking down the hall until you reached the courtyard.

It was surprisingly empty, only a couple student littering the giant space, so you took a deep breath and sat at a tree, farther away from everyone.

"I didn't expect to get a new seatmate."

You jumped a bit, whipping your head around to be greeted with a purple student.

He looked like a second year, also tired.

"Oh I'm sorry! I didn't know anyone else was sitting here, I can leave if you want."

He shook his head, taking a bite out of his rice.

"Most girls who see me would just run away."
He remarked, eyes trained on your face.

"Huh? Why? You a pervert or something?"

He chuckled a bit at your clueless reaction.

"Shinsou Hitoshi, General studies department, first year."

You gaped at him, shaking your head.

"I thought you were a second year! You look pretty tall. I'm L/n Y/n, hero course first year."

He immediately scowled at you.

"I see you've been gifted with a nice enough quirk to get past the entrance exams."

You raised a brow, amused by his behavior, it was like Shouto and Katsuki had a child with purple hair and insomnia.

"Nothing too special, what crawled up your ass and died?"

When he saw you had no idea what he was getting at, he sighed.

"My quirks mind control, real inconvenient to fight robots ya know? I wanted to get into the hero course."

You thought for a moment.

"Aizawa-sensei's quirk doesn't work on robots and he's still a hero, maybe you'll get transferred over if they see your potential, mind control is pretty cool to be honest."

He was about to respond when your phone buzzed and you held up a finger,


Katsu-kun: Where'd you go?


You ignored it, sliding the phone back into your blazer pocket.

"Really? You're the first person who's said that, most people just assume I'm going to be a villain."

You shook your head.

"What a bunch of asshole-"

"Security level three has been breached, all student please evacuate the area quickly and quietly."

An automated voice interrupted, then began to repeat itself.

"Wow, I thought this place had top security."
Shinsou joked, taking your wrist and leading you to the nearest exit door.


"Aw man, Katsuki is gonna kill me."

You whined as you sprinted out of the building.

"Who's Katsuki?"

Shinsou asked, jogging behind you.

"Oh, my-"

You exhaled through your nose.


Your angry blonde soulmate trudged up to you, pissed off or worried, you couldn't tell.

"I was in the courtyard."
You said plainly, waving goodbye to Shinsou.

Katsuki watched him go before snapping at you again.

"Do you know how worried I was you idiot?!"


After everyone went back to class, Iida became class rep and Aizawa came into the room, announcing that you all would be going to another part of campus to rescue train, and they you'd get to wear your costume.

After changing, you all settled onto the bus, you sitting next to Katsuki who was looking out the window with your head on his shoulder.

"Bakugou is lucky he's got L/n because he'll never be popular."

Tsuyu told Izuku, and said blonde popped up yelling.


You sighed, rubbing the bridge of your nose.

"Ya see?"

Kaminari stiffled a chuckle.

"In the short amount of time we've known you we can already tell your personality is flaming crap mixed with garbage."

You snorted, a hand flying over your mouth to muffle it.


Soon Aizawa told everyone to settle down and that you were here.

Chapter Text

In the time Katsuki has known you, he couldn't help but want to protect you, no matter what, even if you truly could hold your own.

Especially after the scare today.

But now, you were no where in his sight, and that scared the shit out of him.


You stood on the boat with Izuku, Mineta, and Tsuyu, looking around for a means of escape, and for some reason, your soulmate mark began to throb uncontrollably, making you hiss in pain, clutching just below your wrist.

"L/n, what's wrong?"

Izuku asked you, worrying more about you then the villains currently surrounding them.

"My soulmate mark hurts- FUCK!"

You yelled as you dodged an attack, rolling to the ground and landing on the said mark.

"If Katsuki is dead, I'll cry."

You threatened, holding up the material of your sleeve to your teeth, ripping open the fabric, hoping some air would make it feel better.

The words were blue.

"Oh shit."

You mumbled, clutching your wrist to your chest, releasing a blast of ice towards your attackers.

"Y/n, is that normal?"

Tsuyu asked you, pointing to your blue words.


You croaked out, jumping into the water as the villains got captured and swimming to the sidelines, hopefully to help . Aizawa who was battling the villains.

You examined your wrist, it was now turning purple, and you felt the worrying you felt, amplify as you looked up into a hand, it touched your face and the villain croaked.

"Wow, even in this state you're still managing to sav-"

Despite the situation, his words made you laugh, relief flooding your veins, and your wrist stopped burning.

An explosion set off and the villain was knocked to the side, you quickly splashed some of the water up into the air, freezing it and throwing it at a near by villain before hopping out.

Running over to in case the villian in ice, All Might entered the room, and he did NOT look happy.

"You don't have to be afraid anymore!"

He paused and you gulped, feeling intimidated.

"Because I am here."
All Might wasn't smiling.


You lay on the ground outside of USJ, clutching your wrist.

It was gold again.

It still hurt like hell though.

Katsuki, not even two inches away was in a similar state.

Finally you let your hand go, smacking the back of it into the grass, and his gloved hand reached for yours

You didn't know it, but it took everything in his power to not just ram his lips onto yours as soon as the whole ordeal was over, but he'd never admit it, holding your hand would be enough to suffice him, for now at least.

  You rolled over onto your side, facing him, but noticed Eijirou and Denki hugging eachother a bit away and smiled.


Whoa he didn't say dumbass.

Your eyes flickered to his, waiting for him to continue.

"Will your dumbass be my girlfriend?"

On the way back to UA, you fell asleep on your boyfriends shoulder, his head laying on yours, asleep as well.

Ochaco whispered with Mina, gushing over how cute you two were, taking out her pink flip phone and snapping a picture before sending it to you.

Izuku looked over the two, an confused expression on his features.

"I never thought Kacchan could tolerate anyone, let alone a girl."

He said outloud, sparking the attention of your cousin, who was not found of your soulmate.

"What do you mean Deku-kun?"

Ochaco asked him, tilting her head.

Izuku bit his bottom lip, most of the class was listening to him.

"She's his soulmate, right?"

Mina nodded, pointing towards your wrist.

"Kacchan didn't like anyone, female or male, he thought he was the best out of anyone, until he got his quirk, along with his soulmate mark."

Shouto leaned back in his seat, crossing his arms, listening.

"He thought a soulmate would make him weak, and he tried to burn it off."

The bi-colored male's eyes widened, so thats why his younger cousin had been in so much pain.

"He was a bully all throughout elementary school and middle school, I honestly thought when he met his soulmate, they would be exactly like each other, but L/n is more neutral. Kacchan never really liked his words or the fact his soulmate called him 'Sparky Boom Boom Man, but here he is, cuddled up to her and sleeping, never thought I'd see a day where he thought of someone else."

Shouto visibly relaxed, glad his nerdy classmate said Katsuki was better then when they were kids, but he was still going to talk to him.

As the bus pulled to a stop, you woke up, shaking Katsuki awake before filing off the bus ahead of him.

He was about to follow when Shouto put a hand on his shoulder.

"What do you want?"

Katsuki snapped, shrugging him off.

"As Y/n's closest thing to a sibling, we need to talk."

The two boys leaned against a wall of a building, you had bid both of them good bye while they were in class, giving Katsuki a peck on the cheek before leaving with Ochaco.

"I'm not one for small talk, so let me get to the point."

He narrowed his eyes.

"Did you or did you not try to get rid of your soulmate mark when you were little?"

Katsuki's red eyes widened, taken aback by the question.

"Whats it to you?"

Shouto huffed through his nose, crossing his arms.

"When Y/n was three, her soulmate bond, your words, started to get red and irritated.  She was at my house that day and came running up to me, screaming and crying, yelling 'it burns! it burns!'. I expected to not see anything, but low and behold, their were burn marks all over her words, but they looks like they were printed into her skin, when you touched it, it felt like normal skin."

Katsuki's hands clenched into fists, gritting his teeth, he had hurt her as a child without even knowing it.

"I'm not sure if you're aware but, if you cause harm to your soulmate bond, it will appear on your soulmate, hurting at least ten times more then it did for you, once you've met your soulmate, your most intense emotions show on the bond and depending on what they are, it hurts them or makes them feel the same way, sometimes both."

Shouto glared at him.

"Y/n is not here just to be a hero, she wants to save every child that was treated like I was, and if you're going to be the same way my father was, I don't want you anywhere near her."

Just like that, Shouto turned and walked off towards a black limo and climbed in, leaving Katsuki with a gaping mouth and a lot of questions.

The past two chapters have been long and angsty, hope you liked them though! I'm also going to be posting another story thats similar to BNHA (only because of quirks and metioned things happening over in Japan, such as the sports festival or the kamino ward incident) I'm actually really eager to get to the kamino ward arc because it'll be angstier. lol please leave a comment and a follow! Peace!

Chapter Text

You currently sat across from Katsuki at an American styled burger joint, drumming your fingers on the table while humming to yourself.

He was reading the menu and it was peaceful, at least you thought it was.

Shouto's words had bothered Katsuki the more he thought about it.

So he invited you out on your first offical date to get to know you more and ask you a simple and easy question, 

'Why did you want to become a hero?'

Of course he wanted to spend time with you as well, he could've easily asked you the question over texting, but he did.

"Ooo!~ Katsu! Look at that milkshake over there!"

He glanced up from his menu to see the sugar filled sweet drink being sat down in front of some guy. 

It was vanilla with three rainbow lollipops sticking out the top, M&M's sprinkling it along with hot fudge, the sight of it made him want to gag.

"No matter what you say, you're not getting it."

He grouched, eyes going back to the menu.

"But Katsuuuuuu."

You whined like a child, pouting at him.

"Do you want to be fat and have diabetes?"

He asked you, a blonde brow raised.

Your chest puffed out with pride.

"My metabolism is so high I can eat whatever I want without having to worry about it!"

He rubbed the crease between his eyebrows, groaning under his breath.

"You could still get diabetes."

He looked back over at the milkshake only to see the man staring directly at them, his eyes were golden and he was blonde.

He looked insane.

Katsuki shivered lightly under his gaze but decided to ignore it for your sake.

After you ate your food, you insisted you pay for your self but he smacked money onto the table, grabbed your hand and left.

As you complained about it, you two walked around an outside mall holding hands, you didn't really mind his hands were sweatier then normal, it was a part of his quirk after all.

You two window shopped, strolling around and chatting even convincing Katsuki you needed a doughnut.

"Oi, dumbass, why'd you wanna be a hero?"

You paused on your doughnut, mid bite, before swallowing it and grabbing his hand, tugging him to a more secluded area.

When you both got there, you gave him the rest of your doughnut, letting him eat on it while you talked.


You began, unsure if you should tell him if it was about your cousin or friend, you doubted he would remember Shouto was your cousin.

"When I was little, I went over to my cousins a lot. Each time I would come over, he'd be dead tired, bruised and scratched. The reason was because my aunt was forced into a quirk marriage."

You hugged your knees, your chin resting on them.

"She had had three children before him, each time my uncle claimed they were imperfect and forced her to have another child, until they got my cousin. All of them went through physical and mental abuse by their dad, and one day, my aunt snapped and hurt my cousin really bad in desperation."
You looked over at Katsuki who was quietly munching on the doughnut, waiting for you to continue.

"He, to this day, is one of the highest heroes, and I hate him, he has solved the most crimes when he himself is a crime. I want to stop people like that from getting to the top, I want to help the spouses and children of people like that, people like that."

You paused, your face scrunching up in disgust.

"Are revolting."

Chapter Text

After your date with Katsuki, he seemed a bit more relaxed, walking you home until your mother opened the door and beckoned him to come inside.

"Hello! I'm Kyosuke L/n, but you can call me mom."

Your mom declared, smiling goofily.

Katsuki internally chuckled, thats where you got it from.

"Can I get you anything?"
She asked as you walked upstairs to go grab something.

"No thank you. I'm good."

He sat in awkward silence while she analyzed him, as he heard you coming down the stairs, she said suddenly.

"Y/n thinks you have pretty eyes."

Suddenly, you were running down the stairs, jumping on your mother and screeching at her about how he didn't need to know that while your mother cackled like a mad woman.

When you both calmed down, you noticed he was blushing slightly, and smiled, plopping down next to him, a dramatic sigh leaving your lips.

"Woe is me, for my soulmate, is a hedgehog-"

He clamped a rough calloused hand over your mouth, effectively silencing you.

You giggled under his hand, before he quickly pulled it away.

"Did you just lick me?!"

He shrieked, wiping it on your shirt like you had cooties or something.

"Young love."

Your mother snorted, running a hand through her hair.

"Don't you kids have the sports festival coming up?"

The two stopped giggling and shouting to face her.

"Sports Festival?"

Katsuki asked her.

"Oh yeah! It's this super big event at UA! Students classes A-K compete against each other in games! Its a great opportunity to get recognized by pro's!" 

You chirped, hopping away from Katsuki to go rummage through some drawers under the TV.

"Ah, are you showing him the videos of Kaito?"

You nodded, not looking up, letting out a triumphant 'aha!' when you found the disk.

"My dad went to UA, became a great hero too! He got second place all throughout highschool, he's so cool!"

"Who's your dad?"

"Windspear! He's not here right now because he got called out before we came home, but I'm sure you'll meet him some day."

As soon as you said it you picked up a pillow, chucking it at your mother, who was already beginning to think way too far ahead.

"Yeah at the alter-"

Katsuki chuckled at this, they had the same dynamic as he and his mom, except less violent.

You popped the disk in, settling beside Katsuki, snuggling up to him with a blanket on over the two of you.

A loud voice that wasn't Present Mic's blasted over the narration.


You cheered your dad on through the screen, as did your mom.


Your mother buried her face in her hands.

"I forgot they put that in there."

You laughed loudly at your mother's expense.

"Your parents were soulmates?"

You raised an eyebrow.

"Weren't yours? Soulmates are genetic."

"Hah? First I've heard about that."

You shrugged, going back to watching your younger dad.



The next day you arrived with Ochaco, talking about your date and a few other things, eventually Shouto caught up to you and began walking with you two in silence.

When Katsuki walked up to you, (more like waddled), he shot a warning glare at him to which Katsuki smirked at and swung his arm around his girlfriend who jumped from the touch, then smiled brightly at him.

"Hi Katsu."

He grunted a response and you both waddled into school, mainly from you copying him.



As they sat down for home room, Aizawa walked in, looking like a mummy.

"Aizawa-sensei you shouldn't be here."
You sweat-dropped.

"Too bad L/n. Anyways, in a couple days from now we will be holding a sports festival, yada yada yada, train and go beyond plus ultra, I'm going to sleep, do whatever you want for the rest of home room."

Then he was out like a light, you turned around in your chair, facing Tenya.

"Are you excited, Iida-san?"

He nodded stiffly.

"Of course! It's an honor to be doing this for our school and to show off my worth!"

You smiled warmly, fist pumping.

"Way to go! Also, I'm sorry for Katu's behavior on the first day of school."

He shook his head.

"Nonsense! He just is in need of character development!"


You brushed it off, figuring he's not wrong before you saw Ochaco looking intense, saying she was going to win.

You cheered her on, used to intense atmosphere, making small talk with your classmates, not noticing your boyfriend and cousin glaring at each other.


After home room and a couple regular classes, it was time for lunch, and when the door was opened, crowds of students stood outside the door.

"What's going on?"

"no way! What are they out here for?"

Mineta asked, to which the blonde on your right replied.

"Duh, scoping out the competition, small fry." 

You chuckled out his words, eyes scanning the crowd,

"Cuz were the kids who survived the villain attack, makes sense they'd wanna look before the sports festival."

You nodded, agreeing with him, about to step out when he was rude.

"No point though, move aside cannon fodder."

You gasped and hit him on the back of the head. 

"Katsuki Bakugou!"

You scolded, he growled at you as he rubbed the back of his head.

"It's true we came to get a look, but you sure are modest."
A familiar voice, reared its head.

You beamed happily, 


"Are all the kids in the hero course like this?"

You frantically shake your head no, along with Izuku and Tenya.

"Gotta say, I'm a little disillusioned if this is what you're offering,"
He paused and looked at you.

"She's cool but the rest of you seem arrogant, those of us who don't make the hero course are stuck in general studies and other tracks. There're quite a few of us, did you know this?"

He asked you, and you shook your head.

"Considering how well we do, they might consider moving us to the hero course, I understand the opposite can happen to you." 

Hitoshi spoke to your class, purposely stepping in front of you like you were discluded from his next words,

"Consider this a declaration to all of you, it'll be a perfect opportunity to knock you off of your pedestals, consider this war."

Your mouth gaped open and Katsuki glared at Shinsou who was blocking you from his view.

The purple haired boy turned to you.

"L/n, do you wanna come get lunch with me?"

"He sure is bold, talking down on Bakugou and asking his girlfriend to lunch."

Eijirou mumbled.

You stuttered, looking over at Katsuki, but he was already gone.


The two of you sat where you had met the first time, eating your food.

"Shinsou, why were those people looking at you that way?"
You asked while cramming rice into your mouth.

"They think I'll use my quirk on them."
He answered monotonously, eating his curry.

You scoffed,

"What a bunch of asshats."

The purple haired boy stared at you for a moment.

"Sorry, guess Katsu is rubbing off on the way! I promise he's the only one who acts like that, he's real cocky, everyone else is nice, except Mineta, what a creep."

You murmured, eating your rice.



"Katsuki Bakugou, the loud mouth spouting shit earlier."

"Is he your childhood friend?"

You shook your head, setting down your empty bowl.

"He's my soulmate and boyfriend."

Shinsou's eyebrows almost past his hair line.

"You're joking, right?"

You shook your head, chuckling at his reaction.

"He's not bad, he's really nice to me when I'm not poking fun at him and being stupid. He's just a grouchy Sparky Boom Boom Man-"

"Well Sparky Boom Boom Man wants to know where the hell his girlfriend went."
The said male's raspy voice rang out from behind you.

"...Katsu did you just call yourself Sparky Boom Boom Man?"

He then realized what he said.

"Fuck- I didn't mean to- goddammit Y/n!"

You cackled loudly, surprising Shinsou beside you.

"Ya jealous, Kacchan?"
You teased, and before you knew it, you were hoisted over a shoulder and being carried away from your friend.

"Katsuki put me down!"


"Katsuki Bakugou!"


You waved pitifully to Shinsou, and he chuckled and waved back, watching you go.

You walked like that, your eyes getting a perfect view of the 'baku-booty' as you liked to mentally call it, and it wasn't until someone made a comment about how you had nice underwear did Katsuki swing you down and charge at them, which you had to stop.

Chapter Text

 You stretched your body out, the jacket of your gym uniform sliding down your shoulders as you did.

Nearby, stood Ochaco who wrung her hands in nervousness.

”God, what if I fail? What if I die?!” 

She whined, getting more antsy by the second.

”You're gonna do great, don't worry about it so much."

You told her, looking up at her and tilting your head, Tsuyu drinking some water next to you.

Your cousin called to the broccoli boy who was in a merry conversation.

"Todoroki, what is it?"

Izuku asked confused, catching your and the two girls attention next to you.

"Objectively speaking, I'm stronger than you. More capable."

You scolded, preparing to get up and smack him upside the head.

"Ah-, its okay L/n-chan,"
Izuku waved you off,
"I guess so.."
"All MIght's got his eye on you, doesn't he?"
Shouto continued, avoiding your gaze.
"Now I'm not going to pry, but...I will beat you."

"Oh! A declaration of war from the strongest in the class?"
Denki chim to go ed up, looking between the two and Katsuki glanced over.

"Hey man! Why pick a fight right now? We're about to go on..."
Kirishima interjected for you, putting a hand on his shoulder.

"I really don't care, I'm not here to be anyones friend here."
Shouto brushed him off and you opened your mouth, but Izuku interupted.

"Todoroki, I'm not sure why you felt the need to tell me that you'll beat me...You're clearly stronger then me, and I can't measure up to the skill of everyone else in here, objectively speaking that is..."

"Woah woah! No need to be so negative, Deku!"

You told him, shooting Shouto a look.

"But, everyone...even the kids from the other courses are aiming for the top. And I, well lemme say this. I'm not going to fall behind. I'm going for it too with everything I got!"

"Good luck Katsu!"

You told your spikey haired boyfriend before you left your cover, not wanting the public to comment on it like they did for your father and mothers sports festival.

"I don't need your words."
He brushed you off, turning his head away from you, secretly glad you wished him good luck.

Although you knew he was a bit rough around the edges, you did sometimes get a bit upset by his words. 
He saw your face fall a bit and he huffed, putting a hand on your head and ruffling your hair.

you "...You better be in second place, right behind me."

You beamed up at him, giving him a quick hug before being told to go out.

"The first years are coming out! Put your hands together for, Class 1-A!"
As you walked out, you distanced yourself from Katsuki, keeping a stoic expression and walking along side Ochako.

As the other classes came out, you saw Shinsou and your expression broke.

You waved, jogging over to converse with him, missing Katsuki burst a vein in his neck.
From behind him you could hear his classmates make negative remarks and you frowned before turning to them and fist pumping.

"Lets do our best!"
Soon they joined in, finding an adorable girl from class 1-A to be motivating.

"Good luck, Shinsou! I've gotta go watch Katsuki's speech!"
You quickly jogged back over to get a good view just as he started to speak.

"I just wanna say.."
Please don't make a fool out of us.

"I'm gonna win. Make no mistake! I'm gonna take first place!"
You face palmed, bowing and apologizing to nearby students from other classes.

"I'm sorry!"
Katsuki continued.

"Not my fault you guys are just stepping stones to my victory!"

He then gave you a cocky smile and you knew he was going to absolutely destroy you, he was an ass like that.

"Except Y/n, everyone else is garbage. My soulmate will beat your ass!"
You face palmed and made an ice wall to bang your head against.

"Soulmate?! That asshole has someone to love?!"

"Who's Y/n?"

"No fair! He can't go around making declarations like that."

"Tell me about it.."
You mumbled and Tsuyu rubbed your back.

"He's pretty sadistic. Ribbit."
Ochako agreed next to her and when he walked over to you, you grabbed him by his shoulders.

"You're an asshole! I'm going to be a target now!"

He just smirked a famous Baku-smirk and you crossed your arms, turning away from him with a 'hmph'.


"Bakugou Katsuki, you're dead to me."


Chapter Text

Once everyone started to settle down from Katsuki's speech, and you were now effectively ignoring him, Midnight came out, resulting in some of the boys in the festival whistling and drooling.

You looked over at Katsuki, who was now pouting and could care less about the BDSM like hero.

"Alright kids! The first thing on today's agenda issssss."
She cracked her whip toward the screen and the words;

Obstacle Course Race

Light up the screen, and the crowd went ballistic.

"It's a race between every member of all eleven classes, the race is a four kilometer* lap around the stadium, our school preaches all things freedom, so do whatever you want, as long as you don't leave the track, anything's fair game!"

*Two miles.

She cracked her whip again and you were kinda tired of seeing her at this point.

"To your positions!"

You jogged up to the line beside Ochako, ponytail swishing behind you,

"Let's do our best!"
Ochako offered your jumbled nerves, and in return you gave her a bright smile,


You took a deep breath, setting yourself into running position,


Everyone took off running and most ran normally until they reached a narrow closed off wall, designed to weed out some of the competition already.

As people started pushing and shoving to get past one another in the race, you found Shoji, your tall class mate and used him and your wind side of your quirk to catapult you over the crowd and you were the first one out of the walls.


Present Mic bellowed and you rolled your eyes, before someone wooshed past you, it was Shouto.

He looked back at you and smirked slightly, and you knew what he was trying to do, may the cousins win and rub it in the face of their mutually hated relative.

You let out a laugh before sliding on his ice trail, mastering the art of skating whennyou heard your explosive boyfriend behind you.


In a bit of bragging you blew him a kiss over your shoulder before using wind to push you across the ice faster.


Soon enough the robots from the entrance exam bots appeared and you sighed, running under one and running your hand along the leg, freezing it instantly to the point the leg was brittle and fell over.

You were doing good and saw Shouto mumbling and doing a similar thing to another bot, and when your bots collapsed, they blocked the path of other competitors.

"They should really do something more threatening, especially since dear old dad is watching."
You let out a snort, glaring up at the flame hero who had his arms crossed.

You stopped with Shouto when you reached a chasm, preferring to use wind for the sake not having frost bite, you leaped over, bouncing from one rock to another, Shouto not too far behind. 

Clear as day, you heard people chat about you and Shouto,
"Those two kids in the lead are related to Endeavor aren't they? Todoroki is his son and L/n is his niece, right?"

Suddenly you heard your mothers voice chime in.

"She's also my kid!"


You chuckled as you made it across, about to enter the mine field when Katsuki blew in front of you, ignoring you for your cousin.

"You made a declaration of war to the wrong person!"


You sighed and began to make an ice arch over the mine field when Izuku flew over you three and you gasped.

"Good job Izuku!"

You than began to chase him along with Katsuki and Shouto.


Suddenly Izuku his a land mind, leaving the three of you to be caught in its line of fire, but you didn't stay in it for long, as right after Izuku was announced the first place winner, you quickly followed in second, followed by Shouto, than a very pissed Katsuki.

"Deku! Y/n! That was awesome!"
Ochako gushed and Tenya agreed.

You smiled up at her, placing your hands on your knees to catch your breath, before turning to see Katsuki, who was boiling mad.




Chapter Text

When Midnight announced that the next part of the festival would basically be chicken, you were more than ecstatic with the amount of people who came up to you.

"Whoa! I could form a cult at this rate!"
You beamed happily, hands on your hips as you looked at the students who passed when a cold hand touched your arm.

"Y/n, join us."
It was Shouto, who was soon glaring at your explosive boyfriend, ready to claim you as his own team mate before you looked past the two and saw Ochako flocking around with Izuku, looking for team mates for his one million point value and you grinned.

"I choose,"
You linked arms with the green haired boy, who squeaked in surprise.


Ochako clapped her hands and cheered while the three boys looked at you in shock.

You had chosen Izuku, over them!?

The green haired boy was more than grateful you'd be joining them, as he was having a hard time finding contenders.

Katsuki turned away from you in a huff, leaving to go round up his own gang as did Shouto, and you all began to come up with a plan, Deku as rider, Fumikage as horse, you, Ochako and Shoji holding him up.

"On your marks! Get set! Go!"


Well, you certainly didn't come in first place that time around, but that was okay.

You hummed as you sat with your classmates, talking with Momo and Kyouka about the final event of the day which was one on one fighting, when Minoru and Denki came up to Momo, telling her Aizawa had asked them to tell her that the girls in class 1-A should be wearing the american girl cheerleading outfits.

Momo, being the worry wart she was, began making the outfits for the girls to wear.


Present Mic announced to the world, and all of the stadium's heads snapped in the girls direction and you desperately tried pulling down your shirt, but it was in vein.

"Those idiots! Tricked me!"

Momo muttered defeated,

"I even used creation to make these!"

Biting the inside of your cheek, you then disregarded your uncomfortableness and did a little improvised cheer, trying to make her feel better.

You didn't notice Katsuki being right there behind you, mouth dropping open when he saw you in the outfit, much less when you begin to bounce up and down and the shirt road up your torso, showing off the underside of your breasts, in a flash he had his gym uniform jacket off, and on you, Shouto accompanying him in the quest to keep you covered and Katsuki held you to his chest.

He than began to shout at Minoru and Denki while Ochako smacked them upside the head.

The stadium was laughing at the scene and you were just enjoying being hugged this close, snuggling up to his jacket.

Shinsou came up from behind you, waving and you felt Katsuki hold you tighter, not that you wanted to get away anyways, so you gave the purple haired boy a squished wave which he chuckled at.

"I made it to the next round."
Thats when you pulled away and ran to go congratulate him, hugging him, forgetting your attire at the moment.

"L/n, let go. Now."
"Your boyfriend is going to kill me."

You turned and saw, sure enough, Eijirou was holding him back as he let off barrels of explosions and flailed around.

Poor soul.

Thats when you noticed Shouto and Izuku missing, and saw Shouto waving for you to follow him and the green haired boy, which you trotted after, Katsuki watching you go.

You three reached a secluded area of the stadium and you leaned against the wall on Shouto's side.

"You wanted to talk? About what?"
Izuku asked the two of you, to which you replied with a shrug, looking toward the boy to your right, who just continued to stare Izuku down.

"Uh..the dining hall will be packed soon if we don't hurry up."

"You overwhelmed me."
Shouto started, and you knew where this was going.

"So much so I broke my own pledge."
"Our classmates...didn't feel the same but I felt that pressure."

"So..what are you saying?"

"I felt that same pressure coming from"
You looked between them, preparing for something serious to unfold.

"Are you All Might's illegitimate love child or something?"
You then began to wheeze uncontrollably, breaking the serious tension.

Shouto ignored you and continued as Izuku began to ramble.

"You know, were related to Endeavor, Hypothermia and Windspear."

"Numbers two, five and six on the hero's list. So if you're some how connected to the number one hero, all the more reason for us to crush you."

A ways away, the top hero's were conversing.

Endeavor explaining how he'd molded Shouto and tried to mold you into the next big hero's, you only being included by marriage and quirk strength.

If we're being honest, if you weren't his cousin you'd probably would've had the idea of quirk marriage thrown around with him.


You decided to speak this time.

"Deku, quirk marriages, have you heard of them? They started to become problems after the second and third generation appeared. Strong individuals who choose a partner and force them to marry them for the soul purpose of strengthening their own quirk."

"I've heard of the but I've never met anyone who came from-"

"We are."