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i'm too lonely (to love you)

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The day Donghyuck found out he was an Omega had to be the worst of his life. He was peacefully sitting in his AP Human Geography class at the tender age of 14, with his boring teacher Mr. Do talking about some boring topic with some South Asian culture. He had been half falling asleep throughout the entire class - granted, he was in AP Human at like 8:00 in the morning, in which Donghyuck thought he should be asleep - and his stomach hurt, which made sense as he only had a cereal bar for breakfast. Then came the warmth, spreading from his scent marks to the rest of his body in a slow motion, like flames licking at his veins. He was so warm to point of it hurting, and then, to make it even worse, there came the pain. A small ache in his stomach, which seemed to move like a signal and spread to the rest of his body in mere seconds. It barely even occurred to him that one of his seatmates inhaled sharply, and in the back of his mind he registered that seatmate was Lee Minhyung, an alpha who had presented last year, who had Donghyuck’s heart in their first year of middle school, before they went on winter break and Donghyuck decided Minhyung was super annoying and got over his crush on him. It alerted Mr. Do, who asked Donghyuck if he needed to go to the clinic. Donghyuck quickly nodded, trying to get out of his seat before he collapsed on the floor. Mr. Do came over to him hurriedly, making sure he was okay.

“Mr. Lee, are you okay?”

“Yeah..” he answered, although untruthful since he was gritting his teeth in pain.



Dumb Mr. Do and his obsession with having everyone say ‘yes’ instead of ‘yeah’.

Let’s just say Donghyuck ended up leaving that school after royally pissing off Mr. Do and being the laughingstock of the school.

He ended up transferring to Usang High, a high school in Seoul, as compared to his old school in Jeju. Upon his first week, he met a senior who was his English TA, Johnny, who decided to actively be Donghyuck’s dad friend. He allowed Donghyuck to be dragged into his clique, the Neos.

See, everyone in Usang High had a clique. The Velvet Clique was a group of extremely popular girls, even though they were lesbians (excluding Yeri, a sophomore who quite literally tried to steal Donghyuck), the EXO Clique included Byun Baekhyun and Park Chanyeol, who probably fucked in every corner of the school after volleyball and basketball practice, et cetera et cetera et cetera.

But Donghyuck found to be most at home with the Neo Clique, or NCT as they liked to be called (no one knew exactly why, except that this scrawny senior insisted on it). Johnny introduced him to his boyfriend, Ten, and his best friend Jaehyun, who was dating Taeyong, who decided on the name. Jaehyun introduced Donghyuck to his younger brother, Jaemin. The two clicked immediately, being little freshmen among the big seniors. They discovered they had Geometry together with Jaemin’s best friend Jeno. The three of them became best friends, earning the cute nickname of ‘Dreamies” from Ten.

Donghyuck became insanely popular. He was the freshman everyone wanted to love on and baby. He was the person who always gave advice to the ones who were scared about being an omega. He was completely different than he was as Jeju. He wasn’t even Donghyuck anymore. He ended up wanting to go by Haechan. Everyone agreed, he was the full sun of the school.


“Hey Hyuck, did you hear about the new transfer student? Turns out he’s coming from Jeju High. Wasn’t that your old high school?”

“Ooh! Channie-hyung, do you think your finally gonna get your mate? What if it’s like in the movies and this transfer student is the one!”

“Oh boo, Lele, you know that’s just a myth. Just because you and Sung are mates doesn’t mean that’s a normal occurrence in high school.”

“You’re just jealous you don’t have one.”

“Le, I love you so much, but if you don’t shut up right now I’m throwing you off the science building.” Donghyuck sighed, his hands rubbing his face.

“Heh, sorry hyungie.”

Donghyuck had changed a lot within the last 3 years. He wasn’t the cute omega freshmen, but instead the smartass hot senior. He had doubled the Dreamies within his years at Usang High. In sophomore year, Jaemin met Renjun (and by met, he really means gay panicked in front of Donghyuck and Jeno) in Production, who brought along his loud little brother Chenle. In junior year Jeno met Jisung in Dance club and added him to the group. Chenle and Jisung ended up presenting as a alpha (Jisung) and a omega (Chenle), and as it turns out they’re mated. Renjun, Jeno, and Jaemin were all super oblivious to their feelings for one another and even though Donghyuck could tell they were going to be mated, none of them did. It was pretty unusual for an omega (Renjun) to have two mates, even more rare for one of them to be a beta (Jaemin). Or so by Jeno. Jeno’s dumb alpha senses save the day again. And Donghyuck, well, he was unmated, although he started getting some negative attention, he tried to steer away from it.

“Heat coming up, Hae?” Renjun asked, understanding the frustration of heats.

Donghyuck groaned and ran his hands through his dyed orange hair. Over the summer, the gang decided it was a great idea to dye their hair before school started. While they loved the idea and everyone’s hair turned out okay, their mothers were NOT happy with Jaemin stealing his brother and Taeyong’s hair dye and distributing it to his friends. Renjun’s was a dark brown, Jaemin’s a honey brown, Donghyuck had bright orange hair, which had faded since then and became a nice orange cream color, and Chenle and Jisung had decided to bleach their hair platinum blonde. Jeno had gone against changing his hair, and just simply dyed it back to black as he had platinum hair the last year, a dare by his cousin Mark.

“Yeah, I guess. I’m not scheduled to have it for another couple of weeks, but we all know my body hates me.”

Jaemin, who sat beside him, rubbed his back and smiled in sympathy. He had been Donghyuck’s best friend since freshman year, he knew the ins and outs of Donghyuck and his heats, his mood swings, everything one needed to know about Lee Donghyuck, Jaemin knew about him.

“Hey, at least you get to miss Mr. Oh’s AP Lang test. That’s gonna be so hard.” Jeno groaned, draping himself over Renjun.

“Do you think the new kid is hot?”

“Chenle, I’m literally your boyfriend.”

Donghyuck groaned and set his head on the table.


Donghyuck, Jeno, and Chenle entered their Calculus class later that afternoon, Chenle screeching about the new kid that was joining them later, Jeno trying to shush him, and Donghyuck just being in a plain ol’ bad mood.

He sat down in his desk between Jeno and an empty desk, Chenle behind him and a foreign exchange student named Felix. He really DID NOT want to be here, even though he loved Mr. Kim, who was a good friend of Johnny’s. He just didn’t feel like listening to all the gossip about the new kid at all, especially when he was coming into his class.

About 20 minutes in, a knock at the door came, and Mr. Kim opened the door.

In came a guy about Donghyuck’s age, tall and lean and - ooh are those muscles Donghyuck sees - wearing a beige hoodie and glasses, his medium brown hair ruffled as if he had just woken up.

The entire class became interested, as Mr. Kim turned around to face this new kid.

“Ah, Chanyeol’s favorite guitar student! Come, introduce yourself to the class.”

The new guy stared awkwardly, before turning to the class and talking.

“Hi, my name’s Mark Lee. I came from Canada I guess, I’m an alpha, and uh, Jeno’s my cousin, I guess.”

The omegas of the class sighed in infatuation, listening to Mark’s sweet voice, the smell of crisp cold air and dark chocolate radiating throughout the room. The alphas rolled their eyes, unhappy by this foreign person in their “territory”. Jeno was groaning in embarrassment, and Chenle was snickering at how this was the guy that made Jeno bleach his hair.

Donghyuck was completely entranced, it was kind of embarrassing how he was keening into every word this new guy said. The crisp scent of cold air and the warmness of bitter dark chocolate seemed to have quite the effect on him, and Mark’s appearance seemed to not help at all. The beige hoodie was one that was slightly big on Mark, which would look huge on him. The glasses and ruffled hair just made him look super domestic, and god, those muscles. Donghyuck would love to have those arms wrapped around him.

Mr. Kim started talking again, and Donghyuck snapped out of his trance. What was he doing, the hard-to-get stubborn omega who didn’t need an alpha, falling for one who said only 2 sentences, who was also Jeno’s cousin? No thank you. Although, he couldn’t shake the feeling off that he looked very familiar.

“Take a seat next to Haechan. He’s the boy with orange hair.” That perked Donghyuck up.

Mark sat next to him, his scent tenfold. Donghyuck instantly had the idea of curling in on himself, keeping his river water and raspberry scent away from the alpha.

Luckily for Donghyuck, the two didn’t interact for most of the period, except for when Donghyuck dropped his pencil and Mark picked it up for him, putting it down on Donghyuck’s desk and smiling at him. Donghyuck froze when that happened. Curse the alpha and his cute face.

When the bell rang, Donghyuck was ready to leave with Jeno and Chenle to go to Production and meet up with the rest of his friends, but no, Mark Lee just HAD to get Jeno’s attention.

“Hey, Jen, wait up!”

Jeno stopped, which in turn meant Donghyuck and Chenle stopped too, and turned around to see the Mark Lee smiling at all of them.

“Hey, good to see you! Do you uh, do you know where the Production class is?”

Before Donghyuck could meanly respond, Chenle squealed.

“That’s where we’re going! You can walk with us!”

Donghyuck hissed at Chenle. “No he can’t. We’ve never even met him. He could be a giant asshole for all we know.” He then passed them all, glaring at Mark before turning the corner, hopefully he could meet up with Renjun and walk with him instead.

Mark looked at Jeno in confusion. Jeno shrugged, just as confused as Mark.

“He doesn’t mean that, his heat is coming up.”


Donghyuck walked into his Production class with Jaemin and Renjun, throwing himself onto one of the couches that were in the “living room” area. Jaemin and Renjun sat on the other couch, worried at Donghyuck’s behavior.

“Hae, you doing alright? You’ve been in a bad mood since you left Calc. What the hell did Chenle do this time?”

Donghyuck sighed. “It wasn’t Lele. It was the fucking ne--”

“Duckie-yah! Taeilie-hyung wants to see his favorite student!”

Saved by Mr. Moon, I guess.

Mr. Taeil Moon was Doyoung’s boyfriend - well, husband now - who was a sophomore in college when Donghyuck started Usang, while Doyoung was a senior in high school. Mr. Moon was no doubt Donghyuck’s favorite teacher. He was a great teacher, super considerate, and just a great guy in general. He even let Donghyuck call him Taeil-hyung instead of Mr. Moon.

Donghyuck heaved himself up, and went to go hug Taeil. They hugged, Taeil missing his favorite student, but then the door opened and in came Jeno, Chenle, Jisung, and Mark. Taeil saw him immediately and broke off the hug and went past Donghyuck, making him stumble. Donghyuck let out a little growl before Renjun dragged him off to Jaemin again.

“Ah yes! You must be our new student! Welcome to Production, the theatre class for the serious drama kids and those in dance team. I’ve been told you’re going to be joining dance team and wanted to choreograph for the shows?”

“Yes. Jeno told me I couldn’t try out for any of the parts so I wanted to do choreography. Jisung already said he was fine with it.”

Mark was the choreographer for the shows? Donghyuck did NOT want to take direction from him.

“Have you met my prize student, Duckie? He’s playing our Genie in Aladdin.”

Donghyuck grimaced and grit his teeth. “We’ve met.” He enjoyed Mark’s look of confusion. It made him happy, for some reason.