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Stretching out, Phaedra’s limbs quivered in the morning chill that enveloped her room. The shutters were open; she liked the view of the night sky now it was returned to Lakeland, and that was fine at night when she was curled up under the covers for protection from the cold... Not so much upon waking, when her bedfellow had all but stolen the covers from her.

She shifted over the bed, closer to Thancred’s body and the heat he provided. Nudging the back of his thigh with her knee, he grunted when she began to pull the covers in an attempt to share them.

“I’m cold,” Phaedra mumbled, her voice still thick with sleep and her mind groggy. She brushed strands of pink out of her eyes, pressing her forehead to Thancred’s back and settling beneath the cover he granted her. “Budge over.”

“Mmph...” He didn’t move. In fact, he settled onto his front, wrapped his arms around his pillow and stretched out, taking up even more room on the bed. It was too early to be irritated, but the slight smirk he treated her to - sleepy as it was - would have annoyed even the most patient of people. 

“Do I have to remind you who the Primal slayer is?” Phaedra asked, pursing her lips. One hazel eye cracked open. She looked back with a deadpan expression. 

“Fine,” Thancred gave in with a exaggerated sigh, “fine, fine.” He rolled onto his side and drew Phaedra towards him, the two of them secure under the covers and sharing heat. Phaedra enjoyed the sensation of him drawing his fingers up and down her bare arm. “We make for Rak’tika today...” he said. Phaedra was aware, and Thancred knew that but she chose not to correct him. 

“Have you been before?” she asked, drawing in a slow breath and willing her body to welcome a little more sleep. 

“Passed through once or twice.” Thancred’s voice was distracted. “Its something of a jungle. Humid.”

“Lovely...” Phaedra did not want to think of her clothes clinging to her in an over-warm environment.

A few moments of silence passed and then, “you know...”

Phaedra opened one eye. Thancred was leaning up on an elbow, his hand in his hair looking decidedly roguish and dashing and like a scoundrel. This was the most at ease Phaedra had seen him since they were reunited a few days ago. Being around him, it was like Thancred kept a wall around him, making sure he was alert, aware of Minfilia at all times and yet keeping her, and everyone, at a distance from him. Even on returning to the Crystarium he wore that same mantel. 

Only alone with her did it fade and he allowed himself a moment to relax and smile. 

“We’ll be traveling again, for who knows how long,” he shifted his weight to his knees, bearing down on her with a lop-sided grin. “It’s unlikely we’ll get another chance like this for some time...”

The suggestive nature of his words was impossible to miss, but to hammer the point home he lowered his head and nudged Phaedra’s jaw with his nose. She tilted her head back in the pillows. Silver hair brushed her chin and her skin tingled beneath where he kissed. 

“You’re terrible...” Phaedra murmured, arms rising to embrace him on instinct.

Thancred gave a shrug, “so you like to remind me.”

“Aren’t you worn out after last night?” she asked, giggling at the sensation of his breath on her skin. 

He knelt up a little so he was better able to meet her eyes. After quirking a brow he inclined his head until their foreheads were touching, “it’s been five years for me, Phae. Believe me, if things weren’t so urgent I would gladly keep us locked away in here for a few days, at least.”

At that, Phaedra burst into a peel of giggles. “Then I’m rather glad we have to make a move so soon. Bells, I can manage. But days?” She shook her head, greeting the kiss Thancred pressed to her mouth, “you’re insatiable.”