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"Listen! Listen!"

You urged your friend who was laughing on the other side of the phone.


The white little dot began to glow blue around the edges.

"Who is Katsuki Bakugou?"

After a second of buffering, Alexa spoke up.

"Kat-sue-key Ba-coo-go is-"

The automated voice was cut off at the sound of your friend and your cackling. 

Your stomach was starting to hurt, you had asked her the same question over and over only to experience the same mispronunciation of your hot-headed classmates name. Currently on the phone with Ochaco, you both died from laughter at Alexa's terrible pronunciation.

"What if he found out Alexa actually pronounced his name like that?"

The brunette questioned, the sound of her composing herself was heard through the phone.

You shrugged, mindlessly tossing your h/c locks over your shoulder to readjust the phone balancing on your shoulder. 

"I'm guessing he'd just blow something up or yell at the person who showed him it in the first place."

You hummed, looking at your wrist.

Golden words were etched into your skin, "Move it loser, I don't have time for your bullshit."

Ah, the first words Katsuki had ever spoken to you, at least yours were better, you mused, huffing lightly through your nose.

"Y/n-chan! You're thinking about Bakugou again aren't you?'

"Duh, we were just making fun of his sorry ass, of course I would be thinking about him."

You snorted, brushing your bangs from your eyes.

"Mhm~ Sure."

Ochaco fussed, you could just see her cheesy grin over the phone.

"What? Am I not allowed to think about my husband Ochaco?"